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Title Screen[]

はじめてから-New Game ロード-Load

クイックロード-Quick Load

Side Bar:


回越 & CG モード-Event and CG Mode

堅実 モード-Sound Mode

ゲーム終了-Game End




  • There are 8 Routes in the game: the True Route and 7 Heroines Routes.
  • In the first playthrough, only the True Route is available.
  • Once you clear a Route, it will always be considered as cleared by the game.
  • Once cleared, a Heroine Route is always available, even if you don't meet the Route conditions.


  • After clearing a Route, you will be asked if you want to save the current data.
  • Depend on route you save into current data there different bonus:
    • True route give hunty as initial character (if you overwrite it with other route hunty will be gone from your initial char)
    • Shizuka child route change Shizuka unit into Shizuka & Nagi
    • Senhime and Tilde route change weapon into Ultimate weapon (you still can get Tilde Ultimate weapon in Chapter 14 without doing this)
  • Data that are used for NG+:
    • Skill Level
    • Skill Points
    • Weapon upgrades
    • Armor upgrades
    • HM Points
    • HM Stone
    • Fortress Upgrades
    • Fortress Facilities
    • Monkey Orb
    • Crab Orb
    • Items
    • GOLD
    • State of Subquests (Monkey Orb cannot be earned twice.)
  • Unit and weapon changes are inherited.
  • Rance mode is reinitialized.
  • When creating a new game, the NG+ bonus will not be applied if you choose to start over again.

NG+ Bonus Characters[]

  • The game's version needs to be 2.00 or higher.
  • In the system menu, choose the option "Character Swap".
  • The first option lets you swap someone for Amitos, and the second option for Elena.
  • Characters that can be swapped for Amitos or Elena:
    • Maria
    • Rick
    • Crook
    • Alkanese
    • Pitten
    • Tourin
    • Freya
    • Rolex
    • Oluole
    • Hunty
  • The swapped character's events will still occur.
  • If the swapped character is supposed to intend a fight, he will be replaced by the bonus character.
    • For example, if you switched Freya to Amitos, in Chapter 11, the second battle against Elena will be with Kanami and Amitos.

Difficulty Changes[]

  • For X2, X4, and SP.
  • Get, respectively, x2, x4, and x8 for GOLD, Skill Points, and Item sell value.
  • Unlock the enhanced version of the item.
  • Increase damage for Green Facility and Red Facility by 15, 30, and 45.
  • Enemies get stronger. (See below)
    • Note: If you want to strike first in battle, you will need at least 16 Speed in X2 Difficulty and at least 20 Speed in X4 Difficulty.


  • Evasion
    • Avoid a physical attack; the probability is the Evasion value.
    • Each successful Evasion reduce the rate by 10%.
    • Recover 2% at the end of a turn.
    • Evade is resolved before Parry.
  • Parry
    • Parry a physical attack; the probability is the Parry value.
    • Each successful Parry reduces the rate by 10%.
    • Recover 2% at the end of a turn.
    • For some characters, a parry can create a counterattack opportunity.
  • Counter
    • This doesn't apply to Gunners, Mages, and Russian.
    • Attack an enemy after a successful parry.
    • It's possible if the enemy is in the unit's range.
  • Armor
    • Reduce attack damage by the percentage of the Armor value.
    • Minimum 1 damage.
    • Each time a unit takes damage, the armor value is reduced by 10.
    • Doesn't recover during battle.
    • After a battle, the value is set to the maximum between the current and percentage values.
  • Magic Attack
    • Available for: all Mages.
    • Bypass enemies' Evasion, Parry, and Armor.
  • Extended AoE for magic attack
    • Available for: all Mages.
    • The Mage's AoE range increase from 1 to 2.
  • Magic Resistance
    • Reduce the damage of a magical attack.
    • It's the raw value, not a percentage.
  • Tenacity
    • When the character would otherwise receive a fatal blow, they survive with 1 HP instead.
    • The probability is the Tenacity value.
    • Each successful use reduces the rate by 10%.
    • Doesn't recover during battle.
  • Critical
    • This doesn't apply to Mages.
    • Give additional damage that bypasses enemies' Evasion, Parry, and Armor.
    • The extra damage is a percentage of the Attack value.
  • Strong attack
    • This doesn't apply to Mages.
    • Units have a probability of dealing double damage.
    • Russian, Maria, and Tourin have their initial value set at 0%.
  • Dual-Move
    • Upon finishing a unit's turn, there's a chance they may act again.
    • Can be activated only once per turn.
  • Protection
    • Available for: all Guards and Patton.
    • Protect an adjacent teammate when he is attacked.
    • When protecting an ally, the unit can't Evade or Parry.
  • Support Fire
    • Available for: all Gunners.
    • Negate an enemy attack and deal half the normal damage to the assailant.
    • Maria's Support Fire will not cause AoE.
  • Insta-kill
    • Available for: Freya only.
    • She can instantly kill an enemy with a certain probability when attacking.
    • Doesn't work against Bosses.

HM Points[]

HM Points have 3 kinds of use:

  • Buy Fortress facility.
  • GOLD conversion.
    • The rate is 5 HM Points for 1 GOLD.
  • Conversion to Skill Points.
    • The rate is 2 HM Points for 1 Skill Point.
    • You need to be on the "Allocate Skills" Menu for this option to appear.

NOTE: As you progress from a mainly new game+, you will notice that it's really not worth converting to GOLD and Skill Points as it gives them little to them but to build Fortress facilities (and save up for later Fortress facilities...).


  • Charge
    • Cost: 0
    • Available for: all Warriors except Elena.
    • The next attack will deal x1.5 damage.
    • Equipping "Carrot" will give x2 instead. The effect cannot be stacked.
  • Wait
    • Cost: 0
    • Available for: all Rangers and Elena.
    • The unit will be at the bottom of the action order. The fortress will always be the last to act.
  • Barrier
    • Cost: 4
    • Available for: all Healers and Mages.
    • The subsequent physical damage will be halved. The Barrier will break afterward.
    • Parrying an attack will break the Barrier.
    • Evading an attack will not break the Barrier.
    • Equipping the "Year-end barrier" will reduce 2 the cost of the Barrier. The effect can be stacked.
  • Provocation
    • Cost: 0
    • Available for: all Guards and Patton.
    • There are 3 types of Provocation:
      • Around self. Available for Patton and Senhime.
      • Within a restricted area, there is no range to this area. Available for Hubert and Pitten.
      • By using a Special Move. Available for Patton and Pitten. (For more details, see the Special Move section)
    • If the Provocation is successful, the enemy will focus on the character.
    • Equipping the "Provocative cat" will raise the Provocation rate by 10%.
  • Guard
    • Cost: 4
    • Available for: all Gunners
    • Raise the probability of Support Fire. [HOW MUCH?]
    • Equipping "Fake fan" double the rate of Support Fire.
  • Bomb
    • Cost: 0
    • When equipping a Bomb to a character, it will temporarily replace the Action of the character until the Bomb is used.
    • Using the Bomb to damage enemies on an area of 3.

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