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The following is a guide to get every CG in the game. If you're missing a CG in particular, search depending of the page.

  • I recommend to avoid watching this page unless you're in the Post-Game content, since many of the CGs are from main story events and you could potentially spoil yourself.
  • For the Gal Monsters scenes, if you're in the post-game you can find every available Gal Monster in the game in the Girls Prison.
  • Some characters have CGs upon character clearing.
  • Sometimes you might miss a CG that you think you got. This is because if a scene has multiple variations and you needed to repeat the event to see it, the CG won't appear in the gallery unless you got all the variations.
  • Many of the CGs from page 11 are not actual CGs, but merely stamps for defeating powerful optional enemies like the Hanny King.

Page 1[]

How to get[]

  • 1-1: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-2: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-3: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-4: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-5: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-6: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-7: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-8: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-9: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-10: Kentou Kanami H Event, "Use the sex ticket again." You need to find the Kanami Sex Ticket in the Nearby Forest before being able to H her. When you find the ticket, Kanami must not be in the party or else she will find the ticket first and throw it away, forcing you to leave the dungeon and start over.
  • 1-11: Kentou Kanami H Event.
  • 1-12: Kentou Kanami's second H Event, "Let her return to Leazas," from Chapter 4.
  • 1-13: Kentou Kanami's second H Event.
  • 1-14: Kaoru Quincy Kagura H Event, "Follow at night. Round 2." Straight-forward to get, but missable after the 3rd Test Site dungeon. Just keep following her at night until she agrees and you get the option for the event.
  • 1-15: 1-14 continued.
  • 1-16: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-17: Much later into the game you will get an event called "Karma's Seduction" along Kimchi's storyline. That event unlocks this CG.
  • 1-18: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-19: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 1-20: Kimchi Drive H Event, "Sex with orphanage lady." Available after arriving at Ice Flame.

Page 2[]

How to get[]

  • 2-1: 1-20 continued.
  • 2-2: Sanakia Drelshkaf H Event. You get it after first defeating her in a duel.
  • 2-3: 2-2 continued.
  • 2-4: Find the Sexy Armor in the Public Safety HQ dungeon, and you will get an alternate duel option with Sanakia, "Let's duel, then I'll make her wear this sexy armor."
  • 2-5: CG obtainable in the "A Priestess's Job" side mission of eradicating Undead with Sel Curchgolf.
  • 2-6: Sel Curchgolf H Event, "How to fuck Sel (Rance's idea)." First available after Chaos's own H event with her.
  • 2-7: Sel Curchgolf H Event with Chaos, "How to fuck Sel (Chaos' idea)."
  • 2-8: Urza Pranaice H Event. Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 2-9: Urza Pranaice H Event. Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 2-10: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 2-11: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 2-12: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 2-13: Story Related CG. You get it during the revolts on Zeth.
  • 2-14: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 2-15: Kaoru Quincy Kagura H Event, "Interrogate for being a spy." After Kaoru was imprisoned you get this CG from the torture event. Missable.
  • 2-16: Lil Avenger H Event, "Lil Avenger comes to my room." You need to get Rocky Bank to 30 FR in order to recruit her.
  • 2-17: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 2-18: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 2-19: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 2-20: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.

Page 3[]

How to get[]

  • 3-1: Anokia Moemoe Slin H Event. Select "??? returning a favour" after completing the side mission on the cemetery about the Queen of MoeMoe, "Investigate Queen Anokia's Ghost."
  • 3-2: Story Related CG. Pentagon meeting during the revolts. In the Zethan Capital right before a long stairway. This CG has two variations, and you need to see the first one before the end of the mission (when it changes to the mandatory second one) or the CG won't appear in the gallery (some people miss it due to this).
  • 3-3: Story Related CG. You get it during the revolts on Zeth.
  • 3-4: Martina Curry H Event. You get it on a mission in post-game.
  • 3-5: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-6: Finney Sanada H Event. You get it on a mission in post-game.
  • 3-7: Yuzu Firaria H Event. You get it on a mission in post-game.
  • 3-8: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-9: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-10: Kimchi Drive's second H event, "Fun sex with Kimchi." Available after raising her FR.
  • 3-11: Eat Kimchi Drive's special curry in the event "Kimchi stew party."
  • 3-12: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-13: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-14: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-15: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-16: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-17: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-18: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-19: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 3-20: Complete the side-mission to defeat the Avatar, "Exterminate the roadside village monsters."

