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This walkthrough is made using the remake of Rance 2. This is a rough walk through of the Rance 2 game. Changes between the original Rance 02 and Rance 02 Kai are labelled.

This walkthrough also works for Rance II (Windows), as both versions are nearly identical. The PC88 and MSX version have a few differences, but this walkthrough should do the trick. You will assault Nay no matter what, you won't run into the photographer, you'll have to fight more hannies and King Dragon won't quiz you.

Chapter 1 - Maria's Maze[]

When you first start the game, Rance and Sill are looking for the town of Kathtom, which is gone where the map supposedly said and instead there is nothing but a wasteland. Rance and Sill journey to Kathtom due to Sill accepting a mission which Rance says he didn't want to take.

  • Cith leads you into the town of Kathtom and you talk with her father, Gazel, who is the mayor of Kathtom.
  • The first thing you should do is click on "Move" and there will be a dialogue of Rance and Sil talking to each other about not knowing where any of the places, are located, so go back to the Mayor's House.
  • At the Mayor's House, click Ask and click Mayor twice and Cith will tell you about the important places in Kathtom.
  • Next go to Ragishss and he will appear after Rance attempts to have sex in his house.
    • Click ask 4 times.
  • Next go back to the Mayor's place and click Ask and he will tell you to go to Hell's Mouth, the first maze.

The Maze[]

  • After that, go to Hell's Mouth and enter the maze.
  • You are forced to go north as there is a door blocking in the south path. Once you reach the end of the map, you will realize you fall into the huge area filled with water.
    • A shock trap is hidden near the exit to the lake. Another can be found later in the dungeon. You have no control over whether or not you trigger them, as the game rolls a random number against Rance and Sill's Evasion stats instead. By buying the Evasion-increasing accessory in town, you'll get a better chance of evading the trap, but it's probably easier and cheaper to buy Seirogans to heal the damage.
  • Simply head out and there will be a shop near the end, but you cannot purchase anything. Simply exit out and head south.
  • From there, you will noticed there is room, and when you reach there, you will find Maria.
  • Rance 02 Kai only: Talk to her until the Ask menu appears.
  • Ask 3 times and she will attack you and kick her out of her room.
  • Move forward with the maze. There is a door to the south that is inaccessible, but you must attempt to open it for the game to give you a later event. Move west, and there are a set of stairs within the south room that is also inaccessible. On the north side, there will be a treasure chest. It contains some gold or a trap depending on your luck.
  • After you get back to the first screen of the maze, the door that you couldn't go through before will be opened now (Since you are at the other side).
  • In the first door room with the circle room will be a new event with an injured girl (Nav). If she does not show, make sure you have been hit by Maria's water attack and have attempted to open the locked door in the southeast.
  • Both outcomes are required for 100% CG it is recommended that you save before entering:
    • If you click Help, you will just help her and you can talk to her later on.
      • Go into the pub.
      • Rance 02 Only: Click "Look" + "Surroundings."
      • Talk to Nay.
      • She ask you to get her frog earing
      • Go back to the maze and search for it in the first room (The same room you found her)
      • Give her the earing back and she will tell you that she dropped it in the maze lake.
    • If you choose Bully, you will get an H scene. (Conscience decreases 2 points)
      • Ask her once and she will say that she hopes you get hurt by the magic statue. Rance seems interested.
      • Next, click Assault and you will get the H scene
      • Assault her again
      • Click Ask and she will tell you that the locked door can only be opened with the Carrot Key.
      • Click Ask again, and she will tell you that she dropped it in the maze lake.
      • Talk to Sil and she will heal Nay, then you can exit.
  • Go back the the maze lake and click the new option available.
  • Search for the key in different places and Sill will suggest buying an Evaporation Fruit.

Back at Kathtom[]

  • Get out of the maze and go to the Item Store.
  • Click Buy and select the Evaporation Fruit. She will tell you that she ran out and that the Bar's owner bought the last one.
  • Next go to the Bar and click Ask.
  • Then click Talk and talk to the bartender. He will tell you that he dropped the Evaporation Fruit while cooking.
  • Buy a Uroroon and Sill will find the Evaporation Fruit inside of it.

