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This page details cut content discovered in Rance 5D: The Lonely Girl.

Debug Modes[]

Rance 5D appears to have once had numerous debug modes, but what remains has been gutted and much of it no longer works with the final product.

Debug Menu[]

A Debug Menu exists in the code for the game's main loop, just after the code for the main menu. It has the following options.

  • miniTKG: Selecting this opens blank new menu with no options, softlocking the game. Whatever was once here has been removed.
  • Shade: Opens Shade's debug menu, with options (untranslated) as follows.
    • レベルアップ (Level Up): Gives the three active party members 20480 EXP in both of their jobs. This is more EXP than the game can possibly display! Obviously a game must be in progress for this to be of much use, which makes the debug menu's location in data - as though part of the main menu - strange.
    • エンディング (Ending): Displays the CG of the party arguing at the end of the game, with the word "エンディング" displayed in the text box. The end credits then begin to play, after which the game returns to Shade's debug menu.
    • むーびー (Mu-bi- / Movie): Shows the animation depicting the destruction of Planet Kurupiston.
    • CG: Instant access to the CG menu made available after clearing the game. The only way out of this screen is to return to the main menu as normal.
    • 音楽 (Music): Instant access to the sound test menu made available after clearing the game. The only way out of this screen is to return to the main menu as normal.
    • ルーレット (Roulette): Display the roulette, which has nothing but blue pockets. After completing a spin and selecting your choice of results if applicable, the Roulette simply resets for a new spin. Time is not deducted for spins and there is no way to leave. The music plays unusually, restarting after a few seconds.
    • 終了(End): Return to the main debug menu.
  • Combat test: A level 1 Rance will battle a Squidman, the first battle in the game. The background music does not change. Win or lose, you will be returned to the main menu. Each time you return to the Combat test option, it will advance to the next battle in the game's data. Rance's HP remains constant between battles, remaining permanently at 0 HP after he loses, so later combat tests tend to be brief. (Needs testing: what happens if this is used during a game in progress?)

Combat Debug[]

Combat programmer Moomin prepared a number of debug outputs that would only show if the variable MOO_DEBUG was set to a non-zero value at startup. These would output various combat variables to the screen depending on the situation. Unfortunately, the messages no longer display, despite explicit calls for the creation of an on-screen text box. It is likely this output code was damaged at some point during development after it was no longer needed.

The debug messages were as follows:

  • Whenever a character performs an action, their character ID and the action's ID would be displayed.
  • Whena character performs an attack, relevant stats for attacker and defender would be displayed (which statistics are unclear).
  • During the accuracy check, the defender's ID, the attack's accuracy and accuracy rate, and the success of the attack would be displayed (the latter as either "o" or "x").
  • During the damage check, the defender's ID number, defence and magic resistance would be displayed.
  • During the damage stage (which is distinct from the above), the defender's ID and defence would be displayed.
  • During "Attack Type 103" (specifics unknown), data would be displayed for "Possibility %," "Possible Race" and "Opposing Race."