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This is a rough walkthrough of the remake of Rance III - Fall of Leazas, Rance 03.


Rance03 Map Legend.png

is made so anyone wanting a somewhat spoiler-free way of getting everything in the game can do it. It may require some rechecks in the wording of some things, so keep in mind that it is not perfect.

Also, it is here in order to help with the mechanics of the game in some parts, so people that don't understand Japanese at all and are using an auto translator, or that don't know much about Japanese, don't get stuck.



Leazas Castle (リーザス城)[]

Rance03 Map Prologue.png
  • You start with Kanami in your party. Since this is pretty much the tutorial part of the game, just keep moving forward through the dungeon.
  • Do not engage in combat with enemies until Leila joins your party, as you do not have any means of healing and your attacks are pretty poor.
  • Once Leila's joined your party, make sure you engage in combat as much as possible. Also, do not forget to go to your Camp and equip Leila's second ability, which allows you to hit multiple enemies at once. The EXP that Kanami earns in the prologue carries over afterwards, so it is a pretty good way of getting some EXP before the actual game starts.
  • When you reach the end, you'll get attacked by Ithere. Leila stays behind to cover for Kanami, thus allowing her to escape.

Free City of Ice (自由都市アイス)[]

  • Here's were the game starts. When you get control of Rance go to the Item Shop - Rance needs to find the rest of the Leazas Holy Arms which Rance received in Rance 02, but later sold for pocket money.
  • You'll find Rachett, who's still angry about the fact that Rance pretty much took his daughter Wrench's virginity by force. Ask him about the Holy Arms that Rance had sold him.
  • He'll tell you that you'll have to re-buy the Holy Armor and Sword from him at a high price.
  • Since you don't have any gold, you'll have to earn some by taking a quest from Keith, so head back into town and go to the Keith Guild.
  • Ask Keith about getting some kind of job. He'll answer that he did have one that would help you, but it was taken by Lark and Noah just a few moments ago and now he doesn't have anything. Of course Rance won't settle for that, so you'll ask him to give you the info anyway. He agrees to this, and hands you a photo of Rola telling you to go into a cave system near the city to rescue her. If you manage to do it before Lark and Noah, he'll give you the reward instead.
    • If you want, you can go back to Rance's house at any moment to recover your HP by sleeping. You can also get the continuation of the H-scene with Sill if you select to assault her in the house, this will also put you to sleep, thus recovering your HP.
    • Reminder to Talk at Inn every now and then, especially after major events or whenever you get new party member in the future for some minor dialogues
    • Early reminder that when Rance is level 15, he will get Sexual Attack Skills that allow you to get H CG if you finish off a Gal-Monsters (female monsters that looks fuckable) with it.
  • Head out into the World Map. From here you can go to the Blazing Mine (烈火鉱山), and also to your objective: Lis Cave.
    • If you enter Blazing Mine you'll meet Kana, who claims to be waiting for someone working down in the mines. If you keep moving forward you'll get the map of section A of the mine and also a Mirror Piece from Mirror B. You can get those now or later if you so decide. You cannot move deeper into the mines now, so these are the only things you're able to do right now. Move on to Lis Cave.

Lis Cave (リスの洞窟)[]

Rance03 Map RisusCave.png

  • When you enter, a scene plays in Ice. Someone's looking for Rance and gets the info on his whereabouts from Keith.
  • If you keep following the right path you'll find the map to Lis Cave.
  • Keep moving forward and you'll reach a forking path. You'll meet with Lark and Noah here, Rance gets pissed off by their attitude and storms off determined to screw them over.
  • Go to the right, grab all the items you can and keep to the right, do not go to the lower level yet. If you move forward enough, avoiding traps, you can obtain a Mirror Piece from Mirror A.
  • Go back to the forking path again, grabbing as many items as you can, since they come in handy later on. Don't forget to farm some EXP while you're at it.
  • This time go the left and pick up all the items. You'll get a paper that lets you expand your party if you bring it to Keith.
    • If you go back to the city at any time after entering the Cave you'll get to meet Corin who tells you about the Haniwa Temple, in which you can fight different types of hannies. You also lose 10 G because you give it to her as a way of paying for the construction of the temple.
    • Don't bother trying to grind over 2000 G. Rance will donate the excess to Corin.
    • You also can recruit Jericho if you go to Keith's Guild. She's the guard that was blocking your way into the cells in Rance 01. She's not that good of a party member with poor stats and a level cap of 6, but still, you can get her.
  • Now you can go down the right path, pick up everything and check every corner of the place. You'll get an event where you find a Big Lizard, a monster way out of your league. You can try to fight it, but it will definitely 1HKO you. Behind it are the stairs for going further down the cave, but since you can't beat it head-on you'll have to find another way to get past it.
    • You can win against it if you grind enough. But only if you do it Enough. A.K.A TOO MUCH.
  • If you keep moving forward and behind the Lizard you'll find another piece of Mirror B.
  • Now go back up and make your way to the left path, where you can go down the left set of stairs.
  • Here you'll find a wall that gives you advice on the game mechanics and past that, to the right you'll get the map for this level plus you'll reach a mountain of garbage.
  • When you reach the mountain of garbage, Rance will make Sill go dumpster diving and search for useful items, like a good adventurer should always do. Meanwhile he'll kill some time molesting Kanami. After a short while Sill will find a banana peel that supposedly will scare away the lizard.
  • Keep moving forward and you'll get greeted by an impassable wall with an item behind it. You can't do anything about it right now, so just go around it and make your way upwards while grabbing all the items you can and killing as many enemies as possible.
  • Go back to the right path, down the stairs, and this time go to the lizard. Rance will throw the banana peel to its face, making it flee. Go down the stairs behind it.
  • As soon as you go down, Lark gets confused for Rance and gets attacked by Rance's pursuer.
  • You can get a Hustle if you open the golden chest as soon as you go down the stairs.
  • When you advance a little, if you go into the event, you'll see an H-scene with Noah and Satella. Afterwards Satella leaves because she doesn't recognize Rance.
  • Rance then decides to help Noah and brings her back with him, leaving Lark behind. Noah, Get.
  • To the left after getting Noah you can obtain the B2F map.
  • Move a little forward and you'll reach a fence that blocks the path to a house, it is locked so you cannot enter it.
  • Back to the beginning you can get another Mirror B piece to the left of the stairs that go back up.
  • Go back to Ice.
    • I recommend you do this by walking, using any opportunity to get G and EXP is the best way to not get stuck in grinding later on. Also, it gives you a second chance to look around in case you missed something.
  • After getting back, Noah gets carried by Sill and Kanami to the hospital. Noah gives up on being an adventurer, and as a reward for helping her, Noah gifts you a key that she and Lark found in Lis Cave.
  • Go back to Lis Cave and make your way back to B2F.
  • Get back to the locked fence. You can now open it with the key Noah gave you. In here you'll find Wuu and Rola, stating they love each other therefore you should not get in between them. Of course, Rance doesn't care about that kind of thing and attacks Wuu anyway.
  • The battle is pretty straight forward, just attack Wuu with everything you've got when he's not guarding, and when he is, just attack with Kanami's and Rance's normal attack. If you've been killing everything you see up to this point you shouldn't have any problem in this battle. Make sure you keep in mind the Cool Down of your skills, heal every turn you can with Sill, and you'll be sure to finish him without trouble.
  • When everything's done, Wuu will still try to stop you, but Rance starts spouting nonsense and convinces him to leave Rola behind so he can become a human and then come back to her. Of course, he just said all this to get rid of Wuu. When the party goes to get Rola, she doesn't believe Rance killed Wuu and starts badmouthing him like crazy..... H-Scene With Rola. We all saw this coming a mile away. Rola Get.
  • Make your way back to Ice.

Free City of Ice (2)[]

  • Go back to Keith's Guild and turn in Rola. You'll get paid for your work well done (?) and then, as Rance does, he's gonna go and eat Meat with the money he just got before buying back the items he needs.
  • The next morning, make your way to the Item Shop. Of course, the Holy Arms are gone; someone bought them to annoy Rance. You can guess who. Also, RIP Rachett.
  • Rance thinks it was Keith (Because of course he does), so make your way to Keith's. He tells you you're wrong (Duh) and Hiney gives you a tip that Rola was seen carrying an armor and a sword, leaving town to the east, most likely going to Kanra.
  • Leave town, as soon as you do you get an H-Scene with Patton, plus a bit of an explanation on the alliance between Helman and the Monster Realm. Head to Kanra.

