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Rance 03 Plot Summary and changes from Rance III to the canonical timeline.

*Note the first few sections assume you have played Rance III or have read the Let's Play on the codex.

General Changes Edit

New Party Members Edit

Removed Characters Edit

Characters from the original Rance III that were removed.

  • Lesbian Nurse that took care of Noah.
  • Nurse, the helman soldier who hypnotized Leazas soldiers.
  • Saya, the helman soldier who tortures Lia and Maris. She still exists but is now a blonde Leazas noblewoman and Patty's elder sister.
  • Apostle Opal was renamed as Apostle Topaz. Sapphire and Garnet still exist. All three apostles have distinct personalities and roles.

The Beginning Edit

Prologue Edit

  • Leila helps Kanami escape from Leazas Castle. They run into Ithere and Leila stays behind so Kanami can escape.
  • Ithere is interested in Leila's strong mind and resistance. He seems to like people with those traits.
  • Rance doesn't take Kanami's virginity at the start and just gets a blowjob.
  • If Rance has more than 2200 gold (during the starting quest) he automatically donates money to Corin and the Hanny Cult.
  • Jericho (prison guard from Rance 01) can be recruited.

- Satella goes to Ice to search for Rance. She managed to get some info from Lia that a cool and good looking man named Rance is the person who has the items). She talks to Keith.

  • Rance and party run into Lark and Noah in the cave. Lark and Noah think they want autographs.
  • Satella doesn't think Rance is the cool and good looking man Lia gave the items to.
  • Lis is now named Wuu.
  • Rola doesn't believe Wuu is dead.
  • Rola calls Rance a lolicon.
  • After taking Rola back to Keith, Rola hears about the holy sword and armour and decides to steal them (we don't see her or hear about them in the original).
  • Rance originally thinks Keith stole them.

Ice Town Edit

  • Rance doesn't visit Noah in the hospital. Rance never meets the lesbian nurse (she may no longer exist).
  • There is a scene in Keith Guild where she tells Rance and Keith that she is quitting the guild and will go on a journey to find herself.
  • Wrench (the daughter of the Ice weapon shop owner) - has three different sex scenes as opposed to none in the original. She inherits the Ice weapon shop after Rance and Kanami kill her father. The first time Rance sees her again she is timid and Rance fucks her after pretending to go inside to light incense candles for her father. Next time you visit her personality has completely changed and she reveals that she knows Rance killed her father. Rance can still have sex with her whenever you visit.

Siege of Kathtom Edit

Devil's Pass and Enslaving Feliss Edit

  • Setina (the blue haired waitress in Kanra) can be fucked as in the original. Read the faq linked at the top of this pastebin for details.
  • Corin should tell Rance that the Hanny Temple has opened up around this time. It has various trials against different types of Hanny. Keep on going back as you get stronger. When you beat the red hannies Rance can fuck Corin (three variations).
  • Rosé is into sexual roleplay and roleplays getting forced into a devil breeding slave during sex.
  • Feliss is called slave 2 and is treated as a party member and takes part in cutscenes and has interactions with other characters. For game purposes she starts with a level cap of 99.
  • Rance steps on the god's plate in the Devil's pass like in the original.
  • Return Devils are not interested in a low class devil like Feliss.
  • Feliss claims that devils do not have heat when Rance asks her if she is in heat.
  • First return devil teleports Kanami into another dimension where she gets molested on a train by Rance.
  • Second return devil makes Kanami cosplay as Haruka and camwhore. Stream ends just before nakadashi.
  • If you get returned to the start there are different variations of both scenes.

Kathtom Edit

  • Rance can interact with Mill in the shop. It's great.
  • Kanami reacts to hearing that Rance was Mill's first.
  • Rick is leading the siege of Kathtom.

Lia and Maris Torture Edit

  • Lia and Maris are still being tortured by a woman called Saya.
  • Saya Friday is no longer a Helman soldier but is instead a blonde noble from Leazas.
  • Leazas nobles are aware of Lia's previous hobby.

L-Zile Edit

  • Nurse no longer exists. Instead the Leazas soldiers sieging Kathtom are mindcontrolled by Sapphire, Ithere's blue haired apostle.
  • Sapphire is not in caves underneath the Mayor's Mansion but is in a tower to the south of L-Zile.
  • Rance sees Barres in the Mayor's Mansion whilst he is under the control of Helman.
  • Rance no longer fucks the Mayor's daughter (who is working as a maid and prostitute of Helman soldiers). There is a cg of her after getting raped by Helman.
  • Kanami tells Rance off for wanting to fuck the Mayor's daughter. Rance points out she used to kidnap girls for Lia to rape.
  • Rance doesn't need a password for Henderson's room but needs a password to get into the top floor of the tower (where Sapphire is).
  • Rance gets a lap pillow from the maid whilst waiting for Sill to get information from the third soldier.
  • Rance decides that he will fuck the maid after defeating Helman.
  • Bernad's recruitment papers can be found here. Go back to Ice and recruit him in Keith guild.

- Julia and Aten are touring Sapphire's tower.

  • Rance can get Feliss to fly the party up the tower but Feliss loses a lot of health from it.
  • Mi Lordring has no issues with healing devils.
  • Leila rescues Sapphire after she is defeated by Rance.
  • Sill only watches the sex scene with Maria. She does not take part.
  • Rance doesn't randomly try and assault Shizuka in town after not getting any sex.

Helman Interlude I Edit

  • Noce offers to kill Sheila but Patton tells him to not harm her.
  • Thoma knows that Minerva is self serving but has to give her tasks due to her competence.

Liberation of Red Edit

Holy Sword and Armour Edit

  • Rance gets the items back a lot earlier in 03 than in III.
  • Wuu (Lis) is revealed to be the last living Round One Lis(like Kayblis was).
  • Rance thinks of finding an ordinary squirrel and sticking a propeller on it's head and giving it to Rola. He asks Keith for where he can find a squirrel but is told they can only be found in Zeth.
  • Rance sticks a propeller in a random white haired kid from Ice and makes him pretend to be Wuu.
  • Rola falls for the fake and fucks him in the toilet of a family restaurant.

Canary in the Mines Edit

  • Rick takes part in the meeting of commanders.
  • Rance sees that the Liberation Army was defeated as per Rance III. He agrees to join in exchanged for fucking Shizuka.
  • Rance goes to the mines to get Hirara ore for Shizuka. Shizuka joins the party.
  • Rance and party run into Lewis (Keith guild member from Rance 01) outside the mine. He recognises Rance but Rance attacks him.
  • Rance doesn't know that Milli is stuck in the mine.
  • Rance gets separated from the group due to a collapse in the mine. He pushes Sill out the way to safety and summons Feliss during the collapse but she is immediately hit by falling rock and faints.
  • Rance blames Sill for the collapse of the mine.
  • Rance runs into Milli and Kana.
  • There is only one major monster in the mine and it's a canary. Rance and Milli fight it twice.
  • Rance hears Sill's voice from a long distance.
  • Sill hears Rance's voice from a long distance (based on Kanami's bad end in Rance IX I'm guessing that Fated Couples who both love each other gain these sort of newtype powers).
  • Corn (Kana's fiancee) acts as a guide from the party.
  • Rance pushes Corn (Kana's fiancee) into a crevice hoping he'll die.
  • The canary attacks for the last time and is defeated.
  • Coincidentally Rance actually saved Corn's life by pushing him into a ravine. Corn thinks he's just tsundere and wants to invite him to his and Kana's wedding.

Liberation of Red Edit

  • Rick takes part. Rance sends Rick and Barres to other parts of the battle because:

1. He doesn't want to hang around men and

2. He thinks Rick will take some of his glory.

Rick and Barres interpret this is clever leadership and tactics.

  • Sepia Landstar (the Helman soldier Rance gets Kanami to kidnap for info in the original) appears here. She can use fire magic.
  • She is in her older brother (Rovert Landstar)'s corps.
  • Rovert Landstar (like Trevor from GTA5) is a very unprofessional soldier who doesn't wear pants but is highly rated by Thoma for his clever but unconventional tactics.
  • Rovert uses several tactics to try and defeat the tank.
  • He plans a strategy to destroy the tank but underestimates the tank's length and is caught underneath it when the explosion goes off.
  • Sel has a really long name.

- Rance rates Sel 80/100.

  • There is no secret passage between Sel's church and Fletcher's base. Fletcher is hiding in the church.

- Rance enters the church and kills Fletcher and defeats Leila.

  • Ithere leaves but before that Shizuka uses fire laser on him and he is interested by her fighting spirit.

Helman Interlude II Edit

  • Hunty talks to Patton and offers to take over command of the Helman invasion. Patton refuses because he wants to do it himself.

