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This is the walkthrough for Rance VI Chapter 1.

NOTE! Please save after you have completed the game. There's more later on.

Maze: Abandoned Mine F[]

  • At the beginning of the game, you will immediately start a battle with Rance & Sill fighting monsters.
    • Hover your mouse over a target to see your available actions. Rance can Attack enemies in the front row, and Sill can cast fireballs at enemies in any position. Magic attacks can't miss, which can be helpful against Squidmen. Sill can also Heal friendly targets, including herself, as many times as she wants.
    • Check the linked pages for full gameplay details for each character in Rance VI, but be aware of spoilers.
    • Hover over the bottom of the screen to find the "Check Stats" button. Hover over this to see enemy stats as well as your own.
    • Characters can also Pass their turn or Withdraw by hovering the mouse over the current character. Keep both characters alive and in the party for the time being.
    • Rance, and a small handful of other characters, can use "Tactical Retreat" to run away. If all the characters with this skill are dead, you're stuck and probably screwed.
  • After the battle, you will appear on the dungeon screen. Use your keyboard, joystick or mouse to navigate the dungeon. Hover over the bottom bar to see additional details. Hover over the top-left for additional settings and control schemes.
    • As you move along, you will see locked doors. You can ignore them for now, as you need to buy keys to unlock them.
    • You'll notice Rance has a few Ibeprofuns, but try not to use them, since Sill can heal you as much as you want. Ibeprofuns can restore a character to full health (even if a character is knocked out) but are relatively rare and expensive at this point in the game. There is no sense in using them in this intro dungeon.
  • New Enemies:
    • Can Can: Gal Monster. Literally harmless.
    • Squidman:Can boost their evasion.
    • Hanny: Immune to magic, have a projectile attack.
    • Freedom: The strongest enemy here, but they frequently pass their turns.
  • See the Enemies page if you want to learn more about local enemies, but beware of spoilers.
  • Magic Attacks won't work on any Haniwa. Only physical attack or skills.
  • Move along until you touch two green stars, each of which starts a scene. The second involves your first H-scene.
  • Some dungeon exploration advice:
    • If you continue down the path after the H-scene, you will reach a dead-end with a yellow cross emblem. This marker gives you "Adventure Achievements." These are points that give you rewards at set intervals. These rewards come at consistent intervals, and it's worth memorizing some of the best ones as you go along. Hover over the bottom of the screen during dungeon movement to see your current progress.
      • You get 1 Adventure Achievement each time you win a battle, and the rest come from these cross icons. Most Adventure Achievement crosses spawn in set locations, but low-valued ones can also appear randomly. The Adventure Achievement total resets to 0 when you end a dungeon excursion, so try to get as many as you can in one go.
      • The weapon and armor upgrade items that you can earn from Adventure Achievements are randomized in size, and their equipment level (C -> B -> A -> S (weapons only)) improves as you go through the game (based on a random party member's equipment level).
    • You can also gain random rewards for fully mapping dungeons by moving into nearly every single square (the final prize comes at 95% instead of 100%). Prizes for this are randomized (with better rewards guarenteed for higher percentages), and they can be missable, but be aware that the game will often let you revisit certain maps. This walkthrough will try to warn you if a map cannot be revisited - this one can, so don't worry about it. Progress for this can also be seen by hovering over the bottom of the screen.
      • If a map has an exit square, note that it counts towards 100%! Just move on to the exit and say "No" instead of leaving.
      • This walkthrough will occasionally discuss the steps required to get 100% mapping, but I'll repeat: it isn't necessary and is mostly a waste of time. Sometimes, you may have to follow some of these misguided steps to get 95%, but never all of them.
  • After moving towards the third green star, Rance and Sill will find the dead body of their target. Then they will automatically teleport out of the maze.

