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Japanese ラルガ・サツキユバス
Romanization raruga sakkyubasu
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Rare Gal Monster
World The Continent
Affiliation Ralga
Appeared in Rance II, Rance 02, Rance IV, Rance Quest


Ralga is a Rare Gal Monster taking control over Shizuka's maze in her absence during the events of Rance 02. She employs Gal Monsters called Catgirls to guard her mansion from intruders, which she renames "Ralga Cats".

She's incredibly attractive, boasting a voluptuous hair and wearing only seducting Garter Belt Stockings. Her sex hunger and stamina are incredibly absurd, being capable of fucking any man dry with ease, no matter how impressive in bed they are. 


Ralga with her servants in Rance Quest.

She's very lustful and a complete expert in the sexual arts, probably the most experienced and greatest master of the sexual arts in The Continent. When seducing a man, she won't wildly jump at him, but attract him with her looks and tempt him. When she starts copulating, she won't ever stop until she feels like it. Maybe the man will start assaulting her violently, but it will reach a point in which Ralga will dominate and get the man beyond his limit. Her victims are usually left completely dry, ending in a vulnerable and helpless state. Due to the way she sucks to males through sex, she's often mistaken for a Devil and many call her a Succubus. Even a sex-maniac like Rance was easily crushed by her during a sexual session with her. However, he was able to turn the tides by using a very potent aphrodisiac that made her body far more sensitive than usual.

Personality-wise, the Ralga is pretty lazy and prideful, using her servants the Ralga Cats to work for her constantly. She's also pretty selfish and will do whatever she feels like with little concern for other people's needs. She's very confident and pride in her skills, and dislikes when things don't go as she plans.

In Rance Quest, she appears in a quest by the Keith Guild, in which she has captured several women, including Reset. She then re encounters Rance and is humiliated when the Morurun Curse prevents her from giving Rance a boner and having sex with her.