Aftermath of the Liberation of Red Edit

  • Shizuka gets worried about Rance's using contraception and tries to cast the contraception spell during sex but Rance doesn't let her.
  • Despite saying that she will only have sex with Rance once she gets added to the normal inn roster.
  • (Inn scene) Rance wants a threesome with Feliss and Shizuka. Rance also wants to know if he can make money from Feliss due to uses of devils as magical agreements (mainly hair and stuff).
  • Rance meets Louis in town and finds out that Keith has jobs for raising money.
  • Aten and Julia are touring Red Town.
  • The job involves the cursed town of Koo to the south of Ice and killing zombies and selling the black bracelets.
  • Necai (thief from Rance 01) can be recruited here.
  • Hazuki (cheating dealer at the casino in Rance 01) is now working in a Chinese restaurant in Red.
  • If you'd spent 1000, 3000, and 6000 on Hazuki Rance gets pissed off and decides to punish her. Hazuki thinks the police will intervene but finds out that Rance is the leader of the liberation army. There is no sex scene.
  • Cessna's cousin is working as the shop owner in red. She also sleeps a lot. She has a sex CG (not with Rance) that you'll get just by visiting her a lot and trying out the options.

Liberation of Zeo Edit

Forest of the Lost Edit

  • Everyone is concerned about Leila who was not released from mindcontrol and has become aggressive and needs to be restrained.
  • Rick talks of a story he heard as child, about unicorn honey being able to help people recover.
  • Rance journeys to the forest.
  • Rance runs into the unicorn and the party defeats it. Rance tries to get it's honey but it wakes up and runs away.
  • Kanami tries the next time but the same thing happens.
  • Rance and party run into Satella in the forest.
  • Rance uses Shizuka to create a smokescreen so they can run.
  • They manage to teleport to the Rapu village.
  • Satella catches up to them. Rance says she's a coward for attacking with multiple people (her and her golems) So sends Isis to fight and Rance gets all his party to attack Isis at once. Isis loses but quickly recovers from the fight and Satella decides to attack Rance.
  • The Rapu fight her off and the elder tells Sioux to escape with Rance.
  • Sioux becomes a party member.
  • Rance teaches Sioux about sex in the inn.
  • Rance finds out from Sioux that only virgins can approach the unicorn.
  • Sel is recruited to do so.
  • Rance and Sioux find the Rapu village which was wiped out by Satella.
  • Unicorn likes Sel and she kisses her. Rance gets the honey.
  • Leila is very violent in her restraints and Sel needs someone to help restrain her so she can apply the unicorn honey.
  • Rick offers but Rance takes the opportunity. Rick thinks that Rance is doing this out of genuine concern for his subordinates.
  • Rance uses this as an excuse to fuck Leila whilst she's under mind control.
  • Barres hears about Sioux's story and decides to adopt her.

Hyper Building Edit

  • Sel finds out the Rance is fucking Leila whilst she isn't in her right mind and realises that Rance is a bad person. She decides to free Sill from her obedience spell but realises that Sill isn't under an obedience spell. Sill asks her to keep it quite.
  • Sel still thinks that Rance has the potential to be a good person and arrange to meet Rance at his inn at night to guide him into becoming a better person.
  • Sel was told by Feliss that Rance tricked her into becoming his slave.
  • Satella attacks the headquarters during Rance's lesson.
  • Isis beats up Rick.
  • Kanami escapes and fetches Rance who thinks a Demon attack is better than listening to Sel.
  • Maria wants to continue the fight against Helman instead of rescuing Sill and leaves the party.
  • Aten and Julia are touring the Hyper Building.
  • Satella has Sill in a water tank which is getting filled with water.
  • Rance and co fight Caesar but have to retreat.
  • They plan for a way to deal with Caesar but it doesn't work but at the last minute Maria makes a comeback using the Tulip. Tank vs Golem battle.
  • The tulip takes out Caesar by crushing him against the wall.
  • Willis finds out that Rance has no level cap and is surprised and thinks that if it weren't for lifespan he would have become strong enough to take on the gods.
  • Still meet real Lis (Wuu) in the tower but Rance doesn't take him to see Rola.
  • Satella has no idea why Noce thinks the holy sword, shield and armour will help Hornet.
  • Sel uses the holy sword, weapon and shield and herself instead of the barrier roads.
  • Carrying the holy sword gives Feliss headaches. Rance asks if it is morning sickness.
  • Rance molests Satella a lot after Isis saves her from the sealing. She orgasms a lot and before Rance takes her virginity Caesar comes in and he and Satella escape. Satella won't meet Rance again until Quest where Rance fucks her in this same Hyper Building.
  • Rance sees that Sill's container is almost full of water and runs without thinking to save her.
  • He uses Rance Attack to break the glass.
  • Rance fucks Sill after rescuing her.
  • Rance is annoyed that Sill keeps on get captured so tells her to stay where he can see her.

Helman Interlude Edit

  • Ex is leading a guerrilla war.
  • Hunty is suspicious of Noce and talks to him.

Preparation for Battle Edit

  • Barres talks up Thoma as the world's strongest and Rick agrees.
  • During the meeting Rance tells Kanami to go to Zeo and kidnap a Helman officer. After all kidnapping is her forte. Kanami panics because she doesn't want people to know of Lia's hobbies.
  • You get to play as Kanami for a bit whilst she kidnaps Sepia.
  • Helman soldiers are fans of Sheila even though she's around 12.
  • Kanami can summon Willis even though Rance isn't there
  • Sepia tells Rance not to waste food during the interrogation.
  • Rovert is confirmed to have survived and takes part.
  • There is an idol called Alice who looks like Alice and gets offered out by her employer to Thoma.
  • Sepia is suffering from the after effects of the interrogation session.

Liberation of Zeo Edit

  • Fight with Thoma's army takes part in a canyon with a whole bunch of branches. It's at night.
  • Rance has Feliss carry him to a high spot.
  • Garnet and Sapphire take part. Topaz wishes to watch with Ithere.
  • The Liberation army is divided into parts for the battle.
  • Shizuka and Maria command one part. Kasumi is in the tank.
  • Short scene where you control Shizuka and Maria.
  • Garnet is attacking their part of the army. Garnet can also used mind control magic.
  • Kasumi makes Garnet retreat after a cutscene.
  • Rance is watching the fight with Sill and Feliss. He gets Feliss to fire signals to tell the different parts of the army when to move.
  • Next part of the army is commanded by Milli and Sel. Sel joined because she wanted to lecture Milli because she's just as bad as Rance.
  • Helman engineers are building something to take out the tank. Milli and Sel take it out.
  • Milli is coughing blood after the fight.
  • Sel realises and Milli reveals that she is dying but asks Sel to keep it quiet.
  • Leila and Rick command another part of the army.
  • Rovert Randster sees them and takes it on himself to fight Rick. He had realised that Sepia had told Leazas about the Helman army movement.
  • Rovert scatters the ground with oil and starts a fire as he fights Rick.
  • Sepia appears and Rovert grabs her and runs off so she doesn't burn. Because of that Leila and Rick can escape. They hear Rovert screams about the flames.
  • Rick and Leila run into Sapphire. Rick saves Leila's life. There is a boss battle against Sapphire.
  • Barres is commanding the archers.
  • Kanami and Sioux are in the same group. Kanami finds assassination easy which impresses Sioux who reveals she looks up to Kanami onee-chan Kanami is really happy about the praise, in particular being called onee-chan and repeats it to herself.
  • Kanami actually looks competent here and is assassinating Helman soldiers like a real ninja.
  • They run into Ithere. Kanami and Sioux hide and let him pass.
  • The three apostles combine their attacks and uses black destruction ray on the tank.
  • Shizuka identifies the magic and decides to stop the apostles.
  • Rance, Sill and Feliss go to stop the apostles.
  • They run into Kanami. She tells them a demon has come. Rance has forgotten about Ithere and assumes it's Satella, Kanami and Sioux join the party.
  • The three apostles use black destruction ray again but Shizuka diverts it with a white destruction ray.
  • Ithere notices her and remembers her from Red. Ithere gets attacked by Leazas soldiers but uses mind control and makes them commit suicide.
  • Shizuka and Ithere are fighting. Shizuka realises she can't directly attacks so tries for tactics like sticky ground. She then causes an earthquake which covers Ithere with rocks. Ithere easily gets out and is beating up Shizuka. He asks her why she is doing something so useless. Shizuka says that while she's still not dead she won't give up and will continue to fight. Ithere tries to mind control her but she resists saying just because she can't win doesn't mean there is no reason to fight. Shizuka faints after one last fire blast. Ithere is incredibly impressed and falls in love and takes her with him.
  • Rance and party have to climb a cliff to fight the apostles. Sill is unable to do it so Rance gets Feliss to carry Sill.
  • Rance defeats the apostles.
  • Rance fucks the three of them at the same time.
  • Thoma realises the battle is lost and orders a retreat. The Director General of Zeo offers him to supplies to retreat to Oku in Leazas.