Page 4[]

How to get[]

  • 4-1: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 4-2: Sill Plain H Event, "(H) Call her to my room for sex."
  • 4-3: Select the event "Idiot's can't catch colds?" Unavoidable?
  • 4-4: Do the event to give Sill Plain to be trained by Tamanegi, "Lend her to Tamanegi." You must first see a special event in Tamenegi's "Ask about training results" that appears at a certain point in the plot. (In case you are reluctant to do it, he doesn't actually get to do anything to her.)
  • 4-5: Caloria Cricket H Event. Available after the mission where she inserts a new Insect inside her body, "Insect Adding Ritual."
  • 4-6: Caloria Cricket H Event, "Pain from reaction to insect."
  • 4-7: Caloria Cricket joke H Event, "Shining Sex."
  • 4-8: Caloria Cricket's second H Event, "Numb Sex."
  • 4-9: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 4-10: Maria Custard H Event, "Sneak in on her while she's leaving the bath."
  • 4-11: 4-10 continued.
  • 4-12: Event where Maria finishes the Hyper Vibrator, "Order her to make a special toy" and then "The special toy is ready."
  • 4-13: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 4-14: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 4-15: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 4-16: Copandon Dott H Event. You get it in the event, "This time the present is huge."
  • 4-17: 4-16 continued.
  • 4-18: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 4-19: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 4-20: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.

Page 5[]

How to get[]

  • 5-1: Try to assault Shizuka Masou using "Sneak in at night! I'll make her moan." Missable?
  • 5-2: Obtained during the side-mission where Shizuka wants to get revenge from Ragarl. Some people don't notice this mission and miss it. You must see the event "Shizuka's Consultation" prior to Chapter 5, and then "Obtained the info Shizuka wanted (Ragarl)."
  • 5-3: Continuation of 5-2.
  • 5-4: Shizuka Masou H Event. Available after clearing the side-mission about Shizuka's revenge.
  • 5-5: Shizuka Masou H Event.
  • 5-6: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 5-7: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 5-8: Sel Curchgolf's second H Event, "Go to Sel's room."
  • 5-9: 5-8 continued.
  • 5-10: Rizna Lanfbitt H Event, "Try giving her erotic stimulation."
  • 5-11: Rizna Lanfbitt's second H Event, "Anal sex (put it in the ass)." You need to see the event where Tamanegi talks about anal sex with Rance in order to get the option for the event (via "Ask about Training Results" after a certain point in the game and Rizna's storyline).
  • 5-12: Let Tamanegi "work" with Rizna Lanfbitt, "The Trainer's Bondage." Again, you must first see "Ask about Training Results" at a certain point in the storylines.
  • 5-13: Visit the Haniwa Village for the "An invitation to a hot spring from Kagekatsu has arrived" mission.
  • 5-14: Character Clear Sill Plain.
  • 5-15: Magic The Gandhi H Event. Unavoidable.
  • 5-16: Magic The Gandhi H Event. Unavoidable.
  • 5-17: Feliss H Event. This one is easy to miss if you're not searching for it. In the Disposal Dungeon during the spliting pathway first choose the spiritual path and then the despair path. There is an event where you'll need to fight against multiple Dragon Knights so you might not be able to do it in your first visit.
  • 5-18: Lia Parapara Leazas and Magic The Gandhi H Event, "Queen vs Princess." Available in the post-game.
  • 5-19: Character Clear Magic The Gandhi.
  • 5-20: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.

Page 6[]

How to get[]

  • 6-1: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 6-2: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 6-3: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 6-4: Seyadatara H Event. Capture all the Gal Monsters and talk to Tamanegi. You then need to visit the Insect Users village and use the item he gave you on the hut at the center of the village to find her.
  • 6-5: Camilla H Event. Obtained after clearing a mission in the post-game.
  • 6-6: Camilla H Event, continued from 6-5.
  • 6-7: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 6-8: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 6-9: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 6-10: Anise Sawatari and Chizuko Yamada H Event, "Chizuko's Bath."
  • 6-11: Helman Assassins' H Events, first appears with "Helman Assassin."
  • 6-12: Rosé Card H Event. Side-mission about a lewd nun in the Haniwa Village, "Go check out the naughty nun."
  • 6-13: Elizabeth Lacock H Event. Found during the second mission in Zethan Capital, the one with King Gandhi. It can be missed so make sure to find it before clearing the mission.
  • 6-14: Elizabeth Lacock's second H Event. Obtained at the end of a post-game mission about Neo-Pentagon.
  • 6-15: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 6-16: Bloody Angel H Event. Clear the mission about Bloody Angel in Italia.
  • 6-17: Willis Fujisaki H Event, "Free level ups for everyone." Rance has a sexual fantasy about Willis. You get a free level up to all the characters.
  • 6-18: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 6-19: Obtained during a side-mission, "Exterminate the female bandits."
  • 6-20: Kaoru Quincy Kagura's second H torture Event, "Interrogate for being a spy, part 2." Missable.