Free City of Kanra (自由都市カンラ)[]

  • As soon as you get to Kanra, if you go to the item shop you'll notice its closed and you can't buy a thing, but the owner tells you the weapon shop in Ice is back to business so you should check that out. Apparently Wrench has taken over after Rachett's mysterious death. Also, as soon as the conversation ends, the owner hangs himself inside the shop. Therefore you cannot access the shop anymore.
  • Go to the family restaurant "HannyRes". Select to ask about Rola. The Hanny will tell you that she was in the shop a few days ago, there's a photo of her eating a parfait that says she went to L'Zile, so let's head there.
    • Before going out of town you can go to the Inn and attack someone, each time you do so, you get a different H-scene with either Kanami or Sill. There are 3 variations for each. Also, when you do Kanami's you'll get a glimpse of Lia getting tortured back in Leazas, so another H-scene.
    • You can also talk with the waitress in the HannyRes by ordering something; she will tell you that she needs an item which she'll reward you for if you bring it to her.
    • At this point you can go back to Ice, where the weapon shop has opened again, and now Wrench is the one in charge. You can buy weapons and healing items in here, so make sure you check regularly for new stock. Also, if you decide to attack her you can get an H-scene. I recommend you do this at least 2 times for the future.
  • As soon as you get to L'Zile, you notice the Helman Army has already taken this place and are stopping the entrance of anyone that doesn't have a permit, so Rance and co. are sent away. Let's look for a way in.
    • At this point in time if you go back to Keith's Guild you'll meet Noah, who's already recovered from her wounds and has given up on being an adventurer. She'll depart, leaving Rance, regretting not asking for his reward, behind.
  • Go back to Kanra. Here you'll meet Rosé, the priest that you met back in Kathtom in Rance 02. She'll tell you Kathtom is being pressed by Helman right now, so she left the town, but to reach Kathtom you'd have to go through L'zile first. That's when she tells you about a tunnel called the Devil's Passage that connects Kanra and Kathtom.
  • Enter the Devil's Passage to the south of Kanra.

Devil's Passage (悪魔回廊)[]

  • Follow the right path as soon as you reach the forking path. You may even want to go twice through it, make sure you open the golden chest by the end of the loop.
  • Before going through the middle path make sure you go to the left one first. Open the golden chest for a Mirror C Piece.
    • You can do a trial for ALICEMANLADY in here right after the golden chest, to earn Kanami's 03 Skill. If you've been killing pretty much anything and everything, and you have Kanami's 2 Star weapon you should be okay - just spam all your skills, and if you still have trouble, make sure you are at least level 16. Remember, if you die, it's literally Game Over.
  • Now you can go through the middle path. Make sure you pick the map for this floor and head straight for the event. You'll meet a Devil girl that Rance made a contract with in exchange for three wishes in Rance 02. They were: an important item, sex, and nullify the contract. Of course, she gets pissed when she sees Rance and forces the party to retreat.
  • Go back to Kanra. You'll meet Corin who tells you the Haniwa Temple's been finished, and she returns the 10 G she took (+1 extra) and gives you the Green Card necessary to enter the place.
  • Go to the inn in search of Rosé. Go to Rosé's room, you'll see an H-scene. After the scene ends, Rosé asks you for a type of body oil that makes erections way stronger. If you took the item I told you beforehand, you should already have it. You can choose also choose to pay her 1000 G instead. As of right now, it is unclear if you can do anything else with the Oil.
    • If you go back to Ice you can meet "new" Wrench in the weapon shop. This only happens if you rape Wrench at least 2 times after you meet her. If you assault her you'll get a different H-scene this time. After that, if you sleep and come back the "old" Wrench will be tending the shop again, assault her and you'll get a different H-scene. The trigger for changing is sleeping at Rance's house.
    • The Haniwa temple is open now so you can go there whenever you feel like it. In it you get to fight different kinds of hannies, and if you make it through each course, you can choose from one of three rewards at the end. If you beat the red course you'll get an H-Scene with Corin, so keep coming back as you get stronger through out the story. This is also a good place for grinding, especially for extra party members like Jericho or new ones that join later and are behind in EXP.
  • Head back to the Devil's Passage and approach the devil girl again. This time, you have Da Gale with you, so you shouldn't have any problems. Rance tricks her into telling him her "true name", which is Feliss. Now that he knows it, Feliss can't disobey any order given by Rance. Slave, Get-だぜ.
  • Continue through the cave and you'll get stopped by 3 nekotamas. They'll tell you not to go through the cave from here on out, because there's a danger of stepping on the sacred tiles of the God of Light. Of course Rance ignores them. You may try to evade any square that has the God of Light (光の神) in it, however it's actually unavoidable since there is one row which is filled with them. When you enter a God of Light square, Rance will not only step on the tile, but trample it violently, heavily blaspheming the God of Light. This event actually ultimately induces the events of Rance IV.
  • Talk with the nekotama at the end of the path before going farther, then keep going to the middle section.
  • Move forward and pick up the chest you'll find right away. It gives you a hint on how to defeat the Spoon devils' magic barrier. Basically, if you hit it once it will go away, so use a weak attack first then hit them with the big ones. Make sure that before you go to the left, you pick up everything in this level.
  • A little further in, you can get the next Mirror B piece, and further in you can get this level's map. At the leftmost path, you can get a stat-increasing seed.
  • Talk with the Nekotama, and it'll warn you about the Golden Hanny, considered to be the strongest of them all. Rance will make clear it's a pain to fight him here, even though he actually killed one before, so evade the Golden Hanny. (Trust me, it WILL kill you, if you still want to fight him, make sure you do it after saving, although it would be foolish. The Golden Hanny has 6400 HP... and that's just in its base section)
  • Go through the path towards the last section.
  • Before going to the right make sure you pick up everything on the left side. (Here you can get the 2 star version of one of your skills, e.g. the healing magic of Sill or the sex assault of Rance)
  • Continue on the right path, and talk with the Nekotama. It'll tell you to evade the Return Daemons, but ultimately you can't. For the sake of completion, step into the first one in front of you after you go through the only path without any Return Daemons. You'll get an H-scene with Kanami. Now you should... nah, go into the second one, you'll get another H-scene with Kanami. Pick up the golden chest for a piece of Mirror A.
  • Now, go into the third one, he'll teleport you back, because Kanami's been through way too much and can't keep going on with the H-scenes. (If you want that mirror piece you have to get sent back at least once, since we wanted full completion its okay though)
  • From the start go up>up>right>left and step into the fourth Return Daemon so far. You'll get a continuation of the first H-scene. Then, evade all the Return Daemons and when you hit a wall, go right to step into the fifth. Now you get to see the premium content, a.k.a the continuation of the second H-scene. (I love this game)
  • Evade the rest of the Return Daemons and keep going through. If you want you can step back in and encounter more of them, but you get nothing out of it other than Rance being possessive over Sill and not letting them play with her.
  • Keep moving forward and get out of here at last.

Free City of Kathtom (自由都市カスタム)[]

  • Enter the city right away. You'll meet Maria, followed by a scene back at Leazas.
    • If you go to the inn now, and select to attack someone, you'll get Feliss's H-scenes at the Inn. There are two diffferent ones, plus the standard one that repeats afterwards. After getting those you'll enter a rotation again with Sill (2x), Kanami (2x), and Feliss (2x).
  • Go into the Headquarters. You'll get an explanation on the whole situation and Rance will make his move to save everyone, not without first asking for multiple girls as sex partners, in specific, all the Kathtom girls.
  • You can now enter the Item Shop in Kathtom. Upgrades for all secondary actions are now for sale, including Sill's defensive magic. There's also an augment on all actions from Jericho (even though you probably will never use her).
  • You can now leave Kathtom for the time being. Destination, L'Zile.

Free City of L'zile (自由都市ラジール)[]

  • As soon as you enter you see Rance's plan: Using Maria as bait to bring out the Helman commander and kill him right there. And it actually works, well, he doesn't die, but at least you get passage to L'Zile and free movement through it. So yay. (?)
  • Go to the Helman headquarters in search of Sapphire, the Apostle in charge of brainwashing the troops from Leazas. From here you can go to any of the rooms, but the only one that gives you some info is the left room on the bottom floor. After hearing were Sapphire is, go outside town and then head into the tower.

