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This page lists a walkthrough for all quests in Rance Quest. Maximum acceptable level is the difficulty of each quest, after which the game considers you overpowered for that quest and gives you drastically less EXP. You get 1/2 EXP if the character's level is higher than the difficulty, or 1/6 EXP if the character's level is more than 15 higher than the difficulty. The Reputation amount rewarded is cut into half and rounded DOWN every time you redo a quest, and after you clear it for 1 Reputation it will subsequently give you no Reputation.

If the quest is completed with a character with Publicity, such as Lia Parapara Leazas, in your party, you get double Reputation from that attempt at the quest but will get none in subsequent attempts. The idea is that Publicity lets you drain all the Reputation from that quest in one go without suffering any Reputation loss due to rounding down. Check the Hints and Tips page for a more detailed explanation.

Sometimes you may fulfill requirements for new quests shown below, but don't see them in your quest menu. Re-clearing any quest should update it.

If you just started playing this game, please review this page.

See also: Summary Table.

Quest #10: Debug (various commands)[]

  • Various debug commands
  • Not accessible without internal AliceSoft debug files.

Quest #11: Customer Survey[]

  • Added with Rance Quest Magnum.
  • To unlock: (reach 2? charisma then do Quest #16 again), clear Quest #86 (non-Ahoge route)? (I get it after doing Quest #98 so the requirements may be actually different)
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: None
  • Not available in the MangaGamer release

Alice-chan gives a customer satisfaction survey about Rance Quest Magnum. She asks various questions like whether the player would buy another game with the same system, if the CGs were satisfactory, and whether the player believes in a god. All results are sent to Alicesoft. Optional quest.

Quest #12: Magnum Campaign[]

  • Added with Rance Quest Magnum.
  • To unlock: Clear Quest #77
  • Requires to do Quest #13 first
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: Quest #164
  • Not available in the MangaGamer release

Alice-chan declares that this will be the start of Magnum route which happens on Kawanakajima island before Rance's Morurun Curse is removed.

Quest #13: Alice's Mansion[]

  • To unlock: Clear any quest. However, at the start of the game you only have one available: Quest #25.
  • Location: Alice's Mansion
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: 200,000 Gold
  • Description:
Gives 200,000 Gold once after clearing Quest #177.
Allows the player to adjust the difficulty level, return a character to level 1, change a character's absorbed Special Item, return to a previous world, and adjust data log and other settings.

Quest #14: Advance Worlds[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #77 and Quest #115
  • Reward: Go to the next World (Resets quest progress and increases the difficulty)
  • Description: Go to the next world.
This quest allows you to move up a World. The base game is World 1, so you can go to World 2 with this quest. If you unlock this quest in World 2, you can go to World 3. The following things occur.
World 2 and 3 changes:
  • All quest progression is reset. You only have Quest #13, Quest #25 and Quest #106 initially available. Quest #27 is also available is Sachiko has reached level 15 and Quest #129: Alice's Guest is available if a Character Ticket is in the vault.
  • Certain story-acquired skills on Rance, Kanami, and Suzume are removed until the quests that grant them have been cleared again.
  • 1/3 of the current Charisma level is retained, rounding down.
  • Frostbuy donations are reset, but the shop selection hasn't. Higher rank weapons and armor are still available for purchase if they were available before advancing worlds. It's unknown whether lucky can can exp values and the likelihood of lucky can cans, treasure dango and pocky rocks appearing are also reset.
  • All C rank Special Items are permanently made available for purchase at Frostbuy (A rank items in MG version). If you purchase one, leaving and coming back will restock the item.
  • Weak enemies will never avoid encounters and will always give full EXP regardless of your characters' level.

World 2 changes:

  • On World 2, the enemies are twice as strong, but will give triple EXP.
  • The Zashiki-Warashi gal monster will instantly kill units under level 45 instead of 25.
  • Hugants will instantly kill units under level 65 instead of 35.
  • The skill Bonus Damage 2 will be available.
  • Quest #131: True Lord of the Abyss? can be unlocked.
  • and possibly more.

World 3 changes:

  • On World 3, the enemies are four times as strong (compared to World 1), but will give five times EXP (compared to World 1).
  • Characters will gain 3x additional experience if they are 30 levels below another party member.
  • All S rank Special Items are made available for purchase at Frostbuy. Forbidden Talents (+20) may also be bought.
  • Treasure dango and pocky rocks spawn twice as frequently.
  • You can Morurun characters more than ten times.
  • Sorcerers will be able to upgrade Magic Talent to 2 stars, allowing them to learn more powerful spells.
  • All characters will be able to learn Bonus Damage 5, a white ability which adds damage per hit and stays upon skill reset.
  • Rance can get up to 3 charges of Brutal Attack (from 1 previously).
  • On World 3, Certain removable items (such as Mr. Hiroshi) are now removable.
  • The Zashiki-Warashi gal monster will instantly kill units under level 65 instead of 45.
  • Hugants will instantly kill units under level 85 instead of 65.
  • Some new enemies may appear, such as Philantropist Gates (an enemy that grants a lot of EXP.
  • Several new skills will be available.
  • Quest #132: True Lord of the Abyss?? can be unlocked.
  • Quest #227, Quest #228, Quest #229 and Quest #230 can also be unlocked. Clearing Quest #229 unlocks Rick Addison and clearing Quest #230 unlocks Am Yisael.
  • and possibly more.
A word of caution. On higher difficulties, it's far more important to one-shot troublesome enemies with characters like Arms. On enemies you cannot dispatch quickly, it's absolutely vital to stun them with Rangers, Caloria, Tilde, Elenoa, etc. Otherwise, prepare for a world of hurt. Also, due to the bonus damage skills, skills with multiple hits (such as Kenshin and Rizna's unique skills) have higher value.

Quest #15: Return the World Back to Original[]

  • To unlock: Start World 2
  • Reward: Go back to World 1
  • Description: All changes made when going to world are NOT rolled back
  • Not available in the MangaGamer release, use Quest #13 instead. Note that changing the World back does keep your current progress quest-wise, so you'll have to re-beat quests if you've cleared them in a previous World, but not the current.

Quest #16: Scouting at The Bar[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #36. If that doesn't unlock it, clear a quest with a map afterwards. Can be re-unlocked various other times, check the description for more info.
  • Location: Macatt Bar, Cidade
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: New recruits from time to time

This is the event used to recruit new characters for the most part. Initially it gives you Prima. Then as you progress through the game, it'll eventually give you more characters. Note that you cannot unlock characters back to back; you must clear a quest with a map first, such as Quest #83 or Quest #116. In practice though, you'll usually meet that requirement before meeting any other requirements. All character unlock requirements are listed below:

  • Clear Quest #36 - Prima joins.
  • Clear Quest #83 - Mahoko joins.
  • Clear Quest #26 - Cessna joins.
  • Clear Quest #86 - Megadeth joins.
  • Clear Quest #121 - Alexander joins.
  • Clear Quest #89 - Kapalla joins.
  • Clear Quest #93 - Arms joins.
  • Clear Quest #94 - Onoha joins.
  • Clear Quest #191 - Matilda joins.
  • Clear Quest #214 - Kiku joins.
  • Buy the Reddish Feather from Frostbuy - Arlcoate joins.
  • Have defeated enough gal monsters while having Scroll (Sel) equipped - Sel joins.
  • Have defeated enough gal monsters while having Scroll (Elenoa) equipped - Elenoa joins.
  • Have defeated enough gal monsters while having Scroll (Mill) equipped - Mill joins.
  • Have defeated enough gal monsters while having Scroll (Karma) equipped - Karma joins.
  • Have defeated enough gal monsters while having Scroll (Shitomone) equipped - Shitomone joins.
  • Have defeated enough gal monsters while having Scroll (Wichita) equipped - Wichita joins.
  • Have defeated enough gal monsters while having Scroll (Nozomi) equipped - Nozomi joins.

You'll know you're about to get someone new from this quest if it suddenly shows up in your list of pending quests and it doesn't have a clear counter even though you cleared it before. At other times it will have a "cleared" counter of 1 or more and doing it won't give you anything.

This quest is also great if you need to quickly clear a quest to unlock another. For example, if you have bought Tama's Underwear you unlock Quest #82. However, you need to clear any quest first. The quickest way to do so is to clear Quest #16 again.

Quest #17: Pollution Solution[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #67
  • Location: Frostbyne's Land
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 10
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Quest #18, Quest #99, Rocky Bank joins (optional, see note), and you get to start building Rance Castle later on.

Some monsters are contaminating the lands by eating soil and pooping. Just kill them. Trigger 5 red exclamation mark events and win them to clear the quest. There are also random encounters on this map, but they don't contribute to completing the quest.

  • Rocky can be recruited by doing this quest again after clearing it. Touch the green star event that can be found on the map, then finish the quest.

Quest #18: Castle Pitch[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #45 and Quest #17.
  • Location: Rance's room, Cidade
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation (one-time), Quest #19.
  • Description:

This quest starts the construction of Rance Castle.

Quest #19: Rance Castle, Under Construction[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #18, then clear 5 quests that have a map. You can keep doing the same one if you want, such as Quest #83.
  • Location: Cidade, Copan Empire
  • Type: ADV
  • Reward: 10 Reputation (one-time) Quest #20.
  • Description:

This quest shows how the castle is coming along.

Quest #20: Rance Castle, Complete[]

Description: Rance's grand palace is finally complete! Anyway, the castle screen is now available from your base screen and lets you talk to your party members and Morurun them when they meet the requirements. Non-custom characters may receive a couple of skill points by speaking to them here as well, so check back often!

  • Repeating this quest after clearing it once gives you Caloria Cricket (Guard character).
  • Sanakia is shown to become your castle guard (and comes with her own bio), but cannot be recruited until Quest #195 has been cleared.
  • Also note, as can be seen from the rewards, this quest unlocks very many quests, but not all will unlock right away as the majority of them have additional requirements. This is true for many quests, but especially for this one.

Quest #21: It's Noisy Next Door[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #81, then clear up to 3 quests that have a map. You can keep doing the same one if you want, such as Quest #83.
  • Reward: Quest #72
  • Description:

Someone seems to be building nearby?

Quest #22: The Maids of Rance Castle[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20, then visit the dungeon room in "Rance Castle" to get an short event with Biscuitta where she tells Rance to be careful with the toys there. Afterwards, clear any quest.
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #74, Quest #23
  • Description:

Rance is watching his maids.

Quest #23: Head Maid Service[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20, Quest #49 and Quest #22
  • Reward: CG #75 , Quest #138
  • Description:

Special service!

Quest #24: The Head Maid's School Uniform[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #138 and Biscuitta is at least level 35
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #154, Biscuitta Morurun'd
  • Condition: Biscuitta must be at least level 35

Scene only.

Quest #25: Epiphany Cave's Master Author[]

  • To unlock: This is the initial quest when you start a new game.
  • Location: Epiphany Dungeon (near Titi Lake)
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Sachiko must participate.
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, CG #1, CG #2, CG #80, CG #81, CG #82, CG #83, Quest #13, Quest #36

Description: The initial quest. Just keep going, trigger the green events and 1 red exclamation mark event (if this is the first time you're playing, you might want to go left and touch the spinning cylindrical thing to heal your party before attacking. Has a treasure chest to the upper right but has a fight before reaching there. Eventually the green exclamation event right before the door to the top will end this quest.

  • There are no random encounters here, the seemingly random battles are still just fixed battles getting triggered at fixed locations.

Quest #26: Retrieve Manuscript (and Editor)[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #36
  • Location: Epiphany Dungeon (Flashing labyrinth near Titi Lake)
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Sachiko must participate
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Cessna can be recruited through Quest #16

The battles here are easier than the 1st yankee quest, but enemies attack you in larger groups. Consider packing your party with Megadeth, Mahoko, Cessna and Alexander and getting your Charisma to 2 before going for this one if you want to do this one comfortably. Ideal for grinding characters up to level 10.

In the first area, head right at the very first lane to enter a purple portal.

In second area, head to the top and turn right only at the uppermost lane (there's nowhere else to turn when you get there). After turning right, go to upper right at the next fork - you might already see a red exclamation mark further upwards if you're zoomed out enough. Hit it and beat the fight. Nearby, there might be a green portal that lets you escape with your loot (but the quest fails). Past that is another teleporter.

Third area is actually the dungeon that you cleared in your very first quest. Only the events arrangement is different this time, and there are random encounters instead of fixed ones. Make your way to the top. The green exclamation event in the center of the space below the author's house ends the quest. At the author's house entrance itself is another event. There are 2 choices, first one kills Doessky, second one does not (Rance instead pours salt on the old man's sponge cake).

  • Quest #28 can only be played the first time if Doessky is alive, so if you cleared this quest with Doessky dead you must clear it again with him alive. Note that Doessky lives by default, so it's not required to clear this quest to be able to play Quest #28.

Quest #27: Sachiko's Spring Break[]

  • To unlock: Sachiko is at least level 20
  • Location: Sachiko's School
  • Type: ADV
  • Condition: Sachiko must be level 15 or above and be in your party.
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation (one-time), Quest #28
  • Description:

Just a story about Sachiko having to return to her school and then come back. All of it happens in the same ADV event, so gameplay-wise she never leaves your party.

Quest #28: Master Author in Tow[]

  • Rqm-q028
    To unlock: Clear Quest #27 and Quest #60. Sachiko is at least level 30.
  • Condition: Max 4 party members, Sachiko at level 35 or higher and Doessky must be alive the first time. If he's not, clear Quest #26 and select the second option.
  • Difficulty: 37
  • Rewards: CG #3, Quest #29, Sachiko Morurun'd
  • NOTE: NO SWAPPING once quest starts, so choose your 4 members well, as the fights in this area can get tough due to certain enemies and you'll have a limited supply of moves.
  • Description:

Take Doessky to an island at the very southern region of the map, (green exclamation mark event 3 areas south of your starting area, take right at the first fork on the final map). Doessky must survive.

  • There two more areas to the east of the 2nd and 3rd area as you go down south, but they usually don't have anything important. Don't wander around too much unless you've got lots of moves.
  • The armored cars seem to always hit your party members with bonus damage except when guarded against and are well armored, so even high level characters may have problems handling them. It's recommended to bring in an extra guard and a healer with revival along with Rance & Sachiko.
  • Alternatively, like in Nopel's mission, once again having a high-HP Emi Alphorne might divert attention from everyone else, giving your other characters some breathing room.
  • You might want to try taking Lia along in your first try to get all the Reputation, but it can prove to be extremely difficult especially when facing the armored cars. Her lightning attack is effective against the cars though.
  • Lantyrn and Zashiki-Warashi appear frequently in this level. Good place to use Rance's badmouth skill when in large numbers, and excellent for capturing Lantyrn if you bring someone with the rope.
  • Alternately, you can just bring a Ranger like Crane with high level Escape Skills and Covert Movement and run away from every battle.

Quest #29: Parental Love Invasion[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #28
  • Location: Rance Castle
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: Sachiko's Holy Healing Marks upgraded to ★, healing her by 10% per turn, Quest #156.
  • Condition: Sachiko must be at level 20 or higher and be in your party. Also Compulsory Education ★★ is required to beat this quest successfully so be sure to invest 3 skill points into it before trying this.
  • Description: Sachiko's father sneaks into Rance Castle to give his daughter a visit while she's sleeping. No Reputation is awarded for this quest.

Quest #30: Ninja Art: Dysfunction Treatment[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #68
  • Location: Rance's room, Cidade
  • Type: ADV
  • Requirements: Suzume must be level 14 and be in the party (for some reason, even though this is purely an ADV event).
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation (one time), CG #27, Quest #31.
  • Description:

Rance wants to ejaculate, so Suzume helps him by using her ultimate secret technique.

Quest #31: Runaway Ninja Fukiya[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #30, Quest #41 and Quest #60.
  • Requirements: Suzume in Party
  • Difficulty: 22
  • Rewards: 15 Reputation, CG #30, Quest #32

First go to the left and find the red ! event and beat up the monsters. Then go back to the start block and find the way to the right block, find a green ! event there. When finish watching the event go back to the start block again. Go north and find another green ! chest (you'll get key item " Ninja Glue" ). Return to the starting block. Go to the center of the block, you will find another green ! event, watch it and the quest is cleared.

NOTE!!! Be careful of the non-(!) green event just before the last green(!) event. It sometimes sends you to a corner, thereby effectively trapping you (forcing a restart of the quest).

  • Poster random battle on east side.

Quest #32: The Lifespan of a Kunoichi[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #31, Quest #60 and Quest #72. Suzume is at least level 30.
  • Requirements: Suzume must be level 35 or above
  • Rewards: CG #28, Quest #58, Suzume Morurun'd
  • Description: Suzume explains to Rance she is about to die tonight, so she wants to H with him. After she dies, she comes back as a ghost. She will also be given the skill Spirit Form causing all physical damage she takes to be reduced by two-thirds, but healing skills have no effect on her).

Note: Though Suzume cannot be healed by active healing or items after this, it is still possible to regain her HP during battles by using healer's passive auto-healing abilities like a Healer's Full Party Protection and Post-Battle Recovery.

Quest #33: Kalar Incident[]

  • To unlock: Clear 4 different quests. This excludes Quest #13, Quest #14, Quest #16, Quest #106, Quest #129, Quest #134, Quest #147 and Quest #166.
  • Location: Cidade, Copan Empire
  • Type: Battle
  • Condition: Have only Rance in your party.
  • Difficulty: 5
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation, Crystal (optional), CG #8, CG #9, Quest #66, Quest #98

A very important quest. It's all a bunch of text about a kalar girl being captured and all and then 1 easy battle, but in the end you will be given a choice whether to take the crystal off her forehead, or not. Aegis Kalar is a very important character, so you'll need to take first choice (not to take the crystal) if you want her to be recruitable. First option is not to take the crystal, second option will take it. Keep in mind that you can only have Rance in your group in order to enter this quest.

  • First time, you can choose 2nd option to get the crystal. Aegis Kalar will die. Quest #66 will still unlock, but there will be no way to clear it no matter what.
  • Replay the quest and this time choose the fist option. Now you get to both keep the crystal and can get her later on.

Quest #34: Amnesiac Girl[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #70
  • Requirements:
  • Reward: 3 Reputation, Quest #35
  • Description:
  • SPOILER!!! Aegis lost her memories, but decided to stick with Rance anyways when told she was his lover. Ironically, the lies that Rance makes up end up happening (See Quest #76).

Quest #35: Doing Aegis[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #34 and Quest #60. Aegis is at least level 30
  • Requirements: Aegis need to be Level 35
  • Rewards: CG #11, Aegis Morurun'd
  • Description: Rance learns the hard way that even ejaculating from fellatio counts for triggering the effects of Morurun.

Quest #36: Copandon Cidade[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #25
  • Type: ADV
  • Location: Cidade, Copan Empire
  • Rewards: CG #4, Quest #26, Quest #83, Quest #86
  • Description:

NOTE!!! Introduction to various places in Cidade, H with Atago, introduction to Suzume and Copandon, as well as old-timers Keith, Tama and Frostbyne. Time to get this new adventure started for real!

Quest #37: Escorting Copandon[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #45
  • Location: Highway near Cidade
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 16
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, CG #43 variation (if encountering Matilda), Quest #38

Same map as Highway Yankee, which you must have done a couple of times previously. Same target as that quest, except, in area 2 you must do the green exclamation mark at the tent or else you won't be able to go to area 3 (to the right).

In area 3, there's a red exclamation mark event that triggers a boss battle and after this Rance says he doesn't like doing it with women above 30. This event is optional, somehow, but for storyline coherence you might want to do it. After this, proceed to the upper right corner of the map where a green exclamation mark event will end the quest.

  • Warning: Matilda will show up on the third area if her trigger is active.
  • You're probably supposed to do the red event in 3rd area, but even if you don't do it you can end the quest by going directly to the final destination. That event still assumes you did the red event even if you didn't, with Copandon looking disappointed that Rance doesn't like girls older than 30. This might be a bug. This also doesn't interfere with Quest #38 becoming available later on which recruits Copandon.
  • Just clear this and 2-3 map quests after that and Quest #38 will appear. Doing the boss fight in 3rd area is not necessary and nor does it affect the eventual appearance of Quest #38.

Quest #38: Copandon Joins[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #37, then clear 2 quests that have a map. You can keep doing the same one if you want, such as Quest #83.
  • Location: Macatt Bar, Cidade
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation (one-time), Copandon Dot joins.
  • Description: After hearing Rance doesn't like to do girls past the age of 30, Copandon wants to level up past 35 and do it with Rance no matter what, as her 30th birthday approaches.

Quest #39: Copandon's Birthday[]

  • To unlock : Clear Quest #60 and Copandon Dot is at least level 30
  • Rewards : CG #60, CG #61, 10 Reputation, Copandon Morurun'd
  • Description: Rance shows up at Copandon's 30th birthday bash.

Quest #40: Mount Hakkoda[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #45
  • Location: Oda Castle, Nippon (Actually Mount Hakkoda itself)
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 22
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, Kenshin Uesugi joins, Lightning Sword (once), Magic Ice Stick (once), CG #31, CG #32, Quest #41
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: (5) Glowing LED Cane (Rank BB Magic Staff), Hideo Blade (World 2)

WARNING: In this map if you ever take the wrong turn or walk into a false teleportal, you'll be teleported to the top-rightmost area of the map. This is a closed area with nothing to see and no teleporters leading out, not even a green one for escape, and will eventually lead to auto-failure after a few battles even if you manage to last for a while. So DO NOT EVER DEVIATE from the right path, not even for bonuses you see just to the edge of the screen.

You will meet Kojika Yamanaka in the very beginning, and be given a choice to hire her as a guide or not. Accept her help (first choice) unless you've done this level before and have memorized which paths to take. Make your way to the second area, and Kojika will help guide you here. At every 4-way junction where there's a green exclamation mark event, see it and you'll see which way to go. On branching paths (at which there are new green exclamation-mark events), it's left, right, left, up. And then there is the portal to the third area. In the third block, take the portal to the far left. DO NOT take the portal to the right which is nearer to you (there will be a green event near the portal to the right and Yamanaka will warn you that this is the wrong path).

Afterwards in the 4th area, go along the way (upwards) until you find the boss which is a big pink monster ("Japanese soldier"). It takes a while to go down and its attacks bypass Ally Guard. Powerful single hitters is the way to go here. Defeat it and go left, soon you'll encounter a green exclamation mark event where you will meet Kenshin. Keep going further (in the open space after, find a path to the upper left) and you'll find a cave. Touch the green exclamation event there to have H-scenes (a failed one with Torako and Katsuko, and then the one with Kenshin). Kenshin will join you once the quest ends. Yeah, sex means she's brought down to level 1.

N.B.: This quest refers to a historical event at this mountain where 199 Japanese soldiers froze to death in a blizzard during a marching exercise in 1902. It is the world's largest mountaineering disaster.

  • In B2 there are 2 red chests which contain a level 0 Lightning Sword and Magic Ice Stick, but if you collect either or both of them and then clear the quest or use an escape portal, then the chests will not spawn again. If you've collected the item and then fail the quest or click the 'Abandon' button, the chests will still respawn.
  • In B1 (4th area) there is a green star event at the down side of the path to the final green exclamation event. This is a flavor event that changes depending who's in the party, alone. If Rance is in the party alone, he'll find a porn magazine but won't pick it up because it's too filthy. Rizna will find a vibrator and get embarrassed; Copandon will find a losing cow race ticket, and so on. None of these events have any effect besides showing text.

Quest #41: Kouhime Joins[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #40
  • Location: Oda Castle, Nippon
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation (one-time), Kouhime joins, Quest #31, Quest #42, Quest #46, Quest #52, Quest #63, Quest #91

Rance visits Oda Castle to check up on Sill Plain. After that, he convinces Kouhime to join. Thankfully Kouhime isn't old enough for Rance to have sex with, so you get her at a decent level!

Quest #42: KatsuTora Highway Marathon[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #41. Kenshin is at least level 10.
  • Difficulty: 23
  • Rewards: 15 Reputation, Katsuko and Torako join

Just beat them in a race which is nothing more than going along the way. There are many bonuses on the map. You can collect some along the way (the chests give good items) but if you waste too much time you will fail the quest thus losing your loot.

In vanilla Quest there is a lucky can can on the third map.

Note: Katsuko and Torako are very good characters to use. While Kenshin is in your party, Katsuko and Torako will get all HP recovered and an attack buff at the start of battle. If Katsuko and Torako are BOTH alive at the end of battle, both of them (until level 50) will get double exp. This makes them very easy to train, and with some skills (Fighters at lv25 unlock a skill that grants a percent chance that the move used won't be deducted by 1), they can last very long even in difficult missions. Power + Durability, what else can you ask for!?

Quest #43: Siege of Otate[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and both Katsuko and Torako are at least level 30
  • Condition: Both Katsuko and Torako are at least level 35
  • Rewards : 3 Reputation (one-time), CG #33, CG #34, Katsuko and Torako Morurun'd

Rance takes a "test" of Katsuko and Torako to determine who is best suited to become the next head of the Uesugi House, and gets them cursed, resetting them to level 1. Good thing they have their rivalry skill and power-up-with-Kenshin skill so they can gain back those levels relatively easily.

  • Katsuko & Torako cursed with Morurun and reset to level 1.

Quest #44: Kenshin's Devotion[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Kenshin is at least level 20.
  • Requirements: Kenshin at level 30 and above.
  • Rewards: CG #68, CG #69, Kenshin Morurun'd

As Rance can only H girls level 35 and above, Kenshin pushes herself a little too hard to be able to sleep with him. Awwww, the power of love.

Quest #45: Walk in the Park[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #60
  • Type: ADV
  • Location: Cidade Park, Copan Empire
  • Reward: 3 Reputation (one-time), Crook Mofus joins, CG #24, Quest #18, Quest #37, Quest #40, Quest #61 (optional), Quest #62 (optional), Quest #90, Quest #117.

No, no, she's not a trap if that's what you're thinking!

  • If the barricade that's locking in the zombies is left intact in Quest #60, Quest #61 unlocks after this.
  • If the barricade that's locking in the zombies is opened in Quest #60, Quest #62 unlocks after this.
  • Only one of the above two will unlock the first time you do this, depending on your choice to release the barricade or not the last time you did Quest #60. After this, redo Quest #60 and make the other choice and the other quest will open).

Quest #46: Incident at the Church[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #41
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, Quest #49
  • Description:

Church needs help with some monsters. Two battles, one after another.

  • Good quest to level up to 28 if you have an AOE to clear the field and to max Emi's HP tank with her Phoenix passive skill if you need it so badly, as it's very fast.

Quest #47: Bomb Testing[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #63
  • Difficulty: 27
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, Quest #49
  • Condition: As any other Escort Quest, you may have at most 4 characters in your party
  • Description: Escort Researcher Nopel to test his "dynamite". Go east one block, then stick to the south path to find a cave. Inside, go through 4 green ! star events. After the 4th, there will be a small event then keep going to find a red ! star. You'll fight 3 Vevetar and 2 bats, and yes, Nopel must also live through this fight. Vevetars will target the lowest level character, which is likely Nopel, so be sure to get a good guard unit in your team. Also, you can't switch party members at all during this quest. All in all, really bothersome quest.
  • You can use a healer like Crook with Status Restore (状態回復) or Full Revive (完全復活) to resurrect Nopel if he dies during a battle. Healing won't help as, at level 2, anything is a one shot for him, so make sure the healer has at least 3 total shots of revival. Otherwise bring at least 2 guards with Initial Guard raised to ★★, as long as you're confident they're both durable enough to last through the quest without needing to heal.
  • Vevetars attack Nopel because they have a high tendency to target the character with the lowest level. Using Athena 2.0 for this quest is highly recommended, as she'll be targeted instead, or someone who has the Easy Target "狙われ属性" skill which makes it likely for them to target that character instead (Emi can be good if you raised her to be a high HP tank).

Quest #48: The Contaminated[]

  • To unlock: Quest #64
  • Difficulty: 32
  • Reward: CG #29, Quest #49
  • Magnum Gauge bonus: (2) Cuckri with Talent (Rank AA Short Sword)

Description: You need to head to the block above you at the start. There, you will encounter 2 green ! marks (First one is just an event, second one is outside of a cave.) Head into the cave, and the red ! mark will be on the right (You'll have to circle around to get to it.)

  • A4: plain Critical Knife and plain Club in red chests
  • Vanilla Quest only: Lucky can can at C2.
  • D2, southern pathway: If you have Rocky and he is at his level cap, there will be a green star here. You can choose to kick Rocky off the mountain here. If you do, the quest will fail, but Rocky's cap goes up by 5. Rocky's cap can only increase through this method to level 59.

Quest #49: Changing Room View[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20, Quest #46, Quest #47 and Quest #48. Crook is at least level 30
  • Requirements: Crook is at least level 35
  • Rewards: CG #25, CG #26, Quest #23, Quest #165, Crook Morurun'd

Crook gets Morurun'd by Rance.

Quest #50: The Young Royal Guard[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #63
  • Difficulty: 26
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, CG #43 variation (if encountering Matilda), CG #45, Tilde Sharp joins, Quest #51, Quest #56
  • Description:
  1. Note!!! This quest will take a lot of walking. First you must get an encounter in the first block and you will see an event with a puzzle box, Kouhime will open it for you and there will be a hint to go EAST. So go east, and get another encounter, a puzzle box will appear again, now it will said WEST - SOUTH. Go west one block then south one block, get an encounter there, you will get a new hint which is WEST - SOUTH again, go there, get an encounter, the last hint will tell you to go NORTH - NORTH. Go there which is the top left block, find a red ! event, beat them up and go a bit further where you will see a green ! event, touch that to clear the quest.
  2. Note!!! You don't need to defeat any monsters, you just need to engage in a battle. Even if you escape from battle, the events with puzzle boxes still occur. It appears if monsters run away from you too.
  3. Note: B3 - full recovery spring
  4. Note: C2 - there are always two red chests containing an unidentified/identified (4) Longbow and (4) Knuckle.
  5. Note: A4 - good for triggering events (e.g. Matilda encounter.)

Quest #51: Speed Hermit[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #50 and Quest #75.
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Location: Strange Dimension
  • Difficulty: 14
  • Condition: Have only Rance and Tilde in the party.
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, CG #46 (optional), up to +11 speed boosts for both Rance & Tilde.

The quest begins with a battle against three Görings, and then up to eleven optional battles happen. To not waste any attack actions on these 3 Görings, use your most powerful attack that can at least do 1800 damage to finish them off in one hit.

