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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)[]


  • Q: What's this about a free Satsu DLC?
  • A: When Rance VI was originally launched in Japan, it received a free downloadable bonus character, Takega Satsu from Daiakuji. This patch was never officially released in the west, but still works with the MangaGamer release. Furthermore, Satsu's text was part of the main game and was officially translated! Unfortunately, the MangaGamer version of Rance VI was redrawn to use a larger resolution, and since Satsu's graphics were part of the unreleased patch, they were never redrawn. Fans have created upscaled versions of Satsu's patch art, but they will still look irregular next to official art.
  • To install, download the fan version of the patch from either MediaFire or MEGA, and then follow the instructions in the Read Me file. You will have to select from two different sets of upscaled art. Satsu will become available after Rance attends the "First meeting of Green Squad" event, but can be recruited at any time after that, even in the post-game. She joins at a low level, so may need a lot of training.

  • Q: Who should I spend my presents on?
  • A: In the long run Prima, Cessna and Megadeth are good options (presents on them won't be wasted since they only have very little FR raising events at the beginning in the whole game). Prima is very recommended so that her healing has no charge when reaching 15 FR. Never use presents on Kimchi, Shizuka, Maria and Sill and initially never use presents on Rizna and Tamanegi.

  • Q: Should I use poisonous items?
  • A: You can use them in characters that hit their Level Cap. They will lose 2 Levels and, thus, become weaker but once you recover those Levels it's a bonus in stats.

  • Q: What does Caloria's upgrade about boobs do?
  • A: Nothing. Don't take it.

  • Q: What does the Sel Upgrade about "Making Rance a better person" do?
  • A: Nothing. Don't take it.

  • Q: Why is Maria the best character according to Alice Mansion translator?
  • A: Support Fire is broken. You get after completing a side-quest with Maria and you should upgrade it with every FR bonus.

  • Q: HELP! I can't get my character's level to go up!
  • A:
    • If the character's level is red, that means the character is at his or her current maximum level. For female characters, Max level can be increased by using H events on the events screen. There is a maximum for this (See the allies session for max level of each character). Male characters often require specific events, for instance Rocky's Level Cap goes up with the series of events called "Rocky the Troubled Man".
    • For both male and female characters, in the late game, you can find Star Man in the Pit dungeon, by taking two left turns in the deep caves (when you get to the events with the wall drawings). Star Man will increase the max level of all currently red level characters by one. Most characters max out at about level 50 though.
    • Level caps are no longer an element once you beat the true final boss in the post game.

  • Q I have a character at her Level Cap but I can't H her? What do I do!?
  • A: Some characters can't be H'd immediately and you have to wait until you advance with plot events until the option becomes available.

  • Q Do I keep all the characters in the post-game?
  • A: No, you lose Urza, Gandhi, Rick and Alex. Magic too but she is recruited again through an event.
  • All characters can be recruited again with the "Try fictional Madness Mode" event which is available after you beat the true final boss.


  • Q: I completed a quest, so the game kicked me out of a map. But I had not finished exploring the map! And after the quest dialogue, there's no option to go to that map again. Should I load before finishing the quest and explore as much as I can now that I know where the quest trigger is? Or will I be able to revisit most of those places again sometime later?
  • A: There are some maps that become accessible again through other missions later on (like the Cemetery or the Pentagon Base) but there are others that don't (like the Bank). I'd suggest to explore it completely on your first try if you really want to do it since you don't know if you'll be able to return or not.

  • Q: What's a good place to grind for orbs?
  • A: Italia and Autumn Forest are great places for easy Red and Yellow Orbs since it only takes like 2 minutes to get a few. The Nearby Forest is good too and you can get Blue Orbs pretty easily too.

  • Q: I bought the Cardboard Cut Out. What does it do?
  • A: Nothing. You shouldn't have bought that.

  • Q: How do I get into the bar in Italia?
  • A: You need to have Caloria in your party. Enter one of the houses nearby where you get a scene that gives you the password to enter.

  • Q: How do I complete the puzzle in the 3rd Test Site? It says something about the number 5.
  • A: There is a hint that mentions base 2. The answer is the number 5 in binary, which is 101. It's telling you to keep the first and the last switches activated and the middle one off.

