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Main CharactersEdit

Rance (ランス)Edit


Rance is both the main protagonist and the only playable character for this game. Even though he is not exceptionally smart, it is implied that he is actually a very capable warrior, though perverted.

In the prologue, Rance was assigned with a mission to find and protect the second daughter of Bran Family, Hikari, who was kidnapped 3 weeks prior to the story. Enticed by the huge reward upon completing the mission, Rance then proceeded to investigate the case and solve the mystery behind Hikari's disappearance.

Sill (シィル・プライン)Edit


Sill is Rance's slave. She was once kidnapped by bandits and then sold to Rance, back when the latter was still 18 years old, from an amoral warlock. Ever since then, she's been travelling with Rance, now her master, as a partner in battlefield and in bed.

In order to find more information and clues regarding Hikari's kidnapping, Rance made Sill attend and investigate girls-only Paris College. Being a magic user and relatively smart herself, Sill passed the entrance exams with ease.

Characters Involved in the Main PlotEdit

Hikari (ヒカリ・ミ・ブラン)Edit


Hikari is the second daughter of the Bran family. She is a student of Paris College and is said to be very diligent and respected by the director. Not much is known about her case aside from the facts that the witnesses saw two female ninjas kidnapping her and that she is not the only victim for the recent years.

Lavender (ラベンダー)Edit


Lavender is one of the previous victims of the unknown kidnappers. It is already too late for her though and Rance only got to interact with her ghost. Throughout the middle-to-last portion of the game, Rance helped her to become free of the lingering attachment and pass on. Before she disappeared, she revealed the identity of the mastermind behind the girls' disappearing to Rance.

Lia Parapara Leazas (リア・パラパラ・リーザス)Edit


Lia is the princess of Leazas. She is known to be very intelligent and capable of handling politics, which grants her the admiration and trust from her people. Upon hearing about Rance and his positive reputation, she decided to ask him personally to find her ring. According to her, the ring was stolen by an evil being that hid in the Haunted Mansion, also known as Hien's Residence. In exchange for it, she promised that she would give him some information about Hikari.

Maris Amaryllis (マリス・アマリリス)Edit


Maris is the head maid who serves Lia. Wise and cunning. She is very devoted, so much that she does pretty much everything the Princess wants her to. Although Maris is technically a servant, she has enough power and right to participate in politic, army managements, and every planning of events on national level. It's widely known that aside from being a maid, Maris is also the chief adviser of Lia.

Maris is the one who contacted Rance and then brought him to Lia.

Kentou Kanami (見当かなみ)Edit


Kanami is a kunoichi who came to Leazas from JAPAN. She is working directly under Princess Lia, but also receives orders from Maris sometime.


Keith (キース・ゴールド)Edit


Keith is the founder and leader of the Keith Guild, the guild that Rance works with. He is the one who sent Rance on his mission to find Hikari. Rance doesn't really like Keith, but the fact that Keith is the only one who can give him job and money to live is something that Rance cannot just shrug off. Not to count that Keith acts somewhat like a father-figure to Rance.

Willis (ウィリス)Edit


Willis is the Leveling-up Girl, who can increase Rance's level if he has enough experience points. She lives in her own building called "Level Room" in the city. In the game, she doesn't have a name and is mainly referred as only "girl". However, she appears in Rance 2 as Level Goddess and is given a name, ”Willis”.

Horikawa Nami (堀川奈美)Edit


Nami is the owner of "Ice Cream" Inn, where Rance stays the nights throughout his quest. She is an immigrant who moved to Leazas from JAPAN. Behind her innocent and polite demeanor, Nami actually knows martial arts and she will not hesitate to use it against perverts who attempt to assault her.

Patty (パティ)Edit


Patty works at the item store, "Chan". However, she is not the owner. She is a rather childish girl who seems to be happy every single day. Even though she looks immature and has the tendency to act like a kid, she is aware of the existence of lewd things.

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