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This is a walkthrough for Rance VI Chapter 7, the post-game.

Event Screen[]

  • After loading your clear game, a number of events are open for you to try out. Copandon rejoins, but unfortunately, Alex, Rick, Urza and Magic have left the party. We can help soothe the wound a little: select "Princess Magic's Visit," and she will rejoin the party as well. This also unlocks a slew of missions. Next, go to Exchange Party Members to bring back some of your reserves.
    • Once Kaoru is back in the party, do the event "Kaoru and Wichita" to regain the ability to upgrade Kaoru via H-scenes.
    • If you complete Magic's story and buy her A-rank weapon, you can get an event where King Gandhi hides her S-Rank weapon in the Nearby Forest's Advanced Course. Some plot progress may be required, however.
    • With everyone hitting their talent caps, it's probably a good idea to start feeding some of them with poisoned stat-up items.
    • If you have bought everyone's best weapons and armor, and feel on top of things with keys, there's no reason not to use the new 30,000g event to buy Presents.
    • You'll probably start running out of things to do with Crab Orbs towards the end of the game. When that happens, save up 3 and spend them in the special event "Crab Orb Lottery," which rewards a random prize.
  • It's possible to get two new party members in the post-game. First, throw Presents at Rocky until he is at 30 FR (he has no more FR events in the wild, so Presents are a must). You will also need 1 Crab Orb and 1 Eagle Orb. An event will appear for Rocky called "Special Event." Select it to recruit your new character, Lil Avenger.
    • "Special Events" exist for every major character, and also give you an opportunity to boost one of their stats. Each character's "Special Event" must be completed to "clear" them to get the best ending. For a full list, see below.
  • Another character can be unlocked by clearing Tamenegi. Note that Tamenegi stops gaining FR before training the last Gal Monsters, so you can't rely on training alone to get you to 30. He does have one in-dungeon FR event coming up, but that's it.
    • After selecting Tamenegi's Special Event, you will get the Pitiful Dogu. Remember that? You will have to go to the Insect User's Ruin. Go to the middle of the map and to the lower level where there is a strange door (which may still be guarded by a Red Cloud). The Pitiful Dogu will unlock the strange door and allow you to find the character, Seyadatara.
    • If the Insect User's Ruins does not appear in your dungeon list, see the below bullet point for more details.
  • To get the true ending, you must "Character Clear" each major character by 1) completing their storyline (including getting their S-Rank weapon if applicable, A-Rank weapon for Maria), 2) getting them to 30 FR, and then 3) selecting their "Special Event." You'll know you're done when a filler event marked "******COMPLETE******" appears in the Event Screen.
    • You must clear (in the order they appear on the Event Screen): Sill, Kimchi, Magic, Rocky, Sanakia, Rizna, Kanami, both Shizuka and Maria (they have a shared Special Event, and it does not appear until they are both ready), Kaoru, Copandon, Caloria, Tamenegi (including capturing all Gal Monsters), Patton, and Sel.
    • If you select "Ask about training results" in chapter 7 when there is nothing to train, you will get a list of all remaining Gal Monsters that you need to capture for Tamenegi.
    • There is no need or reward for clearing Lil Avenger and Seyadatara. Prima, Megadeath, Cessna, Bernard and Satsu can't get to 30 FR in the first place. However, it is possible that their FR level may count towards the "Special Events Acquired" percentage in the end credits, which is just for fun.
  • In this section, you regain access to several dungeons, so many, in fact, that the game can't display them all. To fix this, It will alternate between two dungeon lists each time you go to a dungeon and then return. Both lists include the Nearby Forest, Autumn Forest, Disposal Dungeon, Italia, Girls' Prison, and the location of your current mission. The first list also includes Abandoned Mine F, 3rd Test Site, and Haniwa Plains, while the second list includes Noctun Mine, Insect User Ruins, and the Royal Museum. If you want to visit a dungeon and it doesn't show up, visit any dungeon and then immediately leave, and the lists will swap.
    • All three courses of the Nearby Forest have been upgraded, both in terms of monsters and prizes for repeating each route. The rewards for clearing each course on repeat visits are randomized (you can find Monkey and Eagle Orbs, and sometimes Presents).
      • New enemies:
        • Super Tactician: Upgrades everything if they're in the starting group, can upgrade anything for a single ally from that point on.
        • Hitler: Extremely bad news. Can use single and group attacks at will. Its charge attack is an even stronger row attack.