After each optional battle, you are asked whether to continue (first option) or to stop (second option); winning each optional battle raises Rance and Tilde's SPD by +1. If you choose to stop, the bonuses will remain. But continuing, and then losing, will nullify the bonuses. However, you will unlock a H scene.

Again, there are eleven optional battles. This means Rance and Tilde's speeds may increase by up to 11. This speed bonus is applied only once, so do not ever pull out. If you lose, just try again until you receive the maximum bonus, or however much increase you are aiming for.

  • As of Magnum v2.082, this restriction is removed. You can try the challenge as many times as you want, and only the result of your last attempt will count. So if you tried it once for +2 and then tried again for +11, you will get +11. If you got +11 before and then try again and lose, you'll lose the entire bonus. So if you want the CG just click Game Over button on the second fight then redo the quest and play until you get the SPD boost you want.

The eleven optional battles are against the following. At lease one charge of Rance Attack should be saved for the tenth battle, and you may (temporarily at least) want Train Slash and Impulse to complete all eleven. Even with Rance/Tilde at Level 50, you may barely finish depending on your no. of moves; so good luck. Also, do not forget Thunder Charms on both of them.

  1. Five Hornets. This fight is actually mandatory.
  2. Two Uppi, a Samerai and a Hanny.
  3. Two Uppi, a Samerai, and a Hanny.
  4. A Hanny and three Not Yet Horned Whales.
  5. A Hanny and three Not Yet Horned Whales.
  6. An Ebony Eye, a Jar and two Blue Hannies.
  7. An Ebony Eye, a Jar and two Blue Hannies.
  8. Three Scream Men and a Jar.
  9. Three Scream Men and a Jar.
  10. Three Lead Orbs and two Not Yet Horned Whales.
  11. A Tokko, and two Horned Whales.

Various setups that may be able to beat the challenge:

  • Rance having 16x Attack 1, 1x Full Power Slash, 3x Train Slash, 2x Rance Attack and ATK power of 1935. Tilde having 8x Attack 1, 1x Attack 3, 1x Full Power Slash, 3x Train Slash and ATK power of 1590. Of course, both have Damage Maximum skill max ranked. Rance at Lv52 and Tilde at Lv44
  • Rance having 16x Attack 1, 1x Attack 2, 3x Attack 3, 3x Rance Attack; Damage Maximum ★★★ in unequipped state (50% effect). Tilde having 8x Attack 1, 1x Attack 2, 5x Attack 3, 3x Train Slash, Damage Maximum ★. Pepsi Swordplay unequipped. Rance level 49 / HP 3230 / ATK 1658, Tilde level 44 / HP 1881 / ATK 1328. Rance has Rock On, a skill obtained by equipping a very rare special item called a Rocky Chunk.


  • In Magnum, at least, it appears the Hanny Zippo does not work, at least not for Tilde.
  • The Tokko in the final fight deals heavy row damage.
  • Temporarily unequip other skills so as to make room for your every damage dealing move if possible.
  • If removing Pepsi swordplay gives Tilde enough power to one-shot enemies and having it wouldn't, then do so. The skill is usually fairly good, but in such tight rationing on moves it's best not to rely on the 30% probability to strike twice.
  • DO NOT remove Standby... If you do, then in battles where you want to use Rance Attack, you'll be forced to waste at least one of Rance's other moves for no reason, and various other inconveniences if you wanted to manipulate skill usage.
  • Usually one Rance Attack = one battle clean swept. Don't waste a single other move in a battle if you plan to use this.
  • In earlier versions, the speed bonus applies only the first time you clear the quest. However in latest version (v2.082), it resets and re-applies every time you try it, so only your last try counts and overwrites any previous results.
  • Higher speed also means faster skill consumption, and even Standby has limited uses. So consider using above feature to "tune" your speed according to difficulty if you find Rance and especially Tilde (whose default speed already rivals rangers) running out of their moves too fast.

Quest #52: Wanted Beauty[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #41
  • Requirements: N/A
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation, Quest #53

Rance and co. get info about the beauty, Crane, who is wanted in numerous states. Obviously she is high leveled and is in Rance's target of people to have sex with.

Quest #53: Crane Returns a Favor[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #52, then do quests. Whenever changing location, a random event may occur where Crane has her foot stuck in a trap. Rance will (accidentally) free her, thus "indebting" her to Rance. After seeing that event, clear any quest.
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation (one-time), CG #53, Quest #54

She visits Rance to "repay" the favor. And we find out that the most wanted racketeer in human realm is no more than level 15, so, as an alternative reward...

Quest #54: Crane's Hideout[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #53 and Quest #63, then clear up to 2 quests that have a map. You can keep doing the same one if you want, such as Quest #83.
  • Difficulty: 28
  • Rewards: Crane joins, 20 Reputation. Quest #55, Quest #72
  • Description: You have to find Crane, that's all. She will automatically appear after a certain number of battles (the progress bar will rise after each battle).
  • There is a safe treasure chest containing Quick Strange Bug in B3, guarded by a Yudain.

Quest #55: Crane Pays Her Dues[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest Quest #20 and #54. Crane is at least level 30
  • Requirements: Crane is at level 35 or above
  • Rewards: CG #73, Crane gets Morurun'd

Rance collects Crane's debts.

Quest #56: Ninja Exposé[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #50
  • Difficulty: 28
  • Rewards: Quest #57

This quest does NOT use your current party members (except Lia and Tilde with their levels and items in MG version). This quest will have Lia, Maris, Kanami, Rick and Tilde. The EXP gained here will carry over, so farming Lia, Kanami and Tilde here is ideal because Rick and Maris give great support, as they are already leveled up. Note that Kanami's level will reset if she hasn't joined permanently yet.

Just go up and up farming monster until you see a green ! event and the quest will be end.

Quest #57: Kanami's Determination[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #56 & Quest #71
  • Difficulty: 33
  • Requirements: Rance must go solo, however Kanami will join you in this map, though still unable to level.
  • Rewards: Quest #58

Warning: Kanami must not die.

This quest is about her curse, and Rance gets to hear her thoughts. Go North, North (to the top square) and touch the green star in the middle of the square.

Note: If you go to A2 you'll see a funny event (not sure if it's needed for something), then you can go back.

Quest #58: The Reason Suzume Lingers[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #32 and Quest #57
  • Requirements: Suzume level 10+
  • Rewards: Quest #59, Kanami joins with the ability Possessed by Suzume, which allows her to gain 25% of Suzume's power. [Only takes effect if Suzume is NOT in the party.]

Quest #59: Ninja Season[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #58 and Kanami is at least level 30
  • Requirements: Kanami level 35+
  • Rewards: CG #66, Quest #151, Quest #180, Kanami gets Morurun'd
  • Description: H with Kanami, she will return back to level 1

Quest #60: Lion Mind[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #68
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Location: Ruined Shopping Centre, Helman
  • Difficulty: 15
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, Alkanese Rize joins, CG #5, CG #6, Quest #28, Quest #31, Quest #32, Quest #35, Quest #39, Quest #45, Quest #61 (optional), Quest #62 (optional), Quest #70, Quest #100, Quest #148, Quest #149, Quest #150, Quest #151, Quest #152, Quest #153, Quest #154, Quest #155

In the first part you have to go to the 3rd block (down and right). Near the teleporter at the end of 1st area, you can ignore the barricaded zombies or let them loose, this will decide which side quest will unlock later on. The first time you encounter Alkanese, choose not to fight (first option). Though it is possible to win the fight at high levels, it's not recommended in your first attempt, the fight's gonna be insanely hard and if you win the quest ends right there.

If you choose the first option then there will be an event, after which you will be put at the starting point with all skills recovered (but substitution counter not refilled, so if it's at zero you can't swap anymore),. This time there will be no random encounters (red mines and treasures will be respawned), just go to the same room as before and fight Alkanese with half her HP. She's still difficult though, and has a physical AoE attack, so it'll help to save a Rance Attack and/or a fighter's Full Power Slash to take her out ASAP.

  • If you leave the zombie barricade alone, Quest #61 will unlock if you have cleared Quest #45
  • If you release the barricade, Quest #62 will unlock if you have cleared Quest #45
  • Also note, as can be seen from the rewards, this quest unlocks very many quests, but not all will unlock right away as the majority of them have additional requirements. This is true for many quests, but especially for this one.

Quest #61: Cheetah Mind[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #60 and Quest #45, and must have beaten Quest #60 without breaking the zombie barricade
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Alkanese Rize must be in your party.
  • Location: Ruined Shopping Centre, Helman
  • Difficulty: 20
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Dewdrop Axe (Optional, once), Tomato Purée joins (Optional)
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: (5) Lightning Sword)

Same map and starting point as Quest #60: Lion Mind. Except the boss is not where Alkanese was. Remember the location where you had a boss fight against a fat Lion Mind thug in a white jacket (a red exclamation mark event) in #60 before proceeding to meet Alkanese the first time? Right below that point, go right instead of going up, then lower right in the open space. There's another teleporter (this exists in #60 too, but perhaps you won't have the time to explore it without high charisma). Go through here and navigate to the center of this map (not too difficult, almost all paths lead there eventually anyway). The red exclamation mark event there will be the final battle. You'll fight Sillbarrel, the ugliest woman on earth. The boss battle consists of her and 2 Ham Bambara. Her attacks don't do much, but her defenses are kinda high, especially magical defense... Take her with hard-hitting single attacks instead of AoE attacks and don't run out of moves. Crook's Shoulder Throw should hit her pretty hard. Once you win the quest will end.

  • As Alkanese will tell you, going to the location where you met her in Quest #60 (upper right of B2) you'll find a chest which will give you her old weapon, the Dewdrop axe. It hits crazy hard for your level at that time with less accuracy, and zero critical/stun rate unless you have another piece of equipment giving you that. It's for fighters only and requires being level 15 or higher to equip. If you collect it and then clear the quest or use an escape portal, then the chest will not spawn again. If you've collected the item and then fail the quest or click the 'Abandon' button, the chest will still respawn.
  • A green exclamation mark event in one of the toilets in the first area will get you into a fight with 2 doppelganger (imposter?) Alkanese. Don't worry, they're not as strong as the real one in Quest #60, but still can stun you with AoE attacks, so be careful. The green chest in this toilet gives you a poison mask.
  • In B2 (or B3) there's a specific chest that contains Tomato Purée. After seeing her, beat the quest and she will join.
  • Great place to search for special items. Bring Tomato with Special Item Lover equipped and a couple of Rangers to open chests. You can also bring Merim to remove appraisal cost. From 14 red and green chest you can get 13 special item and 1 fixed random equipment.

Quest #62: Zombie Room[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #60 and Quest #45, and must have beaten Quest #60 having broken the zombie barricade
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Crook must be in your party.
  • Location: Ruined Shopping Centre, Helman
  • Difficulty: 18
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, Zombie Sword (Optional, Indefinite)
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: (5) Fire Spear

NOTE: Cannot swap your characters once quest starts. You have to finish this with only the five you start with, so choose wisely.

This map is the same as Quest #60: Lion Mind. You start at the bottom right area. The exit from this area is to the left of the room, which will take you to the area where the bossfights of Lion Mind took place. From here, your target is to make it to the entrance hall (if you beat Lion Mind, you just need to go backwards), beat the zombie boss there, and then get out through the door. If you don't have a lot of moves, it's better you don't fool around for too much, especially since you need to save a few powerful moves for the boss.

However, if you go into the room where you broke the barrier restraining the zombies in Lion Mind (Room A1), there's a green exclamation mark event, choosing to destroy the jar (first option) will stop all random encounters (and red mines will be turned into mostly easy hanny battles - but not all! You can still find, for example, skeletons there). After this, going back to the room where you met Alkanese (Upper right corner of B2) in Lion Mind will give you a Zombie Sword (CC rank) which deals extra damage to, well, zombies. This can be obtained indefinitely each time you try this quest. Whether you destroy the bottle or not also decides the ending of this quest.

  • Since this map only has zombies, which only take 1/3 of phys attack but do low damage, its a good place to grind your unique Talent equipment early on. Simply pick any person who has a lot of attacking skill uses and equip it with a weapon with growth on it, and let him/her grind alone, while others just being a meat shield without any skills to use, except healers of course. When done, swap him/her with the back line, preferably a damage dealer for the boss.
  • Or you can do the above with 5 characters grinding each unique weapon, just grind with cheap skills, then keep the best ones for the boss. You may expand this trick to be able to grind your characters here effectively, with less exp of course.
  • If your levels aren't very high though, just bring units best suited for dealing with zombies for the first few times: healers, especially those with Purification can one-shot undead, plus sorcerers with light elemental attacks are also good. Aside from that, any light-element weapon or one that deals bonus damage to zombies is good.

Quest #63: Leazish Horror Story[]


  • To unlock: Clear Quest #41
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Location: Leazas Castle, Leazas
  • Difficulty: 25
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, Lia P. Leazas joins, Noir joins (optional), CG #35 (optional), CG #36, CG #37, CG #43 (if encountering Matilda), Quest #20, Quest #47, Quest #50, Quest #54, Quest #71, Quest #88, Quest #92, Quest #202 (optional), Iron Armor (Optional, Indefinite)

Almost all monsters in this quest are ghosts which take only 1/3 damage from physical attacks. Therefore, using magic is a better idea. In addition, level 10 Healers can learn Purification which deals heavy damage to ghosts. Their high accuracy maces (hammers only healers can use) also damages ghosts normally with physical attacks, making Crook one of the best characters to bring on this quest (there aren't many healers other than Sel before then unless you create Custom Characters). Perhaps also Frostbyne if you badly need more uses of exorcism, and mages with light elemental attacks.

In A1, go downwards and take the portal to A2. There choose the bottom route to get to A3. There's an optional event with a ghost maid on the right here. From there, the room upwards contains Noir and will be defended by a Yudain. If you defeat it and then speak to Noir, she will join after completing the quest.

The main path goes down where you can see another event with the ghost maid. From there, go right to get to B3. Go downwards and soon you will see a red exclamation mark event to the left. Here you will have 2 choices, If you choose the first you won't have a fight here but you won't get anything either. Take the second choice and you'll have a boss fight against 3 Temple Knights and CG #35 afterwards. The knights hit pretty hard and have a skill that heals all of them by 200 HP, and they regen 150 HP per turn when damaged. The knights are weak against darkness, so if you have any dark element sorcerer, use them. This fight can be quite difficult. If you think you're too weak or start running out of resources, just skip the fight and redo the quest later.

After getting past that, just keep going forward and eventually the next green exclamation event will end the quest, giving you CGs #36 and #37 and have Lia join you.

  • You probably want to do this quest ASAP to get Lia. Her skill Publicity gives you double Reputation from most quests if you have her in your party (but no more Reputation from that quest afterwards - you're given all of it in one go)! Please see the Hints and Tips for a more detailed explanation.
  • In 1.6/Magnum: You need to beat the knights and save the ghost maid once in order to unlock Quest #202 later on.
  • Recruiting Noir: Activate a green star that is behind a red mine at a room entrance. The green star appears randomly. Redo the map if you don't see it. The red mine has Yudain waiting for you, who has very high dodge rate and magic resistance. Unlike other red mines, this one won't disappear unless you finish him off in the time limit and you'll be forced to step back (which will very likely happen if your levels are barely par for this quest; see below for tips).
  • There have been some reports that if you have seen the event with Noir, then abandon or fail the quest, Noir's event won't reappear and she won't join upon clearing the quest either. However, if you keep trying the event eventually comes back, perhaps so after about 10 attempts. Whether this refers to re-clearing Quest #63 or just navigating to A3, checking if Noir's event is there, then abandoning the quest if it isn't, is unknown. As a result it is advised to do the event only if you are sure you will clear the quest as well.
  • Tips for Yudain: You can use Kenshin with her Winding Wheel Sword skill and or an archer with Bullseye Arrow. Magic will always hit him but won't do much damage. Physical attacks will do more damage but almost always miss (which is why physical attacks from gunners with 100% accuracy is the way to go). Or just Assassinate it.
  • There may be good items in a room off to the side in B3 guarded by another Yudain monster in the final area (Usually you'll get a Forbidden Talent - Weak).
  • The goodies (Noir event and chest) in the above two rooms guarded by Yudain may or may not be spawned on every attempt at this quest. Repeatedly try the quest until you obtain both.
  • The ghosts can use an energy drain skill on your characters (bypasses Ally Guard) that will cause that character to gain no exp from that battle (just like Berserker, except you get no bonuses at all).
  • There's an Iron Armor in a green exclamation mark event to the right of Noir's room where the gate is guarded by a Yudain (red mine) and can be taken everytime you do this quest, giving you an unlimited supply of these. This requires Rance in your party.
  • The green event in a bedroom next to the healing orb (found in A3) may randomly trigger a fight against a group of ghosts so be careful.
  • After the last red exclamation mark event, random enemies encounters will stop until you go back to A3. This allows you to freely move around the area (and when you go back to A3 it can trigger an encounter with Bird and Matilda if you haven't completed their encounters yet).

Quest #64: Visiting Magic[]

  • Rqm-q64
    To unlock: Clear Quest #71
  • Difficulty: 32
  • Rewards: Magic joins. CG #40, CG #41, CG #43 variation, CG #44, Quest #48, Quest #65, Quest #139, Quest #140, Quest #141, Quest #142
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus - (5) Warrior Armor

This quest is quite difficult. Go along the way pass through 2-3 blocks and you will have to fight Matilda with Chaos aura. After you beat her, continue on, then you will have to fight a boss which is a green dragon.

Against Matilda, it's advised to Assassinate her. Use Suzume with Assassination Knowledge ★★★, which gives you a 70% chance to instantly take Matilda down. Killing her in a single hit really helps preserving your strongest attacks for the dragon at the end. Especially since she can counterattack your fighters.(Rance Verbal Abuse can help as well.)

The green dragon has an attack which causes your party to be poisoned and, even worse, stunned. It has low attack but high defense, so this will be quite a long fight, use strong characters with a lot of attacking skills, and one healer that can heal everyone with Recovery Rain; don't bother curing the poison since you'll just get poisoned again. Note it's weak against Light.

Note you can enable a shortcut for future visits; setting this up will cause your current run to fail. First, get to C3 the normal way, then when spiraling down, head South to see a green star, which activates some kind of whirlwind, thus you fail the quest instantly(Not sure if checking of the 2 green stars at the shop at 2nd map is required). Then, repeat the process, however, the green star is now replaced with a purple gateway. Once activated, a shortcut is available for you on every replay of the quest(Matilda is on the normal route, this can bypass her as well). Confirmed once you get to the boss hit the green star event to fail the quest but open up a door in square 3 to the north to go straight to the boss.

  • D2, southern pathway: If you have Rocky and he is at his level cap, there will be a green star here. You can choose to kick Rocky off the mountain here. If you do, the quest will fail, but Rocky's cap goes up by 5. Rocky's cap can only increase through this method to level 59.
  • D4 - There is always a plain Insect Killer Bow in a red chest.

Quest #65: Curse Eraser[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #70 and Quest #64
  • Condition: Magic must participate
  • Difficulty: 32
  • Rewards: Quest #72. Quest #206

The dungeon is cross-shaped: You start in the middle. Find the red event in one of those blocks.

There is always a chest in one of the maps that contains a plain rank BB armor or weapon.

Quest #66: Love Letter for a Kalar[]

  • To unlock: Clear #33
  • Location: Kalar Forest
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Rance and Suzume must participate. If you never cleared Quest #33 with Aegis alive, then this quest is impossible to complete, you can only grind EXP and money and get treasures if you use the green portal to escape. In that case, redo Quest #33 and choose the first option after the battle.
  • Difficulty: 11
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #8 variation, CG #9 variation, CG #10, Quest #67, Quest #69

NOTE: DO NOT take any purple portal in this level except when you're told to, or else you'll always get sent back to the starting point. MG Note: In the first area if you take the portal to the left, you will meet Crook. After that, some of the Crook-related events (e.g. in Quest #60) will happen with slightly different conversation (since Rance got to know her earlier).

First, go straight and get in a random battle with some kalars; a conversation will trigger afterwards. Then, seek the exit that leads north. For this, go straight up, then turn right, then go upper right at the fork (lower right is a dead end), take the U-turn to the left (ignoring the misleading purple portal to the right), now go upwards in the open space. There should be a recovery spring here, next to it is a purple portal. This is the portal you have to take to go to the 2nd area without getting lost.

Then, in the second location, go straight upwards, then, in an open place where the road goes 4-way, there will be a green exclamation event at the center. Go left and upwards. At the Kalar Village gates, there are 2 adjacent green events. Touch either. Now if you got Aegis killed, here you'll just have a battle (pretty tough, for the expected levels of this quest) and regardless of the results, the quest will then fail. If not, only then you're given two choices: choose the top choice to retreat (choosing the 2nd option will get you in a boss fight against Aegis - she's terrifyingly strong for you unless you're way overpowered for that quest). Now, come back (go right) to the 4-way junction. Take the right path this time, and into the first green star event (involving a statue), then go left to the green exclamation event at the center of the 4-way junction. Kill the Amazusa enemies. You'll obtain a naked kalar girl as hostage, Lyrica. Then go back to the Kalar village gates, watch the H-scene and go back to the right green star event with the statue. You will be teleported to a new location, which is a straight path. Follow it, and you're done. There might be a trap in the way that's unavoidable, but if you have Suzume in your party and didn't get hit by a trap previously, you should be okay. Or even then the damage it does is unlikely to kill you. The green exclamation event at the end of this path ends the quest.

  • Attempt this quest at least once to unlock Quest #69, whether this quest fails or succeeds, it will be unlocked.
  • In the first map, there is always a (3) Long Sword in a green chest.
  • In the second map, there is always a Manga Meat Bone in a green chest on the north-middle deadend.

Quest #67: Invade the Kalar Village[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #66.
  • Location: Kalar Forest
  • Type: Battle
  • Condition: Max 4 characters in the party. Suzume and Sachiko Centers must be in party.
  • Difficulty: 12
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #13, CG #14, CG #15, Quest #17, Quest #68, Quest #99, Quest #121, Quest #183

One battle, and in the end get cursed by Pastel Kalar.

Quest #68: Quest for Sex[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #67.
  • Location: Cidade, Copan Empire
  • Type: ADV
  • Reward: 3 Reputation (one time), CG #84, CG #85, Quest #30, Quest #60, Quest #89, Quest #96

Event where Rance has a wet dream, then nearly commits suicide out of frustration but Kanami stops him just in time. Merely continues the storyline and unlocks extra quests.

Quest #69: Amazusa Group Drill Field[]

  • To unlock: Attempt Quest #66 once (fail or succeed, it doesn't matter).
  • Location: Cidade Outskirts - Mock Forest
  • Type: Exploration & Battle
  • Difficulty: 9
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Ear-hunter Boomerang (infinite)

Apparently has no storyline impact and is mostly for grinding. You just go upwards, then go upper left instead of right (going that way might still have stuff like random chests, exp bonus pickups, gold pickups and red mines though... other than that it's a dead end). You'll find a green exclamation event, it looks optional. Anyway, just head further up, when you come to a large open space head all the way to the right. There will be a single treasure chest containing the boomerang. Taking it ends the quest, and repeating this each time seems to give you that boomerang endlessly. It's for rangers only and does bonus damage to Kalar.

Quest #70: Once More to the Kalar Forest[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #60.
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Suzume must be in your initial party
  • Location: Kalar Forest
  • Difficulty: 14
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, CG #43 variation (if encountering Matilda), Aegis Kalar joins, Light Armor XA (once), Leather Armor XA (once), Quest #34, Quest #65, Quest #91
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: (4) Cultux (2.082TADA: (5) Kalar Elite Bow)

Map is same as Quest #66. Also, same navigation rules apply: if you take the wrong portal, you get sent back to starting point.

First you have to go to the Kalar Village gate (The one with 2 green ! events... you should remember it from Quest #66). Watch an event, then head back to the 4-way crossroad and see an event where Suzume captures the Kalar Lyrica again. Then go back to the gate and Rance will once again trade Lyrica for Aegis. Rance will take her away to Morurun her. After that, go back to the entrance. The kalars will scatter and retreat and you can enter the village. Take the next teleporter, go to the next area, then go towards the open space in the lower left where you'll find a red exclamation mark event. That battle will end the quest, and Aegis will join.

  • Warning: You might run into Matilda here. When you enter the purple portal behind the wooden walls she might be on the other side waiting for you. Depending on your level and the condition of your party at that time this can easily get you wiped (or at least several of them).
  • Warning: To the right of the 4-way junction, past where the statue in Quest #66 was, there will be a green star guarding a passage leading upwards. It gets you into a somewhat tough bossfight (if your magic resistance is not good) consisting of three happy and two crimson eyes and has no time limit. Be prepared before going into it - because it's a green star it might fool some people who might think it's a storyline event; but once it starts, it's a deadlock - kill or be killed. The portal past this fight doesn't seem to get you anywhere special - you're sent back to the starting point as usual.
  • C2 - If you defeat the three happy and two crimson eyes mentioned above there will be a green chest behind them that contains a Light Armor XA, but if you collect it and then clear the quest or use an escape portal, then the chest will not spawn again. If you've collected the item and then fail the quest or click the 'Abandon' button, the chest will still respawn.
  • C1 - There is a green chest in the top-right that contains a Leather Armor XA, but if you collect it and then clear the quest or use an escape portal, then the chest will not spawn again. If you've collected the item and then fail the quest or click the 'Abandon' button, the chest will still respawn.
  • C1 - A Poster red orb can be found here.
  • The narrow linear path that you could get into by touching the secret entrance statue in Quest #66 will still be here but not accessible as the statue can no longer be used. Not even if fights and pickups spawn on that path -you'll miss 'em.

Quest #71: Kaito[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20, Quest #63. Matilda (LV38) must be defeated afterwards, which will occur after switching to a new block twice in many quests that have 3 or more blocks.
  • Rewards: 30 Reputation, Teru Mouri joins (optional), CG #49, Quest #57, Quest #64, Quest #79 (optional), Quest #81, Quest #214 (optional)
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: (4) Priest Mace with Talent R
  • Difficulty: 30
  • Requirements: Rance in your Party

Rance is tasked to help out at a farm. He doesn't want to, until he sees the client...

Upon starting this quest, in the first map, there are no enemies, so you can safely walk around. You can head back into the house, but if you choose to eat in there, you fail the quest as you kept eating. After completing this quest, redo it and eat the cookies to fail the quest. Then do any other quest once to unlock Quest #79.

If you choose not to eat, all active party members that have less than 50% of their HP left, will be healed until half their max HP. This can be repeated endlessly.

Head south one block. In here and the east block, you should capture 5 cows (green ! stars). After that, you'll find another one with a black cow that will run away, which is always in the block south of the house). Remember where this one is.

From the block south of the house, head West one block to a couple of barricades and head all the way west until you see a green star event. After the long event, you will return to the house at the beginning, and all your characters will have 1 HP left, so use the event there and pick the 2nd option (to not eat) so you recover back up to half your active party's max HP.

Alternatively, since only the characters in the party will be left with 1 HP by the event, just swap the party for a random character before the event to bear the blow, and change back to your main party afterwards.

Head back to where you saw the black animal for a fight. You'll fight 2 Majisco in the back, and 3 Iron Boxen in the front. Beating them clears the quest.

  • To get Teru: In the west block, along the path, there are many green star events. You can meet Teru at the end, next to some rocks. All the other stars will be soldiers complaining about the task. Or alternatively, after the 1 HP event, there will only be two stars left, one of them being the Teru event. Afterwards, complete the quest to have Teru join.
  • Obtaining Teru is also a requirement to unlock Quest #214.

Quest #72: It's All Pastel's Fault[]

  • Rqm-q72
    To unlock: Clear Quest #54, Quest #65 and Quest #21
  • Difficulty: 36
  • Rewards: ? Reputation, CG #17, Quest #32, Quest #73, Quest #93, Quest #94
  • Requirements: Aegis and Crane must be in your initial party
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: Rocket Engine

This is a very tough mission, especially if you are not that high level/strong. So better train hard and prepare a good team, and make sure you can change your members at least 4~9 times! Or better yet, keep 2 very good teams to bring along!

First, make your team that includes Aegis, Crane, and 3 members of a very powerful team, best to have a healer included to start the mission off.

(Note that you'll only need to include Crane at the mission start and you'll only need to include Aegis when you go from C2 to C3 (plus a full female party). In any other case you can use any other party you like.)

Go to the four-way junction, and head east. There, you see a Red '!' Star. This is a boss similar to the machine you fight in Quest #65. It has very high HP and moderate attack. However, it has 2 attacks, one where it swings around and hits your entire front row, the other making it jump up and slam downwards to deal damage to ALL your characters. Watch your HP over the fight. Stunning works, but you need a character with very high odds of stun like Crane. His speed is rather high, so try to kill it ASAP. He rarely uses the skill that hits everyone and is weak to fire so having one tank and healer + strong mage with many uses of fire magic may be reliable strategy.

After beating this boss, the quest isn't over yet. You must now enter the entrance behind him by having a full female party, or else you will be bounced back to the starting point. After you pass through, you can add guys again. Go east all the way, then north all the way, until you reach A4. In this wide-open area the traps will be pitfalls that reset your position to the start of A4. There's always a path that you can take without traps, but if you have some Rangers with Trap Evasion you can dodge (some of) the pitfalls. At the top left of this area, there will be a red star event causing you to fight an ebony eye in the front row (weak to light) and two president garters in the back (weak to ice). Once you beat it, touch the green star event behind it at the top left hand corner of that map. Only then will you clear this mission. Its long and tedious, and any mistakes may cause you to have to go through it again, so be careful!

  • C3: There are always 2 red chests that contain a plain Modified Buster Sword and a plain Compound Rapier.
  • At the four-way junction, if you head towards the Kalar village gates and go past it, you'll see a purple portal there. If you go through it and then in the next block head north, you'll come to an area with four green chests, all containing guaranteed Special Items. As is the case any time the player obtains a random Special Item from a chest, any rank is obtainable, but lower ranks appear more frequently. Afterwards, go back south to the previous block where you can find a green escape portal, allowing you to leave the quest and keep your collected items.

