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Major characters[]



The protagonist. Kind of. While a capable adventurer, he is a huge pervert, always acting on impulses and his greed for sex and money.

Good at: Sex (self-proclaimed)

Bad at: Putting effort into something

Hair color: Brown

Sill Plain[]


Rance's slave girl who he bought 4 months ago. She's an excellent spellcaster, but ever since buying her Rance has been making her work her arse off with household chores every day and sex every night. Supports Rance as an assistant in this game.

Good at: Housework, magic

Bad at: Sex

Millie Lincle[]


Works at the Leazas weapons shop, "Akirame" ("Resignation"). The quiet, cool type, she's neither enthusiastic about her job nor is she good with people. However, she gets along well with Patty The Summer. For some reason, in spite of being always assaulted by thugs including Rance, she somehow always survives.

Good at: Sleeping

Bad at: Staying awake

Patty The Summer[]


Runs an item shop "Baltic", designed as a beachside clubhouse, and as such she both sells general items and shaved ice. She can't make up her mind as to what to focus on. She's yet to go to a beach and hopes to do that sometime.

Good at: Cooking Yakisoba, Beach Volleyball

Bad at: Dealing with Winter

Yulang Mirage[]


See also: Rance Quest:Characters

A beautiful gladiator, she's the reigning champion at the Leazas Castle Colosseum and remains undefeated. No one till now has been able to dodge her special move "Illusion Sword".

Good at: Fighting against an exciting opponent

Bad at: Fighting against a boring opponent

Lia Parapara Leazas[]


Queen of Leazas, the richest kingdom in the continent. Even though her father is alive, she's the one calling the shots in the country. Beautiful and intelligent, she's reputed among her subordinates and always has a gentle smile on her face. She appears to be a flawless ruler beyond criticism, but...

Good at: S

Bad at: M

Other characters[]

Hikari Mi Blanc[]

Daughter of a prestigious family of Leazas, she was a student at Paris college until she was suddenly abducted. Finding her is what the game is all about.

Keith Gold[]

The owner of Keith Guild. He has contracted Rance to solve the case of Hikari.

Maris Amaryllis[]

Head maid of Queen Lia, with many secrets.

Kentou Kanami[]

Shinobi from JAPAN. Got lost while training.

Menad Shisei[]

A guard.

Kurusu Miki[]

Little princess.

Just a little cute girl.

Rance needs her panties for walkthrough.

Willis Fujisaki[]

The level up girl working hard to become a level goddess. She will level you up for free when you have enough experience.

Horikawa Nami[]

The owner of the inn that Rance is staying at, in exchange for giving away his initial sword as he had no money at the time of lodging. An immigrant from the Takeda clan of JAPAN, she's a polite and courteous innkeeper but knows jujutsu that she can use against perverts and monsters alike to great effect.

In addition to running the inn, she also does farming for a living outside the city.

Pulptenks Flanders[]

Bartender's daughter. She gets kidnapped by a group of bandits and is held in a cave outside of Leazas.

Necai Sys[]

Deputy leader of thief group.

Bobza Flanders[]