Japanese プロキーネ
Romanization purokine
Race Devil
Sex Male
Class Three Devil Princes
World Devil Realm
Affiliation Devils
Firstborn son of Rathowm and Tero Ettienno. He is a mild-mannered, fair-skinned and handsome young man, but in recent years a tumor has begun to grow from where his left eye once was. The tumor has continued to grow into the form of a female torso, it cannot be removed.

Even among Devils, who are diverse and often horrific in shape, Prokione is considered deformed.

As the firstborn child of Rathowm, he demands respect from those lower than him. During the early days of the Devil species, he oversaw Devil breeding and made sure that their race began to rapidly increase in numbers.

After he finished this duty, he built Prokione Castle and oversees the Devil Realm from there, often checking up on his sleeping father.


Devil Prince Prochine

A very passionate person, he's prone to fits of rage. Prokione is dedicated and thorough, with a penchant for strict regimental behavior. He created the Devil Hierarchy and the Name Power system, he makes sure to remember the names of all of his subordinates so he can command and control them efficiently.

While he's usually calm and with a gentle disposition, Prokione will fly into a raging fury if he is provoked, or if someone mentions his tumor.

Devil King Rathowm sleeps within Prokione Castle, a very large castle that he administrates events in the Devil Realm from.

He makes sure to remember their individual names and is generally polite, but does want to command their respect.

As one of the Three Devil Princes, he's one of the most powerful members of the Devil Race, being stronger than a Demon King and 2nd Class Gods.


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