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Characters Obtained by Main Quests[]

Rance (ランス)[]


Fighter Lv 5/∞

How to get: Initial character.

Recommended skills : Rance Attack, Damage Maximum, Sword Knowledge.

Build memo : Your starting Fighter with an incredibly strong Rance attack and infinite level cap! Just increase his attack like madness, and do not forget to up the damage limit for him, that will make the most wonderful physical damage dealer that you can use through the last world. Sword is suitable for him, but raise his accuracy a bit for the late/postgame.

Instead of Attack Boost, you may optionally want couple uses of Train Slash if you plan to attain maximum speed bonus for Quest #51. And cumulatively, you'll be doing 300% damage--so it's not a waste afterward.

The best Fighter in the game, more or less. No level cap, 16 uses of Melee Attack 1, a pain bringer ranged AoE special attack, excellent accuracy and attack growth, also good HP growth. He also gains the highest ATK weapon in the game towards the end, making his attack strength a class apart from others.

In Magnum he can absorb items after doing Quest #189: Kouhime's Tea Party, items will be absorbed automatically in missions where you fought 10 times and changed location. He will also gain Morurun % bonus to stats for every character he Moruruned 5 times (up to bonus of 20% for 10 characters).

It is also required for him to be in a party to sometimes have an option to fight group of adventurers instead of regular monsters in red-spiked-ball fight.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Sachiko Centers (サチコ・センターズ)[]


Guard Lv 1/49

How to get: Initial character.

Recommend skill: Initial Guard (初期ガード)--16SP

Shield Deflection (盾反らし)--14SP

Persevere (踏ん張り) (Lv 25)--2SP which help keep her alive from a fatal hit.

Compulsory Education (義務教育)--3SP to ★★ as it's need for quest #29 to boost her Holy Healing Marks skill to next rank. This recommended setup will use 35SP.

Build memo : She's the only Guard with 20% hp recovery every turn (5% until Quest #29; 10% until Quest #156). Her defense and recovery will be showing off if you put her in action with Initial Guard, since her speed is not quite fast enough to gain a turn before some monsters. And do not forget to max the yellow skill, damage decrease and activate it in her activate skill. Due to her stat design, Sachiko will always have half the attack strength of other Guards. So it's not recommended to give her offensive skills under such a penalty. Upgrading her HP is wise too, and especially so because of her regeneration ability.

Optional skills (if you have leftover points) are resistances to--in order of priority--lightning, fire, and darkness. Weapon Breaker (武器壊し) is handy too, but doesn't activate if Shield Deflection does first. Her weak point is the fact Mr. Hiroshi cannot be removed.

NOTE!!! H'ing her in Rance's Palace will give you the same HCG with a different background.

It is worth considering raising her resilience (as with all guards) via Special items, as being stunned allows enemy attacks to get past your guard's protection. More so with Sachiko, as she cannot buff the stat with an accessory due to Mr. Hiroshi.

If investing in weapon mastery for a Guard, spears may be more feasible than swords, due to penalty to accuracy of swords and the fact that not all swords are available to Guards. A couple of stars should be sufficient (without investing in spear attack red skills), giving your guard flexibility to strike from the backrow, and allow another frontline fighter or a mace-wielding Healer to join the fray. Later on, when attacks start to miss a lot upgrade to ★★★ or boost accuracy in some other way.

Fixed Equipment:

Mr. Hiroshi (+20 resilience, -30 evasion, +5 defense), can be upgraded to Hiroshi-kun Kai that gives +100 defense instead of 5 by completing Quest #156.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Suzume (鈴女)[]


Ranger Lv 12/49

How to get: Available initially at the home screen. Does not require clearing the first dungeon.

Build memo : The best assassin in the game! Other rangers need a lot of skill points in order to master in assassination but not Suzume. So just make her your assassin by mastering Assassination Knowledge and giving he lots of uses of Assassinate. Do not bother making her a damage dealer as Kanami is better at that job.

Moreover, she can be a good tank because of her great evasion and after the first Morurun event she will get another skill, Spirit Form, reducing physical damage to 1/3. Note that she will only recover HP at recovery points and with healer's passive auto-healing abilities like Full Party Protection (全体加護) and Post-Battle Recovery (戦闘後回復). Item recovery and active healing skills will not heal her.

If you're not satisfied with your assassination rate, then another option is to use the combination of Covert Concealment and Assassinate. You may need two turns to kill someone, but the success rate is much higher--100% to humanoids; 70% to bugs/plants; and 90% to others.

Can only be H'd and Morurun'd once in Quest #32. No H option from the castle.

Suzume is a great Ranger, starting with a lot of extra skills (2 uses of Assassinate, three extra Shurikens, two extra Weapon Attack 1's, and one level in Covert Movement, Chest Opening, and Trap Evasion) and five skill slots.  Assassination in particular is probably the thing she's the best at, but she'll be useful any way you build her.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Alkanese Rize (アルカネーゼ・ライズ)[]


Fighter Lv 1/60

How to get: Beat Quest #60: Lion Mind.

For Alkanese, simply continue raising any hammer related skills--mainly Hammer Knowledge and Impulse. Also, don't forget to learn Damage Maximum, and to boost her accuracy in some way. You'll also want a fast stunner in your party setup, where they take action up first to stun the intended target for her to kill. Hammer is powerful, but useless if your miss ratio is high.

She pairs up well with Crane and/or Caloria. As Crane got a unique weapon that can stun monster very often and Caloria got Needle Shower that can stun multiple targets at once.

Berserker - a double-edged skill - may hinder her when training though, so put her in a party with a Guard.

Has better HP growth, and for a hammer specialist, good accuracy. However her undeletable Berserker skill may sometimes be a hindrance for leveling her up. She also can't learn Efficient Action that most Fighters can. Overall, significantly tougher than other run-of-the-mill Fighters, yet not as good as the top tier ones like Rance, Kenshin and Arms.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Crook Mofus (クルックー・モフス)[]


Healer Lv 20/50

How to get: Complete Quest #45: Walk in the Park.

Skills unique to a healer job: Having Trap Evasion/Chest Opening. Can disarm 1 trap and open chest 1 time successfully. Unlike the Ranger class, after those attempts used, it reverts back to 30% chance to disarm traps and open chests. She cannot continue to train those skills up, as it's locked. You wouldn't really want to waste skill points on it anyway.

She also got Brawling Knowledge ★, which enables her tho use the attack Shoulder Throw, which she has 4 uses of.

A note on healing skills. It's based on your MAG. So if you're going the healing route, equip her with a decent Wand/Rod.

Crook's selection of skills are amazing, and therefore be careful when spending her points; it's very easy to turn her into a jack-of-all-trades (and master of none). Try to decide beforehand how you want to raise her (If you messed up her build, just H her later to reset her skills. Also if you find a Rocky Chunk, definitely use it on her, as she need as many skill points available to her to make her the ultimate healer/support role), but increase her skill slots at least once; it'll make using her better. And although Alice's Protection makes her sturdy even without armor, you probably won't have room to equip it. You shouldn't worry unless you are putting her on the frontline, or not using a Guard. A healing-centered Crook in the back row without Alice's Protection is fine.

On the combat side, she can deal heavy damage to ghost and humanoid characters--especially because she can hold hammers. But it's not advised to raise a healer for combat. So use the combat skills she comes with in times of need (such as Quest #63), but don't upgrade any of them. Shoulder Throw is deadly to bosses such as Full Kalar, but it has a maximum hit rate of 75% due to the nature of hammers. So decide whether you want to run the risk. Investing in Accuracy Boost is costly in skill points as well.

A note on Full Party Protection (全体加護), which is a unique skill for healers. Every time her turn comes, Full Party Protection will heal everyone a little; so she can essentially heal your party without using up actions. The heal amount restore is 10% base on each character's maximum HP. So if a Character got 819HP, 81HP will be restored for that character. Full Party Protection gets better late in the game, when your characters have higher maximum HP. However, the effect will get canceled if they get hit by an attack. You also don't need to max rank the skill, at ★★ which is a 60% trigger rate when taking up an action slot, it has a decent activation chance already. You'll want to max it, if you can afford the skill points in doing so, and you would rather not have it taking up a action slot.

You'll more than likely be fine with the default healing abilities she came with, but to unlock her other revive skills, you'll need to train the necessary healing skills to unlock them. With a high MAG build, by equipping items to boost MAG, her Healing 1 can easily heal 1600 HP heal with 800 MAG. This is way more than enough for your characters. Healing 2 is pretty much restore HP to full with the same amount of MAG. Whereas Healing 3 becomes redundant, healing way more HP than any of your character's Max HP would have.

Depending on your preference, you will even want either Recovery Rain 1 or Recovery Rain 2; the former is weaker, but will save you some points. And if you need it, put some points into any of the two revival skills at your own discretion. Also, although she should have magic boosting items for stronger heals, don't bother with Magic Boost; it's not worth the points and skill slot.

If you want to make her ultimately good at everything, you'll need to H her a few times absorbing MAG items. If you get her MAG as high as possible naturally without relying on using a Rod or other MAG boosting equipment, you'll be able to freely equip a weapon with more ATK, letting her be a damage dealer and healer. Just make sure to raise Accuracy then, or else she'll miss a lot.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Aegis Kalar (イージス・カラー)[]


Gunner Lv 1/50

How to get: Complete Quest #70: Once More to the Kalar Forest.

Key Skills to learn and rank up to ★★★: Bow Knowledge (弓の攻撃), Damage Maximum (ダメージ上限)

Attack skills to get: Volley (一斉射撃), other attack skills and amount are to your preference.

One of the potentially most powerful Gunners in the game, dealing very high range damage, out-damaging Maria's Tulip even.

