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I have no strength left to protect Kathtom anymore. Please, you must save this town somehow.

—Ragishss Cryhausen, powerless, begs Rance to save Kathtom.

This Character has reached their Level Cap
Ragishss Cryhausen
Japanese ラギシス・クライハウゼン
Romanization ragishisu kuraihauzen
Race Ghosts
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Kathtom
Level limit 32
Skill levels Magic Lv1 (?), Magic Lv2(Phil Rings) (?)
Appeared in Rance II, Rance 02
Mentioned in Rance VI


Ragishss Cryhausen was a mage from the town of Kathtom in the Free Cities Alliance that served as the Magic teacher and adopted father for the group of girls that would later be known as the Four Witches of Kathtom

In his younger years, he was a gifted mage that was chosen as one of the ten students to be trained by the legendary witch Mysteria Tou. While Ragishss showed an aptitude for being a mage, he was far from reaching the expectations Mysteria had for becoming her successor. Still, being taught by such an incredible mage like her granted Ragishss wide knowledge of magic, especially of secret forbidden spells most mages would be unaware of - such as magic items like the Four Phil Rings, which would eventually lead to the crisis of the Four Witches of Kathtom.

Ten years prior to the events of Rance 02, Ragishss arrived in Kathtom and opened his own Magic Academy. His four most promising students were Maria Custard, Eleanor Ran, Mill Yorks, and Shizuka Masou, who he considered as having the potential to become great magicians. They were all four orphans, so Ragishss adopted and raised them like a mix of teacher and father, giving them his most focused magical instruction. In the year LP0001, Raghishss graduated the girls from his Academy and celebrated by giving them each one of the Phil Rings, which he had somehow acquired. Ragishss, seemingly acting as a loving guardian, had other motives: the rings were actually catalysts to supply Ragishss with enormous power by sucking magic out of their wearers. However, as a side-effect of wearing the rings the girls' personalities violently changed and they immediately teamed up to kill Ragishss. Thus the Four Witches of Kathtom were born.

Ragishss was betrayed by his students and killed as a result.

The Four Witches' rampage ended with Ragishss' death. Shizuka seals Kathtom with magic preventing anyone from leaving and starts researching forbidden spells to travel through time, convincing the other three witches to help her. Ragishss strong attachment to life, as well as his resentment over his plans going awry, lead to Ragishss' soul lingering as a Ghost, with the four girls are unaware of this. 

When Rance accepted the quest to save the town from the witches, he eventually discovered that the witches were being manipulated by the rings and the rings were designed to suck out the magic power of the wearer. Shizuka Masou had learnt the truth of the rings when she overheard Ragishss talking to himself and the witches teamed up to fight against him, but were unable to remove the rings by themselves afterwards and ended up being manipulated to create the town's dungeon. The townspeople who were watching the battle from a distance had assumed that the witches had rebelled against their master and Ragishss had died fighting to protect the town.

After all the Four Witches are released from the curse of the rings by Rance during the events of Rance 02, Ragishss manages to steal the rings and take the accumulated power for himself, growing immensely powerful. However, a combined effort of the now free girls, along with Rance and Sill's help, manages to take Ragishss down for good.

Personality and Appearance[]

Ragishss presenting magic to his children.

Ragishss was a man commonly seen as a gentle and virtuous, often helping people in need. To his adopted children he was seen as a strict father, but still warm-hearted. He disliked other disciplines, as he prohibited his students from studying subjects unrelated to magic. He was also widely respected by the people of Kathtom due to his status as an experienced mage. By all appearances he was a polite and soft-spoken old man, with a love of the Magic Arts that he wished to gift to the next generation. 

This all was nothing but a mask to disguise his manipulative and cunning nature, however. Ragishss only chose to raise his children to become powerful mages so that he could steal their strength through the use of the Phil Rings. In reality he cared little about them or the people of the town of Kathtom, only being interested in growing into an incomparable mage. He still held some genuine respect towards Shizuka, who he recognized as a prodigy, but still only cared about her as a tool to improve his own potential. The only person he seemed to have ever genuinely admired was his magic teacher Mysteria Tou, who gave him his knowledge of magic.