Finding Maria[]

  • Go back to the maze and go into the lake.
  • Click Camp, Use Item and click the Evaporation Fruit.
  • The key is at the place with the mine cart. Move south and head back to where Maria was.
  • Instead of going to where she is located, simply head to the locked door and you will now be able to enter with the key that was possessed.
  • Go straight towards the door and Sill will tell you that they're sealed with magic and that the mediums should be around.
  • Go to the two big rooms on each side. click Search and you'll find the statues.
  • When you look at the statue you get the option to Break it. Breaking will immediately trigger a fight with them.
  • Fight and defeat both the Statues.
  • After beating both statues, you can go through the locked door.
  • Immediately after you go in, Maria will catch you and you'll fight her.
  • After you defeat her you get an H scene with her. Meanwhile, Sill gets transported to a different maze due to warp waves.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Mill's Maze[]

In the beginning of the chapter Rance will say that Sill had all of his money so you start off with no money. Also, Maria has joined your party in order to rescue the remaining 3 girls.

  • First go to Ragishss.
  • Then go to the Mayor's House and he will tell you that his daughter, Cith, has gone missing.
  • Go to Hell's Mouth and you'll meet a warrior.
    • Talk to him and you get 147 Gold. (Conscience decreases by 2)
  • Afterward, try to go into the maze and Maria will stop you, saying that she needs to find her weapon.
  • Go back to Ragishss and (in Rance 02 Only) talk to Maria. She will show you Tulip, her weapon. She will also say that she needs Ore so she can actually use it.
  • Next go to the Item Store.
  • Ask the Item Store lady and she will tell you that an adventurer gave a stone slate to the Mayor.
    • Buy a light.
  • Then enter the new maze.

Slate Hunting[]

If you go straight towards the door, you won't be able to proceed since the door requires a gem to open it.

  • Go all the way down. To the right there are a bunch of coffins
  • On the next screen head all the way right to the mirror.
    • Look at the mirror.
  • Look at surroundings and you'll find a metal plate.
  • Then click Take and choose the metal plate.
  • Now go back to the first screen and go to the right (where the coffins are).
    • Examine the first casket.
  • Open it and you'll find a stone slate.
  • Exit the maze and go to town square. There, you'll see an event where a photographer trades your stone slate for a picture of Maria taking a bath (this event speeds by very fast if you are holding the Skip button. It should show up after you find the Slate. If it seems like it isn't happening, check your inventory for the Photo: you may already have it).
    • Camp and Investigate the picture of Maria.
  • Next, Investigate the Stone Slate. Maria will yell at you for giving away the slate.
  • Go into the maze and then get out.
  • Go back to Town Square where you'll find the photographer again (if she's not there, try to look or talk and she will appear) and steal the slate back (In the name of justice!).
  • Now go to the Info Store and click ask.
  • The girl will tell you that the stone says for a girl to flash their panties at the mirror.
  • Now go back to the mirror.
    • Click Use and Panties and you'll get a CG.
  • Exit from the mirror and go to the first (leftmost) of the four Warps (the small mirror-like rooms west of the mirror) and click Use (don't forget to take a step northwards in front of the Warp when the Use button still says "Use Maria" instead of "Use Warp").
  • Go to the right room that looks like a dead end, and Maria will gain a piece of armor.
  • Continue to go to the big room at the end and click search and Maria will find Ore for her Tulip (Unlimited, so don't worry)
  • Now go to the southwest, where a hallway is blocked by the Green Slime. Maria will simply blast it away
  • Go into the room and you'll see an adventurer being attacked by Hannys.
  • It is a 3 consecutive battle, but it is pretty easy. The adventurer will thank you.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3 - Elenoa's Maze[]

The scene now turns to Sill, now alone (Due to the event that took place at the end of Chapter 1), decides to take a shower in the fountain. There she spots Bard, a male adventurer. He joins your party.

