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Rance Quest Magnum[]

Version Info[]

Rance Quest 2.00 and 2.01 includes Magnum storyline.

Rance Quest 1.60 and 1.61 is just Rance Quest update, with some new quests but no Magnum storyline.

If you have item related bug, it might be your item list getting too big, so donating away some of your items.

Basic Quest Info[]

Magnum storyline starts after quest #77, but it does not include quest 77 story.

After quest 77 you will get quest 13 and 12. Doing 13 and 12 will give you quest 164, the real start of Magnum story.

After 164 is 165, and this one needs at least quest #49 done to appear. After 165, you need to collect 5 of those dark bracelets to do quest 166.

Quest 168 needs you to take Crane\Klein (クレイン) to a dungeon and hear a secret to appear.

The rest is pretty straight foward to the Magnum story end of quest #177.

After #177, you need to finish quest #114 (old boss fight part 1) and 146 (maze 10) to get #115 (old boss fight part 2). And finishing #115 will give you the world transfer quest #14.

Magnum only has 3 worlds.

WARNING: Be careful when you are in quest #107 Alice Support Center. Do not pick the EASY option unless you really want to set easy mode. It will disable quest #115 and world transfer at least. This easy mode is permanent to that save file once set, and can only be gotten rid of by a save file reset from the game main menu before loading a save.

If you want to reset the savefile, go to the save folder and open the backup folder. It contains the previous save files inside. So you just have to replace the save file with that.

Magnum bar[]

Some maps now have Magnum bar that is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. It increases with every battle you win and if you manage to fill it and complete the quest you get extra (often rare) item. Number of battles you need to win to fill this bar varies and increases when you complete the quest several times. It maxes out at 40 battles.

Quest Details (FAQ ones mostly)[]

Quest #108 --- : Must have seen Kuma's scene in Quest #134 to unlock. Add characters with the same level as Kuma in the party to have them participate in the battle.

Quest #154 Relax Bust: Do it after Reset joined you, and you need some other major chars recruited. Need to have H-ed Meg at Rance Castle at least once.

Quest #179 Crystal Rod: Quest will fail if Shizuka has Aegis crystal equipped.

Quest #180 --- : Kanami's Magic Defense needs to be at least 300. Equip her with armor/accesories that raises Magic Def to reach that number.

Quest #186 Erotic Hermit: Rizna must be the last girl. Different girls can be used for this quest, but it is better to use characters that like Rance a lot, like Suzume or Kenshin. Order of girls matters, Rizna must be the last one. Also Rance's skill sex mastery helps.