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The following are brief biographies of major characters in the game. For ease of use, they are all appropriately grouped into one of the six nations/affiliations in the The Continent. And, with the exception of the main protagonists (Rance and Sill Plain) who take the limelight, all characters are listed in alphabetical order. Note not all characters are playable in the game; some are non-playable characters. Please refer to Playable Characters for a comprehensive guide on only characters who may participate in Rance's party.

Free Cities[]

Rance / ランス
The main protagonist with unbelievable luck and sex drive. Having returned to the continent after numerous triumphs in JAPAN, he sets out on a new adventure in search of a magic spell—supposedly practiced by the Kalar race—to unfreeze his loyal slave (Sill Plain) who has become encased in ice due to Kurusu Miki, the current Demon King. But first, he takes a detour to CITY, recently built by Copandon—because, "Sill can wait! Gahahaha!"
Sill Plain / シィル・プライン
Rance's faithful slave, excelling in healing spells, bought off a slavetrader with Rance's life savings (15,000 G). Rance has been separated from her many times in the past, and he is once again so. Currently, she is frozen and resides in Owari's castle after having taken a freezing spell (in place of Rance) from Kurusu Miki, the Demon King. She is frequently attended to by the JAPANese, with rare flowers, who hope for her speedy recovery.
Atago McCart / アタゴ・マカット
Owner of the public house, McCart, a famous venue where adventurers from everywhere come to get drunk off alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails), meet new friends (or enemies), and gather/trade the latest informations and rumors. She, along with her bar establishment, resides in Copandon's newly built CITY. Depending on the player's quest progress, new characters may appear in McCart to be recruited into Rance's merry party.
Athena 2.0 / あてな2号
An artificial lifeform created by the witch Frostvine using the love juice of Gods and Devils. She was meant to be intelligent, but ended up having low IQ because Rance's semen disastrously mixed in with the correct ingredients. Generally, she retains the status as Rance's pet who usually looks after his house. But she is ironically poor at doing housework, and instead fares incredibly better in combat.
Biscuitta Burns / ビスケッタ・ベルンズ
A maid dispatched from the Pluepet business firm. She is the leader of the maid brigade in charge of domestic chores (such as cooking, washing, and cleaning) in Rance Castle, which acts as Rance's main base for a duration of his current adventure. Furthermore, she is a Level 2 maid, making her an ultimate maid with unrelenting passion for her duties. Her only fault is possessing a slightly intimidating demeanor.
Copandon Dott / コパンドン・ドット
Rance's girlfriend, a fortune diviner, and the richest person in the world. Recently built CITY.
Crook Mofus / クルックー・モフス
A silent girl met at Kalar Forest. She is traveling around while killing evil spirits. For some reason, Rance hasn't H-ed her (yet). She's actually one of the 4 prominent candidates for the next Pope of Al Church. The main heroine of the Magnum expansion.
Keith Gold / キース
In charge of the Keith Guild, now relocated at CITY. Previously ran his guild in the town Ice, but was recruited by Copandon.
Kibako / キバ子
A mysterious girl. Often hangs around a forest in the Free Cities. Her true origin is a mystery.
Maria Custard / マリア・カスタード
A genius inventor—she runs the Maria Factory in Kathtom. In love with Rance. Close friends with Shizuka Masou. She is the inventor of the Tulip series of artillery weaponry.
Shizuka Masou / 魔想 志津香
Former leader of Kathtom's four witches. Maria's best friend, and one of ten girls fated for Rance.
Matilda Mateury / マチルダ・マテウリ
A hot-blooded martial artist traveling with Bird who is notorious for losing women to Rance.
Mill Yorks / ミル・ヨークス
Formerly one of Kathtom's four witches; she is a monster user. Has an elder sister named Milli.
Sachiko Centers / サチコ・センターズ
An Ikelan student saved by Rance from monsters. She wields a sword and a cursed tower shield named Hiroshi-kun.
Sel Catchgolf / セル・カーチゴルフ
Devout priestess of the AL Church, and keeper of Chaos. Only had anal sex with Rance while drunk.
Tama / タマ
A cat monster, and clerk of a shop in CITY. Works for the witch, Frostvine, Athena 2.0's creator.
Tomato Purée / トマト・ピューレ
Ran Kathtom's item shop in Rance 2.


Alcoate Marius / アールコート・マリウス
A student Rance helped by donating. She graduated from Leazas's military academy as an elite, but does not have confidence.
Hikari Mi Blanc / ヒカリ・ミ・ブラン
A member of the AL church
Tilde Sharp / チルディ・シャープ
Commands a platoon of Lia's royal guards. Usually feminine, but outright brutal in combat.
Kapala Lodz / カパーラ・ウーチ
An idol magician.
Kentou Kanami / 見当 かなみ
Ninja of Leazas directly serving Lia; hates Rance for the most part. One of ten girls fated for Rance.
Lia Parapara Leazas / リア・パラパラ・リーザス
The queen of Leazas. She enjoys torturing girls (but stopped because of Rance), and believes Rance is her fated husband. She's actually very clever when it comes to politics, and has excellent characteristics as a queen.
Maris Amaryllis / マリス・アマリリス
The very cool-headed calm advisor of Lia. She is the one who can always reason with Lia whenever she's about to do something unreasonable, such as sending the entire Leazas army to help Rance in Sengoku Rance when he asked for help.
Yulan Mirage /ユラン・ミラージユ
A warrior coliseum.