The Golden Hanny Edit

Noce and Satella Edit

  • Hunty tells Patton he won't get any reinforcements and that even the Emperor opposes him.
  • Noce is trying to get to the seal himself but can't because he needs Leazas royal blood.
  • Lia is getting electrocuted. Satella wants to get Saya to add more and more water.
  • Noce comes down to make sure Lia isn't killed because of said royal blood.
  • Satella wants revenge against Rance for Isis. Noce's plan involves Rance reaching the castle with the holy sword, armour and shield.
  • Noce sneak attacks Satella and severely injures her.
  • He then reveals that he isn't loyal to Hornet and has no need for Satella.

Zeo Edit

  • The poster in Rance's room and in all the inns is of an idol called Alice.
  • Rance gets to fuck her. Alice has seven scene variations.
  • Barres is an Alice fan.
  • Aten and Julia are touring. Aten is a hardworker but reveals that she likes manga.
  • During the meeting Maria reveals that Shizuka is missing.
  • Mill makes her appearance. She reveals that Ran has recovered sufficiently to run things in Kathtom. She's going back to the battle site to look for Shizuka.
  • Millie Lincle is in the shop in Zeo. She reveals that she was in Zeo for a conference during the invasion and couldn't return so is helping out in the store.
  • Rance can go to M-Land.
  • Kanami sees a couple in M-Land and envies them.
  • Sayori is still running M-Land and is still getting letters from Shimoda.
  • Rance and Sill ride the rollercoaster together. Rance then rides with Kanami who hates it and screams.
  • M-Land has an attraction called the TOWER which cannot be accessed yet.

Oku Edit

  • I don't even remember if there was anything of note about Oku in the original. In any case after Rance's great victory the Helman army retreated here.
  • Milli mentions Arios. He was a member of her troop with a strong sense of justice who has just deserted
  • Turns out Helman have left Oku. Zeo never gave them the supplies they promised as revenge for getting invaded.
  • Rance only has 2500 troops so goes to a free city in the north called Pakkyamaradoden. It's not really a free city but more a den of thieves and mercenaries. He meets Lark there.
  • Rance goes back to Zeo and tries to recruit people with his charisma. It doesn't work. He gets Kanami to do it. People just ignore and laugh at her.
  • Julia and Aten appear.
  • Rance is having an argument with the Mayor who says the war no longer has nothing to do with Zeo when all the sudden. Lark runs in. He talks of a monster that is going to wipe out Pakkyamaradoden and then go to Zeo.
  • The Mayor panics and asks for Rance's help. Rance tells him that Zeo has nothing to do with his army.

Shizuka and Ithere I Edit

  • Short cut scene where Mill is searching for Shizuka then back to her and Ithere. Shizuka is going to leave to rejoin the army but before she does she asks why he helped her.
  • Ithere reveals that once he was weak and fragile and powerless against Gele and in Shizuka's fighting spirit he saw something that he didn't have. Ithere confesses to her.

Tentacle Monster Edit

  • The monster is a tentacle monster. Rance goes to Pakkyamarado and sees Lark fighting it. It split into pieces.
  • Rance is about to be attacked but Aten uses magic to destroy the part that was attacking Rance. Julia is there as well. Aten's devil beam is effective whereas Sill's fire magic is useless.
  • Julia and Aten get caught be tentacles. Julia keeps on laughing because it tickles. Aten uses ice magic to attack the tentacle and escape. Now Rance and co can damage the monster.
  • After Rance wins all the mercenaries and bandits in the town join his army plus the Zeo guys he got to fight the monster.
  • Rance can talk to the Mayor/Brothel Madam whow a worker. Sill, Kanami and Feliss are relieved when Rance doesn't make them work. Rance can sell the three optional party members though. It's useful for getting them out of the rotation for when a character faints. Keep Necai if you intend to fix ICom though.
  • Bernard - 1000 and 3000 buy back
  • Jericho - 5000 and 15000 buy back
  • Necai - 25000 and 75000 buy back

Thoma's Last Stand Edit

  • Short Interlude in South Yulang and Fubri from Rance 01 are tied to poles in South after getting crushed by Minerva.
  • Aten and Julia have somehow joined the army. Aten thinks this is troublesome but Julia has decided to add it as part of the tour.
  • Leila sees Julia and thinks she is familiar. Julia is still in the Royal Guard.
  • Mill comes in with Shizuka.
  • Rance now has 5000 troops and takes 1000 with him to North and 4000 to South. He sends Barres and Rick with the 4000 attacking south and intends to take Leila with him but she picks to go to South. Kanami tries to go to South as well but Barres says her skills are needed with Rance. Mill wants to go to North but Milli gets her to stay.
  • Thoma is in command of North with 100 troops. Hunty is also there and talks with Thoma. She tries to convince him to go to Castle but Thoma says he won't retreat. Thoma tells Hunty that whilst Patton has fallen at the moment he still have the capability of being the man to save Helman. Hunty is worried that Thoma will die like Patton's mum and leave him alone. Thoma laughs and says that he is Thoma Lipton and he won't die easily. Force starts playing the moment he says this. Hunty takes a last message from Thoma to tell Patton and Hubert.
  • Thoma looks at the blue sky and thinks of how the sky in Helman was always grey and cloudy. He regrets that he didn't teach Patton enough about the world. He starts up a Helman chant with his soldiers and they charge out of the fort to attack Rance.
  • Aten is in the Rance army and spams devil beam.
  • Thoma punches away the canon balls and beats up the Tulip.
  • Rance wants to send Feliss to fight him but Feliss says it's impossible in sunlight. Rance tells her to have courage and do her best.
  • No matter who beats thoma the game will always say Rance did it. Rance collapses and it's the most tired he has ever felt in his life. Instead of surrendering Thoma's soldiers decide to fight to the death.

Minerva Edit

  • Alicesoft headquarters are in North.
  • There is a poster of Rance IX on the wall. Sill comments that the bgm has changed. Shizuka puppet is also there.
  • TADA can be visited in level 5. If you have defeated the Super Hanny trial he gives the Hanny King card which unlocks two more Corin sex scene variations.
  • Blue army approaches. They offer to introduce Rance to Cordoba but Rance isn't interested.
  • Go back to Oku and Barres has been defeated.
  • Minerva and Rick battle.
  • Mineva got the Leazas army to fight in the streets of South.
  • Minerva beats Rick after tricking him with illusion magic.
  • Leila grabs Rick and escapes with him.
  • Minerva sends her soldiers out to fight the Leazas soldiers and then uses mines to collapse a cliff on everyone.
  • Barres is forced to retreat.
  • South is a mining town built on the side of a mountain.
  • Minerva uses the trick with the mines to collapse rocks on Rance.
  • But Rance has prepared for this and gets Sill to send a message to Shizuka and Maria. Maria uses the damaged tulip to cause another explosion near Minerva.
  • Rance beats Mineva and she falls off a cliff.
  • Rance and co have to run away because of the rock slide from the explosion he made Maria cause.
  • Rance goes to save Yulang who is tied up. He sees a figure and thinks it's a Helman soldier and attacks it. But it's Menad. She hugs him and starts crying.
  • The town is damaged. Rance doesn't care. Barres says what would Lia think. Kanami thinks to herself that Lia wouldn't have any problems with Rance.
  • Menad is happy that Kanami is safe. Rance asks if they are acquainted. Kanami says they are friends. Rance is surprised that Kanami has friends.
  • Kanami is really surprised to hear that Menad's 'cool boyfriend' she talked about in Rance 01 is Rance.
  • If you go the bar in South you meet Harry Stewart (Ninja Master).

Ithere's Suspicions Edit

  • Patton finds out that Thoma and Minerva have lost. He's shocked that someone could possibly beat Thoma in a fight.
  • Patton laughs after realising that he's fucked and is nothing more than a laughing stock.
  • Ithere is in the castle with his apostles. He thinks of Shizuka.
  • Ithere thinks about Hornet and how he wants to serve her.
  • Noce goes to talk to Ithere. Noce is talking about how he can help their master and how he has found Chaos.
  • Ithere notices something about Noce's words. He wonders since when was Noce that loyal to Hornet.
  • Ithere recognises the name Chaos but isn't sure where he remembers it from.
  • Ithere asks about Satella. Noce tells him that Satella voluntarily returned to the Monster Realm.
  • Ithere is again suspicious because he doesn't think Satella's personality would let her retreat due to how strong minded she is.

Return to Oku Edit

  • Rick has recovered from his injuries. He's amazed that Rance defeated both Minerva and Thoma.
  • Rance actually admits that Thoma was really strong.
  • Rick thinks Rance is a great warrior and worthy of respect.

Minerva Interlude Edit

  • Scene of Minerva managing to climb up the cliff.
  • Another Helman soldier is there. It's one of the soldiers that listened to Thoma's orders instead of Minerva's. He tells Minerva that Thoma is dead. She asks for his sword and then kills him.
  • Minerva is happy that Thoma is dead because it helps her ambitions.

Oku Edit

  • They're talking about how the capital is all that is left to retake.
  • Rick tells Barres that he'll be able to see his daughter soon.
  • Sioux is interested and Barres tells her that Sioux has an elder sister.
  • Rance thinks to himself and assumes the daughter will be ugly like her father.
  • Barres and Leila explain how strong the fortifications are.
  • In the inn Sill is worried about Rance dying. He says he won't and tells her not to die because paying for the funeral would be annoying.

