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Ramius Dreissen
Japanese ラミアス・ドライセン
Romanization Ramiasu Doraissen
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Defender, Hundred Knight
World World of Eve
Affiliation Eden, Aster
Appeared in Evenicle, Evenicle 2
Cameoed in Rance X


Ramius Dreissen is a knight in service to the kingdom of Eden, and hails from the town of Stallion. Daughter of a famous (but unnamed) Zero Knight, and sister to another Zero Knight, Acheval Dreissen, Ramius initially works to emulate their success, but only succeeds in alienating her fellow knights, earning the nickname, "Loner Knight."

Later, she meets up with the adventurer Aster, whom she marries. Together with Aster and the rest of their growing family, Ramius finds greater success than she did alone, and eventually ascends to the rank of Hundred Knight.

Personality and Appearance[]

During her days as a "Loner Knight," Ramius was strict and standoffish, but true to the heart of her calling, willing to defend the innocent even at personal cost. Some of this personal distance was a consequence of her brother, Acheval, trying to discourage her from taking on the role of a knight, secretly trying to spare Ramius from the blood-lust he believes they both inherited from their mother. Working together with the rest of her family, Ramius has never shown an inkling of her mother's curse, and continues to work to protect her family and the innocent.

While very few people were allowed to see behind Ramius' professionalism, exceptions included Ramius' childhood friends, Riche Eden and Kathryn Lapucelle. After marrying Aster, Ramius became less secretive about her personal interests - namely that she is a giant pervert. She is an avid collector of pornographic magazines, which she has known to squirrel away in both her Stallion home and, later, her new home outside city limits.

Ramius is stated to strongly resemble her mother except in bust size, and even wears her mother's armor into battle. Despite this, Ramius has a poor self-image, again perpetuated by her brother, but one that she has come to confront with the help of her family. Unusually, Ramius has a high body temperature, and doesn't seem to notice the cold. Some members of her family are even known to cling to her in low temperatures for warmth.

Ramius' father, Tank Dreissen, seems to be a minimal force in Ramius' life. Ramius tries to avoid him when possible. The two came to an understanding only after the death of Acheval.


Ramius has all the standard abilities of a Knight, chiefly the ability to kill other people under Mother Eve's Blessing without becoming an Outlaw. As a Hundred Knight, she is also able to marry up to six people, though she is currently only married to Aster.

Ironically for the former "Loner Knight," Ramius is trained as a Defender, a Knight that specializes in defence and cover. She fights with an oversized lance, which she can use to strike foes both rapidly and at a distance. She also uses a shield, and is able to intercept attacks intended for her allies. Ramius is also the only member of Aster's party capable of Capturing Gal Monsters, though she is incapable of using the Mercy Attack ability that helps in their capture, having to rely on others to do so for her.

While not a particularly useful combat ability, Ramius, like her husband, is an aficionado of rare pornography, and is able to identify any at a glance.


  • Ramius' name is an anagram of "Aramis," the name of one of the Three Musketeers.