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Pulptenks Flanders
Japanese パルプテンクス・フランダース
Romanization paruputenkusu furandāsu
Race Human
Age / Birth 21 / GI1000
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Waitress
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas
Appeared in Rance I, Rance 01, Rance 03



Pulptenks Flanders is an active and cheerful girl that works as a waitress in her father's pub in a capital of Leazas. She's beloved by all her customers and happily serves with a smile every day.

During the events of Rance 01, her good-looks peaked the interest of the gang of thieves led by Bandit Leader Reichardt and resulted in her being kidnapped by them. He was very fond of Pulptenks and liked to sexually toy with her for hours until Rance came along, who was requested by Pulptenks's ultra worried father to find her. The two face each other in a battle to the death where Reichardt was slain by the brave adventurer, saving Pulptenks as a result. However, instead of simply freeing her, he decided to have sex with the still tied and blindfolded Pulptenks as "payment". After spending a good time with her, he untied her and took her back safe to her father. Pulptenks, oblivious to what happened, thought that the one who raped her while blindfolded was Reichardt and thought of Rance as her savior and developing a very powerful crush on her admirable saviour.

Pulptenks has been in love with Rance since then and she can't get him out of her mind. She's very happy whenever he visits her in the bar and is quick to get nervous around him, although not less affectionate. Rance always acts cool and acts like a noble hero when around her.

In Rance 03, after meeting her again, Rance asked her if the Helman invasion troubled her. Pulptenks exaggerated and fantasized to Rance and made an act in front of him while crying and making a whole scenario about how she was gang-raped by Helman soldiers, probably just to get his attention and pity, showing a side of her she had never shown before.

Personality and Appearance[]


Pulptenks is a very pretty young lady with long teal hair and a robust bosom emphasized by the dirndl outfit she usually wears. She is somewhat shy, with a naive and innocent demeanour, but emphasizes her cleavage in her role to attract customers to the bar. Her service-oriented disposition and cute looks ensure her popularity with the returning clientele. 

She also seems to be quite proficient as a cook as she's able to prepare most of the meals served in the bar while being the only waitress working on it, while her father is the one that works as the barman and serves the drinks.

She's very popular with men but her father is very protective and caring for her, so she hasn't been allowed to get into a relationship, and the sheltered life her father has placed on her by working in the bar has led her to lack interest in it as well. This, however, ended when Rance rescued her from Reichardt, blindly falling in love with him after mistaking him for a wonderful and magnificent Hero. While she's delightful with all her customer, he holds a special place in her heart and is more attentive and supportive with him. She dreams of marrying him in the future and has made a few attempts to seduce him as well, but this is a rather futile attempt since Rance would never set down with a single woman. In Rance 03, she has changed her looks a bit, altering into a slightly more provocative outfit with a much lower neckline, obviously trying to catch Rance's attention.


  • Pulptenks falling in love with Rance is one of the reasons why Lia decided to manipulate information so that Rance is not known to avoid competition.
  • She's an incredibly popular character for how minor her role is in the games. In the Rance 01 poll she got the 1st place, although it's a game that didn't feature many characters. However in Rance 03 she still scored the 7th place.
  • In the new canonical timeline, she is the first person to fall in love with Rance in-game.
  • She's somewhat similar to Kisara Copri, both having been raped by Rance while blindfolded thinking it was someone else and then falling in love with Rance himself by believing him to be their savior.