Cessna Benville / セスナ・ベンビール
Returning from Rance 6; a member of Ice Flame. Has a sleepiness disorder due to an incident.
Emi Alphorne / エミ・アルフォーヌ
Daughter of Radon Alphone, a highly esteemed politician in Zeth. Is a masochist at heart; she gets aroused the more she's humiliated, or thinks of humiliating thoughts.
Kaloria Cricket / カロリア・クリケット
The last Mushi user. She has been living with Ice Flame after the events of Rance 6.
Karma Atlanger / カーマ・アトランジャー
She was the leader of the kids gang in the orphanage ran by Kimchi Drive in Rance 6. Eventually she fell in love with Rance and wanted to have sex with him, but Rance managed to resist seeing as she's just a child. She returns in Rance Quest as a ranger character.
Kaoru Quincy Kagura / カオル・クインシー・神楽
Bodyguard of Zeth's king; together with Wichita. Performs spy duties, is skilled at sex, and has mastery of Jujutsu. Nicknamed "Kaku" by Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi.
Magic The Gandhi / マジック・ザ・ガンジー
Princess of Zeth, and one of its four lords. Vows to marry Rance, and have him become Zeth's king.
Megadeath Moromi / メガデス・モロミー
Returning from Rance 6; a member of Ice Flame. She is a lesbian.
Prima Hononoman / プリマ・ホノノマン
Returning from Rance 6; a member of Ice Flame.
Rizna Lanfebit / リズナ・ランフビット
Known for being easily deceived, and having magic immunity. Adept with naginata and basic spells.
Rocky Bank / ロッキー・バンク
Rance's prison mate from Rance 6, he's a midget who's not very strong. A guard character like Sachiko and Kouhime, he wields an axe the size of his own body. He's sixteen-years-old despite his appearance.
Sanakia Drelshkaf / サーナキア・ドレルシュカフ
Returning from Rance 6; a member of Ice Flame. She appears in this game, but is considered nothing more than a "pathetic presence" in the storyline; guards the Rance Castle.
Urza Planeis / ウルザ・プラナアイス
Previously the leader of Ice Flame, she is now one of Zeth's four lords. A charismatic, decisive, and positive tactician.
Wichita Skate / ウィチタ・スケート
Along with Kaoru, she's one of Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi's loyal companions. Nicknamed "Suke" by Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi.


Mouri Teru / 毛利てる
Noir / ノワール
Eastern Guardian of the now-extinct Dokuganryuu House. One of Masamune's four wives.
Oda Kou / 織田 香
Main heroine of Sengoku Rance, and Oda Nobunaga's younger sister. Student of Tourin, Ai, and Katsuie.
Okita Nozomi / 沖田のぞみ
Suzume / 鈴女
A popular character from Sengoku Rance. JAPAN's best ninja, and Rance's personal guard.
Uesugi Katsuko / 上杉 勝子
Torako's rival who served the now-extinct Uesugi House. In Sengoku Rance, she loses her virginity to Rance who, during sex with her, says she is cuter than Torako. But he may have said it just to make her feel happy, or without much thought on the spur-of-the-moment.
Uesugi Kenshin / 上杉 謙信
The most popular heroine of Sengoku Rance. Known as the "War God", her swordsmanship is unrivalled in JAPAN.
Uesugi Torako / 上杉 虎子
Katsuko's rival, a diviner who served the now-extinct Uesugi House. In Sengoku Rance, she is implied to have lost her virginity, alongside Katsuko, to Rance after his conquest of the Uesugi House.
Yuzuhara Yuzumi / 柚原 柚美
Musketeer who served the now-extinct Tanegashima House. Loves firearms and cute animals.

Kalar Forest[]

Aegis Kalar / イージス・カラー
A Kalar commander, and Pastel's right-hand.
Pastel Kalar / パステル・カラー
Current queen of the Kalar race. Curses Rance so he cannot H women under Level 35.
Reset Kalar / リセット・カラー
A mysterious Kalar girl. Confirmed to be Rance's daughter with the queen.


Merim Tser / メリム・ツェール
Ruins explorer.
Alkanese Rize / アルカネーゼ・ライズ
The boss of the Helman bandits, Lion Mind. Her group's goal is to eradicate all men.
Amitos Armitage / アミトス
Commander of Helman's third army.

The Monster Realm[]

Kite / カイト
Dark Lord belonging to the Kayblis Faction, he was once a human. However, in spite of being a Dark Lord, to this day he only uses his bare fists to fight.
Masuzoe / ますぞえ
A Hanny Dark lord.
Satella / サテラ
Dark Lord belonging to the Hornet faction. she was molested by Rance in the events of Rance 3 and has a very sensitive body.


Alexander / アレキサンダー
Father of a certain someone from Toushin Toshi.
Aten Gnu / アテン・ヌー
A hikikomori genius magician who loves shopping and manga. She has no motivation or interest in the world.
Bird Lithfie / バード・リスフィ
A man who usually gets acquainted with various girls only to lose them to Rance. Lost an arm during the events of Rance 2 to Eleanor Ran.
Crane / クレイン
She have a strange "ability": wherever she is, there's always someone nearby who will spill secrets of others. Because of this, she know too many secrets of head of states and various important people all around The Continent and she's always being chased. To survive she always wear a full body suit that make her invisible which seem to be a product from the future. Crane is merely a pseudonym, not her real name.
Mahoko P. Masai / マホコ・P・マサイ
A blonde female magician.
Ralga / ラルガ
A succubus like gal monster skilled at seducing and draining men's vitality through sex; even Rance isn't capable of defeating her at sex by normal means. Has many cat-girl monsters (not to be mistaken with Nekomatamata) as her subordinates, and is often surrounded by a horde of them.
Undermill / アンデルミィル
A goddess quite fond of jewelry.