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Power Gorilla
Japanese パワーゴリラ
Romanization pawā gorira
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monster
World The Continent
Strength Medium-High
Appeared in Rance III, Toushin Toshi, Toushin Toshi 2, Rance 01, Rance 03, Galzoo Island


The Power Gorilla is a big and corpulent monster that resembles real-life Apes. The most commonly seen Power Gorillas have a white hair with some intensely glowing golden eyes.

They are very savage and cruel monsters, with tremendous physical strength. Their intelligence is not very high and they rely more on instinct than other monsters do, but they are far from stupid either, capable of surrounding opponents or even leading groups of weaker monsters. Their brutality is to be feared, if they catch their prey they will toy with the victim until they are dead, but they are not careful torturers and will instead savagely and mindlessly rip apart their victim like a doll. They also enjoy raping human females or Gal Monsters, violently inserting their huge penis into the poor female even if it smashes her thighs. They are aggressive and naturally hostile, attacking humans on sight regardless of their situation. They don't seem to get along well with each other, since they are on their own most of the time or with other lower monsters.


In battle, they are physical fighters, using their immense strength to beat up their opponents via punching. They are also pretty fast and their thick hair serves as en excelent protective mechanism against weapons. However, their little intelligence and lack of magical resistance makes them vulnerable to magic attacks. There are more powerful versions that are rarer, like the Power Gorilla Z.

Surprisingly enough given their violent nature, the Rare Gal Monster Summon-chan actually had a crush on a Power-Gorilla named "Sudou" and would even engage in fantasies about being with him.