Aegis is a mixed bag. On one hand, she has a wonderful skill making her similar to Brawlers with Element Strike. If an enemy (once identified with Weakness Search) has a weakness to fire/ice/lightning, Aegis's physical attack (whether she's using a bow or a firearm) will be imbued with that element. Unfortunately, Kalar Species(カラー種) is an unpredictable and largely negative skill. Depending on the map, Aegis will receive buffs or debuffs--even then, this happens randomly. For example, even if she's battling in a forest (a favorable ground to her), Aegis won't always receive buffs. So put a tactician by her side to use her comfortably.

There are some key points on what not to do. First, do not invest points into Rapid Fire, this skill costs too many points. Even if you do, Rapid Fire's number of shots will be random; you won't always make seven shots. And don't invest in her magic skills because it's hard to raise both physical attack and magical attack. There aren't any clean bows with bonuses to magical attack either.

So the best path is to raise her like a normal Gunner. Increase any of her Ranged Attacks to your liking, teach her Volley, Damage Maximum, and give her Bow Knowledge. These, along with her elemental arrows, will be sufficient to make her formidable. Note Aegis can exceed any damage maximum if she can target an enemy's elemental weakness--if it wasn't obvious. Her damage further increases with Damage Maximum mastery as well.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Kenshin Uesugi (上杉 謙信)[]

上杉 謙信.jpg

Fighter Lv 1/70

How to get: Complete Quest #40: Mount Hakkoda.

Recommended skills : Bishamonten, Winding Wheel Sword + Damage Maximum + lots of high level Melee Attacks, or Train Slash + Full Power Slash + lots of high level Melee Attacks

Build memo : Kenshin is definitely the best sword user in this game. You can use her in two patterns. The first one is to make best use of Winding Wheel Sword by maxing Damage Maximum, this will make her one of the best boss killers. On the other hand, if you want to use her with Katsuko and Torako for regular dungeon exploration, you can give her Train Slash, to kill all the front row monsters, and use the others to pick off the rest. Do not forget to plug in Bishamonten when you fight an important battle, this skill will recover all of Kenshin's HP and buff ATK and DEF for her.

Arguably the best Fighter after Rance himself, and perhaps the first choice to give your new powerful sword to. Awesome attack growth, speed that's second to only Tilde Sharp (among Fighters), pre-upgraded 2-star Sword Knowledge, a unique skill that will fully heal her HP and give her attack/defense buffs, and a sword skill that can hit enemies (or guards that try to protect the target) up to 7 times, making her a phenomenal boss killer.

When put together with her two subordinates Torako and Katsuko, Kenshin can wreak havoc with an attack buff and full HP heal in every battle, making the Uesugi combination one of the deadliest in the game.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Kouhime / Kou Oda (香姫/織田 香)[]


Guard Lv 25/40

How to get: Complete Quest #41: Kouhime Joins.

Kou may be built in two ways, and the most common solution is to make her a defender. In this case, it's heavily advised to maintain her Oda Armor during the early levels, since Kou needs extra protection to make up for her low stats. You can replace the Oda Armor once you find something better. However, her speed will greatly suffer until then. So what's necessary is Initial Guard, and Head Start. Afterward, it's good to upgrade her Tactician Knowledge. If there are leftover points, Weapon Breaker (武器壊し) is decent too. Don't bother with Shield Deflection (盾反らし) since it costs 6 points on Kou. Also, do not teach her any manual buffs in this build; she's too slow for the task. And don't bother trying to poison bosses with this build's poor speed. (Bosses now since when? have a 50% chance to automatically cure abnormal statuses on their turn. Leave the poisoning task to Rangers, or Kou's next build.)

Another method is to remove the Oda Armor, and have Kou forgo any defending duties. Instead, use her regained speed to take advantage of her unique weapon, and her manual buff skills. With the combination of Spear Knowledge, Kou can now dedicate herself to poisoning bosses with her unique weapon, which has a 100% poisoning rate. Simultaneously, she can now freely cast Offense Buff All (攻撃付与全体(+ATK), and Defense Buff All (防御付与全体(+DEF). (Encourage is useful too when battling bosses who debuff your party.) This build essentially turns Kou into a tactician with the ability to poison enemies.

The Oda Armor is only great during the lower levels. Later in the game you can easily find better armor to maintain her DEF to an acceptable trade off for other bonuses and retain her movement speed.

Have her learn Head Start [抜け駆け] once to offset the speed penalty of Spear weapons. If you want more speed, rank it up accordingly to your preference.

Weapon Breaker (武器壊し) is a yellow skill that, at max rank give you 40% chance in debuffing the opponent's offense.

Shield Deflection (盾反らし) is a yellow skill that, at max rank give you 40% chance to negate physical damage. However, it cost 6 skill points to learn it, where as Sachiko only need 2. (Recent patch has increased Sachiko's requirement to 4)

Due to her Immature status, she receives a -20% penalty to her HP, Attack and Magic and thus is weaker than other guards. However, she also doubles as a tactician with buffing capability, and can use a unique Poison Dango weapon that inflicts guaranteed poisoning on targets, which is of paramount importance in many difficult boss battles.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Crane (クレイン)[]


Ranger Lv 15/38

How to get: Complete Quest #54: Crane's Hideout.

Pretty much a utility character. Since her armor and accessory slots are locked sit make her very fragile in combat and can easily get killed due to low RES/DEF and low evasion.

That means, she's not really combat oriented, so she has plenty of spare points--you can specialize her in many fields. First, max her Escape Skills (逃げる技術), which is vital for completing the dreadfully long Quest #77--Crane and Rance (who regains actions after each boss) alone can escape nine times together on this quest. And then the remaining skills are a matters of preference.

If you choose so, teach her Covert Movement (隠密移動) with Chest Opening (宝箱開け) and finish up maxing out Trap Evasion (罠回避) to disarm up to 4 traps at 100% rate. And perhaps even any treasure-related skills. She'll become a good item hunter then.

But you may also use her for supporting roles in combat. Crane has excellent stun rate, so Shurikens are excellent if you desire a long-range stunning attack. Or better yet, use her as an assassin. Assassination rate increases by 50% after casting Stealth (making Assassination Knowledge unnecessary), so she's a great alternative to an assassination oriented Suzume. She's guaranteed to kill humanoids in two turns whereas Suzume has a 70% chance to kill on the first turn; pick your preference between the slow-but-reliable killer, or the fast-but-inaccurate killer.

Retaining her weapon also gives a 50% chance to stealth immediately when her turn comes.

If you do the above, combat support role, you'll want to work on her speed, ensuring she get in to stun/assassinate/poison her target before they take her out.

  • Following the item hunter Crane template, pair her up w/ Rance (equipped with Escape and perhaps even a treasure key), a Guard, as well as a frontline Healer, will make it possible to rush the map, and allow you to pick your battles. Substitute Atago in and out of your explorer party to replenish Rance's moves, (including his Escape skill) to keep him going all the way to the end.

Crane is unsurprisingly designed for avoiding combat, with lots of points in passives for reducing encounter rate and increasing escape chance.  Great for if you need want to get to the end of a quest as quickly as possible.  In combat she's not quite as good, though her unique Puncher weapon does have very high stun rate and accuracy.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Lia Parapara Leazas (リア・P・リーザス)[]


Civilian Lv 20/20

How to get: Complete Quest #63: Leazish Ghost Story.

Recommend Skill : Leazas Lightning Dragon, Attack Boost

Build memo : Lia's main use is none other than putting her in the party for the last event in each quest, earning double reputation. If the last event is a red star, switch her in just before delivering the final killing blow. For certain quests like #221-223, even though she does not participate, place her in the starting line up to still get double reputation.

Her Leazas Lightning Dragon has an exceedingly high damage multiplier and bonus damage, the highest of any attack that can hit all enemies. Raising her attack and finding a powerful weapon usable by civilian should be a priority.

In the latest patch, her thunder skills won't be limited to 6 uses anymore. (Limit still applies for latest TADA patch.) Both her unique equipments are good so donate and find them again for a better rank (preferably with Talent rare). Raise her attack and learn Improve Fortune for a good offensive Civilian.

She starts out at her level cap though, so you'll need three of the weak Forbidden Talent items to get her up to Morurun range.  As an additional downside her pet dragon Harumaki takes up her bottom equipment slot so she's not capable of using gal monsters.

Locked items:

Harumaki - gives no stats so it's a handicap of some sort (but it justifies usage of her Leazas Lightning Dragon skill)

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Magic the Gandhi (マジック・ガンジー)[]


Sorcerer Lv 1/69

How to get: Complete Quest #64: Visiting Magic.

Build memo : One of the three best sorcerers and the most suitable electric user. The same as other sorcerers, just keep her at no star Electric Knowledge; you do not need to master it to ★★★. Learn Quick Casting if you wish to. She has a joke skill, which allows her to withstand light spells, but you probably won't have opportunities to make use of it.

If you want to raise her with a different element for some reason, go for Light (which is useful) or Ice since she learns Snow Laser. Lightning is still the better choice though.

Starts with Magic Barrier maxed, which always blocks any one attack directed at her if you feel it's worth a slot (if not it still has a half chance of activating at the start of battle).  Otherwise comparable to Shizuka, though worse off in both initial spells and spell slots.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Characters Obtained by Quest #16[]

Prima Hononoman (プリマ・ホノノマン)[]


Civilian Lv 1/22

How to get: First character to get recruited using Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar. Comes equipped with an Ibeprofun Box.

Has pretty limited use since her healing skill doesn't heal anywhere near the actual healers. But she's a great partner for Nozomi who starts battles poisoned. Dump her for Crook or even Frostbyne later on. Don't bother using her for item healing either. Ibeprofun EX Box (世色癌EX箱) is costly, and Arms will join with one anyway.

In Rance Quest Magnum, she now has a funny white skill, With Megadeth (メガデスと一緒), that starts her poisoned in every battle when she is with Megadeth. Poor girl :3

A possible candidate for Coach or Cheerleader that will raise exp gained or damage dealt, together with other rarely used characters.

