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Construction This article is currently under construction and remains incomplete for the time being.

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This page details the differences between the many distinct versions of Rance II, including the original Rance II, Rance 02, Rance 02 Kai, and Rance 02 KaiKai.


Rance II[]

Rance II was originally released in May 1990 for the PC-98. From the initial release to March 1991, it saw ports to the FM-TOWNS, PC-88VA, X68000, PC-88, and finally the MSX2. An entry in Alice's Mansion suggests that Alicesoft only intended to support the FM-TOWNS version of Rance 2 for two years (until July 15, 1992). No reason for this special exception is given. These versions are largely identical, with the exception of the PC-88 release, which contains additional content from the Rance II Hint Disk. This was followed by a 32-bit port to Windows 95 in 1997, featuring remastered music by Shade.

A digest summary of Rance 1 and Rance 2 was released alongside Rance VI in 2004.

Rance 02[]

The game was given a modern overhaul as a part of the Alice2010 collection in 2009, and was redubbed Rance 02. Unlike future remakes like Rance 01 and 03, Rance 02 is a simple conversion, replacing the original art and interface, but directly copying the original script, game flow, and even converting the original code with few changes. If properly installed, the game's Version.txt file can be used to determine its version. The Japanese Version.txt file reads 1.00. This version has been translated to English by MangaGamer, where the Version.txt file reads 1.01.

To supplement the release, Alice2010 also included a revision entitled Rance 02 Kai. Kai heavily rewrites and expands the original game's script, leaving only small sections of the original 1990 text untouched, and makes occasional balance and game flow changes, creating a modern version of Rance 02. The Japanese version is still marked Version 1.00, though it may be identified by its alternate logo on the title screen, or by the included read me file (説明.txt). This version has also been translated by MangaGamer, where the Version.txt file reads 1.02.

Finally, AliceSoft released a third revision, called Rance 02 KaiKai (although the original patch file bears the misleading name of This version features additional text changes, though it is not a total rewrite, simply a revision, although some important details were added, such as a confirmation that Lia has ascended to the throne of Leazas. It also features more mechanical changes. This version shares its title screen icon with Rance 02 Kai, but may be identified by its Version.txt file, which reads 1.20. This version has not been officially translated.

Which to Play First[]

If you have purchased the MangaGamer bundle that has both Rance 02 and Rance 02 Kai and are just wondering which to play, or which to play first, that's obviously a highly subjective decision, but here are some spoiler-free suggestions:

  • If you just want to play Rance 02 once, it's reasonable to go with the Rance 02 Kai version, as it is newer and blends slightly better with the canonical Rance timeline that continues through to Rance X. The gameplay changes are mostly small tweaks to help with balance, fix bugs and make a few puzzle sections a little more straightforward. The gameplay is really not dramatically different between the two, and the CGs are identical (though the scripts in the CG scenes are not).
  • If you want to experience something as close as possible to the original game, Rance 02 hews very closely to the original experience, just with updated graphics. You could also play the fan translation of the original Rance II, with original graphics and slightly dated mechanics.
  • You can certainly play through both versions to read both scripts. There are some gags and minor bits that are unique to each, but whether the game is really "worth" playing twice to see those differences is entirely a personal decision.

Logo Comparison[]

Rance II vs Rance 02[]

Construction This article is currently under construction and remains incomplete for the time being.

This first section will attempt to document the changes between the original Rance II and the initial, Rance 02 remake.

General Changes[]

  • Remade art. This includes a switch-over to full portrait sprites of all characters, including Rance and Sill, who were largely unseen outside of battle or CGs, except for small portraits in the corner of the screen.
  • Remastered soundtrack.
  • CG Gallery (was originally included in the Rance II Hint Disk)
  • BGM Gallery (was originally included in the Rance II Hint Disk)
  • Removed the "Key" feature - details forthcoming.
  • Auto battle feature removed.

Detailed Changes[]

Rance 02 is a very strict remake of the original, typically using the same Japanese text and sometimes even the same code structure as the original (despite using entirely different programming languages). Nevertheless, some content changes are present above and beyond the above.

  • The remake's opening sequence was expanded with bios for the four witches, while the original game only gave their names. The witches are not shown as adults until the time skip to their rebellion. In the original game, they were shown as adults as part of their profile.
  • The group shot of the four witches together as children now shows Mill Yorks as noticeably shorter than the other girls (slightly disguised by putting her in the background). The original game mistakenly depicted them at around the same height in the equivalent CG, misleading the player to believe they were all the same age.
  • A running gag in the game is Rance's supposed "Conscience" stat dropping as he behaves in his typical manner. In the original game, Conscience was a real stat that starts at 20 and could be seen on the status subscreen, but unfortunately for everyone else, it does nothing. In the remake, the value is never displayed and is essentially just a joke, but because the code is identical, Conscience is still tracked behind the scenes (although since the developers never bothered to give it a default value, it starts at 0). Conscience was originally listed to the right of Attack on the subscreen, with a gap in its place for other characters. As a remnant of this feature, that gap remains (now even for Rance) in the remake.
  • Can Cans in the original were depicted in a puddle of water, regardless of their location in-game, a distinction not even given to enemies exclusive to the Underground Lake. This puddle was removed on the remake.
  • TBD

Rance 02 Official 1.01 Patch[]

The official Rance 02 patch (distributed as part of a patch for the entire Alice2010 collection, dubbed Alice2010 version 1.04), fixes a number of bugs in the original game.

Note that Kai and KaiKai were never actually given an official version of this patch, though some of the errors were fixed independently. The fixes were eventually ported to the English version of Kai using the fan-patch (version 1.1 or higher).

  • When using Sweets in battle in the unpatched game, the game actually heals you to full HP twice, but only displays the results of the second healing, which will always be "0" HP restored, because the character was just healed to full behind the scenes. This has been fixed.
  • Due to a coding error, Sill's SP-reducing ring did not appear in the Camp menu. The patch corrects this.
  • The game maintains an error from Rance II, where Sill can't cast a spell if her starting SP is below its default cost, even if she has the SP-reducing ring. For example, the default SP cost of Fire Arrow is 15, so the spell should only cost 5 SP with the ring, and sure enough, your SP is correctly only reduced by 5 when you use the spell. Despite this, it isn't possible to cast the spell in the unpatched game unless you have at least 15 SP. The patch corrects this.
    • This fix also applies to the Rance02 tentacle/Fire Laser sequence, though Kai uses a different method, described below.
  • The 1.0 version of the game incorrectly flags several SP reductions as magical in origin instead of physical, including: being "beaten up" after a sleep gas attack, Ralga's H-scenes, and most prominently, all player character standard Attacks. Generally, this was harmless, but if Sill has the SP cost-reducing ring, she will actually gain SP from her standard attack. If she gains more than max SP, her SP bar will actually appear to drain from the left. In the patch, this was corrected.
  • The patch fixes a minor error where using Find Monsters immediately after the tentacle scene (after being teleported to the heart) would use the intestines combat background instead of the standard dungeon background.
    • A similar correction was made to Level 4, where using Find Monsters after exiting Shizuka's manor would lead to a battle with the interior combat background.
  • The patch properly calls the map deletion function when leaving Shizuka's manor, which could potentially cause technical problems if abused.
  • Corrected a typo: "ダブルハニー" (aka "Double Hanny," with "Double" sounded out from English), had been incorrectly spelled "タブルハニー" (which sounds more like, "Table Hanny").