      • If you complete all three courses of the Nearby Forest at any point in the game (before or after the final boss, or even a mix), an event star will appear in the middle of the course during post-game. It contains a bonus boss and should not be treated lightly! Full details are discussed at the end of the walkthrough.
    • There are FR events for new characters in the older dungeons, including:
      • Possibly new FR Event for Copandon in Insect Users' Ruins. Unusually, collecting this causes another FR Event to appear on the Advanced Course of the Nearby Forest. (Copandon talks about being pregnant, so maybe this shows up after you H her for the first time?)
      • Two for Lil Avenger in Disposal Dungeon.
      • Two for Lil Avenger in Noctun Mine (one behind a green door).
      • Sel and Lil Avenger in the Nearby Forest. Another FR Event for Lil Avenger is available if you have not yet unlocked, or have since defeated, the bonus boss that appears in the middle of the forest.
      • Sel and Magic in Italia (in the Japanese version, Sel's event is part of Sel's stamp quest instead, but still gives +1 FR so the end result is the same).
  • Girls' Prison has been retrofit to feature encounters with all the game's Gal Monsters. Some of them have fairly dangerous guards, while others are on their own. Unfortunately, they are encountered wholly at random, which makes it hard to find the specific monsters you're looking for. If a Gal Monster can be found in any of the other available dungeons, it will be easier to track it there.
  • Since you have the Papaya Key, you can also clear Girls' Prison dungeon for additional prizes, though there is no mission to direct you there. Let's start with that, since it requires no orbs.
    • If you managed to grab the Thunder Taiko at the Maginot Line, you may have every Gal Monster but one, the Amundsen, who mostly appears in later dungeons. While it's unlikely that you'll run into her here in Gal's Prison, you might want to be ready to catch her just in case she does show. That goes double if you missed any Gal Monsters, in which case you might want to deploy Rance and Rizna from the start.
    • Head inside, through the locked door, and head to the Computer Room on the right. Inside, you'll find a switch that you might recall will open a barrier in the basement.
    • Head forward and through the tunnel. You'll find yourself in another tower, with an FR Event for Kaoru (if she was added to the party via Exchange Party Members). Just like your first trip, defeat the Red Cloud at the top of the tower to get rid of the guards and allow you to move around more freely outside the prison.
      • The Red Clouds are just as easy as the ones you saw during your first trip. This is the first example of the cut content that Alice and Dark Alice were talking about in their commentary. Several of the other post-game missions are easy like this, too.
    • Go back to the main hall after the locked door, and go into the middle door from your first trip to the dungeon. From here, go to the basement and the "Underground Torture Room." The second and third rooms contain some painfully easy Red Clouds.
    • While you're in the area, head upstairs twice and in the first room on the right. There is another Papaya Key door here. Break into the offices, most of which are guarded. There is nothing up here but squares for mapping.
    • Back downstairs and to the first door on the right, which is another Papaya Key door. A blue door here blocks a Present. The rest of the room is tunnel to a tower, go remove the guards.
    • One more tower to go. Return to the main hall and open the southwest door. Beyond it you'll need a red key.
    • All you have to do now is explore the outer ring of the prison. Prizes include 1800g, a Nimble Mushroom, a Quick Strange Bug, and of course the 95% mapping prize.
  • Once certain characters get a certain point (have their A-Rank weapon, possibly an FR minimum?) you can rob their S-Rank weapon from the Royal Museum. This includes Patton, Caloria, and Sanakia. The museum's defences have been improved, and will improve again for your final theft, but not enough to stop you and your expanded party of mages. Rance won't give Sanakia her weapon until you do a few extra events.
  • Time for the missions. You can approach the missions in any order you wish. Just look for their event name below to see the walkthrough.
  • Select "VS Hyper Weapon (Crudeness Warning)." Groan.
  • If Patton's FR is at or above 20, you will have access to "Exterminate the dreadnought class monster." Go to Abandoned Mine F.
    • Check each of the event stars, and make your way to the northwest. You can now go through the door that was sealed before.
    • This room is huge, taking up a whole 51% of the map. Don't lose important fighters to stamina loss before challenging the boss!
      • Prizes for exploring include Experience Bread and 1500g, plus mapping rewards.
    • The boss isn't that hard, and is especially vulnerable to magic.

