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Turn count does not matter in Rance 01.

Instead, what will prevent you from getting character clears, HCGs and mini-events is triggering certain actions that will cause the story to progress, thus losing the opportunity to complete certain sub-quests.

So you should

  • save your progress often
  • take as long as you need farming gold and chips (items)
  • sleep to heal up often
  • visit and revisit various characters, since they will often unlock conditions for more actions and events

The guide below will highlight expiry conditions with underlining, in other words, those actions which will make it impossible to do or get something after they are completed.

The expiry conditions are ordered by the earliest they can appear, but some are not always going to be the first thing you'll likely run into, because you're likely not going to want to grind levels before you do anything else in the game... (don't grind... you don't need to in this game!!!!)

Just keep them in mind, while you play the game, and you should be able to see all of what Rance 01 has to offer.

If you tossed away item that you needed to complete the game see: Rance 01:Game mechanics#Lost Important Items

Getting started[]

Right at the beginning, after Keith explains that you're on a quest to find a cute red head, Hikari, who has disappeared in Leazas, there's a short tutorial that will guide you through some easy enemies and let you pick up some generic consumable items.

Just play through it, get used to the chip mechanics and if you haven't yet, you should take a moment to:

  • Read Game mechanics to find out how the 4 interfaces work (battles, dungeon crawling, city map and ADV)


Soon, you'll arrive in Leazas town and Rance will send Sill to gather information by infiltrating Hikari's school for rich kids as a scholarship student. Too late he realizes that she has all their money (and later on, that even as a scholarship student, it coincidentally costs exactly what she took with her).

There's nothing much to do on Day 1, you can waste some time exploring the park or the pub.

  • First location: When you're ready, make your way to the inn, where you will find a gorgeous JAPANese innkeeper, Nami.

You should try out some of the actions there. You'll need to use the save and load options, closet for storage and sleeping options at the inn throughout the game, so better get familiar with them

The innkeeper Nami doesn't know anything about Hikari, but she does still expect to be paid for the night; Rance puts his sword up as collateral, leaving you weaponless (you still have consumables). 

  • Unlock new area: When you leave the inn the following morning, Nami will tell you about the item shop, which is now available on your Leazas town map
  • Unlock new area: Talk to Patty, the shopkeeper and after asking a couple times about Hikari, you'll unlock the weapon shop, run by Patty's friend Millie

The weapon shop is closed in the morning (Millie has a bad case of sleep-in), but you'll eventually want to head over there.

First talk with Millie[]

Expiry condition: Asking Millie about the thieves's hideout makes her 1st mini-event disappear

  • The first thing you should do when you meet Millie is to assault her. This will get a little mini-event where Patty shows up. Once you ask Millie about the thieves's hideout, you will no longer be able to see this (totally not important) mini-event
  • Unlock new conversation option with Bobza: The more important thing here is to talk with Millie and ask her about Hikari and the bandits. This will unlock a new conversation option at the pub, which is required for the main storyline
  • After asking about the thieves's hideout, you should assault Millie again. This time a different scene will occur where a guard kicks you out of the shop (this is the first of many Millie events that will require you to wait a few days before triggering the next one)

Your objective on Day 2 should be to secure the 3 sources of money available in the city. Remember, you have no sword, so you need to come buy something from Millie before heading out to the field:

  1. Assault something in the park for 19g
  2. Ask Sill for money for 50g
    • While you're at it, assault her to get Sill's first HCG - do this after getting the money
  3. Accept the main story quest from Bobza at the pub and get 100g

It is highly recommended you use this money to buy 2 red items from Millie before heading to the field. It's more efficient to go for 2 offensive items instead of a shield here because of the shields' longer cooldown times. If you don't want to trust me on this:

  • Read about the damage formula (or lack thereof) in Game mechanics
  • Read about levelling rewards in Skills
  • Or just try out a shield, it's a perfectly fine option too

Leazas field[]

Now, you are ready to head back to the Leazas field and do your first (non-tutorial) battles! Watch out, the further you go in Leazas field, the higher the difficulty will climb. But don't worry too much since:

  • If you die, you can select to restart from the auto-save, which will be the start of the area you're in (Leazas field)
  • If you know you're outmatched and don't want to grind too much, you have an option to run away. It has a 100% success rate... but it will cost a few gold.
  • Look for the green card to get safely back to Leazas town (or you can Set Up Camp and hurry back to town)
  • Note : Going to the lake past the Saint Alice monument will trigger a boss fight with a 1800 hp monster.

Kanami's mini-event[]

Every time you return to Leazas town, there will be a chance that Kanami-coughcough, I mean, 'Mysterious Ninja who is never named in Rance 01' will appear.

If you meet her twice (it was 3 times for me), you can then find Kanami in the park at night. You will get a small mini-event (no HCG) and lose all your gold (so spend it first, or skip the event if you don't care, it won't affect anything later on).

Expiry condition: Enter the thieves' hideout and you will no longer be able to fight Louis[]

If you don't defeat Louis in the Leazas field road (リーザス領辺境の街道) before entering the thieves' hideout, he will disappear and you will no longer get his mini-events later in the game, in the colosseum and casino.

Basically, don't go into the thieves's hideout yet. Defeat Louis (he's in a blue card to the left side, 2 rows after the start) and get back to Leazas town to sleep for the night.