Your first character that can heal. Important very early in the game when you have no better options, but mostly useless past that point as actual Healers are both stronger and more versatile in terms of healing abilities available.

You need to have her at lvl 35 to clear Quest #150: The Three Ice Flame Girls for a HCG with her, Megadeth and Cessna.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Megadeth Moromi (メガデス・モロミ)[]


Gunner Lv 1/18

How to get:

Up to 1.15: Clear any 2 quests that have a map after getting Mahoko.

In 1.6/Magnum: Complete Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar after clearing Quest #86: Highway Yankees.

She will learn Volley (一斉射撃) (1,5x damage +200 versus all enemies) during her A Day in Cidade event without needing to spend 4 skill points or having Bow Knowledge ★.

In Rance Quest Magnum, she has gained a white skill, With Prima (プリマと一緒), that gives her an offensive buff at the start of a battle when she's fielded with Prima (but it also poisons Prima at the start of the battle).

Apart from those little skills she is a rather generic gunner, with completely normal stats and only 3 starting skills, also with low initial level limit. She is one of the first ranged units that you will get so she might be useful anyway (and if you will take time to level her she will do well as a generic archer anyway).

You need to have her at lvl 35 to clear Quest #150: The Three Ice Flame Girls for a HCG with her, Prima and Cessna.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Mahoko P. Masai (マホコ・P・マサイ)[]


Sorcerer Lv 1/25

How to get:

Up to 1.15: Clear any 2 quests with map after getting Prima.

In 1.6/Magnum: Complete Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar after clearing Quest #83: Grape Hunting and Grape Special.

One quest requires her to be Level 20, so you might as well use her in the beginning at least. You can either stick to her fire skills, or teach her light skills, which are useful in said quest. Mahoko does have potential to learn high-level spells if you raise her level cap though--although you're better off with Shizuka (who begins with five skill slots) in that case.

With her low level, Damage Maximum might not make a significant difference. So learn Fire Knowledge and Light Knowledge--once each since subsequent upgrades only raise your damage by 5%. And then focus on how many times you can use A Cutter and Fire Blast--possibly three each, required to learn the next tier spells of respective elements.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Alexander (アレキサンダー)[]


Brawler Lv 1/77

How to get:

Up to 1.15: Clear any 2 quests with map after getting Cessna.

In 1.6/Magnum: Complete Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar after clearing Quest #121: Malgrid Dungeon 1st Stratum.

Since he doesn't start with any Element Strike related skills like Kibako, it might be good to forsake those skills to save points. Instead, raise his Shoulder Throw, which is deadly on humanoids such as Matilda, Full Kalar, and Yudain. Otherwise, raise him as you do Kibako. Make sure to get Brawling Knowledge, Armor Strike, and/or Soft Spot Strike. Being able to use Soft Spot Strike about two or three times should suffice.

Alexander has a monumental level cap as well, even exceeding that of the likes of Kenshin and Urza!

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Cessna Benville (セスナ・ベンビール)[]


Fighter Lv 1/18

How to get:

Up to 1.15: Clear any 2 quests with a map after getting Megadeth.

In 1.6/Magnum: Complete Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar after clearing Quest #26: Retrieve Manuscript (and Editor).

Generic Fighter #1, literally. She'll be the first new Fighter you'll acquire. Use her however you want, and decide if you want to use her special skill.

Her optional unique yellow skill, Narcolepsy(居眠り), just makes her an unreliable, run-of-the-mill Fighter.

Although out of character, short swords are a good choice if you can't stand her accuracy. You probably won't use her for long as you will eventually have more than a dozen (mostly better) Fighters to choose from. But you can invest in the Accuracy Boost skill and you will have enough to use both hammers that have negative accuracy and Narcolepsy and make use of free 70 crit rate. Hammer Knowledge at lvl 3 will also provide you with +20 accuracy so it's not that bad of a combination.

You need to have her at lvl 35 to clear Quest #150: The Three Ice Flame Girls for a HCG with her, Prima and Megadeth.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Characters Obtained by Normal Quests[]

Kapala Uche (カパーラ・ウーチ)[]


Sorcerer Lv 8/24

How to get: Complete Quest #89: Idol Mage. Then you can recruit her at the bar via Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar.

Kapala is an average Sorcerer that comes with impressive equipment (a Common Seahorse), so she might be useful early in the game at least. Honestly, among underdog Sorcerers, you're better off using Mahoko who can be powerful if you manage to raise her level cap. So unless you have a thing for cute idols, leave her alone.

Recent patch changes has turned her into an ice mage, rather than lightning. She seems to have lost all element boosts as well, decreasing her usefulness, even more if you increase her level cap via special item, losing her initial Common Seahorse, unless you replace it with another one when her level is at least 35.

You can raise her level cap by equipping some Abnormal Bloomers and changing blocks while she is at max level.

Note: Her initial skillset is thunder-specific in the initial versions of the game, but is changed to ice-specific in later versions. She can no longer learn thunder spells in Magnum. She also can't learn darkness spells.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Copandon Dot (コパンドン・ドット)[]


Civilian Lv 14/37

How to get: Complete Quest #38: Copandon Joins.

Fortune (お神籤) is unaffected by stun rate, critical rate, or accuracy. It will always hit, however it'll either do 0 damage to the target, or 1x of your ATK or a higher random modifier up to 5x the damage. There is no damage cap on this skill either. The skill can be extremely powerful and can easily give you a instant battle win, killing every monster in your screen if the skill decides to work. ATK does affect the damage though--so raise that. Otherwise, like other Civilians, she's a utility character with Economic Luck (金運), which doubles Gold after battle when she's in your active party. If you wish, make her a gal monster user, or teach her skills such as Treasure Appraisal.

Grinding her level way up becomes necessary if you wish to recruit 2 characters for a reasonable price through Quest #155 in Magnum. Keep that in mind...

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Meg Makibano (牧場野 メグ)[]

牧場野 メグ.jpg

Civilian Lv 1/8

In Quest #71: Kaito, enter the green star at the beginning area and choose to eat the cookies (クッキーを食べて). The quest will fail. Complete another quest and Quest #79: Here come the Boobs will unlock. Complete that quest to unlock Meg.

Meg has the Handicap skill for double exp gain, and her specialty is Relax, which is guaranteed to let you escape--even against Stone Guardians. However, her speed is low, so Relax isn't as great as it seems; at least, until you put efforts into raising her speed. As a Civilian, she has no other merits. She can use gal monsters like other Civilians, but you surely don't want to due to her low level cap, unless you raise it a lot.

She can randomly cause a quest to fail when you change zones with her in the party because Rance will fall asleep after eating her snacks.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Aten Gnu (アテン・ヌー)[]


Sorcerer Lv 1/48

How to get: Clear Quest #90: Shut-in Witch.

She's a worthy candidate to teach dark-element spells to, which are the weaknesses of Vivid Kalar's crystals. However, she has an awful habit of leaving your party--so raising her level requires work. If you do manage though, she's a great addition when tackling Quest #77. Also, you probably shouldn't bother equipping her with Weakness Search. Since you can't use her for very long, you as might as well turn her into a one-hit wonder.

Her Mollusc Freezer is very strong against molluscs, such as Rurontas. However, this spell is usually not all that useful as molluscs are not that common. It may be worth equipping if you have an empty slot to fill.

A strong Darkness mage that you get very early, gimped by her Go Home (引きこもり) skill which makes her randomly leave the party afteer battle. One way to use her is to deploy her with a team of weak characters you intend to replace as you make progress and run out of attacks, Aten will make that team much more reliable and if she leaves it will be at a time when you are frequently swaps anyway.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Katsuko Uesugi (上杉 勝子)[]

上杉 勝子.jpg

Fighter Lv 15/35

How to get: Complete Quest number #42: KatsuTora Highway Marathon.

Recommended skill : Spear Knowledge or Sword Knowledge

Build memo : The easiest Fighter to level in this game, because of her With Torako skill that grants her double exp until level 50 if Torako is present. Because of her With Kenshin skill, Katsuko will have an attack buff and full HP at the start of battle if Kenshin is present. You may want to give her spears and train her Spear Knowledge, so she can fight from the back line, as Kenshin already has Sword Knowledge and Katsuko doesn't, so Kenshin will generally outdo her with swords.

Or make her learn Train Slash to farm dungeons, her art features a sword, and her event gives you a free sword(lousy one though), so why not?

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Torako Uesugi (上杉 虎子)[]

上杉 虎子.jpg

Sorcerer Lv 15/35

How to get: Complete Quest #42: KatsuTora Highway Marathon.

Torako's skillset is completely different from other Sorcerers, consisting of just a few all-targeting Shikigami spells (sadly, no Defensive Shikigami until World 3.  Very strong on her own, but like Katsuko she gains an attack buff if deployed with Kenshin and double EXP with Katsuko, making her extremely useful when used with them.

Build memo : Same as Katsuko, leveling up her is very easy, so you can Morurun her many times. Recommended to at least have 7 in Shikigami-Bird. With Damage Maximum maxed, she can damage all enemies with around 1.5K - 2K damage at level 45. Also recommended to put some points in Magic Boost.

Once her MAG is high enough, unequip Shikigami-Bird and learn Shikigami-Tiger instead, use the points you spent on Damage Maximum and use these for more uses or Magic Boosts instead.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Kibako (キバ子)[]


Brawler Lv 1/45

How to get: Complete Quest #91: Wild Child of Ifo.

Recommended Skills: Soft Spot Strike, Armor Strike, Element Strike

Build Memo : The Brawler who join with a lot of passive skills since beginning, that make her Element Strike very strong throughout the entire play through. Armor Strike also considerable to be a one hit kill for a lot of monsters. And the most important skill is nothing other than her Soft Spot Strike, it will be the skill to clear your way in the last two bosses, Full Kalar and Masuzoe.

