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This is the walkthrough for Rance VI Chapter 6.

Event Screen[]

  • There are new events, and among them, a new side-mission. Select all the starred events to get them out of the way (you will need 1 Crab Orb), but do not touch "Horrible incident: Copandon Injured" (大事件、コパンドン刺される) until we are done with the side-mission.
    • The event will cause Copandon to temporarily leave the party!
  • You regain access to Abandoned Mine F at this point. If you missed any of its challenges, you can easily stomp them now. There is an FR Event for Sel in the red door chamber and one for Kaoru past the blue door.
  • "Kagekatsu's Visit" (景勝の訪問) can get you Rizna's Rank S weapon. He goes to hide in the green-locked door in the Haniwa Plains hidden basement, so you will have to get the hanny houses to the same number to gain access. See the Haniwa Plain section above for more details.

Sleepy Village : Zombie Extermination[]

  • Enemies
    • Rotten Corpse (Light, Holy)
    • Invisible Corpse (Light, Holy), 50 EVA
    • Smog Sylph (Light, Holy), fixed fight
    • Rust (Light), fixed fight
    • Magic Tactician, fixed fight
    • Master Zombie (Light, Holy), boss fight
    • Zulki Zombie (Light, Holy), boss fight
    • Hassam Zombie (Light, Holy), boss fight
  • Select "A Priestess's Job (Zombie Extermination)" (神官のお仕事(ゾンビ退治)).
    • You won't be able to come back here after this mission.
    • Sel's Purify deals about 10k damage against undead.
  • The first green star will trigger a fixed fight.
    • 3 Rotten Corpses
  • Entering the rooms in the crypts may trigger a fixed fight.
    • 3 Smog Sylphs
    • 2 Rusts
    • 1 Magic Tactician
  • Get the second green star and go into the third crypt.
    • The first room has an FR event for Maria.
    • The second room has 1200g
    • The third room has an experience bread and a boss fight.
      • 2 Rotten Corpses
      • 1 Master Zombie
    • Follow the path to find an 8 AA.
  • The other master zombies are in the other crypts.
  • After defeating all the master zombies, you will get the cemetery key to unlock the house door.
  • There is a boss fight in the house.
    • Zulki Zombie
    • Hassam Zombie
    • 1 Rotten Corpse

Maze: Zeth Corridor (Smoky Sewer)[]

