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Japanese ライセン
Romanization raisen
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Mercenary
World Mamatoto World
Affiliation Zazam, Mamatoto
Appeared in Mamatoto, Widenyo, Alice in Kaeru nyo Land


Raisen is a young axe-wielding mercenary who lends her services to different countries around the world. Her early life as a prostitute, combined with all the losses in her life led Raisen to become extremely emotionally detached, giving little care over herself or her foes. During the events of Mamatoto, she was first seen employed by Zazam, but during their battle with the small fortress of Mamatoto, she was captured and jailed. However general Nanas quickly came to see her in the prison so he could convince her to join their ranks, as Mamatoto was still in great need of talented commanders.

Unbeknownst to Nanas, this was exactly what she hoped for from the beginning, as she had heard rumors that Mamatoto had something to do with her true goal: The Pandora's box. Raisen had become a mercenary to wander the world in hopes of finding the legendary item, the only thing in existence that could possibly accomplish her one wish: Utter destruction.

Long embittered by her experiences, Raisen had decided that the world was much too cruel and horrible to exist, and that the greatest mercy it could have was to be completely destroyed, and her with it. And so during her stay in Mamatoto, though she proved invaluable in their battles, she wanders the ship, hoping to find any clue as to where her heart's desire could be.

Personality and Appearance[]

Raisen is a somewhat tomboyish woman with short purple hair with small pigtails, usually wearing light armor and shorts. She is most recognizable on the field of battle with the gigantic axe that she wields.


Raisen is very cynical and downright depressed individual: because of her hard childhood and series of betrayals, she has lost all interest in the life or the world, and the only goal that is left to her is to destroy them both. Still, she is not as withdrawn as she thinks she is, as her interactions with Nanas allow her to slowly grow out of her shell.


Raisen is a very powerful close combat warrior who will recklessly charge the enemy and decimate their lines. She uses a heavy two-handed axe, and though it would at first seem too heavy for her, she manages to be surprisingly effective with it, easily killing smaller monsters in a single blow, though she does not reach the absurd strength of Rick Addison or Patton Misnarge. However in addition to her great power, she is also surprisingly mobile despite the weight of her weapon, with only Wang being able to compete to her raw speed. But this comes at a cost, as despite being a front line warrior Raisen has very little in the way of defense, and if she does not kill enough enemies in her attacks, she can easily be swarmed and defeated.


Raisen's special is the Big Hurrycane, a fearsome attack where Raisen swings her axe around herself, dealing a crushing blow even more powerful than her usual attacks to all those who surround her. This power combined with her mobility allows her to easily position herself in the middle of a monster swarm.