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Known Bugs[]

*There is a known bug where summoning Feliss causes sprites to vanish on the map. A workaround is saving after every battle she is in.

  • Due to the above bug it is recommended to avoid getting the [Demon Permit] (Summons Feliss every battle automatically).
  • As of 1/10/2013 a community member released a patch to the game fixing this bug. fixing the chest opening bug.

On 9/2/2013 Rance III received a re-release fixing this bug as well as a few others. It can be found on the translator page.

Battle hints[]

Except for some required battles, most fights can actually be avoided via running away to save time. As the entire party gains more experience when Rance is at low level, it might be overall more efficient to keep Rance at as low level as possible most of the time. Remember that max. exp. that can be stored is 65535.

  • Lis Cave - The fight against Lis is the first forced battle. Let Kanami rush in front to attrack the Lis's attention. Then use Rance attack to easily hack up the Lis. Easily completable at level 10.
  • Rekka Mines - Always summon Feliss via the first choice in the item menu. Otherwise make Rance stay out of trouble as much as possible (unless he's needed to block off enemies from your caster allies). Easily completable at level 10.
  • Forest of the Lost - Easily completable at level 10, even before considering Feliss.
  • Red - Between Feliss and the tank, there's not much for anyone else to do. Easily completable at level 10.
  • Hyper Building, Bugs - The bugs are very strong. Use Feliss to attract as much damage as possible, and help killing enemies via Rance Attack. Completion at level 10 with no ally deaths require a lot of save-loading for a good battlefield position. Doable, but efficiency-wise might be better to bump up the levels a bit.
  • The Battle of The O - The hard part of this is winning too quickly before your allies have time to be healed, as the consecutive battles leave no breathing space in between. Easily completable at level 10 using Feliss if you are willing to tolerate one or two deaths of allies.
  • North - You only need to fight one group to get to Toma. Easily completable at level 10 with Feliss.
  • South - It's supposed to be a one-on-one fight, but you can still summon Feliss and complete it easily at level 10.
  • Golden Hanny - Easily completable at level 10 with Feliss.
  • West Tower, Ithere - One of the few battles where Feliss cannot join. Still not too hard at level 10 with the help of other allies.
  • East Tower, Satella - Feliss can't be used in this battle unless you have the demon's permit (obtain in Gele's tomb). However, paralysis powder OHKO's Satella. Chances are, only Feliss can hit her normally if you don't use paralysis powder.
  • Centre Tower, General - Reasonably easy at level 10 with Feliss.
  • Centre Tower, Noce - Challenging at level 30.
  • Throne Room, Gele - Reasonably doable at level 30. Rance's attacks always do 100 damage regardless of level. More levels will simply allow Rance to tank more damage. Just stay near the center of the room, and don't approach Gele unless you can reach her in at most three moves (allowing you at least one turn to deal damage before she teleports).

Lis Cave[]

Lis’ Cave

  • Gal Monsters
    • Pastel
    • KyanKyan
  • Rarerare Stones
    • [Ecstatic High School Girl] – First Floor Press the switch to the left. It’s in the treasure chest.
  • Monsters
    • Green Hanny
    • Konnichiwa
    • NEO Nubobo
    • Pastel
    • KyanKyan
    • Lis - 220 HP
  • Ice
    • Ask for Keith for work, then head to the Rekka Mines and then Lis's cave.
  • Lis's cave
    • Mimics may appear from treasure chests after battles, you have no chance of beating them at this point so just escape if you get one.
    • On the first floor go down the left path in order to get the Rarerare stone. Then go down the stairs on the right side.
    • On floor two go to the right and get the two treasure chests before going down the stairs on the left side.
    • On the third floor, take the left path, once the scene ends you’ll end up back in Ice.
    • Visit the Hospital in order to get the key for Lis’ Cave.
      • No matter how much money you grind at this point, it is impossible to buy back the Holy Sword and Armor from the weapon shop as he will simply raise the price to the amount of gold you have + 10.
    • Return to Lis’ Cave and when you get to the third floor go right instead of left.
    • Go north and you’ll encounter Lis. Let Kanami do most of the work if Rance is taking too much damage.
    • Once he is defeated, go north to meet Rola.
    • After the scene ends, you will end up back in Ice. Get the quest reward from Keith.
    • Go to the weapon shop guy and talk to him
    • After the scene, go to your house and head to Kanra.
  • While you are here, you may want to assault gal monsters to get their CGs. Use the "order" menu command to stop other party members from killing them and use a combination of normal and light attacks to lower their hp in order to assault them. This becomes much more difficult with higher level weapons as you will kill them in one hit unintentionally. The V3 and V5 items can be bought to help reduce their HP easier, but they are quite expensive. The Gal Curse will immediately give you the CG but is very expensive.
  • Unlike most dungeons in the game, you can re-enter it at a later stage of the game.

