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Leazas is a peaceful and prosperous nation, under Queen Lia's rule. However, one day Helman's Third Army crossed the Barao Mountains and invaded. Their overwhelming force soon marched over to the Leazas Castle.

Inside the castle, Lia estimated that Royal Guard lead by Leila should be able to hold on until morning, by when the Leazas armies stationed at the borders would have rushed back to help. However, soon Kanami reported that Royal Guard has been beaten back. Kanami reported of a man of incredible powers, a Demon in fact. Hearing there is a Demon involved, Maris commented that the demons must have come for "Chaos".

Lia ordered Kanami, with her ninja abilities, to escape Leazas with the Leazas Holy Shield, and seek help from "that person", while Lia and Maris stay and defend against the intruders.

Regaining the Armor and Sword[]

Rance ran out of the money he made from the job at Kathtom, and has been selling off his furniture instead of working. After a morning H with Sill, he got a visit from Kanami, who informed him of the situation at Leazas, and wish Rance would go rescue Lia. Rance agrees on the condition that Kanami gives him her virginity, which she reluctantly agreed in order to help Lia.

Kanami gave Rance the Leazas Holy Shield, which is part of a set with the Holy Sword and Holy Armor that was given to Rance in the past. Upon leaving the house, Kanami asked Rance where the sword and the armor were, and found out Rance has sold them for 2000 G.

Kanami explained that the invading force wasn't just the Helman army, but also included Demons. The Demons are after "Chaos", which is hidden under the Leazas Castle. Chaos is protected by a seal, and the Holy Sword, Shield, Armor are the keys to the seal. And therefore they need to get the Sword and Armor back. In order to defeat the Demons, they need Chaos (although Kanami didn't know what Chaos is, precisely).

After going to the weapon house and try talking to the owner there, he requires 2500 G before he would sell the set back to Rance (it's already a discount, since in most RPGs the buy price is double the sell price). With no alternatives, Rance went to the Keth Guild to look for work so he can have money.

Unfortunately, the only job available has been taken by the famous pair of heroes Lark and Noah. Rance insisted that Keth tell him the details of that job, intending to complete it first.

The job involves rescuing Rola Indus, daughter of Jingle Takashi Indas, for an award of 2300 G. She is held in Lis' Cave (リスの洞窟).

Lis' Cave[]

On the third level of Lis' Cave, Rance's party found Lark and Noa having been defeated by the Dark Lord Satella. Apparently, Satella mistakenly assumes Lark is the person who has the Holy Sword and Armor, and ordered her golem Isis to H Noa in order to force Lark to reveal the whereabouts of the sword and armor.

Then Rance came out, but by now Satella just got convinced that Lark actually had nothing to do with the Sword and Armor. Thinking Rance as just a punky moron, she and her golems left the scene looking for the next suspect who might have the sword and armor. Rance's party helped Lark and Noa to the nearby hospital and took a break.

The next day they found out Lark has gone on a training trip, while Noa rests in the hospital. As gratitude of Rance's help, Lark left behind 1000 G, but Rance decided to leave it for Noa's hospitalization fees. At the hospital, Noa gave Rance a key for a door in the cave that she no longer has use for.

After passing through the locked door, we find out that the Lis and Lora are actually in love with each other. After defeating Lis, Rance told the Lis if he really love Lola he'll try hard to become human instead of attempting a love across species.

In the mean time, Patton is sitting in the Leazas Castle, thanking Demon Noce's help with conquering Leazas. Noce checked with his fellow demon, Ithere, that their lady Hornet doesn't know about what they are doing. Noce revealed that once they obtained Chaos, the world will be theirs, then he instructed Ithere to continue gather information with Satella. In the Leazas dungeon, a Helman officer Saya tortures Lia to find out who she gave the Holy Sword and Armor to, but Lia refuses to answer.

Devil Cave[]

The next day, Rance went to Keth for the reward money, then went to the weapon shop to buy back the Sword and Armor, but found out that last night a thief stole them. Returning home, there was a letter for Rance. It turns out the letter was from Lora, who claimed to be the one who stole the Sword and Armor. The post mark of the mail was from the town of Kanra, and thus Rance set on a journey to hunt down Lora.

