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Due to his outrageous personality, the warrior Rance tends to immediately inspire intense emotional reactions from every person he encounters across his travels. Depending on the individual, these reactions can cover a wide range of emotions, including fascination, disgust, respect, fear, hatred, and even love.

As Rance has interacted with nearly every character that has appeared in the Rance Series, this list works to broadly categorize the ways in which characters respond to Rance rather than go into the nature of Rance's interactions with each of them in depth. More detailed descriptions of a character's relationship with Rance, if particularly notable, can be found on their respective character page.

Good Relationships


Characters that Love Rance

Characters with a Crush on Rance

Characters that showed Affection towards Rance


Characters that are Trustful of Rance

Characters that Trust in Rance's strength

Characters that are Grateful towards Rance


Characters that Enjoy Rance's company

Characters that are Friendly with Rance

Characters that Find Rance interesting

Bad Relationships


Characters that Find Rance troublesome

Characters that Dislike Rance

Characters that are Afraid of Rance


Characters that are Hostile towards Rance


Characters that Hate Rance


Characters that Swore Revenge on Rance


Characters that were Raped by Rance

Characters that were Killed by Rance