  • Go North and Sill will scream about how disgusting the maze is.
  • Head towards to library and you'll be stopped by a magical seal.
    • Go towards it again.
  • Afterwards, go to the bottom right side of the fountain and Elenoa will greet you (she also undoes the magic seal).
  • Go North right before the Fortune Telling room.
  • When you go North again choose to Enter the door and then Listen.
  • Then go down the stairs and Sill will run out screaming because of the bugs.
  • Go East, South, South, and search to find a ring that reduces magic consumption for sil.
  • Next try to go to the Liver (the spider-like thing) but it will be impossible due to the strong winds.
  • The next steps vary depending on version.
  • Rance 02:
    • Go to the right. Try to go into the intestine (the spiky path), but it will be impassable.
    • Defeat 5 Cake Women to get 5 Candies.
    • Go to the Fortune Telling Room
    • Give Arcee a Candy and Ask her about the Rooms.
    • Give her another Candy and Ask her about the Key.
    • Give her another Candy and Ask her about the Heart.
    • Give her another Candy and Ask her about the Liver.
    • Give her another Candy and Ask her about the Bugs, and she will give you Bug Spray.
    • If you have spare candy, then go ahead and ask her about Elenoa. It has no relevance to the progression of the game, just for plot reasons.
    • Now go back to the bug room and put out the fire.
  • Rance 02 Kai:
    • Defeat 2 Sweets Women for 2 Sweets in Kai. In Kai, they can always be found in the sweet-smelling room to the west of the Fortune-telling room.
    • Go to the Fortune Telling Room.
    • Give Arcy a Sweet and ask her about the Wind. She will give you the Bug Spray.
    • Now go back to the bug room and put out the fire.
    • Head south to the Liver, which will kick you out.
    • Go east. Try to go into the intestine (the spiky path), but it will be impassable.
    • Return to Arcy.
    • Give Arcy a Sweet and ask her about the Scream Rooms.
  • Next go to the Liver, select every option and a new option will appear. Click the new option "Sing".
    • You can go to the Liver again to obtain a new armor for Sill.
  • Now go back to the intestines and go all the way to the end.
    • Every time you move in the intestines, you lose HP.
  • At the end of the path Sill will get attacked by a tentacle monster. Click any of the options several times.
    • 2 new options will appear.
  • Use F Bomb twice and then use the Laser attack.
  • Afterwards, enter all the rooms and defeat the guards.
  • After defeating them all, Ran will appear and leave.

End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4 - Deep in Mill's Maze[]

Right at the beginning there's an Hscene. Rance, Maria and Milly get out of the dungeon and go to the town of Kathtom.

  • Go to the Info Store.
  • Click ask and then go back to Hell's Mouth.
  • Go into the maze and get to the mirror.
  • Click Use and Show Breasts.
  • Use the second warp.
  • Go to the North East room to obtain an armor for Milli.
  • Go to the dead body at the end of the path
  • Look at the dead body then click Take(Or try picking up the wepon twice). A ruby will fall out of the dead soldier.
  • Take Ruby.
    • the following are optional (CG):
      • Tomato Puree (Item-store girl)
        • Return to the city and go to the item shop, look at the chest and you will be asked to find it's "Mother". Buy one "Wood of Return" if you don't already own one.
        • Enter the Maze and use the teleporter which leads to the dead body. At the Passage west to where the dead body is, near the end of the path you can find a button (Search Surroundings). Press it.
        • Teleport back and take the south hallway that previously had the spear trap. Go to the Hanny statue and look at it then go to the other end of the corridor to activate the trap. Flee to the statue and use the wood of return there.
        • If you do not have a return wood when you reach the hanny statue, you will be crushed by the boulder trap and die. The boulder will follow you all over the doujin but will not kill you in any other room except the one with the hanny statue, so you can walk back to the exit and buy a return wood if you do not have one.
        • Return to the Statue and pick up the "Mother". Bring her to the Item-Shop for the CG.
      • Elena Lr (Pub waitress)
        • Got to the Pub.
        • Assult Girl
        • Buy Girl for 500 GOLD
  • Go back to the first door at the beginning of the maze and insert the ruby.
  • Mill will attack you with Phantom Beasts. Rance and party will run away as soon as they find out that they can't hurt them.