In Kanra, from talking to the Blue Hanny bartender 加藤清森, Rance found out that Lora was here, but left towards the town of L-Zile, which is currently occupied by Helman troops. When asked about how the war is going, the bartender revealed that Helmecn has taken over all of Leazas, and is moving into the Free Cities. In fact, the town of Kathtom was surrounded. Just then, Priestess Rose appeared and told Rance of how she escaped from Kathtom via the Devil Cave under the Hansen Mountain. Thus Rance decided to try get into Kathtom via that route.

At the gates of Devil Cave, Rance's party encountered the devil he met back from his job in Kathtom. The devil refuses to let them enter the cave. Rance went back to Kanra, and found Rose having H with her underling devil, Da Gale. Roze told Rance he could make the devil guard become his underling if he learns her true name. Then Roze lent Rance her own devil to command the devil guard to give out her true name.

In the Devil Cave, there is a guardian who refuses to let humans use the warp point, because humans are too kind-hearted. Rance has to prove his badness by stepping onto the plate of the Light God. On the next level, the passage is guarded by "Return Daemons" (they are devils, not demons). They will grant Rance passage if they get to H Kanami. However, Kanami cannot withstand 3 in a row, so Rance's party need to get to the exit by only passing through two of the devils. Once Rance got through, they ran into Maria Custard and Shizuka Masou.

In the mean time, in the Leazas Castle, General Patton is getting ready to take over the rest of the Free Cities Alliance, so that he'd be recognized by his father and become the next king, instead of letting his younger sister take the throne. Then he told Noce he'll build a great world for humans and demons, and that he know Noce is seeking a certain thing that'd make Noce rule over the demons. At this time, a soldier reported that the town of Kathtom still has not fallen, but since the last assault they have completely surrounded it. In the dungeon of Leazas, Saya tortures Maris to find out who the Holy Sword and Armor were given to.

Liberation of L-Zile[]

The next day Maria leads the battle strategy meeting. According to Maria, there are 6000 troops surrounding Kathtom, consisting of 2000 Helman troops and 4000 brainwashed Leazas troops. In addition there seems to be a few monster tamers with their monster troops. On the other hand, the Kathtom defense force has approximately 200 fighters lead by Maria, Milli, and Ran; while Shizuka leads the magic units; additionally Maria has a Chyurippu cannon unit; which adds up to 250 people total. However, over the past 4 battles, much of the defenses have been broken, and Ran has been wounded, and now there are less than 100 people capable of fighting.

If there's one more direct confrontation, there is no way they would hold. Rance asked where the enemy's command center is, which is L-Zile, the town north of Kathtom. However there's no way to approach it. Rance claims he has a plan, but in exchange if the plan works he wants to H Maria, Milli, and Shizuka.

The next day Rance reveals his bold plan: He and Sill would disguise as Helman soldiers who have captured Maria, the commander of Kathtom's defense. They would bring her to the Helman commander, and then they could beat the enemy commander directly.

When the Helman commander, Henderson, saw that Maria was captured, he sent one of his soldier, Supuruansu to order the Leazas soldiers brainwashed by Nurse to get ready to attack Kathtom. Hearing that, Rance and Sill sought for Noce to remove the brainwashing.

In order to find the password to enter Henderson's room, Rance ordered Sill to lure individual Helman soldiers into a warehouse so they can ask the soldiers. The first soldier revealed that Nurse is in the underground caverns, while the second soldier knew nothing. Sill was taking a long time to bring back a third soldier, so Rance went to H a maid he saw earlier, who turned out to be daughter of the ruler of L-Zile. Rance promised her he'll get rid of the Helman soldiers.

After getting back to the warehouse and taking out the third soldier, they finally got the password, and went and rescued a drugged Maria. Maria told them Henderson has something hidden on his desk, which turned out to be a passcode for a locked door leading to the underground cavern. There Rance found Nurse, who was focusing on maintaining the brainwashing, and "distracted" her.

Hirara Alloy[]

The Leazas army, being freed of the brainwashing, managed to quickly defeat the Helman army guarding L-Zile. However, that night neither Milli nor Shizuka went to Rance's bed. The next day at the battle meeting, Maria reviewed the current situation: Helman Third Army has about 10000 troops, plus they still have 10000 brainwashed Leazas troops and 20000 monster troops. On the other hand, the Leazas Liberation Force consists of the 100 troops from the Kathtom defense force plus 10000 troops of the Leazas First Army, recently freed of brainwashing. Despite the great difference in numbers, Maria has another card up her sleeve -- Tulip #3.

