The brutish protagonist of the game, Rance. He starts with you from the very beginning of the game, as it's obvious, and will usually not leave your party. He has high stats for physical attack and defense and the highest Level Cap in the game, making him one of the best fighters.

With his high attack and health pool, he will the party's ace most of the time. His special moves are very strong as well, so he will generally be part of your main party.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • Note that to upgrade Rance, you'll have to use the Kimchi FR events instead.
  • I recommend getting all of the "Rance Attack" upgrades first.
  • The "Protagonist" upgrade is okay.
  • Anything else doesn't really matter. I usually go for SP, even though he gains lots of it via events already. Stock up on SP recharging items and abuse him in high difficulty dungeons!





Rance's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It deals physical damage and has melee range.

Rance Attack


Rance's special skill unique to him.

It requires 1 turn of charging and hits one target for 220% damage. When upgraded, it also has a high chance of stunning the target.

It deals physical damage and has melee range.

Brutal Attack


Obtainable at level 45 for 1 Eagle Orb.

Rance's Ultimate finishing move.

It requires 2 turns charging, but it hits all opposing enemies for 200% damage.

It deals physical damage and has absolute range.


Rance's skill that allows him to capture Gal Monsters. It takes 1 turn to charge.

Its success rate depends on Level and the current health of the targetted Gal Monster.


Obtainable at level 41 for 3 Eagle Orbs.

A Passive skill that raises the EXP that everyone receives after a battle by 50% if Rance is the one that deals the finishing blow to the last standing enemy. Upgrades grant more extra EXP.

Tactical Retreat

Allows you to run away from the battle.

This is always successful when you can use it, but it doesn't work in most boss battles, where it becomes unavailable instead. 

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Rance's S Rank Weapon will automatically earn his S Rank weapon Chaos as a natural process of the storyline.

NOTE! It may be noted that during a certain mission, for a short period of time, Rance will temporarily lose his S-rank weapon. During this period his weapon will revert to an un-egged A-rank Long Sword (even if the A-rank weapon was previously buffed with eggs, they'll be removed now). However after Chaos is retained, any buffs made to it using eggs prior to losing it will remain in place; upgrades to Chaos will not be reset. Just quickly make it to the star event that returns Chaos to Rance.

Recommended ItemsEdit

Dora Cat's Bell - Increases Rance's already high attack. Can be changed for anything that will help him deal more damage, but this is the general one.

Talent Ocarina - Since Rance has such a high level cap, this item will help him gain more levels, making him more powerful.

Ignorance Glass - If you want to utilize the Brutal Attack, you need this or you'll mostly likely be canceled.

Personal Nurse - Personal favorite way to grind. This heals your HP by 50% of max after battle. With "Protagonist", which increases EXP gain, and "Talent Ocarina", you can get around 7~8k exp for battles that give you only 3k exp. Since the requirement for leveling is capped at 99999, its quite a good method. I send him in solo, since he is THAT powerful. (Watch out for light attack enemies though)


  • Rance can reach a Level Cap of 9999 through cheating, but it's pointless as just editing the level doesn't increase stats automatically.
  • Aside from Rance, Rocky and Copandon are the only two characters who also have the Tactical Withdrawal skill.