Page 7[]

How to get[]

  • 7-1: Obtained during the side-mission where Shizuka wants to get revenge on Ragarl. See 5-2 for more details.
  • 7-2: Character clear both Shizuka Masou and Maria Custard.
  • 7-3: Papaya Server H Event. Clear the post-game mission about Papaya.
  • 7-4: Zeth Beauty Magazine. Chizuko Yamada.
  • 7-5: Zeth Beauty Magazine. Nagi su Ragarl
  • 7-6: Zeth Beauty Magazine. Magic The Gandhi
  • 7-7: Zeth Beauty Magazine. Papaya Server
  • 7-8: Zeth Beauty Magazine. Emi Alphorne
  • 7-9: Zeth Beauty Magazine. Martina Curry
  • 7-10: Zeth Beauty Magazine. Finney Sanada
  • 7-11: Zeth Beauty Magazine. Yuzu Firaria
  • 7-12: Zeth Beauty Magazine. Colmic Parpa
  • 7-13: Take Sill Plain to the cherry blossoms during the mission "Pass through the cherry blossoms." You can replay the mission with different women so long as you don't complete it. Missable.
  • 7-14: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 7-15: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 7-16: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 7-17: Challenge Patton Misnarge to a duel via "Patton's Challenge."
  • 7-18: Sill Plain joke event with a Cow. Either "Helping at the cow stable" or "Sill, become a cow?" will unlock this.
  • 7-19: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 7-20: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.

Page 8[]

How to get[]

  • 8-1: Sill Plain's second H Event, "Pissed off, use Sill as a distraction again."
  • 8-2: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 8-3: Character Clear Copandon Dott.
  • 8-4: Character Clear Sanakia Drelshkaf.
  • 8-5: Character Clear Kimchi Drive.
  • 8-6: Urza Pranaice True End H CG. You need to clear all the characters before beating the true final boss in the post-game. All the playable characters can be cleared except for the irrelevant ones Cessna, Megadeth, Prima and Bernard. Tamanegi is cleared after capturing every Gal Monster.
  • 8-7: Threesome H Event with Kaoru Quincy Kagura and Wichita Skate, "Threesome with Kaoru and Witchita." Available in the post-game.
  • 8-8: Cessna Benville H Event, "She's fast asleep. Shall we do it?"
  • 8-9: Prima Hononoman H Event, "Your mortal enemy Saberknight is dead, let me fuck you." Available after the prison raid where Pentagon first appears.
  • 8-10: Megadeth Moromi H Event, "I should teach her the greatness of men." Available after getting Prima's H event.
  • 8-11: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 8-12: Uspira Shintou H Event, "Drive the doctor away and check on Uspira." Missable.
  • 8-13: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 8-14: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 8-15: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 8-16: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 8-17: Story Related CG. It's actually possible to miss this event due to a bug. Make sure to not leave the prison before seeing the event where Pentagon kills Zulki Crown.
  • 8-18: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 8-19: Story Related CG. Unavoidable.
  • 8-20: Story Related CG. Unavoidable? Appears after you leave a dungeon twice after you clear Magazine Tower for the second time. It might be possible to skip this by seeing the "Head to the capital and observe the observation mission" event before it appears?

Page 9[]

How to get[]

Page 10[]

How to get[]

Page 11[]

How to get[]

