3 - Rance, Cut!!

Rance, Cut!! (ランス、断つ!!, Ransu, Tatsu!!) is the third episode of the Rance 01: OVA.

It first aired in January the 29th, 2016. The episode continues with Rance's first adventure in his search for the missing noble girl Hikari Mi Blanc in the hentai adaptation of the 2013 remake Rance 01. It is the second to last episode of the adaptation.

Previous Episode: Forward!! To the Center of Leazas!!

Following Episode: And then, To the Royal Path!!


The episode starts with the same opening scene of the previous episodes, showcasing a conflict between Leazas and Helman and presenting the Leazas Army.

The chapter continues where it left off. Rance needs to defeat the Champion of the Coliseum Yulang Mirage in order to obtain her Ghost killing sword to complete a request made by the princess of Leazas, Lia, who promised to give him information about the female ninja involved in the disappearance of the noble girl Hikari Mi Blanc.

After witnessing the Yulang's famous finishing move, the "Illusion Sword" an attack famous for defeating all its opponent in one hit and that no-one has been able to dodge, Rance starts wondering how is he going to win against that. He visits Millie Lincle in the Weapon Shop and asks her for advice. She recommend a sturdy shield that could block her attack but Rance thinks that the attack is too fast to dodge, so it would probably be too fast to block as well. Then he visits Willis Fujisaki in the Level Store, who recommends to leave it to "Luck", advice that Rance dismisses completely because he thinks he need a more solid strategy.

At nighttime, a bored and tired Rance goes to the pub and casually asks for the bartender if he has any ideas but he just jokes about it since he has no idea what advice he should give. Pulptenks shows and cheers Rance on, who claims it will be a piece of cake, but Jean Gyanban 2nd looks down on Rance saying that for Rance it's impossible to beat Yulang. Other Coliseum Fighter that were casually in the pub start arguing with each other when they are stopped by a City Guard entering the pub. The guard turned out to be Ninja Master, the ninja fighter from the Coliseum Rance wiped the floor with. He salutes Rance, who has no idea who he is, and reveals himself as Ninja Master. Rance is surprised because his personality is completely different to the flashy man he fought against. He gives him a Personality Changing Scroll that can be used to alter one's personality, which he used to give a better spectacle to the audience in the Coliseum. Rance keeps the scroll for the time being. Ninja Master is looking forward to the match, but the other fighters believe Yulang is invincible, while Rance in a joking manner thinks about greasing her sword so it slips off his armor to dodge the move. This statement made the other fighters shout in surprise, calling it a "Genius Plan". Rance just thinks they are all idiots and that he wasn't serious.

The following day, Rance calls Sill using a whistle but is annoyed because he got late and acts like he doesn't know her while still calling for Sill, who came late due to coming from a swimming class. Eventually Sill's tantrum got too annoying and Rance just hit her in the head. He explains his current situation and Sill comes up with the idea of oiling himself so the attack slides off, which pisses Rance off because it's the same ridiculous idea the other guys from the bar mentioned. As a result, Rance decides to punish her for it and takes out the Personality Changing Scroll he got from Ninja Master. He says he's going to change her personality into a more slutty one so she services him, but upon using it the change turned out to be bigger than he expected. An aggressive Sill push Rance to the ground and pinned him down, getting on top of him right after. The sudden change gets Rance surprised and unable to fight back the now abrasive Sill, who pretty much continuously rapes Rance to her hearts content. After she's done with him, she falls asleep on top of a very fatigued Rance. After a while he gets back on and tries to kick but his foot slips from Sill's body, which was still all wet from the swimming pool she came from prior to Rance's calling. He realizes that oiling himself might not be such a dumb idea after all.

After leaving the academy, he goes to Patty's store to buy a Slippery Root but he's turned down by the fact that it's incredibly expensive. He tries to steal it without Patty noticing it, but her products are enchanted to give an electric charge to anyone that doesn't pay for them. Rance claims that the prices are outrageously expensive and he can't pay for it so he demands a discount. Patty is intimidated by Rance and gives a special offer where he will be able to take all the Slippery Roots he doesn't eat if he buys a "Super Deluxe Yakisoba"(a giant plate of pasta). Rance accepts and eats it whole while leaving only the slippery roots. A Rance that is getting food sickening after eating so much returns to the inn with the slippery roots. Nami gives him a medicine and prepares the armor with some of the slippery roots for the match in the following day.