  • Q: HELP! I keep falling through holes in the Pentagon Base!
  • A: The trick to this one is looking at the ceiling. There are several lights, and if the light is on, the tile is safe to walk on. If it's off, then that tile is a trap floor. Tiles without any lights (empty ceiling) are always safe. Don't even bother trying to remember where each and every trap is; you'll more than hurt your head.

  • Q: Damn it, I'm in the swamp level and I'm trapped in an area surrounded by water with no way to go to any other part of the map, just a little while ago there was a wooden plank floating on water over which I came to this section! Why isn't it there now!?
  • A: Those floating wooden planks joining areas on the map will randomly sink and reappear as battles take place and end. Start a battle, finish it, then see if it reappeared. If you're about to run out of SP of all units, return using the branch and try again (or restore SP of someone if you have enough stocked). It is advisable to try and get past the swampy area ASAP then get to a star event after entering the building (not just the fort). Once you see the star event right after entering through the doors, from that point onwards all those planks will remain in place permanently and you can explore the rest of the map without this problem occurring. Until then, equip a character with bug spray then use him to reduce rate of encounters when you see a path ready.

  • Q: HELP! I can't go through the blue door fields!
  • A: Only magic users can pass through these fields. You will usually be thrown straight into a battle after going through, however at this point you can switch in your normal team without any issues. Sill, Shizuka, Maria and Rizna count as magic users.
    • Some of the blue doors that are not passable this way (especially at the academy) can usually be disabled with a switch nearby.

  • Q: I'm stuck in Papaya's tower. I don't know where to go. I completed her challenge but it didn't go anywhere?
  • A: The challenge is just Papaya trolling you. You have to take the Give Up route on the elevator to the right so you can keep exploring the tower.

  • Q: Now I got stuck again in Papaya's tower again. How do I get the password to the elevator?
  • A: Right next to the elevator that asks you for the password there's an invisible wall that takes you to another room. You need to go through the wall to reach that room. You'll get the password there. Try using the mini-map for this, the wall is lined in red.

  • Q: HELP! How do I solve Sill's S rank weapon puzzle?
  • A:
    • Each corner has a number puzzle, with each floor tile numbered with 1-9 dots. Step on the tiles in a certain order to close each corner. Note that what's important here is the sum of the numbers stepped on. For each character to get an S rank weapon in this dungeon, you need to figure out her sum. Basically, all 9 digits add up to 45, for 41, either leave 4 out, or leave 1 and 3 out. For 40, leave 5, or 2 and 3, or 1 and 4 out. For 43, leave 2 out.
      • For Sill, the sum is "41"
        • Upper Left: 5, 1, 6, 2, 3, 7, 9, 8
        • Upper Right: 9, 6, 5, 8, 3, 1, 7, 2
        • Lower Left: 9, 2, 5, 7, 6, 8, 4
        • Lower Right: 6, 3, 7, 9, 1, 2, 5, 8
      • For Shizuka, the sum is "40"
        • Upper Left: 5, 8, 9, 7, 3, 2, 6
        • Upper Right: 9, 6, 5, 8, 3, 2, 7
        • Lower Left: 9, 1, 4, 8, 6, 7, 5
        • Lower Right: 6, 4, 5, 8, 7, 9, 1
      • For Kanami, the sum is "43", just avoid the number 2 field.


  • Q: What does "Serious Mode" do?
  • A: It drains all your SP in exchange of a buff that raises your stats. Useful against bosses. Can be used at least 2 SP.

  • Q: How do I beat the Avatar? His charge attack obliterates my whole party!
  • A: You can't let him charge. He takes two full turns to charge so use Megadeth and Cessna's State Cancel and Tamanegi's attacks and to cancel his charge. All Attacks like Rocky's Boomerang Axe also help.

  • Q: Bloody Angel is slaughtering my party in Italia! How do I catch her?
  • A: You need to find some events on the lower areas until you get a key to the Sakurai House. You will fight her there. Kanami is excellent against her due to her high evasion. Note that the scene where she insta-kills one of your party members only happens after a random encounter. If you walk a few steps and press for the "Search a Monster" button, she won't attack you.