Maze: Sakura & Pasta[]

  • Select "Save the popular restaurant (Martina)" and go to Sakura & Pasta. You will not be able to return to this dungeon once it is complete.
  • Some of the rooms at the entrance are immediate dead-ends. Start by heading through the doors in front of you, then right into the bathroom. Get the FR Event for Maria. The door beyond the bathroom is permanently sealed.
  • Head in the adjoining room for an FR Event with Kanami.
  • The freezer door near the stairs ultimately leads to an FR Event with Patton and 1555g.
  • Interact with the brown doors adjacent to the exit. Rance will notice the second one is a women's changing room and will open it. Collect the Recipe Key inside. This unlocks an empty room upstairs, which is used purely for mapping.
  • Climb the stairs leading up. Turn left, take the event star. There is an FR Event for Sanakia in the first room on the left, a pointless event in the second room on the left. More importantly, touch the event star at the end of the hall to learn your objective here.
  • Go to the other end of the hall, where you will find an office worker. Speak to him twice (the second time has to be after you spoke to Martina) to get the Fridge Key.
  • The fridge is a complicated maze, but finding the Uiro is quite easy. Head forward through the first door, then down the stairs and through the door in front of you again. Turn right in the donut-shaped room and into the first door you see. Right at the next fork, and you'll find the Uiro. Don't worry about what Martina said about there being four Uiro, they're all collected in this one item.
    • If you explore the rest of the maze, you can find a Present and 2000g, along with mapping rewards.
  • After finding the Uiro, return them to Martina.

Maze: Zeth MV[]

  • Select "Save Zeth MV (Finney)."
  • Head left for an encounter and the MV Man Card. These are used up each time you unlock something, so you need to come back to restock each time.
  • The nearest door includes a chest with 3000g.
  • Your objective is through the middle door, so let's put that off for now.
  • The door on the left has an FR event for Sanakia.
  • The door on the right leads to two more doors, none of them locked. The first has an FR event for Rizna.
  • Now go to the middle door. Head to the top of the stairs to see an event star, then back to the middle for another event star (a fight). Go inside the studio, where you'll be directed to a new event, which tells you the door is locked. Collect the Present, FR event for Patton, and Emergency Exit Key.
  • Leave the way you came and head up the stairs in the main hall. The room on the left is unlocked and has an FR event for Kanami.
  • Head through the door on the right and down the outside path to the end of the dungeon.

Maze: National Gym[]

  • Select "Save the National Gym (Yuzu)."
  • Step forward and clear the purple star.
  • Grab the FR event for Maria. If you are mapping, head down the eastern hallway, which is a dead end.
  • Head west. At the end of the hall, collect FR Events for Tamenegi and Patton.
  • Return to the hall and go north. Here you'll encounter a series of gymnast's tests. You have to select the character who you think would be best at the event. If you guess wrong, you can simply retry. Here's one winning set of choices: Sanakia, Kanami, Caloria, Sill. At the end, there's an FR event for Sanakia and an event star that will give you the gym key.
  • Use your new key to unlock the northern gym, which has an FR event for Patton.
  • Head to the southern gym and engage the purple star.

Maze: Zethan Capital, Part 3[]

  • Enemies
    • Green Monster Soldier
    • Blue Monster Soldier
    • Red Monster Soldier
    • Bee Girl (Fire)
    • Wasp Girl
    • Ham Bambara (Fire)
    • Frozen (Fire)
    • Monster Mage
    • Master Gecky
    • Hugant (Lightning)
    • Majician
    • Fisna (Lighting)
    • Humming (Dark)
    • Cozy Princess
    • Philipa (Dark)
    • Nyo~ (Dark), hits whole party without charging
    • Monster General (Boss Fight)
  • Select "Annhilate the remaining squad." Make sure to bring a set of keys, at least one of each color.
  • You've got to sweep the town of purple combat stars. There are twenty in all, followed by a 21st that only appears when you are done (it appears in the inescapable, eastern part of town, so clear the western half first). If you mapped the dungeon earlier, this will be simple since you can see most of the stars on your map, and there are only a few new areas in the east side of town. Even if you haven't, there are no random encounters, which will make searching easy.
  • There are no stars in the Hanny Building, so we will ignore it and go the long way. Head to the north end of town (where Pentagon was camped during the story). Head right and up the stairs for the first star (20 remaining).
  • Next, into the apartment building. There are three: one on the roof, one on level -7 east side, one on level -8 middle (17 remaining).
  • Leave the apartment via the lower exit. Go north and through the tunnel for another star (16 remaining). The rest of the tunnel is a dead end, so turn back.
  • There are two in the water department (the next building south of the tunnel entrance), one on the first floor and one on the third (14 remaining).
  • In the building to the south (the one with the elevator) there is a star on each of the three reachable floors (11 remaining).
    • There is also an FR event for Rizna in the room on the right.
  • Go to the east side of town (go to the building with the elevator and leave through the door on the fifth floor). Head down the stairs to the building that was under siege earlier (downstairs), and enter for a star (10 remaining).
  • Turns out there was no way to the upper levels from here after all! Leave, climb the stairs, and go to the insurance building where you fought the last Monster General during your second mission in this dungeon. Fall down the pit trap like before. Open the green door after the pit trap (not the one before it) to find a well-hidden star (9 remaining).
  • Head out at ground level and into the next building, where you'll find another star (8 remaining). Continue out and through a tunnel.
  • You are now in the final section of town. You will recall that most of these buildings were sealed earlier, but now you can explore them. Enter the nearest building and grab the stars on the first two levels (6 remaining). The remaining levels are empty.
  • Return to ground level, leave, climb the stairs and turn left. This building has one star on the first floor. Climb to the second. The door in front of you leads to another star. Clear it and go back to the previous room, and through the other door. Climb the stairs for a blue door that guards a third star (3 remaining).
  • Once again return to the main road. Cross the street to the building where you reunited with Rizna and fought Camilla. There is one star inside (2 remaining).
  • Time for the final building at the top of the stairs. The second-last star is behind the red door. Climb the building to finish the map.
  • Now that you have all the stars, the final star containing the general appears just downstairs of this building. Wipe it out to end the mission. You win a Manga Meat, Power Potato Chip, and Magic Tomato.

