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  • Starting Items
    • Longsword - Atk 5, uses 10 ST
    • Platemail - Def 5
    • Holy Shield
  • Upgrades
    • Longsword 2 - Atk 9, Uses 12 ST
    • Lightning Sword - Atk 15, Uses 15 ST
    • Katana - Atk 22, Uses 8 ST
    • Buster Sword - Atk 40, Uses 40 ST
    • Muramasa - Atk 30, Uses 8 ST
    • Holy Sword - Atk 50, Uses 10 ST
    • Chaos - Atk 200, Uses 20 ST
    • Platemail 2 - Def 8
    • Crimson Armor - Def 10
    • Officer's Armor - Def 15
    • Steel Armor - Def 22


  • Starting items
    • Haies Staff - Magic 5
    • Special Clothes - Def 10
  • Upgrades
    • Sylph Staff - Magic 10
    • Gaia Staff - Magic 20
    • Crystal Staff - Magic 50 (Chest drop from Magicians on second floor of the Central Tower)


  • Starting items
    • Shortsword - Attack 3, uses 5 ST
    • Ninja Clothes - Defense 5
  • Upgrades
    • Ninja Sword - Attack 10, uses 5 ST
    • Kotetsu - Attack 20, uses 5 ST
    • Wind Ninja Sword - Attack 42, uses 10 ST
    • Wind Ninja Clothes - Defense 25


  • Starting items
    • Katana - Attack 22, uses 15 ST
    • Officer's armor - Defense 15


  • Starting Items
    • Haies Staff - Magic 5
    • Mage Clothes - Defense 7
  • Upgrades:
    • Sylph Staff - Magic 10
    • Gaia Staff - Magic 20
    • Crystal Staff - Magic 50 (Chest drop from Magicians on second floor of the Central Tower)


  • Starting Items
    • Haies Staff - Magic 5
    • Priestess clothes - Defense 7
  • Upgrades
    • Crystal Staff - Magic 50 (Chest drop from Magicians on second floor of the Central Tower)


  • Starting Items
    • Short Sword - Attack 5, uses 5 ST
    • Priestess clothes - Defense 7
  • Upgrades
    • Officer's armor - Defense 15
    • Steel armor - Defense 22
    • Buster Sword - Attack 48, uses 40 ST
    • Muramasa - Attack 30, uses 8 ST


  • Starting Items
    • Short sword - 5 Attack, uses 5 ST
    • Classy dress - 7 Defense
  • Upgrades
    • Queen's whip - 100 Attack, uses 5 ST

Rarerare Stones[]

According to the game translator there is a total of 11 stones to be found.

Stone name Location Notes
Ecstatic Highschool Girl Lis Cave First Floor
Curious Gal Devil's Passage Past endless bridge, unlock with egg from second floor
Examining Room of Carnal Desires Devil's Passage Past endless bridge, unlock with egg from second floor
L0ve Juice L-Zile Mansion In locked room, get key from maid after defeating Henderson
Bullied Girl Limestone Cave
A Dangerous Chase Rekka Mines It's in one of the Chasoba eggs next to the queen.
One Day… Hyperbuilding Floor 4
Defeat the Disciplinary Committee Member Hyperbuilding

Floor 20

Poolside Angel Western Tower Floor 3
It's Fine if It's Behind Leazas Castle Floor 5, Pushing the button closest to stairs unlocks chest
Onee-Sama, That's XX Leazas Castle Floor 6

Gal monster CGs[]

Not technically items, but still a collectible. According to game translator there is a total of 17 CGs to gather.

To capture a CG use "Assault" command on Rance during battle. Note, that the lower your enemy's health is, the higher the chance is that the "Assault" command will work. Early enemies usually require slightly less than 10 hp, hyperbuilding 20 hp or less,  to capture reasonably. Late enemies, slightly less than 100, (only Leazas Castle and towers).

Alternatively CGs may be obtained by using Gal Curse usable item, which is obtained for 10,000 in L-Zile.