Her high HP growth in addition to the Brawler abilities of Shoulder Throw & Soft Spot Strike makes her very useful in boss fights.

Kibako's unique selling point is that she comes with all 5 of the Elemental Brawling Knowledge passives and 4 uses of Element Strike pre-learned, so she can hit enemies with weaknesses hard if you've used Weakness Search on them at least once (and if not, Element Strike is no weaker than a normal attack). Otherwise she is a solid melee fighter, though hampered somewhat by the low attack of Gloves.

Note: Kibako has a unique rare event when moving maps in a dungeon. If she has a "Manga Meat" equipped as a special item, she will consume it for a permanent +2 max HP, and transform the item into a "Manga Meat Bone". There is no need to keep it equipped for Morurun. This possibly makes her the tankiest character in the game. (Does this have a cap on the amount of times it can happen? It is not a one-time event)

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Tilde Sharp (チルディ・シャープ)[]


Fighter Lv 1/44

How to obtain: Complete Quest #50: The Young Royal Guard.

Tilde has several points to note--her Head Start【抜け駆け】 skill costs only 1 point; she's the third fastest to level-up in the game thanks to her Experience Talent【経験才能】 skill that can boost +25%~50% exp after battle.; she gains extra speed through Quest #51; her initial speed is higher than other Fighters; and Pepsi Swordplay allows her to randomly attack once more. So she's literally a speed god. Anyway, as long as you take advantage of these strengths, Tilde will perform wonderfully with any weapon.

Her resistance mastery skills are also worth noting that, they only require 1 SP each to learn and rank up. This make her very close to becoming immune to magic threats.

As a hammer Fighter, she'll be able to deal a fearsome two-hit combo using hammers, which normally can't combo like swords, daggers, and spears. Her attack and accuracy growth is higher than normal Fighters, so she should perform fine with hammers. Or with a spear, she'll benefit from the cheap cost of learning Head Start, and the extra attack from Pepsi Swordplay.

The drawback from Pepsi Swordplay【ペプシ剣術】,is that it reduces your attack by 20% for a 30% chance to attack 1 additional time.

But her true potential comes through using swords or daggers in higher difficulties, in which stunning is important to survive the onslaught of monsters. The idea is to, depending on your weapon, deliver a 3-or-4 hit combo to increase the chances of stunning powerful enemies. And so, it's more important to enhance accuracy and stun rate in this build.

On another note, Quest #56 is excellent for leveling her early in the game.

More or less the fastest among Fighters. If that's not enough, she can gain a further +11 (!) speed in one of her quests which will make her speed second only to Yuzumi Yuzuhara in the entire game if not the fastest, and has a skill that gives her a chance to land an extra hit for every normal attack at the cost of 20% attack power. Pretty much the goddess of speed.

On the flip side though, faster turns means running out of skills faster in general, and defense-wise she's a wee bit fragile. Still, one of the best Fighters to have around, especially if you want to end fights quickly.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Zima Bakasko (ジーマ・バカスコ)[]


Gunner Lv 1/48

How to get: Complete Quest #92: Cursed Princess.

Zima's a great offensive character due to Attack Specialist (攻撃特化型), which raises her offense by 20%. However, said skill has some penalties--defense/evasion drops by 50%, and accuracy (which his vital to Gunners) drops by 20%. Therefore, Zima greatly appreciates any boost to accuracy.

In terms of skills, besides your choice of Ranged Attack, Zima should be using Volley and Super Draw (怪力弓), which deals 250% damage. However, the latter is locked on the first turn. So giving her Preemptive Strike and any speed boost is welcome to fire Super Draw as soon as possible on bosses. If you have spare points, consider Bow Knowledge to complement Super Draw too.

In conclusion, her unremovable passive Attack Specialist (攻撃特化型) which forces some hefty penalties on her in exchange for a small attack boost is awkward, but her other unique ability Super Draw 怪力弓 lets her deal potentially insane damage that other characters will have difficulty matching.  Unfortunately it costs 8-9 skill points to get any additional uses out of it.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Athena 2.0 (あてな2号)[]


Gunner Lv 1/1

How to get: Complete Quest #81: The Miraculous Artificial Lifeform.

Build memo: Athena 2.0 is unique character, she is limited to level 1 and her max level limit can't be raised because her item and accessory slots are locked with Rance's gifts that she refuses to part with. But she has a number of yellow skills that allow her to raise some of her stats - HP, Hit Rate, Critical Rate, Attack, Speed. If a skill is equipped and battle ends with a character before her (to her left) who has higher stat, her own stat will be raised. This way she can gather max stats from all characters and become much stronger without leveling up. It takes into account stats modified by items - so if you want to raise ACC/CRT/SPD, you can use items that will lower her visible stats (so she can learn above the stats level of character she learns from). She attracts attacks of enemies that target lowest level characters (this will help in a quest with guarding Nopel, but is often getting her killed when she is opposing Zashikiwarashi).

She only has three attacks, but her HP and attack uses are restored after each battle, so she is good for short skirmishes but not so good for prolonged fights. Her skill "Become Human", can never be learned and seemingly does nothing.

Her defenses don't grow, so you have three tactics: bear the attacks with her HP, kill monsters before getting hit, or use Guards.


For her armor the best may be the Leather Armor XA with Talent (and with more RES or other stats too if possible).

For her weapon... You don't have to care about damage and CRT since you can improve them, so the most important stats are stun and an element, so maybe save more kinds of Short Bows with different elements. Because of the skill Stupid she can't effectively use an Arquebus - when equipped with one her accuracy will be set to 10. You can use it to your adventage though - this way it's easier to learn accuracy up to 200 as character on your left will always have better accuracy. Supposedly, in world 3, level requirements lowers to 0 (maybe only for her) so she can use all (or almost all) the bows and armors there. (only in newer).

Fixed items:

Marble, Broken Clock - both gives nothing, they just exist so you can't give her items apart weapon/armor. Those can be removed in World 3 (but she still can't aquire experience so giving her forbidden talent is meaningless)

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Caloria Cricket (カロリア・クリケット)[]


Guard Lv 10/42

How to get: Clear Quest #20: Rance Castle, Complete and then repeat it. She pops up at the very end of the event the second time.

Caloria's notable skills are Needle Shower and Harden. The former, a utility skill, deals light damage to all enemies with a +50 chance to stun, so giving her accuracy/stun-rate boosting items is helpful; daggers might be a good choice. And the latter, Harden, makes it so she only takes one-fifth the damage. However, she won't be able to move for the remainder of the battle. It's a great skill, but Caloria won't be able to raise her protection rate any more; so use it wisely. Otherwise, she's like other guards. You may want to forgo the standard guard skills such as Initial Guard and Shield Deflection for increasing the count of Needle Shower though. (Harden is already maxed.)

Caloria also has a long-range, physical, fire attack. But then you may want to drop Needle Shower in this case, and switch to a high-damage weapon. Needle Shower seems more handy, but pick whichever you prefer. If you do decide to raise her offense, then focus only on Flamethrower (火炎放射); don't bother to learn any weapon knowledge or weapon attacks.

So basically upgrade her unique skills, and/or the standard Guard skills. Try to find the right balance for yourself.

Starting with more attacks than other guards, Caloria does well when added to your exploration team. Her Flamethrower (火炎放射) can be used on physically resistant enemies. Giving her some Spear Knowledge will allow her to damage back row enemies with normal attacks. Harden, meanwhile, can be of use in boss battles where there is a chance that your front line can be wiped out faster than your Healers can manage (such as Quest #198). Sticking her in the front with Harden will keep the enemy from reaching your back row, giving your Healers the chance to revive your front line.

Placing points in the white skill Boobs (おっぱい), will cause a different dialogue in her H quest (Quest #185) as well as her H event at Rance castle. Otherwise, it has no combat use.

Caloria has a variety of unique skills at her disposal. She has a Flamethrower attack that deals physical fire damage, Needle Shower that can stun the entire enemy party, and a Harden skill that makes her extremely resistant for the rest of the battle, but she becomes unusable for the battle as well. It's up to you whether you'll build her to be offense oriented, stun oriented or just a solid tank who can deal a bit of damage. That she can use all 6 slots from the beginning also helps reduce skill points expenditure and give her lots of skills.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Arms Arc (アームズ・アーク)[]


Fighter Lv 1/47

How to get: Complete Quest #93: Dragon Slayer. Then do Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar.

Although Arms comes with Spear Knowledge, she performs well with any weapon due to having white skills to triple damage against certain monsters. So pick your preference, and raise her like any other Fighter. If you wish to keep her as a spear user, just make sure to boost her speed in any way possible. And invest in Spear Flurry to make the few turns she gets count. If you want to raise her as a hammer Fighter, then note the bonus damage from Hammer Knowledge won't stack with her white skill against Hannies.

One of the last Fighters you'll obtain, she has passive skills that lets her deal 3x damage to specific, powerful enemies. It may be noted that she can't learn Efficient Action (効率行動) like most other Fighters can so, if possible, make her attacks count (always try to hit a type she'd deal 3x damage against, like hannies). Using her in the right situations can make tough boss battles a walk in the park.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Onoha Mespos (オノハ・メスポス)[]


Civilian Lv 20/45

Complete Quest #94: Queen of the Monsters. Then do Quest #16: Scouting at the Bar.

She can't exactly do much besides use gal monsters, so you're better off using other Civilians who have specialties to use in conjunction with monster handling. For instance, while Onoha can only use gal monsters, Arlcoate can cast buffs too. Just learn Guy Monster Weakness (男Mの弱み), and then raise her survivability. Monster Info (モンスター情報) is hardly different from a Sorcerer's Weakness Search, so you might not want it. Or you might as well learn it since she'll have plenty of spare points.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Kanami Kentou (見当 かなみ)[]

見当 かなみ.jpg

Ranger Lv 20/40

Complete Quest #58: The Reason Suzume Lingers.

