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Series of rooms or locations will be numbered from west to east, then from north to south.

West Tower[]


  • North stairs >> 2F
  • South door >> Meadows outside Cassado


Key locations: Hanny statues (NW and NE rooms), Happy Kyan Kyan (SW room)

  • SW stairs >> 3F


Items: 200 gold (S room) - Requires Sill?

  • Center stairs >> 4F


Key locations: Hanny Shop (NE room)

  • Center stairs >> 3F
  • NW stairs (requires West Tower Key) >> 5F


Items: Cold-Resistant Circuit (center section)

  • Center section stairs >> 6F
  • SW stairs >> 6F west corridor
  • SE stairs >> 6F east corridor


  • Center section stairs >> 5F center, 7F
  • West corridor SW stairs >> 5F
  • West corridor NW stairs >> 7F NW section
  • East corridor SE stairs >> 5F
  • East corridor NE stairs >> 7F
  • West section stairs >> 7F NW section


Items: Mirror Fragment B3 (SE room)

  • NW section N stairs >> 6F west corridor
  • NW section W stairs >> 6F west section (dead end)
  • NE stairs >> 6F
  • Center stairs >> 6F center section

South Tower[]

Items: Death Surcoat (random battle with Treasure Lump on any floor except B1F)


Items: Death Surcoat (N room, Treasure Lump fight), Coarse Armor (SW room, Treasure Lump fight)

  • Center stairs >> 1F

Outside tower[]

Key locations: Okayu Fever (NE room)

Items: Armor (W room), 300 gold (NW room), Empty Tin Can and Bronze Bell (SW room)

  • West stairs >> Cassado church
  • Southeast stairs (requires Okayu Key) >> Surface Central Area
  • South door into South Tower requires South Tower Key (not in game)


  • South door >> Cassado (opens after saving Maria in Supply Core)
  • Center stairs >> B1F
  • North stairs >> 2F


Items: Cursed Armor (south room)

  • North stairs >> 1F
  • West stairs >> 3F
  • Can walk through wall near north stairs


  • West stairs >> 2F
  • Center stairs >> 4F


  • South stairs >> 3F
  • North stairs >> 5F


S - Stairs, X - Pit holes

  • North stairs >> 4F
  • South stairs >> 6F


Key locations: Center stairs lock (4 rooms surrounding the stairs room)

  • South stairs >> 5F
  • Center stairs >> 7F


Key locations: Great Witch Frostvine (room)

  • Stairs >> 6F

Big Central Tower[]

Surface Central Area[]

In main tower[]

Key locations: Three sword pedestals (SW room)

Items: Rock-Hard Poop (NE room), Famous Picture 10 (E room), Black Sword (SE room)

  • West and east stairs >> Surface Power Area
  • Center teleporter >> Cassado

Outside tower (north screen)[]

Key locations: King's Summer Resort (W room north of cliff-like area overlooking the tower)

Items: Buster Sword (W room #1/3, requires Belief Key), Hanny Knife (W room #2/3, requires Betrayal Key), Alice Sword (W room #3/3, requires Illusion Key), Naginata (cliff-like area overlooking the tower, requires Kanami)

  • North door into main tower requires Merim
  • NE teleporter #1/4 (locked) >> Tousho Core
  • NE teleporter #2/4 (opens in Chapter 4) >> Defense Core B1F
  • NE teleporter #3/4 (opens in Chapter 4) >> Supply Core B1F
  • NE teleporter #4/4 >> Research Core B1F

Outside tower (south screen)[]

Key locations: Happy Fukuda (NW room)

Items: Flame Shield (NE room), PTTP Drug (SW room, beat the guy's challenge)

Surface Power Area[]

Key locations: 4 magic column rooms, magic supply ball with Alicia (SE room)

Items: Mirror Fragment C1 (NW room), Mirror Fragment C4 (NE room), Mirror Fragments D1-D4 (random battles with Treasure Lumps)

  • SW and SE stairs >> Surface Central Area (main tower)
  • South stairs >> Surface Control Area (main tower)
  • West stairs >> Surface Control Area (periphery)

Surface Control Area[]

Key locations: control room (north room)

  • West stairs (periphery) >> Surface Power Area, Holy Casket
  • South stairs (main tower) >> Surface Power Area
  • East teleporter >> Buoyancy Staff 1F

Holy Casket[]

  • West stairs (periphery) >> Surface Control Area, Underground Control Area

Underground Control Area[]

Key locations: control room (north room)

Items (in Chapter 6): Sun Sword (SW room), Cold Pike (NW room), Lionet R (SE room), Stiff Dress (NE room)

  • West stairs (periphery) >> Holy Casket, Underground Power Area

Underground Power Area[]

Key locations: 4 magic column rooms

  • NW stairs >> Underground Control Area (periphery)
  • South stairs >> Underground Control Area
  • East and west stairs >> Underground Central Area

Underground Central Area[]

Items: Light Staff (south room), Iceberg Sword (SE room), Mirror Fragment B1 (SW room), Mirror Fragment C2 (W room #1/2, requires Maria), Mirror Fragment C3 (W room #2/2, requires Athena 2.0)

  • Center stairs >> Underground Power Area
  • West teleporter #1/4 >> Tousho Core
  • West teleporter #2/4 >> Defense Core
  • West teleporter #3/4 >> Supply Core
  • West teleporter #4/4 >> Research Core

Buoyancy Staff[]

Items: Chernen Powder (random battle with Treasure Lump, 4F Level, RARE. Also obtainable on 1F but may require being past Chapter 4)


