A list of cameos Rance has made in other Alicesoft titles not set on The Continent.



A Rance stuffed toy is part of the collection owned by the character Rinse. When discussing her collection with the main protagonist Sail, Rinse comments that the Rance stuffed toy is her favorite, though she does not explicitly refer to it by name.

Toushin Toshi II Edit


Rance appears as a secret boss that randomly appears when opening a Dimension Door in the game's second half. When summoned, Rance will complain about being interrupted and attempt to kill Seed Cashima in retaliation. He is the second most powerful opponent that can be fought via a dimension door after Gunagan, and is capable of using his signature technique Rance Attack to cause severe damage. Interestingly, Rance's full title as a boss is given as "Brutal King Rance", suggesting that he was pulled from his dimension during the events of Kichikuou Rance, which was released a full two years after Toushin Toshi II.

Rance makes a second appearance in the item "Secret Photo 1", which shows a picture of him in the process of groping Sill Plain.

DiaboLiQuE Edit


The character Ash dresses up as Rance while playing with his friends during the fifth chapter of the game. Ash refers to himself as being a "Mighty Hero" while wearing the costume.

Pastel Chime: Learning to Love Edit


Rance is alluded to in the item "Secret Photo 6", which shows a picture of Lia Parapara Leazas on the floor after being hit in the face with a golden challis. Kaito Aiba describes the photo as being a picture of "a wife being abused by her brutal husband", clearly referencing the events of Kichikuou Rance.

Mamorigami-sama Edit


Rance appears in a fighting game cabinet styled after Kichikuou Rance fighting against Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi in the background of the arcade.

Alice in Kaeru nyo Land Edit


Rance appears as a unit that can be recruited after Alice raises her level above 5. While Rance is initially hesitant to help Alice on her journey, as she is too young to be within his strike zone, he changes his mind and decides to join her after learning that she has other beautiful women traveling alongside her.

Persiom Edit


Rance's hand appears on the fifth secret photo, which depicts him in the process of groping a young woman in a location that appears to be the bandits' hideout from Kichikuou Rance, suggesting that it took place during the period where he was leading the group.

Daiakuji Edit


Rance appears as a unique unit with very high stats in the Great King's faction in the game's Free-For-All mode. Additionally, a panda with the name Rance appears as one of the six pandas guarding the Hinode region for Sanada Denpa.

Mamanyonyo / Widenyo Edit

Rance nyo

Rance appears in both versions of the game as a unit that can be summoned by a Summon Crystal. While initially unwilling to cooperate with Nanas Alphoria's effort to explore Cross Cave, he changes his mind after realizing that Ideyon is capable of summoning women from other worlds. Kakaro Alphoria immediately detects Rance as a potential threat to him, and makes a mental note to kill him at some point. From his clothing, Rance appears to have been taken from his world during the events of Kichikuou Rance.

As a unit, Rance is one of only two characters to possess an S rank in talent, meaning he requires much less experience to level up than other units. This, alongside his otherwise very high stats, often causes him to be viewed as the most powerful unit in the game.

Daibanchou Edit


Main Article: Sparn

The character Sparn, while being primarily a parody of Parn, the main protagonist of Record of Lodoss War, is heavily inspired by Rance in both design and personality.

Daiteikoku Edit


Main Article: Rance Khan

Rance appears as the character Rance Khan, a parody of the historical warlord Genghis Khan and the leader of the Mongrel faction that appears in the former territories of the Chun Empire after the player conquers Hawaii. He is portrayed as being an inter-dimensional space pirate who travels to alternate universes through wormholes in order to obtain all of the women of the multiverse for himself. After being defeated, he will simply retreat to another dimension, leaving behind only his former subordinate and would-be mistress Coyote Mararu. While not a recruitable character, he is necessary to defeat in order to gain information on wormholes and obtain the game's best ending.

Evenicle Edit


Rance appears on one of the Golem Master trading cards in the hand of a Hanny that is playing the game against Kathryn.

A short alternate campaign to the main story starring Rance in the place of Asterisk known as Evenicle - Rance Gaiden was released alongside the game as a pre-order bonus.