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The Popularity Poll of Rance Quest was divided in three main categories for male characters, female characters and Gal Monsters. This is due to the gigantic cast the game featured, and includes characters only from Rance Quest without Magnum, as the poll took place prior to the release of the game's expansion. This means that characters like Am Yisael or Café Artful that appeared only in Magnum were not accounted.

Additionally, the Poll also included other "extra" categories to provide feedback over what the fanbase wanted to see the most in the future, which is the purpose of the last rankings.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The category of Gal Monsters was accounting all the Gal Monsters that appeared in Alicesoft games, rather than just from Rance Quest, which is the reason why some like Revenge-chan appeared in the ranking.
  • Due to the notably high positions Rizna and Urza received in the "H Poll", both characters received bonus scenes with new CGs posted in a blog post.
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