Level up with Willis[]

On Day 3, you will meet Willis when entering Leazas town. Willis is a minor goddess and you will have to talk to her to level up, once you have the required EXP.

Expiry condition: Use chip "ALICEMAN coin"[]

Willis will sometimes give you an item called ALICEMAN coin (first one at level 13). Do not use it for its measly attack. Read more about it on the skills page.

When you get to level 20, talk to Willis and she will ask for a "Wing Pie"

You can then get the pie as a drop reward from defeating a "Tricorn" in the Leazas field. Bring it back to Willis and hand it to her to get her HCG. You might be able to get another Pie if you use it in battle, but better to be safe and just keep it for Willis.

  • Warning: The Tricorn is an A rank enemy with S+ attack, so you likely will still be too weak to face this at level 20. You can defeat it with good consumables... or just wait, since it's fine to do Willis's events late in the game when you have powerful items and lots of HP.

The Thieves's Hideout[]

Try to level up and go check out Millie's updated shop. You'll be able to buy a club and short sword, which will both help you with the first mini-boss, Murala.

Now, you're ready to go the Thieves's Hideout!

Expiry condition: Go to the thieves's hideout at noon and you'll miss the fight with the lookouts[]

Enter the thieves's hideout during the morning or night, and you will fight an extra mini-boss, the lookout thieves. Go at noon to skip this fight when they're out to lunch. You won't be able to win the fight at level 9 with your starting gear, so if you want to fight them you will need to level up in the fields first.

I.NET information broker[]

  • New area unlocked: After entering the thieves's hideout and returning to Leazas town, you will now be able to visit the I.NET information broker

Ignore its main function to pay 980g for hints to get HCGs (at random) and get various information about heroines.

More importantly, the robot sells some useful consumables:

  • Anywhere Sliding Door - Access your closet while in a field
  • Save lion - Save while in a field
  • Weekly Hit Point - At the start of each battle, while you hold it, you will see how much HP the enemy has. It can be consumed at any time to restore 50% HP

Mini-boss Murala[]

Expiry condition: Pay Murala and you can avoid fighting him[]

You should be at least level 11 if you want to fight and have a club and sword or better. To get the option to pay him 100g and avoid the fight, you have to try leaving the hall first.

Saving Pulptenks[]

Expiry condition: Using the chip "Tension shelf (突っ張り棚)" will deny you its closet expansion effect[]

Keep it in your inventory when you open the closet (at the inn, doesn't work in the castle bedroom) and it will automatically be consumed and give you more closet space.

There are 3 tension shelves in the game:

  • 1st of these in the storeroom on the upper floor of the bandit den
  • 2nd in a treasure chest in the Leazas graveyard area
  • 3rd will appear either from Jericho's confiscated items or from a D-rank treasure chest in the deepest parts of Leazas field

Expiry condition: Use the chip "Omega Miracle (ミラクルオメガ)" and you will be denied all of Miki's events later on[]

To get the Omega Miracle:

  • you must go to the back of the storeroom (2nd blue card in a row on the first floor of the thieves's hideout) where British will be stuck in his concrete wall. You can't get the Miracle Omega the first time. You have to leave the storeroom, then go again - a new command will appear to search the ground and pick it up.

Expiry condition: Use the chip 250-year sake "(山裂250年)" and you will be denied Necai's HCG[]

Give Necai the 250-year sake to get her HCG. You must also give Necai the wine to get the key to access the bandit chief's room, so try to give her the two bottles at the same time

You get the 250-year sake by visiting to the storeroom on the first floor 3 times. (The one before British.)

Note that you can keep getting more wine every time you visit the cellar on the second floor of the bandit den, so no worries about using that one as a consumable.

Expiry condition: Defeating the bandit chief, Reichardt will cause Necai's HCG and Kanami's mini-event in the park to expire[]

Do Necai and Kanami's events first, before defeating Reichardt.

Reichardt should be another easy fight, he's only slightly stronger than Murala.

Afterwards, you can try some conversation options to take some gold off Pulptenks' hands (no negative effects). She will then become a chip in your inventory as you head back to town.

Expiry condition: Going to the pub with Pulptenks in your inventory will deny Pulptenk's mini-event[]

You can trigger a mini-event with Pulptenks in your inventory by sleeping at the inn (no HCG).

Note that as soon as you step into the pub, Pulptenks leaves your inventory, so don't go to the pub until you're ready.

Kanami's fight[]

This happens if you enter the Leazas city map between 1-5pm, meaning it can happen right after you return Pulptenks to the pub.

  • Unlock new area: You have to fight Kanami to unlock Leazas castle gate

Climb the Castle wall[]

Once you can go to the Leazas Castle gate, one of the ADV options when talking to Menad is to 'climb the wall':

  • Each time you climb the wall, you will get 1-2 meters higher than the last time
  • You will fall every time, taking height x 30 damage (so around 30 damage the first time, then 120ish, etc)
  • If you climb to the top (20m) then you will get a considerable amount of EXP (but you have to have more than 570 HP to climb the last stretch, and you have to heal up between attempts so as not to die).

