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Rance Castle

Rance's personal castle built in the Free Cities Zone. It was made with Copandon's help. It has one hundred rooms, with ten living rooms for meals and daily activities and has spaciousness for a maximum of 256 people. The castle has a group of knights guarding it and a crew of 15 maids to keep it in top condition. As time goes by, the Rance Castle keeps gaining more residents. Some of them chose to live with Rance, others are being protected by him or some simply work for him.


  • Rooftop: Kanami sleeps in the roof to guard the castle.
  • 6th Floor: Rance's room and where most of the individual rooms are. His treasures and shell collection is being kept here.
  • 5th Floor: Established embassy for Leazas, Zeth and JAPAN was set here.
  • 4th Floor: Branch of the Copa Empire is set here.
  • 2nd Floor: Guest Rooms. There's also a gymnasium and a celebration room.
  • 1st Floor: Entrance. Maria has a laboratory here as well.
  • 1st Sub. Floor: Meeting rooms with the AL Church.
  • 2nd Sub. Floor: Painting warehouse and a fun dungeon. Feliss and Dark Rance are hidden here.
  • Others: Peeping room to spy women's dressing room. There's also a spa, a library, an interrogation chamber and a few more specific rooms.

People of Rance Castle[]