Lighthouse (地上灯台)[]

  • After entering the tower get the area map on the right hand side after the first pillars. Make sure to not trigger any event before getting everything on this floor. You can get another party member application on the rightmost path, right after a trap. You must take damage to get it. There is also the trial event for Jericho, on the left side of the map after a trap. Every other important object is blocked by a door, therefore go back to the start and trigger the blue event from the beginning.
  • After watching the silly event, make your way towards the center of the tower and trigger the event right before the stairway up. You get sent back for not knowing the secret password. Of course it wouldn't be this easy.... back to L'Zile.
  • Free City of L'zile
    • Enter the Helman HQ and go into the barracks. You won't be able to get info out of the soldiers in there, so now go to the empty room. In here Sill will lure a soldier by seducing him and Rance will capture him.... and kill him, didn't have any info. Next, No info, tried to do Sill in the ass, Executed. Next... Won't come. Sill doesn't appear after a while. Time to kill some time.
    • Go to Meekil's room to get a few CG (Not an H-scene to be honest) and kill time like we said before. After napping for a bit in Meekil's lap go back to the empty room.
    • You'll find Sill getting attacked by the soldier she brought back, Rance half-kills him and gets the password out of him, then he finishes the job. No one but Rance touches Sill.
    • Go back to the Lighthouse
  • Back in the tower, move to the event again, this time you have the password so you can go through with no problems. On to the next floor!
  • This floor is pretty straight forward, just keep to the non-trapped areas and move forward. Watch the event in Kathtom and then move towards Feliss' event.
    • You can use her to move over some levels but if you over do it you'll fall down. Keep in mind that if you take this route though you'll lose some items, so it is not recommended.
  • Like stated, just keep advancing through the floor, picking up as many items as you can without dying and watch the different events unfolding. Nothing special happens in them to note, but still, watch them, that's the point of the game after all. You can get a piece of Puzzle A in here if you actually try and pick every item. There will also be an upgrade to Rance attack.
    • Right before the exit to the rooftop to the left there should be an Alice priest to heal you.
  • BEFORE going into the boobs (Literally, the event is called boobs) make sure your party is at full HP and you have healing equipp-- Who am I kidding, Rance's gonna do something erotic, I mean, look at the name of that event. Welp. ITS SHOWTIME. (H-scene, just in case)
  • No but, seriously, there's a battle, get ready. This one is bad news bear, seriously you really need to be prepared for it. Make sure you have Feliss' attack, since it does an impressive amount of damage, also, she's resistant to magic so make sure you put Sill on support role either by only using magic to heal and have Rance's second attack or by having the barrier and heal for full support, it depends on how confident you're about your defenses. Sapphire'll try to block your damage output by putting a barrier, so make sure you save Kanami's normal attack for it, that way the least amount of damage gets nullified.
    • Don't forget to get your extra skill slot after the battle, you kinda need it already It is the first item in your inventory, it looks like an empty frame. Also, use the rope on the right side to get down.

Free City of L'zile[]

  • And back in L'Zile, go to Henderson's room in the HQ. Rance breaks into the room heroically stopping Henderson from doing anything else to Maria, then tells him all that happened, Henderson gets pissed and starts powering up! .... But Rance gets tired of waiting and attacks him in the middle of the power up, wounding him fatally. With his last breath he tries to die in the arms of the guy who killed him. Rance stabs him. Time for some H-Scene time, yup, gotta attack Maria, I mean she is under the effects of an aphrodisiac after all, have to help her.
  • From here on out the L'Zile Mansion becomes available as an inn. You can have your new personal maid be your body pillow or give you lap pillows and recover HP. You can also go to the Mayor's house in order to get a stat boosting seed, in specific a cap level seed.
    • Remember to use this only on characters with either low level or otherwise useless, that way you can get more out of them. It will not have effect on Rance, since his cap is already at 999.
  • Go into the liberation army headquarters now. It's time to get our reward and do it with every girl in there! Or so you'd think, of course this doesn't happen, mainly because it was a condition he decided by himself without approval, therefore they won't let him. He gets pissed, calls them liars and idiots and goes away, leaving them at the mercy of the enemy forces.
  • Time to look for Rola, she's been giving us trouble long enough. But before that.... TIME TO UPGRADE, weapon shop's open now, and its filled with second level healing items and 3rd level (3-Stars) equipment. make sure you get them all, even if you need to grind for it, it will help you a LOT. Also, ask for Rola's whereabouts now that you're in here. He knows nothing though.
    • It is recommended you go out of your way to grind in the tower for the sake of getting the items you could've missed for using Feliss' Taxi services and also getting the G needed for the amount of items you can now buy.
  • Now go to the bar, the obvious place when you're searching for clues. Do the obvious and search for Rola, you'll find her eating a parfait. She won't tell you where she's keeping the Sacred Items, and reading her mind is of no help either. You'd have to either bring Wuu back to her or do something drastic in order to get her to cooperate. Time to ask the wise man, Keith.
    • If you went to Keith's guild and saw Noah's event there you can get another event here with her if you decide to "Talk to someone" in the bar.
  • Go back to Ice. Keith tells you where to find the monster you're looking for, but is way too far away, and there are no more in the near vicinity, so you go out of the guild frustrated. Rance stops being rational and makes a propeller out of garbage, stabs a kid in the head with it and tells him to act like Wuu, in exchange he'll give him a girlfriend to do it as much as he wants.
    • Use this time in order to get a new party member, this time's Burning B. He once was a ranker in the Leazas coliseum, but he took an arrow to the knee. (LMAO) He's not as useless as Jericho.... but he's useless quite honestly.
  • Go back to L'Zile and talk to Rola. H-scene time, yeah, for real.
  • Turns out the sacred items were right under the table we were eating while waiting for the H-scene to end. GODDANGIT.... Still, finally got them, man that was a pain in the ass.
  • Now that we have everything is time to finally go to--- Oh, what's that? The liberation army lost horribly? Well duh, Rance wasn't there. Bah, might as well check on the losers. Go to their headquarters.
  • Now that You made your point of them being useless unless you're there and Shizuka apologized for lying to you (Kind of), you accept to help them under the condition of getting to do whatever you want with Shizuka. They ask you to first go get some Hirara Ore (ヒララ鉱石) from the mine at the beginning of the game. Finally you get to do something there, Am I right?
  • Go out of the city, Shizuka'll join your party now. I recommend you at least put her in the party for EXP, she comes in handy later on, but right now if you did as I said and grinded for every upgrade (Including Shizuka's) Sill's magic is more powerful than Shizuka's. this is only temporal as Sill is more of a support mage, meanwhile Shizuka is an attack mage. The main good point about Shizuka's magic is that is good for grinding, since they're mainly AOE and do quite a bit of damage. Then again the perfect grinding spot, the Hanny temple, is a literal counter to her, so Meh.

Blazing Mines (烈火鉱山)[]

  • Enter the event with Louis as soon as you enter the mines. This guy is always getting beaten by Rance.... Well, not a surprise with that face. You'll get a copper Pickaxe. Go into the next level of the mines.
  • Like I always say, Check every single corner of this level that you're able to without stepping into any event. There is the map for this area, plus a piece of the B Puzzle. Go into the event right before the exit to the C Zone (Left Side).
  • Rance and Shizuka start fighting, the ceiling starts falling on their heads and, because he helped Sill, Rance gets separated from everyone else. Rance is your only party member now.
  • Advance (And use this time to actually get some free EXP on Rance) until the next event. You'll Find the missing Milli alongside Kana, who was the girl at the entrance of the mines before. Milli joins your party and you get Kana.
  • Advance to the next Event. Fight the stupidly big Canary--- I mean the Canarian! Seriously, this battle has nothing that means business, just spam all your skills, you'll win in about 2 or 3 turns max.
  • Continue on. Battle against the same guy, now this is for real, you can die here pretty easily if you don't have enough level. Make sure you use wisely Milli's attack boost, it will only boost your next attack, AKA, if you attack with something weak it will boost the weak attack, whereas if you attack first with the Big one it will boost that. Keep in mind the order of actions. After the battle, Get your reward, Kana & Milli H-scene.
  • Go to the next event, following what appears to be Sill's voice. Turns out it really was her voice! And she also did the same thing to find Rance! Its the power of L-- I don't think we're allowed to say that, so let's not. You get your whole party back, plus Milli.
  • Again, Check every nook and cranny, don't enter any events. There's a Hustle, after that you'll find a Silver Pickaxe, and then you'll encounter an ALICEMANLADY. If you're going to enter make sure you save before, this time is Sill's 03 Skill (Its the same skill you can get in Rance 01, you'll get healed for a bit after every battle, but only if Sill is in the battle order). You can get another piece from the A Puzzle further on the right side.
  • Now you can go back to the B Side. Use the right exit. When you're back up make your way to the previously blocked path by boulders on the right hand side of the map. make sure you destroy the rock that's diagonal to the chest, so you can actually get it. Now go back to Side C and then follow to D Side.
  • Move up to the event. You'll find Corn that has just woken up. He says he'll show you the way further in, so he joins you. Corn get. (Why do I have to get a man as an item....? Seriously)
  • Keep moving forward, since the mine is collapsed its pretty much a straight passage until the next event. Have fun with the event. Also, another Canarian Fight. This one is double, first you have to get it all the way down to 0 HP then a second phase happens, it is pretty straight forward too, but make sure you have healing and maybe a barrier in your team, it'll keep you alive. BTW, have fun with the event. (lmao, poor Rance)
  • Go into the next event right away to obtain the Hirara Ore. You can't do anything else in here ATM so get out of the cave.
    • At this point in time you can complete all the Haniwa Church events up to red, which means you get to do it with Collin. If you come back after that you can do her anytime you want as much as you want. there are 2 extra H-scene variations, no extra CG though.
  • Go back to Kathtom and deliver the Hirara Ore. Aaaaaand now you get sent back to L'Zile.
  • In L'Zile just go back to the mansion. Not gonna spoil a thing.
  • Back to the HQ. You reunite with everyone and Maria brings her Secret weapon. Time to raid Red.