Recommend skill : Possessed by Suzume, Short Sword Knowledge, Poison Effect

Build memo : At long last, Kanami can show off in this game as one of the best fighters (rangers) if you level her up along with Suzume. The skill Possessed by Suzume will make Kanami absorb 25% of Suzume's atk when Suzume is not in your party. That make her a fearsome poisoned knife fighter. By attacking 1-3 times, using Poison Effect and Numbing Slash, and with Shuriken, she will be a fighter that makes your enemy feel a lot of pain!

In Magnum, she regains access to her unique weapon 首切り刀 (Decapitation Blade), which boosts assassination rates, via quest 180 (which requires her RSN to be 300 or higher to be successful). Making full use of this weapon, may disrupt the way you have been training Kanami, so keep this in mind when you distribute her Skill points the next time you Morurun her.

She also gains an unusual white skill, Pity Magnet (costs 9 SP, adds pitiful amount of hit and evade, like the name says). Not worth taking.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Biscuitta Berns (ビスケッタベルンズ)[]


Brawler Lv 20/38

Cannot be H'd by Rance in earlier version. In Magnum she can be H'd normally.

Requires Patch 1.1 (applies to the Japanese release only). After you gain access to Rance Castle, and progressed far enough in the game, do whatever event you want once and attempt to re-enter the palace; Biscuitta will warn Rance about cockroaches in the palace. Go out and complete any other quest and Quest #136: Cockroach Commotion will unlock. Complete Quest #136 and repeat the step of re-entering the palace once again, then go out and complete any other quest and Quest #137: Cockroach Commotion Cont. will unlock. Complete Quest #137 which in turn will unlock Quest #138: Biscuitta Joins. Complete Quest #138 and she'll join your party.

Note: You also need to have viewed Quest #23: Head Maid Service to unlock #138.

You may use her like any other Brawler. But if deployed alongside Crane and Tomato, you'll have the best item hunting team due to her Dungeon Cleaning. If you're going to raise her for the item hunting party, then it's not bad to learn Shortened Fight too.

She gains a skill called Stone Splitter in her A Day in Cidade event which has one use and hits one enemy for double damage.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Characters Obtained by Fulfilling Certain Conditions[]

Noir (ノワール)[]


Fighter Lv 25/50

How to get: By getting to a certain green (!) event in Quest #63: Leazish Horror Story.

Noir is a typical Fighter. She may be able to reach Level 50, but she almost goes unnoticed due to the influx of Fighters in the game. Not bad, but by the time you get her your party should already be saturated with capable Fighters. Her highlights are Spider Thread, a skill that debuffs the entire enemy party, and the fact that her attacks set enemy dodge rate to 0. She also has Capture Thread, a skill that has a constant 75% chance of catching galmons regardless of HP.

Sadly she takes additional dmg from magic attacks, additionally learning normal Melee Attacks costs more skill points for her than other characters.

Fixed Equipment:

Orochi scale. It gives nothing and can't be unequiped so basically she doesn't have a 4th equipment slot.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Rocky Bank (ロッキー・パンク)[]


Guard Lv 8/19

How to get: After beating Quest #17: Pollution Solution once, try it a second time. There will be a new green exclamation mark event to the left of the map. Trigger it, then complete the quest. Rocky will join you.

Rocky is a Guard without any quirks. He doesn't have Sachiko's attack penalty, Kou's speed issue, or Teru's paper-thin resistance. However, he doesn't have Caloria's unique skills either. He may be boring, but it's his good point.

For skills, give him the standard Guard skills such as Initial Guard, Shield Deflection, and Stamina Boost.

His level cap can be raised by +5 several times by triggering a green event near the southeast corner of the second area (rest area with no random encounters) on Rising Dragon Mountain. This area can be visited quickly in Quest #48. WARNING: This will cause the quest to fail immediately so when you want to raise Rocky's level cap, deliberately head towards this point only.

Still probably the most generic of Guards, but given how few of them you get (excluding custom characters), you'll want to make use of him.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Bernard Ceramité (バーナード・セラミテ)[]


Fighter Lv 1/25

How to get: Quest #96: Squidman Courtship. Do not do any of the non-exclamation mark green stars and immediately go straight for the exclamation mark star. He will join at the end of the quest.

His natural resilience (to status effects) is much higher than other characters (base is 80%).. He's a steady character with no weaknesses, but it's also his downfall. There's no particular reason to use him, and especially so because male characters generally don't fare well in the Rance series. Use him if you must, but he's as generic as you can get.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Tomato Purée (トマト・ピューレ)[]


Fighter Lv 1/37

How to get: Upon encountering a certain treasure chest in Quest #61: Cheetah Mind.

Tomato is best used as a dedicated monster girl capturer. Therefore pick a high accuracy weapon for her (so you don't miss any capture attempts), and teach her skills appropriate to making captures easier. And, of course, give any treasure related skills to take advantage of her unique skill. Note: Recent patch has limited her with only Spear Knowledge or Hammer Knowledge.

Great item farmer to use in lower level maps with characters who have: Intimidate, Covert Movement, Escape Skills etc.

She has a wonderful passive, Liked by Treasure Chests (宝箱に好かれる), that give you more chests on maps, exact amount unknownm but it's a substantial amount. Also able to acquire yellow skills that increase the items obtained from chests of a specific type: Special items, equipment or accessories. So putting her together with characters with Improve Fortune and Treasure Appraisal would make your farming life easy. It's recommended to equip Special Item Lover as special items do not vary with the level of the map, as they exist in all levels from S-C from any chest, unlike equipment which changes with quest difficulty. Accessory item skill does not work as higher difficulty quests give high stats to accessories(need confirmation). Or better yet get all 3. would require an expanded skill slot as she starts with only 3. One can decide to forgo adding a slot by alternating between items skill and capture but it is such a hassle.

Her Skill Slots (実装スキル数) cost 7 points to increase instead of the usual 6 and her red skills too require an extra skill point.

Her skills make her a specialist in item hunting, and her fully upgraded Capture Knowledge makes her the best choice for capturing monster girls.

Not as proficient in combat as other Fighters, she can only achieve mastery in hammers and spears, and after the initial learning, each upgrade of the masteries costs 4 SP (as opposed to the usual 3 SP).

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Teru Mouri (毛利 てる)[]

毛利 てる.jpg

Guard Lv 25/47

How to get: Once you've reached the leftmost square in Quest #71: Kaito, check the second to last green star, the one next to the rock, to meet with Teru. Then complete the Quest for her to join.

Teru is essentially a Guard, but due to her weak magic defense growth it's really not advised to use as her one unless you can compensate with items or are up against only physical enemies.

Or, to take advantage of her Counter, use her as if she's a Fighter who can guard allies from time to time. Sort of like Leila in Sengoku Rance who doubled as a Warrior and a Footsoldier. Take note that her Counter will not activate when guarding allies and her attack growth is low compared to Fighter class. Stick to characters like Sachiko if you desire a pure defender.

If you find a Crystal Armor with a Talent attribute, stick it on Teru. At 1000%, her RSN should be on par or even the highest among your guards, though her DEF will take a little hit. A good trade off that makes her a respectable guard.

Unfortunately, the fact that Counter will not trigger unless directly targeted (i.e. hits taken due to Ally Guard don't trigger Counter) makes her much less useful than she could have been.

Again, she's one of only 5 guards (excluding customs) that you'll ever get, so try to make the best of her. Giving her a ring or a Crystal Armor, preferably with Talent/Talent R, this will help negate her magic vulnerability.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Rizna Lanfbit (リズナ・ランフビット)[]


Fighter Lv 1/42

How to get: Trigger the green star in Quest #135: Hanny Secret Base, then clear the quest.

Rizna can use magic, but the real highlight is her physical skill Wild Dance (乱舞, Ranbu), which hits multiple times. Therefore, it's recommended to raise her as you do Kenshin; raise her damage cap to increase the effectiveness of Wild Dance. Also, don't forget enemy magic is ineffective on her. Don't bother teaching her any magic though; she's much better as a pure Fighter. You might want a couple points of her debuff skill Weakener though.

However, she does have downfalls for rivaling Kenshin's damage output in boss battles. Rizna, unfortunately, will always have only one-third of the defense other Fighters have. Also, she doesn't have Warrior's Talent.

Note: Wild Dance (乱舞), requires a weapon similar to her initial weapon the Naginata (spear category) to use. The downfall to this is, that unless you can upgrade the naginata, you are stuck with its attack power. Also, the skill can only be used from the front line. If you can find upgraded armor/accessory which boosts attack or has the Body Boost 5% (身体ブースト5%) or Body Boost 10% (身体ブースト10%) attribute, give it to Rizna to help boost the damage of Wild Dance.

She also has a couple of white skills to take note of. The first is Pheromone, which raises the attack/magic attack of all men she fights with. There may be only a handful of male party members, but who wouldn't want a buffed up Rance. The other skill is Haniwa Magnet (ハニワ寄せ), which causes hannies to appear more often in monster mobs, due to being drawn to Rizna (may restrict your Sorcerer's effectiveness in battle). Nozomi Okita also has this skill.

Her speciality is that like haniwa, she is completely immune to magic but physically vulnerable (base P.DEF is halved compared to other Fighters). Also comes with some unique combat skills.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Shizuka Masou (魔想 志津香)[]

魔想 志津香.jpg

Sorcerer Lv 20/61

How to get: In Quest #121: Malgrid Dungeon 1st Stratum, when entering C2 (see image to right), make sure not to have Rance in your party. In the first open space, there'll be an event to the left. Trigger it while still NOT having Rance in your party. There will be an event with Shizuka, and after clearing the quest on that occassion, she'll join you.

