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Rance 03 Basic FAQ[]

Q: How do I get more skill slots?

A: There is an item you get after defeating Sapphire in the tower, defeating the tentacle monster and defeating Ithere. It should appear on the top of your items menu. Use it to gain an extra slot.

Q: How do I get more sex scene variations?

A: The third option from the top in inns is to H a girl. Sill, Kanami, Feliss, Shizuka and Sioux are on a rotation. Three variations each with the last one repeating. All sex scene variations can be viewed in the scene recollection menu. This can not be done at Rance's house, in Nami's inn (you can only do Nami in her inn and there are no cgs there), in L'Zille or in Zeo. To get Menad's CG, you need to have unlocked the second floor of Leazas castle (defeat Ithere and his three apostles) and then go to another inn (South is the obvious one) and get it there. In Zeo, you get to sleep with Alice instead and Alice has seven scene variations.

Q: How do I get into Leazas castle?

A: After attacking from North and South and getting driven back, Rance will think of his Golden Hanny plan. Return to the Devil's Pass and fight a golden hanny. It will be broken. Rance realises that he needs to capture it without fighting and thinks to go and see Corin. Go to Corin (she's in the Hanny temple) by the lake. She says to go to North and talk to the legendary founder of the Hanny cult to find out. Go to the Alicesoft building on North. Talk to TADA on level 5. Then go back to devil's pass to get your golden hanny.

Q: How do I recruit Jericho?

A: Get her papers on Floor 1 of Lis Cave (cave where Satella dominates Noah and Lark) and then talk to Keith. Second option from the top.

Q: How do I recruit Bernard?

A: Get his papers on the bottom floor of the Lighthouse. (Tower south of L'Zille where you fight Sapphire). Then go to Keith. Again the second option from the top. This probably requires recruiting Jericho.

Q: How do I recruit Necai?

A: This one confuses a lot of people. It requires having recruited Bernard. This should work. Go into Koo and talk to her but do not recruit her. Go through the whole thing, get her sex scene and leave. Go into Koo again and talk to her and do not recruit her again (this may not be necessary to recruit her but it is necessary to get the second variation of her sex scene. Then complete and leave. Go in and this time recruit her. Her recruitment papers should appear behind her. If they don't just go through again and leave and then go back and get her papers.

Q: How do I recruit Aten and Julia?

A: Once you have unlocked the second floor of the Leazas Castle (defeated Ithere and this three apostles). Go to town part of Leazas' capital.

Q: Can I return to the free cities after entering the Capital?

A: Yes. Once you have unlocked the second floor of the Leazas Castle (defeated Ithere and this three apostles)

Q: Should I upgrade my attacks at the shop?

A: Yes.

Q: I'm struggling. What is a good strategy to use?

A: Not saying this is the best strategy but it works for pretty much the entire game. Once you get Sel, have Rance and at least one (maybe 2) other characters use 0 cooldown attacks. They can attack every turn. In early-mid game Kanami, Sioux and Mill are good for this. Have Feliss and Shizuka with their big attack enemy on screen attacks. Try to time them so one is always only a few turns away from being able to attack. And have Sel's healing which is all the healing you need.

Q: I can't beat Thoma.

A: Thoma won't attack you if the Helman unit in front of you is still alive. Have Sel keep your party healed whilst Kanami, Sioux and Maria snipe Thoma.

Q: How do I beat the tentacle monster?

A: Kill all the other tentacles. Run Sill's magic attack and both of Feliss' magic attacks. Win.

Q: I can't get the final sex scenes for the apostles.

A: Go back to where you defeated them for the last time (Sapphire and Topaz same card in the West Tower and Garnet in the courtyard) and get their rarerare stones. Go back to Rance's house in Ice to view them.

Q: How do I H Setina (blue haired waitress)?

A: The first item is in Level D of the mines. It is behind some walls so you need to get/buy some picks. Get it and then go back to Setina. She then asks for a dial. It's on level 3 of the Hyper Building. It's behind some barriers again. Then go back to talk to her. Last item is memory. Go to 2nd floor of the Alicesoft building in North and talk to Gyokai (the fish). Then go back and H her.

Q: How do I H Corin (Hanny girl)?

A: Beat the third level of the Hanny trials at the temple (the red hannies). Rance can now H her. She has three variations. Once you beat the fourth level (Super Hanny) go talk to TADA on level 5 of the Alicesoft building in North (this might need to be done after capturing the Golden Hanny) and go back and show her the King card. She now has two more scene variations.

Q: How do I fix I-Com?

A: Her store opens in Leazas' Capital (not the castle) after you unlock the second floor of the castle. Talk to her and find out that she is broken. You need 30 of a particular item (look like a pack of Hanny playing cards) to fix her. Grind Hitlers on the level 2 of Leazas castle dungeon.

Q: How do I upgrade Maria?

A: Get Hirara ore and then go to Kathtom


  • Rance - Doesn't have a trial. Automatically unlocks his skill when you fix Chaos.
  • Sill - Level C of the Mine
  • Lia - Part A of the Leazas Castle courtyard
  • Maris - Leazas Sewer (where you sneak into the castle from). Can be accessed from the town part of Leazas' capital
  • Kanami - Western Part of Devil's Pass
  • Feliss - Leazas Sewer. Can be done the first time you pass through Leazas Sewer
  • Maria - Second floor of Hyper Building
  • Shizuka - Level 2 of Alicesoft Building in North
  • Milli - Southern part of the forest of the lost.
  • Mill - East tower of Leazas Castle. This is the tower where you find Sel when you're trying to get Chaos fixed.
  • Sel - In the shitty town (forgot the name) which got attacked by the tentacle monster.
  • Barres - Leazas Underground First Floor. The passage you go down to get Chaos. Accessed from Lia's room.
  • Sioux - In the valley between Red and Zeo. You may need to go back into the valley after the battle.
  • Rick - Leazas Castle Dungeon
  • Menad -  In the shitty town (forgot the name) which got attacked by the tentacle monster.
  • Yulan - 1st Floor of hyper building
  • Leila - In the West Tower of Leazas castle. It's the tower where you recruit her and you fight Sapphire and Topaz for the last time.
  • Julia - Win 82 battles with Julia in the party (just do it in the Hanny Temple) then go to TADA in the 5th floor of the Alicesoft building in North
  • Aten - Second Floor of Leazas Castle
  • Necai - In Koo (the zombie town you meet her in)
  • Bernard - Super Hanny trial in the Hanny Temple.
  • Jericho - Bottom Floor of the lighthouse (tower south of L'Zille where you fight Sapphire)

Remember that you can always go back to a dungeon later (in fact in many cases you have to because you don't get the character until much later in the game) and that some trials may be too hard for your current level.