At first hour Rance goes to the Coliseum, where he's greeted by Menad who cheers him on. In the Coliseum, the presenter is hyping up the battle for being one of the most anticipated fights, Millie and Patty can be seen in the crowd to see Rance's fight and Pulptenks and her father are watching from Magicvision. Yulang appears is presented and Rance reaffirms that after his victory, she will hand over her sword and they will fuck. They are both confident and Yulang asks if he found a way to dodge her "Illusion Sword", which Rance responds by attacking her on the spot and saying his strategy is to defeat her before giving her a chance to do anything. Yulang easily evades Rance by using the boosts on the back of her armor and prepares to back-attack Rance with her special move, Rance manages to turn around but he won't be able to dodge the attack. However, Yulang's thrusting attack slips off of Rance's oily armor, and she falls to the ground as a result. Rance takes the chance and attack her while she's still down, but she manages to block it in time and they start quickly exchanging blows, much to audience's shock that still can't believe Rance managed to survive Yulang's Illusion Sword. Rance eventually comes out victorious after pressuring her for a while and managing to land an attack good enough to knock her down. Rance is declared the winner and new champion of the coliseum. He helps Yulang stand up and reminds her of their "deal", which Yulang reluctantly agrees, making an over-excited Rance take Yulang with him to a private room.

He takes a random room from the Royal Palace by asking permission to a maid Klean Bew, taking Yulang with him. Rance throws her to a bed, gets on top of her and starts stripping Yulang, who's getting embarrassed by the situation. He makes her give him a blowjob and he then starts having sex with her. After a while, Yulang ends up liking the time with him and feels more free of acting like a normal woman for once, rather than the champion of the coliseum. When they are done, she gives him the Sword Buster Sword and thanks Rance for "freeing her from the cage she made for herself" and puts her armor back. Rance recommends her to start wearing more feminine clothes, proposal that Yulang turns down after saying that even if she's a woman, she's also a warrior, leaving the room immediately after.

Rance, now with the Ghost killing sword, goes to the mansion where he was asked to dispose of Ghosts by the princess. Upon entering, the door shuts down and many ghost monsters appear, which Rance faces with confidence now that he has a sword that can cut them. He keeps investigating the place and enters a room with a big Wall Pendulum Clock. He notices a presence behind him and quickly turns around ready to attack but he just encounters a Ghost on the shape of a crying young girl.

The girly looking ghost takes a smaller form and leaves, which leads Rance to start chasing after her. He then suddenly has a vision of a girl being tortured with chains on a wooden horse. The ghost takes him to a room that looks like a torture chamber and he has another vision of the girl getting tortured. This time her torturer mouth folded her and marks her with a cattle prod. After the vision is over, he moves to another room where he finds a diary written by the girl of the visions. The writer introduces herself as Lavender, a regular student from Paris Academy (the school Hikari attended to and Sill is currently signed in). The diary tells how she was being tortured by two individuals every day from 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock. The Wall Pendulum Clock stopped in between this timeline, which makes Rance pissed and moves the handles to 11. The clock starts working again after that and the ghost girl, who's actually Lavender herself, appears behind Rance and thanks him for "ending the timeline". Rance's aware of it and deduces that she ended up dying in the mansion. Lavender explains that she eventually couldn't take it anymore and committed suicide. Lavender mentions that after she died, they just abducted another girl and did the same and while crying reveals that the responsible is princess Lia. Rance is incredibly mad with the princess for doing such thing and claims that he's going to make her pay but before leaving, Lavender tells him about Hikari's hidden whereabouts. Rance manages to find her and takes her back with him out of the mansion. He goes directly to the Leazas Castle and leaves Hikari to Menad. Rance tells her that he's not done yet, since he knows the culprit is in the Leazas Castle, much to Menad's surprise.

The episode ends with Maris Amaryllis, the closest servant to Lia, giving a frightening smile.



  • At the beginning, it is claimed that the warriors from Leazas are famous for being the strongest in The Continent. This is untrue, since Helman's Army is the one that is known for being the mightiest.
  • The cattle prod Lia used to mark Lavender leaves the mark of the Leazas flag.
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