Items: Mirror Fragment B4 (SE room)

  • North teleporter >> Surface Control Area (main tower)
  • South exit >> Meadows outside Cassado
  • NE stairs >> 2F


Key locations: Mage barrier switch (center room)

  • East stairs >> 1F
  • South stairs >> 3F


Items: Emerald (NW room; to open the door, access the center rooms in this order: 4, 1, 3, 6, 5, 2)

  • South stairs >> 2F
  • NE stairs >> 4F


Key locations: Quiz room (NW room; answers: 川, Fujitsu, Tokyo, 4, System 3.5), ritual room (N room)

Items: Blaze Blade (NE room; to receive it, answer all questions in quiz room correctly)

Research Core[]

Items: Belief Key (random battle with Treasure Lump, floor B5F, RARE)


Key locations: A large hole and a peephole (W room), Tokko-chan (SW room)

Items: Flame Staff (room SW of stairs leading down), Diamond (W room, requires Kanami)

  • NE teleporter >> Surface Central Area
  • Center stairs >> B2F
  • SE teleporter (locked from inside) >> Underground Control Area


Key locations: Ghost (N room), Corpses (3 NW rooms)

Items: Power Up Sword (W room)

  • North stairs >> B1F
  • East stairs >> B3F


Items: Heated Glass (E room beakers), Antidote Ball (W room #1/6), Note on Misly (W room #6/6)

  • South stairs >> B2F
  • W room #4/6 >> B4F


Items: Undazzle Dress (NE room), Mirror Fragment A1 (E room), Mirror Fragment A2 (W room)

  • Center stairs >> SW room of B3F
  • SW stairs >> B5F


Key locations: Moganda's lab (W room)

Items: E Key (SW room)

  • South stairs >> B4F

Supply Core[]

Items: Nay Shield (random battle with Treasure Lump)


  • NW teleporter (locked from inside) >> Surface Central Area
  • SW teleporter (locked from inside) >> Underground Control Area
  • North stairs >> Meadows near Ylapu edge
  • East stairs >> B2F


Key locations: Baked Potatoes (N room), Onigiri (W room), Mandragos (S room), Magic Farmer Boss (center room, NE corner)

  • NE stairs >> B1F
  • East stairs >> B3F


Key locations: Planet Kurupiston Destruction Button (SE room), NW door lock (SW room), Hanny tollbooth (NW intersection)

Items: Hirara Alloy (S room), W Key (NW room), Strength Spray (NE room, requires Love Key), Tough Spray (N room, requires Love Key)

  • East stairs >> B2F
  • West stairs >> B4F


Key locations: Giant Puryos (N room, SE room)

Items: Mirror Fragment A4 (E room)

  • Middle west stairs >> B3F

Defense Core[]

Items: T33-type Round Shield (first random battle with Treasure Lump), Muramasa (second random battle with Treasure Lump), Betrayal Key (random battle with Treasure Lump, RARE)


Key locations: High Level Goddess (SW room), 'giant' monster (NE room)

Items: Mirror Fragment A3 (W room #1/2), Famous Picture 1 (W room #2/2)

  • NW teleporter #1/2 >> Surface Central Area
  • NW teleporter #2/2 (locked from inside) >> Underground Control Area
  • Center stairs >> B2F


Key locations: Door lock toggling buttons (S room), Sanakia (W room #2/3), Octoman Kingdom (NW rooms)

Items: Love Key (SE room #1/2), Famous Picture 5 (SE room #2/2)

  • Center stairs >> B1F
  • NE stairs >> B3F
  • NW stairs >> B3F


Items: Invincible Sword (E room), Famous Picture 6 (NE room), Puryo Slayer (NW room #1/2), West Tower Key (NW room #2/2)

  • Middle east stairs >> B2F
  • West stairs >> B2F
  • South stairs >> B4F


Items: Famous Picture 7 (NE corridor, requires Kanami)

  • South stairs >> B3F
  • NW stairs >> B5F


  • NW stairs >> B4F
  • NE stairs >> B6F


Key locations: Dragon (room)

  • Stairs >> B5F

Tousho Core[]

Items: Sharp/Epson/Fujitsu/NEC keys (random battles with Treasure Lumps)


  • North elevators
  • North stairs >> B2F


Key locations: Chao (NW room #2/2)

Items: 1000 gold (E room #2/12), Mirror Fragment B2 (E room #6/12), Ruby (poison jar in S room, use Feliss), Kanami Mirror 2 (NW room #1/2), Kanami Mirror 1 (SW room), Leila Mirror 1 (E room #11/12)

  • North elevators
  • North stairs >> B1F


Key locations: Ballcat (SW wide corridor)

Items: Kanami Mirror 3 (SW room), Insulator Armor (W room #1/6), Coarse Armor 3 (E room #1/6, requires Sharp Key), Angel Robe (E room #2/6, requires Epson Key), T34D Trial Shield (E room #4/6, requires Fujitsu Key), 3000 gold (E room #5/6, requires NEC Key)

  • North elevators


Key locations: Hanny shop (NE room), Donation box (NW room)

Items: Famous Pictures 2-3 (SW room, requires 1000 gold donation)

  • North elevators


Key locations: Landing crafts (small SW rooms)

Items: Leila Mirror 3 (west room), Fake Mage's Clothes (NW room), Leila Mirror 4 (SW room), Famous Picture 4 (inner area NW room)

  • North elevators (right elevator leads to the separate inner area)


Key locations: Lexington (east room)

  • North elevator (right elevator)