Rance 02 vs Kai: Full Changes[]

This section will attempt to detail the changes between the original Rance 02 and Rance 02 Kai. The Kai patch only replaces the code archive, and does not actually modify image or sound changes: Kai's visual changes are actually included in the Rance02 data files by default. Debug mode changes are not listed below. For full details on debug mode, see the Cut Content page.

For clarity's sake, the original version of the game will be referred to exclusively as "Rance02," and the revision as "Kai."

Note that many of the errors listed below have been fixed in the fan-patch.

General and Title[]

  • As mentioned above, the primary change between versions is the rewritten text. For most of the game, the script is entirely new. Only a full playthrough could give anyone a grasp of all the changes, so text and text formatting changes are generally not listed below.
    • While not evident in the English version, the Japanese version also corrected an uncountable number of typos, missing punctuation, and other minor changes in lines otherwise left "untouched."
    • Conversation flow is often changed as well, sometimes including more or fewer "steps" in a conversation (the number of times you have to visit a topic to exhaust it). These changes are also unlisted. Other, less common changes to conversation flow, like randomization, are listed.
    • Talk sprite changes are only listed if the surrounding text is close to identical - otherwise, they are considered to be part of the rewrite.
  • Rance02 will lock the player into watching the opening movie if no existing save data is detected. Otherwise, it will allow you to skip the movie with a click. Kai always allows you to skip with a click.
  • If the player has beaten the game, Rance02's main menu will include an option for an online Questionnaire, which is removed in Kai.
  • During a Game Over and between chapters, Rance02 players will be visited by Alice, but Kai players by Dark Alice. Dialogue is adjusted to match.
  • In Kai, the game will remove certain commands from conversations, especially gag commands, after you have exhausted the available text and Rance has decided the action is pointless. Note that some examples from dungeons will reset after you leave and re-enter the room. "Exhaustable" commands include:
    • Chapter 1: Taking or Assaulting in the Mayor's house, Taking from the item shop, Assaulting in the bar, Taking or Assaulting in the Church, Assaulting in the Info Shop.
    • Chapter 2/4: Taking or Assaulting in the Church; Taking or Assaulting in the Info Shop; Assaulting in the mirror room; Look and Take in the coffin room; Every option at the corpse in the spiral passage (except for Look, which can be emptied but it is not, itself, removed); Look, Talk, Take and Assault when talking to the Mummy.
    • Chapter 3: Taking or Assaulting in Arcy's room (some Talk options are also removed).
    • Chapter 6: Taking or Assaulting in the church; Taking or Assaulting in Maria's work area; Looking, Asking, Assaulting or Taking at the Info Shop (i.e. everything but Talking); Look Around, Look at Sill, and Talk to Sill in town square; attempting to visit Ragisis' destroyed house more than once; Every menu option at Ran's Office; nearly every one of Sylpheed's options except for Look Around and Look at Sill; all of Ralga's menu items except for Assault Ralga.
  • In Rance02, you request healing from Rosé by using Talk->Girl, while in Kai, a new "Request Healing" command was added to the initial menu, speeding the process somewhat and making it more obvious to newcomers. Both can only be used once per visit to the church: Rance02 will produce different results for Talk->Girl, while Kai will simply remove the "Request Healing" command.
  • Rance02 will not allow you to buy out of date equipment. Kai will let you make your own mistakes. Neither version will allow you to collect weaker weapons from chests.
  • When you buy a Return Wood in Kai, the game tells you your new total Return Wood count, same as with Ibeprofun. Thisis consistent, but isn't very helpful for either item, since the main shop screen lists both.
  • When using the Search command, Rance02 provides several generic descriptions of rooms, but Kai generally only reacts if there something worth noting.
    • Rance02 narrates most searches, while Kai has a character speak. This arguably changes who's doing the searching: narration suggests the leader is searching in Rance02, but a supporting character (Sill, Maria, Bird) does the searching in Kai.
  • Kai adds short descriptions to the camp menu to remind you of your current objective. Some of these messages were repurposed from the camp's Talk menu, which was removed.
  • The Japanese version of Kai renames the 幸運 (Luck) stat to 好運 (Good Luck). In English, both versions call the stat "Luck."

Chapter 1[]

  • Nearly every building in town has a new introduction scene in Kai during your first visit, save the Mayor's House, which you visited during the intro. Rance02 simply entered the room with no intro, like in repeat visits.
  • In Rance02, Rance asks Ragisis about the witches, dungeon, and rings in that order, and it is possible to ask him about the dungeon for more info if Rance leaves and returns before the end of the chapter. In Kai, both questions about the dungeon are removed.
  • Rance02 has a short, single-line response to trying to Take something from Ragisis' ruined house. Kai removes the command outright.
  • In Rance02, Tomato has three randomized greetings in Chapter 1 (and only Chapter 1), but Kai, she only has one greeting after her new introduction scene.
  • Talking to Rosé in Rance02 (after healing) leads to an extended, multiple-choice gag sequence where Rance declares whether or not he believes in god, and if so, which god (most of them real-world computers). Kai removes this sequence.
  • Attempting to Assault in the Info Store leads to a gag where the two attendants trick Rance into an infinite loop. In Rance02, the player discovers and navigates each step of the joke manually (assuming they even go that far), while in Kai, Rance gets trapped in the joke of his own accord and spins around in it three times before stopping (at which point the command is "exhausted," as described above).
  • In Rance02, you access Sill's camp H-scenes via a special "Sill" menu. In Kai, you have to use the Sill "item" instead, which cannot be Used in Rance02.
  • In Rance02, Sill had one camp H-scene with a wide variety of branching options, including all purchased toys from Chapter 6. In Kai, Sill has multiple, longer H-scenes selected from a menu at the start of the sequence. These separate scenes represent the major highlights of the original set from Rance02, but have no internal branches.
  • When sliding down the slope into the underground lake, Kai has Sill use her panicked talksprite instead of her neutral sprite. Kai does not display an inset visual of the lake during this sequence.
  • Rance02 prevents random encounters when you trigger the shock traps. Kai does not.
  • If you search the room segments with shock traps in Kai, Sill will comment on them.
  • The gangster shop's inset visual is aligned differently in Kai, obscuring the visual of the room. This was arguably the original intent with Rance02: the coordinates are actually the same, but Kai told the game to allow images to overlap.
  • The gangster in Rance02 claims to sell five items, though none are in stock and the whole shop is just a gag. Kai trims this to three: the rope and triangular horse are removed.
    • The remaining items were left untouched, which is notable because two were foreshadowing gags: the Aphrodisiac arguably should have been renamed the "Red Perfume," the Whip to the "SM Whip." See below for the actual items.
  • You must Talk to Maria at least once before you can Ask her anything in Kai, which is required to progress.
  • After Maria flushes you out, Kai adds two short scenes if you attempt to return to her now-inaccessible lab, telling you why you can't get in. If you do so with the Carrot Key, the game will suggest that you need to use the key on the door to the south instead.
  • When Rance tries to open the Carrot door without the key, one of the useless options was changed from a body-slam to a strange dance.
  • Kai adds a message directing you to the previously-empty room with Ney if you walk in front of its door.
  • In Rance02, it's possible to leave Ney after you choose to bully her but before you learn about the Carrot Key (the player will eventually have to go back). Kai only allows you to leave after you learn about the key.
  • In Rance02, you have to search the pool six times before the characters decide to look for an evaporaisin. In Kai, it only takes four.
  • Rance02 forces you to use the evaporaisin from your inventory. Kai also allows you to use it via a more obvious command added to the dungeon menu.
  • Rance02 uses a unique command on the dungeon menu to search for the Carrot Key, and the standard Search button will fail. In Kai, you must use the standard Search button.
  • Kai mentions Maria's statues again if you search the room a second time while they are still there. Rance02 uses an empty room description!
  • In Rance02, the game does not mention if the lake is full or dry when Searching. In Kai, Sill is supposed to note whether the lake is filled or dry, but the section is incorrectly coded, and she will only comment on the full pool. When the pool is dry, she will give an empty room description. This is fixed in the English fan-patch.
  • Instead of examining items via submenu, Kai provides descriptions for every item in your inventory in a linear sequence. This can be quite wordy!
  • Kai allows you to use your primary healing items (Ibeprofun, Sweets, or Ibeprofun2, depending on the chapter) on characters directly from the Use menu, allowing you to heal faster but with fewer options, while Rance02 has you select both item and target. Kai still uses a submenu in combat.
  • In Rance02, you have to look around the bar to spot Ney and talk to her. In Kai, Sill spots her automatically as you enter.
  • When talking to Ney at the bar, Kai shuffled around some of her commands: "Assault Ney" and "Talk to Ney" were removed ("Talk to Ney" had a small gag, but "Assault Ney" was practically empty), and the old "Ask Ney" commands were renamed "Talk to Ney."

