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Comsumable items[]


  • Effect: Completely restores a character's HP (doesn't work on Gal Monsters)
  • Ingame description: Restore body strength when eaten, a produce of Hapiness medicine brand.

Chest Key

  • Effect: Open any treasure chest immediately without random spin.
  • Ingame description: A consumable item that's able to open many kind of treasure chests.

Capture Rope

  • Ingame description: An absolute necessary in capturing Gal Monsters.


  • Effect: Gain 100 Exp points.
  • Ingame description: It's such an experience to eat this.

Super EXP Orb

  • Effect: Gain a lots of Exp points.
  • Ingame description: It's quite an experience to eat this.

Rance's Libido

  • Effect: Enable you to H a character (Gal Monsters excluded). Note: Even if you save up more than 1 item, you will lost all of the item by one use so it's better to use it as soon as it appear in the inventory.
  • Ingame description: It's THAT things saved up, should release it soon.


  • Effect: Save the remained time.
  • Ingame description: Save the remained time.

TR Panel

  • Effect: In the next move you will land in a yellow orb(Treasure)
  • Ingame description: The next will be a Treasure Chest. A tile that decides the future.

Party member items[]


  • I'm taking a break. Battling is a chore so I hate it.

Sill Plain

  • Rance's slave, a magic user

Athena 2.0

  • Rance's pet, Artificial human


  • Rance's devil subordinate, was quite weakened.

Rizna Lanfbit

  • A girl wearing Japanese clothing, strong resistance again magic attacks.

Copandon Dott

  • Bird's ex-girlfriend, attack using fortune-telling.

Gal-monster items[]

Can Can

  • Symbol of peace, plays around all day.

Candy Girl

  • She love to make candies. She also love to eat them obviously.


  • The girl who reside at old houses, friend of fox and raccoon dog.


  • A girl with a low body heat, very profficient with Ice magic.

Black Nurse

  • A nurse whose number of patients killed is more than the number of patients saved


  • Uses light to call out to males.


  • She will protect her chastity by herself, a model of Japanese woman.

Pop-eyed Goldfish Tamer

  • A dangerous girl that use goldfish bazooka.


  • Her clothes get torn by the eletric bolt so she's always naked, so embarrassing.


  • She can use any kind of magic, but she can't remember all of it.


  • She gives an incredibly large amount of experience points but is always running away.



  • She use at least 5 hours everyday to maintain her hair.


  • Since she was born, she didn't have a body. A ghost-like girl.


  • A girl who bring about death, loves killing.


  • Wields a bow and arrow. Very strong.

Lucky Can Can

  • Super happy, omega happy.



  • Rance's weapon, just hit it with all your strength.

Short Sword

  • Rance's weapon, a small sword.

Long Sword

  • Rance's weapon, standard size sword.

Japanese Sword

  • Rance's weapon, very sharp and hight quality sword.

Bastard Sword

  • Rance's weapon, heavy and hard to use but a very strong sword.

Adventuring Clothes

  • Rance's Armor, easy to move in armor for men.

Light Armor

  • Rance's Armor, an armor with some part reinforced.


  • Rance's Armor, Rance's favorite armor.

Cypress Staff

  • Sill's weapon, dwelling with magic power.

Magician Staff

  • Sill's weapon, dwelling with magic power.


  • Sill's robe,Highly exploxure because of Rance's preference.

Magician Robe

  • Sill's robe, Highly exploxure because of Rance's preference.

Short Bow

Western Clothing

  • Athena's armor.

Devil Scythe

  • Feliss's Weapon.

Devil Suit

  • Feliss's clothes.


  • Rizna's weapon, Japanese woman's wedding tool.

Japanese Fighting Gear

  • Rizna's cloth, A Japanese clothing that are easy to move despite its look.

Customized Fortune Telling Tool

  • Copandon's weapon.

Taranbi suit

  • Copandon's clothes.

Event items[]

Cross key

  • Use in: Chapter 2 - Scene 4
  • A key found on the corpse near the spring (Maybe important)


  • Use in: Chapter 1 - Scene 5
  • A big sized fan, it smells like plum

Arson set

  • Use in: Chapter 2 - Scene 0 (Preparation phase)
  • It's written in the manual: "Use without being seen"


  • Use in: Chapter 2 - Scene 1
  • Arch-enemy of alcohol, work great again drunk.


  • A bouquet consist of 3 rose, 4 Chrysanthemum, 3 dandelion, 3 strange flower.

Waka's Drawing

  • Use in: Chapter 2
  • The drawing of Waka-chan the Crane drawn, not an erotic drawing but it is a living drawing.

通行手形 (Passage permit note)

  • Can go in and out of Genbu's castle freely, received from Waka

Water well key

  • The key to unlock the lid of the water well.

Pink hood

  • The hood to protect Sill's head, no need to equip.

Green hood

  • The hood to protect Rance's head, no need to equip.

Power brine

  • Best drink to rehydrate a thirsty man.

Peach mud super

  • Not a very popular juice, peach flavor.

Automatic battle items[]

Happy Sheep

  • Increase party's exp a little bit at the end of battles.

Horned Owl

  • Increase all party member's attack a little bit.

Personal Nurse

  • Restore all party member's HP a little bit each turn.

One-eyed Bug

  • Increase the chance of number 1 on the dice appear.

Two-eyed Bug

  • Increase the chance of number 2 on the dice appear.

Three-eyed Bug

  • Increase the chance of number 3 on the dice appear.

Four-eyed Bug

  • Increase the chance of number 4 on the dice appear.

Five-eyed Bug

  • Increase the chance of number 5 on the dice appear.

Six-eyed Bug

  • Increase the chance of number 6 on the dice appear.

Anti-trap items[]

大人理性 (Adult's thinking)

  • Work again the trap "Attractive garbage"(魅力的なガラクタ), I'm an adult so everything is OK.

中和液 (Neutralize fluid)

  • Work again the trap "Sticky"(ねばねば), it was neutralized so everything is OK.

水栓 (Water tap)

  • Work again the trap "Flood"(鉄砲水), the flood was blocked up so everything is OK.

ダウジング針がね (Dowsing sticks)

  • Work again the trap "Pitfall"(落とし穴), if we know where this is, everything is OK.

安全メット (Safety helmet)

  • Work again the trap "Falling rock"(落石), if it's just some rock then it's OK.

水鉄砲 (Water gun)

  • Work again the trap "Bomb"(爆弾), if we put out the fuse, everything is OK.

はずれダルマ (Evading daruma)

  • Work again the trap "Arrows"(矢撃落), if it miss us, everything is OK

ガスマスク (Gas mask)

  • Work again the trap "Sleeping gas"(眠りガス), if we don't inhale it, everything is OK

スーパー三半規管 (Super semicircular canals)

  • Work again the trap "Spinning tile"(回転床), it's super, so everything is OK.

Other items[]

EV Panel

  • Next time the roulette is sure to fall on "Event" orb, a tile that can decide the future.

TR Panel

  • Next time the roulette is sure to fall on "Treasure chest" orb, a tile that can decide the future.

Gold Lumps

  • Lumps of gold, a valuable item, can be given to increase affection in one case, or give 100 score points in endgame.

Chest Lens

  • Maybe it can find hidden treasures? (Use it on background to detect treasure chests).

Monster Lens

  • Maybe it can find hidden monsters.

Data Lens

  • Help you to know lots of information. It's really wonderful.


  • Made in Helman, rough but sturdy.

Time Bag

  • When used, the time limit is extended a little.

Search Engine

  • Raise all member's searching ability, a very useful machine.