Failed Liberation of Leazas Edit

  • Rance is marching from the North. Sill mentions that going to Leazas is nostalgic.
  • Rance remembers Lia and thinks that her body was the best and is too good to be wasted on Helman.
  • Barres mentions that Cordoba wants to meet Rance. Rance refuses.
  • Helman is using catapults and rocks to defend the castle. Rance summons Feliss who is unhappy as usual.
  • Rance tells Feliss to fly over the gate and open it from the other side. She doesn't think it's possible.
  • Feliss gets knocked out of the sky.
  • Milli and Barres convince Rance to retreat.
  • Rance and Barres decide to attack from the south.
  • Barres tries to introduce Ex to Rance. He appears for half a second on screen but Rance isn't interested.
  • They get beaten back again.
  • Barres is disappointed that his strategy failed because he wanted to look cool in front of Hauren. Sioux comforts him.
  • Sill receives a letter from Patton which she reads to Rance. It calls Leazas stupid which makes Rance mad and he hits Sill.
  • Patton is telling Rance to surrender.

Golden Hanny Edit

  • Rance thinks of his genius golden hanny strategy. Rance and Sill wonder where they have recently seen one. Feliss appears out of nowhere and reminds them that they saw it in the Devil's Pass.
  • Patty is now the item shop owner in South. Rance thinks that he must have been desperate to have fucked her in Rance 01.
  • Patty asks if Rance knows anything about the Noble's Rebellion in Northern Leazas because someone she is acquainted with is probably involved (her sister Saya who is torturing Lia and Maris)
  • After fighting the golden hanny it is destroyed and cannot be used.
  • No new scene variations with the return devils.
  • Go to Colin to ask about capturing Golden hannies. She tells you the doesn't know but the legendary founder might and he's apparently in North.
  • TADA is in the Alicesoft building in North. He tells you how to capture golden hannies.
  • Rance captures the Golden Hanny using Maria as bait and getting Feliss to fly her and Maria into the Hanny.
  • Back in South. Menad is the first to meet with Rance. Rance calls for Rick and Menad is amazed to see him, since he admires him.
  • Rance sends Rick to surrender to Patton.

Liberation of Leazas Edit

Breaching the Gates Edit

  • Hunty is shocked that the Liberation Army has surrendered.
  • Patton is very happy with the Golden Hanny gift.
  • Patton asks if Rick was the one who killed Thoma but Rick says he didn't. He wants the person who killed Thoma to surrender.
  • Rance and co break into the castle in the golden hanny just like in the original Rance III.
  • Rance follows Kanami through the secret passage in Paris Academy.
  • Rance only has Kanami, Sill and Feliss with him. Everyone else is opening the gate.
  • Cutscene with the rest of the party fighting in the gate.
  • Sioux's leg gets grabbed and she's going to be killed when Barres saves the day.
  • Barres is about to get shot by a crossbow but Sioux deflects it.

Patton and Hunty vs Noce I Edit

  • Patton realises that Leazas sneaked in using the Golden Hanny.
  • Patton plans on grabbing Lia and dangling her over the balcony as a hostage and sends a soldier after her.
  • Noce appears and kills the soldier.
  • Noce refuses to help Patton. He says that Patton is no longer useful but Lia is.
  • Pattons asks Hunty to fight Noce.
  • Hunty is using the same sealing magic to take down Noce.
  • Noce has no issues breaking the spell.

Search for Lia Edit

  • Kanami is happy that the ladder she used to escape the castle is still there.
  • They enter the castle dungeons and Rance gropes Kanami's bum making her yell out.
  • Helman soldiers hear the scream. Rance beats them and interrogates them asking for Lia. They say that they don't know much but she is in the prison.  
  • More Helman soldiers are coming but one of Ithere's apostles helps out.
  • Mi Lordring is for some reason in the sewer passage.
  • Both Rance and Mi think the other looks is familiar before dismissing it.

Patton and Hunty vs Noce II Edit

  • Patton attacks Noce but is thrown back.
  • Hanty intervenes and fights Noce. She keeps on using her magic to move.
  • Noce figures out that Hunty is a Dragon Kalar and laughs saying how nostalgic it is.
  • Hunty realises that Noce was a dragon as well.
  • Noce plans to kill Patton but Hunty decides to grab him and run using her magic. Noce laughs at the idea of bringing two people through it.

Rescuing the Best Princess Edit

  • Rance and co go back to the sewer.
  • They hear Lia's voice and Kanami wants to run to her straight away but Rance grabs her and holds her back to make her wait.
  • The prison is really big and Rance is getting annoyed. He asks Kanami if it's because of Lia's hobby but Kanami says the dungeons were always like that and date back to when the castle was built.
  • They find Lia. She's still tied naked to the horse and is about to get branded by Saya.
  • Rance steps in and saves her.
  • Kanami unchains Lia and Maris. Lia is still naked but hugs Rance and is all ~DARLING~.
  • She tells Rance that Saya was bullying her and Rance decides to punish Saya. Lia eagerly helps out.
  • Lia tells Rance that whilst it's "just a rumour" that Saya sleeps with a different man every night.
  • It's actually a lie but Saya can't refute it because she has the hyper weapon in her mouth. Rance cums in Says's mouth but a lot spills out. Lia tells Saya that she shouldn't waste darlings sperm and makes her drink it all.
  • Rance and co make it back to the castle. Leazas forces have taken over most of it and Patton cannot be found. Lia tells Leila that Rance is going to be the King of Leazas which Rance denies.
  • Leila is shocked because Lia is acting like a completely different person.

Demonic Sword Chaos Edit

Leazas Castle Edit

  • Heidi (bread stealing maid from Rance 01, later a maid in Rance Castle) is the item store girl and is selling items on behalf of Patty and Millie.
  • Lia tries to order her to sell the items to Rance for free but Rance disagrees because he doesn't want to rip off Patty and Millie.
  • If Rance tries to rape her, Lia first asks Rance to fuck her instead but afterwards agrees and orders Heidi to satisfy Rance.
  • If you go to the throne room it is completely wrecked. Lia is shocked. Rance picks up one of the four items Hunty used to try and seal Noce and gives it to Lia. She is happy because it's a present but it's heavy so she makes Kanami carry it.
  • Short Hunty interlude. She is supporting an injured Patton as they walk in a forest. Hunty is glad that not much time passed during her spell.  

Lia's Room Edit

  • The path to get Chaos is in Lia's room.
  • Rance and Sill visit Lia's room. Rance thinks that it's bigger than his house. Sill says the same thing so Rance hits her because he's pissed off about thinking at the same level as a slave.
  • Lia has a bath in her room and asks Rance if he wants to go into it with her. Rance says it would be good to go in there with several girls. Lia is unhappy because she wanted to be alone with Rance in there. Upon hearing that Sill is unhappy.
  • Lia has a life sized doll of Rance. She brags that Maris made it because Maris can do anything. Rance tells her to pay him money for use his likeness. Maris says "isn't it great Lia-sama. All you have to do is pay him and you have permission". Sill wants her own Rance doll.
  • Rance thinks that even though Lia is 100/100, her behaviour gets really tiring.  
  • For some reason Kanami and Maris have bookshelves in Lia's room. Maris has a whole bunch of difficult books. Kanami has books on iga ninja techniques. Kanami complains about Rance looking at her books so Rance starts reading the titles out loud - one is on how to become a charming woman. Lia's bookshelf is all about SM sex
  • Lia introduces her pet Harumaki to Rance.
  • The photograph of Rance raping Lia's virginity is still Lia's great treasure. Maris still managed to take it. Rance sees the photo and wants to fuck Lia but she wants Maris to tape it as a commemoration which turns Rance off. Maris tells Lia that she'll get more opportunities in the future.

Chaos Edit

  • Rance and party take the path down to get Chaos.
  • Rance remembers that he took these secret passage to chase after Lia in the first game. Lia remembers it as "Darling passionately pursuing her".

 There are dead Helman soldiers in the path. Garnet and Ithere are secretly following them. Sapphire and Topaz return. They killed the Helman soldiers to give Rance and co a free path.