Free City of Red (自由都市レッド)[]

  • As you enter the city an event starts revealing what this "Secret" weapon was. Yes, it was a Tank. Also, this is why we love Rance, right?
  • Time for some battles in a row, there should not be any problem if you have a heal and or barrier in the group. Also, just a random comment, GTAV Much?
  • It's time to have fun with tanks. Go around murdering people, after moving for some time you'll get ambushed, after that keep going and kill more Helman troops. By moving even more you'll get ambushed a second time. After this by moving you'll start getting damage, so be careful and complete all the events as soon as possible.
  • When you kill all the troops you'll get ambushed a third time. You need to move enough spaces to actually get ambushed. Welp.... What can I say.... RIP Robert? Well not really, but still, that one was kinda stupid. (Wasted..... ugh...)
  • Make sure you make it all the way to the cathedral by the time you've done everything else. The battle here is.... well pointless. Still, the one after that is quite difficult, so make sure you have a heal a barrier and good damage. Unless you're overleveled. In which case you'll do it in no time. As you can guess I was.
  • After all the scenes end you're at Red, so go to sleep. Of course its showtime, with Shizuka. H-scene. Now that went a bit far... Maybe.
  • If you go back and sleep at the inn again you'll get an event. If you do it twice you'll meet Lewis again he'll tell you about a good way to make money and that it has to do with the guild.
    • If you decide to attack someone you can get 2 H-scene variations with Shizuka, in which Rance went really far. Afterwards back to the Rotation of Sill, Kanami, Feliss and Shizuka now.
  • If you go to the item shop and then leave you'll learn how to upgrade Maria's equipment. Also if you sleep and go back to the item shop right away you'll get a different scene twice. No H-scene though.... yet.
  • If you go to the bar... Now this is where it gets fun, you'll find Hazuki, who if you remember from Rance 01 hates you like no one in this world. I'm serious here, trust me. Ask for food, pay the 1000 G. Come back ask for food, pay the 3000 G. Come back, talk with Hazuki and exhaust all options before asking again for food, do it again, pay the 6000 G. Have fun. Also, come back twice, the option to enter it will disappear. The best 10000 G I've wasted in years. You get a stat boosting seed a Hyper healing item and also a Copper Pickaxe.
    • I recommend you go back to the mines now that you got that Pickaxe, also, check on Keith's guild.
    • If you go to Keith's you'll get the info on the job, which he was planning on not telling you. You have to go to Koo, which you get added to your map right away.
    • On the cave, use the copper Pickaxe on one of the walls that's blocking your way to one of the golden chests, there are 3 options:
      • 1. Right in a corner exit leads you directly to an encounter, you get the item Stainless Steel, the 1st item required in order to H the waitress in Kanra (You need more than that though).
      • 2. One that is directly diagonal to a monster, and you have to go through an encounter in order to be able to break the correct Block, you get what appears to be a Haniwan card, apparently useful later on.
      • 3. The last one is the one that you have to go through an encounter in order to brake the wall and then overcome another encounter to get the chest, you get Hirara ore this way, you can upgrade Maria's weapon with it. I Recommend this last one, as it gives you extra fire power, which you might need.
    • TIP> You can get more Pickaxes or keys (For doors) by killing mimics and also completing the Haniwa temple, the drop rate is low though for both this options.
  • Now You should decide: You either do Koo or go back to red's HQ, I'll keep going this time with Koo.

Abandoned City of Koo (廃棄都市コー) (Optional)[]

  • Before coming here make sure you kill Louis in the Overworld once. Just to be sure, I did it by default while doing other things, but one never knows.
    • This place is magic users paradise, they 1 or 2 shot anything and everything. Shizuka is a monster, specially if she's lvl 26 or Higher.
    • Also, you cannot teleport outside with the Tree of return, therefore you have to suck it up and stack on items.
  • Like always, don't enter events, check everything and anything you can in this level before that.
    • There is an exception to this rule in here though, get Necai, because Eroi Onee-san. Nuff said. 3000 G is so freaking cheap for this. If you do though you'll be forced into an event, no problem though, that's the point of clearing before the important part.
  • You can get an ALICEMANLADY (Its Necai's, you need a high level for it), another Hustle, another Pickaxe, a C Puzzle piece, a gold item and a stat seed.
    • If you did recruit Necai before hand, do two rounds and come back to talk to the old man.
  • There is a mirror shard hidden in the middle of the map in a place after you trigger the event about the group of zombies but before you actually fight them.
  • Now go talk with the old man. The idea is to bring him the bracelets the zombies had on them... Which you already have because you cleared this place.... right? RIGHT?
  • You can go out of the city (don't forget to hand in the bracelets before that, otherwise you won't get any reward in this run), but you'll lose Necai, if you want a better Reward just keep looping around, the event will keep appearing. It's an awesome way to farm EXP, if you have enough level to survive the whole battle multiple times. When you run out of everything except HP go to the old man.
  • You can come back here whenever you want, the old man will buy any "GOLD" Item that you have on you, that includes the bracelets you can get on this map. This is an awesome way to grind for EXP and G at this level. I stayed until lvl 30 with everyone, Way too easy with a level 28 Shizuka.
    • You just got a Pickaxe, so go get your item for H-Scenes. (edit note: different Pickaxe. Silver =/= Copper)
  • Recruiting Necai
    1. Talk to her > Refuse to pay > Go to the end of area and fight zombies > get H-scene > Exit and re-enter the dungeon
    2. Repeat step 1
    3. Get Recruitment Form from golden treasure behind Nekai
    4. Go to Keith Guild and recruit her

Forest of the Lost (迷子の森)[]