The Mummy's Request[]

  • Go back to the coffins and try to open the third one. A mummy will greet you.
    • Click Ask and Mummy 6 times.
  • He will ask you for some Uhaan.
  • Leave the maze and go to the bar. Try to buy Uhaan to find out that there isn't any. You now have to search for a Peach Apple.
  • Go to Mayor's House. You will have to search for Cith.
  • Click Ask and talk to the girl at the Bar for her to tell you that she saw Cith at Ragishss' house.
  • Go to the church and you'll see an Hscene.
  • Go to Ragishss' house and you will find Cith.
  • Go back to Mayor's House.
  • Click Ask and he will give you a slate.
  • Go back to the Info Store and click Ask.
  • Go back to the Maze.
  • Go to the Mirror.
  • Click Use and Masturbate.
  • Use the third warp and go to the right.
  • The King Dragon will pop up and quiz you. There appears to be no consequences for killing KD.
    • First Question's Answer: 16
    • Second Question's Answer: Umbrella
    • Third Question's Answer: Oda Nobunaga
  • Search in the last room and you will find a talisman.
  • Take the talisman.
  • Go all the way left and a Devil will appear.
  • You have the options:
    • A. Let me fuck you
    • B. Let me do you
    • C. Let me rape you
  • Click any of them. (They are all the same)
  • Rance will now wish for the Peach Apple.
  • Get out of the Maze and go back to the bar.
    • Buy an Uhaan.
  • Go back to the Maze.
  • Go back to the Mummy.
  • Click Talk and Mummy.
  • He will tell you the last password, which is Lesbian Play.

Going back to Mill[]

  • Go to the mirror.
  • Click Use and Lesbian.
  • Use the fourth warp.
  • In the next room you'll be attacked by a Golden Hanny. Defeat it.
  • Go to the final room and Search.
  • Take the weapon. Milli will equip it, since only women can use the sword.
  • Go back to the first room (at beginning of maze) and make your way to Mill. You will trigger a battle with a phantom beast once you step past the ruby door.
  • Everytime you go back to the map screen inside the room, you will have to fight another battle with another phantom beast.
    • This means that going into the camp screen to rest and then going back to the map screen will immediately trigger another battle. This makes the battles quite difficult as Milli is the only one who can damage the phantom beasts and she will be low on stamina after killing one.
    • One strategy is to stock up on at least 50 Ibeprofun/Seirogans before the fight. Fight once, move, fight again, then rest. Fight again when you exit the camp screen, move, fight again, then rest. Use the Ibeprofun to heal the party in battle with Rance as you cannot hurt the beast. Repeat till you make it to Mill and trigger the cutscene.
  • When you meet her, she will send another phantom beast at you. That is the only fight.
  • Rance procceds to H her.
  • As soon as Rance takes her virginity, she goes back to her normal appearance.

Stage 4 end

Chapter 5 - Deep in Elenoa's Maze[]

  • Rance 02 Only: Go up and reach dead end.
  • Go back down and reach dead end.
  • Go up again and after reaching dead end Sil will notice lever.
  • Don't use it, go back to bottom dead end.
  • Sil will find lever here too - use it.
  • Go right, use lever.
  • Go North and East till end, use lever.
  • Go one cell West then South, use lever.
  • Go to the East, then South and to the end, use lever.
  • Go two cells to the right and Investigate (H scene with Kyouko)
  • Go right, use lever. You will end up back in prison
  • Repeat the way back to the place where you found Kyouko.
  • She is gone but something sparkles on the ground. Search surroundings.
  • You get Life Mirror
  • Go right, use lever to prison
  • This time go North and use lever there.
  • Go West and use lever
  • Go Southeast and use lever.
  • You should end up in place with three exits to the North, take the middle one
  • Go one cell right, Life Mirror will sparkle,
  • Use Life Mirror, it will show way to Elenoa room. Go inside.
  • There is no actual fight, just long scene with no choices

End of chapter 5

Chapter 6 Shizuka's Maze[]