Devil's Cave[]

  • Gal Monsters
    • Lycanthrope
    • Were Village Girl - transforms from Lycanthrope
  • Rarerare stones
    • Curious Gal
    • Examining Room of Carnal Desires
  • The Return Daemon puzzle:
    • Blue - Starting warp point
    • Red - Return daemons
    • Yellow - Treasure chest (egg)
    • Green - Exit
  • Kanra
    • In Kanra, head to the bar. Call over the bartender and ask him about the war/Rola until Rose appears.
    • Go to the weapons shop and buy better gear. Buy at least the lightning sword, crimson armor and ninja sword for Kanami as the fights after the devil cave are much tougher and you will not be able to backtrack to a weapons shop after exiting the cave.
    • Go to the Devils' Cave.
    • After the scene, go back to Kanra and talk to Rose.
    • Go back to Devils' Cave and enter after the scene.
  • Devil's cave
    • You can now summon Feliss from the item menu in battle, she is extremely powerful but you should not need her help in the cave at this point as the fights here are still fairly easy unless a mimic appears
    • Mimics do a lot of damage at this stage and have a chance of randomly appearing from treasure chests. Summon Feliss to help kill them.
    • Going left from the entrance leads you down a long path with faces in the walls warning you that it is an endless path. This is false, it eventually leads to a vending machine that sells a super steel drink for 100g that restores your health to full. You can only buy one.
      • After buying the super steel drink, search the vending machine five more times and Sill will find a [ Devil's Passport]. This will auto summon Feliss at the start of a battle and will make the rest of the game much easier.
    • Go right and talk to the Ballcat infront of the barrier.
    • Step on the plate in the next room to the right, then talk to the Ballcat again.
    • Enter the portal.

The Return daemon puzzle, click to enlarge

  • Second Floor
    • The second floor is populated by Return Daemons, and has no monsters. When talking to a Return Daemon, picking the first choice will let you through, but you can only get through two Return Daemons at a time. Trying to get through a third Return Daemon will send you back to the warp point.
    • Pass the Daemon to the left and take the second north corridor. Head all the way north, then east, and pass the second Daemon to reach a treasure chest.
      • The egg in the treasure chest allows you to get through the eternal bridge in the previous floor. On the first floor, go south from the warp point's Ballcat and cross the bridge with two faces in the walls at the end. Pick the left path, then give the ballcat the egg to get past the endless bridge.
      • The right path jsut leads to a dead end with a phone that calls Alicesoft, but this leads to nothing.
      • After the endless bridge are three pots with rarerarestones in the left and middle pots.
        • There's a common bug issue for these pots that auto picks the don´t look inside option - to bypass this you must go to the spot between them and left click the pot,then right click it, keep pressing right and left without moving until you find a monster,beat it and right click the pot. Somehow it works.
    • To reach the exit stairs, pass the daemon to the left and take the second south corridor. Don´t talk to the next Daemon - instead, go east then south and east again. Follow this corridor to the north and then east. Talk to your second Daemon and you will find the exit.
  • Before climbing the stairs to exit the cave, you should make sure that Rance has the katana and crimson armor. You won't be able to go to any shops before the next dungeon. Money is easy to get in this game and there are limited upgrades to buy, the only thing you might need to grind for are Gal Curse items to obtain gal monster CGs easily.
  • You won't be able to return to the devil cave after exiting it either, so make sure that you have obtained everything that you want from the dungeon before leaving.