Hazuki the cheater[]

Hazuki will now appear at noon in the pub

  • Betting against Hazuki at the pub is not random. You will always win 1 bet and then lose the next 3.
  • Since you need 8 bets to get Hazuki's business card for later events (important), you should bet against her a 9th time afterwards to get a 3rd win and recoup 200g.

Pulptenk's lust[]

Pulptenks will now appear at the bar at night.

After your first conversation with her, if you appear at exactly 7pm, you will trigger a mini-event where she is worried about something. You can then buy the I.Reader for 980g at the information broker I.NET and use it on Pulptenks.

After finding out Pulptenks inner desires, go to the bandit leader's room again to get the item "Reichardt's Snake (ライハルトの蛇)"...

Expiry condition: Give Pulptenks "Reichardt's Snake (ライハルトの蛇)" and you'll have to use consumables for harassment attacks instead[]

To clear Pulptenks and get her 3rd HCG, give Pulptenks Reichardt's Snake, but wait![]

By giving Pulptenks Reichardt's Snake, you will no longer be able to use the snake item to do harassment attacks on female monsters.

You can use other consumables to do harassment attacks, so this isn't a big deal if you lose it. However, Reichardt's Snake is a red chip and there's no expiry on returning it to Pulptenks, so it makes sense to keep it around and delay Pulptenk's final HCG (or reload after seeing it).

Harassment attacks give you mini HCGs when you use them against monsters that have the sexual harassment weakness. The first one you'll see is the Pixie fox, which you can go check out right away.

  • Note that to capture the Gal monsters, in addition to using the harassment weapon, you must do over twice their HP in overkill damage.

Assault Millie 3 more times with 3 days in between each time[]

There are 2 conditions to see Millie's mini-event "Millie is being attacked (ミリーが襲われている)" and trigger her disappearance:

  1. Return Pulptenks (done)
  2. Assault Millie 4 times (start counting from the time the guard kicked you out) with 3 days between each time.

Important: I don't actually suggest rushing this, take your time, because once you see Millie's mini-event she will disappear and you'll have a time limit of 3 days to save her from a difficult boss-monster.

When the 2 conditions are met and you visit Millie's store, there will be an automatic mini-event where 2 bandits are attacking Millie.

Leave the store, and Millie will now be missing. Once this is done, the bandits will no longer appear in Leazas at night.

Expiry condition: 3 days after Millie disappears[]

After Millie disappears, you only have 3 days to find her. Additionally, if Patty has also disappeared, you can't do the events to find her until Patty reappears, so make sure these two disappearances don't overlap.

To find Millie, you have to:

  1. Ask Patty about Millie's whereabouts x2
    • Note that you will get an extremely strong consumable, the hanger, which you should save for Yulang in the colosseum later, instead of using on the boss (unless you need to defeat the boss urgently... which takes priority. You can get hangers again later.)
  2. Go defeat the Lake Monster in Leazas field (a blue card that shows up after the Saint's Monument (where you get skills with ALICEMAN coins)

Millie and the haunted house[]

  • After rescuing Millie, you can now... go assault her at the shop
  • This is followed by asking Willis for advice x2
  • The next event can only be completed later, after unlocking the "Haunted house (妃円屋敷)"

Leazas Castle[]

In order to get past the castle gate, you will need a Castle Passage Token.

Get the Castle Passage Token[]

To get this, you'll have to go to the academy, where Maris will appear in student disguise when you try to call Sill. Talk to her and she'll mention that Sill went to the park.

Go to the park where you will find Sill feeding a dog. You will be able to get the Castle Passage Token from her there.

Expiry condition: Leave Sill at the park before getting her HCG and you can't get it anymore[]

You can only meet Sill at the park once. She has a unique HCG that you can get by assaulting her. If you don't do it when you meet her, it will no longer be available.

Once you enter the castle, you'll have a number of new places open to you:

  • Unlock new area: the bedroom - this place has most of the functions as Nami's inn. The only difference is that you can't expand your closet with a tension shelf here.
  • Unlock new area: the colosseum
  • Unlock new area: the casino

You have a bunch of options you can take right now, but let's start with Miki's events.

Miki's underwear and miracle omega[]

Give the Miracle Omega to the rat in the bedroom at night. This will:

  • Unlock new area: Palace room - a little princess appears

Miki's events are very dangerous. If you don't yet have > 444HP, go do other events and come back later. However, it's advantageous to do her events first, because you'll get a stat upgrade prize at the end.

  1. Take panties x3 in Miki's room
    • Warning: you will take 444 damage the 2nd and 3rd times, so you'll need level 18 and a heal in between these to survive (disclaimer: you do not get any panties)
  2. Ask about panties at Patty's shop and buy the Baltic panties chip
  3. Hand the panties to the rat in the castle bedroom at night
  4. Talk to Fey, the maid who appears in the bedroom during the day and ask her about the laundry (might have to do it twice)
  5. Go back to Miki's room and you will get her panties through an auto-event, from Fey

Expiry condition: Give Miki's panties to the rat and you can't see her game over CG[]

Once you get Miki's panties, there is a CG for Miki by going to her room and selecting the action to take her panties again. It will not occur once you hand her panties over to the rat.