Ragishss is not remembered fondly by those he left behind. For his adopted children, even remembering the times he spent with them as a father is enough to enrage them, knowing it was all a lie.


Ragishss was a mighty mage, capable of battling several opponents on his own.

Ragishss was a man with great ability in the Magic Arts. He served ably as head teacher of his Magic Academy, bringing his apprentices forward in vastly different magical disciplines, be it conventional magic, summoning, or even becoming a spell-blader, proving his vast knowledge of the field.

He had a Magic Lv1 skill and a Level Cap of 32, which was his current level at the time of his death. While a Lv1 skill is fairly unimpressive for Mysteria's standards, he still proved himself talented enough to be selected as one of the ten students she chose to take as an apprentice. The training he received from her not only granted him an incredible knowledge over conventional magic, but also of secret, forbidden forms of magic that few mages knew about. He was a powerful and respected wizard of the town of Kathtom, even without the Phil Rings, as it took the alliance of the Four Witches of Kathtom with the power boost they received from the Phil Rings to be able to overpower him in a 4v1 scenario.

Once he used the Phil Rings on the Four Witches, his skill level changed to Magic Lv2 and his raw magic power increased tremendously. At this point, the Four Witches combined were no match for him and his power continuously grew after their battle, until the arrival of Rance and Sill to join the fight. Even then Ragishss power was enough to defeat the party and only died due to generating so much energy that his body could not contain it.


Rance 02[]

In the beginning, Rance will enter his mansion and have a chat with his ghost. Ragishss claims to be the town's protector, but that he cannot maintain his spectral form for very long. He gives Rance information about the Four Witches of Kathtom: their abilities, names, and advice on how to deal with them.

Ragishss stated that the girls stole his rings to increase their magical powers and killed him in the aftermath, but it is later revealed that the main villain is actually Ragishss himself. The rings Ragishss mentioned do not simply boost magical powers, they also steal magic power from virgin sorceresses and warp their minds. After collecting the magic power of 40 maidens the rings are able to grant a mage unlimited power. Knowing Ragishss' plan, Shizuka Masou, the leader and strongest of the four maidens, rebelled against him to prevent his plan from succeeding. This was all revealed to Rance after he defeated and freed Maria Custard from the Phil Rings' control, who joined him in an attempt to free the other girls. Together they visit Ragishss mansion but discover that he has vanished.

In the last chapter, after Rance releases all the maidens from their curse and collects all the Phil Rings, Raghishss possesses Chisa Gode and steals the rings from Rance to complete his goal of unlimited magic power, the four maidens completing the 40 girls required. The Four Witches, along with Milli Yorks, try to fight Ragishss but they are all defeated.

Rance in his last attempt to fight off Ragishss.

Rance and Sill join them in their final battle against their teacher, since Rance is ultimately responsible for Ragishss' ascension, and a team is formed to fight the evil mage. Shizuka uses her power to regulate Ragishss' magic, lessening his ability to cast spells, while Maria uses her newly built Tulip #2 (a high-ranged canon) to attack him from afar. The team is capable of giving Ragishss a good fight but he grows stronger and stronger over time due to the Rings' ability to continually grow its wearer's power. Eventually he reaches a limit, in which his appearance drastically changes and he over-powers the party. Ragishss knocks everyone unconscious except Rance, who uses his remaining strength to raise his blade against Ragishss while protecting a knocked out Sill. Fortunately, the excess of magical power proves to be too high for Ragishss and he dies upon reaching his limit, being finally put to rest permanently.


  • He's one of the few characters that has increased the skill level he was born with, albeit only for a short period of time prior to his death.
  • He shares a few similarities with Chenezale do Ragarl, both being former students of Mysteria Tou that raised mages for their own selfish goals and making use of forbidden magic items in the process. Both were intensely hated by Shizuka Masou as well.
  • He was one of the few humans to reach his Level Cap.