Quest #73: The Girl Who Waits for Rance[]

  • 73
    To unlock : Clear Quest #72
  • Location: Solo Labyrinth, Ralga's Residence
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Rance must be in the party and GO SOLO.
  • Difficulty: 38
  • Rewards: 20? Reputation, CG #50, CG #51, CG #52, CG #53, Quest #74, normal battle BGM changes

Rance hears a level 42 girl is captured by Ralga, a rare gal monster Rance met before in Rance 02, and immediately goes to help - but he has to go only by himself, because according to Keith, the dungeon has "some kind of seal on it which prevents you from forming parties of multiple people". The enemies in this dungeon are fairly weak, but Rance isn't going to last forever by himself, so don't fool around. After going east and then north, you reach an area with a pink hue and without random encounters (where Ralga lives). This area has a lot of green star events with Ralga's cats, a gal monster, that will give you a choice - the first one is to fight them, the second is to not fight. Fighting them allows you to capture them if you brought a rope, but watch your moves (though granted, Rance has plenty of Melee Attack 1s). Along the way towards upper right of the area, there'll be a room to your right which will contain a green chest and a full HP healing spot. Another green chest is in the room to the extreme upper-left. After that, go up to a room with a big green ! star event where Rance will meet Ralga. She'll try to seduce him but fail because she's under level 35.

Rance can then leave using the upper-right exit, and enter the forest. Keep searching until you find a green ! star event, where Reset makes her appearance to challenge Rance, then puts him to sleep. She takes a liking to Rance, and cannot bring herself to kill him even though her mother told her to. Seeing Rance sleep peacefully, she then decides to sleep beside Rance, who then wakes up and brings her to his castle. He intends to raise her into the perfect bride for him, but unfortunately (or fortunately), that plan goes down the bridge when he finds out she's his daughter. Hilarity and cuteness ensues.

  • You're warned by Keith at the beginning of the quest that you cannot bring any recovery medicine, but Ibeprofun boxes & Hanny Zippos work just fine. It's not known if this is a bug in newer releases.
  • Watch out for the armored cars... There aren't any guards to protect you from them here, and they can also stun you. Still won't deal very heavy damage if Rance's wearing Coarse Armor or something similar, but he still needs to last the entire quest all by himself, and such battles might take 500 HP off him in total if you can't take out one of the cars quickly.
  • Bring a rope if you plan on catching Ralga's cats.
  • There are always 2 green chests in Ralga's lair.
  • You'll get a one-time full heal in Ralga's lair.

Quest #74: Paternity Test[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #73
  • Location: Rance Castle
  • Type: Battle Only.
  • Condition: Rance must be in the party.
  • Difficulty: 34
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation, CG #18, Quest #75, Quest #189
We get to see Magic use a "magical DNA test" spell to confirm whether Reset is Rance's daughter. Pastel finally shows up to take her back, and for the first time directly attacks you... The difficulty rating shows 30 because it's a 5-on-1 fight, but her Black Destruction Beam lives up to its name, so don't underestimate this fight - either finish it real fast or make sure you get to stun her pretty often. She'll initially curse your entire party (except Rance) with an ATK/MAG/DEF/RSN debuff plus poisoning, so bring a tactician with Encourage, and a healer with Full Revive who is sturdy enough (RSN 400+ and preferably around 1600 HP - Crook is probably best as she can also Shoulder Throw Pastel) to survive a Black Destruction Beam. She uses dark attacks only so equipping dark amulets on your party members helps immensely.
After the fight, Pastel tries to take Sachiko hostage, but Reset would have none of it as she floors her mother with a plastic cup, gets mad (complete with little oni horns) and has Pastel apologize to Sachiko. Afterwards, seeing her mother bawling uncontrollably she takes pity on her and decides to go home with her mom for the time being. Thus ends the first "lover's quarrel" between mom and dad (as Reset sees it)!
  • Pastel's only skills after the initial curse are a basic Darkness spell, and Black Destruction Beam which requires charging (and occassionally cure?), so putting dark charms on your party members makes this much easier.
  • Having a tactician like Urza or Kouhime will help you get over the initial debuffs and poison immediately.
  • However, an ARK/MAG/DEF/RSN buff will negate the corresponding debuff and bring you to normal, but actually buffing the stats won't be possible until you remove the initial bad effects with Encourage or the recovery spell of healers.
  • Black Destruction Beam will hit your party for massive damage, and even level 40 characters that aren't fighters or guards will probably get one-shot if you didn't use dark charms. If you did, a healer with Recovery Rain can keep things under control with ease, in spite of the debuffs.
  • Whenever Pastel's turn comes up, she'll get two moves in a row, which means if her turn's about to come up and she isn't already charging for Black Destruction Beam, she might get to fire it immediately (i.e. charge and then fire in successive turns), so prepare accordingly and try to stun her whenever possible!
  • Shoulder Throw is effective against her and helps defeat her in a hurry.
  • Rance is immune to the effects of the initial curse.
  • Rance's Verbal Abuse skill doesn't work on Pastel.

Quest #75: Crypt of the Queens[]

  • Rq75-0
    To unlock: Clear Quest #74 and Quest #81
  • Difficulty: 40
  • Rewards: ? Reputation, CG #18 variation, Quest #51, Quest #76, Quest #95

This is a large map that has several dead ends, so follow the map/walkthrough to not get lost.

Yellow: Starting point

Block A3: Head to the southern path of the block to reach a green event. Choose the first choice to be taken to B3.

Block C3: Head down aiming towards the left side of the block to see a green ! event at a gate. Crook will leave you at this point.

Block D4: Keep heading past the green events until you see the red one, where you will be attacked by 6 hugants in waves of 2 each. Kill them ASAP as they do heavy damage to your party (they can instant kill your party that's less or equal to lvl 35). Afterwards, keep heading towards the path of green events. You will eventually come across a crystal cave area with a big green ! event with 3 statues behind it. This finishes the quest.

Note: If you have them in active party randomly happens at any statue event: Alkanese finds a wallet, Tilde finds money, Rizna finds a vibrator, Sachiko finds an empty can, Teru finds some kind of garbage?, Copandon finds a cow ticket (just for fun). These events don't do anything.

There is also a small green star event at the bottom left corner of C3, where Kenshin seems to find a Brazilian turtle and decides to write a letter to Ai about it?

A poster red orb can be found at Block B4.

Quest #76: The Third Army of Helman[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #75
  • Difficulty: 42
  • Rewards: CG #54 (optional), CG #55 (optional), CG #57, Quest #77, Quest #127, Quest #158, Quest #179, Quest #180, Quest #203
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: Rabbit Stew

Description: Defeat the Helman troops and go north. At the first door you will get two choices, you can choose to take the Amitos route or the Org route (one CG each). The first choice is Org, the second choice is Amitos.

  • Org Route : At all green stars event, you will see Kalar girls being raped, you can fight and help them out. Touching the red ! event at the end will have you fight Org (who is easier than Amitos). And you will get the CG of Org and his subordinate raping Kalar girls.
  • Amitos Route : At all green star events, you will see Kalar girls being captured, you can choose to fight and help them out. At the green ! event you will have two choices, to fight (second choice) or to run away (first choice) and redo the screen, if you run away 2 times, Amitos will be weakened. This isn't required as she isn't that difficult but take note she has strong AOE attack with high stun rate and 2 allies with guard). When you win, you will get Amitos' CG. (You can Assassinate her for a easy win)

Afterwards in the main camp, first fight the general in at the tent before moving towards the gates to the north. If you don't defeat the general first and go straight for the gates, it's game over. You'll then get another sequence (Rance becomes a cool badass), a fight and then the quest is cleared.

Quest #77: Queen Pastel Kalar[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #76
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 45
  • Rewards: 50 Reputation, CG #19, CG #20, CG #21, CG #22, CG #23, CG #58 (optional), CG #59 (optional), Quest #12 (JP versions only), Quest #14, Quest #77, Quest #153, (optional), Quest #164, Quest #227 (optional, World 3 only), base screen BGM changes, menu BGM changes
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: Hideo Sword
  • Description: A 30-floor tower with upwards of 6 boss fights. At least 3 boss fights are mandatory even if you replay the quest.

For this quest you get unlimited character swaps.

During this quest you'll have to climb up 30 floors. In the event you'll end up failing or abandoning the quest partway through, the purple warp portals will automatically warp you higher up the dungeon. The game will put you back on either each multiple of 10 or the highest floor you've been, whichever is lower. For example, If you fail on the 16th floor, you'll automatically go from the 1st to the 10th floor when you take the purple warp door. The next warp will bring you back up to the 16th. The game will continue as normal from there.

Upon replaying the quest after successful completion you can encounter a green star event with Alice-chan on the 1st floor. Here you can decide to take the short path (move to every 10th floor) or the normal path.
Note: In world 3 this seems to be the default even without the event.

Every floor with a 2nd digit of 9 (9,19,29) is a special floor with no monsters, a healing orb to recover your current party hp to full, and a guaranteed escape door.

Every 5th floor is a mid-boss while 10th floor is a kalar queen boss. Mid-bosses can be skipped through warps but only if you warped directly to the kalar boss floor (so that you'll immediately encounter that kalar boss instead). If you warped by anything less than 10 floors and the last digit of the floor is 5 or more (5-9, 15-19, 25-29) you still have to fight the mid bosses and the floor you warp into will transform into a Mid-boss floor.

For climbing the tower, the best strategy is to fight the red mines. If you fight a red mine, you get easy fights, and don't have to do another fight on that floor. If you get a random encounter, you have to do a substantially more difficult fight. Note, that only the first mine on each floor will give you a very high chance of an easy fight, every subsequent mine on the same floor will randomly give you an easy or hard battle. Even the first mine will sometimes give you a fight against various bones which will be much more difficult than the 'normal' red mine battle, so you must still be careful with putting together your party.

Some of the traps on each floor will be pitfalls which make you redo the previous floor, even if you skipped past it. For this, bring rangers with a high trap evasion skill.


  • Floor 5: Matilda - Can be assassinated for a very easy win. Otherwise make sure your front characters can take a beating and is resistant to stuns.
  • Floor 15: Crystal Robo - Either attacks the whole front row or everyone with chance to stun, so guards are useless. Simply get your heavy hitters to wail on it.
  • Floor 25: Gal monsters - Not much difference from running into a standard fight with a lot of gal monsters, although these comprise of very tough ones. Rance's unique skills and anyone who can AOE work well here.


  • Floor 10: Modern Kalar + 2 Root Wall: Nothing really special, it's basically an old Kalar fight with upgraded stats. The walls are weak to fire and will guard her, but don't do anything themselves. Modern has dark/light element arrows that deal quite a bit but a Healer and a Guard will generally take care of that (especially if you resist one of those elements). She's weak to Ice but that's hard to take advantage of as she seems to have a high magic defense. Generally only Brawlers and Aegis will do it unless you're lucky enough to find a random Ice Element weapon.
  • Floor 20: Vivid Kalar + 4 Crystals (Fighter, Guard, Healer, Sorcerer): Vivid is invincible until the crystals are destroyed so don't waste your time attacking her before. She only has one attack, an insta-kill curse that kills anyone but needs to charge EXCEPT Rance, who is immune.(NOTE: Playing ver. 2.010 and Rance is definitely NOT Immune) (NOTE 2: He seems to be immune in the MG version). A strategy is to have two characters possessing multi-target attacks. So pick two among Gunners, Sorcerers (preferably with dark magic), Hammer Fighters, and Rance; they should be enough to take out the crystals. Also, bring a healer who can revive allies; if you kill her fast enough, one action of revive is enough. Once all the Crystals are dead, Rance can defeat Vivid alone even with the weakest attacks as she is completely unable to do anything to him. However, if you can, do keep your other characters alive because Vivid has a strangely inflated EXP value (due to there being 5 enemy kills in the fight as opposed to next boss who will fight alone).
  • Floor 30: Full Kalar: This one needs some work. Full Kalar opens up the battle with a curse that poisons and ATK/MAG/DEF/RSN debuffs all your characters (except Rance, who is again immune) and then cast Electric spells most of the time, sometimes changing to Flame spells. However, the spells are fairly weak. What is scary is the fact she will regenerate 800 hp every time it's her turn, while having a high enough defense that dealing more than 500 damage to her is not simple. This battle recommends some setup characters:
  1. Someone who can poison. Not counting special abilities, only Rangers can do this. Kouhime can do it with her unique weapon, but she's VERY slow if she's wearing her unique armor and you might need her for other things (see 2). Poison will deal 500 damage per turn and help counter her regeneration, as trying to outdamage 800 hp per round is NOT an easy task. Note she will randomly cure the poison you have inflicted though.
  2. A "Tactician" character like Urza, Arlcoate or Kouhime. The buff move will cancel out both poison and attack/defense debuffs after the curse, which is good because they really cripple your characters. Healers are sufficient too.
  3. A Guard (or Emi) with preferably, but not necessarily, high resistance to Electric and Fire damage. She only has attacks of those two elements so a Guard who can resist both is basically invincible. Resistances aren't required if you plan to use a Healer.
  4. A Brawler with Soft Spot Strike or Shoulder Throw. Soft Spot Strike is useful for giving her a ATK/DEF debuff and Shoulder Throw just does a lot of damage. Any Brawler is useful for this. Crook's a good choice for using Shoulder Throw too.
  5. Torako is very good because of her powerful magic and high resistance. Raise her MAG with a good staff and Magic Boost levels and she'll be very useful for any of the Kalar fights. Especially if you leveled her up a lot throughout the game.
Other than that, it's basically a level and weapon check. If you are too low level and your weapons suck you won't be able to kill her before your moves run out. She will stop healing after a while, so you can stall with weak attacks before finishing with your best moves. Try to have fast characters too in order to pass turns faster.
At the end of the final boss, you are given two choices:
  • Lemme fuck you
  • Lift the curse (Alternate Ending)

The former of the two choices (and the choice itself) was introduced in TADA patch 3.860 and the MangaGamer release and provides a segue into the Magnum storyline. The latter of the two choices is the original ending to Rance Quest, and unlocks a few CGs, rolls the credits, and bring you back to the main game screen, without unlocking the Magnum storyline. You will have to complete this quest twice to unlock everything.

  • Quest #227: Boss 100 is unlocked after this quest, but only in World 3 and only if 'Lift the Curse' is selected at the end.

Quest #78: Drunk at the Bar[]

  • To unlock: Beat Matilda and Bird for the second time in total in dungeon encounters.
  • Location: Macatt Bar, Cidade
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation (1-time only).

Bird gets drunk after losing to Rance a second time and rambles about how Rance keeps stealing his girls. In his drunken state, he's unaware that he's talking to Rance himself.

They will typically show up upon switching locations twice in various quests. You can first run into them after clearing Quest #67. After defeating them and clearing Quest #45 you can run into them again. The following is a non-comprehensive list of quests Bird and Matilda can be encountered in:

  • Highway Yankees (Quest #86) or another quest on the highway map, like Quest #37.
  • Malgrid Dungeon 1st Stratum (Quest #121).
  • Once More to the Kalar Forest (Quest #70), when taking the portal past Kalar Village gates and entering the final area.
These fights may be quite difficult as Matilda is already level 22 by the second fight and Bird is level 20. However, Matilda should be instantly KO'd every time with Rance's Verbal Abuse skill, so you may wish to invest into one use of that skill beforehand. Bird can be assassinated if need be.
Unconfirmed: Bird and Matilda can only be encountered once per quest and only once in each location (like the highway in Quest #37 and Quest #86).

Quest #79: Here Come the Boobs[]

  • To unlock: Fail Quest #71 by returning to Meg's house and choosing to eat the cookies (the first option). Then, if you haven't yet, clear Quest #71. Otherwise, clear any quest.
  • Rewards: Quest #154, Meg Makibano Joins
  • Description:

This event assumes Quest #71 failed, and thus all of Meg's cows got killed by monsters, so she now comes to Cidade looking for a new job. Rance takes her in, in spite of Crook advising against it.

Quest #80: Gem Lady[]

  • Rqm-q080
    To unlock: Have Crane in the active party to get a random map switching event where you hear about a super level god
  • Required: Have a Jewel in your vault. This item is randomly obtained from red treasure chests
  • Difficulty: 37
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Forbidden Talent (+20 level cap item)
  • Description: Straightforward dungeon. Head west, then south, then east. Touch the event and Andelmille, a high level goddess, will show up. Choose the second option to talk to her and give her the Jewel. If you choose the first option, the quest will finish but you won't get anything, but you won't lose the Jewel either.
  • This quest can be repeated every time you find a Jewel.
  • NOTE: If Crook is in your party, she will prevent you from giving the Jewel to Andelmille. This will not happen anymore after completing Quest #200.
  • Recommended to do this quest every time you get a Jewel because you can't have more than one in your inventory.

Quest #81: The Miraculous Artificial Lifeform[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #71
  • Reward: CG #65, Athena 2.0 joins, Quest #21, Quest #75, Quest #95

Simple quest, just some text, an H-CG, then Athena 2.0 will join.

Quest #82: Tama in Heat[]

  • To unlock: Buy 'Tama's Underwear' (タマの下着) at Frostbuy. Leave Frostbuy and return for a short event. Then clear Quest #60 if you haven't yet. Otherwise, clear any quest.
  • Type: ADV
  • Condition: Must have 'Tama's Dress' (タマの洋服). Can be bought at Frostbuy after buying 'Tama's Underwear', leaving the shop, then coming back in.
  • Location: Cidade, Copan Empire
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, CG #56, Mercenary Tama & Mercenary Old Hag become available at shop (1k gold each).

Quest #83: Grape Hunting and Grape Special[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #36
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Location: Clicquot Vineyard, Leazas
  • Difficulty: 3
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Mahoko can be recruited through Quest #16, and some "service"

Your main objective is to keep killing the grapes by touching the red exclamation marks, and harvest the fruit until the quest bar fills up fully. If you don't kill them you won't get any grapes and have to fight that battle again, making your moves go to waste, so concentrate on killing them in time. In the initial location you'll find two of them, kill them, then take the purple exit to the south. Getting there you'll immediately get into a fight against 2 fighters and an archer with no time limit. Collect three more grapes for quest completion.

There are a lot of chests lying around for you to grab, and they'll often give you clubs. You may want to keep some clubs to clear Quest #98

  • Doing it the 4th time seems to load this area with gold coin pick ups? (in 2.082TADA from the 2nd time and only has "chance" to spawn. No more coin spawn in the MG version.)
  • In previous version there were 3x +3% experience gain orbs for the quest in the second area. No longer present in MangaGamer version.
  • This is a good quest to grind your characters early on in the game without worrying about random encounters.

Quest #84: Rumor of Dancer Lotion[]

  • To unlock: Have a 'Lotion A' in the vault
  • Condition: Have a 'Lotion A' in the vault
  • Type: ADV
  • Location: Cidade, Copan Empire
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation (once only), Quest #85
  • Note: Lotions can be gotten from red chests in random quests

Quest #85: Making the Dancer Lotion[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #84
  • Condition: Have 'Lotion A', 'Lotion B', and 'Lotion C' in the vault.
  • Type: ADV
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation, CG #7, Atago joins, Quest #153
  • Note: Lotions can be gotten from red chests in random quests

Because of the lotion, Atago comes with Dancer, a skill that allows her to restore a character's skill uses.

Quest #86: Highway Yankees[]

  • Rqm-q86
    To unlock: Clear Quest #36
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Location: Highway near Cidade
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, CG #42, CG #43 (if encountering Matilda), Soul Shackle (repeatable, check notes) , Cowlick (optional, once), Quest #87 (optional) Megadeth can be recruited through Quest #16.

Your first quest that's a bit challenging. It's recommended you have Prima, Mahoko and Megadeath recruited and have 1 charisma level before you start this one. Start with all 5 except Mahoko.

First time around you won't have enough moves to wander around and fight every single fight as even random encounters are often 4-5 enemy mobs that take a lot of your attacks to kill. Just keep going east. Grab what you can that comes within sight but don't stray away from the highway too much.

In the second area, take the north path at the fork in the road. There will be a tent with a green star event at its door. To the lower right of that there's a green exclamation which lets you read a porn magazine. You'll be given 2 choices, which one you choose will decide what you'll get at the end of this quest.

You'll have to cross 2 areas total (using purple portals) to the east, then in the 3rd area, head to upper right of the map following the highway. If you're doing this after Quest #67, see note at the bottom. There are 2 green star events that let you fight against 1 yankee each (optional), then finally a red exclamation mark event, this will be the final battle of this quest.

It might be a good idea to switch in Mahoko with perhaps Prima or Megadeath (or Suzume, because she's likely to run out of moves the fastest because of her speed) and save the Rance Attack for this fight.

After this you get the Soul Shackle. Also you get a Cowlick if you chose the 2nd option at the porn mag event (only the first time). That's it, you're done.

  • Doing this quest after clearing #67 gives you a bossfight against Bird and Matilda as soon as you enter the 3rd area. Winning will give you a HCG with Matilda.
  • Above event may repeat depending on your level, 4 times in total. The exact same events may also trigger in Malgrid Dungeon 1st Stratum in the same order if the requirements are met.
  • The Soul Shackle seems to have no battle use - it just causes that character to leave the party after battle... However, it is required in the Magnum storyline.
  • While you'll get a Soul Shackle guaranteed the first time, they appear to drop randomly every subsequent time, or at least after progressing the Magnum storyline.
  • Reading the porn magazine gives you a CG of a girl being beaten up by yankees.
  • Choosing not to read it or not even doing that green event gives you the Cowlick along with the bracelet. You don't get the CG on that occasion though.
  • The Cowlick will be given once.
  • In order to unlock Quest #87, you must have beaten the quest after choosing to read the porn magazine.

Quest #87: Yankee Go Home[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #86 after having read the porn magazine in that quest, causing Flattie the peddler to get beaten up by yankees
  • Difficulty: 6
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Location: Highway near Cidade
  • Rewards: 5 Reputation

The map is the same as Quest #86. Only this time, in B3, go straight to the middle right (don't confuse with another cave entrance at the lower right end of this area!) where there is a cave entrance and enter the cave by touching the green exclamation event. There, go right, then down and optionally touch the green exclamation event there. After that, head to the left (avoid the red mines unless you're loaded with moves... still beating them all seems to be difficult), down, then right, then to the bottom where a red exclamation event exists. Beat that battle and the boss, Gates 95, will die. This ends the quest.

  • Rare encounter warning: Sometimes, in a random or a red mine encounter, you might end up in a fight with 3 Bones (skeletons wielding bones as weapons). They're very powerful for this quest unless you're overpowered, and would 2-hit KO about anybody (including even Rance, usually) at around level 15-17. Use the best you've got to take them out as fast as possible, including AoE moves and your strongest melee moves or escape if you can.
  • The red chests in the last 2 maps (especially in the map before the last map) can give (1-5 grade) clubs too.
  • There are always 2 gold coin pickups near the boss battle. (2.082TADA)

Quest #88: Monster Tamer Pilgrimage[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #63
  • Difficulty: 29
  • Condition: Have Crook Mofus in your party
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, Gal Monster Tamer Handbook
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: (2) Insect Killer Bow with Rare Growth and Magic growth option (maybe this is the best bow for Aegis for a while?).

The path NORTH NORTH NORTH is the wrong way. You will get a green star event with Crook telling you that you're on the wrong mountain.

Second is NORTH RIGHT NORTH NORTH <<< This is the correct way.

Go through the correct way and you have to fight 2 red ! events before finish at the green ! event.

In the first red ! event you will get Gal Monster Tamer Handbook after the boss fight. The boss is Leopold Mara from GalZoo Island and his Captain Vanilla monster from the game.

Note that you do not need to finish the quest and can in fact just walk out through the green door in the previous square if you want to keep the item. This item will allow your Civilian class characters to use gal monsters in battle. You will need to equip the book to learn the skill "Familiar Knowledge". After you learn that skill you can replace the book with some other item. Even after a Morurun, the skill won't be removed. Be careful though, if you remove the book before learning the skill, you won't be able to learn it until you equip a book again. Different levels of "Familiar Knowledge" allow you to use different tiers of gal monsters - from weak, like Can Can, to very strong, like Captain Vanilla or Tokko-chan. If your skill level is insufficient, then even though you equip the gal monster, she won't appear in battle. For more information regarding gal monsters in battle, check the Rance Quest gal monsters page.

Quest #89: Idol Mage[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #68
  • Difficulty: 15
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #43 (if encountering Matilda), CG #79, Kapala can be recruited through Quest #16

First, go north to the next area and in the first red event you encounter in the area you will get into battle with five men. Then, in the same area you will find another red event to battle one man. Afterwards head north into the next area, make your way and you will find another red event with another man to fight. Finally go to the green event located in this area to clear the quest.

Note: Matilda can be encountered when heading to the 3rd area if you meet the requirements.

Note: A scroll containing Sel can be found here in a red chest.

Warning: Do not suspend in the 3rd area before hitting the red ! event. A glitch will prevent the final green ! event from spawning. Confirmed in the MG v 1.0 release.

Quest #90: Shut-in Witch[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #45
  • Difficulty: 17
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #43 variation (if encountering Matilda), CG #77, Aten Gnu joins

Keep going east, then south once. You will find a Hanny taking goods to the witch. Rance will follow it, and meet the witch that loves staying at home.

Note: Her Go Home ability gives her a 20% chance of leaving the party after every battle, so be careful when using her.

Note: You can also see Maltida here when you're at an appropriate level.

  • There are 5 fixed red treasure chests in this quest: 1st area - (1) Ninja Blade, 2nd area - (1) Lightning Sword, 3rd area - (1) Priest Mace, 4th area - (1) Kalar Elite Bow, 5th area - (1) Ice Staff. Attributes are variable and can have talent too.

Quest #91: Wild Child of Ifo[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #41 and Quest #70
  • Difficulty: 23
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #48, Quest #208, Kibako joins

Start by going east. Touch the green ! star event there. Go east again, then touch the next ! event. Now go south. Find another green ! event there. Afterwarrds, in the same area, there will be a red star with a horned whale. The boss does large amounts of electric damage, so be prepared. There's also a healing jar, two mini-whales and a Splish-Splash.

Warning: Do not suspend in the area where you grab the third green ! mark. A glitch will prevent the red ! from spawning. (Confirmed in the v1.0 MangaGamer release.)

Quest #92: Cursed Princess[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #63
  • Difficulty: 29
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #72, Zima joins
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Bonus Gauge: (1) Light Spear with growth

For this quest go east, then north. There's an optional red event here with a Maid Lady. Go north again. Find the red ! event here to engage with a Giant Ham Bambara. After defeating it, Rance must decide whether to kiss it or not. If he doesn't kiss it, the quest fails (choose the first option to clear the quest).

  • C2 - There are always 3 red chests that contain an Iron Armor X (アイアンアーマーX), (4) and (8) Light Armor.
  • C4 - There are always 2 red chests that contain pre-identified (4) and (8) Clubs. There will also be a red chest that contains a Katana with Talent, but if you collect it and then clear the quest or use an escape portal, then the chest will not spawn again. If you've collected the item and then fail the quest or click the 'Abandon' button, the chest will still respawn.

Tips: You can use Assassinate on the Giant Ham Bambara.

Quest #93: Dragon Slayer[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #72
  • Difficulty: 39
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #67, Arms Arc can be recruited through Quest #16
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: Guardian Angel

Go east, and trigger a green star there. then go east twice, then north, then west. There's another green star here you need to trigger. If you don't, the quest will fail once you reach the last block. From there go west twice, then north twice. Trigger a red star here and Rance (only Rance) will fight alongside Arms (level 44) against a green dragon. Rance will be healed and get his skills restored brfore the last fight so you don't have to worry about using him on the map.

Arms's Solo Fighter skill makes it that every time she attacks with a Melee Attack or Thrust Attack there is a 50% chance she'll hit the enemy twice. Also, whenever she gets attacked there's a 50% chance she'll take half as much damage. However, the skill may only activate when there are 3 or fewer people alive in the active party. She also has 5 white skills that triple her damage against certain enemies (most of which are high level monsters).


Yellow: Start point

Green !: An event with Arms you must hit or the quest will fail once you reach the last block

G: Finish point

Note: You can put Lia in the party before last battle to get double Reputation even though she's not in the party since it's only Rance and Arms.

D2, southern pathway: If you have Rocky and he is at his level cap, there will be a green star here. You can choose to kick Rocky off the mountain here. If you do, the quest will fail, but Rocky's cap goes up by 5. Rocky's cap can only increase through this method to level 59.

Quest #94: Queen of the Monsters[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #72
  • Difficulty: 39
  • Location: Hazard Sector #33
  • Rewards: ?? Reputation, CG #78, Quest #97, Onoha Mespos can be recruited through Quest #16
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: Gold Bear

Your party will be in a boat. Just head straight down to each block. Each block you'll be in a scripted fight. Go all the way to the bottom-most block and look for a red exclamation event. Watch and clear. First fight is against a dekant and black hanny - dekant kills characters below level 35 in one hit, but can only attack the front row, so put your highest level units in the front row or try to kill him asap. After the fight, keep moving down.

Second fight is against a horned whale and a not yet horned whale. Take out the horned whale first, use fire attacks to hit their weakness. After the fight, go down again.

For the third fight you have to beat 3 rankens in the first row and an ebony eye in the back. Ebony eye has a powerful AOE darkness attack so try to take him down fast with ranged characters as he is not very resistant. Rankens on the other hand are pretty tough and also can do nice damage but only to single targets (also, they are weak to ice).

The last fight is the red exclamation event immediately to the right. The fight consists of 2 rankens and a horned whale in the first row and 2 mechavalry tanks in the back row. Everyone except the whale can stun you and they all have do fairly high damage but thankfully only to one target. You may want to use Magic with her lightning magic to quickly kill the tanks (they are weak to lighting) as they can one-shot casters in the back row (and like to do it!). Overall it's a pretty hard quest if you are doing it with a low level party but is required to unlock a great map for leveling up - Quest #97.

B1 - area very often contains a red mine with a poster, not always. south-west part of B1. You can keep collecting new ones here.

Quest #95: Eroyac ALV[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #75 and Quest #81
  • Location: Hyper Building
  • Condition: Athena 2.0 must participate
  • Difficulty: 40
  • Rewards: 15 Reputation, CG #70, CG #71, Quest #157

Upon entering, go to the top left to activate the green event. There will be 2 options. Choose either option.

On the second map, quickly navigate your way to the bottom right and trigger the event. Afterwards, you'll need to collect 5 bugs. You will encounter them after every normal monster fight. So, don't move away from the green star and just circle around it to collect the required bugs. Once you have enough a small cutscene plays and you'll have to return to the event star. This clears the quest.

The quest consists of only 2 maps having a very high fixed encounter rate. Covert Movement does not work here, so don't bother using Crane. Other than that, the map has a low enemy count per battle (except the bugs) and easy red battles. Perfect place to build Athena's stats and for item donations. Also on the second map there are always 10 red mines. The bugs may be a bit tough however. Torako's Shikigami work well against them.

Do note though, if your active party's average level is too high, you may scare the enemies away. As the bugs appear in random fights and you have to fight a regular group of enemies in between each group of bugs, this may make this quest annoying to complete. If this happens, get rid of unnecessary party members, (but keep Athena in) to lower your average level to at or below the difficulty level.