Recommend skill : Fire Knowledge, Light Knowledge

Build memo : Start with 2 elements, fire and light, both of which are very formidable in the late game. Same as building other Sorcerers, spam both her fire and light skills, and that will make her have a lot of actions and be able to clear monsters very quickly. Shizuka is very good at leveling up your new characters, put her with four other low level character and use her fearsome magic to bombard the field.

You have two choices for building her skills. One is to either keep her initial skills, and improve them by mastering Damage Maximum. Or, you may learn the higher level fire and light spells. These should be used in combination with Quick Casting however. Also, do not bother with Fire Laser as it's useless by the time you can learn it; magic isn't effective on Masuzoe and the Kalar queens. Just concentrate on her ability to nuke monsters in random battles.

If you want an easier time against Vivid Kalar, teaching her Death Bomb and Darkness Knowledge is an option too. Light (followed by Fire) is generally the best element for Sorcerers however.

Quest #179 in Magnum gives her access to her unique weapon, which has the attribute Efficient Action (効率行動), which is similar to the yellow skill of the same name, making her last long in dungeon exploring.

Probably the first Sorcerer you'll want to use long-term.  High level cap, ability to use the best late-game spells, and she starts with several spells already learned and 5 slots, giving her extra casts and helping her reach the higher-tier spells faster.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Maria Custard (マリア・カスタード)[]


Gunner Lv 20/40

How To Get: In Quest #124: Malgrid Dungeon 4th Stratum bring Shizuka Masou in the active party, and activate a green star event in A3.

Build: Raising Maria isn't special. She comes with Damage Maximum mastered, so simply focus on increasing the damage of her Ranged Attacks. You can do it by learning Firearm Knowledge.

One caution though: don't accidentally teach her bow skills as they're not compatible with her Tulip (doesn't have the Arquebus's one-use-per-battle restriction). However, her Ranged Attacks require more skill points than other gunners.

In a recent patch, she gains a 0.5x fire elemental area attack, Explosive Shot.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Characters Obtained by Changing the Area[]

Merim Zahl (メリム・ツェール)[]


Civilian Lv 1/23

How to get: When in a dungeon, have 3 locked (red) chests explode on you consecutively. Immediately there will be an event where Rance will find Merim. After you beat the quest on that occassion, Merim will join.

She's a utility character, her most notably skill is Treasure Appraisal+. This skill causes you to always identify items upon acquisition. This can help you save a lot of money on identifying at the end of a mission/quest. However, this does mean you won't be able to strengthen the enhancements of the items with end-of-quest bonus points, since they're already revealed.

It's recommend learning Improve Fortune (開運) as well, so items obtained from chest have a chance for better quality. Just spend the left over skill points on Stamina Boost. Her item slot is fixed so you can't equip her with gal monsters, so dont bother equipping her with a Gal Monster Tamer Handbook.

She also has Handicap, which boost exp gain by 20%. She can also open 1 treasure chest and disarm 1 trap at 100% successful rate, after that it becomes 30%. Easy Target makes enemies attack her a lot, so have someone with maxed out Initial Guard in the active party to protect her.

If you have the Miko Outfit (巫女服) which recovers 25% of a character's max HP after a battle, equip it on her to help keep her alive. Do take note that Miko Outfits have extremely low defense and resistance, it may be better to get her a good leather armour with talent. To make her Morurunable, some forbidden talents have to be used, but the income she generates overshadows that, so use it to make her last longer.

Her accessory grants her the skill Angel's Mirror, which heals the active party for 300 HP, this healing is fixed and can be used up to 5 times per quest.

Locked items:

Angel's Mirror (天使の鏡) - item that lets her use Angel's Mirror. Has 5 uses per quest and cannot be removed.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Emi Alphorne (エミ・アルフォーヌ)[]


Sorcerer Lv 1/25

How to get: Run away from battle 3 times in any quest, and then finish the quest.

Emi has a unique masochist nature, so there is a niche for using her. Every time she dies, Phoenix will increase her maximum health by 24--up to 2400 HP. So it's not a bad idea to raise her as a tank-who-can-use-magic. Actually, it's almost necessary to turn her into a tank since she has Easy Target, a skill which makes enemies target her often. In any case, teach her Stamina Boost, and Magic Barrier--followed by lightning spells. Or you may even forget offense, and use her solely as a wall--don't worry, she likes the abuse. She's surprisingly better than Guards in certain situations. With elemental resistances and her innate penalty skill (which makes enemies target her first), she can guard all day against the Kalar queens.

You'll need to have her die 100 times to take advantage of the +2400HP. She get +24HP (+20, but she has better HP scaling) each time she dies and is removed from battle. So don't revive her with any skills, you just simply have to restart/finish the quest, add her back in, let her die, and repeat for 100 times. She'll have the most HP out of any character for a while.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Noah Hakobune (ノア・ハコブネ)[]


Healer Lv 1/33

How to get: Have 5 or more characters KO'ed in the same area, without map switching in one quest and an event on getting her will pop up after switching to 2 different maps. You'll need to complete the quest to get her then. You can also trigger event by finding treasure chest with 30% chance to open and leaving it alone - and switching map after that (at least in TADA 2.082).

A Rance III character who joins with high skill slots, and Full Party Protection mastered. In that note, she's superior to Sel who only starts with three skill slots. Sel's level cap is higher, but you might want to use her as your back-up healer when Crook isn't around. Her build is similar to Crook's except you end up with fewer actions. Plus neither Noah or Sel are sturdy like Crook who has Alice's Protection. So unless you have a Guard, don't put her in the front row with a Mace.

Like all Healers (except Chinu), she gains a valuable white skill Post-Battle recovery (戦闘後回復), after a patch. This skill recovers a certain percentage of HP that takes effect after each battle. All Healers also gain Hammer Knowledge, that unlocks a different set of attack skills. Consider carefully if you want to teach your Healers offensive skills. Café seems to be the only prime candidate to teach these too.

In addition to having several extra slots, she comes with an equippable ability that heals 10% of your party's HP every time she takes a turn (as long as she has the ability equipped and doesn't take a hit), allowing her to keep your party healthy without even having to cast a spell.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Bear (クマ)[]


Brawler Lv 1/66

Go to Quest #121, #122, #123, or #124, change areas with only two characters in the party. (As Of Build 2.050: There appears to be a requirement that Crane's Eavesdrop is required in Malgrid 1-4 before Bear becomes available. Eavesdrop showed up in Malgrid 5 for me.)

(As Of Build 2.082: Crane's Eavesdropping is not required. Just keep switching areas in Malgreed 1 with 2 party members until his event shows up.)

Go to Quest #121, #122, #123, or #124, change areas with only two characters in the party.

Bear's passive skill Bear Traits gives him +40% attack & accuracy, but -50% HP. He is also very easily stunned (regardless of enemy stun rate/Bear's RSL) when taking physical attacks. Due to the negative effects of this skill, it's not advised to use him in boss battles without Stamina Boost, which will take away points you'd would normally allocate to offensive skills. If your choice is to use Bear only for random battles, then aim for learning Element Strike and its supportive skills. Also, due to Element Strike and high critical rate (as normal for Brawlers), Damage Maximum is not important on him.

After his A Day in Cidade event, he gains the passive skill My Waifu (俺の嫁), which grants +50 DEF and RSN. He receives My Waifu (#2) after Quest #108 and My Waifu (#3) after Quest #109, both of which also granting 50 DEF and RSN, for a total of 150 to his DEF and RSN.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Yuzumi Yuzuhara (柚原 柚美)[]

柚原 柚美.jpg

Gunner Lv 1/38

How to get: Has a random chance of joining when you change areas and Bear (see quest #121) is in your party.

For her skills, take Ranged Attack 3 and 4, Thin Ranks (魔物減らし), and Critical Boost. She can only fire each shooting skill once per battle (which mean 4 if you have all 4 Ranged Attacks), so make it count. Raise her critical in other ways possible, and increase her accuracy--you don't want the shots to miss.

Joins at lv 1 with no special skills except Firearm Knowledge 2-star (which would normally cost 24 points!) but between the above skill and her starting weapon she'll have a massive attack score of around 1000 to start with and she's extremely fast as well.

On the downside, using an arquebus means she can only use each basic attack skill (1, 2, 3, and 4) once per battle.  She needs to get to lv 15 ASAP so she can learn Ranged Attack 2 and be able to act at least twice per battle as otherwise all her turns after the first will go to waste. Firearms don't have any special attacks either and she'll probably want the passive to increase the Damage Maximum of attacks as otherwise she'll have her potential damage output hampered heavily by the limits of the lower attacks.  Very useful character early and mid-game, but unless you find the weapon Comet, other characters will soon overtake her in attack power.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Yulan Mirage (ユラン・ミラージュ)[]


Fighter Lv 1/27

How to get: When you engage in a red crystal battle, sometimes there will be a choice to fight human opponents (needs Rance in active party for this choice to appear). Winning this once after Quest #63 will cause her to join.

Yulan has Mirage Sword, which deals 250% damage to bosses, but can only be used once per battle. So it's like an upgraded Full Power Slash with bonus accuracy. According to your preference, give her a sword and a hammer. And then raise her like any other warrior--such as removing her damage cap, or raising her attack. However, her level cap is tremendously low. So you can't teach her many skills to begin with without cap raising items, but she's much more fun to use than plain characters like Bernard or Katsuko.

After her Cidade event, she gains Lemon Attack (レモンアタック), giving her a 40% attack-all skill.

Semi-generic with a couple of unique skills that are better-than-ordinary-but-not-really-game-breaking. One hits a boss battle enemy for 2.5x but only works once per battle, the other, a weak mimicry of Rance Attack, hits the entire enemy party for 0.4x damage.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Kaoru Quincy Kagura (カオル・クインシー・神楽)[]


Brawler Lv 20/38

How to get: Has a chance of joining when changing areas in a quest that you've completed at least 4 times, and if Magic is in the party.