  • 11-1: Capture the Pixie Fox and talk with Tamanegi.
  • 11-2: Capture the Smog Sylph and talk with Tamanegi.
  • 11-3: Capture the Demekin Tamer and talk with Tamanegi.
  • 11-4: Capture the Conte and talk with Tamanegi.
  • 11-5: Capture the Fisna and talk with Tamanegi.
  • 11-6: Capture the Cow Cow Bang Bang and talk with Tamanegi.
  • 11-7: Start the Game.
  • 11-8: Finish Main Game.
  • 11-9: Finish Post-Game.
  • 11-10: Get Rance to Level 60. The Level 70 and Level 80 versions do not appear in the CG gallery. In the fan-patch, this CG appears when you first speak to Willis, and updates over the course of the game, going all the way up to Level 80.
  • 11-11: Defeat Dark Lord Abert. Final mission in the post-game.
  • 11-12: Defeat the Doodle Dragon in Abandoned Mine F that you get to challenge in the "Extermine the dreadnought class monster" mission when you reach 20 FR with Patton. The one in Moheca's Mansion does not seem to count.
  • 11-13: Defeat the Archfriend. Randomly appears anwhere and you get a fixed number of turns to defeat him before he runs away. Every time you encounter him you get one extra turn.
  • 11-14: Defeat the V2 Vevetar. To find him, clear all three paths in the Nearby Forest at some point in the game, and he'll appear as a dark star in Chapter 7. Stun-lock him to death.
  • 11-15: Defeat the Golden Hanny. An event available from the Main Screen in Chapter 7.
  • 11-16: Defeat Kakaro. An event available from the Main Screen after doing 201+ H events.
  • 11-17: Defeat Ippatsu. An event available from the Main Screen after killing many monsters.
  • 11-18: Defeat the Hanny King. He's on the Castle on Haniwa Village, get the key from the secret vault found by defeating the Hanny Houses an equal number of times (bring extra coloured keys). Use Seyadatara to kill the Super Hannies and then focus on the King.
  • 11-19: Defeat Gunagan. An event available from the Main Screen if you have the "Gunagan Challenge Badge" from the Jump Tower basement dungeon (either the first or second visit is fine).
  • 11-20: Unique CG obtained after defeating Gunagan.

Complete End Credits[]

The game's end credits are modified based on player completion. The True Ending has several unique credits scenes, and there are three additional changes that depend on sidequests:

  • If you've seen the event, "Alex appears chasing the princess" during Chapter 6, the True Ending credits will include a brief scene of Alex and Eropicha. If not, you will repeat a scene of Lia and Kanami from the standard ending.
  • If you've seen the start-of-dungeon event with Nagi su Ragarl, which appears after clearing Sunday Tower, the True Ending credits will include a scene with Nagi. If not, you will repeat a scene with Kimchi, Emi and Radon from the standard ending.
  • If you've rescued Feliss from the Disposal Dungeon, the True Ending credits will include a scene with her and Dark Rance. If not, you'll repeat a scene with Caloria from the standard ending.

Finally, the following completion stats are tallied and displayed:

  • Rance's end level.
  • Total H count.
  • Total monsters killed.
  • CGs Collected
  • Special Events Acquired (see below)

Once you've completed Chapter 6, the True Ending will appear in the CG menu. The CG menu version of the credits will always include the above three scenes, and will report your completion stats as 10, 10, 10, 10 and 100, respectively.

Special Events Acquired[]

The player's Special Events Acquired percentage is calculated as follows.

  • 12% is automatic.
  • 2% for defeating Demon Lord Abert.
  • 2% for viewing the credits via "True End (Complete)" instead of other methods.
  • 16% total for killing the bonus bosses: the Hanny King, Gunagan, Ippatsu, Kakaro, the Golden Hanny, the Archfriend, the V2 Vevetar, and the Doodle Dragon from Abandoned Mine F.
  • Characters:
    • 22% for getting Rank S Weapons for Sill, Magic, Rocky, Sanakia, Rizna, Kanami, Shizuka, Kaoru, Caloria, Tamenegi, and Sel.
    • 28% total for reaching ***COMPLETE*** for every character possible. Listed here in the order they appear on the Event Screen: Sill, Kimchi, Magic, Rocky, Sanakia, Rizna, Kanami, Shizuka & Maria (count as one), Kaoru, Copandon, Caloria, Tamenegi (including capturing all Gal Monsters), Patton, and Sel.
    • 2% for the event, "So long, Lil Avenger." This will remove Lil Avenger from the party permanently, and is best done just before running the credits, without saving.
    • 2% for recruiting Seyadatara.
  • Complete the following optional tasks in dungeons:
    • 2% for finding the three apples and getting the 100 Point Medal at the 3rd Test Site.
    • 2% for rescuing Feliss from the Disposal Dungeon.
  • Complete the following side-missions:
    • 2% for freeing the Avatar's prisoner during "Exterminate the roadside village monsters."
    • 2% for freeing Anokia's spirit during "Investigate Queen Anokia's Ghost." The follow-up event, "??? returning a favour," isn't required for the percent.
    • 2% for defeating the zombified Zulki and Hassam Crown during "A Priestess's Job (Zombie Extermination)."
    • 2% for clearing "Exterminate the female bandits."
    • 2% for wiping out the monsters in "Annihilate the remaining squad."
    • No other side quests count towards the Special Events Acquired percentage.