Anyways, Rance was mad that none of the girls went to him last night, so he refused to take part in the Leazas liberation forces. Instead, he'd just go and rescue Lia from the castle directly. Rance found Lora in the local bar, but no matter what Lora refuse to reveal where she hid the sword and armor. Giving up for the time being, Rance tried head in the direction of the town Red to get to Leazas, but was stopped by a great force of Helman soldiers. Rance than tried going around, but at the bar in Kanra, Rance heard from the bartender that the Leazas Liberation Force just had a defeat facing the Helman army. Worried, Rance heads back to Ra Zile, and found Maria in the factory.

Maria said they could've won, if only she could complete Tulip #3, a tank. In order to complete Tulip #3, she needs Hirara Alloy, which can be mined from the Rekka Mines. However, recently there are reports of monsters appearing in the mines. Maria has sent Milli to investigate and to bring back some Hirara Alloy, but Milli hasn't returned. Maria begged Rance to help, and Rance put forth 2 conditions: 1. make him the supreme commander of the Leazas Liberation Force, and 2. have Shizuka H with him. Maria agreed to the first condition, and said will talk to Shizuka about number 2. Shizuka met Rance outside the factory, agreeing to his second condition. Additionally, she's tagging along too, because the Hirara Alloy is so important to their victory she cannot risk any chance of failure.

Inside the mines Rance found a few Leazas soldiers by a trolly. They were ordered by Milli to stand guard there. Taking the other trolly across, Rance found Milli and Karna. Milli explained that the Chasoba monsters just keep popping out faster than she along could kill. Rance also found out Milli has already "eaten" Karna. He begged Milli to let himi H Karna, and finally Milli agreed on the condition that they acquire the Hirara Alloy first. After defeating the Chasoba Queen, which is the source of all the Chasoba spawns, Milli gave Rance an "energy drink", which caused Rance to pass out. When he woke up, he was all tied up and Milli used Rance to give a sexual education class to Karna.

Liberation of Red[]

Once Maria received the Hirara Alloy, she quickly finished building Tulip #3. The next day the Leazas Liberation Force, under Rance's command, easily defeated the Helman forces at Red. With just a few remnant enemies hiding in the city, Rance decided not to march the entire army in, but rather have the army make sure nobody escapes while his small party clears it out. The enemy command center was cut off by a trench that he couldn't cross, but after defeating all the enemies outside, Leazas soldiers reported that the church was under attack. Rance went and rescued the Priestess Sel, who informed them of an underground passage connecting the church and the command center, which is where the enemies came from. Rance's party entered the command center via the passage, and encountered the commander Furecchya along with the Dark Lord Ithere. After killing Fletcher, Ithere left a brainwashed Leila to stall for time while he get away (he didn't want to fight right after the fat and ugly Furecchya died).

Juice of the Unicorn[]

After freeing the town of Red, about 2000 soldiers from the Leazas Second Army and 80 from the Royal Guard have been freed of mind control. However, Leila has fallen into a hypnotized state, calling Ithere's name while masturbating. Maria found out that there was a unicorn sighted by the Lost Forest, and the unicorn's love juice can remove any type of hypnotism. Rance decides to make a trip to the Lost Forest before the Liberation Army pushes onward.

The Lost Forest is east of L-Zile. After wandering in it a bit, a young girl with strange accent appeared along with a few strange creatures, and declared that this forest belongs to the Rapu, and that the humans should leave, or be killed. After the second warning, the monsters of the forest began attacking Rance's party, and the girl, Su, would teleport Rance to different locations in the forest to confuse him.

Eventually, Su made a mistake, and teleported Rance next to her village. Then the Rapu elder appeared, and asked Rance why the humans insist on attacking the Rapu. Then Sill explained they weren't here for the Rapu, they were just looking for the unicorn when Su just decided to attack them. Once the misunderstanding was cleared up, the elder apologized. Sill asked about why Su, a human, lives among the Rapu. The elder explained that Su was an abandoned baby in the forest, so he raised her. But Su was a human afterall, so the elder asked Rance to teach Su about human culture, so Su could adjust when she returns among her people. Naturally, Rance has a certain interpretation of "culture"...