  • Back to Red's HQ. You find out that Leila's brainwashing is putting a lot of stress in her body and if nothing is done soon she's going to die. In order to prevent this you are sent to the Forest of the Lost to find the drop of an unicorn.
    • If you've exhausted before all the events with the weapon dealer of Red, if you go now you should be able to see an H-Scene of hers. (Come back later if the H-scene doesn't trigger)
  • In the forest, as soon as you enter you notice you might need a guide in there, but there's no way someone lives inside there right~~? Sioux does. She won't help you though so might as well enter, I mean, why not?
  • Well, you'll be forced to meet the unicorn at least once as you advance, there's nothing much you can do about that. And right after that you have to fight Sioux. NOW you can clean this place, do it, and don't leave a single guy alive, the EXP is worth it unless you were a maniac like me and stayed 3 hours farming. Even then it is still worth it.
    • You can find a GOLD item, and a mimic. Make sure you get the 2 events with the Unicorn before you go further in.
  • In this next area you can be tricked to going back, the Tricorn (Monster) that's directly keeping you from advancing after evading the traps you have to fight, the other card is an exit from the forest. After that monster just keep moving forward to the next event.
  • After a short encounter with Satella make sure you keep advancing through the center, there are a bunch of traps in the outside walls. Next event, you'll have to fight Sioux, nothing special honestly, and afterwards you'll acquire the fruit necessary to explore this freaking forest properly.
  • Advance through the trees to the next area, and then enter the village. Here is decided that Rance will take care of Sioux, also, Satella catches up to you but Rance makes her angry and she falls in his trap of a 1 on 1, sending out Isis. If you are overleveled of course you'll be okay, if you're around lvl 27 you should think of having a barrier or even 2. This guy does a bunch of single target damage.
  • The Rapus of the village sacrifice themselves in order to let you escape. Sioux added to party.
  • Go back to Red. And sleep at the inn. You just got a girl, and she will do anything you say, 1+1=?
  • At morning you'll meet Barres, he tells you Leila's situation is getting worse by the second. Rance decides to go check on her, so do it.
  • After going there you figure out something really important, The unicorn, even with that face, likes only Virgins, so let's find on--- Everyone's been taken by Rance... multiple times.... Except Sel! Viva Sister! Let's get that unicorn.
    • Oh, yeah, Sel's a better healer than Sill by 10 miles. Make sure that if you have a heal it's her, instead of Sill.
  • Back to the forest. Now, clean this place like there's no tomorrow. There's a Piece of the B Puzzle, and another Hustle.
  • In the next area, the one you get from doing almost a full loop, the only one you could enter before, has another ALICEMANLADY this time is Milli. There's also a piece of Puzzle A.
    • It's possible to bruteforce her trial if she's high-level enough, but there's a trick that makes beating it a lot easier. Milli's "love" attack hits the enemy in the back, and because none of the enemies in the trial are ranged attackers, and the enemy in front at the start is a lowly squidman, Milli can simply spam her attack up and love skills to rain death on the back two gorillas, who won't be able to hit and kill her because the squidman is in the way. Then, once the gorillas are gone, just kill the squidman, and the trial is complete.
  • Go back to the village. After the scene you go only with Sel into the forest. The virgin must go alone. The virgin fights alone, the virgin is fragile, the virgin finds the unicorn and... Who didn't see that coming? Like, for real, who? Unicorn Juice GET. (LMFAO that's the item's actual name)
  • Back to Red, time to give the antidote to Leila. Obviously, Rance does it, OBVIOUSLY H-scene. After that Sel calls you and tells you to meet alone. Rance gets separated from everyone else.
  • Go back to the inn to talk with Sel and watch the event where Satella attacked the HQ
  • Sill and Maria leave the party
  • All 4-Star Skills are available at Item Shop (around 30.000G each for important party members)
  • Exit the town and go to Hyper Building

Hyper Building (ハイパービル)[]

  • 1F: Get treasures (Mirror Fragment on the bottom left & Map on the middle) before going to center event. Boss: Caesar
  • Return to Red. The party will talk to Maria
  • Return to Hyper Building and fight 2nd round against Caesar. 3rd round: fight Caesar with Tank
  • Maria joins your party (your party line up got scrambled automatically)
  • Go up the floor using left stair (right stair is elevator that will be unlocked later)
  • 2F: Ignore all electric barrier for now. get Mirror Fragment on the left. Kill Bug in the middle. ALICEMANLADY (Maria) on the right. go to 3F

*notice that the some of the enemies here are parody of Zaku (Gundam) and Kamen 'Bug' Rider?

  • 3F: Get Map and go to 4F
  • 4F: Get Map, kill Bug, meet real Wuu-kun, go to 5F
  • 5F: Middle event to get Key Item that can go through electric barrier, but keep using stair if you want item completion, grinding, for fun or if you are just a masochist. Get Mirror Fragment, Map, heal with Lordring and go to 6F
  • 6F: Right treasure is Mimic, go to 13F, then 20F, then 56F just to find out that it's a dead end (lol). go all the way back 2F (thankfully the stairs to lower floors are all very near). You can get healed by Lordring on the way too.
  • 2F: kill the bugs that are blocked by lock on the right. Go to 3F
  • 3F: Get golden treasure ('Dial' ダイヤル, 2nd required item for Setina the waitress atHannyRes), Bug and Mirror Fragment on the right. My Kanami Mirror Fragment Picture is complete at this point. Go to 4F
  • 4F: Kill Bug on the left, get 4-Star Equipment and Mirror Fragment on the right. Go to 5F
  • 5F: Go to EROYAC (the AI computer) and go to elevator at top right. You have instant access to 1F, 5F and 198F now, perfect time to heal and restock if necessary.
  • 198F: Get treasures including Weapon (need Scout Key) Mirror Fragment and Silver Pickaxe. Go to 199F with stair.
  • 199F: Go to all Event doors and Sel will leave your party. Go to 200f
  • 200F: Go to Sill, then go down to 199F
  • 199F: Go to the center-right event where Sel is waiting. H-scene with Satella. go to 200F
  • 200F: Save H Sill
  • Watch scene with Patton, Hunty and Noce
  • 200F: Sill and Sel join party. Exit the dungeon and go back to Red.

Free City of Red[]

  • Go to Inn and exhaust every Talk and H dialogues
  • You just got Silver Pickaxe and maybe some Copper Pickaxe or Scout Key if you are lucky from fighting Mimics from the dungeon. You might want to go unlock some locked treasures at
    • Blazing Mine (Mirror Fragment or Stainless Steel ステンレス芯, 1st required item for Setina the waitress at HannyRes with Copper Pickaxe)
    • Lighthouse (Mirror Fragment with Scout Key)
    • Abandoned City Koo (Hirara Ore for Maria with Silver Pickaxe)
  • Go to HQ
  • You are controlling Kanami alone. Go to Free City of Zeo

Free City of Zeo (自由都市ジオ)[]

  • Straight forward map with worthless treasures, just go to all Events.
  • Go back to Red for H-scene with Sepia
  • Go to HQ for scenes with Sepia and her brother
  • After this, the party will split up and you will go through the different part of dungeons with 2 members at a times, careful to not be underleveled.
  • Go to Hoch Gorge

Hoch Gorge (ホッホ峡)[]

  • 1st Party - Maria & Shizuka
    • Map Looping isn't possible and all treasures are healing items
    • Enemies here are weakling, but you might want to skip it since the party have long cooldown skills and lacking healing skills. unless you want to risk it while healing with level up recovery
    • Heal up before fighting middle Event against monster (Bonus Item after mission)
    • Next Event on corner left is Lordring that will heal you
    • Go to the end of the map
  • 2nd Party - Milli & Sel
    • Map Looping isn't possible, first treasure on the left is a weapon, all other treasures are healing items
    • good combination of low cooldown attacks and healing ability, but Milli is probably already at cap level at this point and it might not worth it to fight enemies here. But you might want to do it anyway for Sel's EXP and easy Gold.
    • Lordring behind hidden Event card on the left corner
    • Fight the Event on the right. Use Milli sex attack ASAP to eliminate gunners (Bonus Item after mission)
    • Go to the end of the map
  • 3rd Party - Rick and Leila
    • Map Looping isn't possible, treasures are healing items and save lions Rick (Level 32) and Leila (Level 30) are very very strong and tanky. You can easily kill everyone even with their 2 turns cooldown and no heals. Just use healing items if necessary.
    • Lordring on the left midst hidden cards and trap
    • Fight Landstar Corps Event. quite a lot of enemy so use Cooldown Reset item if Rick's 1st Attack is on cooldown (Bonus Item after mission)
    • Heal up and go to the end of the map
    • Boss - Sapphire
  • 4th Party - Kanami and Sioux
    • Map Looping isn't possible, treasures are healing items and save lions
    • Nothing special here, just straightforward route with Lordring (hidden card) after trap on the right
    • Go to the end of the map
  • 5th Party - Rance, Sill and Feliss (and other optional characters that you recruited)
    • Map Looping is possible now, but all treasures are the usual healing items except for 1 weapon in the bottom-right most of the area
    • 1st Event on the right to get Kanami and Sioux
    • Keep going to Event fights. There is Lordring too.
    • Go to middle Event if you don't want to loop the map to grind/get items. Don't forget to heal up, use Cooldown Reset item and set your skills
    • Boss - Sapphire, Topaz, Garnet:
      • They will keep buffing themselves with Magic+ and Def+ and using single target or AoE magic attack around 100 damage / attack.
      • Use all low cooldown front attacks and don't use back attacks like Kanami's shuriken or Sioux throwing axe since you want to kill them one at a time ASAP to minimize total damage that they can deal to you
  • H-scene with all 3 of them
  • Everyone except Shizuka, Leila and Rick join the party
  • Go to Zeo

