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The day has eyes, the night has ears! Punisher Mito, along with Suke-san and Kaku-san, has arrived!!

—Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi, acting as Punisher Mito.

Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi
Japanese ラグナロックアーク・スーパー・ガンジー
Romanization ragunarokkāku sūpā ganjī
Race Human
Age / Birth 49 / GI0973
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 210cm / 185kg
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 99
Skill levels Magic Lv2 (?), Sword Combat Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Rance Quest, Rance IX, Rance X
Mentioned in Sengoku Rance


Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi is the current King of the Kingdom of Zeth. Despite his status as a ruler, he's hardly around to perform his duties and the power is mostly distributed between the Four Lords of Zeth and the other political positions. He's the father of one of the Four Lords, Magic The Gandhi, which makes her the princess of the country.


He ascended to the throne at the age of 40. He is very charismatic, and is the top magician in all of Zeth. Not only adept in magic, he is also physically very strong. However, he tends to act upon impulse and emotions, and was struggling to fight off the cunning conservatives of Zeth. Gandhi was foretold the future from the court fortune teller Lucy Jiuletta about the fate of the world. Upon hearing the prophecy, he left the nation under the reins of Chizuko, and set off to travel the world as Punisher Mito (征伐のミト, Seibatsu no Mito), taking out villains as a vigilante and looking for the Hero to save the world. He sent Kaoru into Ice Flame, in hopes to straighten the corruption in Zeth from the rebel side.

During the Fall of Zeth in Rance VI, he mistakenly misunderstands Rance's actions, and becomes convinced Rance is a true hero who has deep thoughts behind his actions. He agrees on Rance to have relationship with his daughter, and upon the driving the Demon Army out of Zeth, he proclaimed Rance to be his daughter Magic's husband and king of Zeth. Rance however, ran away from the wedding, and Gandhi once again had to fill the throne. He reformed the Four Lords and assigned Urza and Chochoman as new seats to fill in the place for Papaya and Nagi.

While he had planned to retire after the Monster Invasion of Zeth, holding a sort of contest of might for the throne, it was postponed when the contest's winner Rance fled the country, leaving both his planned wedding to Magic and the throne of Zeth behind. As such Gandhi is still the King, though he still mostly leaves Chizuko to deal with day-to-day affairs.

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During the events of Rance X, Gandhi forms a guerrilla opposition to the Monster Realm's invasion of Zeth with Kaoru and Wichita. Due to their skill, the trio fight successfully against many Monster forces of much greater number, but focus their goal on defeating Dark Lord Medusa. Due to the branching nature of the story, there are several possible outcomes for Gandhi and his ultimate fate is never clearly stated. However, in Rance X: Part 2 it is heavily implied that Kaoru, Wichita, and King Gandhi were unsuccessful in opposing Medusa and were violently killed by her (with Kaoru and Wichita receiving Medusa's usual violation beforehand).

Personality and Appearance[]


Gandhi's laid back attitude causes him to be disinterested in politics.

Gandhi is an incredibly tall man with a big body structure. His body is fit and sturdy, being closer in looks to that of the typical Helman man with 210 cm of height and weighting as much as 185 kg. He dresses in a regal fashion, portraying his status as a King. He travels incognito as Mito with his two personal bodyguards Wichita Skate and Kaoru Quincy Kagura, who he calls "Suke" and "Kaku" respectively, names that come from Gandhi's favourite novel about the reformer. While he's now 48 years old, he's noted for being a handsome man, very popular with women and very skilled in bed. He isn't a womanizer but it is very common for women to fall for him, and he is perfectly willing to sleep with them if they seem to desire it and if doing so would make them happy. He's also gotten marriage proposals in more than one occasion, but he's refused them every time.

Gandhi's first love was Rizna Lanfbitt. They studied in the same academy though she was a few years older than Gandhi, and would help keep the rambunctious prince in line, acting much like an older sister. However during her graduation ceremony she mysteriously disappeared, and she then ended up trapped for 30 years in the Genbu Castle. He later ended up marrying Magic's mother and, while she passed away, he claims that he still loves her dearly and wouldn't wish to marry anyone else. Gandhi is now (physiologically) much older than Rizna but he still refers to Rizna as "Riz-nee" as he did in his childhood, and she also refers to him as Prince Gandhi from habit.

Gandhi is an incredibly passionate and strong-willed individual. He is mostly driven by a desire to help people in trouble, and is often wandering around the nation with the intent to help those in need, making him very popular as king. He often seeks to find and punish evil men, though he will only ever incapacitate them and arrange for their capture, as he considers even the worst scum to be products of their environment and that they can all be atoned into a righteous and noble individual... somehow.  

Because of his egalitarian dreams, Gandhi is a highly controversial figure in Zeth. He's hated by the nobility for his desires for attacking the nobles and restricting their privileges and cruel behavior, and loved by the lower castes for the same reasons. His dedication to the cause is absolutely stunning, and even if he wasn't the King, his compassion and sense of responsibility makes him a respectable and admirable person for many people, to the point many great figures like Kabachahn The Lightning hold him in high regard, regard that goes both ways. 