Maze: Pentagon Base, Revisited[]

  • Select "Stop Neo-Pentagon." This is your last chance to explore this map.
  • Before you head in, go to the northwest corner of the forest to grab two FR events, one for Sel and one for Lil Avenger.
  • Enter the base, see the event, and grab the nearby FR event for Lil Avenger.
  • Thankfully there is nothing new to be found in the basement, so proceed around the pit traps straight away.
  • After you meet Rodney, he will try to lure you into the nearby room. Do not follow, or you'll get a game over! Head down the hall and you'll fight him there, instead.
  • Enter the middle door on the left to find the New Pentagon Key. Continue down the hall and unlock the door.
  • The path to the south and the door in that direction are both dead ends. Go east instead.
  • The first door you come to has 10000g. There is an event in the second. The third door has an event star that will end the mission, so if you want to finish mapping to 100%, go through the side door (empty) before touching the star.

Maze: Jump Tower (Upper Levels)[]

  • You should now have access to the event "Former Four Lords Member Papaya's Counterattack." Select it.
  • This level is an identical copy of Sunday Tower in terms of layout.
  • New enemies:
    • Mr. Bigmetal: Uh oh. He can attack an entire column at will. His defence is very high, so use magic or Patton's Impact Punch.
  • There is nothing on the first few floors besides the mandatory event star, not even in the side rooms. We'll move on to Floor 31
  • There is an S Weapon Egg (S) in the room on the left and another in the room after that. Except for an Adventure Achievement, the rest of the hall is empty. The first door on the right of the main hall is also empty.
  • Floor 32: The second door has an A Armor Bun (M). The first door leads on.
  • Once you reach the outher loop, remember Sunday Tower: it's not worth mapping both sides of the loop at once, because you're sure to take at least two trips.
    • Floor 32: The left path is shorter and empty. The right path features an A Armor Bun (S).
    • Floor 33: The left path has a room with a Super Experience Bread and a red door with another Super Experience Bread. The right path is shorter and has a blue door with an Adventure Achievement.
    • Floor 34: The left path has a Viagro and is shorter. The first door on the right path is empty, the red door has a Gutsy Pouch.
    • Floor 35: As in Sunday Tower, the left path has a one-way tile that blocks the way. The first door to the right is empty. The second has a Present, the third an Adventure Achievement, the fourth another Present.
  • There is no need to map the final story of the tower, or even the stairs leading up to it, the 100% counter stops at the foot of the stairs. Move to the purple star to engage the boss.
    • There are zombies involved, so bring Sel if you want to make the boss especially easy.
  • Whoops, looks like you're not done yet.