Maze: Slave Dungeon[]

  • The opening movie will play - make sure not to click or you'll interrupt it! You can see it again in the CG menu. After this, Rance will wake up realizing he is in a strange sort of prison. From there, you can see the Event Menu with one red button and one blue button on the right corner. More is explained in the Rance VI:Game mechanics. You might want to try it out yourself how this game works at this point, but here is some general advice.
    • If you want to save, hit "Screen Select" and then "System Goddess Screen" (or just hit F5). You can level up at the "Level Goddess Screen," (F4) though you probably don't have enough EXP yet. You cannot save or level up during a dungeon.
    • Your main screen is the Event Screen (F6), which is where you start. You can only use an action on the menu if you have enough "Orbs." Orbs can be won from chests, but you will get a lot of them with the help of Adventure Achievements. Red Crab Orbs typically unlock general events, Yellow Monkey Orbs tend to unlock H-Events, and Blue Eagle Orbs usually upgrade a character, but there are lots of exceptions. Some events don't require any Orbs.
    • Feel free to try out the free event at the top of the list. It doesn't accomplish anything, but shows you how the list works.
  • When you're ready to try to escape, hit the button that reads "To Mobilization Screen." Make sure Rance is part of the party in the Front rank (the one on the right - he should be by default) and hit "Mobilize."
  • From now on, you need worry about the amount of SP you have. A character's SP shows the number of battles you can fight in a single excursion. The moment all your active party of six all run out of SP, you will immediately teleport back to base, so later in the game, you'll want put this off by swapping in new party members when others exhaust. Unfortunately, you currently only have Rance and are restricted by his SP. Thankfully, you can then return to any available maze at any time.
    • Note that when you return to base, your HP and SP will be auto-restored.
    • Not long after this dungeon, you can also use "Serious Mode" in combat by targeting yourself so long as you have at least 2 SP remaining. This takes one turn and drains all your SP in exchange for a buff. The character will be removed from the party immediately after this battle, but the price may be worth it, so long as you can spare the turn to actually use Serious Mode.
  • New Enemies:
    • 2nd Class Citizen: No threat to you.
    • Roper: Projectile, Light-aligned attacks that will do extra damage to Rance.
    • Puryo: Have a weak auto-heal ability.
  • Search around the maze and level up. Remember that you can map each square of the dungeon for additional prizes!
    • Because you no longer have Sill, you can't heal easily. If you are low on HP, don't be afraid to hover over the bottom of the screen and hit "Escape" to return to the Base Screen (you can also press "V" on the keyboard). From there, you can restart the dungeon at full health and SP.
  • Right at the beginning of the dungeon, head right. There is an event star. 6 slaves will be fighting with 2 Squid Men. After the squids beat the men, they'll turn on you. Fight and win to move on.
    • Ignore the Red Cloud around the corner for now. This contains an extra-strong battle and you won't be able to handle it until you gain a few levels. Once you can handle these fights, they'll reward you with Red Coupons, which can be spent in a special shop later on.
  • You can go down the stairs then turn right and proceed to see a star event that has Rance and Sill meeting, but being divided by a magic-proof window. At the end of the event, a careless Rance will be jumped by a random encounter. Kill it. After killing it Rance will see Sill's no longer there. To north is a chest with an Eagle Orb (鷲玉).
  • Continue mapping the area, and don't worry if you run out of SP and are forced to retreat. Once back at the Base Screen, it's probably a good idea to use your Eagle Orb to give Rance the Rance Attack upgrade. You can use a Monkey Orb on an event to raise Rance's attack by 1. Equip anything you found in the dungeon that looks worthwhile.
    • Rance Attack forces you to charge for 1 turn before it can be used. If you are hit during the charge time, there is a chance you will lose your charge. Some attacks are better at disrupting charges than others. The same applies to enemies, so remember to attack any enemies using charge attacks if you want to have any hope of stopping them! Some pieces of equipment can protect you from losing a charge, or even prevent you from losing it.
    • If you use the Monkey Orb event once, and then collect 3 Monkey Orbs, you will unlock the "Beautiful Dreamer" event. This event raises Rance's SP by 1, so is worth the effort.
    • Should you escape and return to the dungeon, some pre-set chests will be replaced with Adventure Achievements, while other chests (usually crappy ones) will restock.
  • After picking up a few levels, it's time to head upstairs. Down the left passage is a chest (Present). Going straight will take you to 2 rooms. Experience Bread (経験食パン) on your left, 10 gold on your right. Don't use the bread yet: it gives you 10% of the EXP you need for your next level, so you won't gain much. If you plan to 100% the game, save it until the final chapter, since Rance needs to reach an extremely high level for the final CG.