L-Zile & Underground Cavern[]

  • Gal Monsters
    • Lantern
  • Rarerare stone
    • LOve Juice
    • Bullied Girl
  • Helman Headquarters
    • Talk to the guard on the second floor infront of Henderson's room, he will ask you for a password. While you are on the second floor, talk to the maid.
    • Examine the wardrobes the the room on first floor with 9 bookshelves and after that examine the other wardrobes around the headquarters till Rance complains that he is tired of checking wardrobes.
    • Go back to the room with 9 bookshelves enter the small room to the west of it, Rance will Sill to seduce a guard and bring him to the room.
    • Walk around in the small room until Sill brings a guard, this seems to be based on the number of actual steps, so walking into walls does not work.
    • After the scene with the first guard, walk around again till Sill brings a second guard
    • Walk around till Rance gets bored and thinks of having sex with the maid on the second floor. Have sex with her.
    • Go back to the small room and the third guard will tell you the password. After obtaining the password, go to Henderson's room.
    • Talk to Maria and search the desk. Return to the maid who will give you key to treasure room. After getting the Rarerare stone, go to the underground cavern.
  • Underground Cavern
    • The fights here are much tougher than before, if you are having trouble, level up to at least 20 and/or summon Feliss to help you. The rear cars in particular do a lot of damage.
    • Head east, picking up another rarerare stone, Officer Armor and Sylph Staff along the way.
    • Loop south to the bottom, then west, and back north to find a Limestone Key.
    • Enter the nearby door to find Nurse. Before talking to Nurse, make sure you have everything you need from this section as you won't be able to come back here. Assault a Lantern if you need the CG.
  • L-Zile
    • After the cutscene, go to the bar to find Rola but she will refuse to give you back the holy sword and armor.
    • Head to Kanra and talk to the bartender till he tells you that the Leazas liberation army has lost. If this scene isn't happening try doing things around red and L-Zile, you'll know the scene is available once Kanami recommends you go to the bar upon entering Kanra. Buy some Seirogan and upgrades for Rance while you are here.
    • Go back to L-Zile and enter the HQ. Ask for Maria, then go to the Factory and talk to Maria till she asks you to help get Hirara ore from the Rekka mines.

Rekka Mine[]

  • Rarerare stone
    • A Dangerous Chase
  • Walkthrough
    • There's nothing on the first floor of the Mine except for some people you can talk to. In the top left part of the map there is a mine cart. Get into it and ride across to meet up with Milli. Once the dialog ends you will be able to fight Chasobas.
    • Chasobas are worth decent EXP and have a lot of HP. They have a chance of dropping a chest containing an item called a Mirror Fragment. If you kill all the Chasobas and they don't drop enough Mirror Fragments, just save and they'll respawn. After getting four Fragments, a picture will unlock.
    • Mimics often spawn from the chests here and are extremely dangerous, they also have a tedency to kill Kanami in one hit, so use a Seirogan to heal her outside of the fight so that Sill can heal her in the next battle. There's no Gal Monsters here, but there is a rarerare stone in one of the eggs near the Chasoba Queen (only accessible after you defeat her).
    • Go down the stairs to the right of the exit to trigger a scene before leaving the mine
    • Make sure you have everything you need from here as you will not able to come back after leaving the mine.
    • Once you leave the Mine, head to L-Zile and talk to Maria. You will be transported to Red afterwards so save beforehand.


  • Walkthrough
    • When you gain control of your character again your goal is to destroy all the enemy units. The helman unit behind the trench does not need to be killed.
    • There's a church in the top right of the map that will heal your party for free.
    • The Leazas soldiers on the bottom of the map will tell you how many enemy units are left on the map. Once all the enemy units are dead, talk to the Leazas soldiers. They will tell you the church is under attack. Head to the Church and you'll end up in Fletcher's headquarters after the scene.
    • The next fight is four fights back to back. The first unit you'll fight is a group of Helman Soldiers after that you'll fight the fletcher's two bodyguards, followed by Fletcher and a fight with Leila. After the fight is done Maria will tell you that you need to find a unicorn in the Forest of the Lost.

