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The adventurer Rance, despite all his skill and potential, is probably more known for his insatiable sex hunger. He's fornicated with hundreds of women, and he goes to absurd extents to do so. Once he sets his eyes on a girl he likes, it is extremely hard for him to give up on her, and will be willing to do anything to accept. He doesn't necessary prefer rape, he like consensual sex, but if they reject him he will try to persuade first. He also resorts to negotiation or, sometimes, extortion. If everything fails and if he wouldn't face serious consequences, he will attempt to rape. On the other hand, he will immediately jump straight to rape against his female enemies, unless said girl is in a mortal state or if the situation at hand prevents him from having his way. Sometimes he will also rape those he helps, one sidedly deciding that it is his reward for his assistance.

As for the women he likes, he (usually) doesn't particularly care about their personality as long as she's cute or attractive. The ideal age for him is between 15 and 29 years old, though he doesn't care about their age, only that they look young. He seems to be more attracted towards stubborn women, and he will persistently chase after them until he gets his chance. He will usually become more relaxed after doing a girl he liked once and won't resort to rape against such girl. However, there are some women that he places above the rest and that he's never willing to let go, Sill Plain or Shizuka Masou are good examples of this. Women that bring him a lot of trouble as enemies are usually prime objective of his, and sees raping them upon defeat as the fitting punishment for whatever misfortune they've caused to him.

When it comes to the sex itself, he used to prefer to simply stick it in and move for his own pleasure until he's done. Recently he's found enjoyment in making the female climax as well. He's experienced anal sex a few times, but he vastly prefers vaginal sex and sticks to it.While he will always accept any girl that is attractive, the way he behaves during sex widely varies depending on his partner. There are some sweet women with who he has a soft side and prefers to have a more gentle and caring session. Menad Shisei and Kenshin Uesugi are fine examples of this. On the other hand, he usually dislikes girls that are hostile and insulting against him, and with these women he's usually very rough and brutish. He sometimes practices S&M with such girls, but even then he only enjoys "soft play" where he doesn't inflict any physical damage to the girl, just embarrassment and humiliation.

He makes no discrimination for races. As long he finds her visually attractive, she will get a pass in his book. He's had sex with Humans, Gal Monsters, Kalar and even Dark Lords a few times. He does, however, despise pedophilia and will never attempt to have sex with a kid. He's also strongly against incest.

He refers to his penis by the name "Hyper Weapon", and to his sperm as "Imperial Juice".


List of women Rance has engaged in sexual activity with. Only accounts events of the canonical games of the series.




Dark Lords[]





Anal Sex[]

Oral Sex[]

Other Sexual Activities[]

Failed List[]

List of girls that appeared in a game of the Rance Series but didn't engage in any type of sexual activity with Rance in canon.