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Rance Edit

  • Starts at level 1
  • Can equip swords, shields, and armor
  • Obtains Rance Attack (at lv 5), Light Attack (at lv 12), and Brute Attack (at lv 50)
  • Use him as a tank in the early game, as your casters are squishy
  • The game ends if he dies, so be careful about where you position him. Do note that monsters are most likely to target him.

Sill Edit

  • Starts at level 10
  • Can equip staves and clothes
  • Spells deal elemental damage, which may be more or less effective on certain enemies
  • Awful HP
  • Learned spells:
    lv 15: Fire Blast (replaces Fire Arrow)
    lv 20: Thunderstrike (replaces Lightning Arrow)
    lv 32: Hellfire Conflagration (replaces Fire Blast)
    lv 40: Fire Laser (replaces Ice Arrow)

Io Edit

  • Starts at level 6, caps at level 38.
  • Can equip staves, shortswords, and clothes
  • Decent lightning magic user
  • Learns 'Whore Surf' (deals massive damage to gal monsters) at lv 15 and Lightning at lv 35.
  • Awful HP

Merim Edit

  • Starts at level 4, caps at level 23.
  • Awful offensively and defensively in combat
  • Can observe monsters which helps you find how evasive they are, how far they can move, what types of attacks they will be weak to, etc.
  • If you let her be defeated in 10 battles and have seen her at night, Willis will feel sorry for her and enable her to use Angel Mirror, which heals everyone for small amount.

Rick Edit

  • Starts at level 40, caps at level 70.
  • Much like Rance except he can move 2 spaces only.
  • His default sword Byroad is very strong, and he will be stronger than Rance in earlier parts. Its element is light, so it can one-shot enemies like Bebetar.
  • If you choose to have him on your party always you might miss some things, such as Bell's H-scene and (more importantly) having Shizuka join your party.

Julia Edit

  • Starts at level 14, caps at level 38.
  • Pitiful stats in the beginning. Bring her to Hanny King for training.
  • After training, she will be a usable (but not amazing) melee fighter.

Kanami Edit

  • Starts at level 30, caps at level 42.
  • Best evasion, passable HP, and large movement range. Does not hit hard, but she can serve as an evasive tank.
  • At level 35, gains the skill "Fire Bowl", which works the same way as Hellfire Conflagration.
  • Monsters do not prioritize her highly, however, so some careful positioning will be necessary to make them target her.

Leila Edit

  • Starts at level 36, caps at level 52.
  • An average warrior in every area.

Maria Edit

  • Starts at level 21, caps at level 35.
  • Uses her Tulip #1 which has excellent range, but requires a turn for cooldown.

Shizuka Edit

  • Starts at level 22, caps at level 56.
  • Uses a variety of high-damage spells.
  • Late into the game, she temporarily gains Level 3 magic, but this only lasts for a few battles.
  • Learned spells (after losing Level 3 magic):
    lv 30: Electromagnetic Barrier
    lv 40: White Breaker (replaces Fire Laser)
    lv 45: Snow Laser (replaces Fire Blast)

Athena 2 Edit

  • Starts (and stays) at level 1
  • You also can't change her equipment. You don't need to anyways since she's a decent long-range fighter. She also has a good amount of HP.
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