Maze: Jump Tower (Basement), Revisited[]

  • Unless you missed something the first time (like the Gunagan's Challenge item at the end of the Danger Course), don't bother to go into the rest of the dungeon. You're going right instead, through the path that was sealed before.
  • Go up the stairs and talk to the event star.
  • Make your way through the red clouds. None are particularly challenging for this point in the game, just don't lose anyone important to the SP cost.
    • A Thunder Taiko Gal Monster waits in the fifth cloud. This is probable the easiest one in the game to catch if you don't have one already ("easy" being relative), so you might want to leave after clearing the fourth cloud, save, and reload until you catch the monster.
  • Time for the fight with Papaya.
    • The final Gal Monster, the Amundsen, will appear in this fight. You don't have to catch them here, since there's a predictable Red Cloud in the next dungeon that might be easier. Amundsen dodge like you wouldn't believe and have high magic resistance. Worse, their charge attack can instantly kill, so you may want to bring Megadeath or Cessna for State Cancel (so you can stop her charge while keeping her at low HP for capture), and give Rizna a Moja Doll so that she's more likely to land her Mercy Attacks.
    • If you've caught all Gal Monsters, finish seeing Tamanegi's training and an event will appear that will his S-Rank weapon, which more than doubles his attack and makes him useful again. Furthermore, he will be able to unlock a skill to instantly kill any Gal Monster at melee range. Unfortunately, it can still miss.

Maze: Eternal Dungeon[]

  • Select "Papaya's Visit."
  • If Lil Avenger is in the party and you've been following her storyline, you can now select "Goodbye, Lil Avenger." Don't do it! Do not click it before the end of the game! It will end Lil Avengers's story and permanantly remove her from the party!
  • Find two Crab Orbs so that you can select "Forgot to Rape Camilla." The FR requirement is 22! Some characters can literally never come here!
  • Welcome to the longest dungeon in the game. Simply reaching the end of the dungeon may strain you party's SP. Foe Repellent will be especially helpful. You'll probably have to break the party into smaller than 6 members at a time. Consider bringing Prima off the bench if you put her there. Personal Nurses are also helpful.
    • This will be your only trip to this dungeon.
    • If you must map the dungeon, bring at least 1 red key, 2 blue, and 1 green.
    • A good chunk of this dungeon is empty space! There are no treasures or Adventure Achievement crosses (at least none that haven't spawned randomly), and no Red Clouds that return Red Coupons.
  • The random encounters in this dungeon are weak enemies. This makes it easier to get your B-Team, or even a half-size team, through the first stretch of dungeon so that your SP will last as long as possible. The enemies do tend to dodge attacks, however, so you will have to keep up with the level curve at least a little, or bring a mage alongside your B-party.
  • The first feature in the dungeon is a 3x3 set of rooms. Literally all of them are empty. Just walk past unless you're mapping.
  • Head down the stairs and through the door, and you will enter the first red cloud room. See if you can solve the puzzle.
    • The key here is to look for the red cloud with a Squidman symbol underneath it. That red cloud features a fight against a Squidman, wheras the other fights are more serious and return no reward besides the usual gold and EXP. The Squidman fights remain cleared after you defeate them, but the "incorrect" Red Clouds will always respawn each time you visit the dungeon!
    • The Squidman fights are a serious waste of SP during your first trip. Consider crossing the room with a minimal party. The odds of you running into a random encounter between Red Clouds is low.
    • To map 95% in this dungeon, you will need to encounter at least 5 "wrong" Red Clouds at some point in the dungeon, either in this room or in later rooms. Mapping to 100% will force you to challenge all of them! The fastest way to do either is to run away from each fight. You still lose the SP, but you'll map the square, and there are more valuable fights for EXP in the Nearby Forest.
  • Down the stairs, and through the next door. Ignore the side rooms, they are empty.
  • There are no traps in this second red room, feel free to map it in its entirety.
  • Head down the stairs. There are more side rooms but they're still empty - yes, even the locked red door.
  • Enter the second Red Cloud room. Can you work out how to solve it?
    • You have to use the pattern from the untrapped room upstairs.
    • But there's a trick to it!
    • You've turned around compared to the previous room. Looking at the map, you have to line up the symbols precisely between levels, as though they were marking the Red Clouds through the floor. From first-person perspective, you not only have to approach the numbers in reverse, but flip the numbers from left to right.
    • From left to right, encounter these Red Clouds: 1, 3, 4, 5, 2.
    • The "incorrect" Red Clouds in this room contain Amundsen if you missed your chance in the previous dungeon. See the walkthrough for the previous dungeon for advice on how to catch one.
  • More empty side rooms, even the green door. Head down the stairs.
  • You're probably used to ignoring the side rooms by now, but don't this time, you need them to solve this level's Red Cloud room. Check the walls.
    • After going down the stairs, there will be two doors with arrows on the wall in between. These arrows point Down, Left, Up, Right, Up.
    • There are numbers written on the walls of the side-rooms beyond the doors, some of them rotated.
    • Match the rotation fo the numbers to the arrow signs. That will give you the answer to the next Red Cloud Room.
    • The answer is: 2, 1, 3, 4, 3.
  • Eternal Dungeon Dark Maze.png
    The final challenge is a dark maze, which you must navigate entirely using the minimap. Besides finding the exit, you must also find the Zeth Key 22, which is located in a random dead-end. The adjoining map shows the maze. If the picture is not loading, the instructions below will describe the route to the exit. You will have to find Zeth Key 22 on your own
    • West 5 to the top-left corner. South 1, east 4, south 1.
    • West 4, south 4, east 1, south 3, west 1, south 1. You are now in the bottom-left corner.
    • East 4, north 5, east 2, north 1.
    • West 1, north 1, east 4, south 6.
    • West 3, south 1, west 1, south 1. You should arrive at the exit door.
  • Move to the event star to finish the dungeon.