General Combat Changes[]

  • Random encounters are called via a common function in Rance02, but a dungeon-level-specific function in Kai. Encounters are generally more common in Rance's sections of Kai, but less common in Sill's sections. Details follow.
    • In Rance02, a variable called FRG starts at 2, and increases every time the player take a step. After the increase, the game rolls a random number from 1 to FRG: if the random number is 5 or higher, a random encounter occurs.
      • This standardized code is not used in Kai, but is still present and has nevertheless been modified, increasing FRG's starting value to 3.
    • Kai uses different formulas depending on the dungeon level:
      • Maria and Mill's Dungeons: ▲E starts at 0 and increases each step. If it is 4 or higher, the game rolls a 1 in (10-▲E) chance. If successful, the player will fight an encounter. This means random encounters start earlier than Rance02, and eventually guarantee an encounter at 9 steps, a feature unique to Kai.
      • Ran's Dungeon: The random roll is 1 in (15-▲E), meaning an encounter occurs at max 14 steps.
      • Shizuka's Dungeon: The random roll is 1 in (10-▲E) as normal, but on the Stone Guardian floor, ▲E increases by 4 every step, making them more common in that version.
  • Kai's text changes are less extensive in combat, and have added gameplay significance, so they are described in full below.
  • Monsters all have custom descriptions when battle begins in Kai, while Rance02 typically just says they "appeared." This feature does exist in Rance02, it just wasn't widely used.
  • Sill's magic cannot miss in Kai.
  • Enemy EXP Drain attacks only connect on a 1 in 4 chance in Rance02, reduced to 1 in 5 in Kai.
  • For whatever reason, Rance02 adds a random number from 1 to half the current chapter number (i.e. 1-3) to all damage calculations. This tiny addition was removed from Kai.
  • Several lines of redundant descriptive text were removed from combat in Kai to speed up battles somewhat. These include: when Sill casts spells, when characters sleep through their turn, when Maria fires the Tulip, a pair of enemy spells, and all ally dodge messages.
    • Ironically, sleeping characters had description added when they wake up. The only exceptions were Sill, who already had one, and Shizuka, whose description is filler because she cannot be put to sleep to begin with (her filler sleep description was modified as above, however).
  • Text and stamina changes (which are visible on the player's HUD) now occur after any associated text, rather than before. This includes changes to: Sill's stamina when she casts healing spells, HP increase from ally item use, HP decrease from monster attacks.
    • Ally dodge animations and the visual effects attached to the Magic Defence spell used against Shizuka were also moved to play after the associated text.
  • Kai gives Rance one of three random dodge messages when an enemy misses, instead of just one.
  • Rance02 specifies which player character missed when they miss, but Kai realizes this is redundant, since the character's name was mentioned when they attacked. As a result, miss text was made identical between characters, except for Maria's projectiles.
  • Rance, Sill, and Bird now select from three random messages when they do not have enough stamina to perform their selected move in Kai. The remaining characters still use a single message.
  • Rance02's randomized text for Rance or Sill resting during combat has been replaced with a standardized description.
  • Randomized descriptions for Sill healing herself when you control her in Kai have been removed.
  • Rance's attack dialogue is simply "死ね" ("Die!") in Rance02, but in Kai, it is randomly selected from 7 messages for standard monsters, with 7 additional descriptions for attacking Gal Monsters and the witches.
  • Rance02 displays messages when allies are hit (Bird has a custom message if he is asleep at the time!), but only a generic message when they die. Kai does not display messages when allies are hit, but has character-specific messages when they die.
  • In Rance02, monsters talk when hit. This feature was removed from Kai, although see the Cut Content page for more.
  • On a Game Over, Rance02 briefly uses a custom background featuring a doodle version of either Rance or Sill, depending on who was in charge at the time. Kai replaces this with their standard character portrait over black.
  • During a Game Over, Kai fixes a potential audio "hiccup" on slower machines.
  • Post-battle victory text is jazzed up in Kai for the Fish Monster, Maneater X68, Green Hanny, Hanny Slime Beth, Three-Eyed Lizard, Maneater Towns, Ra Caim, Maria, and Shizuka. The original game simply says that they died or were defeated.
  • After a victory, Rance02 includes slightly personalized messages listing who received EXP, while in Kai these messages are standardized.