  • Warning: you will take 999 damage and have to reload, so save first

After doing this you can give Miki's panties to the rat and get the options to upgrade Miracle Omega (and immediately consume it):

  1. "Brute Anglo-American (鬼畜米英)" gives +160 max HP
  2. "Salary Assessment (給与査定)" gives +2 inventory space (recommended)
  3. "Juso Honmachi (十三本町)" (note: Juso Honmachi, a place in Osaka, is known for it's red light district, takoyaki and okonomiyaki restaurants and railway stations - not sure why the bonus is named after it...) triples barehanded combat damage

Yulang, Menad and the colosseum[]

First, you'll have to do a few things:

  1. Go to the colosseum
  2. Look at the ranking
  3. Assault to participate - Unlock new area: the throne room
  4. Go to the throne room
  5. Ask the king about the colosseum x4
  6. Go meet Menad at the castle gate
  7. Talk to Menad x2
  8. Ask Menad about her colosseum pass - Unlock new area: Graveyard

You agreed to meet with Menad at the graveyard at night, so make your way over (bottom right in Leazas town) and you will have a duel that Rance will handle with dastardly sabotage tactics.

Expiry condition: Get the colosseum pass from Menad in the graveyard without triggering all 5 blue cards will deny you Menad's HCG[]

To get Menad's HCG, and a unique item, you must trigger the boss fight.

  • Warning: Even after defeating the boss, you must have >10% HP, else you will die because of an ADV event. Make sure you're well equipped and bring some healing consumables (use them before the boss fight)
  • To trigger the boss fight, get all 4 other blue cards before the last one "Ruined area (荒れた区画)". If you leave the cemetary and come back, it still counts.
  • If you get the Ruined area before the other 4 blue cards or lose against the boss, you will still receive the colosseum pass, but Menad will disappear from the graveyard and you can no longer get her HCG or the item that comes from her ADV options.
  • The boss fight is a 540 hp Elf Zombie.

After defeating the Elf zombie boss:

  1. Look around once, then loot the elf zombie's body twice - you will lose 10% HP, but get the item "Exotic Twins (エキゾチックツイン)", a useful weapon with attack and defence
  2. Ask Menad for the colosseum pass to get it
  3. Assault Menad x2
  4. Talk to her
  5. Assault her again to get her HCG

After you complete her HCG you no longer need the Castle Passage Token to enter the castle, so you can throw it away. (you don't really need it after using it one time, if you get to the castle once you can go anytime without pass, with special event where Rance tricks Menad a little)

Note that if you go back to the Neglected Grave after the boss fight, you will have to fight the Elf Zombie 4 more times in a row, without being allowed to return to the dungeon screen or escape back to town. She gets more hp each time you defeat her. She is classified as a gal monster, so if you want her HCG, use harassment attacks to defeat her(You have to do it every time she revives as well).

Colosseum pit[]

You can now start fighting in the colosseum:

  • You start at rank 10 - the bottom
  • You have 2 options: a) fight the guy 1 rank higher than you, b) fight the guy 2 ranks higher than you (See all the colosseum opponents)

I strongly suggest always choosing to the opponent 1 rank higher than you, since you will get money and can avoid missing unique fights in the colosseum.

After Rance wins the first match, the 6th place opponent (named Jean) will come to you and attempt to fix the match between you and him in return for gold:

  • Take his money x2 to get 800g
  • Note that there are no scenes for losing the match on purpose, you will simply die upon reaching 0 hp as if it was a normal battle.

Hong Kong Macau and Hazuki/Aki/Jericho's events[]

Next, we'll do Hazuki's quest line. You should have already gotten Hazuki's name card from betting against her 8 times in the pub after returning Pulptenks. If you didn't, you still can.

Put Hazuki's name card in your inventory and enter the Casino at night to challenge her to roulette.

  • Note that after you enter the Casino with the name card the first time, you will no longer need the name card in your inventory, so throw it away

What you need to know about betting at the casino:

  1. The roulette results appear to be random, but are skewed in the players favor (until Hazuki starts cheating).
  2. If your luck goes poorly, you can lose a significant amount of money. Save before you start this section, and reload your game if you're losing too much money.
  3. It's a good idea to have 1500+ gold before challenging Hazuki, because you're almost certain to lose at least a few times, and if you leave and come back, you have to start all over again.
  4. After you win 3 times in one session, a mini-event will play where Hazuki plans to cheat
  5. You have to play against her and lose once more after that so that she actually cheats; this could take a few more spins to happen.

Once Hazuki actually cheats once, you will be able to unlock Aki's events by leaving the casino.

Meet Aki in the park to recruit her - she'll become a chip in your inventory

  • Warning: you will be forced to throw out a chip if you don't have a free inventory slot - doesn't seem to give the option to put in the closet.
  • Unlock new area: The castle dungeon

Expiry condition: Advance into the dungeon to find Yuki and you lose Jericho's HCG[]

When you meet Jericho, in the dungeon (continuing Aki/Hazuki's events) you will ask about Yuki. Then you should go ask Menad about Jeri (x2?).

When you go back to the dungeon, you only have this opportunity to:

  1. Ask about boring things
  2. Assault Jericho and get her HCG - Jericho's HCG will no longer be available after you advance into the dungeon.

To make it through the castle dungeon, it's a good idea, but not strictly necessary, to get the "Crime boots (クライムブーツ)" from Patty's store. They allow you to pass through the traps without getting booted out. They will appear in Patty's inventory after you win the first fight in the Colosseum. It is possible to get through the dungeon without those boots if you carefully follow the map.