Maze: Moheca's Mansion, Part 3[]

  • Go through the three "Info on the Nation" events, followed by "Info on That Asshole." Unusually, none of these are starred, but they lead to the event that's de facto the final boss and final dungeon.
    • There's no pleasant way to put this: you're going to have to grind even with the best strategies (although a low-level strategy is provided for the final boss, if you can get that far!). The Nearby Forest will probably be your new home for the next few hours of gameplay. Remember to use the Disposal Dungeon to raise level caps! You may want to fight some of the game's bonuses bosses (described in their own section, below) or else they might be too easy by the time you're done grinding!
      • If you want to see all of Willis' sprites, you have to get Rance up to level 80 when he's probably only at level 60! So even if you did beat Abert early, you'd still have a long way to go! Keep an eye on Rance's required EXP. Once it hits 99999 per level, it can't get any higher. There's no better time to have him eat your entire remaining supply of Experience and Super Experience Bread, one level-up at a time.
      • Technically, the base game doesn't unlock Willis' sprites in the gallery beyond level 60. The fan-patch corrects this, though you might regret having to earn the extra 20 levels!
      • If you must get Rance to Level 80, the fastest way to level him up is to go in with smaller parties so that EXP is split between less people, but for Abert, you will want a well-rounded party.
      • While you are grinding, remember that you must clear each character to get the True Ending. Since you have to get these characters to FR 30 to clear them, raise their FR with "(FR)" events on the Event Screen, and Presents when (FR) events are not available, or just to speed things up (again: Kanami will require Presents to get to FR 20 before she can complete her story and get her (FR) event).
        • Finishing Rizna's storyline involves repeating the event "Focused on anal sex" after the point where she notices Rance isn't trying to "cure" her. Since unlocking one of the bonus bosses also requires a large number of H-scenes, spending your Monkey Orbs on scenes with Rizna makes for a helpful "filler" action.
        • Rizna's Special Event makes her immune to offensive magic (except Black Destruction Beam), a powerful upgrade.
    • The thing that makes this dungeon so dangerous is that the Red Clouds that have always blocked your path at Moheca's Mansion now regenerate when you revisit the dungeon. It's not enough to have a party that can beat the final boss. You need to have a party that can fight all the Red Clouds and the final boss in one run.
    • The simplest way to deal with this dungeon is to bring your A-team and keep them in the field using Viagros and Ibeprofuns, but you'll probably still need to grind! You also might not want to save if you use these valuable resources and then fail, which will cost you EXP.
      • When all else fails, Seyadatara's Self-Destruct, a Hanny Zippo and a liberal application of Ibeprofun can do wonders, though it might feel like cheating and still isn't a perfect strategy.
  • New enemies:
    • Amundsen: Gal Monster. Dodges like wild and can instantly kill with its charge attacks. See the fight with Papaya above for details on how to catch her.
    • Thunder Taiko: Gal Monster. Can buff the enemy party's attack and can attack your entire group with its regular attack! Extremely dangerous.
  • Because the Red Clouds make up the bulk of this dungeon's challenge, they will be described in detail:
    • 3 Monster Captains, 2 Monster Mages, 1 Monster General: Hard to believe this group could be called "easy," but they're far from their glory days. Your A-Team will have no trouble and your B-Team can probably take them without fail. No special strategy needed. Be aware that Monster Mages aren't very dangerous any longer, but the game is keeping them around to break your party's charge attacks with their area attacks. Bring charge-resistant items like Ignorance Glasses or the weaker Unflinching Swords. You can't afford to waste time going after the Monster Mages in later battles when there are more dangerous targets.
    • 1 Doodle Hero, 2 Monster Mages; 1 Doodle Dragon: The Doodle Hero can attack columns and has ridiculously high attack and HP. Its charge attack can probably kill anyone. Focus all your attacks on the Hero, the Monster Mages are just there to break your charge. The Doodle Dragon isn't as strong, but will pick off stragglers - consider leaving a Monster Mage alive to force the Dragon to stay in reserves while you heal the party.
    • 2 Mr. Bigmetals, 1 Indian Chasoba, 2 Choppies, 1 Sleepy Princess: The Choppies are a more serious threat than it might seem, not just because of their stun attack, but because they can debuff your attack and make killing the Mr. Bigmetals even harder. If you have Shizuka's FR-upgraded Controlled Earthquake, she can take out the entire back rank on her own.