  • Enemies
    • Angel Knight
    • Bellows, 50 DEF
    • The Invincible Iron Bird, 95 DEF and 40 RES, can harden
    • Kaminagahime (Fire), column attack without charging, can paralyze
    • Bee Girl (Fire)
    • Green Monster Soldier
    • Ham Bambara (Fire)
    • Frozen (Fire)
    • Maid Lady
    • Red Monster Soldier
    • Monster Mage
    • Happy (Fire)
    • Ice Hugant
    • Himmler (Light)
    • Conte (Light, Holy)
    • Tatami Flipper, 65 DEF
    • Yuki (Fire), boss fight
    • Seizel, invulnerable, boss fight
    • Super Hanny, coupon fight
    • Majician, coupon fight
  • You have no choice: select "Horrible incident: Copandon Injured" and then "Well, now I'm done preparing too." You will find your available party members has jumped to include Urza Pranaice, Rick Addison, Magic the Gandhi, Alex Valse, and Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi.
    • Copandon will be unavailable till the post game after she is injured. Make sure to remove her items.
    • Minor characters such as Bernard, Megadeth, Prima, Cessna and Tamanegi will also be removed from the party. Make sure to remove their items.
    • You won't be able to change any party members at this point.
    • Collect an FR event for Magic in Autumn Forest.
    • Kaoru is forced into reserves. When she finally comes back, you will have the option to send her back to reserves via Exchange Party Members from this point on.
    • There are no FR events for Rick, Urza or Alex, so if you want to use them in other areas except the main storyline, you will need to raise their FR via presents.
  • You do not lose access to this next dungeon after clearing it, though it is renamed to Smoky Sewer after you are done. You will lose access to it in the post-game.
  • This dungeon contains two red doors, 1 green door and 1 blue door.
  • The north portal leads to an Ice Ring.
    • A pit trap in the NE corner of the room is the exit.
  • Follow the path back to the main corridor and the green star where Rance's party will comment about how cold it is.
    • An FR event for Sill will spawn nearby after seeing this event.
  • Take the north stairs for a coupon fight.
    • 10 Angel Knights
  • After the coupon fight, there's a red door with another coupon fight.
    • 3 Red Monster Soldiers
    • 3 Monster Mages
    • 3 Red Monster Soldiers
    • 1 Monster Captain
    • Chests containing a Manga Meat and an A Armor Bun L will spawn after the fight.
  • Backtrack down the stairs and head SW.
  • The portal heading east leads to the same room with a pit trap from before.
  • Head west to get an FR event for Shizuka.
  • Go up the south stairs to find a blue door.
    • There is 8 AA and an FR event for Sel here.
  • The north corridor has two coupon fights.
    • East coupon fight
      • 6 Lucky Can Cans
    • West coupon fight
      • 4 Ice Hugants
    • Keep following the north corridor to get a Perseverant Wasabi.
  • Backtrack and head west past the doors for a green star with Magic which is also an FR event.
  • The north portal past this point leads to the room with the pit trap.
  • Keep heading west for 16 AA.
  • Head north for a coupon fight and a switch.
    • 3 Green Monster Soldiers
    • 3 Frozens
    • 1 Maid Lady
    • 1 Ice Hugant
  • Head up the west stairs for a green door with 1400g.
  • The red door up here has 8 AA.
  • Go into the ice area for two green stars and 8 AA.
  • The third green star near the bridge will case rance to teleport back to base.
    • This will unlock an FR event for Magic. You wont be able to re-enter the dungeon till you do this.
  • Re-enter the dungeon. The bridge is blocked by an arrow tile, so keep going forward for a boss fight.
    • Yuki
    • 2 Frozens
    • After this fight, Rance will be removed from the roster until you reach the hot springs.
    • You will not be able to escape back to town as well.
  • Continue forward to a series of timed boss fights with Seizel (4 turns).
    • Since you cannot damage Seizel, your best bet is to use Caloria, Uruza and Kanami to try and immobilize her as much as possible.
    • Attacking her still has a chance of interrupting her charging even though it does 0 damage.
  • Break the wall when Gandhi points it out.
  • At the fork, break the west wall and keep going for an Experience Bread.
  • Backtrack to the fork and break the east wall for 1500g.
  • Break the south wall for a Viagro and to proceed.
  • Break another wall heading south to find the green star for the hot spring.
    • Rance will be added back to your party with an A rank weapon temporarily.
  • Head down the stairs for another boss fight.
    • Yuki
    • 2 Frozens
  • Keep following the path behind Yuki to get Chaos back at the next green star.
  • Backtrack and break down the south wall
  • Keep going south at the fork to get a Present.
  • Backtrack to the fork and go east for a coupon fight.
    • 3 Super Hannies
  • The first room past the coupon fight has 1300g.
  • The second room has a Dora's Cat Bell.
  • The third door leads to a passage way, there is a coupon fight hidden behind the next door. facing north
    • 1 Tatami Flipper
    • 1 Ice Hugant
    • 1 Majician
  • Backtrack to where Seizel was and head north to clear the dungeon.
    • The rest of the final room is unmappable, so dont bother coming back here.

Calculator Cube : Shizuka's weapon[]

  • Select the event "Message in a Dream," if she has her A-rank weapon and the quest in Sunday tower has been completed.
  • To complete the puzzles, avoid the numbers 5, 1+4 or 2+3 to get the final number of 40.
  • The vault with the weapon is the northern one.

Calculator Cube : Kanami's weapon[]

  • Select the event "Kanami's Dream" if she has her A-rank weapon and "(H) Call her to my room for sex (Kanami)" has been seen.
  • To complete the puzzles, avoid the number 2 for the final number of 43.
  • The vault with the weapon is the eastern one.