Free City of Zeo[]

  • Go to Inn to receive bonus items from Hoch Gorge wars
  • H scene with Alice at Inn (7 times)
  • Item Shop to meet Millie
  • Go to HQ
  • you can revisit Hoch Gorge to get new important items including Silver Pickaxe, Mirror Fragment (my Sill picture is complete by now) and ALICEMANLADY (Sioux)
  • Don't forget to go to Kathtom to upgrade Maria's weapon
  • Go to M Land

M Land (Мランド)[]

  • You can buy Copper Pickaxe here for 80000G each
  • Exhaust every options until TOWER option appear (you can't go there yet)
  • Exit and go to Oku to watch scene at HQ
  • Go to Pakkyamarado Den (idk how to spell this weird name)

Pakkyamarado Den (パッキャマラード・デン)[]

  • Go to the first event (Item Shop). You can buy Scout Key (100000G) and Picking Drill (120000G) here.
  • Next Event is Bar, meet Lark and exhaust every option
  • Next Event is Brothel
  • Exit and go to Zeo. Go back to Den after the scene.
  • Fight all the tentacle monster Events before fighting Curse-A Events. H-scene with Aten and Julia.
  • Don't forget to loot golden treasure behind Curse-A after defeating it. very important item that increase the number of battle action. use it immediately.
  • Exit and go to Oku

Leazas Territory - Oku (リーザス領オク)[]

  • Shizuka join your party
  • go to HQ
  • Set up your party for a boss battle
  • go to North

Leazas Territory - North (リーザス領ノース)[]

  • Your party set-up is really important here. Make sure you have Sel and Sill's heals, Sill's 4th skill, Maria's 1st skill +3 other attack skills that you like
  • The Boss is resistant to physical attack, so attack like Rance's 1st skill, Milli's skills and Sioux skills get damage reduction/ for efficiency sake, you might want to fill the other 3 slots with either Sneak, Explosion or Magical type attack
  • Boss: Thoma and Helman Army
    • Level 30-33 should be fine
    • Fight against 3 Waves of enemies, including Thoma and his groups
    • First 2 waves are easy. just use heal moderately.
    • The last wave is Thoma with a very tanky soldier in front of him and 3 soldiers behind of him that have AoE range attack. 
    • Make sure that you kill the ranged soldiers ASAP since their damage hurts. Use Sill's last attack and Maria's cannon that can one shot them
    • Thoma's behavior pattern is ATK+ Buff > AoE attack > AoE attack > repeat. The attack isn't too deadly and you want to use Sel's heal whenever possible to keep everyone healthy while use Sill's heal only when someone's HP is really low for more heal amount.
    • Just repeat the heal pattern and keep attacking like crazy. When Thoma's HP is low, he will use deadly 1-target attack that will definitely one-shot you (it dealt 580 damage to me). Don't worry too much about it since if he starts using that attack, his HP is low enough to finish off quickly anyway.
  • Heal up at North and go to Hanny Building (a.k.a AliceSoft Office) by pressing the place next to the Inn for 4th wall breaking place and dialogues

Hanny Building (ハニービル)[]

  • 1F: Don't go up yet and get Mirror Fragment just before looping. Go to 2F
  • 2F: Don't bother using Key for first lock since it's trash item.  Open the 2nd lock if you have the key since the golden treasure is a Mirror Fragment. One of the event here will give you Memory (last required item for Setina from HannyRes for you to H her). There is ALICEMANLADY here for Shizuka (Save with Save Lion first and pray for Critical hit or else you die). There are hidden Map and Heal on the left part of the area. Go down to 1F
  • 1F: Go to 5F
  • 5F: Locked Treasure is healing stuff. There is hidden Stats Seed on the right and if you go left twice from there, you get hidden Mirror Fragment. go to TADA Event (he will give you King Card for Haniwa Temple when the story progress further later on and if you've beaten Super Course)
  • Go to Oku to watch scene
  • Prepare for another very tough Boss battle and go to South

Leazas Territory - South (リーザス領サウス)[]

  • Boss battle: Minerva + Helman Army
    • Level 33-35 should be enough for this Boss
    • Definitely equip Maria's 2nd skill to reduce Minerva's insane damage output (and Helman Army attacks), Sel's heal, Sill's 4th skill for heavy damage. For the rest, I personally use Sill's heal, Rance's 1st skill, Shizuka's 3rd skill and Feliss 1st skill. But if you are confident, you can replace Sill's heal with another heavy damage skill or offensive buff skills like Milli's
    • Very similar to Thoma's fight, except it's harder since Minerva hits really hard AoE 200+ dmg. She is immune to Sexual attack, so don't bother using those skills.
    • The first Minerva is really weak and die quickly, but don't put your guard down (like I did) yet. She will come back near the end of battle with much more HP and damage
  • Go heal at Inn and visit every place available

Siege of Leazas[]

  • Exit South for scenes
  • Go to Oku's HQ and then rest at Inn
  • Go to Capital City fo Leazas
  • Go to North
  • Go to Capital City of Leazas (White Army's Captain Ex appeared for less than 1 second lol)
  • Go to South

Capturing Golden Hanny[]

  • Go to Devil Corridor
  • Go down 1 floor and fight Golden Hanny Event 
  • Golden Hanny is 3 phase enemy, and don't forget that he is a Hanny and he is immune to Magic attack!
  • Go to Haniwa Temple (Titi Lake) and talk to Corin
  • Go to top floor of Hanny Building at North to meet TADA at Event (If you have beaten Super Course, he will give you King Card to challenge King Course)
  • Go to Golden Hanny at Devil Corridor. You don't need to fight him.
  • Go to South
  • Go to Capital City of Leazas

Leazas Sewer System (リーザス 下水道)[]

  • Party members: Rance, Sill, Kanami and Feliss
  • Enemies here are weakling, so don't worry about having only few party members. You as well fight as many enemies as possible for easy EXP and Gold
  • follow the path until Event to watch scene
  • This area is very big, but right now it's very straightforward since you don't have Key to unlock many locked doors yet. Just keep following the path through many enemies, treasures and Events
  • Go to the first Exit for scene and mob battle
  • There is Lordring and visible very easy ALICEMANLADY for Feliss
  • Exit to the Prison at the end of path where you can't go anywhere else

Leazas Castle's Prison (リーザス城 牢獄)[]

  • This area is full of traps. go Right once and keep going Up until you get Event with Helman Soldier, Right (Golden Treasure), Up (H scene with Saya)
  • Lia and Maris join party. Lia is very low level and weak, but Maris has pretty good 0 cooldown offensive skill and stronger healing ability than Sill (although it costs 3 turns cooldown)
  • Go Left through ALICEMANLADY (Rick, can't get it yet) and Left against for Mirror Fragment
  • Go Left to exit to world map
  • Go to Leazas Castle, but exit the castle for now and go to Capital City first for optional stuff before going to advance the plot

Capital City of Leazas (王都リーザス)[]

  • Scene with Aten and Julia
  • Scene with Nami at Inn. 
  • Keep talking with her for minor stuff and foreshadowing about Sengoku Rance 
  • Sleep at Inn for H scene with Nami (no CG)
  • Go to Bar to meet Pulptenx (hottest girl in 01 for sure)
  • Talk to her for H scene (with CG)
  • You can revisit the Sewer if you want

Leazas Castle (リーザス城)[]

  • Every 5-Star Skills are available to buy at Item Shop
  • You can meet and fuck Heidi at Item Shop (no CG)
  • Enter Throne Room for short scene with Hunty and Patton
  • You can go to Prison if you missed a Mirror Fragment for whatever reason
  • Go to Queen's (Lia) Bedroom
  • Talk to her if you want for some funny dialogues
  • 1st option to go to Leazas Basement (the very beginning area of this game)
  • Just keep following the path through various Events to progress. There is also locked ALICEMANLADY for Barres at the end of the area.
  • Follow the path to get Chaos and long scene
  • When all long scene is over, Go to Eastern Tower from the castle

Leazas Castle's Eastern Tower (リーザス城 東の塔)[]

  • 1F: All treasures are on the right and left edges of the map. Get them all including Mirror Fragment and important Key item that allow you to fully explore the Sewer
  • 2F: Get treasures (Mirror Fragment) before going to Event on the left. ALICEMANLADY here is for Mills.
  • 3F: Get treasures (Mirror Fragment, Star Piece to increase level limit)
  • 4F: Treasures are save lion and healing stuff, go fight Helman Soldier and Giant stuff at Event. The big dude resist physical attack (0 damage), so remove all physical attack skills before fighting.
  • Exit the dungeon
  • Go to Throne Room for extra dialogue before heading out to Capital City

Capital City of Leazas[]

  • Go to Inn and select 1st option for H scene and other series of scenes about Gele
  • You can revisit Sewer System since you just got the Key to unlock doors to get a lot of treasures (Mirror Fragment, Skills, higher tier healing items, Stats Seed, Star Piece, ALICEMANLADY for Maris, etc)
  • Exit the city and go to Leazas Castle
  • You have 2 Option here: Western Tower or Courtyard. Plot wise, it's better to do Western Tower first, but I'm doing Courtyard first since you will get 8th Battle Action Slot here, but you can choose whichever you want.

