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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)[]

I'm stuck at the first mission of the Chapter 9[]

  • You need to kill ALL the enemies by the end of Turn 2.

How do I get past the mission with only Rance and Russian?[]

  • You need to get far east at the end of the scrolling, but Rance's HP must not drop below 50%.

How do I get past the mission 電卓キューブ with Rance and Tillday on chapter 13?[]

  • The mission will clear when both of their hp percentages add up to at most 100%, e.g. if they are both at half health, or Rance is at 70% and Tillday at 30%.

How can I beat the final boss in True Route?[]

  • After trying to kill the shield once, it will recover back to full health. A short event involving Rance and Patton will show up. Then, "kill" it again, but Patton MUST deliver the final blow.

How do I get the other endings for the girls?[]

  • First playthrough can only unlock the True Route. If the ending is unlocked and seen, it will be unlocked permanently for future playthroughs. 
  • Hearts must be maxed for the girl in order for their respective ending to appear. Specific requirements for specific girls are listed as follows:
    • Kanami: Must have 3 hearts at Chapter 8 and 4 Hearts at Chapter 12+ and view all her events.
    • Shizuka: Must have 1 heart at Chapter 6 and 3 Hearts at Chapter 12 and view all her events.
    • Tillday: Must have 3 Hearts at Chapter 11 and 4 Hearts at Chapter 13 and view all her events.
    • Sen: Must have 1 Heart at Chapter 9 and 4 Hearts at Chapter 14 and view all her events.
    • Pigu: Must have 3 Hearts at Chapter 12 and view all her events.
    • Miracle and Sheila do not have any requirements other than their Hearts maxed.

I'm missing some 'gear' events[]

  • Refer to the previous question on how to unlock the events for each girl.
  • For NG+, there is 1 extra event per chapter, and 3 events at Chapter 15. These are just side events which have nothing to do with the plot for the main game.

What are the 聖魔ポイント (Seima-point) & the 聖魔石 (Seimaseki)in the bottom bar are used for?[]

  • 聖魔ポイント (Seima-points) can be used to trade for gold (5P = 1 Gold) or for Skill points (2P = 1 Skill Point)
  • Seima-points can also be used to buy new facilities for the 浮要塞 (Fortress)
  • 聖魔石 (Seimaseki) are used to reduce size or strengthen your facilities.

What's the use of the 魔球 (red facility) in the 浮要塞 (Fortress)?[]

  • A. It's a Bomb; you can use it by clicking just above the box with the 4 red orb on character select screen before a mission. You will equip it on a character that will be able to use it when near ennemies. Like the Green Laser facility; you can upgrade it's power by spending some green cystals.
  • You can equip bomb on all battle while others can only be used in battles involve the flying fortress.

I'm stuck at the first mission of the Chapter 10[]

  • You have to move all character to the right side to the orange tile. Or you can move one character there and have the rest die.
  • It's best that you do not deploy Pigu because if she dies, it's game over.

What does Crab Orb do?[]

  • When equipping a Crab Orb, an unit earns double Skill Points.
  • It also give +50 Tenacity to that unit.