Monster Location
KyanKyan Lis Cave
Pastel Lis Cave
Lycanthrope Devil's Passage, World Map
Were Village Girl(**) Devil's Passage
Lantern Limestone Cave
Bee Girl Forest of Lost


Forest of Lost

Were Princess(**) Forest of Lost - morphs from Lycanthrope
Goldfish Tamer Hyperbuilding
Were Policewoman(**) Hyperbuilding - morphs from Lycanthrope
Were Nurse(**) Hyperbuilding - morphs from Lycanthrope
Three Sisters (*) Battle for The O
Conte East and West Towers
Magician Leazas Castle, First floor NPC, Second Floor Random Encounter
Dullapi Leazas Castle, Third Floor
Frozen Leazas Castle, Fourth Floor

Leazas Castle, Sixth Floor

(*) You must capture this CG during one of the three consequent encounters throughout Battle of The-0. It is easy to miss, as other boss monsters may not be captured. Capturing one of the three sisters is enough. Also note, that there is a bug during this encounter, at least in English version, that allows you to assault Helman soldiers, resulting in some graphic issues.

(**) Only when grouped with certain kind of monsters, if the lycanthrope does't morph within several turns or it fails it won't morph to anything.

Mirror Fragments[]

Evil Witch Atlanta locked innocent girls in mirrors. Mirror Fragments drop from chests found after battles in certain zones. Four pieces from one zone are required to release the girl. Pieces for a given mirror drop only within given zone so in all discovered cases you need to complete it before advancing with the story, as there are no means to find more pieces after certain point. In most cases even if you fight all the encounters as you play it will not be enough to complete the CG and additional farming will be required.

Upon completion there is a short dialog with released girl. The full CG does not appear in memories, but may be revisited by using the [Mirror Fragment] item.

Zone Must be found before... Notes
Rekka Mine  killing Chasoba queen. Save game to respawn all Chasobas. The author had good results farming first pack in the narrow corridor leading to queen room.
Leazas castle Pieces may drop in various zones of Leazas castle. Earlies has been found in the courtyard (both from Oz and Cyclonite), latest dropped  from monsters encountered on caslte level 3.

Other CGs you might miss[]

Most of character CGs are obtained naturally throughout plot progress. There are however some, that require special conditions to unlock.

Character How to unlock
Nor and her nurse Visit hospital in Ice after Battle of The O.
Cetina (Waitress in Kanra) Obtain [Graphicer Medal] in Alicesoft HQ in North, then talk to her.
Corin (Item shop girl in Ice) Obtain believer card in Haniwa Temple (see Walkthrough) and talk to her.
Lia Go to inn in Leazas castle and choose to sleep with Kanami.
Lia & Rance [Lia's Treasure Key] drops randomly from monsters in Leazas castle floor 6. Use to unlock treasure room on the same floor.
Willis New CG unlocks every 10 levels, until level 40. Past level 51 whenever you call her you can H her for a final CG. If you do, you will drop 5 levels, but she won't stop responding to your summons.




Useful for a lot of things

Return Wood

Allows you to escape a dungeon

V3 Bomb

Deals enemy 3 damage

V5 Bomb

​​Deals enemy 5 damage

Gal Curse

Captures gal monster

Ball of destruction

Deals enemy up to 200 damage

Unicorn Nectar

Needed to save Leila-san

Hirara Alloy

Needed for Maria's tank


Found in the Devil's cave

Portable MVR

Plays Rarerare stones

Ring of Happiness (*)

Multiplies exp and money by 10

Devil's Passport

Summons Feliss automatically

Source of the Fountain Godess

Summons Fountain Goddess

Green Harmonica

Picked up in the Haniwa Temple

Blue Harmonica

Picked up in the Haniwa Temple

Two-pronged Harmonica

Picked up in the Haniwa Temple

Dirty Harmonica

Picked up in the Haniwa Temple

Believer Card

Proof of belief in the Haniwa Faith

Source of Experience

Raises experience

Level Dew

Raises level

Mirror Fragment #1 (**)

A woman is trapped inside

Mirror Fragment #2 (**)

A woman is trapped inside


Restores 10 health

Seirogan 2

Restores 30 health

Seirogan 3

Restores 100 health

Energy drink

Fully restores health

Super Steel Drink

Health drink (Fully restores health)


Special medicine for Milli

Lis' key

Key for use in Lis' Cave from Nor-san

Pink key

Received from maid in L-Zile

Limestone key

Picked up in limestone cave in L-Zile

Prison key

Key to Leazas' dungeon

Lia's treasure key

Key to Lia's secret room

(*) I have never actually seen this in game, but it's on the game files

(**) Need 4 of them. See "Mirror Fragments" section for more info