Leazas Castle's Courtyard (リーザス城 中庭)[]

  • A Block: Very big area, but all treasures except one in the mid-middle (Mirror Fragment or Star Piece if your Mirror is completed already) are just healing items. Go to Event on the left (Marias & Barres join party and scenes with Aten and Julia talking with legendary hero about Gele era) and ALICEMANLADY on the right (Lia). Exit to B block from upper-right exit.
  • B Block: another very big area, and treasures here are good too, so get it all (Mirror, Star Piece, Stats Seed, big amount of Gold, Skills ,etc). Go to Event on edge right for scene with Ithere (Shizuka & Sioux join party). Then go to mid-right Event to fight Garnet (Make sure you remember this place!). Keep going up and Exit to C block.
  • C Block: use cooldown reset item and get all treasures on the left side of this area. 
  • Go to Event, but don't forget to Save before heading towards the 2nd Event because you are going to fight Ithere. 
  • Boss - Ithere is really weak, thanks to Naked Shizuka Plan earlier, but you still need to be careful for his 1 big AoE attack, which quite deadly. Never ever forget to use Maria's lifesaver DEF+ buff. Better safe than sorry.
  • Feel really bad for Ithere here
  • Don't forget to pick Golden Treasure (8th Battle Action Slot)
  • Exit dungeon, heal up and go to Leazas Castle.
  • Scene with Aten, Julia and British
  • Stock up and go to Western Towe

Leazas Castle's Western Tower (リーザス城 西の塔)[]

  • You will fight Brainwashed Soldiers immediately
  • 1F: First treasure on the right is a Mimic, Get all golden treasures (Mirror Fragment, Star Piece, etc), then out to the left
  • 2F: Yulang and Leila join your party after fight. Yulang is maxed level at low cap of 27 and have really high cooldown Skills (5,9,9,9) and Leila stats is just really mediocre. 
  • Go get all treasures and go to Event. 
  • Menad and Rick join your party. Both of them have high level cap and high stats and very good damage dealers, especially Rick. Rick's 1st Skill and Menad's 4th Skill are totally worth using, two of the strongest and most effective Skills in the game.
  • 3F: Rance will leave your party. 3 Locked Doors on the right will give you Skills, Mirror Fragment and star Piece. Go to Event for scenes. Go to 4F to fight Rance.
  • 4F: Rance back to your party after you defeat him. You can get all treasures without spending consumable keys (the last treasure is a Mimic). Go to Event to fight Topaz and Sapphire (Remember this location!). At this point you should already know how to handle bosses. I personally use Maria's buff, Sel's heal and then spam my most powerful low cooldown attacks for the remaining slots.
  • Exit the dungeon and watch scenes
  • Now everything is done and you can choose to confront Final Boss or doing all other optional stuff before finishing the game

Optional Stuff[]

  • Go to where Garnet/Topaz/Sapphire were defeated to get 2 Rarerare Stone
  • Go to Capital City of Leazas for final Aten and Julie scene. They both join your party. Julia is garbage, but Aten is extremely powerful and effective mage with very low cooldown and high damage spells.
  • You can visit computer room here for dialogues with Maria. You can repair I-COM by collecting 30 of 徳用魔池 (drop from Hitler) and buy Save Lion and cooldown reset item from it.
  • Sleep at Inn (anywhere except Capital City Inn), there will be dialogue with Aten and Julia
  • Talk at Inn there will be Menad H-scene (no CG) and dialogue with Kanami and Menad
  • Sex at Inn there will be another Menad H-scene ft.Kanami's cute whispering voice
  • Keep talking at Inn for more extra dialogues
  • Go to Rance's home at Ice and use 2 Rarerare Stone for gang rape H scene with Topaz/Garnet/Sapphire
  • Finish Haniwa Temple King Course if you can (very very hard, you need good level, set up and PATIENCE since Boss is super tanky) to get Hirara Ore for Maria 6-star Skill
  • Go to M-Land's TOWER to get some of 6-Star Skills
    • The enemy here is weak at first but gradually getting tougher every floor
    • You can exit the dungeon from Exits all over the map if the dungeon starts getting too hard for you
    • the Skills that you get after beating Cat Boss is randomized for the 1st visit, so make sure you have a save lion and keep reloading after beating Cat Boss (just before you walk into the golden treasure) to get 6-star Skills that you want from the treasure
    • It's really recommended to keep reloading until you get 6-star Skills for Rick's 1st Skill. If you did, go to Leazas Castle and go to the used-to-be-Item-Shop Kitchen (re-enter if nothing happen) to get the extremely strong Menad 6-star Skill (4th Skill)
  • Get ALICEMANLADY for latest party members if you want
    • Barres - Leazas Castle's Basement
      • Absolutely need to have all 4 Skills or else you won't ever, ever, ever beat the enemy
    • Rick - Leazas Castle's Prison
    • Menad - Pakkyamarado Den
      • Need high level, good timing and luck so you don't end up wasting your strongest attack to finish off enemy with only little bit of HP remaining
    • Yulang - Hyper Building 1F
      • Absolutely need to have all 4 Skills, use them all and one-shot the enemy or else you will get one shotted and die
    • Julia - Talk with TADA at Hanny Building after you use her in battle 82 times
    • Aten - Leazas Castle 2nd Floor (Final Dungeon)
  • Leveling up Menad and Aten is definitely worth it since their skills are extremely powerful even this late.
  • Nothing left to do, time to go to Final Dungeon

Leazas Castle's 2nd Floor (リーザス城 居館二階)[]

  • Head to 2nd Floor from Leazas Castle
  • Go to Event on the left and press forward to another Event with lava
  • You have no choice but to step on lava trap. The trick is to just use 1 tanky party member at a time as a meat shield and change it every step. You need to survive 3 steps, so RIP the HP of 3 characters that you choose.
  • Get the golden treasure for Key
  • Heal using item if necessary and keep going until Event with Super Saiyan Lycantrophe-Z, fight it and go to another Event forward to fight Lycantrophe-Z and 'Sill'.
  • After the event, go Right three times to get another Key (You want to use sexual attack against these Lycantrophe-Z that can morph into Shizuka, Kanami and Sill since it's their weakness and you get extra hot CG for that)
  • Exit and heal if you want to get treasures on the right or left side or if you haven't collected Lycantrophe-Z CG yet because the Event ahead is point of no return
  • Go to the left path through locked door, get Stats Seed and open lock to the right when you see ALICEMANLADY (Aten). Next 2 treasures ahead is Save Lions. Fight Lycantroph-Z if you miss CG from them.
  • Exit and heal up, now go to right path to collect all treasures. Exit and re-enter if you still haven't gotten all Lycantrophe-Z CG. Press forward if you want to complete the game right here right now.


  • Use Save Lion, Cooldown Reset, healing items, Stats Seed, EXP items and Set up your favorite party line up.
  • My Skills set-up that I think is pretty good (Nobody dies during my run using this set-up) as a reference. Keep in mind that every Skills are 5-star and 2 of them are 6-star with every characters have their ALICEMANLADY trial completed (03-Skill) and everyone is around level 40-44
    1. Rance 1st Skill - 0 CD strong attack (100% crit from 03 skill)
    2. Sill 4th Skill - 2 CD very strong attack
    3. Maria 2nd Skill - 4 CD Lifesaver DEF+ shield buff, very viable even with 4 CD since last boss doesn't attack in a row so much
    4. Shizuka 3rd Skill - 4 CD AoE extremely strong magic attack (no CD if her 03-Skill activate)
    5. Sell 2nd Skill - 2 CD Lifesaver AoE Heal, combined with Maria's buff, make very powerful defense
    6. Rick 1st Skill (6-star) - 2 CD extremely strong AoE attack
    7. Menad 4th Skill (6-star) - 1 CD extremely strong AoE attack (03-Skill let party member survive a lethal attack with 1 HP remaining)
    8. Aten 1st Skill - 1 CD strong attack

Using too much heal and protection Skills a.k.a being too defensive is not really effective here since you are just going to needlessly prolonging the fight against 3 phased boss, so I'm prioritizing quantity of attack right instead (6 offensive and 2 defensive). I don't know how effective it would be if you replace some of the weaker offensive skills or simply big cooldown like Aten and Shizuka with Rance's 4th Skill (strong self buff) and Milli/Barres 2nd Skill (strong ATK+ buff for everyone). Maybe you can try it!