Despite his largely positive disposition, he refuses to do anything with his power as a King to actively improve the Kingdom of Zeth, as he believes that changing the country from the top wouldn't actually change the hearts of the people, so he has allowed Zeth to steadily fall apart. He's a noble and well-intentioned man but his points of view and manner of thinking are so optimistic and unrealistic that they border on being completely delusional. He dreams of changing the world into a better place, where there's peace and humanity has beaten the forces of the Monster Realm.

He's an extremely direct man, rarely caring much for formalities and going straight to the point, with the only instance where he gave any regard to them was when thanking Queen Lia of Leazas for her help. As he's often wandering the land instead of ruling this country, leaving the Four Lords and particularly Chizuko Yamada in charge, he seems to enjoy far more the freedom and romance found in his own quest to save the world than dealing with his many responsibilities, and is more of an adventurer than a ruler. Still, he loves his country and all its citizens, and has bravery to spare. As such, when they are in danger, he will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to protect them all.

After meeting Rance he finds an odd kinship with him, claiming him to be the Messiah as he holds him in a higher regard than virtually any other person. Though Rance and Gandhi have vastly different goals in life, with the former caring little for anything but himself, Gandhi admired his decisiveness and straight-forwardness, as well as enjoying his adventurous spirit. He thinks very highly of him and is willing to give him his whole country if he wanted. Surprisingly, Rance also seems to enjoy Gandhi's company, as they get along quite well on many things and Gandhi usually supports him in all his endeavors as a powerful ally. Gandhi is sometimes seen playing Othello and shougi with Rance like a friend, and they've also have shared drinking sessions on a few occasions. Gandhi doesn't mind the way Rance sleeps with many girls since he believes it's perfectly natural for a man to love women, though of course the noble king does think he should treat them with more care.



Gandhi attacking with the raw power of his fists and spirit.

Gandhi, being the King of the Magic Kingdom of Zeth is an absurdly powerful mage, boasting not only incredibly powerful magic but also an extraordinarily fit body that could perfectly come out as that of a physical fighter if it wasn't for his even mightier magic prowess. He has a Sword Combat Lv1 skill, but he doesn't wield any weaponry and relies only on his fists to punch his enemies and, while his fist-fighting skills are not as impressive as someone like Patton Misnarge, his obscene physical strength more than makes up for it. He mostly relies on this when his opponents are beings with high magical resistance like Hannies. His physical strength is on par with that of an elite Helman Knight, known for being the world's strongest foot soldiers.


His massive size and magic power make him a dangerous opponent.

Like stated earlier, his magic power is extraordinarily high, being, without counting Anise, easily the most powerful mage in the Kingdom of Zeth, and without a doubt one of the most powerful humans in the world. He has an outstanding Level Cap of 99 and his current Level is 60. He also has a naturally high capacity for mana that puts even other high level mages to shame, and boasts a Magic Lv2 skill. He has an incomparable fervor in battle that boosts his fighting spirit to no end, with a burning passion that allows him to overcome any obstacle. Due to this, he has high affinity with magic of the element of fire, and with his great talent and raw spirit he's managed to surpass the regular fire school by creating his own "Super Fire School", like the Super Fire Arrow or the Super Fire Blast, more powerful and deadlier versions of the regular Fire Arrow and Fire Blast spells. His most powerful attack is the Revised Fire Laser, an incredibly potent and large blast of fire that reduces to ashes everything in a line in front of him. His strength and reputation is so highly praised and known even a top magician like Miracle Tou acknowledged him for a position in her theoretical team of the Twelve Knights, which consisted of the most talented men in The Continent.


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  • Gandhi is one of the few men that has managed to befriend Rance, although his bond with Rance is considerably less strong than the ones that he shares with others such as Oda Nobunaga and Rick Addison.
  • Gandhi, the King of Zeth, is the complete opposite to Lia Parapara Leazas, the Queen of Leazas. While Gandhi is a giant manly man with obscenely high combat potential, Lia is a young and delightful girl with next to no fighting ability. And whereas Gandhi has a heart that bleeds for the people of the world but is completely ineffective at ruling due to his overly-optimistic and unrealistic expectations of others, Lia possesses a selfish and sadistic heart, but is a skilled politician and a capable ruler.
  • In Kichikuou Rance, he has a Machpiyo in his shoulder at all times, but he wasn't included in his design in Rance VI.
  • Gandhi is most likely based off of the real-life Indian civil rights leader, Mahatma Gandhi, due to their shared last name and similar beliefs.
  • His hairstyle in Rance VI is somewhat similar to that of Rashid Kurama from Gundam Wing.
  • His alias Mito is taken from the Japanese daimyo Mito Kōmon who is the eponymous main character of the long-running TV series Mito Kōmon where he is shown to travel through his realm with his two retainers Sasaki Sukesaburō (Suke-san) and Atsumi Kakunoshin (Kaku-san).
  • Gandhi's first name "Ragnarokarc" seems to be a combination of the words "Ragnarok", an apocalyptic series of events foretold in Norse Mythology that is said to be destined to bring about the end of the world, and "ark", the boat constructed by Noah in the Bible to save his family and two of each animal from a world-covering flood, referencing Gandhi's own efforts to prepare humanity for the inevitable war with the Monster Realm.