  • Trigger Aki/Yuki's HCG by getting to the blue card "Yuki".
  • You may want to also get the ?? treasure, which gives you the Super Spanker weapon.

Once you've finished this, go visit the pub at noon and talk (first option) with Bobza to

  • get the chip "Circlekiller sake (清酒まるころし)".

Then go challenge Hazuki in the casino again with the item in your inventory.

The Circlekiller sake will negate Hazuki's cheating when you win, but you still have a (small) chance of losing each time.

  • Win 8 times to get 10 000g
  • After challenging Hazuki, you can assault her then chase her to get her HCG

Jericho's confiscated goods[]

Note that you can return to Jericho in the prison at any time to buy a few items from her. Talk and look at her a few times, and you'll get an extra option to talk about confiscated goods, which you can buy one at a time for 500g each. The goods themselves include a tension shelf, if you didn't get it in the special D chest near the end of Leazas Outskirts (labeled D1 on the map).

Aki's panties mini-event and ATOK chip[]

After getting Hazuki's HCG and the upgraded miracle omega, there's a further mini-event with the rat.

  1. Talk with the rat until he says 'it would be nice if there were good panties out there', if you haven't already heard this from him.
  2. Go to the park at 3PM twice to get Aki's panties. The event does not expire.
  3. Give the panties to the rat to get the ATOK chip, another weapon you can use

Expiry condition: Give Louis 10g and you'll lose Yulang's 3rd HCG (Rape)[]

Another thing to pay attention to is that after defeating Hazuki in the casino and Louis in the colosseum, you can return to the casino and look around (客を見る) x2 to find Louis. You then have the option of giving him the 10g he asks for (using the "touch" option).

If you give him gold before seeing Yulang's 3rd HCG: Her ending will be good but you won't get 3rd HCG

If you don't give him gold: She will end up worse and you will get her 3rd HCG

Back to the Colosseum[]

Expiry condition: Advance past 6th rank in the colosseum and you will lose access to Menad's mini-event[]

You must be between the 6th and 8th place in the colosseum rankings to get Menad's mini-event. While you're between 6th and 8th place, enter the castle between 2-4pm and you will trigger the picnic scene where Kanami worries Menad is getting tricked by some brute. Menad is so innocent...

Ninja Master and the Haunted Mansion[]

Continue fighting at the colosseum until you defeat the Ninja Master (rank 4)

  • Unlock new area: The princess's drawing room - Maris will talk to you about Lia's admiration of Rance who's been rising through the colosseum ranks
  • If you go visit Lia, she will ask that you exterminate ghosts at their holiday mansion
  • Unlock new area: Haunted house (in Leazas town)

Expiry condition: Use the chip "Personality Switch Scroll (養老性格反転帖)" will deny you Sill's 3rd HCG[]

You get this chip by going to the colosseum after defeating Ninja Master (rank 4).

  1. After you get it, call Sill at the academy
  2. Use the item to get Sill's 3rd HCG

Expiry condition: Fight Yulang in the colosseum too early and you can't get all her HCGs[]

Depending on whether you use Purslip when fighting Yulang, you will get two different HCGs (very similar ones), so you should save beforehand and defeat her without Purslip first, then reload and use the Purslip to get the second Yulan HCG (and give you the opportunity to get Nami's HCG later).

To defeat Yulang without Purslip, note that she always does

  • 1350 damage/540 defence on turn 1
  • 10 damage/10 defence on turn 2
  • she has 600HP
  • Note: If you fight her after Sill is added to your party, Yulang will be buffed, dealing around 4250 damage on the first turn.
    • There are no new lines or scenes if you wait till you have Sill to fight her.

This isn't all that hard to do if you have the hanger chip that you get from Patty when asking where Millie disappeared to during Millie's event:

  • The "Yamahiko hanger (山彦ハンガー)" is a consumable that does 1080 damage and 450 defence
  • Add a coarse guard with 300 defence, and you already mitigate 750 damage with 2 chips
  • Get your other strongest chips and you'll be fine

Best thing is, you won't lose the Yamahiko hanger - reload your game after getting her HCG without Purslip, and defeat her with Purslip (since you have to use Purslip to unlock Nami's events later).

Note: If you used the hanger to save Millie, don't worry, you can occasionally get the hanger from treasure chests on the first floor of the Haunted mansion, see the Haunted house section.

Expiry condition: Defeat Yulang without Purslip and you can't get Nami's HCG[]

If you are going for all of Yulang's HCGs, just remember that to get Nami's HCG you'll need to have used Purslip against her. Recommended to do Yulang's non-Purslip battle first, then reloading and using Purslip before continuing.

Purslip and Heidi[]

To get Purslip and Heidi's HCG:

  • First get to 3rd or 2nd rank in the colosseum
    • An optional event to ask Nami about Yulang will appear
  • Ask Sill about Yulang x2
  • Ask Patty for something slippery. Although it gets added to the shop, it is 30 000g.
  • Meet Menad, an auto-event will occur where Menad unlocks the kitchens area
  • Meet Heidi in the kitchen
  • Ask either Menad or Fey about the thief in the kitchen (both have the conversation, it is the same as their default conversation selection)
  • Go ask Heidi about bread x2
  • Enter the kitchen at night to catch Heidi stealing the bread > ask about bread > ask about Purslip > take the Purslip (you must have a free slot in your inventory or else it will not appear)
    • You can return to the kitchen at night to assault Heidi and get her HCG

Defeat Yulang without Purslip[]

Defeating Yulang without Purslip is not that hard if you use the consumable hanger chip on the first turn to negate her attack. It will not negate her special attack on subsequent turns however.