Afterwards, the elder told Rance the unicorn can be found by a lake, through a passage hidden by the mirage of his house. Rance found the unicorn (in the form of a blue-haired girl) playing with fish by the lake. However, Sill warned that unicorns would disappear if she's touched by a man. In fact, unicorns would only allow virgins to approach them. Rance quickly counted all the girls he could think of: Kanami, Shizuka, Maria, Mili, Su, Lora... and of course, thanks to a certain somebody, none of the girls are virgins. Rance decided to head back to town to look for virgins.

While passing by the church in Red, Rance suddenly realized that Priestess Sel must be a virgin! Sel quickly agreed to help, and joined Rance's party, on the condition that she will not hurt anyone, even enemies. With her help, the unicorn was easily captured, her juice brought back to the Leazas Liberation Force HQ, and freed Leila of the hypnotism. Afterwards, Sel expressed interest in staying with Rance's party, in the hopes that she would be able to direct Rance onto the path of Good (although Kanami and Shizuka thinks there's no way Rance would be able to turn into a better person).

Maria analyzed the current situation with the war. Helman is beginning to gather up its forces together against the Leazas Liberation Force. Once it's all together, it'd have around 20000~30000 troops. And thus the Liberation Force should act first and defeat the Helman troops while they are still dispersed. Additionally, because the Helman forces are gathering together, it weakens their hold throughout Leazas, and various guerilla resistence groups are able to make progress. The next town, The O, only has 2000 Helman soldiers stationed there, and the Liberation Force should be able to easily win it. They prepared to march the next day.

Rescuing Sill[]

That evening, Satella and her two golems infiltrated the Leazas Liberation Force command center. Satella finally found out Rance was the one in possession of the Leazas Holy Sword, Shield, and Armor. Barres, Leila, Kanami, Milli, Shizuka, Maria, and Sill were all easily defeated. Even Rance couldn't harm them a bit. Satella took the Shield from Rance, and seeing Rance wouldn't tell her where the Sword and Armor were, she captured Sill, and told Rance to bring the Sword and Armor to the Hyper Building to get Sill back.

The next day, thanks to Sel's healing, the wounded were able to recover from the attack. Rance blamed the defeat on him being still sleepy, and wanted to go to Hyper Building directly and defeat the demons to get Sill back. He also decided the attack on The O will have to wait until he took care of the Hyper Building.

Inside Hyper Building, Satella taunts Rance's party, and tell them to make their way to the 53rd floor with the Sword and Armor. On the 53rd floor, without the Sword and the Armor, the two golems refuse to let Rance's party get into the special elevator behind them. As Rance's party try to climb their way up, they randomly ran into Lis who has turned into a human! Lis thanked Rance for his encouragement. Rance brought Lis back to Lora, who is also now happy, and gave Rance the Sword and Armor back.

Back inside the Hyper Building, Kanami asked if Rance is really going to trade the Armor and Sword for Sill. Rance said no, he's gonna defeat Satella and keep the Sword, Armor, and Sill all to himself. Thus he tries to climb the stairs to the top of the building instead of handing the Sword and Armor to Satella's guardians.

On the 55th floor Rance found out there is a giant computer system controlling the Hyper Building, and it's been waiting for hundred of years for its debuggers. After finding out the stairs are broken after the 56th floor, Rance negotiated with the computer system. In exchange of getting rid of the bugs for the building, the computer system will open up an elevator that will take Rance straight up to the 200th floor, right below the top floor.

On the 201st floor, Sel set up a sealing field inside one of the rooms, and instructed Rance to lure Satella into the middle of the room. As Satella was about to be sealed, her golem Isis rushed in, bumped Satella out of the field, and is in turn destroyed. Ceaser then took hold of Satella and retreated. Thus, Sill has been rescued and the Leazas Holy Shield regained.