Maze: Zeth Corridor (Fruit Ruins (フルーツ遺跡))[]

  • Enemies
    • Flap Flap (Light)
    • Choppy (Ice)
    • Philipa (Dark), 85 RES, deals light damage
    • Kamikaze
    • Panaclonic, has three attacks. Regular melee, Stronger Melee and Fire blast without charging.
    • Lead Orb, may counterattack.
    • Green Monster Soldier
    • Blue Monster Soldier
    • Red Monster Soldier
    • Conte (Light, Holy)
    • Z'Kappa (Lightning)
    • Vevetar (Light)
    • The Invincible Iron Bird, 95 DEF and 40 RES, can harden
    • Ebony Eye (Light), 60 RES
    • Red Hanny
    • Black Hanny
    • Super Hanny
    • Master Gecky, coupon fight
    • Stone Guardian, coupon fight
    • Cozy Princess, autoheals for 499hp and can heal enemies, coupon fight
    • Ham Bambara (Fire), coupon fight
    • Lucky Can Can, coupon fight
    • Circle, coupon fight
    • Himmler (Light), coupon fight
    • Red Shiitake Boy, coupon fight
  • You won't lose access to this dungeon immediately after clearing it, it just gets renamed "Fruit Ruins." You will lose access to it in the post-game.
  • There are 3 green doors, 1 red door and 1 blue door in this dungeon.
  • Head west and keep following the path till you find a barrier and two rooms.
  • The southern room has a Kitty Coin and a switch to disable the barrier.
  • Head east past the barrier and check the southern room for 8 AA.
  • The northern room has an FR event for Shizuka.
  • Backtrack to the start and head east for a green star which is also an FR event for Magic.
  • There is an FR event for Maria in the SE corner.
    • There is a pit trap in this room south of the FR event. You will end up falling through a series of floors with pit traps.
      • At the bottom floor, the west area has 8 AA.
      • Head east for a coupon fight.
        • 2 Tatami Flippers
        • 1 Panaclonic
        • 3 Kamikazes
        • 6 Master Geckies
      • There is a chest with 2000g in a SE room after the coupon fight.
      • There is no way to get back up to the top floor, you will have to exit.
  • Head north past the green star and west for 2000g.
  • All the doors here have arrow tiles that move you to the same corridor.
    • After the arrow tiles, keep heading west to find the Mango Key.
    • Take the center passageway to get back to the main hallway.
  • You can now open the locked door on the western side of the map.
    • 2000g is here.
    • There is a coupon fight at the top of the stairs.
      • 1 Stone Guardian
      • 1 Lead Orb
  • Head through the eastern locked door.
  • The purple tiles will damage the party if you walk on them.
  • Try to cross the bridge, you will fall down below but get access to a coupon fight.
    • 2 Red Monster Soldiers
    • 1 Monster Captain
    • 2 Monster Mages
    • 1 Cozy Princess
    • 6 Green Monster Soldiers
  • The way east leads to a Present.
  • To disable the bridge trap, before crossing the bridge, head west past the slime tile to find a switch to disable the trap.
  • Aurora's green star blocks the path west after the bridge.
  • Head north to get 8 AA and trigger the green star with Sieg.
  • Head past where Aurora's green star was.
  • There are two sets of doors, a green door and a wooden door. They both lead to the same hallway, but the green door allows you to skip the coupon fight blocking the wooden door.
    • There is a red door past the green door.
  • The wooden door is blocked by a coupon fight.
    • 3 Panaclonics
    • 3 Z'Kappas
    • 6 Ham Bambaras
  • Keep following the path for another green star with Aurora and 8 AA.
  • The north door leads to a blue door, but this is just a shortcut that leads to the same hallway that you can reach by going east.
  • Follow the path east then take the door heading south to find a Protection Doll.
  • Head NE to find a green door with 2000g.
  • Keep following the path west to find another green door with a coupon fight.
    • 2 Lucky Can Cans
    • 1 Circle
  • Keep following the path till you find a set of stairs heading west to a green star above Sieg.
    • Rance will temporarily lose Chaos till you go back to where Sieg was.
    • There is a small room with an FR event for Caloria near the stairs.
  • Head back to where Sieg was and enter the room. Don't start the boss fight yet.
  • Head east through the hidden wall and follow the path for 2000g.
  • Head east again for a coupon fight.
    • 3 Red Monster Soldiers
    • 3 Himmlers
  • Keep following the path for another coupon fight.
    • 2 Red Shiitake Boys
    • 1 Red Monster Soldier
    • 3 Himmlers
  • Past the second coupon fight is 28 AA and a Gutsy Pouch.
  • Head back to the boss fight.
    • First fight
      • Sieg, 60k hp and 2k atk, high accuracy
    • Second fight
      • Thoma (Sieg), 47k hp and 3k atk, 50 DEF
      • This fight might be timed, but you should be able to beat him easily.
    • Third fight (Timed)
      • Jill (Sieg), 280k hp and 2k ATK, party attack without charging, doesn't miss.
      • This fight lasts 6 turns.
    • All fights can easily be done by using Caloria and Urza to immobilize Sieg as much as possible.
  • After the boss fight, keep going forward to clear the dungeon. You will be teleported back to base.