Forest of the Lost[]

  • Gal Monsters
    • Bee Girl
    • Ramen
    • Lycanthrope
    • Were Princess (Let Lycanthrope transform)
  • Area 1 - start exploring from the left side. After two events, enemy starts attacking. Third event teleports you to area 2.

Lost Forest areas 2~4, click to enlarge

Green = area 2; Yellow = area 3; Blue = area 4.

  • Bright blue tiles are starting locations for the zone. Red tiles teleport the player back to area 1. Bright green tiles are the destination for the respective zone. Purple tiles are secret passages that you can walk right through.
  • Follow the map in order to end up in the Rapu village.
    • Inside the village, you will fight a last group of Rapus.
      • Make sure that you have all the CGs you want from this area before triggering the scene at the elder's house at the northern side of the village as you will not be able to trigger any more encounters with gal monsters after this point.
  • Once you see the unicorn you'll need to go back to Red and ask Sel to join you.
  • Once Sel joins your party go back to the forest and ask Su to teleport you back to the Village. Get the nectar from the unicorn and go back to the headquarters in Red.
  • After the headquarters cutscene, save then go to the inn.
    • You wont be able to go back to L-Zile or Kanra to buy stuff after this scene so make sure that you have everything you want from there.

Hyper Building[]

  • Gal Monsters
    • Goldfish Tamer
    • Lycanthrope
    • Were Policewoman (Let Lycanthrope transform)
    • Were Nurse (Let Lycanthrope transform)
  • Rarerare stones
    • [One Day...] - 4th Floor.
    • [Defeat the Disciplinary Committee Member] - 20th Floor.
  • Walkthrough
    • Regaining the Holy Sword and Armor
      • After obtaining the Rarerare stones on the 4th and 20th floor get into any Elevator and it will take you to the 52nd floor. Climb your way to the 55th floor to meet Lis in his human form you'll end up back in Red and you will regain the Holy Sword and Armor.
    • Debugging
      • Go back to Hyper Building, go to the 56th floor and try to climb up the stairs, then go back to the 55th floor. To talk to the computer, approach the hallway leading to the stairs down to the 54th floor. After Rance agrees to defeat the bugs, the computer will open a path to the south. Find the new elevator and go to floors 119 and 120 and defeat all the bugs there. Once they are dead, trigger the conversation with the computer on the 55th floor again. There is no confirmation message after defeating all the bugs.
    • Defeat Satella
      • Go to the 54th floor and take the now functional main elevator to the 200th floor. Floor 199 contains three chests. Climb to the 201st floor, then place the barrier rods in the remaining four corners of the room following Sel's example: stand one tile away from the corner, facing it, and press the space key. Once all four corners have the symbols, enter the room where Satella is. After the scene, open the chest to retrieve the Holy Shield and rescue Sill.
      • If you do not setup the barrier, Satella cannot be hit and Fellis will refuse to answer your summons via the item menu.

Make sure that you have gotten everything you wanted from the Hyper Building before triggering the scene with Satella as you will not be able to come back here again.

Note, that other than floor 4, 20, 199 and all the storyline floors mentioned above, there are no other chests, dialogues nor anything of significance on floors 21 - 54, 57 - 118 and 121 - 198.


