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What's with this Morurun Curse?[]

The Kalar Queen Pastel curses him in such a way that Rance can't H a girl below level 35. Further, if Rance does H a level 35+ girl, her level will reset to 1. However, she will gain extra skills points for every time she's H'd. Also, if H'd at max level, her level cap will increase by 3.

I unintendedly see Maris level cap before and after Moruruned, and sometimes it gone up 5 level, max cap (Morurun X) at 106. So possible explanation is: Morurun X cap - Morurun = 106 - 67 = 39. Number of Morurun times is 9 (from level 1 to 10, first time Morurun doesn't count, because Maris already H-ed long before). If level cap actually go up by 3 level each Morurun then level cap should increase only 9 x 3 = 27 level. My guess is, that, 39 = (3 x 3) + (6 x 5), so the first three Morurun will increase 3, then 5. Any confirmations ?).

In Magnum:

  1. Morurun reset the level of a character to 1 only if you H that character for the 1st time. After that it will lower that character's level by 5, and raise the level required to morurun that character again (level requirement goes as follows: 35, 35, 38, 41, 44, 55, 65, 75,..). If experience requirement for level up was more than 30k, it will become 30k when character loses levels due to morurun curse.
  2. Each additional morurun on a character gives 2 bonus skill points up to maximum of 10 at 5 moruruns.
  3. Each additional morurun increases character's Attack, Defense, Magic, Magic resistance by 2% up to a maximum of 20% bonus at 10 moruruns in 1st or 2nd Worlds, or unlimitedly at 3rd World.
  4. Each morurun session allows a character to consume item equipped in the upper slot. Maximum amount of absorbed items is 5. If 5 items were already absorbed and character tries to absorb another one, the lowest rank item will be lost. Absorbed items can be changed any time by adding character to active party and using quest 107 Alice Support Centre.

NOTES: Rance is also able to absorb 5 items starting from Magnum Campaign (2.082TADA: for me it happened first at level 46 in Malgreed 6th floor and still not started Magnum Campaign). After clearing quest #189, returning to a dungeon and clearing 10 fights then transitioning map will have Rance slip on a banana and absorb the item.

How do I raise a character's level cap?[]

There are several methods:

  1. If character is being moruruned when he/she is at level cap, it will increase by 3 levels.
  2. Level cap may be raised with level cap raising items. Forbidden talent-weak (禁断才能ー弱) raises cap by 5 up to level 35, Forbidden talent (禁断才能) raises cap by 10 without limit. Forbidden talent items take effect when placed - one can replace them with another such item to raise level further or with other stat raiser,
  3. When changing the world, characters who have reached their level cap gain 3 to their level cap. No effect on other characters. (Does not apply to MG version.)
  4. Equipping the Abnormal Bloomers item. If character wearing it is at level cap, it will increase by 1 on changing map. You can get it by interacting with a green star event on quest #143, D3. This is the cheapest, albeit time consuming way to raise level caps. But as it is an item you need to equip, some characters with a locked item slot (like Mill or Merim) cannot use it, and need to rely on Forbidden Talent items to get them to a Morurun-able level.
  5. Rocky Bank has events in Quest #64 as well as in other quests that take place in the same area. In the shop area (no random encounters), there is a green event near a cliff to the lower right corner of the map. Touching this even when he is at his maximum level, increases his level cap by 5 but causes the quest to fail immediately. This works until he's at Level 54, so Level 59 is the highest Rocky may be raised through this method.

How to morurun character that are too young, old, male or beasts?[]

In Rance Quest Magnum, when you raise Kouhime to level 35 and have completed quest #74, a new quest will appear that requires Kouhime to be level 35. Completing it will allow morurun of most other character, that are not suited for H.

  • Note that some characters like Suzume can still not be H'd.
  • Certain storyline characters still need their morurun quest to finish first before they become available to morurun in the castle.
  • Both above restrictions removed upon starting world 3, and everyone can be morurun'd indefinitely without any restrictions (though level requirement will of course keep rising each time).
  • Note: MALES can be moruruned!! (And its not a crime.)