    • 3 Amundsen, 3 Kamikaze; Reinforcements: 1 Kamikaze, 1 Amundsen, 4 Ice Hugant. The Hugant reinforcements aren't anywhere near dangerous, but the Amundsen are incredibly hard to kill, and both they and the Kamikaze can drop you with ease.
    • 1 Stone Guardian, 1 Doodle Hero, 1 Monster Mage; Reinforcements: 2 Monster Mages, Yuki, 1 Monster Mage, 3 Stone Guardians: Yes, that Yuki, the apostle. The Doodle Hero is the worst thing on the board at first. Kill the Doodle Hero, then the Monster Mages that reinforce it. Leave the Monster Mage that starts in the back the entire time. Do not allow Yuki to spawn in the back rank or you'll regret it! After Yuki is gone, just leave a Monster Mage alive to keep two Stone Guardians from spawning at once.
    • 3 Super Hannies, 1 Hitler, 1 Thunder Taiko, 1 Conte; Reinforcements: 3 Monster Captains: Only the front rank reinforces, so the more you can do to take out the back rank, the better off you'll be. If you haven't noticed yet, Hitlers can change the outcome of a battle based entirely on their random choice of actions, and the Thunder Taiko makes that problem even worse. You can easily lose here through no fault of your own! The Conte remains an obnoxious debuffing threat, and you should probably deal with it by bringing Shizuka with an FR-upgraded Controlled Earthquake to kill it on the first turn without letting up the assault on the serious targets. Sanakia's Defence and Resistance Tactics can be helpful here, though don't expect her to survive the fight.
    • Down your Viagros and your Ibeprofuns.
    • The Final Boss: Anise is the real problem here, as she has Black Destruction Beam which will typically take out a row of your allies if she is allowed to charge twice., Abert is almost just a footnote that says "If Rance dies, you lose." Franchesa is an even lower priority. Multiple strategies are outlined below:
      • Method 1: This method can potentially be done at a relatively low level. For starters put Caloria and Sanakia in the front, Rizna and Sill in the back. Sill should survive a hit from Anise if you've been progressing normally. If Anise starts to charge then have Sill attack her with a Snow Laser. If her charge doesn't break then have her retreat. Afterwards have Shizuka and Magic hit her with at least one White Destruction Beam, if this fails it will be a long fight. Keep having Rizna buff magic power on the mages and use her to call in allies. After Anise is defeated it's time to focus on Abert but don't dilly dally for too long, his attack might have gone up to 15000 at this point. For now call Rance to the front and attack her with the rear members. Rizna isn't too useful so you can call her back.
      • Method 2 (if everyone is level 50 or above): Front: Sanakia (provides buffs if you have all Tactics upgrades, and can serve as a meat shield. Equip a Manhunter License and attack Franchesca), Kanami (paralyze Anise with Shuriken or break her charge) and Caloria (paralyze or beak charge). Rear: Magic (Destruction Beam on Annis), Shizuka (Destruction Beam on Annis), and Sel (break charge, focus on healing Shizuka and Magic). Two Destruction Beams on turn 3 will kill Anise so if she starts charging on turn 2 you don't have to worry. No one should die in one hit by turn 3 with Sanakia's buff, so as long as you aren't really unlucky you should win.
      • Method 3 (recommended if Rance is level 70 or above, Patton, Magic, Sill are 60 or above): Front: Caloria (Harden or beak charge), Rance (charge up 1 Brutal attack. Ignorance Glass needed), and Patton (just there to take Abert's attacks). Rear: Sill (Recovery Rain), Magic (Destruction Beam on Anise), Sel (Healing and breaking charge). Have Rance start charging the Brutal Attack. If Anise starts to charge try to break it with Sill, Sel, or lastly Magic. Abert will focus on Patton. If Rance is attacked, the Ignorance Glass should keep his charge going. Patton should have enough HP to survive attacks. Once Rance gets off his brutal attack it should be easier. Anise will die in 1 or 2 Destruction Beams, then just beat Abert. (With Rance at level 77, Sill 69, Patton 66, Magic 67 I beat it without anyone dying).
      • Method 4: Front: Patton (9999 HP meat shield), Rizna (If she has Magic Resistance from her special event she'll live through anything but Black Destruction Beam; have her buff the party's magic), and Caloria (equip Hanny Zippo and paralyze Anise). Rear: Sill (break charge and healing), Magic (Destruction Beam on Anise), and Shizuka (Destruction Beam on Anise). If Abert kills someone in the front swap in someone else, if Anise kills someone in the back swap in Sel. By the time you swap Anise should be dead so keep healing with Sill and Cel and Abert shouldn't be a problem. If Anise starts to charge keep attacking to break.
  • Assuming you have already character cleared all other characters, you will be able to access the True End. Before you do so, save, and then select "So long, Lil Avenger," as it contributes to your "Special Events Acquired" total in the end credits. Obviously don't save after doing so!
  • Select "True End (Complete)" to end the game!

