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A short prologue sequence to Rance IV is included in the manual of its physical release. Told from the perspective of Freak Paraffin, it details the origins of the Helman Army's presence on the floating island of Ylapu at the beginning of the game.


Though it was summer, Helman was cold as always, and the early morning was particularly hard on my rusted body. An urgent council meeting was being held in the middle of May, a month and a half after Helman’s 3rd Army had recklessly invaded Leazas of its own accord and gotten itself destroyed. All of the council members were present besides Hunty, and Empress Pamela was slouching in her seat. I can’t recall how long it’s been like this… I don’t like it one bit. And, to make matters worse, the agenda was being provided by that cretin Bitch, whose only skill is being deceitful. This is truly awful!

But, such things didn’t matter… Bitch’s idiotic announcement alone was more than enough to worry me. He had somehow managed to find out about the floating continent above Leazas. It was probably that maid of his… Merim, I believe, the archaeologist girl, who had actually discovered it… Rather impressive of her.

   Bitch: "Empress Pamela, if you would lend me your finest soldiers, I will personally venture out to the floating continent and claim it in your name. Please, give me your orders."

Bitch, you’re so eager to take credit for this that you’re asking to go out on your own… Don’t think it will be so easy, fool. But, who knows what could happen if I don’t step in…

   “I’ll go as well. I know a bit about the floating continent myself, and believe I could be of some use…”

   Stessel: "You seem rather concerned, Councilor Freak… Are you perhaps planning something?"

   “No, nothing of the sort.”

   Stessel: "Then I suggest you give up. I don’t like the idea of two council members being away at once, especially when Councilor Hunty’s selfishness has already caused order to decline so much…"


   Stessel: "I think it would be best if we called for applicants from the entire army to serve under Councilor Bitch, Empress Pamela."

   Empress: "Hm. I leave it up to you, Stessel."

   Stessel: "Then you may proceed whenever you’re ready, Councilor Bitch. You have full authority in this matter."

   Bitch: "I graciously accept this decree as a direct request from Her Majesty Empress Pamela. Please look forward to hearing good news."

Blast that Stessel for going along with Bitch’s ridiculous plan… Damn it, if I can’t turn to Hunty or Thoma at a time like this, then I’ve no choice but to ask Thoma’s son.


   Hubert: "It’s not like I’m totally against doing it or anything, it’s just… I want to know why you’re making me hang around that Bitch guy."

   “I’ve already told you that I can’t explain it right now. Just shut up and do as I say.”

   Hubert: "Yeah, fine, I got it. So, who else is going?"

   “That Dens fellow will no doubt tag along with you… And then there’s that girl Merim from Bitch’s estate, and Io, the sorceress from the 1st Army.”

   Hubert: "Damn, that chick’s coming too, huh… Some crew this is shaping up to be…"


On June 1st, the Floating Continent Survey Team departed. Their leader is Bitch, so I don’t believe they’ll succeed, but the rest is in your hands… Misly… Ugh.