Alternate strategy:

  1. Rance 1st Skill - 0 CD strong attack (100% crit from 03 skill)
  2. Rance 4th skill - 1 CD massive dmg buff
  3. Maria 2nd Skill - 4 CD Lifesaver DEF+ shield buff, very viable even with 4 CD since last boss doesn't attack in a row so much
  4. Barres 2nd Skill - 2 CD signficant atk buff
  5. Barres 3rd Skill - 2 CD Low CD Magic barrier
  6. Sell 2nd Skill - 2 CD Lifesaver AoE Heal, combined with Maria's buff, make very powerful defense
  7. Rick 1st Skill (6-star) - 2 CD extremely strong AoE attack
  8. Menad 4th Skill (6-star) - 1 CD extremely strong AoE attack (03-Skill let party member survive a lethal attack with 1 HP remaining)

This setup focuses more on Rance damage and can kill the boss extremely quickly as Rance will be doing 10k per hit when double buffed. Barres and Maria mitigation helps you last longer on 3rd phase with less levels while Rick and Menad do very strong AoE to wipe out the secondary parts quickly. If you haven't invested in them, or don't have their powerful 6* skills, you can instead use other units like Shizuka or Aten. Similar to the above strategy, don't go too much into defense.

  • Now It's time to finally go to that final blue Event and kick Noce and Gele's asses once and for all
  • BOSS: Noce (3 Forms)
    • Not much to talk about 1st and 2nd forms. Fortunately these forms like to waste turn by buffing and healing himself. He doesn't attack that much and doesn't have wide AoE attack, so Maria's buff (if you use it) might still last even after 4 turns CD
    • Dragon Form is the dangerous one where he has 3 body parts that does everything (buff, heal, single attack, AoE). This form is why I recommend going full offensive with many strong AoE Skills and ATK buff (if you decided to use it) and as few defensive Skills as possible since if you are going defensive, your heal won't last against Noce's continuous attacks for long, especially his very strong AoE that will hit everyone.. Keep bombarding him with attacks and Noce's arms will die very quickly. And the remaining head's only attack is a strong magic attack which he probably won't be able to use even 3 times, making him just an easy bully-able target, just like Kanami.
  • After the fight, Rance is alone in another dimension. You can't access anything except Skill and Save Lion. Save to different slot if you want. You take damage every time you step into cracked card (I don't know if you can die from this or not, but evade them just in case). Go to Gele Event.
  • FINAL BOSS: Gele
    • Rance is so overpowered now with 11000 HP and 25000-75000 damage/hit with buff, just slaughter her quickly and easily
  • Fuck Gele as hard as you can
  • Watch the ending scene and credits
  • Your CG collection should be complete now assuming you try to get all Gal-Monster CG by killing them with Rance's sexual-type skills

---------Congratulation for Beating Rance 03! Let's Now Pray Together so Rance 04 Will Come Soon!------------


  • You only get 6★ upgrades for skills already at 5★. As such, if you want a better chance of getting a good 6★ upgrade in TOWER, keep other skills at 4 or less stars.
  • Optimal stat seeds usage
    • Strength: If you just want to beat the game fast, Rance. If you want to beat the King Hanny and TOWER, save them for Menad and her overpowered Kua Lu Lane.
    • Magic: Sel for healing rain. Shizuka is an option if you want the final TOWER boss fight to go a bit faster.
    • Dexterity: Rance for just beating the game. Barres otherwise. Both his offense and magic defense party buffs scale with Dex.
    • HP: Sel. If Sel gets KO'd, your team soon follows. Shizuka if you want to use her for optional challenges.

03 skill effects[]

Note that the character must be in the active party for the effect. Also, many 03 skills improve with consecutive battles (maximum effect at 10 times).

  • Rance: 100% crit vs dark lords
  • Sill: Heal 1 person after battle. 50%~100% magic.
  • Lia: Reset party's cooldown after battle. 10~60% chance.
  • Maris: Skip an enemy's turn. Chance unknown (up to 20%?).
  • Kanami: Prevent surprise attack at the start of battle. Chance unknown.
  • Feliss: Reduce enemy heals by 30~90%.
  • Maria: Reveal HP of 3 enemies at the start of battle. Chance unknown.
  • Shizuka: Reset cooldown of magic attacks after usage. 10~25% chance.
  • Milli, Mill: Increase item heals.
  • Sel: Heal party after battle. 10~50% magic.
  • Barres: Increase gold gained after battle by 50~100%.
  • Sioux: Avoid damage from traps. 10~90% chance.
  • Rick: Full self heal at the start of battle. Chance unknown.
  • Menad: Prevent party members from KO in battle (survive at 1 HP). Chance unknown.
  • Yulang: Randomly get items while moving.
  • Leila: Reduce status effect duration by 2~7.
  • Julia: 666% strength and magic at the start of battle. 30~90% chance.
  • Aten: Increase exp gained after battle by 50~100%.
  • Necai: Item drop rate 2~4x.
  • Burning: lol.
  • Jericho: Randomly get gold while moving.

Optional Bosses[]

For tough battles in general, party defense buffs are amazing because you will always know the type of incoming attacks. If you are having trouble surviving, use more defense buffs.

  • Maria's encampment: Physical, 4 CD. Weaker than Aten's but serves you well until late game.
  • Shizuka's barrier: Magical, 3 CD. Stronger than Barres's but the optional bosses' magic attacks have 2 CD.
  • Barres's Yagura: Magical, 2 CD. Weaker than Shizuka's but the CD is short enough to block every attack.
  • Aten's Hikikomo: Physical, 5 CD. Incredibly strong, reduces almost every physical attack to 0.

Also, consider including Menad and Maris for their extremely clutch 03 skills.

Hanny King[]

Pattern: nothing > physical attack buff on all > physical attack on all

  • At around half HP, he does a strong magic attack on 3 characters instead of doing nothing.
  • With the king's buff, the hannies behind him hit pretty hard. You can either bring many hit-all attacks to clear out the huge hanny mob ASAP (requires high levels to survive initially) or have a second heal.


  1. Healing Rain (Sel): Mandatory. At low levels, you will also need a second healer.
  2. Hikikomo (Aten): Nullifies every other hit-all physical attack. If your levels are low, also bring Maria to reduce the attacks when Aten is on CD.
  3. Yagura (Barres): Barres's magic attack reduction is more reliable. Shizuka's barrier can work, but you will need luck or high levels to survive every other magic attack.
  4. Strong hit-all attacks. Order of preference (assuming similar levels):
    • Kua Lu Lane (Menad)
    • By La Way (Rick)
    • White Destruction Beam (Shizuka) + Masou (ignore immunity)
    • Seduction (Feliss)
    • Transformation (Maris)
  5. Rance 0 CD (optional): If Rance's level is high, he will do good damage per turn.

At lv 40~44, with Aten, Maria, Barres, Sel, Maris on defense/heal and Rance, Rick, Menad (spear attack) on offense, Hanny King was beatable (slowly but surely).

Urunsel Heaven[]

Pattern: physical attack on 3 > magic attack on 3 > 3k+ heal

  • Urunsel of various types appear behind the big Urunsel. Less numerous than the hanny mob but more dangerous and annoying with defense buffs.

Party: For defense/heal, same as set up for Hanny King (#1~3). For offense, the order of preference changes:

  • White Destruction Beam (Shizuka) + Masou: the big Urunsel is weak to magic
  • By La Way (Rick)
  • Seduction (Feliss)
  • Transformation (Maris)
  • Kua Lu Lane (Menad): a lot less effective due to some Urunsels' physical immunity

At lv 48~50, with all 4 party defense buffs, Sel, Shizuka (6★ WDB + 6★ Masou) and Rick (BLWLW). Urunsel Heaven was beatable (with luck of Rance switching in for Maria).