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Vibrator Morning Walk (Chapter 2)[]

If Rance has sex with Io twice, she will make Sill walk around with an embarrassing equipment the next morning (new Sill sprite for your H memories). Oddly, this can still happen if you call Io at night in Chapter 6.

Maria's Level God (Chapter 3)[]

When calling for level god with Maria's group, you will see a different level god sporting his own snazzy variation of the Level God theme!

Losing access to characters in Chapter 6[]

In Chapter 6, you lose the ability to freely add and remove party members. If there are events that require these characters, you better see them before Chapter 6!

  • Io
  • Maria
  • Julia

H Memories[]

  1. Gal Monsters
  2. Sill
  3. Level Gods
  4. Mai
  5. Io
  6. Purple
  7. Yocchan
  8. Sanakia
  9. Julia
  10. Kanami
  11. Merim (You get different CG's depending on your choice on the first night you call her. You can't get both on a single save file.)
  12. Maria
  13. Bell
  14. Feliss
  15. Shizuka
  16. Ran
  17. Alicia
  18. Cynthia
  19. Tama
  20. Becky
  21. Leila
  22. Athena 2.0
  23. Mirror Fragments

Gal Monsters (CG from Assault)[]

You encounter ones with * limited number of times or through special event.

  1. Canson
  2. Bee Girl
  3. Seafood
  4. Mountainfood
  5. Humming* (2 encounters on Surface Power Area)
  6. KyanKyan
  7. Ralga* (Buoyancy Staff)
  8. Science
  9. Geckon
  10. Jumper* (one of trio)
  11. Blazer* (one of trio)
  12. Sailor* (one of trio)
  13. Black Nurse
  14. Sour
  15. MiG
  16. Magisco
  17. Magician* (seen while destroying the 8 magic columns)
  18. Mecha KyanKyan
  19. Dragon Girl
  20. Goldfish Tamer
  21. Lantern
  22. Cake Girl
  23. Kamikaze* (seen while destroying the 8 magic columns)
  24. Ramen
  25. Frozen (Defense Core BF4)
  26. Sulphur
  27. Zashiki Warashi

Extra. Tokko-chan (Research Core B1F)