  • Gal Monsters
    • Ithere's Apostles, Opal, Garnet and Sapphire. They all have the same CG.
  • Red
    • Go to the inn to trigger a cutscene.
  • Battlefield
    • You will start out in a battle with a group of Helman soldiers. Defeat them to proceed.
    • Pick either the right or left group and defeat them as well. The right group has helman soldiers while the left group has two Dekants.
    • After the Tulip #3 is destroyed, you will fight a group of Helman soldiers with the apostle Opal, a powerful mage. You can assault her for a HCG.
    • The next group of enemies is a group of Helman knights with the apostle Garnet, another mage. You can assault her for the same HCG.
    • You are given another choice to attack either the right or left group of soldiers. The right group consists of one Dekant. The left group consists of 3 Dekants with the apostle Sapphire, another mage. You can assault her for the same HCG.
      • If you chose to fight the right group, you will fight Sapphire's group afterwards.
    • After the scene with Shizuka, you will fight another group of Helman soldiers.
  • The-O
    • You can sortie to attack Oc or go back to the Hospital in Ice for another CG.
    • There is also a fortune teller here, but aside from some funny lines, nothing can be done here.

Possible bug: I assaulted a Dekkan(11HP) during the third sister and I got a bugged Sill CG,with her hair tonned in blue and green saying I was harrassing Dekkan.


  • Purchasable Items
    • Ball of Destruction
  • Oc
    • The weapon shop here sells upgrades, most of which are the same as the one in Kanra. However, Kanami's upgrades here are bugged, you can buy a ninja sword or Kotetsu even if Kanami already has those equipped, and can even downgrade to the ninja sword even if it is worse than the kotetsu.
    • Buy a ball of destruction to receive a Source of the Fountain Goddess
    • Sortie to attack North.
  • North
    • The map has several groups of Helman knights, but you only need to talk to Toma to end the battle.
    • The enemies will respawn if you go to the camp and save. They give a large amount of exp and gold.
    • After the battle, go to Alicesoft and agree to help Yukimi (the girl in a second row cubicle, right side) with the CGs to receive a Graphicer Medal. This will let you get a CG with the waitress in Kanra.
    • Advance to South
  • South
    • Rance will duel Minerva. Although it is a duel, you can still summon Feliss. Minerva has a large amount of hp. You cannot assault her.
    • Return to Oc to meet Shizuka. You may want to do the Haniwa Temple side quest now at the Teti Lake.
  • Teti Lake
    • Use the Source of the Fountain Goddess and choose to enter the Haniwa Temple. You can choose to use it to get 100 exp instead, but you will need another source to enter the Haniwa Temple.
    • Once inside you'll find multiple Haniwa Statues. Click on any of them except for the Super Hanny and then enter the portal. You'll fight Hannies of the color you clicked. Upon defeating them you'll unlock access to a chest to the north containing a harmonica relating to the color of Hanny killed. Do this with all the Hanny Statues except for the Super Hanny. The hanny statue in the SE corner is actually an evil hanny, not a red hanny.
    • With all the Harmonicas in hand use the Super Hanny statue and enter the portal.
  • Super Hanny room
    • Golden, triple and super hannies mayspawn here, they give a lot of exp and gold, but have a lot of hp and hit hard.
    • Hanny bombs may also spawn here, they suicide into your party and deal a large amount of damage so are not worth fighting. They look like mini hannies.
    • The left path is blocked by a super hanny that demands a believer card, if you don't have it, you can start a fight with a large group of hanny knights which are very powerful. They can easily kill feliss. Even if you win, the super hanny will still block the passage.
    • Take the right path, talk to the super hanny and he will move aside. Be very careful not to walk onto the red arrow tiles as you will end up trapped in a room full of evil hannies and be unable to leave unless you use a return wood.
      • The second red tile passage contains [Source of the Fountain Goddess] and a [Level Dew]. The last passageway contains a [Wood of Return].
    • Continue east and put the harmonicas into the slots in the walls to proceed past the invisible walls. You will find a chest with a believer card at the end.
    • You can now return to Ice and get a CG with the item shop girl.
    • You can also take the left path to meet the Hanny King, but this fight is virtually impossible to win without cheating as he has 65535 HP and he has a level drain attack. If you defeat him, you will get 10,000 exp and gold. None of the hannies on the map will react to his death if you manage to kill him.
    • Go back to the headquarters in Oc
  • Oc
    • At the headquarters, choose to deploy.
    • After the scene, choose to deploy from the headquarters again.
    • Go to the inn and choose to sleep alone.
    • Note this is the point of no return. After next step final showdown will begin and you won't be able to return to world map.
    • Go to North but stay in the road until you encounter a Golden Hanny and defeat it.
    • After the scene you'll end up in the Leazas Castle.