Chapter 2[]

  • The Phiel Ring(s) appear in Rance's inventory when appropriate.
  • After you rob the warrior in Kai, he leaves immediately. In the original Rance02, he only leaves after you do.
  • In Rance02, Maria finds the Tulip in Ragisis' house using the Talk->Maria command. In Kai, it's found automatically after entering.
  • In a few parts of Kai's Chapter 2 (Ragisis' house and the coffin room), Talk and Assault submenus are trimmed so that you talk directly to Maria after pressing the verb, since she is the only one present to talk to. The submenus only appear once you have Milli in your party in Chapter 4.
  • In Kai, the option to buy the Light is removed after you buy one.
  • In Chapter 2/4, Rance02 has Tomato offering a pull at a slot machine after every purchase. Prizes range from 10-500 GOLD. Since Tomato offers a single play per purchase rather than based on the items acquired, it's better to buy cheap Ibeprofun one at a time instead of using the bulk purchase option or any larger purchases, which can be tedious. Kai removed the minigame.
  • If you Ask->Bartender in Chapter 2/4, Rance02 would have him rattle off a randomized bit of trivia relevant to real-world events around the time of Rance II's release. In Kai, there is no randomization. Instead, the bartender says several of these in a single session (as well as a new one about the release of Rance II itself!), after which Rance says something seems fishy about these 20+ year old fun facts...
  • For whatever reason, Kai does not charge you for buying food from the bar in Chapter 2/4, other than the plot-required uhaahn.
  • In Kai, you can only see the H-scene with Elena once. The menu item to "buy" her is removed after the scene.
  • When you talk to Machiko in Chapter 2 in Rance02, she will be reading a randomized book, to which Maria will give a randomized response. The characters don't talk about books at all in Kai.
  • The useless "Use Maria" command that appears in almost every room of Mill's dungeon does not appear in Kai, although behind the scenes, some of its code remains.
  • In Rance02, you discover the warp devices immediately after entering each warp room. In Kai, you must use Search in each room.
  • The player must Look -> Mirror before they will be allowed to leave the mirror room for the first time, but the way the game accomplishes this varies. Rance02 informs you that you can't leave after hitting the Leave button, but Kai removes Leave button entirely until you Look.
  • When Rance dodges the spear trap, he uses his frowning face in Kai instead of his smiling face.
  • Rance can read the names of each individual coffin in Rance02, while in Kai, every coffin is covered by a single, blanket joke.
  • Rance02 asks if you want to search the caskets. Kai just starts grave robbing.

Chapter 3[]

  • In Rance02, Ran's dungeon uses the standard dungeon theme. In Kai, it uses Track 22 instead (Track 26 internally), which was a rarely-used, eerie event theme in the original game. This track originally played after Ran's first ghostly appearance and then again during the meeting with Kyouko in Chapter 5. The theme is still present in these scenes in Kai, now unremarkable.
  • In Rance02, the Find Monsters button is removed when you are in the spring. In Kai, it remains.
  • When entering the spring room in Rance02, an inset image of the spring appears. In Kai, it does not.
  • In Rance02, there is a one-line "Look at Door" response next to the Scream Rooms, and an "Enter Door" button which duplicates the result of moving west into the doors. In Kai, these were removed and you must move west into the doors (although the code designed to respond to them still exists).
  • In Rance02, if you ever Listen at any of the locked doors, Sill would permanently change her reaction when trying to move through the door: she would stop saying the door is locked, and would start saying that it simply won't open. In Kai, this is corrected so that she always says the door is locked.
  • In Kai, the path between the NW quadrant of Ran's dungeon to the NE is blocked by wind, just like the path to the liver. This change is a part of Arcy's quest, below.
  • Kai dramatically changes the flow of events with Arcy. In Rance02, the player must scout ahead (as described below), and then return and ask Arcy about five separate topics, requiring a total of 5 Sweets. This will get them the information required to solve every remaining puzzle in the Chapter. In Kai, they must scout ahead, and then return and ask her about only one topic, which will only give them the information they need to clear the wind puzzle. Next, they must scout ahead a second time, and return with a new question to learn how to interact with the liver. This requires only two Sweets total but arguably takes longer overall, depending on your luck with Sweets Girls.
    • These are the specific scouting requirements: in Rance02, you must encounter the Scream Rooms and the heart wall to talk to Arcy about them, while the three follow-up conversations are otherwise free. In Kai, talking about the wind requires encountering the bug room and wind (any wind room will do), while asking about the Scream Rooms requires seeing the liver, heart wall and the prison doors.
    • When Arcy tells the player about the liver, Rance02 teleports the party icon to demonstrate the location, but Kai slides the party icon between maps to better conveying the relationship between areas.
    • In Rance02, if you ask Arcy about every topic, you can ask her about her hobbies in exchange for another Sweet. In Kai, this dialogue was updated, but was accidentally made inaccessible. It is restored in the English fan-patch.
  • The dead-end hall west of Arcy's place was given a secret in Kai. Visiting it, Sill will note that it "smells of sweets." So long as you have met Arcy, and are carrying 5 or fewer Sweets, a Sweets Girl is guaranteed to spawn in this room during combat. The Sweets count seems to be a remnant of the original version of the Arcy quest, which required 5 Sweets instead of 2, but this can still be handy as a source of healing items.
  • When you leave the room with the bugs and candle, Rance02 teleports the player icon back to the hallway, even though other rooms slide the icon out instead. Kai corrects this.
  • Rance02 uses a recurring message each time the player visits the bug room before using the bug spray. Kai repurposes Rance02's message for the bug room's introduction scene, but then uses a shorter message for return trips.
  • In Kai, you cannot interact with the liver via the menu until Arcy tells you to do so: the liver will simply force you to leave.
  • The party icon is re-positioned in the liver room: in Rance02, Sill and Bird stand nearly on top of the liver's eyeball, while in Kai, they stand somewhat awkwardly to the side. Since the game can only position the icon in 32px chunks, this was probably the best the programmer felt they could manage.
  • As previously mentioned, Kai uses expanded room descriptions for important rooms. These descriptions are the only place that mention the intestines are digesting you (prior to a game over). Rance02 doesn't inform you this is happening beyond depleting your HP bar.
  • When Sill is first captured by the tentacles, the game will present you with three options. Rance02 doesn't care which options you select, and simply waits until you've pressed buttons six total times. Kai, on the other hand, will remove each option after you select it, and will progress after you've cleared out all three.
  • After that, Rance02 waits for Sill to use Fire Blast twice, and then Fire Laser once. Kai only requires you to cast Fire Blast once before you can cast Fire Laser.
    • Whether or not Sill can cast these spells in Rance02 depends on her SP. She can build SP using "Store Willpower," giving identical results to a Wait command in combat. These mechanics made sense in the original Rance II, because the SP meter was still visible. In the 02 remakes however, the SP meter is no longer visible during full-screen CGs, which accidentally makes things confusing. As a result, Kai simplifies the process and doesn't use SP at all: you must "Concentrate" once to cast Fire Blast, and twice to cast Fire Laser.
  • Kai incorrectly changes the check to see if the NE map quarter should be modified to show the damage Sill caused with Fire Laser, and as a result, the graphic will never change in that version. This is fixed in the fan-patch.
  • After being caught by the tentacles, Rance02 teleports you back to the heart, but Kai quickly animates Sill walking back the way she came.
  • Fire Laser's attack strength has been reduced from 100 to 70 in Kai.
  • Rance02's camp menu uniformly refers to the Rib Key as "Key." Kai addresses it by its full name.
  • In Rance02, the scene inside each Scream Room gets its own menu with multiple options that ends with the battle. In Kai, the scenes are linear.