Kaoru is initially able to use Shoulder Throw 6 times. (Like Alexander, she's pretty plain in terms of skills.) So pick between either Element Strike or the combination of Soft Spot Strike and Armor Strike. Generally, the latter is better since Kibako is superior for Element Strike.

She has 2 unique skills. Yellow skill known as Persevere (踏ん張り) that Guards get. This skill give her a 50% chance to stay alive on a death blow, that would otherwise defeat her. Her unique white skill Kaku-san (カクさん) gives defense buff to the middle front row character. Try placing your guard there, that's a free boost as long as she's in your party.

Starts with 6 uses of Shoulder Throw and two unique abilities; a white one that provides a defense buff to whoever is front and center at the start of battle, and a yellow one that gives her a 50% chance of surviving an otherwise-fatal blow.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Urza Pranaice (ウルザ・プラナアイス)[]


Gunner Lv 30/75

How To Get: Bring any three of Magic, Kaloria, Karou, Rocky, Bernard, Prima, Cessna, or Megadeth to a Malgrid Dungeon quest.

Note: A patch has restricted Urza's recruitment event until after Magic has been recruited first.

Max out her Tactician Knowledge to begin battles with +25% buffs, and then raise her as a standard bow or firearm user; either is suitable. Encourage may be handy for end-game bosses, but isn't necessary.

Preemptive Strike (先制攻撃) has a chance to let Gunners act two times before anyone else. So combining this skill with Urza's manual buffs may be a good option too. You probably don't want Tactician Knowledge in this case though.

15/05/2014 NOTE: Playing a Modified 2.050; she showed up SUPER Early, during 087 "Yankee" Quest.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Characters Obtained by Possessing Certain Items[]

Tama (タマ)[]


Brawler Lv 15/22

How to get: Buy Tama's Underwear タマの下着. Then go back to shop, there will be a conversation. Then buy Tama's Dress タマの服 as well and trigger quest #82. After that, buy "Mercenary Tama" 傭兵タマ. As soon as it's in your inventory, you should find Tama in your party screen. Each of the 3 items above cost 1000 gold.

Because of her low starting cap, she takes a lot of effort to make strong. Her ATK is slightly lower compared to most other Brawlers, but her RSN is very high. She has no unique abilities to make her stand out among others, so you probably won't use her much. If you wish to use her, get Brawling Knowledge, Armor Strike and Soft Spot Strike so she can soften up tough enemies at the start of battles.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Frostbyne (フロストバイン)[]


Healer Lv 15/20

How to get: See Tama's recruitment. After doing quest #82, buy "Mercenary Hag" [傭兵ばばあ] at the shop, it's in the item/misc section (bottom). It costs 1000 as well, and upon buying it Frostbyne will join you.

Fairly useless overall as her unremovable passive skill makes her incredibly frail, if anything you may want to swap her in on areas that have lots of ghosts or if you desperately need some healing and there's nobody better.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Arlcoate Marius (アールコート・マリウス)[]


Civilian Lv 1/43

How to get: Buy Reddish Feather (赤っぽい羽) at the shop for 1500 gold. Usually doing 1 quest (ADV quests are fine too) after this enables you to recruit her at the bar (#16).

Recommended skills : Surprise Attack, Familiar Knowledge (learn by giving her a Gal Monster Tamer Handbook), Tactician Knowledge

The second highest level cap civilian character. That makes her the best contestant for gal monster users. Her most unique skill is Surprise Attack. This will sometimes make you start the battle with an advantage (40% when equipped), meaning you will gain a free round to attack opponents first. She also has Tactician Knowledge, granting buffs at the start of battle. Equip her with Offense Buff All, Defense Buff All and Encourage to round out her support skills.

Watch out for Easy Target, however. This skill makes her the preferred target by enemies and thus be defeated quicker. Pair her up with a Guard to protect her.

  • WARNING! In v1.000 there exists a bug in the game: Reddish Wing isn't repurchase-able but is required to be in your inventory in order to trigger her availability after you finish a quest. So if you buy it and then immediately sell it back/donate before Alcot joins, you lose the chance to recruit her for good. This is however fixed in v.1.100 update of the game, so the player is encouraged to apply the same. Otherwise, don't donate/sell the item until she joins.

Useful as a strategist that also gives you a high chance for a preemtive strike, but guard her well and keep her in back row, or else she might be toast pretty quickly. Nice level cap for a Civilian, though.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Atago Macatt (アタゴ・マカット)[]


Civilian Lv 1/10

How to get: Clear quest# 85. Need to find Lotion 1-3 first to do it:

Complete quest number #84「舞姫ローションの噂」. [ After that, collect lotion A, B, C / Need not be from the maze, I got my lotion C from the quest to get Magic's medicine / I got my lotion C from maze 124 / Recent: Also possible to get Lotion C (at least, cannot verify for the others on this save) as a Magnum full-bar reward in the 2.050 version of the expansion/add-on. / on Magnum version 2.050 was confirmed all lotions can drops on quest #37, 3 zone right side near upper cave in red treasure chest (i was grinding lvls about 1 hour and get all there. p.s. also in first zone droped lotion A from red treasure chest)]

Build memo: One of the best Civilian characters suited for lategame leveling. Only three characters have the skill Handicap (ハンデ), that raises acquired experience after battle by 20%. On the other hand Atago has Dancer, a skill that can restore uses of skills of other characters, also her speed is rather bad, that means that she will rarely have moves in the battle, and you can keep those three charges quite a long time. This can be increased to 4 uses by completing quest #153. So give her items that raise her max level to 35 (will need a lot of them), then level her to max level (don't forget to leave at least 18 skill points), give her a Gal Monster Tamer Handbook and max Familiar Knowledge. After that equip her with Special Items that raise HP (she does not need any other stat) and H her with Rance. Equip a Tokko or Captain Vanilla and teach her Improve Fortune. All other skillpoints can be spent on Stamina Boost. If you find a Miko Outfit (that restore 25% of HP after battle) this will make her perfect for the task. Just put her into the back row and enjoy 20% experience bonus with occasional 1200 damage from Captain Vanilla or 600 damage on front row from Tokko.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Characters Obtained by Completing Scrolls[]

As of the latest patch (ver. 1.15), it is now okay to equip more than 1 scroll at the same time. You only need to do some other quest for the 2nd character to show up at the bar.

Sel Curchgolf (セル・カーチゴルフ)[]


Healer Lv 1/44

How to get: Scroll character. Get her scroll (random dungeon chest or from Malgrid B3F), equip it on a character and kill 5 gal monsters with that character in the party. Afterwards, do quest #16

Sel begins with low skill slots (unlike Noah), and doesn't have Crook's Alice's Protection. So she's not exactly the best choice for a Healer. If you're a Sel fan who wants to raise her as a healer, you might desire Stamina Boost since it's pointless if your healer dies first. Or you might not want to since she loses a lot points just to increase her skill slots. For other players, it may be good to dedicate her to warding ghosts since Crook and Noah are much better healers.

Not very good as she doesn't come with any additional skills or extra slots, but there aren't many decent Healers available early in the game so you may find a use for her anyways.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Mill Yorks (ミル・ヨークス)[]


Sorcerer Lv 15/34

How to get: Scroll from a random dungeon chest, or from the green chest in Malgrid Dungeon 3rd Stratum in room D3. Everything else is the same as any other character recruit scroll besides the number of gal monsters that you need to defeat, for Mill, you need to defeat 20 while holding the scroll.

She's automatically a low-tier character due to the skill Immature, which lowers her overall stats. In Magnum, she can be H'ed, which removes the skill. The game still consider her as immature for quest #140, which require a party of immature girls to do.

In any case, her best magic is Siberia. And unlike other Sorcerers, she can damage Hannies with the physical skill Eidolon Attack (幻獣アタック). This skill is pretty useful earlier on, especially if you pump her some physical attack point along with damage cap lift since it attack all of enemy at once. If you want to train Athena, the quickest way is to make use of her Eidolon Attack at Malgrid Dungeon.

The best way to take advantage of Eidolon Attack's sheer use number is to raise her stun stat through consumable items. This will make her a useful AoE stunner that lasts longer. Equipping her with a club at lower levels may give her stun rate and a small amount of physical attack.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Karma Atlanger (カーマ・アトランジャ)[]


Ranger Lv 1/29

How to get: Scroll, that drops randomly from red chests in any dungeon(that is confirmed, I got it from a red chest in quest number 61 「チーターマインド」, and there are reports of it being found in a red chest on quest 26 or so). Defeat 10 gal monsters while holding it and then activate quest number #16.

Since Karma's stats are low due to her age, it's more practical to raise her an escape artist (rather than as a combat Ranger). So raise her sort of as you do Crane. Master any escape related skills, and then take any utility skills such as the treasure-related skills.

Has a passive skill Descendant (何かの末裔) that increases her damage x5.0 against ancient type monsters and increases her speed while in water. Can be raised as an ancient killer if you wish.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Shitomone Chappie (シトモネ・チャッピー)[]


Sorcerer Lv 1/30

How to get: Scroll, that drops randomly from red chests in any dungeon . Defeat 10 gal monsters.

She has Trap Evasion 1-star and Chest Opening 1-star. Can disarm 2 trap and open chest 2 times successfully. One more of each than Crook in this regard.

She starts with ice magic related skills, so continue her in that field.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Wichita Skate (ウィチタ・スケート)[]


Fighter Lv 10/35

How to get: After getting her scroll. This scroll randomly drops in chests in dungeons. Defeat 10 gal monsters.

Found in quest number 40 red chest. Close to the end. Not sure if different people will find scrolls in different quests. The best thing to do is to level up the skill that a Ranger has that allows you to open red chests indefinitely without it exploding. Then explore everywhere in every quest possible for red chests and open all of them.

In terms of skill building, she's in the same boat as Elenoa Ran--Wichita is a magic swordsman; she'll never be as good as pure Fighters or pure Sorcerers. If you want to take advantage of her Flame Slash, consider raising her level to equip her with a Cuckri (スカートメクリ). But she'll do far more damage as a pure Fighter, so you really shouldn't do the former.

