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Below is a list of characters who appear in Rance 02:

Main Characters Edit

Rance - rance02


A travelling warrior and adventurer, taking odd jobs "in the name of justice" if it's well paid - Can't use magic and isn't very bright, but is extremely strong as a warrior. Hopelessly perverted and has dreams of creating his own harem.

Sill - rance02

Sill Plain Edit

A slave of Rance who helps hims in his adventures as a partner in battle and in bed. She was kidnapped by bandits and sold to Rance, travelling together ever since. Highly adept at magic but weak in terms of strength.

Four Witches of Kathtom Edit

Maria - rance02

Maria Custard Edit

Excels in water-based magic. Maria is highly interested in magic research, so much that her former magic teacher, Ragishss, implied her being obsessed with it.

Mill - rance02

Mill Yorks Edit

The youngest maiden among the four, she is known for being self centered and has an aptitude for summoning phantom beasts.

Ran - rance02

Elenoa Ran Edit

The only maiden with excellence in both swordmanship and magic. Cunning and deceptive, Ran mainly uses mind magic, such as illusions and hypnotism.

Shizuka - rance02

Masou Shizuka Edit

The leader of the four witches. Shizuka is said to possess enough potential to make her a highly proficient magic user. Excels in almost all kinds of magic.

Kathtom Residents Edit

Gazel - rance02

Gazel Gode Edit

Gazel is the mayor of Kathtom. He is deeply concerned with the town's situation, and promises Rance great rewards if he helps them.

Cith - rance02

Cith Gode Edit

Cith is Gazel's petite and innocent daughter, and appears to assist him in tending to town issues all the time. She is knowledgeable of things related to Kathtom as she provides Rance with detailed information regarding its sectors and inhabitants.

Ragishss - rance02

Ragishss Cryhausen Edit

An old mage who trained the four maidens. Ragishss was said to be the protector of Kathtom before his demise on the hands of his own students. Unable to forgive them, he is able to retain his form as a ghost.

Rose - rance02

Rosé Card Edit

Rosé is the nun of Kathtom's Church. She is able to fully heal Rance's HP. Despite being a nun, Rosé is very knowledgeable on anything related to devils and seems to not mind their companion.

Tomato - rance02

Tomato Purée Edit

Tomato is the item shop girl of Kathtom. She sells a lot of weapons and healing items to aid Rance in his quest to save the town. Tomato is quite eccentric as she has monster like Mimic for a pet and a bonsai that resembles Medusa's hairs.

Kyouko - rance02

Yoshikawa Kyouko Edit

Kyouko, along with her twin sister, runs an info store in Kathtom. Believing that fortune and destiny determine everything in the world, she leans more into obtaining information with her spiritual affinity.

Machiko - rance02

Yoshikawa Machiko Edit

Machiko is the twin sister of Kyouko. She believes that technology is the future and fortune-telling is so behind the times. Instead of following her sister's spiritual ways, she uses bio-mechanical computer to provide information.

Elena - rance02

Elena LR Edit

Elena is a waitress serving a pub in Kathtom. She offers Rance a special service for 500 gold.

Other Characters Edit

Milli - rance02

Milli Yorks Edit

Mill's older sister. Tough and rather vulgar, Milli went to the labyrinth to save her sister only to be saved by Rance after her party got wiped by Hanny.

Bard - rance02

Bard Risufi Edit

A kind, humble, honest, and capable swordman. Personality-wise, he is like the polar opposite of Rance. Bard met Sill after he got separated from his comrades due to fighting Maria's Water Statue. As they were both planning to escape, they decided to work together to find a way out of the maze.

Ferris - rance02

Ferris Edit

Summoned through an unintentional summoning ritual by Rance. Being a relatively high class devil herself, Ferris' job is to grant 3 (three) wishes in exchange of the wisher's soul.

Ralga - rance02

Ralga Edit

Ralga is the succubus taking control over Shizuka's maze in her absence. She employs catgirls to guard her mansion from intruders.

Willis - rance02

Willis Edit

Willis is Rance's personal level goddess. Rance may call her anytime to level him and his party members up.

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