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The game is divided into 2 modes: Town mode and Dungeon mode.

In Town mode, you will interact with people, choose where to go via selections in the main Menu.

In Dungeon mode, you will control your party to go up, down, left or right using the 4 directional buttons on the upper right of the screen, You can also choose to investigate, find enemy and camp. The dungeons are divided into grids like an SRPG game.

When defeating monsters, there is a chance that they will leave a chest behind and your luck seems to affect the appearance rate of those chests. Most of those chests contain a trap that you need to disable before claiming your hard earned spoils. Your party members will hint to you about what kind of trap is in there and they will be right... most of the time. Then you will have to select from a list what kind of trap you want to disable.

  • Poison Gas: drops the HP of 1 ally to 1.
  • Debt Collector: takes some of your money.
  • Explosion: drops the HP of all your party to 1.
  • Memory Wipe: drops the EXP of a single party member to 0.
  • Reset: restarts your game.
  • Teleport: teleports you to town.
  • Alarm: starts another monster encounter immediately.
  • Gas: some HP and SP damage. (needs testing to whatever it can kill you).

As for those hard earned spoils, they can be one of the following:

  • GOLD: variable amount.
  • Equipment for Rance: the same that you can buy at the shop, he will just throw those away if he has something better.
  • Junk: random items that Rance will throw away immediately.
  • Mimic: a chest like monster will attack you, gives a fixed 1000exp when defeated.