Quest #96: Squidman Courtship[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #68
  • Location: Squidsquidsquid Dungeon
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 12
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Bernard Ceramité joins (Optional)

Just go east to find a purple teleporter to the 2nd area. In the 2nd area, there will be four green star events and 1 red exclamation event (which is the final battle). If you go straight for the red one, it will have a kraken being defended by four powered-up squidmen that will deal heavy damage to your party. If you go to the green events first, each of them will have one ordinary squidman (with some companions), each of them being one of the four guarding the kraken. Killing them will let you go the divide-and-conquer route, taking out all of them separately and leaving kraken alone for an easy fight (as your client will recommend). The quest can be completed either way (divide-and-conquer will actually give you more exp).

  • If you complete the quest by beating the kraken without taking out any of the four squidmen first, Bernard will join you after the quest.
  • After getting Bernard, feel free to go the coward way if you want more exp out of the boss battles!

Quest #97: Monster Hunting Ground[]

  • Rqm-q097
    To unlock: Clear Quest #94, then clear Quest #16 to have Onoha Mespos join
  • Location: Swamp
  • Difficulty: 30
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Onoha Mespos must participate
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: (6) Chinese Dress

Quest will fail if Onoha is not in the active party when moving to a different block. You may switch her out during other times.

The goal is to head South-East-South-East straight toward the goal, which has a boss fight against two dekants who can instant kill characters at or below level 35.

This is a good place to level-up characters from level 1 to level 35 as they gain a boosted amount here; beyond that you will not earn any experience while in the active party, however all characters in the party screen will receive a small amount of exp regardless of their level. In preventing Onoha from wasting a slot for leveling an additional character, simply switch her in only when changing blocks. Or escape from battle till D4 using rangers with Covert Movement, before removing Onoha, and then start grinding in the goal block.

As red spiked orbs often have better fights for leveling, grinding only in one spot may not be preferable, so keep that in mind. You can find 2-3 red chests in B4 and a good amount of them in other places but seeing as you need Onoha when switching blocks this may be troublesome for collecting loot. You also earn almost no money here so if you would want to identify those items you would need to farm gold elsewhere.

Quest #98: The Hanny without Arms[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #33.
  • Difficulty: 8
  • Location: Hidden Hanny Village
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: No weapons except clubs and staves allowed, or else the quest fails. Also, no swapping once the quest starts.
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation

There are a bunch of red exclamation events randomly scattered around. One of these will be a boss fight. Trigger the events and fight the battles. The regular fights will consist of 2 hannies in the front row. The boss fight will be a harder battle against three hannies in the front, and two uppies in the back. Once you win you'll clear the quest.

There are also random encounters but avoid them as without weapons they'll be pretty hard to kill. Also, the area is rigged with traps so bring someone with Trap Evasion. Note that no swapping is possible in this quest, so think well who you'll take with. Brawlers have good attack even without weapons so they might be a good choice. Avoid using mages as magic doesn't damage hannies.

There are always at least 2 red chests here that contain a Light Armor, one with no bonus points, the other with 3. The armors may be pre-identified.

Quest #99: Harvesting Season[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #17 and Quest #67
  • Location: Strawzend
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Mahoko P. Masai must participate and be level 20 or above, and your party must have 3 or less members in total
  • Difficulty: 14
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Quest #148

There will be a lot of red mine events here. Keep beating them and the quest completion bar will keep filling up. Once it's blinking, look for a red exclamation mark (to the extreme left of the map). Beat it to clear the quest.

This map also has random encounters aside from the mines and the bossfight, and you only got 3 characters to fight with, so don't fool around too much, ration your moves well (and God forbid you come across the bones here... )!

There is always a chest that contains a [4] Haies Staff. It may be pre-identified.

  • You'll almost certainly need Rance's supply of moves to last through the battles. As for the third person, either choose a guard or a healer, unless Rance can really tank well for that level. In that case, take another very powerful hitter, perhaps Alkanese/Kenshin or Shizuka.

Quest #100: Kick Master of Mushroom Forest[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #60 and clear up to 13 different quests. This excludes Quest #13, Quest #14, Quest #16, Quest #106, Quest #129, Quest #134, Quest #147 and Quest #166.
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Rance must participate, but you'll lose him in the very beginning (see description)
  • Location: Mushroom Mountain
  • Difficulty: 17
  • Rewards: 15 Reputation

Rance must be in your initial party, but at the very beginning of the quest, he will become incapacitated and will be unusable for the rest of the quest, thus making you start with 4 members. This is an intended handicap. You can of course swap in more characters from here onwards as per your charisma (except for Rance).

An interesting quest. There are traps everywhere, so you don't have any choice except to walk over it. In some cases, you'll have to choose between hitting a trap or a red mine. So, bring some rangers with you with Trap Evasion. Just keep moving until you find a red exclamation mark. You will fight 2 gates 95 and 3 gecky which would have been a piece of cake with Rance Attack, but since Rance can't fight in this quest, you may want to fill up the backline with powerful AoE mages. Gecky are weak vs Ice, gates 95 against electric. Impulse (hammer AoE skill) will help too.

  • There are spots where you can avoid all traps though. Just be careful to walk very close to the edge of the roads and you might be able to avoid them.
  • The traps, if triggered, are sloth shrooms and will remove one random party member and make him/her unavailable for the rest of this quest.
  • There are always 2 red chests that contain a plain 20 EVA Evasion Boots and 30 RES Resilience Necklace. (2.082TADA)

Quest #101: Spring Picnic[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20
  • Requirements: Shizuka, Maria, Eleanor and Mill must have joined
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #12, All characters under level 40 gain one level.

Quest #102: Summer Swimming[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20
  • Requirements: Kouhime, Kenshin, Yuzumi and Noir must have joined
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #16, All characters under level 40 gain one level.

Quest #103: Fall Super Sports Day[]

Quest #104: Winter Hot Spring Reservation[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20
  • Requirements: Lia, Kanami, Arlcoate and Tilde must have joined
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #39, All characters under level 40 gain one level.

Quest #106: Dark Alice's Pay2Win Room[]

  • To unlock: must have created at least one custom character using Quest #129: Alice's Guest. Alternatively, in World 2 and 3 this quest starts pre-unlocked, even if you never created a custom character.

A detailed rundown on this quest, and custom characters in general, can be found on the Custom Characters page.

Through this quest, players can spend gold to improve their custom characters. In the quest's main menu, there are up to 5 main options:

  • Raise an ability: Raises a stat by either 20% or 30%, depending on the stat. This can be done only once. Costs gold.
  • Add skill point: Allows a character to learn new skills. Can only learn up to 5 skills. Costs gold.
  • Change magical element: Changes the type of magic available to learn. Sorcerer custom characters only. Costs gold.
  • Change lines: Allows you to type what text appears when that character performs certain actions. Costs nothing.
  • Evaluation: Change Rance's evaluation of that character as well as that character's feeling towards Rance. Costs nothing.

The cost to raise an ability, add a skill and change the magical element increases exponentially. So the more you upgrade, the more gold you need. The Custom Characters page gives a more detailed explanation.

Quest #107: Alice's Support Center[]

Player can choose from characters in the current party to be reset to level 1, or to exchange absorbed items with the currently equipped one. Using this, players can replace a low level item the character has previously absorbed with a better item of their choice.

There seem to be a bug here: After the exchange, the old item's effects aren't updated until you equip a new special item. Then the stats update properly.

Quest #108: Bear Death Match[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and have seen Bear's A Day in Cidade event (Quest #134)
  • Difficulty: 30
  • Rewards: 2 Reputation, Bear learns My Waifu (#2)
  • Condition: Bear must participate

There is a limit to who you can bring to this fight, only characters at the same level as Bear can partcipate. The boss has high evade. Expect to redo this a few times.

Trivia: The rules are a reference to another AliceSoft franchise: Toushin Toshi.

Quest #109: Bear Death Match (Cont.)[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #108. Bear is at least level 40
  • Difficulty: 50
  • Rewards: 2 Reputation, Bear learns My Waifu (#3)
  • Condition: Bear must participate

Another fight involving Bear. Significantly harder than the previous one. Party members the same level as Bear can join.

Quest #111: Gal M Loan 1[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20
  • Difficulty: 30
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Quest #112
  • Requirements: Must have captured a 97 Chi-Ha (tank), Gecky and Kraken gal monster

No encounters here. Walk around behind the boss for a chest with a Defiance Crown (Special Item that raises Resilience by 10, one time only) before fighting it. The boss in the middle has about 2000 HP. The doppelgangers on both sides have HP depending on the characters they're copying.

  • The Okayu Fever, the boss in the middle, has a decent physical attack and an AoE fire attack. As long as you're high on fire resistance or at around level 30, he shouldn't be a problem, especially with a healer around.
  • The two enemies on the side can be a more serious problem; they're "コピペ" or "CopyPaste" i.e. doppelgangers, who will randomly copy the stats and some skills of any two characters in your party (or both may copy the same character, too), so if you have a strong Rance, Kenshin or Shizuka etc. in your party and they copy those characters, they'll hit you for painful damage. Their names will tell you who they're copying.
  • Having a party heavy on powerful AoE mages and guards might make this easier, since the doppelgangers don't seem to use AoE magic attacks very often.

Quest #112: Gal M Loan 2[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #111
  • Difficulty: 30
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Quest #113
  • Requirements: Must have captured Maid Lady, Splish-Splash and Frog Lady

No encounters here. Walk around behind the boss for a chest with a Shockwave Alberto Belt (Special Item that raises Stun by 10, one time only) before fighting it. Same boss as Quest #111.

Quest #113: Gal M Loan 3[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #112
  • Difficulty: 30
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation
  • Requirements: Must have captured Tokko, Majician and Zashiki-Warashi

No encounters here. Walk around behind the boss for a chest with a Dodgy Tea (Special Item that raises Evasion by 10, one time only) before fighting it. Same enemies as Quest #111.

Quest #114: Lord of the Abyss[]

  • To unlock: Clear 3 different quests. This excludes Quest #13, Quest #14, Quest #16, Quest #106, Quest #129, Quest #134, Quest #147 and Quest #166.
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Location: A labyrinth somewhere...
  • Difficulty: 30
  • Rewards: 15 Reputation, Quest #115

This one appears fairly early but DON'T TRY THIS until your key characters are at least level 25+. Look at the difficulty rating before starting!

There are no random encounters. Just walk up to the altar, touuch the big red exclamation mark, and good luck. Switching is allowed both in map and in battle.

Tip: if you have any Dark Charms, consider equipping them as it will help drastically lower the darkness AoE damage he does to the party. Also, having a healer with Recovery Rain can heal the whole party when hit with the AoE attack. The boss can be stunned and does not evade much at all.

  • The darkness AoE attack debuffs your entire party's attack, so have a tactician (Kouhime, Uruza, Arlcoate) who can remove debuffs or buff your attack back. If you have 2-3 characters at level 30+, this battle should be easy.

Quest #115: True Lord of the Abyss[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #114, Quest #146 (and Quest #177 in Magnum)
  • Difficulty: 50 (58 in Magnum)
  • Rewards: 30 Reputation, Quest #14, Quest #131 (only in World 2 and 3)

The true final boss of the game: Masuzoe

He has 3 moves:

  1. Recovers 3000 HP, and cures his debuffs. He seems to use this only once, or extremely rarely.
  2. Hanny Flash, damage random target around 1000 hp 3-5 times (1500 in Magnum), ignores your defense.
  3. He can disable one skill from each of your characters for the rest of the battle. He always uses near the start of battle, but only once.

The item Hanny Goods (nullifies hanny attacks) does not work, and Arms's ability Hannyology won't work either. Magic does no damage.

In order to win, consider the following factors:

  • Poison will deal 999 damages each time Masuzoe gets a turn, but he will automatically heal every few turns. Kouhime's Dango has a 100% poisoning rate, but her stats are quite bad, so be prepared for Kou to die early on. Suzume's Spirit Form decreases all physical damage by 2/3 and since Masuzoe's Hanny Flash counts as a physical move, she'll only take ~500 damage per hit. This makes Suzume very survivable and thus an excellent Poison Effect user. However, her regular damage output is quite low.
  • You want a couple of high physical damage dealers. Great characters are Rance, Kenshin, Katsuko, Rizna, or Arms. For Rizna, if you'll use her, she must be equipped with a Naginata and use Wild Dance if you can as that is her strongest attacking move. Make sure it has at least 3-4 uses. For Katsuko, pair her up with Kenshin so she'll get an attack boost at the start of battle.
  • You might want to use debuffs. For this you should use Brawler's Soft Spot Strike or Rizna's Weakener, in order to reduce Masuzoe's damage as much as possible. Note that Soft Spot Strike randomly debuffs either offense or defense so you may have to use it several times.
  • You may wish to use a Guard. Caloria is an option because of Harden, which reduces damage received to 1/5, but prevents her from acting for the rest of the battle. Sachiko's fully upgraded Holy Healing Marks can help keep her alive if you boost her HP a lot with Stamina Boost and HP increasing special items like Rabbit Stew. Also, unlike Caloria she can still use Ally Guard. There's also Kouhime, who can use her Dango to poison Masuzoe guaranteed, but as a Guard she isn't very good as Immature permanently lowers her HP by 20%. She's also a bit slow.
  • You'll need a Healer if your team is not high level enough (about mid to late 60s). Crook is by far the best. With a couple of uses of Recovery Rain 2 she can heal the team quite effectively and she has good HP to keep herself alive as well. Just hope Masuzoe doesn't disable it.
  • Lastly, consider using a tactician unit. Urza is probably the best for this role since she has decent stats and some nice skills. Start with Defense Buff All, then Offense Buff All. Then switch to Rapid Fire, preferably if Augmented Rapid Fire has been learned for some good damage. If Urza has Preemptive Strike learned then she may get to move first and get two additional turns at the start of battle, giving her time to set up with buffs and then attack. Kou is also a tactician, but she is generally fairly slow because of her Dango. Arlcoate can learn to equip gal monsters through a Gal Monster Tamer Handbook, giving you some additional firepower or heals depending on the gal monster used, but generally has fairly low stats.

As for Masuzoe, his disabling skill is used near the start of battle and blocks the use of one skill per character. So preferably have damage dealers with several attacking skills and make sure all your characters have plenty of skills equipped. Consider equipping superfluous skills and hope Masuzoe disables them. Do note that Masuzoe will only use the skill once. So one strategy is to bait out his disabling skill and then switch to another team (then back again, if you want). Depending on how many characters you switch out and how fast they are you may give Masuzoe a few free attacks, so be careful.

His healing skill is used once (or at best very rarely) and usually within 20 turns, so that shouldn't be an issue.

After you clear this quest, you will be able to start World 2 through Quest #14.

In World 2, beating this Quest will unlock Quest #131.

Quest #116: Chi-Ha Tank Battalion[]

  • To unlock: Clear 9 different quests. This excludes Quest #13, Quest #14, Quest #16, Quest #106, Quest #129, Quest #134, Quest #147 and Quest #166.
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Location: Guatalcanal Field
  • Difficulty: 11
  • Rewards: 15 Reputation, 1x/2x Cardboard Armor (Optional, Indefinite)

This is an interesting sidequest. The 97 Chi-Ha tank girls are fighting a war against the yankees. Touch the red exclamation events to fight a group of Chi-Ha or yankees. If no more than one group of 97 Chi-Ha are fought, the the Chi-Ha will win and you'll get one or two Cardboard Armors (which is an item, not a piece of equipment). If two or more groups of Chi-Ha are fought, the yankees will win. Either way, the quest will be cleared then.

There are no random battles and the event fights are fixed; refer to the map on the right for their positions (the unmarked event is another Chi-Ha fight). You will have to fight either 5 or 6 battles. Fighting Chi-Ha will give you 75 exp, while yankees just 50 exp. So this quest is also a decent place to level up your newly recruited characters early in the game.

N.B.: This quest is a reference to the battle between Japanese type 97 Chi-Ha tanks and the Americans during World War II.

  • Because 97 Chi-Ha are gal monsters, this map could be the easiest way to complete scroll requirements to recruit new characters in Quest #16.
  • The Cardboard Armor is given every time you redo the quest and let the Chi-Ha win.
  • If 2 or more mobs you fight are yankees, the 97 Chi-Ha lose and will be raped by yankees (no CG is shown though) and you don't get the Cardboard Armor. You still clear the quest though, and of course you can try it again.

Quest #117: Using the Kugu Torture Device[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #45 and Quest #121
  • Rewards : CG #62, Quest #118
  • Description: Find all three pieces of the Kugu Torture Device. The pieces can be found in green chests inside the Malgrid Dungeon. Kugu Piece A is found in Quest #121 at C3, Kugu Piece B in Quest #122 at A4 and Kugu Piece C in Quest #122 at B3.

Quest #118: Torture Device, Attempt #2[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #117
  • Rewards : CG #63, Quest #119
  • Description: Find all three pieces of the Kugu Torture Device again. The pieces can be found in green chests inside the Malgrid Dungeon. This time, Kugu Piece A is found in Quest #123 at D3, Kugu Piece B in Quest #124 at A4 and Kugu Piece C in Quest #124 at B1.

Quest #119: Torture Device, Attempt #3[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #118
  • Rewards: CG #64, Quest #181
  • Description: Find all three pieces of the Kugu Torture Device again. The pieces can be found in green chests inside the Malgrid Dungeon. This time, Kugu Piece A is found in Quest #125 at D1, Kugu Piece B in Quest #126 at A3 and Kugu Piece C in Quest #126 at B2.

Quest #120: Cripple Dungeon[]

  • Not available in the MangaGamer release

"Famous as a harsh solo training area."

"You can get a ton of EXP if you try your best."

"※Number of uses on basic attack skills doesn't decrease."

"※Experience received is 1/3 as great."

Available in Japanese Rance Quest versions only.

Quest #121: Malgrid Dungeon 1st Stratum[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #67
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 13
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, 600 Gold (needs confirming), Quest #117, Quest #122, Kugu Piece A (クグの破片A), Scroll (Sel) not fixed, possible to get from chest and as completion reward (optional), Shizuka Masou joins (optional), Bear joins (optional), Yuzumi Yuzuhara joins (optional), Alexander can be recruited through Quest #16
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: (5) Ninja Blade

You have to find the finish line here to get 600 gold. Mobs are easy so shouldn't be a problem. It can get challenging if you try to clear 5 red mines and 5 markers for equipment bonuses though, you'd need 5 charisma to have an adequate supply of moves.

Yellow Area - First map, go right to a purple teleporter.

Goal Area - Directions: ➡➡⬇➡ to reach. There's a red exclamation event, has 3 Green Hanny at front, 2 Uppi at the back. Beat them to get past and reach the goal.

A3 - You may have a battle against Bird and Matilda here. It'll have priority over other events, which may occur when changing areas. If this is the first time you've fought them, then they won't appear again until Level 22 (Needs confirming). You'll also have encounters with Matilda at Lv 35 and 38 (Needs confirming).

B3 - If you enter this map when Rance is not in your active party, there will be a green star event here. If you touch it, Shizuka will show up. Beat the quest and she will join.

  • A4: Fixed ninja blade
  • A4 also has a poster encounter in a red mine, that will grant you a Poster Tube
  • B3: Lucky can can, will only appear in base Quest. Not available in the MangaGamer release.
  • C3: There's a green chest containing Kugu Piece A here. Needed for Quest #117.
  • Supposedly, there's a green chest containing a scroll to unlock Sel somewhere, if you haven't found it in another quest yet (needs confirming and its location).
  • Each time you redo the quest, when switching areas to A3, an event may happen. If you do so with only two party members, Bear will show up. If you then beat the quest, he will join.
  • After obtaining Bear, if you redo the quest and move to A3 with him in the party, Yuzumi Yuzuhara will show up. Beat the quest afterwards and she'll join.

Quest #122: Malgrid Dungeon 2nd Stratum[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #121
  • Difficulty: 20
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, Kugu Piece B, Kugu Piece C, Scroll (Elenoa), Quest #123

The order to get through the labyrinth this time is right, down, down. Beat the boss and hit the green exclamation event afterwards to clear the quest. The boss consists of three odds+ in the front and two crimson eyes+ in the back. Crimson eyes are weak to ice and odds count as humanoid, so bring a brawler with Shoulder Throw.

C3 - If you have not yet found it from a red chest in other quests, the scroll to unlock Elenoa Ran is found in a green chest here.

B3 - Kugu Piece B can be found in a green chest here. Needed for Quest #117.

A4 - Kugu Piece C can be found in a green chest here. Needed for Quest #117.

Quest #123: Malgrid Dungeon 3rd Stratum[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #122
  • Difficulty: 29
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, Scroll (Mill), Kugu Piece A, Quest #124
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: (5) Katana

Go left, left, up, right, right to reach the goal. Beat the boss and hit the green exclamation event afterwards to clear the quest. The boss consists of three samera~i+ in the front and two maid lady+ in the back. They are all humanoid, so bring a brawler or two with Shoulder Throw.

C4: If you have not yet found it from a red chest in other quests, the scroll to unlock Mill Yorks is found in a green chest here.

D3: Kugu Piece A can be found in a green chest here. Needed for Quest #118.

Quest #124: Malgrid Dungeon 4th Stratum[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #123
  • Difficulty: 33
  • Rewards: ?? Reputation, Maria Custard joins (optional), Kugu Piece B, Kugu Piece C, Quest #125
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: (5) Cultux armor

Go down, right, right to reach the goal. The boss consists of a Smile Man+ and two Mechavalry Tank+ in the front and a Smile Man+ and Zashiki-Warashi+ in the back. The Mechavalry Tanks are weak to electric, the rest to light. So bring Shizuka and Magic, if need be. Lia's Leazas Lightning Dragon can also be useful against the tanks, but won't do much against the Smile Men as they take severely reduced physical damage.

  • A3: Maria Green Star Event if you bring Masou Shizuka (confirmed, note that you need Shizuka in your party the first time you enter A3; otherwise Maria won't appear for the rest of the current run and you'll have to leave and re-enter). Then beat the quest and she'll join.
  • A4: Kugu Piece B can be found in a green chest here. Needed for Quest #118.
  • B1: Kugu Piece C can be found in a green chest here. Needed for Quest #118.
  • D4: Lucky can can, will only appear in base Quest. Not available in the MangaGamer release.
  • D4: A plain Additional Armor can always be be found in a green chest here.
  • In D3 and D4 you can run into fights consisting of 3 Blue Hannies in front row and 2 Happies in back row at the red mines, which may be a bit difficult for your party to fight, depending on your stats (At least in Magnum 2.082TADA. In MG version too)

Quest #125: Malgrid Dungeon 5th Stratum[]

  • Rqm-q125
    To unlock: Clear Quest #124
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 38
  • Rewards: ?? Reputation, Kugu Piece A, Quest #126, Quest #135
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: Moja Doll

Head down twice, then go right and all the way up to reach the goal. The boss consists of five Red Hanny+. They are immune to magic, but weapons with bonus damage against breakable enemies might be useful, as well as Arms with her skill Hannyology.

D1: Kugu Piece A can be found in a green chest here. Needed for Quest #119.

Quest #126: Malgrid Dungeon 6th Stratum[]

  • Rqm-q126
    To unlock: Clear Quest #125
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 43
  • Rewards: ?? Reputation, Kugu Piece B, Kugu Piece C, Quest #127
  • 2.082TADA Magnum Gauge Bonus: Stunning Belt

In this dungeon, there are two paths to take. All 16 squares of the map exists. Go either all the way down, right, up, right or right, down, right, up, all the way down, left, then up.

Beware, as the giants (Dekants) can 1-hit KO lv 35 and below characters.

The boss is a single Stone Guardian. Simply stun it while others inflict high damage on it. No known weaknesses, but it's resistant to all AoE attacks (both physical & magical) while taking normal damage from everything else. Arms with Stone Guardianology can deal triple damage against it. It's so easy compared to past bosses. You can also assassinate it.

  • C2: Lucky can can, will only appear in base Quest. Not available in the MangaGamer release.
  • A3: Kugu Piece B can be found in a green chest here. Needed for Quest #119.
  • B2: Kugu Piece C can be found in a green chest here. Needed for Quest #119.

Quest #127: Malgrid Dungeon 7th Stratum[]

  • Rqm-q127
    To unlock: Clear Quest #76 and Quest #126
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 48
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, Quest #128
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: Rare Item List B Emperor's Armor (ラソウコウ)

To reach the goal, you can either pick east route or south route. There are 2 escape portals at C4 (here, its position may vary) and D4.

The difficulty of this dungeon is considerably higher than the previous one. Many enemies you'll encounter here are powerful and have high physical resistance.

The boss battle of this dungeon consists of three of the same monster you faced in Quest #114. Their strong points are in both Defense and Magic Defense, while on the other hand, their ordinary attack isn't that much of a threat. It's recommended to bring at least one heavy hitter who can hit one row in a single attack such as a fighter with Train Slash learned. Alternatively, you can also use sorcerers with a strong magic attack to deal a moderate amount of damage to all of them.

Quest #128: Malgrid Dungeon 8th Stratum[]

  • Rqm-qn128
    To unlock: Clear Quest #127 and Arlcoate must have joined
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 50
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, Quest #145
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: HP Up Set

Green escape portal: B1

D2: There are always 6 green chests that contain 4 random consumables (like Quest #72) and usually one, sometimes two Forbidden Talent - Weak items.

This dungeon is very hard without proper equipment. Monsters mainly consist of mechavalry tanks and mechavalry helicopters, which seem to always deal critical damage. Aside from that, after each battle AND location change, your active team will lose 1/8 of their maximum HP due to being shot by a cannon located at A3, so have a healer who has high level Post-Battle Recovery and someone that have lower encounter rate skill like Covert Movement and quickly go there to finish the cannon first, or you'll be creamed by the time you arrive at the boss. Once the cannon is destroyed, you won't get shot anymore.

Alternately, bring a party of Rangers with high level Covert Movement, Escape Skills ★★★ (only one ranger needs to have this, Crane is the only character that can reach ★★★), lots of uses on Escape, and give them accessory items to raise speed, if need be, and you should be able to make it to the red star without casualties; the cannon events can't actually kill characters. Or you could even just take a party like this and go straight to the boss, though you'll miss the Magnum bonus.

As for boss battle, either finish the 3 front tanks or kill the bat on your first turn. Otherwise it will be very tough since the bat's attack is an AoE that has a high chance of stun, thus disabling your guard. The tanks hit pretty hard for those who have less than 600 physical defense.

Note: It's a great place to farm items. D2 usually has multiple green chests (the ones that are already open). Bring a team of Crane, Merim, Tomato, Biscuitta, and a second ranger with maxed out Escape, and you can easily farm items by going from D4 to B1 and escaping through a green exit. For more in-depth info regarding farming items, see the Farming High-Level Items section on the Hints and Tips page.

Quest #129: Alice's Guest[]

  • To unlock: Buy a 'Character Ticket' from Frostbuy
  • Condition: Have a Character Ticket in the vault
  • Rewards: The character which you created joins.

This quest allows you to create your own custom character. For a more in-depth explanation, see the Custom Characters page.

Note that, in order to make this quest available, you need to own a Character Ticket, which can be bought from Frostbuy for multiples of 1000 gold, depending on how many have been bought previously, You can have no more than 10 custom characters total in the party at a time, but more can be made if one has been deleted.

Quest #130: Character Relations[]

  • Not available in the MangaGamer release

Found in the latest 2.082TADA partial english translated in file, no description.

Quest #131: True Lord of the Abyss?[]

  • To unlock: In World 2 or 3, clear Quest #115, Quest #146 and Quest #177
  • Rewards: Quest #132 (only in World 3)

Battle against the Hanny King, 2 red hanny, and 2 black hanny. Hanny King is fast, most likely getting 2 attacks per round. Every attack instantly kills one character. Any attack exceeding 1000 damage can only do 1000 damage to him, whereas any attack less than 1000 will deal 0 damage. Magic does nothing. He can be stunned. Hannyology doesn't work on him.

To beat the Hanny King, you need 1 or 2 Gunners with at least 10 uses of Rapid Fire (one can be replaced with a Ranger for stunning and poisoning), one Guard with Shield Deflection and 2 Healers with lots of Full Revive (all need at least 70 speed, or else Hanny King will wipe your whole party before you can even act, also consider equipping a Hanny Zippo to your healers). The rest is praying that he won't kill both your healers in his turns and Rapid Fire won't miss much.

There is also a cheap way of beating Hanny King:

1. Have Rance use his Brutal Attack at the start to wipe all the other enemies, leaving only the Hanny King.

2. Have Kou (or a Ranger with Poison Effect) attack Hanny King and poison him.

3. Have Crane use her Stealth skill. Hanny King cannot attack any person that's stealthed. Your entire party will wipe except for Crane.

4. Have Crane continue using Standby/Defensive Stance/Stealth skills while the Hanny King's HP decreases to 1.

5. Have Crane use an attack that can deal 1000+ damage to Hanny King (Changing out party members will not work as Hanny King can wipe them out before they can act.) This being said, it is recommended to equip Crane with a powerful short sword as well as the highest attack skill before going into battle.

Beating him in World 3 will unlock Quest #132.

Quest #132: True Lord of the Abyss??[]

  • To unlock: In World 3, clear Quest #131 , Quest #146 and Quest #177

​Arguably the hardest boss of the game. The boss has about 2.4 million HP. She has one attack that can randomly hit 1-3 times per turn. She also has high evasion and will most likely one shot all your characters at lower levels unless it's a Guard with 25000+ HP. This boss fight is more of a skill charge check than anything else, but good gear will help lower needed charges.

The trick to beating her is having high (around 100) speed and at least 4 characters able to revive. To deal with her evasion you can use Noir with the Head Start skill so she can nullify her evasion with one attack. Using this as a base strategy should work at around level 300. It helps to have 3 attackers at first (all with Use Epinephrend or a custom character with Full Revive) and later switch to a safer 4 revivers (3 healers+1 attacker with a spare revive).

My recommendation is to use a shortsword user (Kanami for me), Rance, a custom damage dealer with Full Revive and 2 healers. You'll want to use Melee Attack 5, Thrust Attack 5 or Ranged Attack 5 for the extra crit rate. Later on you probably want to switch in another healer or Epinephrend equipped fighter in case your emergency healer revives are running out.
My custom was a brawler with Shoulder Throw and Soft Spot Strike. Soft Spot strike can be useful if you get her defence debuffed and use Turn Shuffle to get some extra damage in, but you probably want to just get Shoulder Throw if you use a brawler.

I have not seen her unlock as a playable character as previously suggested.