Leazas Castle[]

  • Gal Monsters
    • Conte - Courtyard,Central, Eastern and Western Tower
    • Magician - First Floor Central Tower, Second Floor Central Tower Random Encounter, Fourth floor in the tiny SW room
    • Dulapi - Third Floor Central Tower Random Encounter
    • Frozen - Third Floor Central Tower Wrong Switch, Fourth Floor Central Tower Random Encounter
    • Kamikaze - Sixth Floor Central Tower Random Encounter
  • Rarerare Stones
    • [Poolside Angel] - Third Floor, Western Tower
    • [It's Fine if It's From Behind] - Fifth Floor Castle - Stone Guardian Maze, Step on the button closest to the down stairs the chest is on the bottom left.
    • [Onee-sama, that's XX] - Sixth Floor Castle
  • Mirror Fragments
    • Just like in Rekka Mine, the enemies in this area drop chests containing Mirror Fragments. Assemble all 4 for an erotic picture.
  • Dungeon
    • Take the right path and kick down the bars.
    • Push the button next to the sleeping guard to open the gate.
    • Search the desk in the unlocked room to get the prison key. It's the second one from the left.
    • Rescue Maris then Lia.
    • After the scene, head west and obtain Chaos.
    • After the scene, check the coffin to obtain the [Devil's Passport] and then head up to the courtyard.
  • Courtyard
    • Once in the courtyard, head northwest to find Sel.
    • Take the stairs up to the wall and enter the western tower, the entrance is south of Sel and is being blocked by a cyclonite.
    • First talk to the nearby guard to be able to engage the cyclonite, then defeat the cyclonite and enter the tower
  • Western Tower
    • Once in the tower, head downstairs and rescue Milli.
    • Go back to the courtyard and get Sel, then go back to Chaos.
  • Courtyard
    • Talk to Maria, she will tell you to go to the central tower. It's located in the center of the courtyard with a lot of NPCs outside of it.
    • Talk to Barres then defeat Toma.
    • Enter the central tower
  • Central Tower
    • Defeat the monster to see a scene.
    • There is an item shop, inn and weapon shop in the northern part of the central tower.
      • Strangely, talking to the NPCs here seem to cause the UI to change colour. This can be fixed by going into the camp and exiting.
    • Sleep with Kanami at the inn to get Lia's CG.
    • Examine the red floor and Maris will tell you there is an antidote in the eastern tower. Get the antidote then cross the red floor.
    • Defeat the magician, you can assault her for a CG.
    • Defeat the large monster and go up to the second floor.
    • There is nothing special on the second floor, although you can check out the bookshelves in Maris and Kanami's rooms on the eastern side for some lines. You can also get a crystal staff as a chest drop from the magicians on this floor. Sill, Sel and Shizuka can use it. If Sill already has a crystal staff, the game will say that nobody can use it, but Sel and Shizuka will still equip it if you have them in the party.
    • Go to the 3rd floor and head southwest to find Barres. Defeat the NATO and find the trap control room.
      • The correct combination is for the top and middle levers to be in the up position, then push the button.
      • Middle and bottom levers in the up position will teleport you to a room with a demon that sets Rance's exp to 0.
      • Middle lever in the up position will teleport you to a room with a Frozen that can be assaulted for a CG.
      • Top lever in the up position will teleport you to a room with a Doraku.
      • Top and bottom levers in the up position will teleport you to a room full of evil hannies
    • On the 4th floor, talk to Shizuka twice to add her to the party.
      • You can get a crystal staff from the magicians in the tiny SW room. Magicians will spawn there
      • Press the four buttons to do the quizes. They consist of three random questions and you get unlimited tries. There is no penalty for answering incorrectly.
        • NW button
          • What is the value of Shinohara-san's house in Nara?
            • 28,000,000
          • What is the list price of a FM-TOWNS 20F?
            • 323,000
          • What is the typical service charge for Sayaka-san, the soaplady?
            • 40,000
          • What is the list price of Rance 2 -Rebellious Maidens-?
            • 6,800