Bonus Bosses and Remaining Challenges[]

  • If you are missing any CGs, see the CG Guide for more details. Few of them are missable, so you should be able to collect most of them. Many of the "CGs" on the final page are more like achievements and mark the defeat of a powerful boss. Several bonus bosses are discussed below.
  • V2 Vevetar: Found in a purple star in the Nearby Forest if you have cleared all three of the forest paths (you don't need to clear a path and then fight the monster in one trip! You can Escape the dungeon and come back for the boss later). Its biggest strength is its incredibly high regeneration rate. Anything you can do to Immobilize will spare you both an attack and a round of regeneration. Bring Maria for Support Shot.
  • Haniwa King: See the Haniwa Plains section for details of how to get here. The first thing to do is to clear out the Super Hannies. A Brutal Attack will take out a whole set of five, while Hanny Breaking Permits can ease the trouble of killing the rest. Unfortunately, the King isn't vulnerable to Hanny Breaking Permits. The best thing you can do at this point is to pin down the King with Immobilize, and to field Maria with Smokescreen Shot. Have Rance and Maria use Serious Mode, if not others. Only Patton can theoretically survive a hit from the king (do not use Serious Mode for Patton - save your SP for Fighting Spirit to recover his HP instead!) and anyone else is basically a one-hit meat shield for both Rance - the only person doing any damage - and Maria - the one keeping everyone alive. In a pinch, Patton and a heavily upgraded, double Moja Doll'd Cessna can do decent damage as well.
  • The bosses on the Event Screen (below) are unusual in that you can't call for allies mid-battle. Only your starting party can participate.
  • Golden Hanny: This fight is all about Immobilization. Very few party members can even survive the Golden Hanny's attacks, and there might be something to be said about having two healers to quickly restore the ones who can.
  • Ippatsu: Unlocks after you've killed 5000 enemies, which should be simple and is probably already done. A one-on-one fight against Rance. Don't forget about Serious Mode! Between an Ignorance Glass, Hanny Zippo and Serious Mode, you can probably do this around level 70, maybe even earlier.
  • Kakaro: To unlock this boss, you must see/repeat a large number of H-scenes (201+), far more than you'd encounter in an average playthrough prior to this point. You can check your progress by selecting one of the ending events to replay the credits, though you have to watch until the end before the stat appears on screen (when Dark Rance and Feliss appear). By the time you're able to fight him, he'll probably be harmless.
  • Gunagan: He's got high numbers, but not so high that you can't keep pace. Probably the only boss where a healer still has a chance of doing regular healing, since he can't cause instant death to the majority of your party like the Gold Hanny or Haniwa King.
  • Madness Mode: Optional. Unlocks after you clear the storyline. Enemies get harder, but everyone loses their Talent Cap and you gain all the party members available in the game except for Abert (King Gandhi, Urza, etc). New party members can be found in the Exchange Party Members menu.
  • vs Fiend Squad: The ultimate unbalanced challenge against the game's bonus bosses, which appears after enabling Madness Mode. There's no reward except a "Thank you" from the developers... and a Hardened Poop.