Quest #134: A Day in Cidade[]

  • To unlock: Get a non-custom character other than Rance to level 30 and clear a quest. Also, have cleared Quest #20.
  • Repeatable, but each time the quest is unique
  • Reward: The character who was the focus of the event gets 1 skill point, Quest #108 (optional), Quest #221 (optional), Quest #222 (optional), Quest #223 (optional), Paper Cutter (optional), Hanny Zippo (optional)
  • Note: If two characters reach level 30 during a quest, only one character's A Day in Cidade event may be seen; you first need to do another Quest (possibly one with a map and battles) before the next one may be available.
  • Description:

Rance hangs out in Cidade with one of his party members.

In this quest, a one-time only event between Rance and a non-custom character is seen. Each event will grant 1 skill point to that character. Sometimes, depending on the character, a skill may be learned, an item may be given or a quest will unlock. A list for these characters can be found below:

  • Bear's event unlocks Quest #108 and gives him the skill My Waifu
  • Katsuko's event gives the weapon 'Paper Cutter'
  • Nozomi's event unlocks Quest #221 and gives the item 'Hanny Zippo'
  • Merim's event unlocks Quest #222
  • Rizna's event unlocks Quest #223
  • Yulan's event gives her the skill Lemon Attack
  • Biscuitta's event gives her the skill Stone Splitter
  • Wichita's event gives her the skill Low Blow
  • Megadeth's event gives her the skill Volley

Quest #135: Hanny Secret Base[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #125 and Rance is at least level 25
  • Location: Somewhere in a secret base
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 35
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Rizna Lanfbit joins (optional).

WARNING! In this map, (version 3.860, TADA's unofficial patch) only characters with a level divisible by 5 are allowed to participate in fights. If you have even a single character whose level is not divisible by 5, you won't be allowed to fight the red mines OR random encounters. In the latest official japanese patch it requires characters of level 24 or below. This actually makes it useful to have a non-divisible level in the party for avoiding random encounters. You may swap at will as per your charisma, but only in map and not during battles.

To just beat the quest, fight 3 red crystals (win or let time run out or run away - doesn't matter, they give 1 EXP regardless), so bring an escape artist character with you (like Crane) then go all the way to the top-center of the map and do a red star event for the boss battle. The final red star event is a bit tricky, because the Zashiki-Warashi instantly kills any character with a level divisible by 5 with one hit. So it's a good idea to have a guard defend the most powerful character (Preferably with Initial Guard ★★ or ★★★) and have that guard equipped with a Hanny Zippo. Alternatively, just bring a fast gunner (like Yuzumi) to get rid of the Zashiki-Warashi before they get any chance to act to clear the quest effortlessly.

You can run away or wait for time out in red crystal fights. Quest completion bar will still keep filling. After 3 red crystal fights, switch in a character whose level is not divisible by 5 to avoid all random fights.

To obtain Rizna: Go to a room to the upper right corner, the gate of which is guarded by 2 red mines and slightly above a green exclamation mark event which is guarded by a few more. Beat the minimum required number of red mines then touch it and you'll have a brief talk with Rizna. Clear the quest afterwards to have her join. Just like haniwa, she has immunity to magic.

  • In Magnum, after beating this quest with Lia once and obtaining Rizna, there's no real incentive in retrying this quest, you don't even need to bother again. The only possible use for this quest is to catch galmonsters (of which, admittedly, this map has many). There are no chests, nothing other than battles. Each battle reaps your characters exactly 1 EXP, so it's useless for grinding levels.

In the Japanese release, this quest had a normal Zashiki-Warashi and required characters with levels 25 and below. This was changed in TADA patch 3.860 and the MangaGamer release.

Quest #136: Cockroach Commotion[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20, then try to visit Rance Castle at least three times while it is being cleaned (you should see an event with Biscuitta each time). Afterwards, clear any quest.
  • Difficulty: 30
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, Quest #137
  • Description: Clear the dungeon of some "Cockroaches" (silver blobs).

These cockroaches have a high block rate, so it's best to use skills that do AOE, which bypasses it.

This is an okay mission to level up characters from level 1 to 30 if you don't have Quest #97 unlocked yet. Cockroaches can't attack from far and are quite easy to kill with AoE (Train Slash & those kind of physical attacks work perfectly too). There are no encounters too and only one area so it's easy to manage.

Quest #137: Cockroach Commotion Cont.[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #136, then try to visit Rance Castle while it is cleaning again, then clear any quest
  • Difficulty: 40
  • Reward: Quest #138, can enter Rance Castle anytime
  • Description:
  1. Clear the dungeon of more cockroaches. This time, when you defeat the blobs in each red spike, what attacks you used to defeat them will determine the resistance of the other silver blobs (For example, if you killed them with a sword, the other blobs will gain an EXTREMELY high resistance against swords. If you used Ice magic, then their ice magic resistance will go up, etc.)
  2. It seems cockroaches do not have any type of resistance against brawlers (aside from their inherent defense), and blobs randomly select a type of resistance if they get killed off only by brawlers.
  3. The cockroaches do not develop resistance against Torako's Shikigami skills, nor Mill Yorks' Eidolon Attack.
  4. It seems they also do not develop resistance against blunt weapons like clubs or Copandon's Omikuji Box.
  5. Attacks from Maria's Tulip also can be effective as they are not counted as "bow" attacks.

Quest #138: Biscuitta Joins[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #137 and Quest #23
  • Rewards: Quest #24, Biscuitta joins.

Quest #139: Exterminate the Strange Squidmen[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #64
  • Location: Somewhere in a labyrinth
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 32
  • Condition: Party must consist of rangers only. No swapping allowed during quest.
  • Rewards: 5 Reputation, Skill Again (item, once), Forbidden Talent Weak (item, once), Quest #143
Description: Just a single, small circular map with no encounters, just traps, which should be easily evaded given the number of rangers you'll have. Start at the top, walk around to the mid-bottom by taking either the left path or right path and then go up to the red star boss in the center. This is a fight consisting of five abnormal squidmen.
The thing with the abnormal squidmen is that they are super-resistant to short swords (they'll take two-digit damage from those moves), somewhat resistant to stun, and fairly accurate such that they'll more often than not hit your girls even at 70%+ evasion. Meaning if all your rangers go in with short swords only, they'll get massacred even at level 40. Equip them all with clubs, for Crane, her Puncher works. Even then, the battle might prove to be a bit tough as your rangers will in general have low health and defense yet get hit often. Put Crane either in the back row or keep her stealthy at all times.
  • You can assassinate the squidmen. This is highly recommended to take the squidmen out quick.
  • Hit them with non-short sword weapons such as clubs and the puncher, but note that short sword skills will become unavailable at that time, only Melee Attacks and Shuriken will work. Shuriken can occassionally stun them, though not very frequently, not even with the Puncher.

Quest #140: Exterminate the Strange Bones[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #64 and have Onoha, Mill and Karma to unlock this quest.
  • Location: Somewhere in a labyrinth
  • Type: Exploration and Battle
  • Difficulty: 34
  • Condition: Only have characters with the Immature skill in the party. Otherwise the quest cannot be started.
  • Rewards: 5 Reputation, 30k Gold (once), Forbidden Talent - Weak (once), Quest #143
To clear this quest, your party must consist of only underage girls. Basically, its Kouhime, Onoha Mespos, Mill Yorks and Karma Atlanger (and Reset Kalar if Magnum is installed). Just a single, small map (actually, the same as Quest #139). No random encounters, just watch the traps. Find the red star, beat the 3 bones and clear.
  • Can still use Mill even after you H her and she loses the Immature trait.
  • The narrow entrance to the room containing the boss will always have one trap seemingly blocking your path, but you can actually walk around it.
  • The abnormal bones have no weaknesses, but are extremely resistant to spear attacks, as well as fire/ice/electric elements. All other melee attacks that don't have above elements, as well as light/dark attacks and element-less magic (like Eidolon Attack) do regular damage to them.
  • Any weapon with anti-zombie enchantment will do bonus damage to them.
  • The abnormal bones can be easily stunned or poisoned.
  • If you make your Kouhime wield a spear, temporarily give her something else. Preferably with her Dango, since the abnormal bones can be poisoned.
  • Have Mill use either light magic or her unique Eidolon Attack; ice or electric will be useless.
  • Onoha and Karma should be fine with short swords as long as they don't have fire/ice/thunder element. Particularly Onoha with her Guy Monster Weakness skill will frequently stun them.
  • Onoha can be equipped with a gal monster to aid you in battle seeing as she has Familiar Knowledge. The gal monsters won't do a lot of damage, but may prove useful. Also, the maid lady gal monsters can recover your characters' HP. Ralga's Cat does good damage.
  • Up to several EXP bonuses may be found on the map (Not present in Magnum version)

Quest #141: Exterminate the Strange Rurontas[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #64 and Shizuka has joined
  • Location: Somewhere in a ruined department store
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 32
  • Condition: Party must consist of sorcerers only. No swapping allowed during quest.
  • Rewards: 5 Reputation, Common Seahorse (special item, once), Forbidden Talent - Weak (item, once), Quest #143
To clear this quest, your party must be made up of sorcerers only. Consider carefully which 5 sorcerers to bring in, since you're not allowed to swap any. It is recommended to have your frontline sorcerers equipped with the Magic Barrier skill.
The abnormal ruronta in this dungeon, though all the same in appearance, have different elemental weaknesses (each type can be revealed by scanning with Weakness Search). Each type of ruronta is weak against only one element and resistant to every other element. Therefore Torako and Mill Yorks are useful, as their unique attacks hit all the monsters equally due to having no element. Another good sorcerer in your party is Emi, who attracts the monsters' attacks with Easy Target and can tank damage due to her potentially high HP stat, if you raised her correctly. Shitomone Chappie is useful for trap evasion. Once in the dungeon, evade the traps and find the red star in a room. Before engaging in the battle, remember to open the green chest past the red star event (may require you to walk over at least one trap at times). In the last fight, the 5 rurontas have 5 different elements, so take into consideration what spell to use when.
  • Torako's unique Shikigami attacks deal regular damage to all of them, as does the weaker and physical Eidolon Attack of Mill Yorks.
  • Also, Eidolon Attack may be weaker but can stun enemies if you raised her stun rate with special items and/or equipped her with a club.

Quest #142: Exterminate the Strange Uppies[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #64
  • Location: Somewhere in a forest
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Party must consist of healers only. No swapping allowed in this quest.
  • Difficulty: 32
  • Rewards: 5 Reputation, Quest #143
  • Description: To clear this quest, a party full of healers are needed. Any other types e.g. fighters will automatically cause the quest to fail.
The quest is straightforward in one small map, with green stars that allows you to heal injured people using your healers, which gives you an exp boost bonus and saves a certain number of people (see notes below). The first couple choices in the menu lets you use one of your healers to heal the injured people, but in exchange all healing spells of that healer will be depleted (reviving spells will stay).
The options "Ëncourage" and "Just Watch" will just cause the people to die and provides no reward. Random encounters are still present on this map. The red event star initiates a boss battle, with a red hanny, an abnormal uppi and a happi. Just make sure your other healers keep Crook alive, if she is your main attacker. Though if you gave rank B healer hammers and rank B leather armor to them all, they all should be more or less OK, with the exception of Frostvine who should only be kept in the backline. After beating the last fight, you obtain gold depending on how many people you saved earlier.
  • The number of people saved per green star depends on how many healing moves the chosen healer had remaining. Every use of Healing saves 1 person, every use of Recovery Rain saves 3 people. After healing all versions of aforementioned moves of the chosen healer are exhausted.
  • Amount of gold gained in last battle is 10x (with 1-4 healers) and 50x (with 5 healers) the grand total number of people saved. No gold is gained if no people have been saved.

Quest #143: Strange Hive[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #139, Quest #140, Quest #141 and Quest #142
  • Difficulty: 35
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation

This dungeon is filled with the enemies from Quests #139-142 but you can use your regular party and switch around normally. Take note that they have many elemental resistances, so attack with non-elemental weapons and magic.

  • Your location starts from C3. You see a green event star but don't touch it first. Head west to C2 and look for the green event star there. Then go back and touch the green event star in C3.
  • You will drop down to D3. Head north and touch the green star. Choose the first option for the item Abnormal Bloomers (異常ブルマー). Head all the way down, past the red event star for four Recovery Points, if you need them. When you're ready, touch the red star for a fight with two ranken, two bone m and one abnormal Samera~i. Hit them with your strongest physical attacks or Torako's Shikigami to win the fight and clear the quest.

Quest #145: Malgrid Dungeon 9th Stratum[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #128
  • Difficulty: 50
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, CG #178, Quest #146
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: Orgarhythm

Exits warp you around rather than being normal directions. Wrong exits take you to the start of the Block you are on.
On 001 Block take the exit North to 002 Block.
On 002 Block take the exit South to 003 Block.
On 003 Block take the exit East to 004 Block.
On 004 Block take the exit West to 005 Block.
On 005 Block take the exit South (directly east of where you came in though) to 006 Block.
On 006 Block take the exit East to 007 Block.

Finally, on 007 Block take the exit South to 008 Block. You'll immediately get into a boss battle with the Mechavalry Destroyer, so make sure you are prepared before going through the portal. Each turn it attacks everyone physically for 700-1300 damage. Use Urza, Kou or Arlcoate to buff defense and this should drop to 500-800. Worthwhile, even if you'll immediately lose your tactician afterwards. Mechavalry Destroyer is weak to electric attacks, so you can load the party with Brawlers using Element Strike, Aegis's Electric Arrows, and/or your electric Mages (particularly Magic). Lia is not recommended as you'll want to finish the quest with her so you'll get all the reputation; and you don't want to risk her dying. Also, weapons with bonus damage to constructs work well too. Just keep your health up with Healers using Recovery Rain 2 and you should survive decently well.

After the fight you'll see CG #178. You'll still need to beat the red exclamation event to be able to clear the quest, so prepare your team beforehand. The fight consists of five Mechavalry Copter MKII, which are weak to electricity as well. They also count as constructs so continue using weapons with bonus damage against them, if you used them before. Afterwards, touch the green star to clear the quest.

Quest #146: Malgrid Dungeon 10th Stratum[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #145
  • Difficulty: 55
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, Kugu Piece A (optional), Kugu Piece B (optional), Kugu Piece C (optional), Quest #115, Quest #131 (World 2 and 3 only), Quest #132 (World 3 only), Quest #147, Quest #195, Quest #199, normal battle BGM changes again, randomly found equipment may now randomly have Body Boost 10% on it
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: Attack UP Set

During this quest, every time you first exit a block from column 1 (A1->A2, A1->B1, B1->B2, B1->C1, C1->C2, C1->D1) it will remove and disable all characters belonging to a certain class at random.

Valkyrie and battle booklet monster girls can be found in C4 where the green escape portal is conveniently located.

No green escape portal in the goal block. Hit the red event in the goal block to start the boss battle.

The boss consists of 2 Z Guardians, which use light elemental attacks that do a lot of damage (around 1500 with average RSN). They can use both single and AoE attacks) Rizna is invincible. Light Charms decreases damage taken by a lot. Weapons with bonus damage to constructs help. Afterwards, touch the green star to clear the quest.

  • A2: There's a green chest containing Kugu Piece A here. Needed for Quest #181.
  • B2: There's a green chest containing Kugu Piece B here. Needed for Quest #181.
  • C2: There's a green chest containing Kugu Piece C here. Needed for Quest #181.
  • As entering any of the above rooms will remove party members of one class, getting one at a time is recommended.

Quest #147: Malgrid Dungeon Xth Stratum[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #146 and Quest #177
  • Difficulty: 62
  • Reward: Nothing, just your ticket to the next floor

Map 1


Map 2


Map 3

Map 4

Map 4


Map 5

This quest, every time it is initiated, will put you on 1 of 5 map templates selected at random. To know which map and starting point you're on, consult the table below.

A Japanese user has made a mapping tool for Excel quite a while ago and it comes with a how to guide both having a basic English translation, link.
It does require macros to work.

Starting Points

Starting Point Warp Gate Locations

(1st Room)

Warp Gate Locations

(2nd Room)

Warp Gate Locations

(3rd Room)

Warp Gate Locations

(4th Room)

(Down Portal)

Warp Gate Locations

(4th Room)

(Right Portal)

Your Starting Map-Start Point
Up Up Left MAP4-C4
Up/Left MAP5-D4
Up/Left MAP5-D3
Up/Right MAP4-D1
Left MAP2-B4
Right MAP2-B1
Down Down MAP3-B1
Down/Left MAP3-B4
Down/Right MAP1-A1
Left MAP1-A4
Right MAP5-C1
Left Up Right MAP2-D2
Up/Right MAP2-D4
Down Down MAP4-A2
Down/Left MAP3-A4
Left MAP4-D4
Right Down Down/Right Left/Right Up MAP1-A2
Down/Right Down Up/Down MAP3-A1
Down/Left MAP5-A3
Up/Down MAP3-C2
Up/Down/Left MAP4-B3
Up/Left/Right MAP1-C3
Down/Left MAP5-A2
Down/Right MAP2-B2
Left/Right MAP1-D2

In this quest, you will start from floor 11. After each clear, you'll go down 1 floor. Bosses change at each floor except at specific floor levels beyond floor 20(See notes below).

There is always a Green exclamation Star (Which gives you the map) and a regular Green Star (Which gives an encounter with a lucky can can or an asshole) that appears on any map (see notes).

  • The green star with a "!" mark will reveal all the current locations that you have explored thus far. It will not show the entire map.
  • The green star without a "!" mark will give you a lucky can can the first time you encounter it on that specific floor. If you then abandon or lose the quest, then restart and encounter that star again, however, the lucky can can is replaced by an "asshole" instead.
  • There will also be two special areas that may or may not occur within the map. One area is the Room of Plenty, where lots of coins and chests will appear with no enemies. The other area is Room of Sudden Death, filled with very high level enemies and traps. Don't linger too long in this room. The Room of Sudden Death starts appearing on floor 16 and beyond.
  • These special areas are repeatable and clearing quest is not required for it to occur. You will always get a notice (with appropriate sound effect) when you enter one of these rooms. NOTE: These rooms can be spawned either one or the other, both of them or none at all.

Here is the list of fixed bosses:

  • Floor 11: Bird 1, Bird 2, Bird 3, Bird 4, Bird 5
  • Floor 12: Daddy Puryo, Child Puryo
  • Floor 20: Anmos
  • Floor 30: Yudain×5
  • Floor 40: Battle Booklet, Destroyer Unit
  • Floor 100: Crazy King×5
  • Floor 101: Malgrid Xth Floor, 100th Floor Clear, Congratulations!, I can't believe, you made it this far (Note: these are monster names)
  • Floor 102-199: NotHappy KyanKyan (辛福きゃんきゃん, meant to be a play on Kanji, 幸福 vs 辛福)
  • Floor 200: Anmos×2
  • Floor 400: Anmos×3
  • Floor 600: Anmos×4
  • Floor 800: Anmos×5
  • Floor 900: ハニー
  • Floor 998: Malgrid Xth Floor, Next is 999th Floor!?, Truly this data, Is new territory, Keep it up! (Note: These are monster names)
  • Floor 999: Anmos×2, Gunagan×2


  • Use a pencil and paper or a spreadsheet to draw a temporary minimap, until you find the actual map. It will help you keep track of where you've been and which rooms have (may have) multiple exits, as well as help save you valuable time and skill uses.
  • It is recommended to always search for the lucky can can every time you go through this quest. If you get to the boss room without encountering it, consider defeating the boss (switching from your exploration team to your boss clearing team and back) then continue to search for the green star before returning to clear the quest. Equip the Abnormal Bloomers accessory as needed. This quest may well be the ideal quest to grind levels, money and rare items.
  • Lucky can can will appear at every level, even after Floor 20. You just need to be diligent in searching for it (or restarting the quest over and over again).

It is recommended to field a strong exploration team which should include:

  • A high level Guard with Shield Deflection ★★★ and Initial Guard-Heaven/Initial Guard-Earth at ★★★ for the usual defense duties. Try to keep their HP high at the end of battles, as you may find yourself unlucky enough to be ambushed by Hanny Cannons that could decimate your team before you can act. Make sure you to have replacement Guards of good quality on standby.
  • A Healer with Post-Battle Recovery ★★★.
  • An exploration Ranger, preferably Crane, with Escape, Escape Skills ★★★ and Covert Movement ★★★ equipped. Rance with Escape can also help.
  • Switch Atago in and out to use her Dancer skill, preferably on Rance to recover skill points on Melee Attacks, Train slash, Rance Attack, and Escape.

Tips on "Anmos"

Luck plays a large part in this battle, even with proper preparation. Its bubble attack can 1-hit KO most members of your party if it connects. Since this will likely be a long, tough battle, even 2 Healers will not suffice as its bubble attack will eventually knockout both your Healers by chance. Your best bet is to eventually have at least 3 Healers on the field, plus Rance (your main damage dealer), and Atago to replenish his attacks. Your medics should have staves instead of hammers and have at least 3 points in the Full Revive skill, and 2 of them should have a Hanny Zippo (and its orange skill) equipped. Also the more healing skills they can equip the better (don't bother with Full Party Protection). You may consider equipping Rance with an Epinephrend (or a Hanny Zippo), or have Atago equip it, if you don't plan to have her equip a gal monster. (Also consider equipping your team with Talent R armors, at 5000% they will give at least 2000 Defense and Resistance, enough to survive through the fight)

At the start of the battle, you can have Rance, 2 Healers, a debuffer, and either another Healer or attacker. Switch out the debuffer or switch in Atago, depending on how the battle goes. Switching in yourHealer late could leave you to be unable to use them when needed the most. Adjust your strategy as you see fit. It'll likely take a bunch of tries before you get lucky.

Also, if you found a rare item in a treasure chest, consider exiting via a green portal. You'll fail the quest but keep the item. Rare items are hard to find, and it may be while before you come across it again. Especially if the boss you have to defeat is very difficult.

Quest #148: Body Natto[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #60 and Quest #99, Mahoko is at least level 35
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #179, Mahoko gets Morurun'd
  • Requires Mahoko at or above level 35

Mahoko has a special treat for Rance.

Quest #149: Her Reason to Live[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #60. Then, after Elenoa has joined, put her in the active party and go to a quest that has a map with at least three blocks. Then, switch blocks twice and an event with Elenoa may be seen. This is random, so abandon the quest if it does not trigger. Afterwards, clear any quest. Mill and Maria must have joined as well.
  • Requires: Elenoa Ran at or above level 35.
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #180, Elenoa Ran gets Morurun'd.

Event only.

Quest #150: The Three Ice Flame Girls[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #60. Megadeth, Prima and Cessna must have joined.
  • Requires Megadeth, Prima and Cessna at or above level 35.
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #185

Scene with above girls.

Quest #151: Let's Play with the Emperor's Armor[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20, Quest #59 and Quest #60. Also obtain the Emperor's Armor from Quest #127
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #183
  • Requires: Emperor's Armor, Kanami at or above level 45

Scene only. Does not Morurun Kanami.

Quest #152: Let's play with the Orgarhythm[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #60. Also obtain the Orgarhythm from Quest #145.
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #184, Shizuka gets Morurun'd
  • Requires: Orgarhythm (armour), Shizuka at or above her minimum Morurun level.

Scene only.

Quest #153: Days at the Macatt Bar[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #60, Quest #85 and Quest #77. Quest #77 must be cleared by selecting "Lemme fuck you" at the end.
  • Requires: Have 'Lotion A', 'Lotion B', and 'Lotion C' in the vault, Atago at or above level 30

Scene only. Atago gains one extra use of her Dancer skill.

Note: In the original Japanese releases of the game, Quest #12 also needs to be completed to unlock this quest. This is not the case for the MangaGamer release.

Quest #154: Relaxing Bust[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #60 and Quest #79. Also Morurun Meg at the castle at least once.

Scene only. Quest will fail if Reset hasn't joined yet.

Quest #155: Looking for a Lucklady?[]

Choose first option for a threeway for 30,000 gold.

Second option is to buy the girls as characters but costs several hundred thousand gold (See below).

Without Copandon in your party, the price to buy the girls is 8 million. By putting Copandon in the party, the cost will be as follows:

8000k - (3000k + Level of Copandon x 80k)

Example: If Copandon is level 50:

8000k - (3000k + 50 x 80k) = 8000k - 7000k = 1000k

Needless to say, the higher level Copandon is, the more of a discount you will get in the end.

The minimum purchase amount is 50k, so Copandon will need to be at least level 62 to get the lowest price.

Quest #156: The Father's Present[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #29 and Quest #177
  • Requires: Sachiko level 50.
  • Type: ADV
  • Reward: Sachiko's Holy Healing Marks upgraded to ★★, healing her by 20% per turn.. It also upgrades Mr. Hiroshi (Sachiko's shield) to give 100 defense instead of 5.

Scene only.

Quest #157: Satella's Request[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #190 and Quest #95
  • Difficulty:40
  • Reward: 15 Reputation, CG #190
  • Requires: Chaos the Darksword

Collecting bugs again. No random encounters, just a ton of red mines. You need to kill 10. Choose the second option during the cg. If you are selective about which ones you fight, you can make it to the green star in the northwest area and get a Watch & Game, Love Pet and a Learning Device. Make sure you select the second option in the scene afterwards or you will fail the Quest. But if you do choose the first option you will get a variation of CG #190 so if you want all CG variations you have to lose the quest once.

Quest #158: Gal Monsters[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #76
  • Difficulty: 36
  • Reward: 5 Reputation

This quest puts you in a single room to easily catch gal monsters in fixed and random encounters. Catch as many as you can/like and return to the green star at the start when you are done. This clears the quest.

The gal monsters you encounter at the green stars will always be the ones you haven't caught yet. There will be two types of them each time you do the quest (one type near one pool, the other near the other pool). If you have caught every gal monster at least once you will encounter two random species there. You cannot find the gal monsters added in Magnum like valkyrie, battle booklet or nekomatamata.

Quest #164: To Kawanakajima We Go[]

  • Rqm-q164
    To unlock: Clear Quest #77 and choose "Lemme fuck you"
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Crook must be in your party
  • Difficulty: 43
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, Quest #165, Quest #202
  • Magnum Bonus Gauge: Evade Up Set

Green escape portal: C3

For this map go down, left, down, right, then down to reach the goal block. On the final block you'll find the boss immediately to your left. If you go down, you'll find six gold coin pickups that give you an amount of money. The boss consists of two rad plants and a rad diviner, a stronger version of the rad plant enemies you likely faced on your way through the quest. They all use area of effect damaging attacks that may stun. The rad diviner has something like 15000 HP. Use ice attacks and weapons strong against plants if necessary. Afterwards, just continue following the path to the final green star. This clears the quest.

Quest #165: Rumors of the Shepherds[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #164 and Quest #49. The following ten characters must also have joined:
    • Copandon Dot - joins by clearing Quest #38: Copandon Joins
    • Katsuko and Torako Uesugi- join by clearing Quest #42: KatsuTora Highway Marathon
    • Tilde Sharp- joins by clearing Quest #50: The Young Royal Guard
    • Athena 2.0 - joins by clearing Quest #81: The Miraculous Artificial Lifeform
    • Arms Arc - joins by clearing Quest #93: Dragon Slayer
    • Shizuka Masou - Enter Quest #121 and navigate to B3 without having Rance in the active party. Then touch a green star there to watch an event. Clear the quest afterwards and Shizuka will join. Alternatively, if you cleared Quest #76 and haven't gotten Shizuka yet, going into any quest that has random map switching events except Quest #121 will cause the event with Shizuka to play. Then just clear that quest and she'll join.
    • Maria Custard - After Shizuka joined, enter Quest #124 and navigate to A3. Then touch a green star there to watch an event. Clear the quest afterwards and Maria will join. Alternatively, if you cleared Quest #76, Shizuka joined and haven't gotten Maria yet, going into any quest that has random map switching events except Quest #124 will cause the event with Maria to play. Then just clear that quest and she'll join.
    • Elenoa Ran - Obtained from a scroll item that can be randomly gotten from red chests in quests. Defeat at least the number of gal monsters listed on the scroll, then do Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar. Alternatively, if you cleared Quest #76 and Scroll (Elenoa) is yet to be obtained, the item can be found inside a fixed green chest at C3 in Quest #122.
    • Mill Yorks - Obtained from a scroll item that can be randomly gotten from red chests in quests. Defeat at least the number of gal monsters listed on the scroll, then do Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar. Alternatively, if you cleared Quest #76 and Scroll (Mill) is yet to be obtained, the item can be found inside a fixed green chest at D3 in Quest #123.
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, Quest #166, Quest #207

Non fighting event.

After clearing this quest, contaminated people may appear in red crystals on other quests. They may only appear once in each run. They drop Soul Shackles which you can exchange for Alice Coins with Quest #166.

Quest #166: Gift Exchange at the Church[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #165
  • Rewards: 5 Reputation, Quest #167 (optional), Quest #168

If you have Soul Shackles that can be found in Quest #48, Quest #86, Quest #207 or elsewhere, in this quest they will be traded for Alice Coins. These items, when equipped, allows a character to learn the yellow skill Alice's Protection, that gives a 10% bonus to ATK, DEF, MAG and RSN and costs 1 skill point to learn. Crook starts with this skill.

Note 1: After your character learned Alice's Protection then it's no longer needed to learn after a skill reset, it will always be in that character's current skill list. However, it cannot be erased (until World 3) and the Alice Coins are one use each. So if you don't have that many, think twice before equipping them on all your characters. Prioritize the strongest ones.

Note 2: In order to unlock Quest #167, you must trade in at least ten Soul Shackles.

Quest #167: Quest for Hikari[]

  • To unlock: Exchange 10 Soul Shackles in Quest #166
  • Difficulty: 45
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #164, Hikari Mi Blanc joins.

The quest title is a direct reference to the first Rance game, Rance: The Quest for Hikari.

Rance wants to H the young nun who was trading Alice Coins for Soul Shackles in Quest #166. It turns out that the girl is Hikari Mi Blanc (the girl Rance had to find in the first game). She receives a letter from her father that they found her a fiancé. Rance goes after her.

The enemies here are pretty tough, so bring your strongest team. Consider putting a Ranger with maxed out Covert Movement in the active party to minimize battles. Head east. Upon moving to A3 there is a forced fight vs 5 templars. They are weak to dark attacks and Shoulder Throw. At A4, take the bottom path where you'll find a green event star to end the quest.

  • You can't use Crook on this mission so if you had her in the active party, she'll be removed at the start.