Maze: Zeth Corridor (Maginot Line)[]

  • Enemies
    • Green Monster Soldier
    • Blue Monster Soldier
    • Red Monster Soldier
    • Monster Mage
    • Cozy Princess
    • Dragon Knight
    • Maid Lady
    • Stone Guardian
    • Kaminagahime (Fire)
    • Philipa (Dark)
    • Flap Flap (Light)
    • Lead orb, may counterattack
    • Golden orb, may counterattack
    • Lucky Can Can, fixed fight
  • This is the final dungeon. You will lose access to it in the post-game. It seems it can only be mapped to 99%.
  • The moment you enter the dungeon, Gandhi will permanently leave your party so unequip any items he may have.
    • Maria will also temporarily leave.
    • Kaoru will rejoin your party and you will have an empty slot to add a minor character.
  • Theres a green star showing Maria working on the Tulip 2 in the courtyard.
  • You can head up the stairs to explore the second floor, but the lightning towers will trigger if you walk next to them.
    • Trying to go past the western tower will drop you in a room full of purple poison tiles, which is locked by a blue door.
  • Head in the front door.
    • The western blue door leads to the pit trap room.
  • Entering a room may trigger a fixed fight.
    • 3 Green Monster Soldiers
    • 2 Lucky Can Cans
    • 1 Maid Lady
  • The furthest eastern door in the first row has 8 AA.
  • One of the eastern rooms in the second row has an FR event for Sel.
  • There is a coupon fight in the first western room, second row.
    • 3 Red Monster Soldiers
    • 3 Monster Mages
  • There is a Present in the eastern room, second row.
    • It respawns everytime you come back.
  • 5000g is in the western room, second row.
  • Head to where the blue door is and go north to find the stairs.
  • Head to the green star to find the mana battery.
  • Go back to where Maria was, moving near a lightning tower will now destroy it.
  • Head past the western lightning tower on level 2 for a coupon fight.
    • 3 Golden Orbs
    • 2 Cozy Princesses
    • 1 Monster Mage
    • 2 Golden Orbs
  • Floor 3. Two steps north will drop you through another trapdoor (look closely and you can see them), so don't head further upstairs yet. Instead, head east and blow the next tower. The green locked door has nothing inside it.
  • Going through the other door, you'll see a door to another big room with a switch. Turn the switch off. This raises the gate to the room you see below.
  • Exit the room and head west toward the purple star. Time to meet with Apostle Shichisei (使徒 七星). He'll turn into a dragon for the boss fight, accompanied by 5 Dragon Knights. Not too tough, but his breath attacks will hit multiple party members in a horizontal or vertical line, so heal often.
  • After you win, head through the door. Ignore the locked room for now and walk into the dead end. You'll fall into a room with poison floors. Why do we want to be here? Take the north-most door. Down to hall is the room you opened with the switch, giving you an Eagle Orb, a Manga Meat, a Power Potato Chip, and 10,000 gold.
  • Either go back to the poison room and take the other doors to find a way back up, or exit and reenter the dungeon. Go back to where you fought Shichisei and continue down the hallway. Note that there are a ton of trapdoors in this section, so I will not mention them individually (remember, we will be turning them off soon, so don't bother falling through them for mapping - they all fall into old rooms, anyways). Just follow the route below.
  • Take the door to the right. In the next room, head left (the right door has nothing). In the next room, head left again (again, nothing right). Head through the next door and go straight. Take the next couple of doors to get back outside. Pick up the Sex Friend Key from the chest so you can use the locked door next time you pass through.
  • Blow up some more towers. Grab 5000 Gold. Follow the path up to the purple star. After the battle, you'll be sent back to the first floor and Maria will rejoin your party (forcing out one of your other party members, if necessary). Note that she has an FR event in the first floor set of rooms (if you still need one).
  • Head back to floor 3. Some new event stars. Make your way back to where the purple star was. You won't be able to blow this tower since the Tulip 2 was destroyed, so use the door.