Yulang's 3rd HCG[]

You can now do Yulang's other events and get her 3rd HCG:

  1. 5 days after defeating her in the colosseum, visit Millie's weapon's store for an event
  2. 3 days after visiting Millie's weapon store, visit the park for another event
  3. Visit the colosseum, then Willis's level up shop, Patty's tool store, and Millie's weapon store.
    • If you gave Louis 10g in the casino. Louis will help Yulang before thing get worse. You won't get her 3rd HCG(rape).
      • Louis will not dissapear from the casino before Yulang's HCG occurs, so you can delay triggering the HCG to give him the money, even if you have already started the chain of events.
    • If you didn't give Louis 10g in the casino a battle event with John will occur.
      • Defeat him to get Yulang's 3rd HCG

Regardless of whether Yulang is raped or not, her lines when you meet her again at the colosseum and her post credit scene do not change.

Nami's events open[]

  1. Similarly to Millie, you'll have to assault Nami (2.5% damage)
  2. 3 days after assaulting her the 1st time, you need to assault her again (5% damage) (you could get to this point much earlier if you liked trying assaulting her like me)
  3. 3 days after assaulting her the 2nd time, and if you used Purslip against Yulang, you need to assault her again (5% damage)
    • Rance will think of using Purslip against Nami
  4. Assault Nami again to get her HCG - Purslip must be in your inventory (you need to buy it for 30 000g)
  5. 2 days later, a new option to sleep with Nami will appear. There's no CG, but you can recover from any status effects as well as all hp. You will proceed to the next day just like the "Go to bed" option.

Getting cleaned by Fey[]

Finally, the last quest line that you opened up when getting Leazas castle, Fey, the maid in the bedroom during the day in the castle.

I'm leaving this last in this section because the condition to getting Fey's HCG is to

  • Get the chip 'straw (わら)' which is one of the random prizes you get every 1000g you spend at Millie's
  • You get a random prize every 1000g you spend at Millie's or Patty's. They give different rewards
  • Note that you can only get a maximum of 1 draw every time you exit the purchase screen. Spending 2,000g in one transaction will not grant you two draws, so you should spread out purchases if you want to get more chances.

To get Fey's HCG

  1. Have straw in your inventory
  1. Talk to Fey
  2. Talk to her about cleaning x2
  3. Assault her for her HCG

Note that you can only get her HCG once, you can get more straws from winning the lottery, but they cannot be used to be more HCGs.

Haunted mansion[]

After defeating Ninja Master (rank 4) in the colosseum, you will be able to meet Lia and unlock the haunted mansion (see Ninja Master and the Haunted mansion section above)

Before you go to the Haunted house though, you should first:

  • Prepare - the monsters here are several times stronger than the graveyard or other areas you've explored (except perhaps the deeper areas of Leazas field that you stumbled into)
    • You should finish up the casino and defeat Yulang before going here. The Ghost Buster sword that you get from defeating Yulang will be very useful here.
    • Useful items :
      • Compound Rapiers or better weapons
      • Indestructible Shield to stop Nubobos from stealing your experience
      • Coarse Guard to mitigate damage from B rank or higher attacks
  • "Look at Something" in Patty's shop x3 so she talks about fireleaf
  • Then assault Patty so that she will ask you to retrieve the fireleaf

Entering the haunted house for the first time[]

When you start exploring the haunted mansion, you will be stuck on the first floor. You will not be able to go up (barrels will keep rolling towards you) and you will not be able to go down either because it's locked.

As a side note, you can occasionally get the Yamahiko Hanger (山彦ハンガー)" on the first floor of the haunted mansion in chests. You can try to pick it up, since it's a great chip.

Since you followed all the steps with Patty before entering, the first thing you should aim to do here is look for the bookshelf (書庫), which will get you "Flaming tree leaf (火炎木の葉)" to continue Patty's events:

  1. Kick the bookshelf shelf
  2. Look at a book
  3. Take the flaming tree leaf

Expiry condition: Use the item "Flaming tree leaf (火炎木の葉)" and you won't have it for Patty's HCG[]

Don't use it in battle. Take in your inventory when you visit Patty's shop again, then assault her to get her 1stHCG.

  • Warning: Patty will disappear for 3 days after this first HCG. During this time, you should make sure that Millie doesn't also go missing, as you will not be able to ask Patty about her whereabouts.
  • Once Patty returns (this will happen on the 3rd day, whatever you do), you can assault her again for her 2nd HCG.