Quest #168: Despair Gathering[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #166
  • Difficulty: 45
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, Super Resistance Ring (optional, once), Quest #169, Quest #186, Quest #187, Quest #188

This Quest contains one of four optional timed subboss fights against a member of Schachmatt. You don't have to win these, but doing so makes the completion of a certain quest later on easier, so it's strongly recommended that you do. (Note that you also need to complete the quest after winning; if you win and then give up or lose, it won't count!) Winning the fight will give you the Super Resistance Ring, an item that gives 200 resistance and 5 speed.

Head south twice, making sure you hit every green event along the way. After you've hit all other events (one in A3, one in B3, and two others in C3) and then the event with the locked door, you have a chance of winning a Despair Key after random battles or red mines. Once you have it, view the Green star event in the southwest of C3 to teleport to D3.

There's a boss fight here with Term Salvenaott, 2 rad actors and a D shield. Salvenaott has an attack and defense buff as well as regen. He's weak to Shoulder Throw. As mentioned earlier, if you beat Salvenaott here, he won't show up in a later quest and you'll receive the Super Resistance Ring the first time you beat him. Afterwards just head right to finish the quest.

B2, C4: Soul Shackle in a green chest

C3: next to the teleport green event, there is a red chest that contains a (4) Hard Leather Armor XB with a fixed +20% physical resistance bonus, and possibly one other random bonus. That chest is there for 2 times max.

Quest #169: Obsidian Princess[]

  • Rqm-q169
    To unlock: Clear Quest #168
  • Difficulty: 46
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, Quest #170, Quest #201 (optional)
  • Magnum Bonus Gauge: Magic Up Set

This Quest contains one of four optional timed subboss fights against a member of Schachmatt. You don't have to win these, but doing so makes the completion of a certain quest later on easier, so it's strongly recommended that you do. (Note that you also need to complete the quest after winning; if you win and then give up or lose, it won't count!)

This quest will make you fight two nekomatamata when switching areas. These fights do not need to be won, just outlasted, so you can strategize around it if you want. Every room has a green star inside of it showing a crucible spawning enemies. Rance destroys it and now there are no random encounters in that room and switching from that area won't cause a fight with nekomatamata anymore. Also, the red mines will make you fight super easy enemies, although you may still run into bones. It's therefore advised to seek out the green stars in every room as soon as possible.

Right away there are 2 Resist Crowns in 2 red chests (first time only). The crucible is at the top right. Entering the next map will have an immediate fight against five templars, which are weak to dark attacks and Shoulder Throw. The crucible is at the bottom right when you entered. From this room onwards, you'll randomly take damage as you make your way through the rooms, so watch out for it. Use Healers in battle if necessary. Then, go west.

In this room, go up immediately. The crucible is there on a side path. Then take the nearby teleporter to move to C1.

In C1, the crucible is all the way at the top left and can be dangerous to reach because of the random damage. Here, you can fight one of the Shepherds, Springer Paluott, along with two Hopefuls in the back. They are all weak to Shoulder Throw. As mentioned before, winning the fight makes Paluott not show up in a later quest. Then go north once more.

At the end, move towards the middle. There, you'll see a person trapped inside some forcefield. Each of the 4 green stars at the corners makes you fight a group of five templars. Fight any one of them, then touch the red event star in the middle. This forces you into one last fight against a single enemy. He kills a party member every attack and he has a very high resistance to swords, so don't use your swordfighters. Shoulder Throw does a ton. After you win, he flees.

Note: If you hit the middle event at the goal block without fighting any templars (the event star will still be green) then the final boss of this quest dies instead of fighting you. This will lock you out of some quests, but the boss also won't show up during a certain quest later. It's generally advised to fight instead.

  • The two red chests in D3 contain Special Items 100% of the time.
  • In D1 there is a green chest with a (6) Club in it. After collecting it once and then clearing the quest it will not spawn again.

Quest #170: The Leader of the Shepherds[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #169
  • Reward: CG #165, Quest #171, Quest #193

Scene only.

Quest #171: The Bishop's Trap[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #188 and Quest #170
  • Difficulty: 46
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #160, Quest #172, Quest #190
  • Condition: Crook must participate
  • Magnum Gauge Bonus: Rare Item List B Ulaanbaatar

It's recommended to swap in a Ranger before you start the quest, as there will be chests and traps in the way in the first block. Make sure their Chest Opening and Trap Evasion maxed out to ensure you can make it past all the traps and chests without taking too much damage or being dragged into unnecessary fights. Speaking of fights, the enemies are quite tough here, so don't be afraid to use Escape if need be.

Head north, then west. (There's no reason to go north instead of west, other than a few Adventure Achievements.) Upon arriving there you'll run into a row of red mines, each containing a single enemy called a cranium flower. If you beat all the red mines, they'll turn into coins which add some gold to your total. It's not really worth it, so it's probably best to ignore. Continue heading west, then west again.

Upon arriving in the final block, you'll run into Bishop Enron. After he leaves, the party notices they are suddenly unable to use magic. This is because of a goblin that resides in the area, so as long as you are in this block, all magic is inaccessible. So swap out any Sorcerers and Healers for Fighters, Rangers and Gunners, then go left and up the bridge. Hit the red event star there. At the end of the scene, you'll fight a battle with two magneballs. They are weak to electric and also ancients, so use weapons and skills good against those. Afterwards, there's another scene and a fight against three more magneballs. At the end, you must make a choice who will stay behind. If you pick Rance, you'll fail the quest. You must pick any other choice. However, if you have not recruited Kanami yet, then that character will die permanently, even if you abandon or clear the quest afterwards. Kanami does not need to be in the active party, she simply must have joined, so as long as you have her, you'll be safe.

After that event, go down and to the left. Defeat the red mines and make it up to the red exclamation event. You'll fight the goblin. When fighting the goblin, it's recommended to use your hardest-hitting Fighters as well as Lia with her Leazas Lightning Dragon. Afterwards, you'll see another couple of scenes, one of which has a CG, then the quest is cleared.

There's a few fixed items on the starting map:

  • The red chest in a secluded little area to the right of the starting point contains a (7) Insect Killer Bow;
  • One tier higher on the right there are 4 exp bonus ball, increasing the amount of exp earned from enemies fought during this quest by 3% each;
  • Another tier highter there are 3 more exp balls and a recovery spring.
  • On a higher secluded area on the north-left side there's green chest containing Iceberg sword with 10% Body Boost and no accuracy drop (will drop only once);
  • The red chest on the left side, down the stairs from the green chest contains a Soul Shackle;
  • All other chests contain random items.

A red chest may exist on the small island in C1, between the two red '!'stars. This chest always contains a Jewel and will only spawn if a Jewel is not already in the vault.

Quest #172: Maria's Marriage Meeting[]

  • Rq172
    To unlock: Clear Quest #171
  • Difficulty: 50
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #157, CG #158, Quest #182, Quest #193, Maria Morurun'd
  • Requires: Maria must participate and be at level 35+.

Upon starting the quest, Maria will be removed from the party and cannot be added back for the duration of the quest. First, go down into the water, then east and north to go to A2 for a red '!' event where you have to fight a huge goldfish and two regular goldfish, all in the front row. They are weak to fire. The huge goldfish have high HP and a small chance to stun your characters, so it may take a while. You have a time limit though, so if you can't beat them in time you can't progress. Put a Brawler with Prolonged Battle in the active party if you are having trouble. Afterwards, continue moving up for a green '!' event in the top right.

After seeing the scene, head back south and keep moving east until you hit B4, then go north again. Here, you have to fight another goldfish in the front and two huge goldfish in the back. The same strategies apply. Finally, touch the green '!' event in the top right. This ends the quest.

  • B1 - west side: green chest contains Underwater Ninja Clothes with 85 Defense, 40 Resistance, 70% Ice Resistance, 20% Physical Resistance and 4 Speed
  • B1 - south side: green chest contains an Underwater Loose Robe with 199 Defense, 20 Resistance, 50% Ice Resistance, and 20% Physical Resistance
  • A2 - There is a red chest with a Gal Monster Tamer Handbook here. The path from the left is littered with traps, but coming in from the top has none.
  • A2 - In this area you can randomly run into Ralga's Cat, a gal monster that otherwise only appears in Quest #73. If you are having trouble catching her in that quest (as you can only use Rance there), you can try catching her here.

Quest #173: Mula Test Part 1[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #193
  • Difficulty: 52
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, Quest #174

Crook will be unavailable for this quest.

This quest will consist of a single battle against five enemies: Two healcinths in the back, and a black hanny, a valkyrie and an invincible iron bird in the front.

The invincible iron bird has extremely high defense and only takes normal damage when stunned. Critical hits do several times better than normal hits, but not enough to work well as a strategy. The best way to take them out is using Assassinate on them, so bring Suzume or Kanami with her Decapitation Blade equipped.

The black hanny may use a fairly weak physical attack or a powerful Hanny Flash. He may also seal a random skill from a character, preventing that skill from being used for the rest of the battle.

The valkyrie is strong and very fast, so it's advised to take her out first.

The healcinths in the back can use a very weak fire attack that hits the party. After you take out the front row they may start sealing your skills, similar to the black hanny.

  • The gal monsters here cannot be captured.

Quest #174: Mula Test Part 2[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #173
  • DIfficulty: 52
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #161, Quest #175
  • Magnum Gauge bonus: Critical Up Set

Crook will be unavailable for this quest.

First, sail east to A2, then head up towards the waterfall and hit the green '!' event, which will bring you to B2. From there, head south to C2. Here, head all the way down and hit the red '!' event for a fight against two Z Guardians. They use light elemental atttacks that hit either your whole team or a single unit for a lot of damage. Bring light resistance items if need be. They have no weakness other than being constructs, so just hit them with your strongest attacks. It seems magic works best on them. After the fight, head east to C3.

Here, the area has a troll present, which prevents physical attacks from being used. Set your team up with Sorcerers (and Healers, if you want) and preferably a Ranger with a few uses of Trap Evasion and maybe Escape and Escape Skills, then follow the path up, down and up again. At the next corner up top, head up to a red '!' event which starts a fight with the troll. It's not that strong, so just use strong magic. After killing it, continue down the path and take the teleporter to C4. There, follow the path south to D4.

In this area, the random encounters stop. There ar three teleporters to the left which do nothing. At the top there are three little rooms with a green star in them. The left and middle stars do nothing. Touch the green '!' event in the right room to progress, then touch it again afterwards for a scene followed by a fight with a Z Guardian. Prior to the fight, the active party will be hit by a Divine Erosion Wave, cutting each character's HP down by 50% of their current HP. You must beat the Z Guardian or wait out the timer. After the fight, a green '!' event appears at the bottom left off the map. Head there and touch it to clear the quest.

  • After the Z Guardian fight in the final area, you can keep hitting the green '!' star again as many times as you like. Just like before, every time, it will play an event, then halve your HP and make you fight another Z Guardian. As such it is not recommended if you are running low on resources. There will be two more unique events, one with Maria, and one with another character. After that you'll get a generic event every time.
  • At B2 in the top left, there are four green stars there. The first three stars you touch will be a fight with a Stone Guardian, but the fourth star will always be a Pocky Rock, a very rare monster that will always drop a Rocky Chunk. This item will give a single character the opportunity to learn the skill Rock On, which grants 10 Skill Points at the cost of just 1. The Pocky Rock will only appear the first time you hit the star, after which it will be replaced by another Stone Guardian, even if you fail or abandon the quest. So make sure you clear the quest upon obtaining the Rocky Chunk.
  • There is a circle of red mines at C2, near the red star, which are battles against 2 uncle bats and 3 silver antons. Each will turn into a green chest after clearing the battle, which always contains Special Items of various ranks.
  • There is a green chest on the west side of C4 protected by a huge group of red mines. In it, is a "Priest's Mace D", with 700 Attack and Bonus damage to Hannies, Spirits, and Ancients. The item only drops once, however.

Quest #175: Mula Test Part 3[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #174
  • Difficulty: 53
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #162, CG #163, Quest #204
  • Magnum Gauge bonus: Stun Resistance Up Set

Crook will be unavailable for this quest.

At the start, there is a green star at the bottom which gives you two choices (Go after Crook, or return to the castle). Selecting the second choice fails the quest. This quest requires you to walk to specific sections on each map, which will teleport you to the next area. These points are unmarked, rather than event stars or exit portals. There will also be green stars (not the ones with a '!' on them) randomly strewn about the areas. These are optional scenes and have no bearing on the outcome of the quest.

In the starting map (the forest), make your way right, up, and left. The warp is in a clearing here at the top-left corner. A scene will play and you will be teleported to a cave map. Go to the right, up, then left into the alcove with a rock in it. The warp to the next area is in front of the rock. A scene will play and you will appear in a water map. Here, go up, right, and then down the path on the right. Follow this path all the way to the end; the warp is there. Another scene will play and you will appear in an open field map with a ravine and a bridge. Head left and touch the green '!' star a bit away from the bridge, then touch either of the green '!' stars at the bridge and choose the second option. The green '!' star at the cabin is optional. Cross the bridge and go right alongside the edge of the ravine. You will eventually be taken to the next area.

After a scene, you will appear in a snowy map which contains many green chests. The area after this snowy section is a maze. Getting lost in the maze or opening chests wastes time, and if you have more than four instances of opening chests or getting lost, the quest fails upon getting to the end. Therefore, do not open any chests. In the snow area, head down for an event, then head all the way right and up to a purple exit portal.

Rance will then appear in a cave area with glass-like walkways over an abyss. This is the maze. The random encounters will stop here as well. As far as the correct path is considered, there are two different options and only one of these options will work for you. Which one you can take is actually determined by a flag that was set when you started the game. This flag cannot be seen in normal gameplay, so the only way to know is by checking whether you get warped at the first intersection. If you get warped after going left on the first intersection, follow the below steps:

  1. On the first intersection, go right.
  2. On the next intersection, keep going straight (path goes to the right immediately after).
  3. On the third intersection, go up, follow the path then go left.
  4. On the next intersection, go up, this will bring you to the end.

Otherwise, follow these steps instead:

  1. On the first intersection, go left.
  2. On the next intersection, go up and immediately go left.
  3. Then, on the next intersection go a bit right and immediately go up.
  4. Go up on the next intersection and follow the path to the end.

Here, touch the red '!' star to start a fight against BS and four templars. They can be quite tough to beat, especially BS. He, alongside the other templars, will heal their HP every turn (templars heals 800 HP, BS heals 720 HP). The templars may also heal themselves and their allies for 400 HP. BS, however, can heal himself and his templars for 1000 HP. If they choose not to heal, they'll attack one of your allies at random. BS can hit quite hard (over 1000 damage with ~400 DEF). Their attacks may stun. BS may also randomly cast a defense buff on his party.

To beat them, have a Ranger ready and try to stun BS. This stops him from healing (even his autoheal) and attacking you. Use Train Slash, Rance's Brutal Attack, Lia's Leazas Lightning Dragon and/or magic that targets all enemies to quickly pick off the templars, then use your strongest attack on BS. They are weak to Shoulder Throw, so you may want to get a Brawler in the team. You can also use the Brawler's Soft Spot Strike to debuff BS. All of them can be poisoned, which they can't heal, so use a Ranger in front with Poison Effect ★★★. Note that a poisoned enemy cannot be stunned, so keep that in mind. The templars may also be assassinated, but BS is immune. Lastly, if you are taking too much damage, swap a Healer in.

The best strategy is to bring Suzume with Assasination ★★★ and a lot of Assasinate skill uses to easily take care of the templars (who are likely to just heal off most of your attack damage if attacking normally) and focus all the firepower on BS himself. Poisoning him helps a lot too. Suzume can be switched to Lia after killing all the templars to guarantee a Publicity bonus, as she is useless as a damage dealer in this fight.

  • You'll get an alternate version of CG #163 if the quest fails by wasting too much time opening chests in the snow area or getting teleported too much in the glass maze.
  • This quest features some powerful enemies, especially near the end. Make sure you got a strong team.
  • Because of the strong enemies, this quest makes a good grinding map for characters up to the early level 60s.

Quest #176: The Shepherds' Base[]

  • Rqm-q176
    To unlock: Clear Quest #200 and Quest #205
  • Difficulty: 55
  • Reward: 30 Reputation, Quest #177
  • Magnum Gauge bonus: Attack Up Set

This Quest contains one of four optional timed subboss fights against a member of Schachmatt. You don't have to win these, but doing so makes the completion of a certain quest later on easier, so it's strongly recommended that you do. (Note that you also need to complete the quest after winning; if you win and then give up or lose, it won't count!)

Head south, then east. Touch the green '!' star and then the red '!' star. You'll get into a fight with five hanny cannons. They are very dangerous. They are fast and hit really hard. Their attacks may stun and they will get a surprise attack you giving them ten turns before you get any. To win, you're gonna need to have two or three Guards (Sachiko recommended) with Initial Guard - Heaven ★★★, a good Healer (Crook recommended) with a few uses of Recovery Rain 2, Status Restore (or Full Revive), and Healing 1 or Healing 2 (doesn't matter which as long as it heals all HP), and a few good Fighters with Train Slash (in particular Arms with Hannyology. If Arms doesn't use swords, that's fine. Just attack with some strong skills, she'll probably instantly kill them anyway). Lastly, you'll need a decent amount of luck. The strategy is to get lucky that the hanny cannons target the Guards almost exclusively and don't kill anyone other than them. Let your Healer revive your Guards or heal the team, depending on what you need the most. Your Fighters should Train Slash, or Brutal Attack if you have Rance. After taking out the front row, the fight becomes much easier. The cannons have about 2500 HP each, so a strong attack will destroy them in one hit.

There's a much easier strategy, however. If you have Hanny Goods, an item that makes you impervious to hanny attacks, equip it on a unit with Easy Target, like Emi, Merim or Arlcoate. Now, at least the first five attacks of the hanny cannons' attacks will target them and they will take no damage. You can fill out the rest of your team as you like. Unfortunately, Hanny Goods are rare and can only be gotten from red chests, so you must get lucky and likely grind for it.

After defeating the hanny cannons, continue east. In the next area, touch the green '!' event in the top right near the waterfall. Now you are in the final area: the Shepherd's base.

Go up and touch the green '!' star. Then head left and follow the path to the red '!' star. Here, you must fight against Loafer Seconaott, alongside two fishballs. The fishballs may guard each other and Seconaott. The fishballs are weak to ice. Use Train Slash and strong ice moves like Siberia to take out the fishballs, then use strong single target skills on Seconaott. As mentioned before, winning the fight makes Seconaott not show up in a later quest.

After the fight, continue following the path until you get to a room on the left and touch the green '!' star there. Then, continue on up and follow the path all the way to the right. Then, go up into the room and touch the green '!' star. Then, go back to the left and navigate your way up the stairs. At the top if the room is a red '!' star. Touch it to start a fight. If you need healing prior to the fight, there are three recovery springs down the stairs to the left. The fight consists of three opponents: Assassin Paraly and Warrior Gajel in the front and Sorcerer Hellbell in the back. Paraly is fast, has high evade and a chance to poison or stun with each attack. Gajel's attacks do moderate damage and his attacks may also stun. He recovers 1240 HP every turn and is very defensive. He can also charge, but his charge attack doesn't seem to be very strong. Hellbell cast magic that targets all and uses several elements. They apear to be immune to being assassinated. As they are contaminated, they will endure one deadly attack at 1 HP. They are humanoid and weak to light, so use Shoulder Throw, Train Slash and strong light magic like White Destruction Beam. Defeating them clears the quest.

At the last area (the Shepherd's base):

  • The red chest in the middle of the room always contains a pair of Abnormal Bloomers.
  • The chest in the bottom left always contains a (6) Bishop Mace.
  • The chest in the bottom right contains a (6) Cultux. The red mine protecting it is a special group of enemies consisting of a bat called dark chippy and four emperor aloe, which can be quite tough to beat. Dark chippy can poison you with his attacks and the whole group has quite a bit of HP for a red mine fight. The chest won't reappear on future runs through this quest.
  • There are precisely nine red mines in this quest, so you need to defeat them all if you want the +1 bonus for unidentified items

Quest #177: Tower of Babel[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #176, Quest #197 and Quest #198. Alternatively, clear Quest #192 by defeating Kaito there.
  • Difficulty: 58
  • Reward: 30 Reputation, CG #168, CG #169, CG #187, CG #188, CG #189, Pastel joins, Quest #13 again, Quest #115, Quest #131 (World 2 and 3 only), Quest #132 (World 3 only), Quest #147, Quest #156, Quest #195, Quest #199, Quest #209, Quest #211, Quest #215 and Quest #230.

This is the final Rance Quest Magnum storyline quest. Unlike Quest #77, this quest is more or less a boss gauntlet, with no random encounters.

You're going up a tower that has a total of 70 floors with a fight every 5 floors. Whenever you go in the portal you'll automatically travel to the next floor that's a multiple of 5. Every time you do you will lose everybody in your current active party that are below level 30. You will additionally also lose your lowest level party member above level 30. You have unlimited swaps so make sure to swap in one level 30+ character you don't need in your active party, as long as they are lower level than the rest of your combat party. Afterwards,swap back to your combat team for the upcoming fight.

You could also make a full team of level 30+ characters you don't mind losing and swap to it before stepping into the portal, then swap back to the combat party. Use the party recording function to save some time switching characters if you want to go this route.

Before starting the quest, it is recommended to swap in one level 30+ character you don't mind losing because you'll immediately lose one before you can get to the first fight.

Carolie Mate will be a big help, every 5 floors there is a spring and by making use of Nature Knowledge your active party can recover 1 of each Melee Attack.

After going through the teleporter on 65F you will not lose any characters and all your characters are fully restored, including skill uses. The fight aginst the final boss will start immediately too (after some scenes), so there's no more opportunity to swap characters. So set your final team before stepping through the portal on 65F.

The fights before the final boss are as follows:

Floor Enemy team and strategy
5F Front row: Contaminated Fighter x3
Back row: -
They aren't strong but, like all contaminated, will endure at 1 HP once. Use pretty much anything to take them out.
10F Front row: Green Hanny x2 and Super Hanny
Back row: -
The green hannies are very weak and should die in one hit. The super hanny is very strong and should be taken out immediately. It's recommended to use Arms with Hannyology.
15F Front row: Crystal Robo
Back row: Hopeful
The hopeful does nothing as long as it remains in the back. The crystal robo isn't very strong, but attacks the whole front row or the entire active party. The crystal robo's attacks may stun though. It's weak to fire, but it shouldn't be very hard to beat it.
20F Front row: Blue Wand x2 and Hexapillar
Back row: Blue Wand x2
The blue wands should be easy but the hexapillar is very strong. Its melee attack hits really hard and it may charge for an ice attack that hits the active party for high damage, though not as strong as its melee attack. It may be more evasive too. Prioritize the hexapillar, then the fight is easy.
25F Front row: Vecdran, Contaott (optional) and Salvenaott (optional)
Back row: Paluott (optional) and Seconaott (optional)
This is the fight against all the Schachmatt members: Corning Vecdran, Term Salvenaott, Springer Paluott, Bar Contaott and Loafer Seconaott. How many of them you have to fight depends on whether you won the battles against Salvenaott, Paluott, Seconaott and Contaott in Quest #168, Quest #169, Quest #176 and Quest #190 respectively. If you defeated them all you have to go up against Vecdran only. He has high HP and starts with his ATK/MAG/DEF/RSN buffed. Like the other Schachmatt members, his only weakness is Shoulder Throw. By himself, he shouldn't be too tough to beat.

If the other Schachmatt members are also present, they will have different functions in battle.

  • Contaott is a Sorcerer, he either attacks all your allies with Fire Blast or one ally with the stronger Fire Laser.
  • Salvenaott is a Fighter. He starts with his ATK/MAG/DEF/RSN buffed. He uses a normal single-target attack (uncommon) or a strong single-target attack (very common). Sometimes his attack will hit twice. He also auto-recovers 600 HP every turn.
  • Paluott uses physical attacks with his staff, which have a very high chance to stun. He can also heal himself for 2000 HP. He cannot attack from a distance.
  • Seconaott is a Ranger and his ATK/MAG/DEF/RSN are buffed at the start of battle. He's quite fast and uses a dagger to attack one of your allies at any range which have a very high chance to stun. He also gets two turns in a row every time.
  • Vecdran now acts similar to a Guard, protecting his allies and buffing his defenses and sometimes attacking with a fairly weak attack with a fairly low chance to stun.

As for the strategy, Seconaott is going to be the biggest hurdle. Bring a Guard with high RSL or a unit with Easy Target in the back row to act as a lighning rod for his stun attacks. Bring Fighters with Train Slash to defeat Contaott and Salvenaott quickly and pick off Seconaott and Paluott with magic or Gunners. Consider killing Seconaott early with Assassinate as well. Leave Vecdran for last as he's the easiest out of the lot and Paluott cannot attack with Vecdran still around.

30F Front row: Hanny x2 and The Invincible Iron Bird
Back row: -
The hannies pose no issue, but the invincible iron bird is much harder. It takes almost no damage from all sources and has ~4000 HP. To damage it normally, you must stun it. Onoha has the easiest chance to stun it if she has Guy Monster Weakness, but it requires a lot of work to level her enough to be useful. You can also assassinate it, which seems to be the best overall method.
35F Front row: Dark Rance or Nekomatamata x2 and a Splish-Splash
Back row: Nothing or Hopeful
If you chose to fight Dark Rance in Quest #169: Obsidian Princess, then you must face against Dark Rance again. He takes very little damage from swords a, so use anything else against him, such as magic, spears and hammers. It's attacks he can reach the back row and even worse it can instantly defeat any character in 1 hit regardless of it's defense/HP which can be difficult to counter. It would be for the best to use your best offensive characters (without swords) together with a Healer to revive them with Status Restore or Full Revive might as well use an additional healer in case Dark Rance strikes your healer. Otherwise, you're probably going to lose at least one character. His only weakness is Shoulder Throw. If you fought Dark Rance you also cleared one of the requirement for unlocking Quest #215.

If you chose to let Dark Rance die in Quest #169, you'll face a group of two nekomatamata, a splish-splash and a hopeful instead. That fight is significantly easier, but seeing how some quests are tied to Dark Rance being alive, it's not recommended to fight this group.

40F Front row: One-Fanged Puryo
Back row: -
The One-Fanged Puryo is a Guy Monster that heals 3500 HP every turn. It deals medium damage with its attacks, but is otherwise not too hard. Characters with Spear Knowledge and spears equipped deal higher damage, so bring one or two. He dose not have aria attacks, you can take advantage of that by using Atago Macatt with Dancer skill to recharge Rance's skills especially it's Rance attack.
45F Front row: Black Hanny, Valkyrie x2
Back row: Healcinth x2
This fight is almost the same as the fight you needed to do in Quest #173. The only difference is swapping out the invincible iron bird for another valkyrie. The hanny may seal, use a weak melee attack or a powerful hanny flash. The valkyries are strong and fast and the healcinths are not that big a concern. Take the valkyries out first. Also, th gal monsters cannot be caught here.
50F Front row: Mechavalry Destroyer
Back row: -
The mechavalry destroyer is a machine you also have to fight in Quest #145. It is very powerful, using a strong attack that hits the whole party for devastating damage. You must defeat it fast or use good Healers. Use Brawlers with Element Strike, Aegis's Electric Arrows, your electric mages (such as Magic), Lia and other strong characters to take it down fast.
55F Front row: Pastel
Back row: -
Pastel isn't very strong. If she gets a turn she debuffs and poisons your active party, but you might even beat her before then. Just attack her with some decent moves and you'll win soon enough.
60F Front row: Hopeful and Rad Diviner
Back row: Rad Diviner
The hopeful is no problem. The rad diviners are a different issue, though. They have massive HP, resistance to light and attack the whole active party. They're not that strong with an individual move, but the fight may last quite a while. If you have strong ice mages, Brawlers with Element Strike or Aegis's Ice Arrows you can deal decent damage. If Maris has Divine Erosion Wave (lowers all enemies current HP by half), one or two hits of that helps softening them up significantly. Poisoning them works, dealing about 1000 damage per turn. Also, you can assassinate them, but you'll only have a 20% base chance (and a 40% chance at best), so keep that in mind.
65F Front row: Valkyrie x3
Back row: Hopeful and Maid Lady
Basically a harder version of the fight on the 45th floor. Have your strongest Fighters use Train Slash here and use the strongest magic you have. It's okay to use up all your skills here; after this your characters and skills are restored anyway. Also, the gal monsters cannot be caught here.

REMINDER: Like stated before, your HP and skills get restored for the final boss. You also have all characters revived, but given how long they need to wait to be able to act after being switched in it may not necessarily be that useful - you will need your best 5 at the start of the fight (reviving a character, however, will reset the turn order. If timed right you can use this to bypass the delay after switching a character in). Switch to your strongest team after completing floor 65 as the last transition to floor 70 won't disable anyone in your party (unless that character is under level 30) and the boss fight starts immediately (after some scenes).

The boss, Am, has 3 moves:

  • a physical damage attack using dark spikes that has a chance to stun, damage can range from 700 - 1200 depending on armor, this one is used most often. It seems to have very high accuracy and decent stun rate.
  • a fog attack that poisons you
  • an attack for 1/2 current HP that removes buffs

All attacks hit your entire party so Guards are useless while multiple Healers with Recovery Rain 2 are a must; ideally you want two Healers in the party at a time so that the boss doesn't get two turns in a row without you being able to heal. If you don't have enough decent Healers, you can get a great one from clearing Quest #181: Challenging the Torture Device Part 4 . You may also want a tactician character (Kou, Urza or Arlcoate) that can Encourage as one of her moves poisons your entire party (although it can be resisted).

The boss's defense is very high, any characters who aren't Rance with Chaos will have a very difficult time dealing significant damage. Buffing (even though it will get removed) helps, as does generally sticking to strong, individual attacks. The boss seems to always recover from debuffs after two turns and has a RSL of 60, meaning attacks with a stun rate of 60 or less cannot stun her at all and you need a stun rate of 110 to have a 50% chance. Crane is the only character that can realistically stun if she has the Puncher equipped and uses Shuriken. Poison works and will deal 999 damage a turn, the boss will recover from it after two turns but it'll probably still deal more than most of your Fighters.

To decrease damage taken from Am's main attack, Reset's skill Mysterious Reset decreases damage taken from all sources by 20%. It does require her to be in the active party, however. The skill can be learned at level 40. Beyond that, defense buffs are useful too of course, even if they get debuffed frequently.

Overall, what team should you be using? Below is a list of characters you should definitely use:

  • Rance. He's almost guaranteed your strongest character and he has high HP too. You should have at least 5 uses of Melee Attack 4 (and also equip Melee Attack 1 as a backup). Then just keep spamming attacks.
  • Crook. She's probably your best Healer. Equip her with a Bishop Mace (can get great ones from Quest #176) as her weapon fo9r high magic. Get at least 6 uses of Recovery Rain 2. Status Restore should also be equipped to help revive characters if need be. Full Revive can also be used as an alternative. Don't bother with attacks.
  • Another Healer with good stats. The Healer from Quest #181 is recommended. The build should be the same as Crook.