  • Noce appears. The three apostles hide behind Ithere.
  • There is a room in the passage. The seal is apparently here. Lia tells Rance to take off his clothes and then to get on the bed which Sill reacts negatively to. Maris doesn't think it's time to muck around and tells Rance that he has to put on the holy equipment. Sill and Kanami can't believe what they're seeing but Lia thinks Rance looks cool.
  • Lia tells Rance that he has to kiss her. Maris knows she's faking but doesn't do anything. It's a really deep kiss, Sill is unhappy and Kanami starts to get embarrassed.
  • Everyone becomes naked. Rance summons Feliss to make her walk in front of him.
  • After unchaining Chaos, Noce appears and says that it has been 1000 years since he saw Chaos.
  • Rance cuts Noce with Chaos. Noce is pissed but suddenly kneels.  
  • Gele has been released. She looks a lot younger than before and now her arms and legs are demonic. Probably because they were cut off when she was still human and she grew new ones after becoming demon king.
  • Noce notes that Gele doesn't have her normal appearance.
  • Noce asks Gele for orders.
  • Rance takes Chaos and decides to confront Gele.
  • Kanami and Sill panic and try to warn him off.
  • Noce interferes and snaps Chaos.
  • Gele throws Rance into a wall and then walks off with Noce.
  • Ithere sees Gele and is shocked and kneels. The apostles do the same. Garnet is surprised that Gele's body has changed and that she now has a body like Topaz.
  • Noce gloats about his victory to Ithere and says he no longer needs to keep up the pretense of serving Hornet.
  • Gele continues to ignore Noce and her stomach rumbles.
  • Ithere's apostles try not to laugh.

Repairing Chaos Edit

Repairing Chaos Edit

  • Back to Rance and he wakes up in the room where they opened the passage to get Chaos.
  • Feliss points out the broken chaos and Rance says that's it's no more useful than a toothpick
  • Chaos yells out.
  • Chaos wants a girl so he can be fixed.
  • He refuses Maris because of her age.
  • Rance orders Kanami to do it.
  • Chaos isn't interested because he has had problems with girls from JAPAN (Nikkou).
  • He thinks Lia has a good body but is too lewd.
  • He doesn't want Feliss because she's a devil.
  • He wants Sill but Rance doesn't let him.
  • Rance and party go back to the regular Leazas Castle to find a girl for Chaos. They run into Rick.
  • Rick drops his spaghetti around Maris.
  • Rick informs them that there are still Helman soldiers in a few towers and that he hasn't encountered any Dark Lords.
  • Mill runs yelling for her sister. Menad chases her and restrains her before noticing everyone else.
  • Apparently Milli and Sel have been trapped between two groups of Helman soldiers and Rance needs to help.
  • Chaos isn't interested in Mill because she is a loli and not interested in Menad because she isn't a virgin.
  • Lia is unhappy about finding out Rance has fucked Menad and that Menad loves Rance.
  • Chaos says he wants a priestess and Sill suggests Sel.
  • Rance goes to save Milli and Sell. Mill asks to join. Menad is about to but Lia orders Rick to go and clear some towers and orders Menad to help him.
  • Mill joins the party

Leazas Capital Edit

  • The rest of the city is now open to explore (may have been earlier). Julia is guiding Aten around the capital.
  • Aten tells Julia it is time to separate because the tour is over. Aten "At first I thought you were just an irresponsible tour guide, no that hasn't changed, but it was fun".
  • Julia grabs Aten says that she still has to complete the tour of Leazas. Aten protests saying that she needs to go home and research. Julia tells Aten of a rumour of a wise old man who has been stuck in a wall in a cave for a 1000 years and drags Aten along to see British.
  • Nami is still the innkeeper and she recognizes Rance immediately. Kanami thinks Nami is a beautiful woman.
  • Lia wants to stay in the same room as Rance. Rance rejects because it would be too crowded since she'd bring in a stuffed toy or Maris. (Rance doesn't want to sleep in a crowded room with Maris and Lia?)
  • Rance can fuck Nami at night in the inn.
  • If you choose to go the bar it shows Rance and Lia walking around the streets of Leazas. Lia points out a bar and wants to go with Rance, Rance remembers that it's Pulptenks bar so goes in.
  • Pulptenks is happy to see Rance and hugs him. Lia is jealous and asks Pulptenks why she is hugging Rance. Rance is happily eating Pulptenks cooking. Lia is trying to convince him the food isn't any good compared to the food of Leazas Castle so he shouldn't eat it. She is silenced by Kanami happily eating the food. Lia then tells Kanami that she's getting a salary reduction.
  • Rance asks Pulptenks if she was troubled by the Helman soldiers. She stops and half in tears says "actually the truth is" then she grabs Rance and starts crying into his chest whilst calling his name.
  • Sex scene with Pulptenks getting gangbanged by Helman soldiers. For some reason one of them is black. The Helman soldiers joke about getting her pregnant with a half Helman child.
  • But it's just Pulptenks fantasies.
  • Pulptenks is relived to hear that Millie and Patty are fine. She says they talked about Rance in the past. Milly thinks Rance is a strange person and Patty thinks he is an interesting person. Pulptenks told them that Rance is a cool looking person
  • Lia decides she needs to start collecting and controlling information about Rance.

Rescuing Sel and Milli Edit

  • In the east tower. Maris tells Rance that it's an armoury which is why Helman is still holding onto it. Chaos shit talks the other weapons saying they're nothing compared to him.
  • Rance hears a scream. Helman soldiers are trying to rape Sel.
  • Rance tells them that Sel is his and kills them. After recovering Sel thanks Rance but tells him that she doesn't belong to him.
  • Chaos is very enthused about Sel.
  • Mill wants to know about her sister. Apparently she is higher in the tower. Sel joins the party.
  • Milli is fighting at the top of the tower but starts coughing blood.
  • Sel is pressured into agreeing to have sex with Chaos in order to fight Gele.
  • Maris says she will arrange a room for them.

Gele Interlude I Edit

  • Elsewhere in Leazas castle there are a bunch of corpses. Gele is drawing the life energy from some Leazas women.
  • Ithere is present and watching.
  • Gele mentions Gi's name.
  • Noce tells her Gi is dead.
  • Ithere adds that the current throne of Demon King is vacant and that Kayblis and Gi's daughter, Hornet are fighting.

Chaos Revived Edit

  • If you go to the throne room there is a scene. Lia again asks Rance to marry her but is rejected. Lia asks if Rance dislikes her.
  • Rance tells her that isn't the case, he just has no intention of getting tied down to one woman.
  • Lia asks him if he really doesn't dislike her. Rance says he doesn't dislike her because she is a good woman. She hugs him happily.
  • Rance asks where the old people who used to sit on the chairs are.
  • Kanami reminds him that they're the King and Queen.
  • Now to fix Chaos. Rance and party go back to Nami's inn. Chaos gets a private room with Sel.
  • Rance decides to peep "to make sure Sel isn't hurt by Chaos".
  • Scene lasts like 5 seconds. Chaos is fully revived.
  • Chaos is talking to the party in the streets of Leazas. Rance says that Gele is a beautiful girl and he does not kill beautiful girls.
  • Chaos trys to convince him otherwise and asks him if he even knows about Gele.
  • Maris reveals that she had heard that Gele was the most terrible (for humanity) demon king of all time.
  • Chaos brings up how horrible and strong Gele and the 24 Dark Lords are and that Rance can't afford to not try to kill her. Rance says he is noisy and ignores him.

Gele Interlude II Edit

  • Gele has noticed Chaos' revival.
  • Gele orders Ithere and his apostles to break chaos.

Ithere Edit

- There are two areas in the castle that need to be cleared of Helman soldiers - the courtyard and the west tower.

Courtyard Edit

  • Barres and Maria are under attack by one of Ithere's Apostles.
  • It is Garnet. Sioux and Shizuka have chased her.
  • Maria and Barres join as party members.

British Interlude I Edit

  • Aten and Julia are in the old thief hideout looking for British.
  • Aten is surprised that there actually was a person in the wall.
  • Aten asks him how long he has been in the wall. British isn't sure but thinks it's 1500 years. Julia is amazed because he's even older than her grandmother.
  • Aten doesn't believe him so asks him to talk about the Demon King of the time.
  • British says it's not something pleasant to talk about but after further pestering agrees.
  • He says he only knows of one Demon King. Someone cruel, cold and merciless - Gele.

Shizuka and Ithere Edit

  • After completing the first floor there is a cutscene of Garnet, Shizuka and Sioux.
  • Ithere appears and talks to Garnet and tells her to go search for Chaos. She runs off to follow his instructions.
  • Ithere then turns to talk to Shizuka.
  • Back to Rance's group.
  • Completes next floor of dungeon and then back to Shizuka and Ithere.
  • Ithere asks Shizuka to become his apostle.
  • Ithere says it's impossible to defeat Gele and that humanity will inevitably become livestock
  • Ithere doesn't want Shizuka to suffer that fate, which is why he wants her as her apostle.
  • Shizuka thinks that is loser talk.
  • Rance appears.
  • Chaos recognises Ithere.
  • Ithere tries to brainwash Rance, Chaos warns Rance not to look in Ithere's eyes, the brainwashing doesn't work because Rance would never look into a man's eyes
  • Ithere runs away.
  • Chaos says that if he gets one hit in, other attacks will be able to damage Dark Lords.
  • Shizuka and Sioux rejoin the party.