        • NE button
          • How is your boyfriend's XXX?
            • Normal
          • What is "life" to you?
            • Eating
          • What's your favorite computer?
            • PC-8801
          • The worst type of person?
            • Smokes
        • SW button
          • Pararattata
            • LV UP of love
          • Papipapipa
            • Lunch soup food
          • Suicchon
            • Dead Leaves X
          • Go go go go
            • Air conditioner
          • Aiyaaa!
            • TADA
        • SE button
          • This person draws the CGs
            • YUKIMI
          • This person graduated from Meiji university and didn't join the Yomiuri Giants
            • Yamada-kun
          • This person was the bad guy during the Gulf War
            • Hussein 2 OR Bush 2 OR Kaifu 2
          • He is the kind, beautiful hero of justice
            • Rance (Botton answer seems to not work?)
          • This Person was violated by Rance and deceived by Ragishss
            • Maria OR Shizuka
      • After the quizzers are done, press the button near the stairs to the next floor, get the alloy from Milli and go up.
      • Interact with the hole in the floor and then use a return wood to exit. Go to the eastern tower.
    • Eastern Tower
      • Give Rick the alloy, then give it to Maria at the east side of the courtyard, then give it to Rick again.
      • Sleep at the inn and go back to the eastern tower.
      • Use the paralysis powder to defeat Satella then pull the lever behind her to deactivate the pit trap on the 5th floor of the Central Tower
      • Go to the Western Tower
    • Western Tower
      • Defeat Ithere and pull the lever behind to deactivate the pit trap on the 6th floor of the Central Tower.
      • If you deactivate the trap on the 6th floor before examining it, you won't be able to read the lines associated before examining the trap, so you may want to do that first.
    • Central Tower
      • Climb up to the 5th floor, step on all the buttons to clear the way to a chest containing a rarerare stone and make your way to the end of the maze. The stone guardians here can drop energy drinks that will restore your health to full.
      • On the 6th floor, talk to Noce. He will clone your party, but it is an easy fight.
      • Going next to the red monsters here will trigger a fight with a General. They do not respawn.
      • There is a rarerare stone in a chest in the SW corner.
      • Enemies here may drop a chest with [ Lia's treasury key ]. You can get a CG from the treasury.
      • Going near the NW corner of the map will trigger a scripted scene that leads to the fight with Noce. Make sure you are fully prepared before doing this.
        • You should be at least level 40 to beat Noce, the rest of your party won't be able to hurt Noce, so just keep using Rance Attack.
      • Fight Gele. The fight is a special fight that takes place outside of the usual battle screen. You won't be able to access the camp menu or use items to heal.
        • Gele will teleport every few steps that you take. To attack her, move into her square. Every time she teleports, Rance will take damage. Gele can damage you even if she is not visible on your screen, so do not try to run into her bedroom. She will stay in the throne room and you won't be able to attack her. Repeat till she reaches 0 hp.

Hex Editing[]

Most of the game is easy (ridiculously so if you summon Feliss), with one exception: Noce. His damage is an absolute pain to deal with, and every time you fail, you're forced to rewatch that ridiculously long scripted fight. The following method will allow you to skip all the grinding you may need to do in order to reliably defeat Noce.

  1. Make a backup copy of your latest save just in case things go awry.
  2. Open up your latest save with a hex editor
  3. Address 26E8 dictates Rance's level. Replace it with hex value 50.
  4. Address 26E6 and 26E7 dictates Rance's experience points. Replace it with hex value FFF7.

Note that the numbers are stored Little-Endian.  For example, 4816 experience (decimal) is 12D0 hex, and stored as D012 in memory.

Now load your save from within the game and summon the level god. If all goes well, Rance will be level 96 with over 4000 HP, allowing you to clear Noce with ease.