Expiry condition: If you haven't done Millie's events yet, you should be doing everything up to talking to Willis x2 before entering the Haunted Mansion, else you could lose access to them[]

While you're doing your first run for the flaming tree leaf, you should make sure to do the following 3 actions or else you won't be able to report to Lia:

  1. Look at the clock (ADV mode)
  2. Try to go downstairs
  3. Enter the parlour room (応接間). Once you're there, although not required, you can:
    • Inspect the fireplace x2 > fight against the 3 Shouting fireplace men (さけび暖炉男) > Look at the fireplace again to get a powerful sword
    • Look at the desk to get the "Kill-me bar (キルミーバー)" consumable
    • Assault something > then look at the chair to get a club

Report back to Lia[]

Once you do all the above, you should leave the mansion.

You have to go back to Lia's room to give her an update on the blocked stairs.

  • There will be a small event with ghosts when you leave the mansion - if it doesn't happen, you might not have completed the 3 actions you need to do

Before you head back, you should:

  1. have a "Barrelbuster (タルワリー)" (from Patty's shop) in your inventory
  2. (optional) if you have any, bring up to 2 "Sand Lances (いかなご)", drops from an "Einstein (アインシュタイン)" - three eyed purple snake monster in Leazas field - don't worry if you don't have one (but you might want to have at least 8,000 gold with you if you don't bring those)

Head back to the parlour room inside the haunted mansion.

  • This time, there will be a new action to look at a slip of paper (last one). Read it and it will tell you how to open the door to go downstairs.

Get the keys from Necai[]

Once downstairs, you'll see 2 blue cards on this floor for a "Mysterious Presence (あやしい気配)"

Selecting the card will let you meet with Necai Sys again, from back at the thieves's hideout. This time, she has 2 keys that you need.

There are actually 3 ways you can get the keys:

  1. Pay her 800g per key by selecting to give her the money
  2. Give her 1 sand lance per key, if you have them
  3. The third method is to get them for free, but is a bit tedious and difficult if you aren't overleveled and overgeared...
    • The first time you meet her, just leave, you won't have to do anything.
    • The subsequent time you meet her, she'll have some new text, and an option will appear to 'fight with her' - after a quick scene where Rance punches but misses, Necai disappears
    • Repeat this 6 times and Rance will finally hit her! Necai will be killed, and you get both the keys (or the remaining one) for free. Leaving the basement and returning does not reset the count. Note that if Necai is killed, it will prevent you from getting her post credits scene.

Make sure to get both the Frog room key (かえるの鍵) and Cow room key (うしの鍵). You don't have to get them at the same time if you're low on inventory space.

Frog and Cow rooms[]

The "Frog Room" gives an HCG.

The "Cow room" has a similar scene.

After seeing the scene in the cow room, you need to go back a second time to get the "Unhappy Glasses (不幸眼鏡)". If the Glasses don't appear, visit Willis and ask her for adventuring advice multiple times until she tells you about them. Then, they should appear in the Cow room.

  • Now that you have the Unhappy Glasses, you can go visit Millie at any time, with it in your inventory and assault her to get her final HCG

You have to at least check one of these to be able to adjust the clock later on.

Squid room[]

Next destination is the squid room (いかの間):

  • Look at the Wooden horse x2
  • Look at the key
  • Take the key

Search for the diary[]

Next step is to go back upstairs, and upstairs again so you get to the 2nd floor.

You should be able to get there as long as you have the Barrel Buster chip, which you will lose before fighting the gorilla that was throwing the barrels.

Monkey room and small room[]

Go to the the first room 3 times and you will get the "Khien shield (妃円の盾)", a powerful chip. While you're at it, try to get the "Tiger Paw (タイガーパー)" which is a fairly nice weapon that can drop from a B chest that spawns randomly in multiple locations on the 2nd floor. If you don't find a chest on the 2nd floor, leave, wait a day, then come back until a chest spawns. Then cycle through the whole floor hitting the chest every time through, trying to avoid traps and monsters where possible.

In the small room:

  1. Search the night stand x2
  2. Search the bed x2
  3. Look at the diary - the diary will inform you about the time at which the torture for the ghost girl lasted.

You will now be able to adjust the clock!

Expiry condition: Adjust the clock and you can miss out on either the Frog room or Cow room HCGs and the chip for Millie if you didn't get them[]

Adjust the clock[]

Go to the first floor and enter the "clock room", then:

  1. Adjust the clock
  2. Listen to the ghost girl x3 - she is telling you about the mastermind behind the whole plot.
  3. Touch the ghost girl (required to progress the story)

And now you're done!

Expiry condition: Sill will no longer be at the academy if you progress past this point, if you haven't done Yulang and Heidi and Nami HCG yet, you will not be able to get purslip from Patty, as Sill can't advice you and you will never meet Heidi and miss the Heidi HCG, never be able to get the Yulang with purslip HCG and never get the Nami HCG![]

Go back to Leazas castle to report back to the princess:

  1. Report what happened
  2. Listen to what she has to say about the haunted house x2
  3. Ask about Hikari
  4. Attack Lia

After the scene, you will finally regroup with Sill, who is in the form of an attack and defence chip in addition to a skill, like the ones from the ALICEMAN coins.

  • Note that Yulang will get a power up when Sill joins you, her sword chip will change
  • The skill heals a small amount of HP after the battle.