Garnet Edit

  • Later cut scene. Maria and Chaos notice something and Shizuka yells at Rance to avoid it. It's Garnet's attack. She's after Chaos as per Ithere's orders.
  • Rance tells her that he beat Ithere and he ran away.
  • Boss battle against Garnet.
  • Rance wants to fuck Garnet again but he's already done her and chasing Ithere is more important.
  • Garnet wants to stop him and grabs his leg. Rance tells her that he'll come back and fuck her later.
  • Garnet gets captured by Leazas/Free Cities soldiers.

Fair and Square Edit

  • Rance and co catch up to Ithere. Rance gets everyone to hide.
  • Rance says that there is a traitor and points at Shizuka.
  • Rance pointed out how she and Ithere interacted. He says that she shoudldn't be fickle when she has Rance.
  • Shizuka denies that she has anything going on with Rance or Ithere.
  • Maria defends Shizuka. Rance asks her if she knows everything about Shizuka and if she knows Shizuka's taste in guys.
  • Rance answers his own question and says that Shizuka's favourite guy is Rance.
  • Shizuka admits that Ithere saved her in the earlier battle.
  • Rance figures out that Ithere loves Shizuka which Shizuka is unable to deny.
  • Rance questions if Shizuka has any feelings for Ithere. She denies it. Rance then asks Shizuka if she could strike down Ithere without hesitation. She says she can. Rance tells her to take part in his plan. Shizuka agrees.
  • Rance tells her to strip naked and approach Ithere. Shizuka asks why and Rance tells her it is the best way to win.
  • Shizuka says no saying that it's just Rance wanting her to get naked.
  • Rance tells her that there is no man who will not be distracted if approached by the woman he loves in the nude.
  • Shizuka reluctantly agrees after seeing the logic.
  • Scene is shown from Ithere's pov.
  • Slow version of Shizuka's theme is playing (it plays in Ithere/Shizuka scenes).
  • Ithere's is thinking to himself and staring at the sky. He hears a voice stammering his name.
  • Ithere turns and is shocked at Shizuka's appearance.
  • Sill feels bad about this. Chaos is impressed by Rance's tactics.
  • Shizuka is naked and stammering. She asks Ithere if she can become an apostle.
  • Ithere is confused but happy. He accepts but asks why.
  • Shizuka tells him that it's because Rance betrayed her and she wants to kill him.
  • Ithere approaches Shizuka to make her an apostle. He tells her that he needs some blood.
  • It's not the first time he has made an apostle but this time he is really nervous. He makes a small cut on Shizuka's neck and leans in to kiss it.
  • When Rance jumps out and stabs him the back with Chaos.
  • Rance's is beating up on Ithere but Ithere is getting ready to fight.
  • Rance points out that now Chaos has damaged him so can other people and calls Shizuka to attack him. Shizuka gets ready to do so.
  • Ithere looks at the sky and things that Shizuka's eyes which are full of resolution are beautiful.
  • Rance asks him if he's begging for his life. Ithere's theme plays.
  • An actual boss battle starts.
  • Rance wins and raises Chaos to finish Ithere off.
  • Shizuka grabs his arm and asks him to wait and to leave Ithere be.
  • Rance decides to listen to Shizuka despite Chaos and Lia's protests.

British Interlude II - Gele's Era Edit

  • British is telling them about Gele.
  • During Gele's reign no house lit lights during the night. People would wait all night fearing death and be grateful to be alive in the morning.
  • Aten asks if Gele slaughtered humanity.
  • British said that she did but even more cruelly - that she did the opposite.
  • British talks about the human farms.
  • Julia says that she likes farms.
  • Aten says that she had read about this in a book.
  • British says that the next part is pretty hard to hear.
  • Julia says she'll close her ears but Aten wants to know more.
  • British says that Gele made humans reproduce on the farms.
  • Aten asks why.
  • British doesn't know but assumes that it's just Gele wanting people to experience hell and that if humanity was exterminated she wouldn't be able to do that anymore(British doesn't know about the Hero System).
  • Aten asks what life was like on the farms. British said that Dark Lords were allowed to do anything so long as people didn't die.
  • British talks about the daily tortures. He also mentions that some people had their limbs and tongues cut off.
  • British continues talking. Aten is getting sick due to the nausea.

West Tower Edit

  • Time to clear the western tower.
  • This can be done before the courtyard and probably should be because Ithere works best as the final boss of this section. Bare that in mind.
  • Rance's party are attacked by Leazas soldiers. They're brainwashed.
  • Kanami feels doubtful about knocking down her own countrymen even though they're brainwashed
  • Meanwhile Lia is busy celebrating Rance beating them up
  • Once of the brainwashed soldiers manages to get up and is about to attack Lia when Yulang suddenly appears and protects Lia.
  • Leila runs in. She and Yulang are acquainted. She's surprised to hear that Rance has fucked Yuland. Yuland says that like Leila, she likes strong guys.
  • Leila and Yulang join the party.
  • Rick is fighting enemies with Menad. She is really impressed by him.
  • Leila appears and Menad is amazed to see the head of the royal guard.
  • Rance attacks Rick using the excuse that Rick is brainwashed.
  • Everyone else points out that Rick isn't.
  • Lia notices that Rance was jealous over Rick looking cool in front of Menad.
  • She plans to move Menad into Rick's red army to keep her away from Rance.
  • Rick and Menad join the party.
  • Going up the stairs and Rance runs into Topaz. She notices Chaos and plans to get him for Ithere.
  • Topaz braindwashes Rance. It takes 4 seconds which Topaz boasts is a new record.
  • Topaz and Rance leave with Chaos.
  • Sill and Lia want to save Rance. Kanami agrees because they need to get back Chaos.
  • Lia tells everyone that their salaries will be reduced if they hurt Rance.
  • Lia thinks that if she kisses Rance, surely he will regain his senses.
  • Yulang and Milli prepare to fight full on.
  • Menad worries about Rance's safety and she asks people to be more concerned.
  • Kanami mentally apologies to Menad because emotionally she has no intention of holding back.
  • Menad is also shocked to hear Mill say that Rance is her important person.
  • Meanwhile Rance and Topaz meet up with Sapphire.

British Cries Edit

  • British says that someone as strong as Gele is probably not dead and was only sealed(he doesn't know she's unkillable).
  • Aten and Julia leave.
  • British cries.

The Brainwashed Rance Edit

  • The party reaches Rance and Topaz. Lia tries to hug Rance but he is brainwashed and lashes out at her. Maris prevents her from harm.
  • Topaz is cackling about how they have to fight a trusted companion and how that will effect them.
  • Meanwhile Rick draws his sword thinking that while he wanted to cross blades with Rance he didn't expect it like this.
  • Yulang is interested in fighting Rance.
  • Feliss is very eager and happily says that it's for her master.
  • Kanami happily says that although she is reluctant, sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.
  • Milli also wants to fight.
  • Sapphire is getting concerned about how unhesitating they are. Topaz is confused.
  • Rance gets beaten. He breaks the brainwash and attacks and chases after Topaz and Sapphire.
  • After catching up there is a boss battle. Rance is controlled by his lust and hasn't regained his mind.
  • Rance rapes them (no cg) and finally regains his mind.
  • He leaves Topaz and Sapphire behind after electing not to kill them. They are captured by the now free Leazas soldiers.

Onwards to Gele Edit

  • Helman have been removed from the premises.
  • Leila informs Rance that Patton is nowhere to be found
  • Rance congratulates himself on his victory.
  • Sill claps and Lia gushes about how cool he is.
  • Suddenly they feel a strong force which seems to really effect the mages in the party.
  • Chaos says it is Gele.
  • Rance tells everyone he will defeat Gele and punish her by having sex with her.
  • All the necessary party members have a line saying why they will fight Gele. From Shizuka saying that she can't ignore the Demon King to Feliss saying that she doesn't have a say anyway.
  • Barres is also going to work hard. Rance tells him to be a good shield.

Ithere and his Apostles Edit

  • Shizuka's theme is playing.
  • Sapphire is defeated and crawls to where Ithere is calling his name.
  • Topaz also appears.
  • Garnet as well.
  • They're relived to have reach Ithere on time.
  • Ithere is still dying from his wounds. He is waiting to die.
  • Silently his apostles come to a decision. Sapphire stabs her hand into her chest.
  • Garnet does the same.
  • As does Topaz.
  • Ithere manages to partially heal from getting his blood back from his apostles. But they are dead and he is still severely injured.
  • He wonders if Chaos and Rance have gone to fight Gele.
  • He holds no grudges against Rance.
  • He doesn't know what to do so just walks (still very injured).
  • Go back to where Ithere's apostles are defeated and there are rarerare stones.