Chapter 4 Exclusive[]

  • The Dragon Lady is less common in Kai: whenever she is generated, there is a 50% chance that she will be replaced with a Tokko.
  • Kai adds a special description to the room where you met Milli if you revisit.
  • In Rance02 Chapter 4, Milli will repeat a hint every time you go to the hall outside the room where you first met. In Kai, this only plays once.
  • Rance02 starts to refer to the mirror room as the "warp device control room" when you enter it in Chapter 4. Kai only ever addresses it as a room with a mirror.
  • In the room with the hidden button for the spear trap, Milli just so happens to gripe about the spiral path. In Rance02, she will accidentally repeat this gripe if you interact with the button before leaving. In Kai, this was fixed.
  • Kai allows you to Take the corpse's Weapon and "reveal" the Ruby multiple times until you finally Take the Ruby. This might help the player notice what they've done if they weren't paying attention, but is a little nonsensical.
  • In Rance02, camping or entering the dead-end mirror room while the rolling boulder is tumbling your way will get you crushed. Kai lets you get away with it. The boulder will still kill you in other circumstances!
    • Behind the scenes, the disabled "Use Maria" command was also modified to allow you to survive the boulder.
  • In Rance02, the boulder will stop chasing you if you go to the SW quadrant of the map. In Kai, it will continue to chase you anywhere in the dungeon.
  • In Rance02, Tomato's H-scene is accessed via the Ask command after completing the Mimic quest. In Kai, it happens immediately after entering the shop. Rance leaves the shop after the scene in Kai.
  • Kai plays the Chapter 1 Bar theme when talking to the mummy, instead of the dungeon theme.
  • In Rance02, the mummy will ask you to stay if you try to leave his conversation, giving you a Yes/No prompt. Kai lets you leave without a prompt.
  • In Rance02, the mummy has an Ask submenu where you can Ask either him, Maria, or Milli. In Kai, Maria and Milli's conversations were consolidated into the Talk menu and the Ask button immediately addresses the mummy, which is handy, since you have to Ask him six times in total.
  • In Rance02, Elena will spot Chisa at Ragisis' place while you are talking to the mummy about Uhaahn. In Kai, you must also visit Gazel to learn Chisa is missing in the first place!
    • You have to Talk->Girl for Elena to tell you that she spotted Chisa at Ragisis' place. In Kai, it happens automatically after entering the bar.
  • When Rance returns Chisa to her father's place, Kai will not allow you to leave until you collect the tablet.
  • King Dragon's scene plays the standard town interior background music in Kai, instead of the dungeon theme.
  • In Rance02, KD's quiz is legitimate: you must answer three questions, and can even ask Maria for advice, which isn't always correct. In Kai, the quiz is a linear gag segment.
  • Eidolon HP reduced from 65 to 50.
  • When Rance or Maria attack an Eidolon, Rance02 plays a miss animation, but Kai does not, presumably because they are not actually "missing."

Chapter 5 Exclusive[]

  • At the start of the Chapter 5 maze, Rance02 players must first go to the northern dead end, then the southern, and then the northern a second time before Sill will find the first lever. In Kai, the player only needs to do the southern and then the northern.
  • During Chapter 5, Kai will try to help the player out of they are lost, albeit in a random and potentially confusing fashion.
    • If they've warped a total of 20 previous times and have yet meet Kyouko, there is a 1 in 4 chance they will be warped to Kyouko's hallway the next time you hit a lever, instead of the usual destination.
    • If they've warped a total of 25 previous times, have returned to the start of the maze after meeting Kyouko, but have yet to find the Mirror of Life, they have a 1 in 4 chance of being warped back to Kyouko to find the mirror.
    • If they've warped a total of 30 previous times and have found the Mirror of Life, they have a 1 in 4 chance of being warped to the three-pronged hallway where all exits lead to Ran.
  • Kai's room description mentions that Kyouko is present when appropriate, and you can also Search the room in that version to examine her while she is there.
  • Kyouko's initial H-scenes in the dungeon are longer but linear instead of shorter and (slightly) branching.
  • In Rance02, you must use the Mirror of Life from Camp. In Kai, there is also a dedicated "Use Mirror" button that appears in the proper room.

Chapter 6 Exclusive[]

  • If you Talk to Tomato in Chapter 6, she will sing a randomly-constructed song in Rance02, but not in Kai.
  • Energy Drugs were renamed Seirogan2s.
  • For whatever reason, you cannot Talk->Chisa during Kai's Chapter 6. The Talk button sends you to what used to be the Talk->Mayor conversations from the original game, obscuring the fact that Chisa never says anything. Her original conversation simply thanked you and encouraged you to do your best.
  • The sad BGM theme (track 26, track 30 internally) plays while in Ran's office, instead of the town theme.
  • Ran's office's Look command has a submenu in Rance02, but is single-click in Kai.
  • In Rance02, you are able to Talk or Ask the Girl in the office, while in Kai, you can only Ask her. This is the only way to add her sprite to the CG gallery in that version.
  • In Rance02, you can generate a random fortune from Machiko by talking to her in Chapter 6. In Kai, the conversation is linear and doesn't give Rance a fortune at all.
    • In Rance02, you can Talk->Sill in the Info Shop, but in Kai, this conversation was folded into the new conversation with Machiko.
  • In Rance02, Machiko's Ask menu has a submenu. In Kai, the same topics are delivered in sequence, instead.
  • In Rance02, Machiko will tell you about her broken computer (the lead-in to her H-scene) after an unrelated event mid-way through the chapter: you must "Look at Books" in Shizuka's manor twice (you can stop when Rance finds the martial arts book). In Kai, you only need to visit the fourth level in any fashion, after which you can immediately leave, not even requiring you to reach the mansion.
    • In Rance02, if you give up on Machiko's computer by selecting "Don't Check," you can never go back to the computer and lose access to the H-scene. In Kai, you can come back freely.
    • In Rance02, you must Fiddle, Hit, or Kick the computer a total of 20 times to get the H-scene. In Kai, you only need six, but it must be in a single visit.
  • Chapter 6's camp intro scenes seemingly abandon the idea of providing reminders about your objective, giving you random gag lines from Sill instead. The only objective she'll mention is the password to Ralga's mansion during the appropriate stretch of plot, in case you forgot.
  • As previously mentioned, Kai renames the Aphrodisiac to the Red Perfume. It's even described as being in a spray bottle. Kai also renamed the Rope and Whip to SM Rope and SM Whip.
  • The space just outside of Ralga's mansion has its own description in Kai.
  • In Kai, Rance leaves Ralga's mansion immediately after her Red Perfume H-scene.
  • In Rance02, to find the note on the bookshelf, you have to examine the shelf, then talk to Maria about it back in town, and then return to the bookshelf. In Kai, you need to read books three times, and then examine the shelf, never interacting with Maria at all, which is much faster.
  • Kai's room description of the manor stairs clarifies that they go up.
  • Kai gives the two exits from the water floor new descriptions mentioning the exits.
  • In Rance02, all you need to do to find the third stake (in Shizuka's study) is to have visited any of the three big rooms on the water floor. In Kai, you must have picked up or moved both of the other stakes to new locations (putting them back in their starting location will cause the check to fail).
  • In Rance02, you cannot Find Monsters in the room on the roof of Shizuka's manor. In Kai, you can. The game even tries to give the battle a custom background, CG 2532, which does not exist (there is a gap between 2531 and 2533). As a result, using Fight Monsters in this room in Kai will display an error message as the background instead! This has been fixed in the fan-patch by preventing you from fighting on the roof, as in Rance02.
  • The party icon's position on top of Shizuka's manor has been adjusted to be more to the right, putting them on the roof instead of in the room. This may be an error (or might have been tied to the unused combat background: perhaps it depicted them on the roof?). In the fan-patch, the party is back inside the room.
  • In Rance02, trying to Talk to the capsule girls while they're still in their capsules produces a semi-randomized response. In Kai, it does not.
  • Kai strangely removes the room description from the capsule room, describing it as though it were a hallway. This has been fixed in the fan-patch.
  • Sill casts a Magic Defence spell against Shizuka. Rance02 tells you when the spell falls, but Kai does not.
  • Rance02 uses a full side-bar for its fake-out credits sequence, exactly like the end-credits, partially obscuring the unique CG. Kai uses a simple text box instead, showing the full CG.
  • Minor changes to the final boss battle outro.
  • During the fake and real end credits, the third page of credits was meant to be modified in Kai to add a credit for "Script Polishing" to Yoidore Dragon in between TADA and Moomin's credits. Presumably, Yoidore Dragon only worked on Kai. Due to an oversight or possible change (see the Cut Content page), this credit appears in both versions, and so Yoidore Dragon is credited in Rance 02 as well. The unused credit slide, the one without Yoidore Dragon's credit, can be found on CG 27803.