Skirt remover makes her "burning slash skill" very strong as it adds both magic and attack together in a 1-1 ratio.

She has a unique white skill Suke-san (スケさん) giving an attack buff to the front row center character.

After her turn in the Cidade event, she gains a skill called Low Blow, giving her a 50% critical strike chance against males.

Nothing much to say... She's a melee Fighter who can also use basic magic. One of the better candidates to give the Cuckri to, a dagger which boosts both physical and magical attack.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Elenoa Ran (エレノア・ラン)[]


Fighter Lv 15/30

How to get: After getting her scroll from a random dungeon chest, or from the green chest in Fl.2 of マルグリット迷宮 (The chest is already set in place and not random). After getting the scroll, equip it on a character, then go defeat 6 gal monsters. After that, activate quest number #16 Scouting at The Bar (「酒場でスカウト」), and she'll join.

Fighter that can also use basic magic, and a spell that has a high chance to stun enemies. Another candidate for the Cuckri, but having a dagger will prevent access to harder hitting melee skills.

Due to her unique skil, Hypnotism, she's nice to have alongside a hammer Fighter. But individually, she's not worth much since mage-swordsmen all fall into the jack-of-all-trades category. If want her to be effective in both spectrums--physical and magical--then at least raise her as a dagger user since Cuckri (スカートメクリ) adds 320 attack, and 300 magic attack. Another option is Swords with Ultrasword giving 600 attack and 600 Magic attack. But it's strongly not recommended. Just raise her a pure Fighter who can stun with Hypnotism.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Nozomi Okita (沖田 のぞみ)[]

沖田 のぞみ.jpg

Fighter Lv 25/59

How to get: After getting her scroll that drops randomly from red chests in any dungeon. Defeat 10 gal monsters.

A decent Fighter, has a personal skill that causes her to start battle with poisoned status. Deploy her with someone like Prima to eliminate the poison on a regular basis. Poison Masks won't nullify her penalty, so don't bother trying. Alternatively, forget about treating her poison on every battle. Instead, rely on auto-regenerative skills or items (like a Hanny Zippo) to counter the effects of poison. Or simply use with a good Guard since poison doesn't reduce HP below 1. Her unique Iai Slash is a weaker but highly accurate version of Train Slash.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Characters Obtained Temporarily[]

Rick Addison (リック・アディスン)[]


Fighter Lv 45/70

How to get: Earlier only available during quest number 56 「サトラレ忍者」.

In latest patch, he's available as permanent character after clearing a long quest in World 2. He starts at level 100 and his unique equipments. (Quest #229)

Powerful Fighter whose damage growth is even better than Rance's. His special attack By La Way is similar to Rance Attack but deals only 1.0x dmg instead of 1.5x and is more costy to buy more uses, so his ability to strike down a bunch of weaker enemies might be a little worse than Rance's (at least in world 3). If equiped with By-road he get's a 50% chance to hit 2 times with basic attacks 1-5 (with maxed sword talent he can hit 3 times).

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Doessky (ドエススキー)[]


Civilian Lv 2/10

Only available during quest number 28 「文豪を連れて」.

Does not gain EXP.

Nopel (ノーぺル)[]


Civilian Lv 2/2

Only available during quest number 47 「爆弾の研究」.

Souun Houjou (北条 早雲)[]

北条 早雲.jpg

Sorcerer Lv 50/53

Only available during quest number 182 「ホモ焼き鳥」.

Does not gain EXP.

Rance Quest Magnum Characters[]

Matilda Mateuri (マチルダ・マテウリ)[]


Brawler Lv 35/55

Need to defeat Matilda in Magnum story quest then do quest #191. As per the story, she is on her 3rd Morurun.

Starts with Counter 2-star. Slightly higher ACC, STN & CRT compared to other Brawlers.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Café Artful (カフェ・アートフル)[]


Healer Lv 40/66

Need to gather three parts of the Kugu torture device again (they are on level 10 of the Malgrid dungeon). Then complete quest #181.

She was Chaos's battle partner back in the olden days when they were members of the Legendary Five. Since Chaos has a soft spot for her he requests Rance not to H her and Rance obliges. Hence, she cannot be Morurun'd, losing out on the stat bonuses and skill points.

Her deficiency is made up by her higher speed, 6 slots and starting with Full Party Protection and Post-Battle Recovery mastered. Also comes with 5 S rank item absorbed, 1x Hp Up set, 2x Magic Up set, 1x Resistance Up set, 1x Defense Up set. She also starts off with an impressively high magic stat, making her an amazing dedicated healer.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Hikari Mi Blanc (ヒカリ・ミ・ブラン)[]


Healer Lv 1/38

How to get: Complete quest #167 (unlocked by exchanging 10+ total Soul Shackles in quest 166).

Like Frostbyne, comes with Weakness Search (弱点サーチ). Better than Sel as she has 6 Skill slots.

Starts with a 5-use Weakness Search and 6 slots, but is otherwise rather unimpressive and you'll probably have better healers by the time you recruit her.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Kisara Copley (キサラ・コプリ)[]


Brawler Lv 1/38

Can be bought from Pluepet for several million gold together with her sister Rebecca. Price can be lowered a lot by having lvl 62-63 Copandon in your active party. This is quest #155. Minimum price is 50,000 gold.

Even with slightly weaker HP and attack growth, her debuff all atk/def skill Flame Card (炎のカード.連) is useful in the higher worlds.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Rebecca Copley (レベッカ・コプリ)[]


Civilian Lv 1/38

Can be bought from Pluepet for several million gold together with her sister Kisara. Price can be lowered a lot by having lvl 62-63 Copandon in your active party. This is quest #155. Min price is 50,000 gold.

Not very good as she is very slow, but has Weakness Search, otherwise a Sorcerer only skill. Let her learn Familiar Knowledge if you want.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Maris Amaryllis (マリス・アマリリス)[]


Healer Lv 40/67

How to get: In pre-Magnum, only available during quest number #56 「サトラレ忍者」.

Magnum: Need to replay quest #63 and finish it with the ghost girl alive, and also finish quest #164. After that, the quest #202 will become available. Note that if you Morurun Lia too much, that quest will require a very high level Lia.

She starts off equipped with a powerful spear, but this limits her SPD and grants no MAG. NOTE: If you unequip this weapon you cannot equip it on her again, as it's limited to Fighters and Guards only.

Possibly the best Healer in the game.  She comes at a high level with a high cap, pre-Morurun'd, has high stats for her class, has a powerful unique spell that damages all enemies for half of their current HP, and has 6 initial slots to top it all off, which is great for a Healer.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Carolie Mate (キャロリ・メイト)[]


Ranger Lv 1/36

How to get: Lose to the boss in quest #192. Need to fight Kaito on your way to Green viillage and flee or lose.

Low attack even by Ranger standards and can't learn Assassinate, but she comes with 20 (!) uses of First Aid 2, and has a passive that doubles the amount it heals (lvl * 40 after the skill is factored in), allowing her to provide solid healing support in addition to the usual abilities of the Ranger class.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Reset Kalar (リセット・カラー)[]


Gunner Lv 1/∞

Need to progress in Magnum campaign, quest #205.

Comes with 50% Light Tolerance and Dark Tolerance yellow skills. Pathetic HP growth which is only slightly better than Frostbyne.

Her saving grace comes from her 4 unique skills. Primarily, the 2 white skills: Reset's Slap, which gives stun immunity for the party (available at Lv 20) and Mysterious Reset, which gives a 20% damage reduction (available at Lv 40). The other 2 red skills are Sleep (% hit dependent on her level) and Queen's Curse, which debuffs the offense and defense of all enemies as well as poisoning them (available at Lv 60). Stun immunity might be useful for some enemies, while 20% damage reduction works even after Reset is defeated so it can be reliable on some boss fights.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Pastel Kalar (パステル・カラー)[]


Sorcerer Lv 35/50

How to get: Need to finish final quest #177 in Magnum campaign.

2-star sorceress wielding Light magic and has Queen Curse learned. Her unique initial weapon, like Shizuka's, has the attribute Efficient Action (効率行動). Most suitable candidate to train for dual Light Knowledge and Dark Knowledge.

Like Café, she cannot be Morurun'd, losing out on the M. bonuses; Unlike Café, she has no Special item absorbed. Even with a slightly higher speed, her overall battle effectiveness will eventually be inferior to even a five time Morurun'd Shizuka or Magic. She can be Morurun'd in World 3 so she can become stronger there.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Sanakia Drelshkaf (サーナキア・ドレルシュカフ)[]


Fighter Lv 22/22

Complete the 20 poster collection, and do quest #195.

Jack-of-all-trades; comes with all basic weapon skills learned and basic resistance in flame, ice & thunder. Besides allowing skill points for other uses, nothing stands out for her, especially so joining at end game.

Note, you can only obtain her after you have completed the Magnum campaign.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Chinu Kobayakawa (小早川 ちぬ)[]

小早川 ちぬ.jpg

Healer Lv 35/50

Complete quests #182 & #214

Has a yellow skill, Killer Tea Party, that poisons front row enemies random enemies at the start of the battle. She has a natural 100% RSL but lower HP growth. Unable to learn Post-Battle Recovery and Full Revive which makes her less effective as a Healer.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here

Kiku Kikkawa (吉川 きく)[]

吉川 きく.jpg

Ranger Lv 35/42

Quest 16, after recruiting Chinu Kobayakawa.

Run-of-the-mill ranger except for a unique white skill, △ Attack, that has 25% chance to double Kiku's attack when all 3 sisters (Teru, Kiku & Chinu) are in the active party. Each sisters has her own weaknesses and pales in comparison to the Uesugi grouping.

Stat growths and description of skills: Here