  • Q: There's these two giant Guardians in Magic's tower that completely destroy me! How do I win!?
  • A: You're not supposed to win. Use Rance or Rocky's Tactical Withdrawal skill and run away.

  • Q: How do I beat Magic?
  • A: You don't have to beat her but even if you do you'll get an event where Rance is knocked out and forces you to retreat anyway. You need to complete Papaya's tower first.

  • Q: I can't beat Camilla! What do I do?
  • A: In the first battle you just need to die. On the 2nd battle call for all your strongest party members. Give Sel the Hanny Zippo and make her heal Rance as much as possible. If he dies the battle is over because you can't deal damage to her.

  • Q: HELP! In the Hanny Village 3rd floor, There is a door I can enter, and there is a fight against 11 Golden Super Hannys and a White Hanny, how to beat those?
  • A:
    • The White Hanny is the Hanny King. You gotta level up to 80+ and keep paralyzing them while using powerful multi-target attacks to clear out the Super Hannys.
    • Because only one person can get a free revive per battle, Maria should have the revive item equipped. With some luck, this battle can be won with rance at level 50.
    • The best time to fight the Hanny King might be immediately before you battle Camilla, when you still have Rick and Urza (and after Maria rejoins your team). You'll have a free roster slot so you can take Cessna or Kaoru instead of Gandhi.

  • Q: HELP! There's this huge white monster in the nearby forest entrance! He's impossible!
  • A: Post-game boss. You don't need to beat him and he only gives a Red Coupon. If you really want to beat him the best strategy is to take Caloria and Kanami (and Urza if it's before post-game) and stunlock him.

  • Q: HELP! How do I beat Demon Abert in post-game?
  • A: Put Caloria in the front row along with Sanakia and Rocky or Patton (whoever has better block chance). Have Caloria use her self buff every turn. In the back row have Sill and Magic equipped with a Light Ring and gloomy mask (Rabbit Mask). The third person should be Maria or Kanami. Kill the samurai first as the samurai is the only threat. Do not replace Sanakia or your guarder if they are killed. You will need Rance alive and on the field in order to hurt demon Abert, so place him in the back row after you killed Abert's two sidekicks. Demon Abert can be beaten fairly easily at level 50+. Another thing to keep in mind is that you CANNOT let Anise use her Black Destruction Beam, so if she starts to charge up make sure everyone who can hit her does. Also it seems that Anise will always break paralysis immediately so paralysis attacks are only good for stopping her charge attack.


  • Q: HELP! How to capture Gal Monsters? I keep failing to capture them.
  • A:
    • Most of the Gal Monsters have high HP and you need to attack to reduce their hp to 250+ in order to be captured. Use Rizna's Mercy Attack for this. That attack deal small damage and never kill enemy. It also doesn't active Maria's support fire.
    • There are some Gal Monsters which deals high damage and you might be trying to use weak characters to lower their HP. Three ways to do it, either get a character that can block attacks (E.g. Rocky), a character that can enhance defense (E.g. Rizna) or a character that can paralyze the Gal Monster (E.g. Tamanegi)
    • You can't capture Gal Monster that are variations of an already existing Gal Monster, like the Master Gecko or the Wasp Girl.
    • In the post-game you can find every species of the Gal Monsters in the Girls Prison.

  • Q: HELP! The Little Runaway keeps getting away before I can capture her!
  • A:
    • Get a character that can paralyze her during the start of the battle and then capture her or weaken her before capturing.

  • Q: HELP! I just finished all the after game quests but I am still missing some CG's. What should I do?
  • A: Try to get the character clear by raising a character's friendship to 30. Some of them have CG's. See the CG Guide for more information.

  • Q: Help!! I don't have anymore presents and I can't raise the Friendship of a certain character!!
  • A: If you have no Presents, you can get some in the coupon store in Italia. BUT if you are clearing the post-game events, have run out of coupons, and still need certain character clears (Tamanegi, Prima, Megadeth, Cessna, Rocky, Bernard, etc) then it depends. In early versions of the Japanese game, you are screwed. I mean it. Post Japanese v1.04, and in the English version, an event shows up in the late game where you can buy a Present for 30k GOLD. It will not appear unless you have the cash.