Prima, a devoted medic of Ice Flame. Before you retrieve Sill, the only character that can heal. Actually since there's only about 3 characters in the game that can, this makes her pretty special, but unlike the other healers she's the only one that can't heal multiple people. She only has FR events up to 12 FR and max out at 20 total FR, so you may wish to use at least 3 presents on her.

How to raise her max level cap to 51: When she reaches her level cap of 49, with the help of Starlevel the Great at least once, do her H event because it will raise her level cap by +2 instead of Starlevel the Great by +1. No character's max level cap can be raised from 50.

She's removable from your roster of 16 characters if you need space for other people.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • "Simple Treatment" is the only thing you should upgrade, first reduce its turns and then start upgrading the percentage it heals.





Prima's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It deals physical damage and has melee range.

Since you would typically want Prima on the backrow to protect her from damage, you shouldn't be using this.

Simple Treatment


Prima heals an ally based on her Max HP.

It requires 1 turn to charge and it's not very effective, so it's better to upgrade it as soon as possible so it remains relatively useful.

Mercy Attack


A physical attack that deals 50% damage and is capped at 50% of the target's remaining HP to make sure it doesn't kill the enemy.

Designed for capturing Gal Monsters, but since this skill also requires Prima to be placed on the frontrow, it's not really a good option.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Ice Pendant - Reduces damage from Ice attacks.
  • Any item that increases her defense really. Note that increasing her magic doesn't help since her healing is based on her Max HP.


  • In v1.00 the upgrade to remove charging time is not available, but the bug mentioned below also makes it worth the charge. In v1.05 a FR bonus for Prima that removes charging from this skill becomes available.
  • In v1.00 there is a bug that causes the following:
    • After taking the +10% effectiveness bonus upgrade, the amount of healing begins to depend MASSIVELY on her magic value. This may cause you to experience a sudden and sharp decrease in her healing amount initially, and perhaps even more if you upgrade her weapon rank (down to as low as 100-150 HP with an un-egged B/A-rank weapons), but then fill it up with eggs to increase her magic power and the heal amount will go through the roof (roughly 1020% magical attack, so at 200-ish magic with fully buffed A-rank weapon she'd be healing 2040-ish HP, more than the amount the regular healing spell can usually heal in 2 turns). Note that this only depends on her base magic stat as seen in the status screen. In-battle buff-ups (by buff skills or items) don't affect the healing amount, but items that boost the base stat will.
      • Above bug is fixed in the latest version (v1.05), and this sharp rise/fall doesn't happen in this version. A 10% boost will give just that and nothing more, and will remain dependent on her max HP.