  • NOTE!!!
  • You will lose all your Seiirogan and can never use them again.
  • You can no longer buy Seiirogan or any other items at Tomato's shop; you can only buy Ibeprofun 2 at the Yorks sisters' drug store and use them for fully healing HP.
  • The free full healing at the Church is no longer available.
  • You need to ask the Pub Girl to be able to access the second floor in Pub.
  • Make sure you get the equipment for Rance (Second floor in the pub) and Sill (talk to Maria).
  • Enter the Maze and try to enter the mansion.
  • Now follow the other path until you find a cave (Southeast of the start) with a warrior.
  • Talk to him to find out how to get into the succubus mansion - knock, knock, search, knock.
  • Enter the succubus mansion and return to the warrior to get to know about the aphrodisiac.
  • Obtain a red perfume from Ralga's cat monsters.
  • Enter the succubus mansion again.
  • NOTE: Before going to Shizuka's Mansion, I'd recommend to stock up on energy medicine.
  • Afterwards, go to Shizuka's Mansion
    • The following are optional (CG):
      • Yoshikawa Machiko (Info-store girl)
        • Rance02 Only: Check bookshelf in Shizuka's Mansion 1F. Check until it said that Rance tried to read something but doesn't understand.
        • Rance 02 Kai Only: The previous step is unnecessary, you can do this at any point after entering the dungeon.
        • Go back to town to talk to Machiko
        • Investigate
        • Pick any option to interact with the computer either 21 times (Rance 02) or 6 times (Kai).
      • Willis (Level Goddess)
        • She has been steadily stripping as you've leveled up.
        • You need to reach level 40 for the H scene to happen.
        • By level 30 she'll be full nude. NOTE: The game can be beaten at this level.
        • To easily get exp past level 30 look for Yorunige-chan on the 1st floor of the mansion. She has high evasion and a high escape rate, but she drops 2000 exp. It is recommended to fight some Flame Demons first for both experience and money. Build up the initial levels (Around 30), then simply engage Yorunige-chan to build more levels as Sill can hit them for massive amounts of damage.
        • WARNING!! She holds a grudge, and once Rance assaults her she will no longer appear to level you up. Simply do it for the CG and reset and reload. But by the time you are level 40, everything becomes trivial.
      • Sill Plain (Slave)
        • There is a shop in the first floor.
        • You will need 15000 GOLD to buy the rope and whip.
        • Flame demons can be found on the east side of the tower, and drop 1000 GOLD.
        • Once you have them, go with your usual "Assault : Sill", "Be Gentle", "Use : Rope", and "Use : Whip" will appear.
  • Go to the second floor.
  • Pick up the stake 2 steps north of the large space to the southwest
  • Place the stake inside the large space to the southwest
  • Pick up stake right north of the large space to the southeast
  • Place it in the large space to the southeast
  • Head back downstairs and go to the room with the big book again and look at the table
  • Grab the stake, head upstairs and place the stake in the large space to the northwest
  • Basically, you get to use a total of 3 stakes, make sure one each of them is placed in the 3 large spaces in 3 diagonal ends of the area. Now the water blocking you way to the northeast gate will go away and you can enter it.
    • After going to the second floor, you can backtrack to the library on the first floor to find a map that shows you how to place the stakes, but this is not required to solve the puzzle. In Rance 02, you have to examine the shelf, then talk to Maria about it, and then return to the bookshelf. In Kai, you need to read books three times, and then examine the shelf.
  • Now go inside the room that just opened up and activate the machine.
  • Quickly go through the last corridor as only Stone Guardians appear here. You cannot run from them and they have very high DEF.
  • Enter the room to the right and rescue the girls.
  • Now proceed to the stonehenge in the center. Choose to "look around", then the option to enter time portal will appear. Enter it. Again, make sure you have enough energy medicine to last this fight and after that another VERY long and tedious bossfight!
  • HINT: When fighting Shizuka, Badmouth her 2 times so you can hit her.
  • After Shizuka there is another boss, he's not too difficult, but you need a lot of energy medicines to win as he takes a long time to go down and hits all 3 of your characters at once.

End of the game