Kai vs KaiKai: Full Changes[]

General Changes[]

  • Once again: the KaiKai patch makes another editing pass over the script. While not as substantial as the Kai rewrite, minor changes are still plentiful. Only structural changes will be listed, as above. Again: KaiKai has not been translated.
    • Talksprite changes are also more frequent in KaiKai, even when nearby text is not modified, and will also be left unlisted.
  • Using the Rest command from the Camp menu actually has a downside in KaiKai: it reduces everyone's Max SP by 3 points each time you use it, until you leave the dungeon, visit the Chapter 3 spring, or the Chapter 5 starting room, at which point it resets. This is designed to punish long dungeon excursions. Your current energy max is listed on the status screens.
    • Returning to the surface instantly gives you a full Rest after restoring your Max SP, restoring SP to full (this does not happen in the Chapter 3/5 starting rooms). The game locks you out of Resting in Camp on the surface.
  • Rosé's healing sequence is shortened after the first visit in each chapter set (i.e. Chapter 1, Chapter 2/4, Chapter 6).
  • Items (the game's name for what RPGs normally call "accessories") are entirely distinct. The older versions had Items that give +2 to pre-existing stats, while the KaiKai's items boost less standard things like EXP, Critical Chance, Trap Disarm Chance, or Evasion. KaiKai Items come in three different levels, but only the first tier can be purchased, the rest come from random chests and are considerably more powerful.
  • KaiKai changed standard player attacks to physical, like the Rance02 official patch.
  • If your total damage exceeds (Base Attack Power * 3) by even a single point, damage will be reset to (1.2 * (Base Attack Power * 3)). Depending on your exact damage score, this may increase or decrease your damage.
  • Rance's Special Attacks are stronger (3x instead of 2x) and cost fewer SP (6 instead of 8).
  • Critical hit chances changed from Luck-based to being a base 5% with bonuses from Items (accessories) instead. Level 1 items give +20%, Lv 2 +30%, Lv3 +60%.
  • In previous versions, AI-controlled Sill would cast Healing based on a formula: Sill would use healing If a character's current HP is lower than ((the character's level - 1), +10 in Chapter 1, +20 in Chapter 6). KaiKai will simply have her cast Healing if a character's HP is below a quarter of its max. In both versions, she will heal Shizuka if her HP goes below 30, which is over half of her total 50.
  • Milli will use Ibeprofun if she goes below 40 HP instead of 25 (note her revised HP, below).
  • If Sill casts a spell on a Hanny, she will "learn" they are immune to magic and will never use magic on a Hanny via AI again.
  • In previous versions, in-battle Rest commands restores SP equal to your base Defense stat. In KaiKai, it restores 1/4 your total SP, instead, which is much quicker.
  • Enemy sleep spells actually tell you that the enemy is the one casting the spell, which was missing in previous versions.
  • Enemy HP drain attacks and Death Cutie's scythe attack hit 50% of the time instead of using a standard hit roll. This makes the attacks less likely to succeed in most instances.
  • The enemy defence buff spell can only boost defence to a max of 80.
  • If Sill takes damage that would otherwise kill her, she will survive on 1 HP. This also applies to Maria in Chapter 2 (not 4).
  • In previous versions, there was a 1 in 3 chance of a treasure chest appearing after a battle. In KaiKai, the odds are based on the treasure chest "stat" of the respective monster, which served a different role in the original games.
    • All other treasure chest code was 100% replaced, making an easy comparison impossible. Will have to investigate further.
  • EXP in Kai is boosted by 50% if the party leader's current level is low. The game will try to prevent you from exploiting the system by removing the bonus if your leader needs to level up. If the player doesn't apply for an EXP bonus, or if the bonus comes to <5 EXP, they get a minimal bonus of +5 EXP. GOLD can also receive a bonus if your total GOLD is low, but the game will also check Rance's armor and will only apply the GOLD bonus if his armor is weak. There is no minimal GOLD bonus.
    • Chapter 1: Rance's level <15. GOLD < 500.
    • Chapter 2: Rance's level <20. GOLD < 1200 and Rance's armor is Platemail or Crimson Armor.
    • Chapter 3: Sill's Level <20. No GOLD bonus.
    • Chapter 4: Rance's Level <25. GOLD < 2500 and Rance's armor is Platemail, Crimson Armor, or Destruction Armor.
    • Chapter 5: Sill's Level <25. No GOLD bonus.
    • Chapter 6: Minimum Bonus only.
  • If a character can level up, the game will say so at the end of a battle. It will repeat this warning every battle until you level up.
  • Characters other than Sill gain 2 Attack points per level instead of 1. Sill is the only character to gain Intelligence, 2 points per level.
  • The quick summary of the party's EXP on the main camp screen lists character levels alongside accumulated EXP.
    • The quick summary remains on screen during the Status submenu.
  • The Status submenu does not list the following stats: Accuracy, Intelligence, Evasion, Luck, Attack, or Defence. In their place, it lists Attack Power and Magic Power.

Character Starting Stat Changes[]

  • Rance: ATT -2, INT -5.
  • Sill: ATT -3, INT +2.
  • Maria: SP -40, ATT -10.
  • Milli: HP +21, SP -50, ATT -3.
  • Bird: HP +50, World War Armor downgraded to Destruction Armor.
  • Shizuka: INT +20.