The Battle of The O[]

(see 7th Helman-Leazas War for the time being)

Shizuka, who got cut off from Rance's party during the battle, was saved by the demon Ithere. Ithere wanted Shizuka to stay out of the battle, but did not otherwise restrict her freedom. He told her hopefully she would remain in the hut until his return, and he has something to say to her when he's back. Shizuka wondered if Ithere was actually thinking of proposing to her. A few days later, Shizuka made her way back to The O, and joined up with Rance again.


After The O, Oc also fell quickly. The remaining Helman forces scattered to the towns of North and South. Toma went to North with a few hundred troops, whereas a few dozen soldiers went to South, including Minerva. Rance decided to split his forces, him leading the group against North, and sent Barres and Leila to South.

Urged by his subordinates, Toma retreated against Rance's force of superior numbers, and went into the Leazas Castle. On the other hand, the forces attacking South were defeated by Minerva. When Rance went to South, Minerva used a Leazas soldier as hostage, and challenged Rance to a one-on-one battle. Rance defeated Minerva and recaptured South.

Rance's Liberation force tried assulting Leazas Castle from North, but failed as the castle defense was too strong with defensive siege weaponry. Then Rance tried attacking from South, but it was well defended by monsters. Finally Rance came up with the "Trojan Golden Hanny" idea, pretending to surrender while having a task force hiding inside the shell of a Golden Hanny. The Helman soldiers gladly accepted the gift of the Golden Hanny, and took it inside the castle. Then late at night the task force inside the Golden Hanny came out, and opened the gate for the main army of the Liberation Force to enter, while Rance went and rescued Lia and Maris.

When Patton learned the Leazas Liberation Force has entered the castle, he ordered Noce to defeat them. However, Noce revealed that he actually had a different agenda, and wasn't interested in helping. Outraged, Patton tried to use a field to seal up Noce, but Noce was too strong and easily break the seal. After trying to fight Noce for a bit, Patton and Hanty escaped via a dimensional gate.

Using the three Holy Equipment, Lia led Rance to the chamber where the Demon Sword Chaos, the only weapon that can harm a demon, was kept. Upon pulling up the sword, Noce appeared, and thanked Rance for breaking the seal on Gele, the Demon King from a thousand years ago. However, Gele is still weak from being sealed for a long time, and currently has less than 1/1000 of her original strength. After Noce broke the blade of Chaos, the two Dark Lords quickly left the scene, leaving Rance's party alive as a gesture of appreciation for breaking the seal.

After the demons left, Chaos started talking, surprising everyone. Chaos says he could be repaired, as long as he can get H energy from a girl. He finds Maris too old, Lia too slutty, didn't want Kanami because he's not interested in Orientals. He's interested in Sill but Rance wouldn't let Chaos have her. Asking Chaos' preference reveals his favorite is young non-Oriental virgin priestess, so Rance asked Sel to help repairing Chaos.

After Chaos is repaired, Rance fought and defeated Toma, who was guarding the main building of the Castle. By using a nude Shizuka as distraction, Rance managed to gain a surprise advantage against Ithere and killed him.

Rick and Leila used a giant spike with high quality Hirara Alloy to pierce Shiza, opening up the way for Rance to fight Satella. After defeating Satella, Rance H-ed her and found she has an extremely sensitive body. Afterwards Rance let her escape.

Noce was hiding behind a narrow passage, and managed to took out Rance's party one by one via fireballs as they crossed the passage. But then, Barres, Maria, Rick & Leila, and Milli & Mill, they all lead troops to attack Noce, to buy time for Rance's party to recover and defeat Noce.

Finally, Rance's party faced Gele, the Demon King. Gele casually disposed of each of Rance's party members with one hit, but in the end Rance managed to defeat her fighting one on one. After being defeated, Gele claimed to give up, but she wished, as a female, to H before being sealed away for good this time. Rance happily complied despite everyone else's worries and objections. After H, Gele said she'd rather die than be sealed again, and opened a rift to the dimension of utter darkness, where she would never be able to get out, but at least she's taking Rance with her.

Sill sensed something isn't right, rushed into the bedroom, and tried to pull Rance back to this dimension. But in the end she fell in with Rance instead. Just when Rance and Sill thought they are trapped forever in the dimension of utter darkness, GOD appeared. GOD was very angry at Rance for stepping on his plate back in the Devil's Cave, and kicked both Rance and Sill to somewhere very very far away (but lucky for Rance, that got him out of the utter darkness).