The Final Preparations Edit

Aten and Julia Edit

  • Aten's tour has finally completed.
  • Lia sees them and calls out to Julia. Julia calls her Lia-chan.
  • Aten sees Lia's dress and wonders who she is.
  • Lia sees Aten and asks her is she is Aten.
  • Julia tells Lia how strong Aten is.
  • Aten wonders why Lia knows her name. Julia tells her that Lia is the Princess of Leazas.
  • Lia wants Julia to join her party. Julia runs off. Whilst hidden she yells out "Sorry Aten, but I have been concealing a major secret".
  • "She's not actually a tour conductor. The truth is-".
  • Aten hears Julia changing clothes.
  • Julia then jumps out wearing her royal guard uniform "TA-DA ! I'm a Leazas Royal Guard".
  • Except she's grabbed the sword by the blade and her hands are bleeding.
  • Aten is shocked that Julia could be a royal guard.
  • Aten wants to know why a royal guard member would be conducting the tour (how has neither she or Julia noticed Julia's bleeding hands".
  • Lia says it was because there wasn't a suitable guide and Julia was free.
  • Aten asks if Julia is actually strong.
  • Julia says she's actually really weak and only got in because she's friends with Lia.
  • Lia forcibly recruits Aten and Julia into your party.

Miscellaneous Stuff Edit

  • Everywhere in the game is now unlocked. Rance can revist everywhere.
  • Rance can also now visit I-Com.
  • Maria is amazed to see such good computers. Leazas even has dual core!
  • I-Com was damaged by Helman and can only communicate by printing paper.
  • A loli comes out of I-Com. She's floating on a robotic sphere.
  • I-Com reveals that she was created 19 years ago to investigate the bug (Rance) found in the (Planner's) system.
  • Can now buy save lions and the item that resets cooldowns from I-Com. Very expensive though.
  • TOWER is open if you have a full roster. It's a dungeon in M Land. It serves as the games bonus dungeon and has enemies much stronger than Noce.
  • Hanny King can also be fought as a bonus boss.
  • Can no longer buy Items in Leazas Castle - Go to Patty in South.

The Peeping Kanami Edit

  • If you go to an inn (I went to the one in South) and choose not to fuck a girl. Julia comes in with Aten and tells her that this is Rance's room.
  • Also at the inn and Menad comes in and is angry about Rance doing Lia. Rance distracts her by holding her and calling her lovely. Suddenly Kanami jumps in and yells out Menad to realise what kind of person Rance is.
  • Menad says that she knows that Lia loves Rance. Kanami thinks to herself that, that isn't what she meant.
  • Menad says that when Rance marries Lia he will be able to have concubines so it's fine.
  • Kanami tells Menad to not cheapen herself like that.
  • Rance tells Kanami that she will soon she what Menad sees. Kanami vehemently denies that.
  • Rance tells Kanami to leave so she goes back to the roof.
  • Rance then starts having sex Menad off-screen. Kanami is complaining that even though she closes her eyes and covers her ears she can still hear.
  • The next morning Rance asked her if she masturbated while she was peeking.
  • Another inn scene.
  • Kanami is tired and accidentally goes into Menad's room. Menad tells her it is alright and it's fine for her to share the bed.
  • Kanami later wakes up to the sound of Rance fucking Menad (on the same bed).
  • Menad is 'resisting' and tells Rance not to because Kanami is asleep. In her mind Kanami cheers for Menad.
  • Rance enters Menad. Kanami hears this and screams in her mind.
  • Rance tells Menad that compared to other women her vagina is quite good. Kanami mentally screams at Menad to get mad about Rance comparing her to other women that quickly.
  • Rance and Menad kiss. This makes Kanami mentally panic (even though they're already having sex).
  • Kanami is shocked that Menad is feeling good. Kanami mentally compares how Rance is treating Menad to how he violently fucks her.
  • Kanami gets wet and tries to deny it.
  • Kanami starts to stick some fingers in despite herself before hearing Rance "gahahhahah" restores her senses.
  • Rance ejaculates in Menad which makes Kanami mentally make a flinching noise.
  • Kanami is unhappy and starts counting Hanny so she can sleep but the Rance and Menad starts soon.
  • Kanami cries and closes her eyes but doesn't get to sleep at all.

The Apostles' Fate Edit

  • Can watch the rarerare stones of Ithere's apostles in Rance's house. A bit weird when we consider that they're already dead.
  • The first is Sapphire and Topaz getting gang banged.
  • Rance is unhappy that common soldiers fucked women like that without permission and throws the rarerare stone at the wall. It breaks.
  • Other rarerare stone is Garnet and she really gets treated like shit by Helman soldiers. Including getting stomped on.
  • Rance throws the stone at the wall.
  • This happened the previous night so the apostles later escaped, found Ithere and sacrificed themselves to revive him.

Gele Edit

The Second Floor Edit

  • Rance and co make it to the room where Gele was draining peoples energy. Gele isn't even in the room but she immits a very strong presence which effects Mages and especially nuns like Sel. Even Feliss is affected.
  • Rance and party find some girls who have been so drained of life that they're basically just skin and bones. Sel is unable to heal them. Chaos says it was Gele.
  • There is a lava pit on the second floor of Leazas Castle. Rance wonder if it's Gele who did that but Lia boasts that she did it. Maris said she had a hard time managing to get it done.
  • Rance wonders how they will cross. Lia says that's fine, because there is a bridge, right Maris?. Maris says that unfortunately she never had the time to make the bridge.
  • Rance tells Feliss to carry him over. Feliss is unusually happy to do it. Maria points out that it might kill Rance and Feliss tsks..
  • Rance tells Lia that she will be punished for his. Lia happily agrees..
  • After getting a key in the lava if you go back to the start of the second floor, the door on the right can now be opened. The secret button shaped like breasts is still there. The size of the button is the same size as Lia's breasts. Rance wonders if this country is alright. Rance thinks that Lia's breasts have a royal feeling with decent size and also quite flexible.
  • Using this passage lets you avoid the lava in future.
  • After the lava there are many lycanthrope monster girl enemies. After defeating a few one transforms into Sill
  • No cut scene but later there are Kanami and Shizuka enemies as well.

 Noce Edit

  • At the end of the floor the floor is Noce.
  • He tells Rance and Chaos to disappear because Gele is eating.
  • Rance boasts about killing Ithere. Noce is intrigued. Shizuka makes a noise.
  • Rance tells Noce to become his experience points.
  • Noce is a real ugly cunt. Based on her personality, his mother was disgusted by him.
  • After defeating him he transforms. But in the end he gives 0 exp.
  • Noce is defeated. Rance is boasting about is win but Chaos tells him that Noce isn't dead because Noce hasn't become a blood soul.  
  • Noce is laughing.
  • Noce transforms into a dragon.
  • Rance tells Maria to get the tank but she says she can't.
  • He then tells Barres to shield them whilst he comes up with a strategy. Barres says he will only last two seconds.
  • Final Boss music plays.
  • After beating Noce's dragon form he is still 0 exp.
  • As he dies, Noce bitches about getting killed by a human.
  • He then utters and dies.

 Gele Edit

  • Suddenly they all feel a really strong presence.
  • Gele is standing on the top of Noce's corpse
  • Rance simultaneously has the feeling of looking at a beautiful woman and wanting to run away.
  • Noce somehow manages to say Gele-sama again.
  • Gele makes no reaction.
  • Noce says it again as his body starts to disappear.
  • Gele just says "it is insufficient".
  • Rance asks if she wants to have sex.
  • Gele doesn't listen. She says some stuff about absorbing life for power.
  • Noce's body disappears (presumably absorbed by Gele) and Gele steps onto the ground.
  • Gele steps forward and Rance raises Chaos.
  • Chaos tells Rance that Gele isn't at full power and since he could kill Noce he should be able to kill Gele.
  • Rance tells him to shut up. He's not killing a beautiful woman.
  • Gele ignore Rance and only pays attention to Chaos.
  • A strong wing blows.
  • According to Shizuka, Gele is opening a dimension gate.
  • Rance shoves Chaos into the ground to anchor himself but the rest of his party are blown back.
  • Gele enters through the gate. Rance follows.
  • Rance is now in a new place. Items can not be used and Willis can not be summoned. It appears to be in between dimensions.
  • Gele is surprised that Rance has followed her.
  • Gele opens up a dimension rip or something to power herself up. She says that her demon lord blood was insufficient but the winds of the dimensional rip can bring her to her full power.
  • Rance also notices that he is getting stronger.
  • Chaos is panicking about Gele's level rising because the difference between a demon king and a human is too much.
  • Rance is calm.
  • Gele reaches her full power and closes the dimensional rip.
  • She suddenly looks at Rance and reacts in shock. This is the first time she actually really acknowledges Rance's existence.
  • Gele and Chaos are both really shocked about how strong Rance is.
  • Chaos asks what his level cap is.
  • Rance says he doesn't know. He's had it measured but nobody was able to do so.
  • Chaos is amazed because he's now equal with Gele.
  • Gele is shocked that there exists a human without a level limit.
  • Rance laughs. He says he doesn't know what's going on but the situation has reversed.
  • He no longer feels any pressure from Gele's presence.
  • Final boss fight begins.
  • The fight is pretty easy but still better than chasey.
  • Rance gets 0 exp.
  • Rance laughs.
  • Gele is lying on the ground and says that she was surprised that someone like Rance existed in this world.
  • Gele asks Rance what he said he would do if he won.
  • Chaos is begging Rance to kill her but Rance is more interested in the stark naked girl in from of him.
  • Rance tells chaos to shut up and throws him away.
  • Rance then tells Gele that he'll teach her a womans pleasure.
  • Gele asks for his name.
  • Rance tells her his name and says he'll carve it into her with his hyper weapon.
  • Rance has sex with Gele at last.
  • During the scene Gele is about to say that Rance reminds her of Gi (though they're slighly different) but Rance isn't interested in being compared to other men.
  • Gele tells Rance to fuck her deeper and harder and mocks him about his claim of carving it into her.
  • Rance obliges and also starts strangling.
  • Rance cums the most he ever has before (he wonders if it has anything to do with his greater power).
  • Afterward he lies down and adds fucking a demon king to his list of great achievements.
  • The entrance to where they are starts to get narrow. Rance asks if it's closer and Gele says it is.
  • Rance wants to go back to the continent. Gele says that she no longer has the power but he does.
  • Rance goes to stand up to run but Gele grabs him and pushes him down and slips his cock into her.
  • Gele likes Rance and wants him to stay with her.
  • Rance's resistance is getting confused by his hyper weapon. Gele wants him to wait with her and violate her for the next few thousand years.
  • Rance is tempted when Sill suddenly appears.
  • Her hand is out and behind her Rance can vaguely see Leazas castle.
  • Rance says she was slow but reaches out to her. Gele begs Rance not to go.
  • Rance takes his hyper weapon out and tells her that he is not a man who can be restrained by one woman.
  • Rance pushes Gele away. She says half a sentence "Rance, you also- " and disappears.
  • Rance is having trouble reaching Sill's hand. They can't reach and Sill also falls into the void.
  • The rip shuts.
  • Rance and Sill are alone in the void. Credits can now be seen.
  • Rance isn't sure what to do for the future but for now he wants to have sex.
  • Rance says that the void will be shut for several thousand years until Gele can open it.
  • Suddenly a voice yells out. It is GOD whose plate Rance stepped on in the devil's pass.
  • He's pissed off and won't permit for Rance and Sill to act cozy here.
  • Credits properly start.