Equipment and Item Changes[]

Longsword	 3	 5	 N/A	->	 4	 5	 N/A
Lightning Sword	 4	 8	 200	->	 5	10	 200
Muramasa	 6	12	 900	->	 6	15	 900
Dragon Slayer	 6	20	1000	->	 8	20	1500
Buster Sword	 4	32	2000	->	10	30	2500
Holy Sword	 5	42	 N/A	->	15	45	 N/A

Platemail		 8	 N/A	->	 3	 N/A
Crimson Armor		10	 250	->	 6	 250
Destruction Armor	15	1000	->	10	1000
World War Armor		22	1800	->	15	1800
Sill's Clothes		 5	 N/A	->	 2	 N/A
Sill's Clothes+		10	 N/A	->	 8	 N/A
Defense Robe		 9	 300	->	 4	 300
Sill's Armor		32	 N/A	->	25	 N/A
Girl's Armor		14	 N/A	->	 9	 N/A

Unlisted equipment unchanged.

  • Ibeprofun3 added to the game.
  • Old healing items are not removed between chapters.
  • Healing items rates have changed:
    • Ibeprofun: 10 HP -> 1/5th total HP (minimum 10 HP).
    • Ibeprofun 2: Full HP -> 1/2 total HP (minimum 10 HP).
    • Ibeprofun 3: New. Full HP.
      • Note that KaiKai only partially modifies the quick-access buttons for using Ibeprofun in the Camp menu. You can only use Ibeprofun 1s via the quick menu in Chapter 1, 2 and 4. In Chapter 6, the quick buttons allow you to use Ibeprofun 1s until they run out, after which you can use Ibeprofun2s. More powerful items, like Ibeprofun2s in Chapter 2/4 or Ibeprofun 3 in Chapter 6, must be used in battle and cannot be used in camp at all. In Chapter 3 and 5, your healing items are restricted to Sweets as normal, with the same quick-access buttons.

Spell Changes[]

  • Fire Arrow: ATT -5.
  • Thunderstrike: ATT -5, SP +5.
  • Fire Blast: SP +11.
  • Fire Laser: ATT -10, SP +2.
  • Healing: In older versions, Sill only had two healing spells: the standard version she used in most instances, and a "full healing" spell she could use exclusively on Rance in Chapter 6 if her SP is 40 or higher (instead of just 30). KaiKai has implemented multiple levels of Healing that trigger randomly after casting the base spell, but implementation is messy. If Sill is level 25 or higher, she has a 1 in 2 chance of casting Healing 2. While if she is level 30 or higher, she has the same 1 in 2 chance of casting Healing 2, and if that fails, she has a 1 in 3 chance of casting Healing 3. Sill requires a minimum of 40 SP before she'll consider casting any form of Healing, but the spell might not actually cost that much depending on level (just to make things more confusing, the menu in Chapter 3/5 says Healing costs 30 SP!). Healing 1 costs 30 SP and heals an amount equal to Sill's level, Healing 2 costs 40 and heals half total HP, Healing 3 costs 50 SP and heals full HP. Because of the inconsistency between required SP and potential SP cost, Sill might refuse to cast Healing 1 even if she has the SP, or might end up in negative SP with Healing 3.
  • Magic Defence Spell (vs Shizuka): Instead of absorbing 100 points of damage and leaving Rance and Sill unharmed, in KaiKai, the defence spell reduces Shizuka's damage by half, but after each hit, the barrier takes 1-3 points of damage. Once it loses 5 damage points, the spell vanishes. Since Shizuka attacks every turn, the spell will last between 2 and 5 hits.

Monster Statistic Changes[]

Monsters in Rance 2 can have one or two attacks. This will be noted with "[1]" or "[2]" next to the stat in question. If a monster only has one attack, no clarification will be made.

  • Meatball: HP +15, EVA +5, DEF -5, Attack Power (AP) [1] +2, EXP +5.
  • Hanny Slime: HP +15, EVA +5, DEF -10, AP[2] +3, Chest Type: None -> 4.
  • Fishmonster: HP +15, EVA +5, AP +4, EXP -1.
  • Watersnake: HP +25, EVA +5, AP +4.
  • Statue: HP +120, AP[1] +5.
    • If Rance's level is 10-13, EXP is boosted from 100 to 250.
  • Can Can: DEF -10, EXP -12, GOLD -15.
  • Happiness Can Can: New enemy. Standard Can Can stats but EXP +72, GOLD +40, different intro text. Encounter locations noted below.
  • Maria: HP +170, EVA +2, AP[1] +1, AP[2] +8, EXP -150.
    • If Rance's level is 10-13, EXP +200.
  • Good Day: HP +116, EVA +6, DEF -7, AP[1] +3, AP[2] +13, EXP +10.
  • Cockatrice: HP +148, EVA +7, DEF -8, AP[1] +7, AP[2] +8, EXP +33, GOLD +10; Chest: 1 -> 4.
    • In Chapter 4, EXP +40.
  • Ra Caim: HP +78, EVA -6, DEF +11, AP +6, EXP +70, Chest: None -> 6.
  • Maneater X68: HP +128, EVA +5, DEF -10, EXP +48, Chest: 2 -> None. Heals 20 HP a turn instead of 5.
  • Green Hanny: HP +30, EVA -7, DEF -3, Chest: 1 -> 4.
  • Tokko: HP +50, EVA +11, DEF -10, AP[1] +8, EXP +40, Chest: 3 -> 6.
  • Eidolon: HP +44, EVA -1, DEF -15, EXP -50, GOLD -47.
  • Good Night: HP +170, EVA +5, DEF -16, EXP + 100, GOLD +12, Chest: 2 -> None.
  • Dragon Lady: EVA +5, DEF -10, AP[1] +11, AP[2] +5.
  • Golden Hanny: DEF +5, Chest: None -> 1.
  • Mimic: EVA +13, DEF -10.
  • Rotten Corpse: HP +100, EVA +4, DEF -10, AP[1] +10, AP[2] +15.
  • Pastry Girl: HP +80, EVA +13, DEF -10, AP[1] +10, AP[2] +15, EXP -30.
  • Hanny She-Slime: HP +40, EVA +9, DEF -8, AP[1] +8, Chest: None -> 4.
  • Einstein: HP +140, EVA +8, DEF -8, AP[1] +7, EXP +10.
  • Pinky: HP +21, EVA +4, DEF -10, EXP +10.
  • Torture Soldier: DEF -3, AP[1] +4, AP[2] +12.
  • Invisible Corpse: EVA -30, DEF -5.
  • Three-eyed Lizard: HP +15, EVA -10, DEF -10.
  • Goldbird: EVA +15, DEF -5, AP[1] +21, AP[2] +21, EXP +80, Chest: None -> 6.
  • Double Hanny: HP +200, EVA -11, DEF -10, AP +23, EXP +175, GOLD -20, Chest: None -> 2.
  • Ralga's Cat: HP +110, EVA +3, DEF -10, AP +6, GOLD +35.
  • Maid Lady: HP +338, EVA +8, DEF -20. Given a second attack that is actually dangerous. Chest: None -> 2.
  • Wind Warrior: HP +100, EVA +11, DEF -10, AP -24.
  • Maneater TOWNS: HP +56, DEF -10, AP[1] +10, AP[2] +14, Chest: None -> 6.
  • Stone Guardian: EVA -2, DEF +45, AP[1] -15, EXP +200, GOLD -50, Chest: None -> 5. Given a second attack.
  • Death Cutie: HP +200, DEF -20.
  • Enma: EVA -3, DEF -30, AP[1] +20, AP[2] -10.
  • Little Runaway: EVA -5, DEF -8, Chest: None -> 1.
  • Shizuka: HP +285, EVA -12, DEF changed from (Rance's Level +20) to a flat 200, AP[1] -20, Attack #1 accuracy -20%.
  • Ragisis Form 2: HP +200, AP -20, intro text changed