Expiry condition: Sill will no longer be at the academy, meaning you can't get her first HCG... if you didn't get it yet[]

Princess's hideout[]

  • Before attempting to go after the princess you can do somethings that you have skipped. You can get back to town anytime, even just before last boss so don't worry about having to do everything before attacking Lia (except "expiry condition" mentioned things)
  • You will not be able to H Sill at Paris Academy anymore, because she will be added to your inventory as chips. If you go to the Academy, Sill will automatically heal you of all damage and status afflictions.
  • Go to the basement of the mansion.
  • Head into the Kitty room to find Hikari and then return to the town.
  • Go back to the basement and go downstairs again to find the secret passageway to the castle.
  • Defeat the Jellyfish Mk2 enemy on the left side here and choose the leftmost card next twice to reach the secret passage under Lia's room.
    • There is a ??? chest that can only be accessed after the Jelly fish, but it requires you to not ascend the staircase, meaning that you have to fight the Jellyfish again after looping around.
  • Once in the secret passageway, you can find the door that leads back to the Princess' waiting room to unlock it. You will now be able to access the secret passageway directly from the Princess' waiting room.
  • Fight Kanami a minimum of two times in blue cards, then fight her one more time on the right side in the blue card labeled "Ninja". She is guarding Lia's hideout. If you leave the area, you need to fight her a minimum of two times again as her blue cards are blocking the path to the Ninja card.
  • In the hideout, you will have to fight a Stone Guardian, Maris, and the Final Boss before the end scenes. You can reset your cooldowns when fighting Maris, she won't fight back.
    • There is no way to avoid fighting the Stone Guardian, although you can see different lines by trying different options in ADV mode. They all inevitably end up triggering the fight however. There are no CGs that can be unlocked in the Stone Guardian section.
  • Go and deliver your hammer of justice on the princess.
  • Watch the credits.

Uruncel's Lair[]

This is a secret location hidden in the Leazas Field. The entrance is hidden as normal fields card in the center lane, after rank A+ lynxes starts appearing. A blue card inside warns you that you cannot choose to hurry back to town inside the lair and you must exit by taking the exit card to the right of the blue card. The dungeon has several special characteristics :

  • It is a very long dungeon, it is impossible to reach the end in a single day. You will need to use the high potion to remove the sleepiness condition. You can get them from the chests in this area.
  • A unique techno music track reminiscent of very old games plays in this area.
  • There are many traps.
  • Strong Uruncel monsters appear in this area. They do not give particularly good exp or gold for their difficulty and have a strange appearance.
  • In order to loop back to the starting point, you must defeat the Uruncel Heaven boss which has 6666 hp. It is located in the center lane, and all other lanes are a dead end. A chest behind the boss contains the 450 ATK, 0 cooldown Uruncel sword.

In order to successfully clear the dungeon, it is recommended that you have/are the following :

  • At least level 25, preferably at least level 28
  • Have obtained Sill
  • At least 6 Super Swords or better weapons (the more you have the better)
  • At least 2 Buster Swords
  • 1x Inadequate Clock (use before fighting the Uruncel Heaven)
  • 1x High Potion (more can be found in chests in the area, so not really necessary)
  • 1x Dummies (to remove all status conditions after using the High Potion)
  • 1x Land Firefly (not certain if it works here)
  • 1x Sururin-kun
  • At least 2 Course Guard Mk2 shields or better as the Uruncel Heaven does 700+ damage each turn

With Sill and the Super Metabolism skill, you should be able to heal most of the damage you take from the Uruncels on the way to the boss, as long as you make sure to kill all the uruncels in 1-2 turns. 2x super swords will kill most of the Uruncels in one turn, and the 2222 hp Uruncels can be killed with 1 buster sword + 1 super sword. Green Uruncels can be used to lower cooldown by 2 turns because they do no damage on turn 2.

Bonus objectives[]

The bonus objectives are icons that will appear on your Certificate once completed. Completing the bonus objectives does not unlock any new scenes or provide any bonuses in subsequent playthroughs.

To access the Certificate, go to the Main Menu --> Alice’s Mansion --> Look --> View Certificate (note that the option will only appear after beating the game).

The following will appear as icons that you can reveal by completing the following 10 bonus objectives:

  1. Win 1000 battles
  2. Defeat 100 ruronta
  3. Defeat all rare monsters
    • Night Pixy Fox: Appears instead of the Pixy Fox at night in Leazas field
    • Green Hanny Origin: Has ~1/30 chance of appearing when you run into a Green Hanny monster in Leazas field (suggest using a save lion to save scum it)
    • Magisco Retro: Appears in the Haunted House or Sewers at exactly 8PM instead of the Magisco
    • Starting Snake Lady: Appears in the Sewers at exactly midnight instead of the Snake Lady
  4. Defeat Uruncel Heaven
    • Find it in Uruncel cave, accessed from Leazas field
  5. Get Fever 10 times
    • Fever is one of the possible bonuses when you finish a battle that boosts your Gold drop. You get this from damage in 3 digit numbers that match, such as 222 damage or 555 damage. Only the damage in the final hit has to match - all preceding hits before the final hit don't matter.
  6. Die 100 times
  7. Hallucinate 10 times
    • You get this from certain trap cards, like the poet in Leazas field and music box in the graveyard, or from using the item Head Teacher Metro, which drops from the Zombie Elf and man-eating TOWNS
  8. Do an all nighters 10 times
  9. Climb to the top of the wall (and get the exp bonus)
  10. Eat 10 hanny food (drops from normal green hannies and hanny slimes)