Finishing strike! Raaance Attack!!!

—Rance, when using the Rance Attack.



Rance using the Rance Attack in Sengoku Rance.

The Rance Attack is the signature and exclusive move of Rance, also invented by him.

The move is usually employed by pounding his weapon into the ground and releasing a shockwave that deals devastating damage to anyone at the receiving end of it, often killing them instantly. More powerful versions of it can annihilate multiple targets at once. While the naming isn't very creative, it most certainly gets jobs done and has been one of Rance's most useful attacks throughout all Rance games. 

It covers a pretty wide range as well, but it's most notable quality is its sheer power, since Rance relies a lot on it to defeat his enemies. He has stated that he has no idea how it works, just that it does. He usually uses it when he wants to end the battle, sometimes even using it as his first swing when he doesn't feel like fighting so he doesn't delay the battle. 

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