Beyond that, there are a few other characters you can consider in the team. In no particular order:

  • Urza. Urza is the best Tactician unit in the game. She has the highest SPD of the tacticians and the best overall growths. Arlcoate is slow and Kou is near useless with her HP debuff from Immature. Learn Offense Buff/All and Defense Buff/All and get some decent uses on them. Probably at least 4-5. Get some uses of Encourage too to help recover from poison and stun. Then keep using those as much as possible. If you run out, you can just have her attack if you want, but that's not her best job.
  • Crane. She's the only character that can stun Am if she has the Puncher equipped. Just keep using Shuriken until Am is stunned and has recovered from the stun. Then switch to melee attacks. After Am has had a chance to attack again, just attempt to stun her again. For this fight you might want to max out Poison Effect, giving her attacks, specifically her melee ones, a nice chance to poison too. Note that a poisoned enemy cannot be stunned,or vice versa, though. Unfortunately, there's not much else Crane can do besides stunning and poisoning.
  • Reset. Specifically, after learning Mysterious Reset and Reset Slap. Mysterious Reset makes you take 20% less damage from Am's regular attack and Reset Slap will prevent the active party from being stunned. What's more, both effects still apply even if Reset is knocked out. She does still need to be in the active party though, otherwise it won't work. Note that Reset has incredibly poor HP and will guaranteed die from one hit unless she's dozens of levels above the quest's difficulty. While it sucks losing out on a character slot, taking 20% less damage and not being stunned is quite nice.
  • Another strong Fighter. This may prove useful too. Pick a strong one like Kenshin, Katsuko or Tilde and let them learn a good amount of uses of Melee Attack 3 or Melee Attack 4 and just keep attacking with it, like Rance.

All characters used in the battle should be pretty strong. Level 50 or higher is recommended and basically required. The higher, the better.

After beating Am, the quest is cleared. You'll see a couple of scenes and the end credits will roll.

  • If you lose to the boss, you can restart the quest and skip to the second to last boss fight on 65F by picking the top choice given to you by Alice (not the goddess, but the company mascot). This only works once, however, or at least until you beat the quest. On all future playthroughs you must manually get back to the top every time.
  • There are recovery springs on every floor with a boss. These recover your active party's HP to full.
  • If you want your strongest characters to last longer on your journey to the 70th floor, you can stretch out your standard attacks like Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Thrust Attack and Strike Attack by swapping Carolie in the team and then stepping into the recovery spring. Carolie has Nature Knowledge, which recovers 1 use of each basic attack skill for every character in the active party. Afterwards, you can switch her out and continue to the next floor, then swap her back in on the next floor if you want to.

Quest #179: The Crystal Rod[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #76 and Shizuka is at least level 40.
  • Reward: Crystal Rod
  • Quest will fail if Shizuka has the item "Crystal" equipped (The one obtained from choosing to take the crystal in Quest #33)

Scene only.

Quest #180: Let's Use the Decapitation Blade![]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #59 and Quest #76. Kanami is at least level 30
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, Decapitation Blade

Kanami needs 300 RSN or more to finish the event, otherwise the quest will fail.

Quest #181: Challenging the Torture Device Part 4[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #119 and Quest #190
  • Reward: 40 Reputation, CG #175, Café Artful joins
  • Requires: 'Kugu Piece A', 'Kugu Piece B' and 'Kugu Piece C'

Find all three pieces of the Kugu Torture Device one last time. The pieces can be found in green chests inside the Malgrid Dungeon. This time, Kugu Piece A is found in Quest #146 at A2, Kugu Piece B in Quest #146 at B2 and Kugu Piece C in Quest #146 at C2. After this quest, Café Artful joins the party.

Quest #182: Gay Fried Chicken[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #172
  • Difficulty:43
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, CG #155, CG #173, Quest #214
  • Condition: Party of up to 4, Rance must participate

You cannot change members in this map. Houjou Souun joins the party for this quest only. He is level 50 and has the shikigami spells, which makes this a relatively easy map. Just head North 3 times. There is no bossfight either.

WARNING: Do not use fire magic and try to let Majicians use it as little as possible as well since, as Souun explains, fire magic on the snowy mountain melts snow and can cause avalanches (around 3-4 Fire Blasts plus 4-6 Flame Arrows in total or their variations and quest fails). On the last map especially, enemies have a higher chance to ambush you.

Also watch out for the traps; they're all sloth shrooms which removes one member from the active party. Seeing as you can't switch, hitting too many causes the quest to fail. Therefore, it is recommended to bring a Ranger with Covert Movement ★★★ and Trap Evasion ★★★, possibly even Escape. Also, if the average party level is above the difficulty level, bringing Kenshin or Kibako may help reduce the number of enemies you encounter because of their Intimidation skill.

Quest #183: Late Night with Mill Yorks[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #67 and Quest #189. Mill Yorks must have joined.
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #177, Mill gets Morurun'd
  • Condition: Mill at or above level 35

Scene only.

After the event, her Immature skill will be removed and her attributes will then grow at her normal rate.

Quest #184: Plaskitt Test[]

Found in the latest 2.082TADA partial english translated ain file, description:

"Plaskitt Test"

"Debugging mode."

"From plaskitt to normal."

"Internal data is switched."

"Alice's Mansion somewhere"

Quest #185: Shining Cock[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Caloria is at least level 30
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #171, CG #172
  • Condition: Caloria at or above level 35, Caloria gets Morurun'd (once)

Rance buys an interesting toy at Frostbuy.

There are differences in the CG and dialog if Caloria has her skill Boobs learned.

  • Since clearing this quest the first time will drop her level to 1 anyway, it's best if you learn the skill Boobs the first time you do this quest. Afterwards, just do the quest again immediately to see the normal version (from the second time onwards the quest has no level requirement and Caloria will not get Morurun'd again). Afterwards. don't waste skill points on this skill ever again.

Quest #186: Erotech Hermit[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #168. Rizna Lanfbit must have joined.
  • Difficulty: 43
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #170, adds 20 hp to all characters
  • Requirements: Rance, Rizna, two more female party members (see description for which ones work). Rance's Sexual Prowess skill required (any level works, no difference with stars maxed).

No character switching is allowed in this quest.

You must use Rizna and two other girls that like Rance to cover three erotic trials. Each girl can only be used once. There is a diffent failure cutscene depending on whether Rance failed on a woman, an immature woman, or a man. After three battles, a green '!' event should appear in the northwest corner. Then, after three more battles another green '!' event appears in the southeast corner. Finally, after three more battles, the last green '!' event appears in the southwest. If you cleared all trials succesfully, you'll get a CG and clear the quest.

In order to beat the quest, Rance must perform various erotic acts with his party members. For each trial, Rance will automatically select one woman from the current active party. The priority list is currently unknown (if you know moore. please update the page). However, if two characters of equal priority are in the active party, the positions you've given them determines who gets chosen (note the slot numbers in the party screen). Whichever characters is in the lower number gets chosen, so party makeup may matter. As far as the character requirements to win each trial, these are as follows:

  1. Rance will pick a non-immature woman who is in love with him that isn't Rizna (see list of women who love Rance below), Kisara, Kanami, Crane, Merim, or Biscuitta. If none exist, then Rance will choose Rizna.
  2. Rance will pick Maria, Suzume, Athena 2.0, Magic, Lia, or Copandon. If they are unavailable, then Rizna. If Rizna is already used, then a non-immature woman (which will fail the quest). If none exist, try whoever is left (which also fails the quest).
  3. Rance will pick Rizna Rizna. If Rizna is already used, then a non-immature woman (which will fail the quest). If none exist, try whoever is left (which also fails the quest).

Woman who love Rance, in no particular order:

  1. Kenshin
  2. Rizna
  3. Kou (immature)
  4. Caloria
  5. Suzume
  6. Karma (immature)
  7. Athena 2.0
  8. Maria
  9. Reset (immature)
  10. Magic
  11. Mill (immature status depends on completing her Morurun Quest)
  12. Kibako
  13. Arlcoate
  14. Copandon
  15. Hikari
  16. Lia
  17. Custom characters who were told they love Rance

There are some small unique failure scenes you can see here if you choose specific (wrong) girls for each trial and fail.

  • In the first trial, Shizuka has a failure scene.
  • In the second trial, Shizuka, Kenshin, Alkanese, Kibako, and Biscuitta have unique failure scenes.
  • In the third trial, Shizuka has a faliure scene.

Despite the game having text for certain unique failure scenes, not all of them may be witnessed. The exact reason is unknown, but it appears to be a priority issue. For example, for the first trial, Kibako always has priority over Rizna. If the player completes the first trial without using Kibako, then for the second trial Rizna always has priority over Kibako! It is therefore impossible to see Kibako's failure event, as losing any characters from battles (like Rizna before the second trial) will cause the quest to instantly fail. (If you know more about how the game handles priority or found a way to legitimately see the impossible scene(s) in-game, please update.)

Quest #187: Love Hermit[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #168
  • Difficulty: 43
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #159
  • Requires: Rance and Shizuka only.

The love hermit binds one of Rance and Shizuka's hands together, so they can only use weak skills. Rance can only attack using Melee Attack 1 and Shizuka can only use Flame Arrow.

The fights are easy but you may want to use Standby to let them end on their own to conserve skill points.

Head southeast twice, then head northeast towards the green '!' star to clear the quest.

Quest #188: The Bishops' Day[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #168
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, Quest #171

Scene only.

Quest #189: Kouhime's Tea Party[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #74 and have Morurun'd a character twice so a scene plays where Crook explains the differences between Moruruning a character the first and second time. Afterwards, clear any quest.
  • Condition: Kouhime at or above level 35
  • Rewards: 3 Reputation, Quest #155, Quest #183, Kouhime gets Morurun'd

After Rance falls asleep during a tea party with Kouhime, the next day Kou is suddenly reverted back to level 1. Did Rance commit a crime?

Quest #190: The Shepherds and the Darksword[]

  • To unlock : Clear Quest #171. Afterwards, do a quest where a random event may play when moving between areas (such as Quest #121) and have Crane in the active party. An event will play where she will obtain info about people hunting Matilda and Chaos the Darksword. Then clear any quest.
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Difficulty: 50
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, Chaos the Darksword, CG #166, Quest #157, Quest #181, Quest #191, Quest #192

This Quest contains one of four optional timed subboss fights against a member of Schachmatt. You don't have to win these, but doing so makes the completion of a certain quest later on easier, so it's strongly recommended that you do. (Note that you also need to complete the quest after winning; if you win and then give up or lose, it won't count!)

You start out in a forest at the top left block in an ara full of red treasure chests. Open these if you want, then keep heading east to A4. Each time you change to a different block you will automatically fall into a sloth shroom trap and lose a party member (cannot be avoided unless your active party only has one member). It's best to do this part with a group of Rangers so you don't lose any of your good fighters, there's a lot more combat to go in the quest. At A4, look for a green '!' event which will take you into the hideout. Make sure to switch to your combat team at this point.

Here, avoid touching unnecesary green stars (these are forced battles against hopefuls and other enemies which will just waste your time) and head into the narrow passageway on the right and fight the first red mine. As you approach the second one, your characters will have a conversation about finding a detour. Go back up and to the lower right room and touch the green star near the chests. Then, go to one of the green stars in the upper left (the one near the bottom wall) and there should be a conversation about going down via a trap hole, followed by another fight. Afterwards, you can use one of the traps on the left side of the room to get to the next area without going through the gauntlet of tough fights. Make sure to not have a character in the active party with uses of Trap Evasion during this. You will unnecessarily evade the pitfalls, wasting your uses and time.

Afterwards, move to the second section and use another pitfall behind the row of green stars near the upper right (you could also fight through the red mines or use Escape on them, but neither is recommended.).

For the third section, go to the right and you'll see a red '!' event. This is a timed bossfight against Bar Contaott and four D. shields, which may be skipped if you want. The D-Shields will guard to protect Contaott and are weak to electricity, so Lia and Magic are very useful here. Luckily, the shields are weak and have fairly low HP, so it shouldn't be too hard to win. Contaott's only weakness is Shoulder Throw.

Follow the path to the right, then down through the narrow path. Have a Ranger ready with a few uses of Trap Evasion, because there will be several unskippable traps. Beyondd that there are two passsageways to the bottom and the right. Both lead to the same room, but only one path has one red mine, the otjher has two. Take whichever path you want, then touch the red '!' event at the bottom. After a CG, you must fight Dark Matilda, along with two hopefuls in the back. Physical attacks may be countered by her and she can stun easily. She has quite a bit of HP too, so hit her with strong moves. She's weak to Shoulder Throw and light spells, so bring a strong light mage like Shizuka. Assassinate works very well on her too. After beating her, the quest is cleared.

  • The sword enemy will evade all sword and short sword attacks. Beat them with Sorcerers or Brawlers.
  • A4: Green escape portal
  • Because of the large number of red chests in A1, you may wish to farm items here, then leave using the escape portal in A4.

Quest #191: Matilda, Confined[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #190
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #167, Quest #193, Quest #201, Matilda can be recruited through Quest #16

Rance punishes Matilda.

Quest #192: Green Village[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #190
  • Difficulty: 55
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, CG #174, Quest #177 (optional), Quest #193, Quest #198, Carolie Mate joins (optional).
  • Condition: Rance and Crook must participate

You can't use any girls other than Crook in this quest, but you can use the guys (including custom characters) and Bear. There are recovery springs on every screen at least. Head east twice and north and fight a boss. You aren't supposed to win, so just lose or hit the Give Up button to clear the battle. After a few scenes, Carolie Mate will join and you'll clear the quest.

In the event you'll win the fight, Rance gets lost and goes home. This still clears the quest, but you won't get Carolie as a party member. Also, you cannot unlock Quest #198 either. You will however, unlock Quest #177 if you do this.

This map always spawn Forbidden Talent (Weak) in the red chest.

Quest #193: Papal Candidates[]

Scene only.

Quest #194: Papal Inauguration Ceremony[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #204
  • Rewards: 50 Reputation, CG #176, Quest #197, Quest #200, Quest #205, Quest #210

Scene only.

Quest #195: Rance Castle's Otherworldly Visitor[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #146 and Quest #177. Also have a full poster gallery and visit it for a small scene, then clear any quest.
  • Difficulty: 63
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #195, Sanakia Drelshkaf joins.

To start this quest you must have all 20 posters unlocked. These require you to beat poster enemies which you can find throughout the game. Some of these are in one-time fixed locations, others are obtained from random battles. If you want to quickly get the posters you need, go to Quest #94, go down to B1 and hit the red mines; alternatively, if this method does not function visit Quest #99 and clear the entire map, you will get a poster every 2 or 3 map clears. Afterwards, just clear the quest to collect it and repeat until the gallery is full. After visiting the full gallery and clearing any quest, this quest should unlock.

Enemies emerge from the underground poster room and attempt to invade the castle while Rance is out adventuring. Sanakia, the guard at the castle entrance, failed miserably to stop them before the party arrives. The enemies are weak and easy to beat. After destroying them, the party heads down to the poster room to confront the boss, Gunagan.

You cannot switch party members during this quest.

Resistance items do not help; damage reduction items do. Use buffs and debuffs to further reduce damage. Note that Gunagan shrugs off debuffs frequently and randomly cancels each members' buff with his only attack, a laser beam that hits all. It will be a tough battle; the consolation being Gunagan has a chance to randomly do nothing on his turn.

The entire fight is a HP, attack power and healing (in particular, Recovery Rain 2) quantity check. Recommended average party level to be at least high 50s and HP above 3500. Bring along your best healer with at least 1800 MAG and at least 6 uses of Recovery Rain 2 (Crook), a buffer (Urza) and debuffers (Rizna's Weakener and/or Brawler's Soft Spot Strike). You're also going to have to get lucky Gunagan won't attack twice in a row. Consider equipping Crook with a Hanny Zippo. Magic appears to be much less effective than physical attacks, so don't bring mages.

NB: Gunagan's attack counts as a physical attack and not magic so buff your defense. Prioritize armors with Physical Damage -20% or All Damage -20% and don't worry too much about the defense stats of the armor .

  • If you clear the quest and redo it, Sanakia will have the stats and skills of the one in your party. If she wins the battle, nothing changes. Sanakia will still retreat and your chosen team must still fight the enemies before Gunagan. Also, clicking Give Up during Sanakia's fight has the same effect as letting her get KO'd.

Quest #197: Am's Experiment 1[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #194 and Quest #205
  • Reward: 10 Reputation, Quest #177 and Quest #198

Scene only

Quest #198: Am's Experiment 2[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #192 by losing to Kaito and clear Quest #197
  • Difficulty: 55
  • Reward: 30 Reputation, Quest #177

One active party member will (almost always) leave after each battle here, even if the monsters decided to run away before engaging. Only Crook and Rance are immune. There are also frequent fights with elastic grapes, monsters which can only be damaged by Brawlers or assassinated by Rangers. If you are having trouble dealing with them you should start the quest with Crane in the active party, equipped with max level Covert Movement and max level Escape Skills. Equip her with Escape and run from any battles you cannot win. Note that there is a chance Crane will be forced to leave after a battle. Just restart the quest until that doesn't happen. Make sure none of your strongest attackers or Healers are in the active party until the bossfight (except Rance and Crook, they're immune), you don't want to lose access to them beforehand. If you immediately make for the end, you should only get one battle if a maxed out Covert Movement is equipped. As long as your Ranger with that skill doesn't leave after the first group of enemies, you should make it to the final event without any more fights.

Immediately go south, then west. You'll see a battle where Alex Valse and a group of Zethan soldiers fight Kaito. They'll always lose as they cannot penetrate the invincibility field. To speed up the inevitable, click 'Give Up' during the battle to instantly skip the battle. You won't lose the quest. Now, go all the way to the left and touch the red '!' event. This starts a battle against Kaito yourself. This is one of those battles where it's hard to tell if you are supposed to lose. You aren't. He attacks twice per turn, hits hard, has very high evasion, very high defense and sometimes counters melee attacks. In adddition, all Brawler attacks will always be completely evaded.

If you want to beat him, you need to be well prepared. Kaito has 80 EVA, so you'll need 180 ACC if you want to hit him guaranteed. You should have at least 160 ACC to have a decent chance of beating him. You're going to need decent HP (2500 HP at the bare minimum) and high defense armors. Stunning doesn't work, but poison does. Buffing works and debuffing him works too, but you can't use Brawlers. Noir's Spider Thread, Kisara's Flame Card, Torako's Shikigami-Snake and Rizna's Weakener all still work as debuffs though, with Rizna being the only one who'll hit the enemy with both debuffs. Reset's Queen's Curse works too, but requires her to be level 60, which you probably won't be your first time through. If she has it though, it's the best option. Both poison and debuffs are never recovered by him so once those have been applied you won't need to do so again for the rest of the battle.

As far as team makeup, Rance is required. He needs lots of Melee Attack 4s. At least 6-7. You need at least one Healer, Crook and Cafe are both useful. They need Healing 1 or Healing 2, Recovery Rain 2, and Status Restore or Full Revive. Around 5 or 6 uses of the healing spells and 3 uses of revive spells are required, but if you have more points, put them into Recovery Rain 2 uses. Beyond Rance, get two other strong Fighters in the front row with Melee Attack 4 uses. Kenshin, Tilde and Katsuko are the most likely candidates. Beyond that, a poisoner, a buffer and a debuffer can be switched in and out. Urza is good for buffs, Kouhime with Poison Dango or a Ranger with Poison Effect can poison, and Rizna is the best debuffer. Any of these should be in the back row only.

Start the battle with Rance and two strong Fighters in the front row. A good Healer and Urza with max Tactician Knowledge should be in the back. Rance should attack first with Darksword Chaos to break the invincibility field. Now, keep focusing your attacks with Fighters and use your Healer to stay healthy as much as possible. Urza should use Defensive Buff/All on her first turn and possibly Offensive Buff/All on her second, if you're doing fairly well. After her buffing is complete, swap her out for Rizna and hit Kaito with a Weakener. After that is done, swap in Kouhime or a Ranger to poison him. If you plan to use Kou, make sure Kouhime has Spear Knowledge ★★ so she can poison at range. Once Kaito's been poisoned, you can swap in either a new Healer or Reset with Reset Slap and Mysterious Reset learned. Mysterious Reset will result in the party taking 20% less damage and Reset Slap will protect them from being stunned. The skills are learned at level 20 and 40. If your Healer is running low on heals, swap her out for another if you didn't already.

If you're still having difficulty with Kaito destroying your front line too quickly, try placing Caloria in the front row, with the Blue skill Harden. The skill significantly reduces the damage she receives, (at the cost of her being unable to do anything else for the rest of the battle), allowing her to withstand many hits and keeping the boss away from your back row. Have your Healer keep Caloria healthy and revive Rance and whoever else is in your front line.

Don't forget to swap in Lia near the end for her Publicity skill. After Kaito has been defeated, the quest has been cleared.

Quest #199: Rising Dragon Mountain Summit[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #146 and Quest #177
  • Difficulty: 62
  • Reward: 40 Reputation, CG #218, Rank B Rare item you don't yet have (first time only, repeatable on changing World).
  • Requires Characters over level 55 (to complete it).
  • Adventure achievement stars are at D4, C1, B3, A4 and A1

Make no mistake, this quest is very long and very hard. Even harder than the difficulty suggests. It requires a lot of preparation to get through. For starters, you are going to need a decent amount of characters at level 55 or above, primarily for dealing with decently powerful opponents. You're also going to need a solid strong attacking team near or above level 70 to take on the two hardest bosses, which will further need a lot of skill uses to beat. On top of that, the quest uses all sixteen squares of the map, with several dead ends. Because of the length, it's recommended to make as few detours as possible, especially near the end. Finally, it's recommended to have a lot of Charisma to be able to switch party members frequently. You want at least 10, but more is better.

Note: Throughout the quest, as you'll go up, the game will make characters below a certain level unable to participate. This starts at level 40 upon reaching C3 and goes up by 5 several times until only characters at or above level 55 can participate at the end. The enemies get progressively stronger as well. Keep all this in mind at all times when setting up your team.

You start at D1. Head east to D2. You'll be at the rest stop which is safe from random battles. There's a few green stars here. The left is an optional scene which gives you the option to buy 'lizard repellent' for 30000 gold. This item prevents the enemy 'Flying Monitor Lizard' from appearing and attacking you. It has high HP and can attack the whole active party with a damaging move that debuffs, making it difficult to kill. However, it's always alone and quite weak, which makes it easier to just wait out the timer on it, compared to other enemies that can attack you. Because of this, it's recommended to not buy the item. The second green star is an event where Rance hits a vending machine which causes it to spit out a bunch of a specific drink. While Rance doesn't take any, the name of the drink must be remembered for later. So make a screenshot or keep a note. There are three names it can be and the game will randomly select one every time you attempt the quest. Afterwards, hit the green '!' event to continue on to D3.

Here, just follow the path and go east to D4. Move to the upper right and touch the red '!' event here. You'll start a bossfight against a green dragon here. The dragon either does a physical attack on one unit or a poisonous breath that hits the whole team and has a 60% chance to stun and an 80% chance to poison. He's not too tough if you have a team in the early level 40s. You shouldn't use your best units since you'll have to conserve them for later. He counts as an ancient, so weapons strong against ancients are recommended. Karma can also be useful because of her Descendant skill, which grants a significant damage increase against ancients. He's also weak to light, so consider using a B-tier light sorcerer. Lastly, weapons effective against flying do extra damage too. After you win, continue north to C4.

You'll get a message that the next area will remove all party members under level 40. Keep this in mind before moving on to the next section. You need to go west, but the shortest path has a bunch of green stars scattered around. These are landmines that damage the active party. Either take the long way around by going counterclockwise or take the shorter path through the mines. It's recommended to use a weak team under level 40 for this, then switch to a stronger team before walking through the portal. Make your choice based on how many switches you can do and how many you think you'll need to finish the quest. With at least seven switches you should be fine, but the more you still have left, the better. Once you're ready, go through to C3.

You'll now have lost access to all party members under level 40. Take the west path and move to C2. There should be an EXP bonus on the way, raising gained EXP by 3% for the duration of this quest. At C2, all the way to the left, you'll find another red '!' event. Make sure your team is prepared, then touch it. You'll start a fight against a red dragon. He functions similar to the green dragon, but has more HP, has high evade, and has twice the ATK stat. He can also use a fire breath which Fire Charms or Fire Tolerance can help reduce, if you need it. His weaknesses are ice, ancient and flying. The last fight to really consider using Karma for, since she'll likely be too weak for the remaining bosses. Bring your best ice mages, since this is the only boss weak to ice. Just make sure to save your strong light mages. After you win, continue west to C1.

You'll get a message that the next area will remove all party members under level 45. Keep this in mind before moving on to the next section. At the split, go down, then all the way around to the top and take the teleporter north to B1. You'll now have lost access to all party members under level 45. Immediately go east to B2. Follow the path to the bottom right and make preparations for the next boss fight. Touch the red '!' event when you are ready.

You'll fight a blue dragon. It fight similarly to the other dragons, but with even higher stats. It's got 100 EVA, 20000 HP, and it's quite powerful. For this fight, it's advised to bring a Healer with a few uses of Recovery Rain or Recovery Rain 2 to help keep yoir characters alive. You want all party members to be around level 55-60 for this fight. Equip Ice Charms or use Ice Tolerance if need be. Make sure your physical attackers have high accuracy, high attack power and a decent amount of skill uses for skills such as Melee Attack 4. A decent light mage can be considered as well, but you must save your strongest one or two light mages for the next boss. Furthermore, buffing and debuffing may prove useful. Its weaknesses are light, ancient and flying, just like the green dragon. After you win, continue east to B3.

You'll get a message that the next area will remove all party members under level 50. Keep this in mind before moving on to the next section. Cross the bridge and keep following the path until you get to a cave with a green '!' event. Touch it to move to B4. You'll now have lost access to all party members under level 50. The enemies start getting tough here. Watch out for the sumo enemies. Their attacks can push your characters off the active party. This will not make them unavailable, but putting them back costs a party switch and they are very valuable in this quest. Escape them if you can or try to beat them quickly if you're able. Follow the path up and go north to A4.

In this massive room you must first move to the upper right to find a red '!' event. Make preparations, then touch it. You'll fight the black dragon. This boss is incredibly strong. 50000 HP, 2000 ATK and 130 (!) EVA. Beating it requires a very high level team, so bring your best: Rance, a strong Healer, Shizuka with plenty of uses of Light or White Destruction Beam, and other strong Fighters, Brawlers or Sorcerers with light magic. Consider debuffing it with Rizna's Weakener or Pastel's Queen's Curse and buffing the party with Urza. Reset with Reset Slap and Mysterious Reset may be useful too. Its weaknesses are light, ancient and flying, just like the green and blue dragons. After you win, you aren't done yet. Go all the way left to find two green '!' events. Touch these and go through the teleporter to A3.

You'll get a message that the next area will remove all party members under level 55. Keep this in mind before moving on to the next section. It's advised to focus on getting to the end and ignoring all pickups other than the recovery springs. You may get surprise attacks here by battle booklets and valkyries. Focus on survival, you're nearly at the end and there are no more bossfights. Follow the path left then up. Ignore the green star you see and continue going left, then go west to A2. You'll now have lost access to all party members under level 55. Keep moving left and go west to A1. Follow the path up and you'll see another red '!' event. No need to prepare for a bossfight, but you may still lose the quest here. If Lia, or any character with Publicity can be swapped in, you should do so now. Touch the event and you'll meet with KD.

KD will ask you three questions. You must answer all of them correctly or you will lose the quest. Details below:

  • The first question is: "Which is the pink unyuun?!" The answer is 'Pink Unyuun'.
  • The second question is: "What's taking off on Rising Dragon Mountain lately, meow?" The answer is the drink that was in the vending machine at the rest stop in D2. Refer to your notes for the correct answer.
  • The last question is randomly selected out of 9 possibly ones. All possible questions and their answers below:
    • "What has four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs at night, meow?" The answer is 'Takahashi'.
    • "How many snowmen are on this mountain?" The answer is 'None'.
    • "What does the protagonist of the popular manga Blood Covered! always have in his right hand, meow?" The answer is 'Frozen Mandarin'.
    • "What is the name of TADA's beloved doggy, meow?" The answer is 'Chikuwa'.
    • "Who discovered the First Law of Fluffy Slime, meow?" The answer is 'Miss Soggy'.
    • "Rising Dragon Grass's flower language is...?" The answer is 'Pranking young women'.
    • "Which of these snacks has a chewy texture, meow?" The answer is 'Dried pudding'.
    • "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers?" The answer is 'Pickled peppers'.
    • "What's the active ingredient of Sanuki aloe?" The answer is 'Nurutontan H'.

After answering all questions correctly, KD will reward you with a unique Rank B Rare Item you dont yet have. Afterwards, the quest is cleared.

  • It is advised to use the suspend save trick in this quest, especially before KD, in case you make a mistake. For info on how this trick works, check out this page.
  • C2 - There's a recovery spring in the top right.
  • C2 - Near the boss there's an optional green star event with the Helmanian soldiers who are climbing the mountain. It does nothing.
  • C1 - There's an EXP bonus on the left path behind some traps.
  • C1 - There's a recovery spring in the top right, off the path that leads north to B1.
  • B2 - There's an EXP bonus on the left path behind a lot of traps.
  • B4 - There's a recovery spring on the left, in an alcove.
  • A4 - There's an EXP bonus in the top right, near the black dragon bossfight.
  • A3 - The green star here makess you fall back down, resulting in you going back a few areas. Ignore the star and just continue to A2 instead.

Quest #200: The Truth of the Goddess[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #194
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, CG #181, Quest #176

Scene only.

Quest #201: Angel Hunting[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #191. Also need to clear Quest #169 with Dark Rance still alive.
  • Difficulty: 60
  • Reward: 30 Reputation, CG #156
  • NOTE: Putting Crook in the party will cause this quest to fail. [Note 1]
  • You can assassinate them.

You cannot switch party members in and out during this quest.

This is a battle against 2 Angel Knight clones. They are very strong, having both an ATK and MAG stat of 2000, on top of having an ATK/MAG/DEF/RSN buff. Therefore, expect around 2k damage from each of them every time they attack. They will usually attack with a Train Slash, hitting your entire front row, making protecting with Guards impossible. They may also charge up for a magical attack using either Light Bomb, Hellfire Blast or Siberia, all of which hit your entire team. They only have 5000 [Note 2] HP though, so some strong attacks can take them out, even with characters whose levels are quite a bit lower than the difficulty.

