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Missable Content[]

Missable Items[]

The following items are Missable:

  • Rance
    • Holy Sword/Armor, gotten in Stage 6 on second floor of inn
    • Any buyable sword/armor (ceases to be available in Stage 6)
  • Sill Plain
    • Magic Ring (Reduces SP cost by 10 for magic), found in Stage 3.
      • The ring lies on the floor 1 field north of the junction closest to mr. Liver. Use Search to find it.
    • Defense+ for Sill's clothes (Go see Mr. Liver a second time)
    • Sill's Armor (Talk to Maria Custard during Stage 6, when she's outside)
  • Milli
    • Upgraded armor for Milli can be found in Mill's dungeon
  • Maria Custard
    • Upgraded armor for Maria may be found in an alcove near where the ore for Tulip Mk. 1 is.

Missable H Scenes[]

  • Nay can be H'd if you bully her when you find her. If you just help her, you will get some gold but no CG.
  • Inn Girl can be H'd during Stage 1,2 and 4 if you pay her 500G.
  • Tomato Puree (Item Shop girl) may be H'd if you complete a sidequest in Stage 4 (finding the Mimic's mother behind the stone Hanny statue)
  • Sill has a couple extra H scenes that are only available after purchasing the SM Rope and SM Whip (Stage 6, store inside Mansion). Once you have them, start with "Be Gentle" and Use: Rope will appear.
  • Machiko has a short H scene during Stage 6 after gaining entry to Shizuka's mansion, killing computer-like monster and talking to everyone in town completely, then return and talk to Machiko and repeatedly kick her computer (20 times) until the scene unlocks.
    • If you are having trouble getting it, try going foward in game and coming back again later.
  • Level Goddess Willis may be H'd after you reach Level 40 in Stage 6. However, she won't show up again for you once you H her (because she's angry). Choosing the "Back" option once the ability to "Assault" appears has her give levels as normal. Because of this, it's recommended to wait until right before the fight with Shizuka to H Willis.


Easy Money[]

  • The Item Shop, starting in Stage 2, has a slot machine that is activated when something is bought. Buying 2G single Seirogans will trigger a spin, which often gives out a consolation prize of 10G (and a max payout of 500G). Repeat until satisfied.
    • This stops being available in Stage 6, when the Item Shop no longer sells items.
    • It is faster to kill monster to gain money and as bonus you gain expierence.
    • you can speed it up by holding down ctrl and pressing 4 ,5, 1 on your num pad over and over

SP Recovery[]

  • It is possible (and often recommended) to camp/rest after any fight.
    • There is one place where you cannot rest between fights, and that is when getting Milli in Stage 2


  • Rance's Badmouth ability usually does nothing, except against certain enemies such as Good-Afternoon or the girl with the naginata, in which case it has a chance to instant-kill.
  • Can also be used to reduce evasion of the boss at the end of stage 6.

Sill's Combat Actions[]

  • Sill Plain acts on her own when you control Rance (same as any other party member). If you do not want her healing Rance or herself, make sure her HP is above half (and Rance's), as she will cast Cure whenever her (or Rance's) HP is at half or below and she has enough SP to cast it (30SP normally).

What item to buy[]

  • You can only buy female armor at first chapter it gives +4 (9) to Sill's armor rating for while.
  • You can buy equipment for additional item shop only during stages 1, 2 and 4.
  • I recommend buying the Power Disc (+2 accuracy) item for Rance before end of stage 4. Before stage 6 hitting monsters is not a problem but in stage 6 you will start missing a lot on strongest monsters.
    • If you are going to level up to 40 or more Evasion is more important as it rarely misses by then, even against most evasive monsters.
  • There are no items to equip in the item slot other than the ones you buy in the item shop.
  • At chapter 6 you rarely need more than 10 energy drinks.
  • Least money for all CG is 15560 G, if you bought best weapon and armour at first it get to around 19000 G.

End Game EXP[]

  • The thief enemy (a girl with a big bag on her back) in Shizuka's manison has absurd evasion and can escape. However, killing her nets you 2000 exp, making it the best way to reach level 40 for the Level Goddess scene.