Chapter 1[]

  • KaiKai reverts to the Rance02 system of preventing you from buying old equipment, this time by outright removing the buttons for out-of-date equipment from the Buy submenus.
  • In Maria's dungeon, if Rance or Sill is on 1 HP (i.e. after a shock trap or thanks to Sill's new "survive on 1 HP" ability), you are guaranteed to encounter a Can Can in your next random battle, even in areas where Can Can generally do not appear. This renders shock traps harmless if you know the trick.
  • Examining the (formerly useless, dead-end) stairs going down in the SW corner of Maria's dungeon when Rance is Level 10-12 will cause a Happiness Can Can to pop out and battle you, which rewards a lot of EXP as usual. This can only happen once.
  • In previous versions, the pre-set chest on level 1 has a chance of giving you 300 GOLD or exploding. Like random encounter chest traps, the trap-disarming RNG on Level 1 is based on Sill's Intelligence stat, but the process and formula was different. In KaiKai, the chest is treated as a free, standard, random encounter chest with the otherwise exclusive chest "stat" of 0.
    • As a consequence of this, you can no longer Look at the chest.

Chapter 2[]

  • In previous versions, you have to exit Mill's dungeon by moving west, as in Rance II. The Rance II map doesn't establish its exit very well, only making the hall look like a dead end, implying the exit was west, beyond the "dead end." Rance 02 drew stairs to the north, but forgot to update the movement code to match: you still exit the dungeon by going west. KaiKai finally corrects this by moving the exit to the north. In the English fan-patch, all versions of Rance 02 leave to the north, matching the art.
  • Before you find the Hirara Ore, there is a 2 in 3 chance that any Ra Caim will be replaced with a Meatball, and a 2 in 3 chance that Cockatrice in certain parts of the dungeon (encounter list C1 only) will be replaced with a Can Can.
  • A secret was added to the dead-end hallway just north of the coffin room entrance: Maria will spot something in the room description, and if you search, you will find 10 Ibeprofuns and 10 Ibeprofun 2's.

Chapter 3[]

  • During Chapter 3/5, the SP cost for Sill's spells are listed next to the name in the menu.
  • The Information spell is removed. Since Healing is the only Defensive Spell left, it is is moved up to the root command menu, making it faster to use.

Chapter 4[]

  • When you first return to the fork just outside the mirror room in Chapter 4, you will have a fixed encounter with two Ra Caim in a row. You cannot escape these battles.
  • To find the ruby in previous versions, you used to have to Take the corpse's Weapon twice, even though Rance is described as throwing the sword away. This never really made sense (did he walk across the room to throw it again?), so KaiKai makes it happen in one.
  • When trying to open the second and fourth coffins, the party will still fail, but will find 500 GOLD nearby (at each location).
  • In addition to the third slate, the mayor gives you 10 Ibeprofun 2s for rescuing Chisa.

Chapter 5[]

  • In Chapter 5, the random encounter rate is decreased even further than Kai, with a starting value of 30 instead of 15 (meaning you'll fight an encounter in max every 29 steps).

Chapter 6[]

  • Milli and Mill still only sell Ibeprofun 2's in this version, but since those have been downgraded, HP restoratives have been overall nerfed in KaiKai Chapter 6.
  • They also sell Ryukakusan, an SP-recovery drug from Toushin Toshi II. You can buy it either 1 or 5 at a time. It can only be used in battle.
    • Strangely, the Camp screen doesn't account for Ryukakusan in any way, nor does the shop's summary screen, so there is no way to know how many you have.
  • KaiKai chapter 6 supports Return Woods, and they aren't removed from your inventory at the end of Chapter 4. KaiKai did not modify the shop's summary screen to mention your current supply, even though that's how it worked iin previous chapters.
    • The two quick-access Ibeprofun buttons, plus the Return Wood button, mean that it is very likely that the Chapter 6 Use menu will reach the 7-item limit imposed back in Kai (see the Cut Content - Coding Observations section). KaiKai makes no attempt to create a second page, so some items that have Use buttons, but can't actually do anything, are likely to be pushed off the menu, and will be unlikely to be seen by the player unless they exhaust their supply of healing items.
  • Double Hanny do not appear in the random encounter list in KaiKai, only in pre-set encounters listed below. They are replaced on the wandering monster list by Three-eyed Lizards or Green Hannies depending on the area.
  • Maneater X86 and Einsteins sometimes appear in Chapter 6 random encounters (encounter list Y1).
  • A number of fixed monster encounters were added to this chapter, each preceded by a quick scene. You cannot flee from these battles.
    • At the dead end in the NE corner of the lava zone: Can Can, Tokko, Pastry Girl.
    • Second and third T-junctions in the SE corner: Double Hanny.
    • Shizuka's mansion, just north of the entrance: 2x Maid Ladies.
    • Shizuka's mansion, dead end room on west end of map: Happiness Can Can, Tokko, Pastry Girl, Maid Lady, Ralga's Cat, Dragon Lady.
      • Searching this room after the fact reveals 10 Return Woods.
      • In the room just north of this, you can find 2x Ibeprofun 3s. There's no hint anything is hidden there.
    • Shizuka's library: Double Hanny.
    • Shizuka's study: Enma. Proabably the most notable monster change, as it takes Enma from a secret bonus enemy to a mandatory encounter, since you must beat it to get the third stake.
  • Once you reach the room at the end of the Stone Guardian hallway, the boosted encounter rate in the hall (introduced in Kai) permanently returns to normal, which is helpful if you want to head back.
  • As described in the Statistic Changes section, in previous versions Shizuka's defence used to start at (Rance's Level + 20), but in KaiKai it was adjusted to a flat 200. As a result, the mechanics behind Badmouth were also changed. In previous versions, Badmouth would reduce her defence by 5 points to a minimum of 10. In KaiKai, her DEF drops by 50 each Badmouth to a minimum of 30.
    • Shizuka's Intro text changed to mention a defence spell to explain her high defence and the need to use Badmouth. If Shizuka's defence is still too high (100+), Rance will complain about the spell whenever he attacks, as a hint to the player.