  • There is also an event star nearby, which is mandatory. A furious Rance, after noticing Radon, will rush to one of the windows to lunge at him, but the window doesn't break. On the other side, some of the aristocrats will comment on your foolishness and discuss the political state of the kingdom.
  • Head back and take the unexplored right path. Take the first door to the roof. On the top floor, you will see another Red Cloud (avoid this) and a purple star. Purple stars are story-related combats usually required to progress, often boss encounters. Go to the purple star to trigger an event battle. Rance meets the resident bully and watches a man named Rocky take a little physical abuse. The battle is against two prisoners and a shield prisoner. I recommend attacking the shield first because he can sometimes block for the others - many "shield" enemies can do this, so be careful. Plus, he does more damage. One Rance Attack will surely take him out, but hope it doesn't get interrupted while charging up. After winning, the bully names you the new boss (and himself the sub-boss). Rance has none of that and puts an end to him. Rocky will express his gratitude to you.
  • Head out of the dungeon. The easiest way to do this is to Escape (red button in lower right, or press "V"). When you arrive at the Base Screen, there's an event named New Ally (?) (新しい仲間(?)) marked with a star. Starred events are required to advance a plot. Rance kills someone else abusing Rocky, and Rocky joins you out of gratitude.
    • Now you have two party members. Remember to add Rocky to the front line of your party before mobilizing, but if you forget, you can add him by hovering to the bottom right and selecting "Camp" (or by hitting "C"). Don't field him alone, since his SP is far too low. Rocky can randomly shield allies just like the boss you killed, which can be helpful.
    • Note the "Ruler of the Room" event, which unlocks after you get Rocky and costs 1 Red Crab Orb. It's good for building up a little gold early on, not that you can use gold yet. It becomes available once each time you go out into the dungeon and return, and you can easily earn a Crab Orb with a few Adventure Achievements.
    • After Rocky joins, an FR event will appear on the map, which looks like a heart (Rocky FR +1). Boosting your Friendship provides a number of opportunities later. The Present item can boost FR, but don't use it willy-nilly. It's probably better to save Presents until later in the game when you have a purpose in mind, so get to know what FR is used for and who seems to get it from events (and who doesn't).
    • Speaking of FR events, the next time you return to the Base, make sure to buy Rocky's new Crab Orb event, which is missable and gives you +1 FR. This also unlocks his Eagle Orb upgrade, Axe Boomerang, which is handy.
  • Once you get Rocky, a new star event will become available, "Orders Broadcast to Slave Watching Site" (奴隷観察場に流れる命令放送). Triggering it will open Gate B downstairs.
  • Now let's head on down towards Gate B (down the stairs, go left, you'll notice the gate is no longer there). The chests along the south passage have 50 gold and 100 gold. As you turn the corner, you'll see another purple star where 3 giant monsters will ambush you, but a "Large Man of Mystery" will join you in battle. After the monsters are defeated, there will be a brief conversation, and the man will leave.
  • Heal if necessary, then head north to the northern passage. Another purple star, another giant monster. Only one this time, so you should be able to take it out with minimal fuss. Abert Safety will appear and applaud your effort. Take some time to grab the yellow cross and the chest (100 gold). Escape back to the Base Screen.
  • Another new event: New Ally (?) (新しい仲間(?)). Abert requests that you join the rebels who are seeking to promote equality in Zeth, and joins the party. He also reveals the presence of a secret passage on the ground floor. Time to get out of here. Be sure to grab the new FR event that has appeared on the map (Rocky FR+1).
    • Don't bother to equip anything to Abert, as he won't be staying and he will take his equipment with him.
  • Before doing the next event, consider grinding Rocky up to level 8-10 if he isn't already, and then try challenging the Red Cloud fights if you feel like it.
    • Red Clouds introduce enemy groups with multiple waves. Check the number in the bottom-right to see how many enemies there are in total. When you kill an enemy, it will automatically be replaced by a reinforcement, although sometimes the reinforcements are programmed to only show up in the proper column (archers in the back rank, etc).
    • This is your last chance to fully map the topmost level of the dungeon. When you return to the dungeon later in the game, the top of the tower will be partially blocked.
  • Head back down the south passage and back to where the purple star was. There's a yellow event star there now. Albert will reveal the secret passage to you. to the passage just north of the entry, there's a chest with a Monkey Orb (猿玉). The north-most passage loops around to an Adventure Achievement. Head west and south. The west-most passage leads to a Red Cloud. Head east along the bottom and down the stairs to an event star. A little further and up stairs. You made it! You're out!

Next Chapter[]

Continue to Chapter 2.