Where do I get these level cap raising items you keep mentioning!?[]

  • Forbidden Talent Weak: Clear Quest #20 i.e. finish the Rance Castle and the first one (weak) becomes available to buy. You can also get them as rare loot. For more information on how to get there, check the walkthrough. Quest #128 has a very high rate of dropping the Forbidden Talent (weak). Furthermore, some quests will give you Forbidden Talent Weak as a one-time reward, though very rarely.
  • Forbidden Talent: After Crane joins, while she's in the party she'll randomly learn about a goddess who likes jewels. From this point onwards, Jewel (宝石) may randomly be obtained from chests, mine battles etc.  Obtaining a jewel for the first time will unlock quest #80, completing which lets you exchange a jewel for a Forbidden Talent (you can only have one jewel at a time and only after trading it away you may obtain another). Using this method, by late-mid game Forbidden Talents may actually become more common than their weaker counterparts, as Jewel tends to drop much more commonly than Forbidden Talent Weak.

The equipment in the top slot is gone whenever I unequip it or replace it with something else!![]

That's how those items are, so think well before equipping them. If replaced, they'll be lost and wasted. However, after a character is morurun'd, the item in that slot is absorbed by the character i.e. s/he permanently gains the stat bonus of the item, and now you can equip something else on that slot of that character while still retaining the stats of the absorbed item.

  • Not possible for lolis, men and Frostvine in versions upto 1.150, but in v1.6 and Rance Quest Magnum, it's possible to curse almost everyone after a certain event.

The item in the top slot is lost forever when I H a girl![]

See above. The girl gains the stats of the item. This is actually the only way to NOT waste these items.

How do I complete quest #66? When I reach the village gate I just have a battle and the quest fails!![]

If you took the crystal from Aegis Kalar's forehead and killed her, quest #66 is impossible to complete. Redo #33 and this time choose the top option after the battle. See Quests Walkthrough section for more details.

When I try quest #98 Rance just talks to himself and the quest fails![]

The characters in your party cannot equip any weapons aside from clubs (こんぼう). See Quests Walkthrough section for more details.

Donation. What's the point?[]

For every 25 items donated, a new (usually a rare consumable morurun item) item becomes available to buy at Frostbitten/Frostvi Shop. Since a sellback always gives you 10 Gold no matter what the item is, it's usually pointless. Donation is thus always better. Donation can also increase the chance of encountering Happiness Can Can (level up bunny), Kaikai machinery (drops crystal that gives you Kaikai UP), or Treasure Dumpling (enemy that drops rare equipment). A consumable item that's been previously purchased and thus has disappeared from the shop may reappear again for another set of 25 donations.

  • In Magnum 2.082 a sellback gives you 10 Gold if the item you bought cost under 1000 Gold, above cost items can be sold for 100 Gold (tested till 10000 Gold Gold Bear and it's also true for if you found one through adventure that normally costs above 1000 Gold but not in special cases: like with XA stuff, that always can be sold for 10 Gold).

Why my character didn't earn XP/earned reduced XP in a fight?[]

There are various reasons.

  • Fighters have a berserker skill, that if triggered (it can trigger only when targetted by the enemy) will give that character a 1.5x attack boost for that battle but will give no exp. A red flame icon appears beside that character's portrait to signify this.
  • Some enemies have an energy drain skill (especially ghosts: the attack animation has a blue polygon looking like those +3% EXP bonus pickups being taken away from the character) which bypasses ally guard, and the target character will gain no exp from that battle no matter what.
  • KO'd characters that aren't revived by the end of battle and characters at their level cap will get no experience.
  • You must kill at least one monster in the enemy troop (doesn't matter who kills) before time runs out or else everyone will only gain 1 EXP from that battle, nothing more.
  • If a character is too overpowered for a quest (level is more than quest difficulty + 5) then that character suffers an exp penalty: exp gained is slashed by 1/4 for 6-9 levels above difficulty, and 1/12 if 10 or more levels above difficulty.
  • Battles in quest #97 give 0 EXP for characters level 35+.
  • Battles in quest #135 give precisely 1 EXP for all battles in Rance Quest Magnum, as of v2.082.

Other than that, note that it's not necessary for a character to take any action or even have any usable skills equipped to gain exp. As long as a character doesn't get into above situations, that character will gain full exp as the rest of the party. This applies to all kinds of battles - regular, red mine, and red exclamation mark boss fights.


In magnum learning KaikaiUP skill gives you +10 skills points. After learning the skill once it is possible to same remove it to free skill slot without losing the skill points. However it will appear again when skills are reset (due to morurun curse, reset skill item or character reset to level 1) and can then again be deleted to free a skill slot. KaikaiUP skill gives bonus only once.

Manga Gamer edition this skill is called Rock On.