Since the Angel Knight clones are humanoids, Assassinate is very effective. Put some strong characters in the front that can survive the Angel Knights physical attacks well, then put Suzume and Kanami (equipped with her Decapatation Blade) in the back and have a few uses of Assassinate on both of them. Then keep hitting them with it. You have a 70% chance the instakill will work, assuming a guaranteed hit rate. This isn't guaranteed as the Angel Knight clones have 55 EVA, meaning physical attacks lower than 155 ACC may miss.

Another strategy is to put Suzume in front instead, with her EVA boosted as much as possible through Evasion Boost ★★★, Evasion Boots (the item, preferably found during quests where they'll give much better stats compared to the Frostbuy ones) and the Quintessential Ninja armor, which is available at Frostbuy once after a random donation reward (if you don't have it, equip a Ninja Outfit instead). With at least 135 EVA Suzume will dodge the Angel Knight clones' physical attacks guaranteed, making it easy for your back row character to either Assassinate or defeat them with powerful ranged attacks. Both magic and physical attacks are equally effective, so use whichever you please.

[Note 1] After Crook has become pope you won't fail the quest anymore if she's in the active party.

[Note 2] Strangely, there is a mechanic where the Angel Knight clones gain 1000 additional HP every time the quest is cleared. This means that if you cleared the quest twice, the Angel Knight clones will have 7000 HP instead. There appears to be no maximum limit for this.

There will be a CG once you win, and Feliss will be given a room within Rance Castle.

Quest #202: Lia's Atonement[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #63 with the maid ghost still around. Also clear Quest #164.
  • Difficulty: 35
  • Rewards: 20 Reputation, CG #182. Maris Amaryllis joins, Lia Morurun'd
  • Requirements: To be able to start this quest the first time, Lia must be at a Morurunable level. The quest screen will display the minimum level requirements. No requirements if you've already cleared the quest.
  • Activates Morurun curse on Lia

Note 1: This quest is a bit tricky. You need to talk to the maid ghost three times total. However, you need to lower your active party's average HP to a certain percentage or lower, in order to talk to her. This means that one character that meets the HP requirement works, which is generally the best strategy. Other than the first event, every green '!' event hit without meeting the HP requirement will instantly fail the quest. The requirement is as follows: 40% -> 20% -> 10%.

Note 2: In order to get your HP down the most effectively, prior to starting the quest, equip a Sorcerer with the Orgarhythm armor. It's obtained either from a Treasure Dango or as the first-time reward from filling up the Magnum Gauge in Quest #145. The Orgarhythm saps 20% HP of the user after every battle, but they will always hang on with 1 HP unless they get hit by an attack. Then fill the rest of the team with other Sorcerers and one Healerif you want to be extra safe. Have Emi Alphorne be one of the Sorcerers and put her out in front, while the Sorcerer with the Orgarhythm sits in the back row. Emi has Easy Target, making the first five enemy attacks target her, which helps keep your Orgarhythm user safer, plus she can damage the ghosts well. If you don't have Emi, try another character with Easy Target. If you have none, a Guard with Initial Guard - Heaven maxed may suffice. The Healer should only have Healing and Status Restore equipped as healing moves, not Recovery Rain. You can also give the Healer Purification if you want.

Alternatively, to avoid bothering with special party set ups and a rare armor just for this one quest, start it with Lia (her special armor removed) in the first row, and 2 competent sorcerers in the last row. Have her damaged to around 40% HP by random encounters, and then have her endure a red chest explosion and a bed trap while having her solo in the party. She is guaranteed to have 1HP left. To complete the quest, switch your party to just have 1HP Lia whenever you want to engage with a green ! event, and switch into your battle party to run around. This guarantees an effortless completion and her Publicity bonus.

Go down to the first green '!' event, where Rance talks about finding the ghost. Keep going down and into the right hallway to reach the second green '!' event, where Crook mentions that the party's HP needs to decrease to encounter the ghost. For the third green '!' event in the armory, your active party needs to be at 40% HP or lower. At this point, get in five random battles or hit the traps, which are also all random battles. Your Orgarhythm user should be at 1 HP afterwards. Your Sorcerers can defeat the ghost enemies easily and the Healer can revive your Orgarhythm user if they somehow get KO'd. Once that character hits 1 HP, swap out all other party members save for them and hit the green '!' event in the armory, a room to the left after the hallway where the second green '!' event was. After watching the scene, hit the next green '!' event in the halway on the right; then the next in the room above. Then near the teleporter leading north. If necessary, swap to a good team that's strong against ghosts if the random battle meter goes too full. Just make sure to swap them out again before touching the event.

After touching the green '!' event in the rightmost room, the ghost will move up to the north portion of the map. Swap in your strong team and follow after her. In the next room, your active party's HP needs to be 20% or lower to talk to the ghost. The fourth and final time you talk to the ghost on this part of the map your active party's HP needs to be 10% or lower. It is advised to bypass the green '!' event first and instead move to the top left of it, where there are many traps and some EXP bonuses. Clear a path through the traps to the left-most room, which is easily done with a Ranger with Trap Evasion. You may also want to remove the trap in the bottom-left corrner of the top room. Get into a couple of battles too to fill up the random battle meter, then swap back to the Orgarhythm user and touch the green '!' event. Then the next in the top room, then the one just outside of it, then finally the one in the room to the left. After some scenes, the quest is cleared.

There is a green star without an exclamation mark in each block. A bed in the first and a torture device in the second. Picking anything other than the last option will hurt the party. The machine cannot be used twice in a row, requiring a random battle inbetween. Be warned as the torture device can easily KO characters too, especially when the highest setting is used, which may cause the quest to fail if it takes out the whole team.

  • If you want to use Lia for full Reputation, consider remove her unique dress first. Put only her in the first row and 2 Sorcerers in the back row. Use them to kill all mobs with long range attacks, but leave the close range one so they can attack Lia. Keep doing so until she has 1/4~2/3 HP left, then activate the green star near the bed to reduce her HP. Finally attempt to open a red chest and fail so it explodes, reducing her remaining HP.

Quest #203: Divide and Conquer[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #76
  • Requirements : Active party of 1
  • Difficulty: 35
  • Rewards: 15 Reputation

This quest requires careful pre-quest planning. You must traverse four blocks total, fighting enemies along the way. You start out in a large room with one character in the active party. The starting position may be at the top or botom, but the room is otherwise the same. Throughout the quest you will find red '!' events. Each of these make you fight a battle. Afterwards it turns into one of the following: a green star that adds a random party member to the active party, a green exit portal, money, a recovery spring, a green chest, a red chest, an EXP boost, a trap, or a one-way purple teleporter. The red mines cannot turn into portals, but they may become anything else. Once you reach 5 active party members, you have the choice to replace someone with the next character you find. Note that replaced characters cannot be added to the active party again. All stars, mines and traps are in fixed locations, but the purple teleporter location will be random. The enemies start as weak as they come and gradually increase in strength for each subsequent area. Each area is riddled with traps, which includes the sloth shrooms that permanently removes a party member, so be extra careful.

Before you start the quest you may wish to move characters to the 2nd army on the party screen. Characters in the 2nd army cannot appear in any quests, so they cannot show up in this quest either; which makes it easy to guarantee getting specific characters. Note that all characters may appear, except for Rance, unless you start the quest with him. As far as which characters you want to appear, don't waste your time with Healers and Guards. Fighters with Train Slash, Gunners, Torako, Mill, and potentially other Sorcerers are very useful as backup members. Fill the rest of the slots with characters you want. The amount is up to you, but it's best to pick between 8 and 16 characters. Make sure to have at least one Ranger with max Trap Evasion as you will have to pass through traps to reach some of the red '!' events.

As far as who the best starting characters are, one option is to start with Athena 2.0. Her skill Artificial Being makes her recover all HP and skill uses after battle. Unfortunately, since her stats are initially very low and can only be slowly raised through other party members, it's likely that she wont have the bulk or power to defeat even the enemies in the first block in one hit without intensive training. Because of this, Mill Yorks is a good candidate instead. Her skill Eidolon Attack has 50 uses and hits all enemies. However, it only has a damage limit of 250, plus Mill has terrible ATK growth. With 350-400 ATK though, she can guaranteed take out all the enemies in the first block in one hit. With a good Club weapon this can be achieved by the late level 30s. Try raising the size of the party to five before leaving the first area and swap out Mill once she stops being useful.

As always, make sure to have Lia in the active party by the end to take advantage of her Publicity skill.

In the 4th and final block, one of the red '!' events will become a green '!' event instead. Touching it clears the quest.

Quest #204: Crook's Returns[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #175
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, Quest #194

Scene only.

Quest #205: Pencilcow Conference[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #194
  • Rewards: 5 Reputation, Quest #176, Quest #197, Reset joins

Scene only.

Quest #206: Twin Flames' Blazing Journey[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #65. Alexander and Bernard Ceramité must have joined.
  • Location: Zeth Magic Museum
  • Type: Exploration and battle
  • Condition: Only Bernard Ceramité and Alexander are able to participate.
  • Difficulty: 25
  • Rewards: 15 Reputation, Bikini Armor (one-time, optional)
  • Description:
NOTE! This quest requires careful preparation beforehand and both characters leveled high enough to succeed. If either Bernard or Alexander is defeated midway through, the quest fails. If their levels aren't high enough (30+), it's strongly recommended to equip them with Hanny Zippos (which fully revives you once per quest upon getting KO'd) or Ibeprofun boxes (can be used to heal). Alternatively, you could equip one of them with a Magic Key to let them open chests at an 80% success rate. There's only two red chests in this quest however, so you have to decide whether that's worth it or not. Some enemies here can also be a bit evasive, so you may even want to equip some Accuracy Boots on them.
As far as skills and stats go, you want over 500 ATK while unarmed on both Bernard and Alexander, preferably. This makes it easy to one-shot the Regular Fighters, Regular Guards and Regular Rangers throughout the quest. Bernard should have his basic Melee Attack 1 at the standard amount of uses and a good 5 uses of Melee Attack 2 or Melee Attack 3. Alexander should have Strike Attack 1 at the basic amount of uses and around 5 uses of Shoulder Throw, but more is better. You may want to invest in some points of Attack Boost for both of them to guarantee they have over 500 ATK. Alternatively, leveling them up to level 40 will allow them to equip much better armor and weapons as well as guarantee they meet the minimum ATK recommendations.
The quest immediately opens with a battle against three Outlaw Grunts. Although the names are changed, their stats are the same as the Regular Ranger enemy. They have 450 HP, 140 ATK, no DEF, 110 ACC and 30 EVA. At around 500 base ATK when not equipped with a weapon, a Melee Attack 1, B Slash, or Strike Attack 1 should take them out in one hit guaranteed. After the battle has been won, Bernard and Alexander are captured by the outlaws. They will be brought to 10% of their HP and have their weapons and armor taken away. Their equipped Items and Special Items will stay, however. There are no random battles during this quest so feel free to walk around as much as you like. Touch the green '!' event below you and choose to attack the jailer. His stats are the same as a Regular Fighter, which has 450 HP, 180 ATK, 10 DEF, 100 ACC and no EVA. You should be able to one-shot him just like the Rangers.
Afterwards, head to the left and touch the green star there. Choose to drink the water and Bernard and Alexander will recover ~10% of their total HP. Now head all the way to the right. You can ignore the green star in the cell, it does nothing. Keep going right until you see a green '!' event. Touch it, then immediately move up and touch the green star touching the north wall. You'll start a fight against a Ranger and Fighter outlaw. Ranger in the front and Fighter in the back. Despite being similarly named as the enemies from before, these guys have the stats of a Skilled Ranger and Skilled Fighter, respectively. The Skilled Ranger has 800 HP, 240 ATK, No DEF, 120 ACC and 30 EVA. The Fighter has 800 HP as well, 280 ATK, 100 DEF, 110 ACC and 10 EVA. You should use your stronger attacks on them. So Melee Attack 2 (or higher if you have it) for Bernard and Shoulder Throw for Alexander. Afterwards, grab your stuff from the green '!' event to the left and ignore the green star on the right for now. Continue moving all the way down.
The road to the left is filled with shock traps, which will take 25% of your total HP away per trap, so don't go in there. Instead, touch the green star all the way at the bottom for a chance to deactivate the traps with a code. Don't input a code yet and move back up to where you started. There will be a green chest and a green star there. The chest will always contain a plain longsword. The green star will give you the code for the traps. This is randomly decided before starting the quest, so you won't know what it is until you check. Return to the bottom again and input the 4-digit code. The traps should be removed. If you get it wrong, more traps will be added instead and you cannot try again, so be careful.
Enter the hallway to the left. You'll immediately pass a cell with a green chest in it, guarded by a red mine. This mine contains a fight against a Torture Plant. This has the same stats as the South American Aloe. It has 1200 HP, but no other stats to speak of. It's also painfully slow. A few weak attacks should be more than enough to kill it, especially since you'll get at least two turns with Bernard and Alexander each. After beating it, grab the treasure chest for a one-time only Bikini Armor. On future playthroughs, it will be a Miko Outfit instead. Continue heading left and touch the green '!' event for a scene with Eropicha, then continue left.
You'll see another green star in a cell guarding the only Adventure Achievement in this quest. This is a possibly hard fight against a Strong Ranger and two slightly stronger Torture Plants. The fight isn't really worth it, but if you want to beat it, hit the Ranger with a Shoulder Throw to take him out, then you can easily pick off the Torture Plants. Note that the Ranger is fast and quite strong (400 ATK), so you may not have a chance to defeat him before he has a chance to attack you. Grab the red chest if you want and continue moving left. Touch the green '!' event and you can enter the room. Before doing so, you may want to turn back first. The green star in the top right room where you reobtained your gear can recover all skill uses. If you are running low on skill uses, now is a good time to recover them all. Afterwards, return to the room in the bottom left and head in.
You must fight all red '!' events to obtain the key to the cell holding Eropicha. The green star at the bottom recovers HP again. The amount recovered depends on whether any enemies are still present in this room. If there are some left, you'll recover ~10% total HP. If they are all defeated, you'll recover ~20% HP instead. The fights are, clockwise from the top, a single Skilled Fighter, a Skilled Guard in the front and a Skilled Ranger in the back, and a Skilled Sorcerer. They all have 800 HP. The Fighter and Sorcerer can possibly be taken out with two weak attacks. The Guard and Ranger combo is better defeated with a strong attack, so Shoulder Throw with Alexander and a Melee Attack 2, or greater, from Bernard. The room also contains a red chest you may wish to open.
After obtaining the key and healing (either before clearing out all enemies or afterwards), head back to the right to meet Eropicha. Then follow the path to the left and enter the purple teleporter. Outside, you must do once last fight. Two Regular Guards and a former Lion Soldier in the front and a former Helmanian Soldier in the back. The Guards and Lion Soldier can be easily dispatched with weak attacks as they have poor HP. 400 HP for the Guards and 250 HP for the Lion Soldier. Use a strong attack like Shoulder Throw on the Helmanian Soldier and the quest is cleared.
  • As mentioned before, the chest containing a Bikini Armor contains a Miko Outfit on future playthroughs of this quest.
  • If you attempt to get your equipment back in the top right room before fighting the enemies, you still have to fight the same enemies before getting your equipment. The difference is that both enemies will then appear on the same row instead, which is a little harder.
  • It is possible to clear this quest without disabling the traps. To do so, skip the healing early on in the cell to the left of where you start, obtain your equipment, then trigger the traps. They cannot kill you, nor can the explosions from the red chests. Both red chests are also unguarded, making it safe to try and open them at 1 HP. Go back to the start and heal there, then take out the three red '!' events in the leftmost room near the exit and heal up there as well. Now you should be safe to finish the quest.

Quest #207: The Lord's Rebellion[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #165
  • Difficulty: 43
  • Rewards: 10 Reputation, 3 'Soul Shackles' (魂の枷) (5 required to do Quest #166), [5] Power Attack Bow, [5] Coarse Armor, Rabbit Stew, Love Pet, Watch & Game, 10000G

This is a very simple map with a green star event for a Power Attack Bow with 5 bonus and another for a Coarse Armor with 5 bonus. You may want to buy a few armors so it has a higher base. You can reset the quest for different modifiers.

You can get a Rabbit Stew, Love Pet, Watch & Game and 10000G by triggering the top-most green event while having only blue-haired characters in your party (there are 7 of them: Lia, Maria, Copandon, Aegis, Suzume, Pastel and Reset). You don't need a full party for this, one blue-haired woman seems to be enough.

You get the items from those 3 green-star events only at first time successfully activating them (not necessarily on your first time doing the quest).

Boss is simple soldier battle. They have a cool darkness effect that shows they have the shackles you get for defeating them. They also keep 1hp when you first kill them. These enemies appear in random battles here and also drop shackles.

Quest #208: Dangerous Fellatio[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #20 and Quest #91
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #192
  • Requires: Kibako at or above level 35

Scene only.

Quest #209: Punishing the Pope[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #177
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #194
  • Required: Crook, her level requirement depends on her minimum Morurun level

Scene only.

Quest #210: As a Priestess[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #194. Sel has joined and is at least level 25.
  • Required: Sel, her level requirement depends on her minimum Morurun level
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #193

Scene only.

Quest #211: Thunder Claus[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #177
  • Reward: 5 Reputation, CG #191, Attack Up Set, Magic Up Set
  • Required: Pastel

Scene only.

Quest #213: Testing Version[]

Quest #025 in the testing times (I think). Found in the latest 2.082TADA partial english translated ain file, not doable.

  • Not available in the MangaGamer release

Quest #214: Letter from Nippon[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #71 and Quest #182. Teru must have joined.
  • Difficulty: 50
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, Chinu joins, Kiku can be recruited through Quest #16.

First head up and go to the western block to reach the red star event. It will be 5 battles against Silbarrel, age 5, these little "imps" have an AoE debuff with chance to stun your party members, instant kill Rance and high resistance to magic. 1st battle have 5 Silbarrel, 2nd have 4 and so on until none are left.

Silbarrels almost always ambush you. Having Arlcoate and a ranger in the party seems to prevent that, so use this in the boss fight. They are also very fast. As in, their entire party can likely move twice before most of your characters. Combined with their AoE stun move, it becomes pure slow torture unless you come prepared. Use Arlcoate + ranger combo and Urza with her preemptive strike, as well as at least one other gunner (like Maria) to thin their ranks before they get a a chance to stun your entire party. Arlcoate having a good gal monster also helps. Don't hesitate to switch out slain party members as next fights will start without giving you any breathing room. To add insult to injury, these fights are also timed, and running out of time will force you to repeat the entire sequence (starting with 5 Silbarrels) regardless of your prior progress.

Collect the human piece behind that red star, then find human pieces in green chests in the same area (2 pieces) and north area(2 pieces). Then go back to the starting area, and head up to the eastern block for the green star event. Pick the last choice to finish the quest.

Quest #215: The Siblings' Day[]

  • To unlock: Cleared Quest #177 and seen an event in Feliss' Room where she knits a scarf for her son
  • Rewards: 5 Reputation, Quest #224

Brother Dark Rance meets with sister Reset. Scene only.

Quest #221: Hanny Quest 1[]

  • To unlock: View Nozomi's A Day in Cidade event (Quest #134)
  • Difficulty: 38
  • Requirement: Nozomi must participate
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, Quest #222

Remember to include Lia in your party before starting the quest. Even though you'll only use Nozomi and 4 hannies during the quest, you'll still get 2x charisma reward after completing the quest. Same goes to the other hanny quests.

An important reminder here is to conserve your moves(unless you're way overleveled) as there's no switching of party members for all hanny quests. Ranger hanny has 5 escape and maxed escape mastery, use it wisely. 5 escape here should be enough to get you to the boss spot or nearby if you know where to go since the ranger hanny also has 2 star stealth movement.

Reminder: Hanny Quest 4's reward, Hanny King's Crown is an item with attack and magic resistance value decided by the number of warriors(or battles, unconfirmed) you defeated in Hanny Quest 1~4, so take note if you want better stats on Hanny King's Crown.

Place the green hanny in the first slot since it will make it more likely to go first and allow you to run away quicker, and the red one can attack from the back row(the black one can, too, but you need to guard the blue one, in return you get to use a few melee attacks of the blue one) head east, north and check the green star event(with exclamation mark, the no exclamation mark event is pointless and will fail the quest). Remember this location, head west, north, find another green star event here. There's an exit portal here if you get some good items and don't want to risk failing the quest as the boss fight is hard if you're not well prepared. After the second green event, go back to the first one(it'll become a portal), continue north north, and find a red star for a boss fight of 5 herbivorous ants. They'll charge up for a huge thunder aoe that does roughly 4k damage(World 1), but since it's magic attack, only Nozomi will be hurt. Either equip your best thunder ward charm, or just revive Nozomi with status recovery before killing the last boss.

Quest #222: Hanny Quest 2[]

  • To unlock: View Merim's A Day in Cidade event (Quest #134) and cleared Quest #221
  • Difficulty: 40
  • Requirement: Merim must participate
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, Quest #223

Remember to include Lia in your party before starting the quest. Even though you'll only use Merim and 4 hannies during the quest, you'll still get 2x charisma reward after completing the quest. Same goes to the other hanny quests.

An important reminder here is to conserve your moves(unless you're way overleveled) as there's no switching of party members for all hanny quests. In this map it's not that important though as you get skill recovered not long before boss, and after that you can just run from rest of the fights if you wanna keep all skills for boss.

Reminder: Hanny Quest 4's reward, Hanny King's Crown is an item with attack and magic resistance value decided by the number of warriors(or battles, unconfirmed) you defeated in Hanny Quest 1~4, so take note if you want better stats on Hanny King's Crown.

Starting point at C3, head north to B3 for a green star event. There's a recovery orb here that you'll need later on, don't use it right now, remember the location. After this, head east to B4 for another green star event and choose second option(first option will fail the quest). Go back to B3, head north to A3 for a green star event that'll reduce whole party's hp to 1/4. Go back to B3, heal up, and head west B2. Moves are recovered here. Head north to A2, there is evacuation here if you got some nice items and scared to lose on boss, and then west to A1 to find a red star for a boss battle of 5 trap wands (enemies similiar to Blue Wand). Moderate attack but high defence, only hanny flash works well on them. Remember to keep Merim alive or else quest will fail. Also I advise to start fight with black hanny on full hp and guard when you can since they only prioritise Merim for the 5 first moves and can easily kill blue hanny and that will mean game over for you.

Quest #223: Hanny Quest 3[]

  • To unlock: View Rizna's A Day in Cidade event (Quest #134) and clear Quest #222
  • Difficulty: 42
  • Requirement: Rizna must participate
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, Quest #224

Remember to include Lia in your party before starting the quest. Even though you'll only use Rizna and 4 hannies during the quest, you'll still get 2x charisma reward after completing the quest. Same goes for the other hanny quests.

Conserving moves are much more important here due to larger maps, thus more encounters. Escape from battles where warrior name starts with Famous (有名), keep using wait to end battles with warriors that are Normal (普通) and defeat the rest. At B3 encounters are mostly Normal (普通) whose attack are low, and since the map is huge, you may want to remove all skills from everyone except defense line Healer Hanny with weapon attack 1, and just switch heal in when your guard/someone else's hp is low.

Reminder: Hanny Quest 4's reward, Hanny King's Crown is an item with attack and magic resistance value decided by the number of warriors(or battles, unconfirmed) you defeated in Hanny Quest 1~4, so take note if you want better stats on Hanny King's Crown.

Starting at B2, head west to B1 for a green star event, go back and head north to A2 for another green star event and choose second option(first option will fail the quest). Go back, head east to B3. Head through north passage when you are near the pond for a green star near another pond that'll give you a Golden Bear, then head back to the first pond you saw, there'll be a portal near the pond to go south (C3) for another green star event. Go back to B3, head east (take east passage near the pond) and see the green star event - you will use the Golden Bear that you got earlier and a portal to B4 will appear. Moves are recovered here and new skills are added for hannies, so remember adjusting their skills before you continue, there is also recovery if you need heal. Head north to A4 for a red star boss battle with Half-asleep Ammoth. Rizna's Jacktyne (ジャクタイン) is useful here since the boss won't remove debuffs. The boss has a pretty strong AOE attack but with your new Recovery Rain skill it's not that big a problem. He can be stunned so you might want to use shurikens with green hanny (his hanny flash can also stun, but shurikens are more likely). In A4 enemies are much stronger like the machines from Malgrid 8 and 9, thankfully you just get moves recovered so you can run from them.

Quest #224: Hanny Quest 4[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #223 and Quest #215
  • Difficulty: 60
  • Reward: 'Hanny King's Crown' (ハニーキングの王冠), Nozomi, Merim and Rizna gain the skill Haniwa Barrier which has a 50% chance of nullifying any damage that's dealt to them by hannies

A much more straight forward quest compared to Hanny Quest 1~3, since maps are smaller. Hannies here are powered up version(same as the one in Hanny Quest 3 before boss fight), and Dark Rance's 魂狩り insta-kill anyone with a soul. The only catch here is you can't use that for boss fight since you'll fail the quest(duh!).

Conserve all moves(Except maybe soul reap (魂狩り) since you can't use it for boss fights), escape is your best friend here, so place the green hanny in the first slot. You'll need all the move you can for boss fight since boss has a lot of hp and you'll be depleting most if not all of your attacks on boss.

Starting at B4, head west, west to B2 for a green star event, head south to C2 for another green star event. After that, head back to B2, and go west to B1 (choose the second option at the green star) then north to A1 for boss fight. Boss can be stunned. Auto combat can win this battle if you remove Soul Reap from Dark Rance's usable skills.

Quest reward, Hanny King's Crown (ハニーキングの王冠) is an item with attack and magic resistance value decided by the number of adventurers you have defeated (or battles you have won - unconfirmed) in Hanny Quest 1~4, random encounters count and are easier on average. The best place to farm is probably Hanny Quest 2 since the map is smaller than Q3, enemies weaker(while hannies are up to lvl50 if Merim is 50+) and you get to restore moves, before the the last battle, unlike Q1.

NOTE: You can only have one crown in your possession, but you can donate it and complete "Hanny Quest 4" again to get a new one. Defeating new enemy encounters during quest repetitions will raise the stats of the new crown. It seems that 2 defeated enemy encounters count as 1 additional point to either the crown's attack or resistance. The boss battle might not be counted as an enemy encounter.

  • There are no random encounters on A1,B2,C2. Enemies on B1 are much harder than at start so prepare 1-2 escapes of Green Hanny for this map.

Quest #225: ***YY[]

Found in the latest 2.082TADA partial english translated ain file, description:

"For YY quest debugging"

Quest #226: Torture Machine's Use[]

Found in the latest 2.082TADA partial english version ain file, description:

"Rance Castle"

Quest #227: Boss 100[]

  • To unlock: In World 3, clear Quest #77 by selecting "Lift the Curse" at the end
  • Difficulty: 100
  • Reward: 20 Reputation, Quest #228, Quest #229

This map contains one big room and many subsequent rooms on the side where it contains possible treasure chests and red monsters with no random encounters. In order to trigger the boss, that spawns in the middle, 4 red monsters needs to be encountered. You do not need to defeat them, simply hit the 'Failure' button. It will not fail the quest. They don't drop treasures even if defeated.

The boss contains a frost giant and two fire rabbits behind him. The frost giant will 1 shot any characters below level 100 even though his dialogue says any characters levels below 120. The fight is overall not too hard. He does have a little high evade rate, so bring Noir with high hit rating if you are having troubles landing hits. He can also be assassinated.

A good mission to farm equipment. Max of 5 treasure chest spawn, with equipment rank depending on Rance's Level: Level 1~29: Rank C; Level 30~39: Rank B; Level 40+: Rank A.

Quest #228: Boss 200[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #227
  • Difficulty: 100
  • Reward: 20 Reputation

This map is identical to Quest #227, but instead, the boss will be True Demon Kaito along with 2 fire rabits behind him. This fight is a massive gear check. Anyone below 10000 Magic Attack or Physicial attack will do 0 damage to Kaito. The fight is essentially the same as during the story when you engage him once Chaos was obtained, except he hits much harder this time. He still has the same counter and high dodge rate. Rance must be wielding Chaos and land the first blow to nullfy the demon barrier due to standard lore reasons before any type of damage can be done to Kaito. I recommend the setup is Rance, Guard, Healer with Full Recovery and two Casters where they will be your main source of damage dealers.

Quest #229: Red Death[]

  • To unlock: Clear Quest #227
  • Difficulty: 100
  • Reward: 20 Reputation. Rick Addison joins.

The setting is identical to 'True Hell' or 'True King'. This battle consists of 11 consecutive fights. Overall, this fight is not too difficult if you know when to deploy your casters and ensure they still have enough skills at the end.

Wave 1/2: Red Hani x4 + Red Ninja Unit of Justice x1 (Front. Think of those Ninja units in weird costume in Sengoku Rance): The Red Ninja of Justice has high evade rate, so simply use Noir and land the first blow, or if you have casters to spare, do it. But save those casters for later waves is recommended. Arms is your MVP for these two waves. If Torako has high Magic Attack, simply use her here as well as the Hannies have quite a lot of HP. A strong guard and healer is almost required.

Wave 3/4: Scream Man x4 (Ghost) + Red Hani x1 (Front): Shizuka, if high level, should 1 shot all the ghost. Have your melee take care of Hani. If Arms is alive, this is trivial.

Wave 5/6: Goring x4 (Caster with red robes) + Red Ninja Unit of Justice x1 (Front): Again if you have two casters, the Gorings will be dead in no time. Simply take care of the Red Ninja Unit. Arms should be swapped out for another melee person at this point. Try to interchange Atago in here to use dancer on your main damaging caster (For me, it's Shizuka, then Pastel)

Wave 7/8: Odds x4 (Mini Giants) + Rorunta x1 (Cross shaped unit): Two casters = Trivial. Your guard should be swapped out here for more offensive power. I even swapped out the healer, but swapped back in at the end of Wave 8.

Wave 9/10: Red Eye x5: Red eyes are a little harder to knock out, but your casters, again, play a vital role.

Wave 11: Crab-chan x4 + Red Ninja Unit of Justice x1: If your casters still have remaining moves, this should be a breeze. Make sure you swap Lia in at the end for max Reputation gain.

Quest #230: She's Here Too[]

  • To unlock: In World 3, clear Quest #177
  • Difficulty: 104
  • Reward: 20 Reputation. Am Yisael joins your party.

There is no fight for this one, just a scene. This is just an 'IF' route where Am will join you. Make sure you put Lia in your party before participating the quest as it gives Reputation.