  • Another event star. Keep moving through doors, right into a purple star behind the second door. After a scene, Magic, Sanakia, and Kaoru will have to fight Abert. He's healing for 4000 a round, so you're not likely to beat him. Next comes Maria, Kanami, and Rizna. Watch you party get slaughtered. Next up are Rocky, Sill, and Alex. Bet you're tired of losing by now, huh? Well, you lose again. Patton, Caloria, and Urza fall next. Now is Rance, Sel, Rick, and Shizuka. Abert stops healing, so now's where you get serious. Abert attacks one at a time, so Sel should be able to keep everyone healed.
  • Now Rizna and Urza is missing. At least everyone's stats (including SP) are refilled. Enter the hall. The two middle rooms down the hall have a present and an S Weapon Egg (M).
  • Down the hall and up the steps is another event star (I guess we know where Rizna and Urza are). The north door leads back outside and a chest with 5000 gold. Go back and head east.
  • The next room has 3 exits. The south door takes you to a passage you can't pass through. East is an empty room. Head north and follow the path to find Rizna and Urza . There will be a few scenes and you'll be warped out of the maze. Rizna and Urza will rejoin you, and events will appear for both of them.
  • Check the event star at the top of the steps. There's a treasure chest back in the room where you found Rizna and Urza. Inside is a Eagle Orb. Head back to the hall you could not pass through before.
  • Another switch to press and a locked door. Remember that batch of trapdoors in front of the 3rd floor stairs? The switch turns them off (and all the others in the level), but you need to walk all the way back (or exit the dungeon) to take advantage of it. Thank goodness this switch stays off even if you exit the dungeon.
  • Head all the way upstairs. Red Cloud, and more towers you can't pass. Take the door. The south door is a Red Cloud and the north an empty room. Head downstairs. Head down the hall. the unlocked room contains the Maginot 24 Card, which opens more locked doors.
  • Event star (the enemy ranks are getting a little thin, huh?). Downstairs. Two blue lock doors. In each one is a green locked door. The right path has a Viagro, the left path has a Super Experience Bread (or Ibeprofun?). The chests respawn.
  • Head down the stairs and turn left. There's a Red Cloud in the regular door with a new gal monster, the Thunder Taiko. Careful, she causes high damage to the entire party every turn, and is never easy to catch! You might want to wait until a certain post-game dungeon, where she shows up in a Red Cloud closer to the entrance, making it easier to reload your save if something goes wrong.
  • Behind the fancy door is an off switch for the towers (once again this persists even after you leave). Head back outside the way you came.
  • On floor 5, 5000g is lying in plain sight. Head over toward the purple star. Time to fight Camilla. You only get 3-4 rounds, so it's not likely you'll beat her. Just try to survive.
  • Head upstairs to the next event star. Another couple of Red Clouds in plain sight. The first two Clouds are against 3 Stone Guardians, but the third is against 3 Dragon Knights and 9 Choppies, the latter of which can easily Immobilize you.
  • Head east toward another purple star. Camilla again, this time four rounds before time over. Another scene and Rance will scar Camilla. This time, the fight is for real. Camilla's area attack tend to neutralize charge attacks, so keep Sill to healing individuals and charge only if equipped with an item that resists or ignores charge break. Patton is helpful for soaking up damage.
  • After the battle, Rance and Sill will be thrown into a dark hall. Touch the event star to see what the others are doing, then head downstairs (there will be no event star for this last battle, just keep going and soon enough it'll happen). Camilla is down here too. Every time you run into a dead end, there'll be a scene that has Camilla clawing at Rance out of nowhere. After you find the "right" dead end, the last fight begins.
    • She's not as strong this time. Whittle away her HP. Keep healing with Sill - Sill's attacks are useful but the healing is more so. Once done with her, watch the scenes as the Maginot Line finally reactivates and the demons get hammered. Enjoy the ending!

Next Chapter[]

Save and load your game's clear file, and then continue to Chapter 7.