Epilogues Edit

Leazas Castle - Lia's Room Edit

  • Several months later in Leazas Castle.
  • Lia is yelling about how they haven't found Rance yet.
  • She is yelling at Kanami. She says she has looked in both Zeth and Helman.
  • Lia says that next is JAPAN.
  • Kanami is really scared about going to JAPAN (run away ninjas get executed) and begs not to be sent there.
  • Lia says that she will look for Rance by all means possible otherwise she'll be a widow even before getting married.
  • Kanami says that Rance went through another dimension and might not be in this world. Lia makes an angry noise and Kanami runs away.
  • Maris comes in and says that Maria's invention has been done and it might be able to find Rance.
  • Maris mentions that Lia's coronation is soon.

Ice Weapon Shop - Wuu and Rola Edit

  • Human Wuu (Lis) walks in to buy something from Wrench.
  • He wants to buy strong weapons. Rola is with him.
  • Rola says there is no need for him to become strong. Wuu says he needs to do it so he can be recognized by her parents.
  • Rola says who cares about her parents but Wuu says that they are important because they care about her.
  • Rola apologies about falling for the imitation but Wuu has already forgiven her.
  • Rola and Wuu are calling each others name. Wrench is getting irritated.
  • Rola is angry with Rance. Wuu tells her not to be too angry because at least good things came out of it - Wuu becoming human and is no longer getting hunted.

Devil's Pass - Feliss Edit

  • Feliss is still guarding.
  • Feliss is sighing happily.
  • She can work without getting called. She can eat food. She can go to the toilet.
  • Feliss says that Rance died or was sent to another dimension and isn't in this world.
  • Feliss celebrates her freedom.
  • It's only a bad dream she has forgotten and her rank has even risen again.

Satella Edit

  • Inside a Forest in Leazas.
  • Satella is angry/crying.
  • Caesar is still damaged.
  • Satella is pissed off with Noce for pretending to be serving Hornet.
  • Satella wants to kill Rance to avenge Isis but for now she has to report to Hornet.
  • Satella wonders what happened to Ithere.

Ithere Edit

  • First Floor in Leazas Castle.
  • The castle is back to it's pre war appearance.
  • Heidi (bread maid) appears complaining about her horrible experience. The other maid from Rance 01 is also there.
  • The maids mention a rumour about a ghost haunting Leazas castle.
  • The ghost is blond and late at night it moves around as it it were looking for something.
  • Ithere appears for half a second - still injured.

Minerva Edit

  • Minerva has been promoted to be the General of the Third Army.
  • Minerva reported to the Emperor that Patton was fooled by Dark Lords and died.

Patton and Hunty Edit

  • Patton is cursing Noce and Stessel.
  • He tells Hunty that he is angry at himself for getting fooled by such people.
  • Hunty tells him that he is considered dead in Helman.
  • Patton looks at the sky and says that he will train and improve himself.
  • He then thanks Hunty.

Kathtom Edit

  • Shizuka sighs.
  • Eleanor Ran calls out to her. Eleanor is in crutches.
  • Eleanor apologies for not having been able to help.
  • Shizuka says it's fine and that Eleanor managed to avoid suffering Rance.
  • Maria is still in Leazas. She's sending for materials from Kasumi to set up a plant.
  • Eleanor asks about Rance.
  • Shizuka says that he went through a dimensional gate and disappeared.
  • Shizuka plays with her hair in irritation.
  • She says that they should give up on Rance, and then thinks back to her earlier statement of never giving up even if something appears impossible.
  • Mill runs in excitedly and says that Shizuka's face looks like a face of someone disappointed in love.

Sel and Milli Edit

  • Dividing Road between Red and Kathtom.
  • Sel and Milli are journeying. Sel tells her that she has to leave to go to Red.
  • Milli tells her to take care.
  • Sel tells Milli to take care of herself.
  • Sel is worried about Milli's disease.
  • Milli sees Sel's worried face and offers to comfort her with her body.
  • Chaos shouts out that he wants to take part.
  • Sel is going to keep Chaos in her church.
  • Sel leaves.
  • A voice calls out "onee-san". It's Kana. Milli and Kana go off to have fun.

Keith's Guild and L'Zille (Alice) Edit

Now in L'Zille

  • Alice is singing to a crowd.
  • Her free city revival tour is going well.
  • Alice gets a fan letter from Kapalla.

Aten and Julia Edit

  • Forest
  • Aten is complaining that she has gone through a terrible time.
  • Even after returning to Zeth she was scolded for overstaying her tour of the Free Cities and Leazas.
  • Aten is planning to make her own private labyrinth.
  • She hears Julia call her name.
  • She turns but it's only her imagination.
  • Cave near Leazas Castle.
  • Julia is visiting British.
  • Julia is eating sweet potato.
  • British asks about Aten.
  • Julia says that she returned to Zeth.

Leazas Edit

  • Leazas Castle Dungeon
  • Jericho is patrolling. Her summer vacation is over and she is no longer working for Keith.
  • Saya is in prison.
  • Jericho tells her that for bullying Lia, Jericho will kill her 10 billion 10 thousand times.
  • Jericho says that Saya has a gift. It's chow mien again.
  • Saya doesn't know who it is from (it's implied it's from her sister Patty).
  • Bar in Leazas
  • Nami and Millie are visiting Pulptenks.
  • Pulptenks mentions Rance and all three go quiet
  • Patty runs in. The four of them are working on a plan to revive the market on the street
  • I-Com
  • I-Com is checking her parameters.
  • She confirms that she is investigating the bug from 19 years ago with infinite potential.
  • Mansion in Leazas
  • Barres and Rick are playing shogi.
  • Sioux comes in and says that Hauren nee-chan is about to arrive.
  • Leazas Castle
  • Leila asks Yulang is she's returning to the Colosseum, which she responds affirmatively.
  • Leila asks Yulang to join the royal guards because there is a vacancy but Yulang declines.

Leazas Castle Gate

  • Menad is guarding.
  • She sighs. Kanami sighs.
  • Menad is surprised to see Kanami.
  • Kanami is saying that she has searched for Rance day after day but still found nothing.
  • Leila walks by and joins the conversation.
  • Leila tries to recruit Menad but is rejected.
  • Leila mentions that Lia's room was noisy.
  • Kanami thinks that there must be progress on the search for Rance and quickly runs back to see Lia.

The Search for Rance Edit

  • Lia's Room
  • Kanami runs in panting after forcibly opening the door.
  • Maris says she knows where Rance is.
  • She had remodelled the magic sensor they got from Zeth and got it to search for Rance.
  • She found a signal and had Maria invent something which could give the coordinates.
  • The coordinates is in the south east of Leazas.
  • Kanami is at first unhappy and then thinks that it's at least good that Rance survived.
  • Suddenly Maria exclaims that Rance is 2500 meters above ground.
  • An image shows the floating island in the sky.

To be continued (Rance 04).

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