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Name Att St Location Notes
Used Sword 4 10 Rance (initial)
Longsword 5 10 Yocchan's Shop: 100 G
Longsword 2 9 12 Yocchan's Shop: 200 G
Lightning Sword 10 15 Yocchan's Shop: 800 G Lightning elemental
Power Up Sword 12 13 Research core B2F
Cold Pike 15 8 Underground Control Area Range 3 Ice Element
Leazas Sword 20 13 Leila/Julia starting equipment
Naginata 20 10 Surface Central Area Range 2
Puryo Slayer 20 20 Defense core B3F Required to free Maria and Leila
Katana 22 8 Yocchan's Shop: 2000 G
Muramasa 30 8 Drop: Defense core
Iceberg Sword 30 15 Underground Central Area Ice Element
Golden Sword 32 20 Yocchan's Shop: 20000 G Dark Element
Rusty Sword 33 50 Drop
Super Sword 35 18 Tousho Core shop, 5000 G
Blaze Blade 39 22 Buoyancy Staff 4F - Illusion Room Fire Element
Byroad 40 11 Rick starting weapon Light Element
Invincible Sword 60 100 Defense Core B3F
Buster Sword 48 40 Surface Central Area
Black Sword Varies 10 Surface Central Area Dark Element


Name Att St Notes
Stick 1 3
Mage's Staff 2 3
Kapalla's Dagger 4 10 Dark
Flame Staff 8 15 Fire
Light Staff 10 7 Light
Surprise Hammer 10 10
Tulip No. 1 10 20 Range 5 Maria only
Lightweight Bow 11 8 Range 3
Mage's Whip 12 15 Range 3
Alice Sword 48 16


Name Att St Notes
Mini Hammer 5 5
Wind Ninja Sword 13 10
Hanny Knife 20 13
Toukichirou's Bow 20 10 Range 3
Sun Sword 23 10 Fire
Ninja Blade 25 5
Ice Rapier 38 7 Ice


Name Att St Notes
Rocket Punch 10 5
Giga Attack Bow 50 3 Range 5
Shiranui 68 20 Darkness


Standard Armor[]

Name Def Notes
Used Armor 5
Crimson Armor 15 Fire
Insulator Armor 17 Electric
Armor 18
Spriggan V 20
Royal Guard Armor 20
Coarse Armor 21
Coarse Armor 2 23
Cursed Armor 32 Dark
Lionet 33
Lionet R 38
Coarse Armor 3 40

Heavy Armor[]

Name Def Notes
Leazas Standard Armor 40
Helman Standard Armor 40
God Armor 45 (Call Level God 150x)


Name Def Notes
Plerin Robe 1
Hellman Mage Uniform 6
Undazzle Dress 9 Electric
Wind Ninja Clothes 11
Bebetar Costume 10
Death Surcoat 14 Dark
Technosuit 30 Only Athena
Combat Work Clothes 7
Fake Mage's Clothes 1
Mage's Clothes 5
Angel Robe 15 Light, in locked room on east side of Tousho Core B3F, requires Epson Key
Arme's Pajamas 16
Magic Robe 8
Flame Robe 10 Fire
Ice Robe 10 Ice
Electric Robe 10 Electric
Stiff Dress 20


Name Def Notes
Used Shield 2
Flame Shield 5 Fire
Electric Shield 5 Electric, buying from Yocchan's shop appears to be bugged and simply tells you that the shield does not exist.
Ice Shield 5 Ice
T33-Type Round Shield 15
Nay Shield 10
Mini Shield 4 Leila's starting shield
T34D Trial Shield 18 Tousho Core B3F, requires Fujitsu Key
Full Shield 20 6000g from the Hanny Shop in Tousho Core B4F


Name Location Notes
Seirogan Item Shop Heals 20 hp
Seirogan 2 Item Shop Heals 60 hp
Ryuukasen Item Shop Restores 50 stamina
Hirara Lemon West tower 4F shop Fully restores health and stamina
Cake Boss fight with Ralga Restores 100 hp
Giltan V Tousho Core B4F shop Restores 1/3 hp
Power Potato Chip West tower 4F and Tousho Core B4F shops +20 attack in battle
Magic Parsley West tower 4F and Tousho Core B4F shops +20 int in battle, the West Tower 4F shop is bugged and will not give you the item
Tough Spray Supply Core B3F +3 DEF to current equipped armor
Strength Spray Supply Core B3F and boss fights with Ralga +3 ATK to current equipped weapon

Yocchan's Bargains[]

Yocchan's item shop has the same items for every section except the bargains. Once an item is in the bargains it will never leave.

  • Ninja Blade (Chapter 4)
  • Arme's Pajamas (Chapter 5)
  • Coarse Armor 2 (Chapter 5)
  • Iron Hanny Key (Chapter 5)
  • Ice Rapier (Chapter 6)

Hanny Shops[]

West Tower 4F has a shop ran by a Hanny. It has some amazing consumable items like Hirami Lemon worth buying. Also, in Chapter 6, the shop starts selling the Illusion Key!

Another Hanny shop is in Tousho Core B4F. This shop sells some of best equipments in game at high prices.

Black Sword[]

In the main tower of Surface Central Area, you can exchange any 3 swords for Black Sword. The attack power of Black Sword will equal half of the sum of 3 swords' attack. Stamina requirement is always 10, and the sword is always dark elemental. Thus, you should use strong but impractical swords (due to stamina cost) to obtain Black Sword.

  • Strongest possible Black Sword (73 attack; possible in Chapter 5): Invincible Sword + Buster Sword + Blaze Blade
  • However, obtaining Black Sword in Chapter 4 will make the rest of the game much easier. Invincible Sword + Golden Sword + Buster Sword gives 70 attack Black Sword. If you don't have Buster Sword, then just use another Golden Sword for 62 attack Black Sword.
  • If you Sacrifice Rick's Byroad (40), The Buster Sword (48), and the Invincible Sword (60), you get a 74 attack Black sword, Major drawback of losing Rick's sword though.
  • Also All swords can be upgraded with the Goddess Roulette where the assistant can add 5 attack to Rance's current weapon, can also be combined with Strength Spray as well for an 80+ attack